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Acorns to Oaks Index Volumes 1-30

This is a cumulative index to volumes one through thirty of Acorns to Oaks, A.K.A. the Oakland County Genealogical Quarterly.  Each volume was originally indexed individually, but this cumulative index was developed from the original magazines, rather than combining the existing indices. OCGS thanks James N. Jackson and Grace Bonfiglio, for creating this index.

The Family Records Index lists articles that pertain to a particular individual or family line that may be spread over a large geographical area.  These articles are listed alphabetically.

The Locality Index lists articles that deal with a specific geographical area, not confined to a single family.

The Miscellaneous Index lists “How-To” articles, references on where to write for specific records and other miscellaneous items.  Articles within the same subject are listed consecutively, as they appeared in the original Acorns to Oaks magazine.

The Name Index contains 101,084 names.

This index is copyright Oakland County Genealogical Society and may not be reprinted, sold, or reused in any form without the permission of the Society.

If you locate an article or name of interest, complete back issues of the Quarterly are available for purchase for $5 each.  Follow these directions to obtain one or more issues of Acorns to Oaks, which will be mailed following the receipt of your payment.

  1. Record the Last Name [surname] of the person, or if an article or “how-to” the first two words in the title of the article from the index.
  2. Record the the volume and page number listed in the index. The page number, or beginning page number for an article, is needed to ensure you receive the proper issue from each volume. The format looks like : 11:11-14 [means vol 11 p 11-14] or 12:16 [means vol 12 p 16].  The number preceding the colon represents the volume number and the numbers after the colon represent the page numbers.
  3. Repeat this step for each line from the index you need to order.
  4. If there are multiple ranges of pages like: 18:9-11, 34-36, 61-63
    you may need 3 separate issues of volume 18, please make 3 orders, on
    for 18:9-11, one for 18:34-36, and one for 18:61-63.
  5. When we have reviewed your order and the publications, we will
    notify you by e-mail if you need fewer than 3 issues, refund your
    payment and ask you to submit a reduced payment.
  6. Select your payment method, PayPal or Mail.
  7. For Mail, download the order form, fill it out, and enclose a check for $5.00 per issue.
  8. For PayPal, enter your Last Name or first two words from the article in the first box.
  9. Enter issue number and page number in the second box.  If an article spans several pages, we need at least the beginning page to select the proper issue for you.
  10. After filling in the issue number and page number, click the add to cart button. Repeat for additional issues, or continue to Checkout.
  11. Check out, and submit your payment. You do not need a PayPal account to purchase from OCGS, you may use your credit card without creating an account.

Click here to access the index.

When you have your volume and page numbers, enter them into the fields below and click the add to cart button. You are ordering an entire issue, not just one page or article.

Enter name/ 1st words of artic
Enter Vol:Page as: 4:50

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