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Vital, Naturalization and Funeral Records

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Divorce Records for Oakland County, 1839-1865

Provides many instances of names of parents, children, places of marriage, maiden names, as well as those giving depositions, witnesses to abuse, and neighbors who assisted run-away. 8 1/2 x 11, published 8/2002, soft cover comb binding, indexed. Price: $18, P/H: $3.50.

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Harper Mulligan Funeral Home Records

Established in 1932 in Highland Park, this funeral home served many English, Cornish and Welsh miners who moved to Highland Park area after the mines in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula closed. Includes name of deceased, and others in records (spouse, children, siblings, etc) Volume 1, 1933-1942. Available on searchable CD only. Member $9.00 + $2.50 P/H, …

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Marriage Returns for Oakland County [Michigan] 1836 –1884

Over 2700 marriage returns from the Oakland County courthouse. Alphabetical with brides under maiden name, previous married name and cross-referenced to groom. Provides names of couple, ages, residence, date and place of marriage, person officiating, witnesses; amount of data varies. Later records add birthplace, groom’s occupation. 225 pages. Member: $20, non-member: $23, P/H: $3.50. Membership …

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Naturalization Records for Oakland County Michigan, 1827-1906

Includes declarations of intention and final papers for over 4000 early settlers, dates of papers, place of original declaration if other than Oakland County, country of origin, & names of those giving oath for applicant. 125 pages. Member: $9, non-member: $10, P/H: $3. Membership Status Non-Member Price + shipping $13.00 USDMember Price + shipping $12.00 …

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