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Surname Books

For a number of years, the Oakland County Genealogical Society solicited pedigree charts from our members. Names from the charts were extracted and published in a series of Surname Books. Researchers referred to the information in the Surname Books to contact the party who submitted the chart. In recent years, copies of the charts or the information on them have been shared with researchers who submit queries for matching names. These names are not limited to Oakland County, they represent ancestors of all the people who submitted a chart.

It is important to note that this information was submitted beginning in the early 1980’s and it is not possible to contact many of those who generously submitted data from their personal research. Because we believe that the information on the charts may provide clues for those conducting ongoing research on the names listed, the Society began a project to transcribe and post an index of each book on our website.

OCGS cannot guarantee the accuracy of this data. We suggest contacting the submitter to share information and sources if that is possible. If contact information is not available by following the link below, we do not have any more information. Please use the information contained in these charts as clues in your research process.

The information from the first Surname Book has been added. There are seven books total, so watch for further postings as we complete the new index. You will find that there is a link from each surname to the chart which contains it. You may download the chart, if you wish. You can also refer to available contact information for submitters in the file linked below. The information is arranged by the submitters OCGS member number, that is the key to finding the person on the list.

The information listed in these indices is in the format of Last Name, First Name, Location, OCGS Member Number, Chart Number. The location listed may be one of several for events in a given person’s life. A name may be listed several times with links to several different charts. Women may be listed twice, maiden and married names. In some cases a “misc” column lists the maiden names for married women, if it was named in the chart or original index book.

Please do not contact the Society for further information on submitters or names on any chart. We have posted this to help with your research but cannot verify or ensure the accuracy of the information.

Contact information which is available for the submitters is listed here.

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Surname Book One

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Surname Book Two

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Surname Book Three

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Surname Book Four

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Surname Book Five

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Surname Book Six

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Surname Book Seven

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We have listed all known contact information for individual contributors and we do not have further information. If you can update this information, please use the contact form to submit corrections and additions.   OCGS# LAST NAME FIRST NAME STATUS 1 Powell Harold T, Dr deceased 7 Van Draght Jane C. 1098 W Southlawn Blvd …

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