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Census and Land Ownership Publications

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1850 Mortality Schedule for the State of Michigan

A transcription of 1850 Mortality Schedule for the entire state, including name, age, illness or cause of death. Published 1996, soft cover, stapled, every name index. 155 pages. SALE PRICE: $5.00. P/H: $3.00  

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1857 Plat Map Transcription

Transcription of all land owners with acreage, if recorded; map and brief history of each township; history of 1857 maps by Dr. LeRoy Barnett;  published 1993. 2012 reprint, soft cover, spiral bound, every-name index, 202 pages. Member: $18, non-member: $20, P/H: $3.50 Membership Status Non-Member Price $23.50 USD Member Price $21.50 USD

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1860 Census Federal Census and Mortality Schedule for Oakland County [Michigan]

Complete transcription of the census for the county, including all names in every household with ages, occupations, values of real and personal estates, places of birth. Mortality Schedule covers reported deaths for the twelve months preceding the census year. Published 1988, soft cover, perfect binding, indexed, 689 pages. SALE: $10, P/H: $4.50.

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1860 Mortality Schedule for the State of Michigan

Transcription of all reported deaths in Michigan from June 1, 1859 to May 31, 1860 with name, place of birth and death, cause of death, number of days ill. Published 1999, soft cover, comb bound, indexed, 271 pages. SALE $7, P/H $3.50

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Eleventh Census of the United States for Oakland County, Michigan [1890 Veterans Census]

Transcription of the schedule enumerating Civil War Union veterans and widows of Union veterans living in Oakland County. Published 1994, soft cover, stapled, complete index, 116 pages. SALE: $4, P/H $3.00 SALE: $4, P/H $3.00

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Michigan State Census Oakland County [Michigan] 1845

Includes names of heads of households and white males over 21, with statistical data for other residents of household, published 1985, 1989, soft cover perfect binding, indexed, 190 pages. Member: $16, non-member: $18, P/H: $3.50 Membership Status Non-Member Price + shipping $21.50 USD Member Price + shipping $19.50 USD orm>

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First Landowners of Oakland County, Michigan

Includes names, residence, location of land, acreage, and date of purchase. Indexed, 177 pages Non-member: $10.00, Member: $9.00, Postage & Handling $3.50. Membership Status Non-Member Price $13.50 USDMember Price $12.50 USD

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