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1894 Brandon Township, Oakland County Assessment Rolls


  • Please read the introduction if you are new to genealogical research or assessment rolls.
  • Volunteers created this index; every effort was made to avoid errors, but they may occur. The original images can be used to verify the index information.
  • The images are being hosted by our partner, Oakland County Historical Resources, and will open in a PDF viewer. Get Adobe Reader if you do not already have an appropriate add-in or viewer.
  • You may also search for your Oakland County ancestors, or browse all the images in this and other databases at OCHR.


Last Name First Name Access Image
1894 Brandon Cover Image
1894 Brandon Introduction Image
Abeal LC Image
Addis Wm Image
Aitcheson Wm Image
Algoe Otis Image
Algoe Wm Image
Algoe & Son Image
Allen Chas Image
Allen Mary Image
Allen Sanford Image
Ames Rhoda C Image
Arnold James Image
Arnold Storms Image
Auten Isaac B Image
Auten John B Image
Auten Thomas Image
Auten Levi C Image
Auten NC Image
Auten RB Image
Bachelor Erastus Image
Backenstose Orson Image
Bagley John J Image
Barrett Walter Image
Bastedo Henry Image
Bastedo John H Image
Bailey Harrison Image
Bailey Robert Jun estate Image
Bailey Robert Sen estate Image
Baldwin LC Image
Barnes Harvey Image
Barney MC Image
Green LH Image
Beardslee Josephine Image
Beardslee Noah estate Image
Beardsley Martin Image
Beardsley Robert Image
Beckman Fred Image
Benjamin IP Mrs Image
Berry Francis Image
Bingham Don C Image
Bingham WF Image
Bird Elisha Image
Bird Ella Image
Bird James L Image
Black Hugh Image
Black Wm Image
Boden Sarah Image
Bronson Delmer Image
Bronson James Image
Brosius Albert Image
Brosius Wm Image
Burt Edward Image
Burt Henry Image
Burt John Image
Burt Selden Image
Barber Cassius Image
Brooks Chas Image
Brooks Wm Image
Burgess R Image
Burras Sarah W Image
Bush Joseph Image
Bush Thomas Image
Ball Samantha estate Image
Berry Ann Image
Brant Oscar Image
Burt Wm Image
Carr Adelbert Image
Case Joseph Image
Case Wm Image
Cassedy Robert E Image
Clark John Image
Clark WL Image
Coe Parmelia Image
Clark Newton Image
Copeman Chas Image
Copeman Nelson estate Image
Cowdin George D Image
Crawford Jonas Image
Crawford Jonas Image
Croop Philip Image
Cameron Susan Image
Cheney Chas Image
Clark Leander Image
Croop David Image
Crosby Sarah J Image
Cameron Colen Image
Combined Butter and Cheese Factory Image
Deming OE Mrs Image
Denison Wm Image
Depuy CJ Image
Dernberger Jacob Image
Doherty James Image
Dunn Evi Image
Eaton Emma Image
Eaton George P Image
Enders Samuel Image
Engel Conrad Image
Engel George Image
Everett James Image
Everett John J Image
Farrar John L Image
Farrar Lyman Image
Fifield Chas Image
Fifield Edgar Image
Fifield Henry Image
Flagler Alonzo Image
Flagler Jane Image
Frank Marks and Frank Image
Marks Marks and Frank Image
F and A M Lodge Image
Fosdick Meritt estate Image
Francis Bros Harvey and Wm Seth Image
Francis Harvey Image
Francis Wm Seth Image
Frick Daniel estate Image
Frick Frank Image
Fuller Daniel estate Image
Chauncey Green Image
Church CM Mrs Image
Giddings BD estate Image
Giddings George Image
Gordan James Image
Govan Thomas Image
Granger Orson Image
Granger Marshall Image
Gregory MJ Image
Groover George Image
Guiles BF Image
Guiles Milo Image
Guiles Myron Image
Guiles Wm L Image
Hammond Alexander Image
Hardy Wm Image
Harris Edgar Image
Hart Wm Image
Herriman James Image
Herriman OU Image
Hempstead Benjamin Image
Hempstead Luther Image
Hempstead Sarah Image
Hess Melissa Image
Hill Moses Image
Hill Plinry Image
Huff George Image
Holenbeck Wesley Image
Howell Abraham Image
Howser David Image
Howser Henry Image
Huff Electa Image
Hummer Jacob Image
Hummer GL Image
Hummer Henry Image
Hummer Mary Image
Hummer Minerva Image
Hummer Tunis Image
Hunt David Image
Howe Edward Image
Howell Frank Image
Hummer Wm T Image
Irish Teriak Image
Jewett Mahala Image
Johnson AJ Image
Johnson Albert Image
Johnson CS Image
Johnson George E Image
Johnson Jacob Estate Image
Jones Albert D Image
Jones FM Image
Jones FM Mrs Image
Jones HR Image
Keller Jacob Image
Kent Chas E Estate Image
Kent Frank Image
Kent Lewis Image
Kier Chas Image
Kitchen Wm Image
Kent Remember Image
Kingsley Sarah Image
Kishpaugh Joseph Image
Kitchen JC Image
Knapp Amos Image
Kniffin Adelbert Image
Kniffin Elizabeth E Image
Laflamboy Edward Image
Laing Aaron Image
Laing Orlando Image
Lane James Image
Lawrence Clarence Image
Lawrence James Image
Leece R Bert Image
Leece Robt Image
Lemon Lucy A Image
Loomis DP Image
Loomis Jacob Image
Loomis JL Image
Losch Elias Image
Losch Philip Image
Lovechinsky Louis Image
Lockwood Jeremiah Image
Loomis Carrie A Image
Loomis Frank Image
Loomis Frank H Image
Loomis Hannah Image
Loomis OD Image
Leece Wm Image
Lockwood ED Image
Lockwood Edward Image
Lockwood Sylvester Image
Loomis Bert Image
Looney Genett Image
Losey Mary Image
Mann Jacob R Image
Markham Harrison Image
Markham John Image
Markham Samuel Image
Markham Sylvester Image
Martin CM Image
Martin Robert Image
Mann George B Image
Marks Henry Image
McCauley Wesley Image
McCauley Wm Image
McGreen James Image
McIntire SS & Sons Image
McCauley Fannie Image
Mills Alonzo Image
Mills JC Image
Miner Allison Image
Miner Ellen Image
Miller BF Image
Miller Lois E Image
Moore Herbert Image
Narrin George Image
Neff Christian Image
Ogg George Image
Omans Johnathan Image
Osborne Allen Image
Osborne Mary Image
Otis Edward estate Image
Otis Elizabeth Image
Oddy Wm Image
Osborne Thomas Image
Pelton HJ Image
Perry George C Image
Perry Robert Image
Perry Robert Mrs Image
Perry Wilson Image
Paddison Wm Image
Perry Frank Image
Perry Juluis Image
Perry Margaret and Sons Image
Phelps Halsey R Image
Phelps HD Image
Philips Ervin Image
Pincomb Lucina Image
Place Frank Image
Quick James F Image
Quick Lewis Image
Rathburn Wm Image
Reed Bros Image
Reed Joseph Image
Reed Ogden Image
Remick R C estate Image
Rohm Daniel Image
Rohm Eliza Image
Richards Aretus Image
Richards Frank E Image
Richards Wm Image
Richmond A W Image
Richmond FJ Image
Richmond HA Image
Rolison Chas Image
Rolison John L Image
Rhome John Image
Rodenbo C S estate Image
Rodenbo Henry Image
Rodenbo SN Image
Rodenbo Sophia Image
Rogers Chas Image
Rolison John A estate Image
Scott Benjamin Jun Image
Scott Benjamin Sen Image
Scott MH Image
Seelye WH Image
Selden AE Image
Selden SP Image
Siebenhar Conrad Image
Sauble Wm Image
Sherwood Marion Image
Sherwood Mary E Image
Sherwood Seelye Image
Sherwood Marion Image
Sherwood Bros Samuel Image
Sherwood Bros Alanson Image
Sherwood Bros Samuel Image
Sherwood Bros Alanson Image
Siebenhar Louisa Image
Shetler Edwin Image
Shetler Mary E Image
Shurter Edna Image
Shurter Joseph Estate Image
Skinner John Image
Smith Johnathon Image
Skinner Robert Image
Smith Andrew J Image
Smith Elbert Image
Smith John Image
Smith Lydia A Mrs Image
Stevens Chas Image
Damon B Irish Image
Smith Flavel Image
Smith Jennie Estate Image
Smith Lewis L Image
Smith Wm Image
Squires Almond J [crossed out] Image
Stewart CC Image
Swett Joseph Image
Starks Wm Image
Sternberg Henry Image
Stevens Lorenzo Image
Stolicer Alexander Image
Stuart Susan Image
Swears Paulina Image
Swett James B Image
Taylor Almon Image
Taylor Andrew Image
Taylor John A Image
Taylor Ogden Image
Taylor Wm G estate Image
Tindall George Image
Torrance Dewitt Image
Torrance Julia B Image
Torrance Loran Image
Travis Daniel Image
Travis Harvey Image
Travis Hiram Image
Travis Harvey Image
Truax AM Mrs Image
Truax Garrett Image
Truax Wm Image
Thomas James T Image
Truax John Image
Truax Lee Image
Tucker Thomas Image
Tucker Wm Image
VanCleve Sylvester Image
VanWagoner Alvero Image
VanWagoner Claude Image
VanWagoner George Image
VanWagoner James Image
VanCuren John Image
VanTine David Image
VanTine George Image
VanTine James Image
VanWagoner Fred Image
Walters Christina Image
Walters John Image
Waterfield James Estate Image
Watson Wm Image
Walerath Peter Image
Watson Diantha Image
Watson Mailld Image
Watson Simon Image
Westerly John Willis Estate Image
Wells Alexander Image
Wells Fidelia Image
Wells Sylvester Image
West Benedict Estate Image
Wilbur Mathew Image
Whims Joseph Image
Whipple Seneca P Image
Wilders Elizabeth Estate Image
Wilders Samuel Image
Wilders Wm Image
Wilder John Image
Wilders Albert J Image
Wilders Israel Image
Wilders James F Image
Wilders Robert Image
Wilbur Wm Image
Wilson Albert Image
Wilson Oscar D Image
Wiser James F Image
Wiser Milan Image
Wiser Albert W Image
Wolfe John K Image
Wolfe WA Image
Wooley Henry Image
Woolman GM Image
Woolman GM Guardian Image
Walker Rollin Image
Welch Wm Image
Wolfe Albert Image
Wolverton WB Image
Wooley Herbert Image
Yetter CJ Estate Image
Yetter John Image
Young Chas Image
Young Homer Image
Young Milton T Estate Image
Bird Joseph Image
Blair Henry G Estate Image
Perry John Estate Image
Tharett John Image
Unknown Unknown Image
Urch Wm Image
Auten Martha Image
Bailey Robert J Image
Baldwin LC Image
Beardsley Ellen Image
Butz William Image
Guiles Myron Image
Howell Sallie Image
Kent Jane Image
Kingsley Andrew Image
Laflamby Francis Image
McCauly Samuel Richard Image
Moore Jennie Estate Image
Quick James G Image
Scott Aaron Allen Image
Smith John Image
1894 Brandon Miscellaneous 1 Image
1894 Brandon Miscellaneous 2 Image
1894 Brandon Miscellaneous 3 Image
1894 Brandon Miscellaneous 4 Image
1894 Brandon Miscellaneous 5 Image
1894 Brandon Miscellaneous 6 Image
1894 Brandon Miscellaneous 7 Image


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