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1889 Independence Township, Oakland County Assessment Rolls


  • Please read the introduction if you are new to genealogical research or assessment rolls.
  • Volunteers created this index; every effort was made to avoid errors, but they may occur. The original images can be used to verify the index information.
  • The images are being hosted by our partner, Oakland County Historical Resources, and will open in a PDF viewer. Get Adobe Reader if you do not already have an appropriate add-in or viewer.
  • You may also search for your Oakland County ancestors, or browse all the images in this and other databases at OCHR.

Last Name
First Name Access Image
1889 Independence Cover Image
1889 Independence Introduction Image
1889 Independence Introduction page 2 Image
1889 Independence Title Page Image
Abbey P J Image
Addis Daniel Image
Addis Ephraim Image
Addis G W Image
Allen C A Image
Allen Charles Image
Allen Wm I Image
Arnold James T Image
Avenall William Image
Axford Elen C, Est Image
Axford Payne Image
Bailey E J Image
Bailey Elmer Image
Bailey Elmer Image
Bailey Frank Image
Bailey Herman Image
Bailey W S Image
Baldwin Ebenetus Image
Ballard E Image
Beardslee Aaron Image
Beardslee Amos Image
Beardslee Clarence Image
Beardslee E F Image
Beardslee Elmer Image
Beardslee F D Image
Beardslee John Image
Beardslee M V Image
Beardslee Mary Image
Beardslee Orsamus Image
Beardslee Orsamus, Administrator Image
Beardslee Paul Image
Beardslee Paul, Mrs Image
Beardslee Robert Image
Beardslee Robert Guard Image
Beardslee S F Image
Beardslee Watson Image
Beardslee Image
Beardsley H R Image
Belitz Henry Image
Benjamin J D Image
Benjamin Lucinda Image
Bigelow Nolton Image
Bird A R Image
Bird J C Image
Bird J C Image
Bird J C Image
Bird John Image
Bird Thomas Image
Bower E Image
Bower Manley Image
Bower Seymour, Administrator Image
Broomfield R Image
Broomfield Thos Image
Brown Emma Image
Brown John W Image
Brown Thomas Image
Bush Thomas Image
Buzzard J Image
Buzzard Mary Image
Cambrey A J Image
Cambrey Fred Image
Carran A R Image
Carran Christie Image
Carran J P Image
Carran M C Image
Casement William Image
Chapman B Image
Chapman William Image
Chase G D Image
Clark E G Image
Clark E M Image
Clark Eliza M Image
Clark Hannah Image
Clark John Image
Clark John Image
Clark John M Image
Clark L C Image
Clark M H Image
Clark R N Image
Clark Seward Image
Clark Sophia Image
Clark W E Image
Clark Ward B Image
Clement Robert Image
Cobb William H Image
Cole Susan Image
Collins James G Image
Combs W R Image
Cook Wm H Image
Coon G F Image
Croop Philip Image
Crosby A E Image
Crosby A J Image
Crosby S C Image
Crosby Image
Cross A H Image
Cummins O H Image
Darling Lucy Image
Dates William Image
Davidson Peter Image
Delano Charlott Image
Delano Edwin P Image
Delile Benj Image
DeMund Rowe Image
Demund Seward Image
Dennis Ezekiel Image
Dixon Charles Image
Douglass George Image
Dresser John H Image
Dresser John H Image
Dunston Albert Image
Dunston John Image
Eagle S Image
Eaton Alexander Image
Edger Andrew Image
Evans Forest Image
Evits Albert Image
Fair James Image
Fiffield Eugene Image
Fisher Angeline Image
Fisher Martin Image
Fitch H M Image
Flemming George Image
Flemming J H Image
Flemming Jason Image
Flemming Thos Image
Follett F A Image
Foster Fred Image
Friday Isaac Image
Galligan Edward Image
Galligan James Image
Ganong D J Image
Ganong Nelson Image
Garter George Image
Gates John B Image
Gibbs E, Mrs. Image
Goodenough J Image
Gorgity Dennis Image
Graham S C Image
Green C J Image
Green Eugene Image
Green Frank Image
Green H Image
Green Peter Image
Green W P Image
Greening Barney Image
Gregory Frank Image
Gross George Image
Gulick A J Image
Gulick Almeda Image
Gunderman Abe Image
Habbin W C Image
Halsey M D Image
Hammond F, Brother Image
Hammond L C, Brother Image
Hammond Nathan Image
Harris E J Image
Harris James Image
Harris V Image
Hart A Image
Hart William Image
Haugge Emma Image
Hempstead John Image
Hess Marvin Image
Hill F S Image
Hill Moses Image
Hirst H F Image
Holcomb B Image
Holcomb William Image
Hopkins James, Est. Image
Howe H H Image
Howe J P Image
Howe Mary, Mrs. Image
Howser Henry Image
Howser John O Image
Hoyt W E Image
Irish Forest Image
Irish J K Image
Irish John Image
Irish Thomas Image
Irish W E Image
Irish W E Image
Jackson C A Image
Jay Judson Image
Jefferson E Image
Jefferson E Image
Johnson M L Image
Johnson M L Image
Johnson Ransom Image
Jones David Image
Jones Ralph Image
Jossman Esidore Image
Jossman Esidore Image
Jossman Esidore Image
Kerton Charles Image
Kile A D Image
Kile Caroline, Est. Image
King Ann Image
King Geo W Image
Kire Freadrick Image
Knot Walter Image
Landis John H Image
Lanning Josie Image
Lanning P A Image
Lanning P C Image
Lawrence Joseph Image
Lewis George Image
Lewis Sarah Image
Lewis W H Image
Lewis Image
Linabery A Image
Linabery Jasper Image
Linderman J C Image
Lowery Joseph Image
Lown W P, Est. Image
Lowrie Catherine Image
Lowrie William J Image
Lyon McCormick Image
Maiden M A Image
Mann Jerome Image
Maybee Jessee D Image
McCann John Image
McCann Michael Image
McCoy Lucy Image
McGouegal Ed Image
McKeand Mary Image
McKinney John Image
Miller David Image
Miller Edward Image
Miller Elizabeth Image
Miller Geo H Image
Miller Henry Image
Mills H E Image
Mills Lucy Image
Moon M C Image
Moor Geo H Image
Morgan H E Image
Morgan J G Image
Morgan Nelson Image
Netting Freadrick Image
Neuruberg Fred Image
Newell Sarah Image
Newman John Image
Norton Wm J Image
Olds M J Image
OrOurke Catherine Image
Orourke James Image
Osmun William Image
Owen David J Image
Owen John G Image
Perry E E Image
Perry John W Image
Petty Elmer Image
Petty Jachob Image
Petty Johnathan Image
Petty Joseph Image
Phetteplace E Image
Phillips Sylvester Image
Phillips Theo Image
Pierce D J Image
Plumb Martha Image
Pool Stephen Image
Putman Daniel Image
Reed Robert Image
Reese David, Brother Image
Reese Joseph, Brother Image
Remick R C Image
Richardson James Image
Ricker James Image
Robbins E G Image
Roberts John Image
Robinson C G Image
Robinson E Image
Roe J B Image
Roise John Image
Root A, Mrs. Est Image
Salter William Image
Scadding Daniel Image
Scadding Margaret Image
Scadding Margaret Image
Scadding William Image
Scrace Frank Image
Scrace William Image
Scranton W C Image
Selden G W Image
Shaler J E Image
Shalor Lucy Image
Sharp J B Image
Short William Image
Shurter E Image
Sibley Hiram Est Image
Simerson William Image
Sloat John B Image
Sloat John M Image
Smith C M Image
Smith C M Image
Smith Emry Image
Smith Frank Image
Smith J T P Image
Smith Jessee Image
Smith Mary A Image
Smith N B Image
Smith O A Image
Smith P H Image
Smith Image
Snell S N Image
Solkaski Mike Image
Soper Andrew Image
Starring M Image
Stevens Benjamin Image
Stevens Sarah Image
Stewart John Image
Stewart John Image
Stewart Peter, Est. Image
Stewart Robert Image
Stewart Wm H Image
Stone Image
Stott Clement Image
Stottard James Image
Stottle David Image
Surles C H Image
Surles C H Image
Surles E B Image
Surles E B Image
Sutton William I Image
Swazzey Helen Image
Taylor Austin Image
Taylor Edward Image
Taylor Ester B Image
Taylor Moses Image
Terry K J Image
Thursten E Image
Tully Francis Image
Urch Addison Image
Urch E A Image
Urch Geo, Est Image
Urch M R Image
Urch William Image
Urch William W Image
Van Norman Z H Image
VanCampen Geo Image
VanSyckle Wm R Image
Vantine Sarah Image
Vaughn S J Image
Vliet Elmer Image
Vliet Geo W Image
Vliet Jerome Image
Vliet Thomas Image
Vliet V C Image
Vliet W V B Image
Vliet Willson R Image
Voorhees Hiram C Image
Voorheis Elisha Image
Voorheis Isaac Image
Voorheis John Image
Voorheis John Image
Voorheis Peter J Image
Walter Albert Image
Walter Archibald Image
Walter C J Image
Walter Frank Image
Walter Freadrick Image
Walter George Image
Walter Harrison Image
Walter John, Est. Image
Walter John, Jr. Image
Walter Nelson Image
Walter Wm W Image
Walter Wm, Est. Image
Watkins W A Image
Watson Thomas Image
Webber Image
Wermer Herman Image
West John Image
West Ruth Image
White R F Image
White R F, Guar. Image
Wiser Frank Image
Woodhull James W Image
Wyckoff Chester Image
Yager and son Image
Yager Frank Image
Young Alexander Image
Young James Image

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