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1893 Independence Township, Oakland County Assessment Rolls


  • Please read the introduction if you are new to genealogical research or assessment rolls.
  • Volunteers created this index; every effort was made to avoid errors, but they may occur. The original images can be used to verify the index information.
  • The images are being hosted by our partner, Oakland County Historical Resources, and will open in a PDF viewer. Get Adobe Reader if you do not already have an appropriate add-in or viewer.
  • You may also search for your Oakland County ancestors, or browse all the images in this and other databases at OCHR.

Last Name
First Name Access Image
1893 Independence Cover Image
1893 Independence Introduction Image
1893 Independence Introduction page 2 Image
1893 Independence Title Page Image
1893 Inside Cover Image
Abby R J Image
Addis Daniel Image
Addis E Washington Image
Addis Ephram Image
Albertson S H Image
Allen W J Image
Alman W Samuel Image
Avenall Wm Image
Axford Paine Image
Bailey Frank Image
Bailey J E Image
Bailey S W Image
Bailey W George Image
Baldwin Ebenetus Image
Ballard Elizabeth Image
Bastedo Joseph Image
Beardslee Amos Image
Beardslee Aron Image
Beardslee D Frank Image
Beardslee Eleanor Image
Beardslee Elmer Image
Beardslee Irena Image
Beardslee Mary Image
Beardslee Mills Image
Beardslee O John Image
Beardslee Orsmans Image
Beardslee Paul Image
Beardslee Prudence Image
Beardslee R H Image
Beardslee Robert Image
Beardslee T E Image
Beardslee T Paul Image
Beardslee T Samuel Image
Beardslee V M Image
Beardslee Watson Image
Beaty Image
Benjamin Lucinda Image
Bigelow C N Image
Bigelow Klouton Image
Billitz Estate Image
Bird C J Image
Bird Jerry Image
Bird John Image
Bird Joseph Image
Bird R A Image
Boardman John Image
Bower C, Estate Image
Bower Elizabeth Image
Bower Manley Image
Bower Image
Bowman Adda Image
Bromfield R Image
Bromfield Richard Image
Bromfield Richard Image
Bromfield Thomas Image
Broomfield R Image
Broomfield R Image
Broomfield Richard Image
Broomfield Thomas Image
Brown Eunice Image
Brown Henry Image
Brown Thomas Image
Brown V M Image
Brown W John Image
Burman Asher Image
Bush Nathaniel Image
Bush Thomas Image
Butler J R Image
Buzzard Effie Image
Cambrie Fred Image
Cambrie J A Image
Carran C M Mrs Image
Carran Christie Image
Carran P J Image
Carran R A Image
Casement Wm Image
Chaffee Mary Image
Chapman B Mrs Image
Chapman Wm Image
Clark C Lawrence Image
Clark E G Image
Clark E W Image
Clark G E Image
Clark H John Image
Clark H M Estate Image
Clark H M Mrs Image
Clark John Image
Clark John M Image
Clark John M Image
Clark Lucy Image
Clark M John Image
Clark M E Image
Clark N R Image
Clark Sophia Image
Clark W E Image
Clark W E Image
Clark W E Image
Clarkston Creamery & Cheese Co Image
Cleaveland Image
Clement Robert Image
Cole Susan Image
Collins G J Image
Cook H W Image
Cook P Mrs Image
Cooly Merick Mrs Image
Coon F George Image
Craft L A Image
Crook Phillip Image
Crosby C S Image
Crosby J A Image
Crosby Image
Cross Henry Image
Crossman Image
Cummins O H Image
Curl John Image
Danderson David Image
Darling Wm Image
Dates Wm Image
Davidson Peter Image
Dawson Charles Image
Delano Charlotte Image
Delano F Edwin Image
Delisle Ben Image
Demund Rowe Image
Dennis Ezekiel Image
Dewey S C Image
Dixon Charles Image
Douglass W George Image
Dresser John Estate Image
Dunstan Eleanor Image
Eaton Alexander Image
Edgar Andrew Image
Evans Forest Image
Evits Albet Image
Fair James Image
Fififield Eugene Image
Fisher M Mary Image
Fisher Martin Image
Fitch M H Image
Fleming George Image
Fleming George Image
Fleming Thos Image
Flemming H J Image
Flemming Mary Image
Flumerfelt G M Image
Follett Francis Image
Foster Edwin Image
Foster F Image
Foster Fred Image
Foster Fred Image
Foster Fred Image
Foster Fred Image
Foster Fred Image
Foster Fred Image
Foster Fred Image
Foster Fred Image
Friday Isaac Image
Galigan Edward Image
Galligan James Image
Ganong J D Image
Ganoung Nelson Estate Image
Garchow John Image
Garter George Image
Gates B John Image
Gibbs Elizabeth Image
Goodnough C J Image
Goodnough J C Image
Graham C S Image
Green A David Image
Green C J Image
Green Franklin Image
Green H C Image
Green Peter Image
Green W P Image
Gregory Frank Image
Gross Geo Image
Gulick Almidia Image
Gulick Joseph Image
Gullick Jake Image
Gunderman Abe Image
Habbin Elizabeth Image
Hadrill Alfred Image
Hammond A Image
Hammond A Sallie Image
Hammond Albert Image
Hammond Floren Image
Hammond S Wm Image
Hammond Sallie Ann Image
Harris F James Image
Harris J E Image
Harris Lavina Image
Harrison Jane Image
Hart Abram Image
Hart Wm Image
Haugge Emma Image
Heaton J S Image
Hempstead B John Image
Hess Marvin Image
Hill S P Image
Hirst T H Mrs Image
Holcomb Butter Image
Holcomb Wm Image
Holcomb Wm Jr Image
Hopkins Susanah Image
Houser Henry Image
Hovey Image
Howe H H Image
Howe Mary Image
Howe P J Image
Howser H Image
Howser O John Image
Howser R J Image
Hoyt E W Image
Hubble H W Image
Ingles John Image
Irish Forest Image
Irish John Image
Irish John R Image
Irish Thomas Image
Irish W E Image
Irish Wm Image
Jackson Charles Image
Jefferson E Image
Jefferson Edwin Image
Johnson M Mrs Image
Johnson Ramson Image
Jones David Image
Jossman E Image
Jossman E Image
Jossman Isadore Image
Keir Frederick Image
King Frank Image
King Frank Image
King Frank Image
King Frank Image
King W George Estate Image
Kinsley Henry Image
Knox Walter Image
Knox Walter Image
Knox Walter Image
Kyle D A Image
Landis Estate Image
Lanning Caleb Image
Lanning Josie Image
Larkin Howard Image
Lawrence Joseph Image
Levis George Image
Lewis H W Image
Lewis Image
Lewis Image
Linaburry Jasper Image
Linabury Abram Image
Linderman C J Image
Loan P W Estate Image
Lowrie Catherine Image
Lowrie J William Image
Lowrie Joseph Image
Luther Image
Maiden A M Mrs Image
Mann Jerome Image
Mann Jerome Image
Maybee D Jessie Image
McCann John Image
McCann Michael Image
McKeand Mary Image
McMahon John Image
Miller David Image
Miller E J Image
Miller Edward Image
Miller Elizabeth Image
Miller Henry Image
Miller W George Image
Mills E H Image
Mills Susan Image
Mitchell Henry Image
Moon C M Image
Moore H George Image
Morgan E H Image
Morgan G J Image
Morgan M Chas Image
Morgan Nelson Image
Mt. Vernon Chruch Trustees Image
Netting Fred Image
Newell Sarah Image
Newman Caleb Image
Norman Henry Image
North John Image
Norton J Wm Image
Nuernberg Fred Image
O’Day Pat Image
Olds J Mary Image
O’Rouke Image
O’Rouke James Image
Osman E Image
Osman N Wm Image
Osman W H Image
Osmun Image
Owen G John Image
Owen J David Image
Paine Axford Image
Parish B Bloom Image
Perry Margrette Image
Perry W John Image
Petty Jacob Image
Petty Jospeh Image
Phettiplace E Image
Phillipp Sylvester Image
Phillips Theodore Image
Pierce J D Image
Pierce Wm F Image
Plumb F Chas Image
Plumb M, Mrs. Image
Plumb Martha Image
Plumb W D Image
Poole D S Image
Poole Stephen Image
Putman Daniel Image
Reese David Image
Reese Hettie Image
Reese Joseph Image
Reid Robert Image
Rennick Estate Image
Richardson George Image
Richardson Henry Image
Richardson James Image
Richardson James Mrs Image
Riker James Image
Roberts John Image
Robertson G C Image
Robinson E Mrs Image
Roe B Joseph Image
Root A M Estate Image
Salter Wm C Image
Scadding Dan Image
Scadding Daniel Image
Scadding Daniel Image
Scadding Margaret Image
Scadding Wm Image
Scranton C W Estate Image
Seldon C G Image
Seldon S P Image
Serace Frank Image
Serace William Image
Serace William Image
Shalor Chas Image
Shalor E James Image
Shalor Jane Mrs Image
Sherwood Ann Nancy Image
Sherwood S B Image
Sherwood Wm Image
Shirter E Image
Sibley Hiram Estate Image
Simerson Wm C Image
Simison Holly Image
Sloat M John Image
Sloat Image
Smith A Mary Image
Smith A O Image
Smith B N Image
Smith Frank Image
Smith M C Image
Smith N B Image
Smith T P Q J Image
Smith Image
Snell Rosa Image
Starring L M Mrs Image
Stephens Benjamin Image
Stevens George Image
Stevens Sarah Image
Stewart H Wm Image
Stewart John Image
Stewart John T Image
Stewart Peter Image
Stewart Robert Image
Stewart Robert Image
Stoddard James Image
Stolt Clement Image
Stone H E Image
Stottle David Image
Sulkoski Michel Image
Sutton I William Image
Taylor Austin Image
Taylor B Ester Image
Taylor C Mrs Image
Taylor Edward Image
Taylor Mrs Image
Thomas James Image
Thorp George Image
Thurston E Mary Image
Tody Wm Image
Tower Wm C Image
Tucker Chas Image
Tucker Della Image
Tully Francis Image
Tyler Mary Image
Urch A E Image
Urch George Estate Image
Urch R M Image
Urch W Wm Image
Urch Wm Image
Van Norman H J Image
VanCampen George Image
Vansickle K Wm Image
Vaughan George Image
Vincent Howard Image
Vliet C V Image
Vliet Elmer Image
Vliet Jerome Image
Vliet R Wilson Image
Vliet Thos Mrs Image
Vliet V Wm Image
Vliet W George Image
Voorheis Elisha Image
Voorheis John Image
Voorhies C H Image
Voorhies Isaac Image
Voorhies Peter, Jr Image
Voorhies Image
Vroman M Mrs Image
Walsh Henry Image
Walter Archibald Image
Walter Casper Image
Walter Casper Image
Walter E Albert Image
Walter Frank Image
Walter Frank Mrs Image
Walter Frederick Image
Walter George Image
Walter George W Image
Walter Harrison Image
Walter Harrison Image
Walter Nelson Image
Walter Nelson Mrs Image
Walter W George Image
Walter Wallace Image
Walter John Estate Image
Warner Herman Image
West John Image
West Melvin Image
White F R Image
Whitfield Wm Image
Wiser Frank Image
Woodhull James Image
Woodward Mrs Image
Wyckoff Chester Image
Yager Frank Image
Yager & Son Image
Young Alexander Estate Image
Youngs James Image

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