Oakland County Genealogical Society

Oakland County, Michigan

For a number of years, the Oakland County Genealogical Society solicited pedigree charts from our members. Names from the charts were extracted and published in a series of Surname Books. Researchers referred to the information in the Surname Books to contact the party who submitted the chart. In recent years, copies of the charts or the information on them have been shared with researchers who submit queries for matching names. These names are not limited to Oakland County, they represent ancestors of all the people who submitted a chart.

It is important to note that this information was submitted beginning in the early 1980's and it is not possible to contact many of those who generously submitted data from their personal research. Because we believe that the information on the charts may provide clues for those conducting ongoing research on the names listed, the Society began a project to transcribe and post an index of each book on our website. For more information on the the surname charts and this index follow this link.

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To see information on those who contributed this information, look here.

OCGS cannot guarantee the accuracy of this data. We suggest contacting the submitter to share information and sources if that is possible. If contact information is not available by following the link below, we do not have any more information. Please use the information contained in these charts as clues in your research process.

Surname Book Seven Index

AckartAnna Eva, Mrs. 10802Download Chart
AckartElizabeth, Mrs. 10802Download Chart
AckartJohann DavidNY, USA10802Download Chart
AckartMarytie, Mrs.  10801Download Chart
AckartMarytie, Mrs.  10802Download Chart
AckartMarytie, Mrs.  10803Download Chart
AckartSolomonDutchess Co. NY, USA10802Download Chart
AckartSybrantRensselaer Co., NY, USA10801Download Chart
AckartSybrantRensselaer Co., NY, USA10802Download Chart
AckartSybrantRensselaer Co., NY, USA10803Download Chart
AckertAbby Ann, Mrs.  10801Download Chart
AckertCora L.Kent Co., MI, USA10801Download Chart
AckertPeter A.NY, USA10801Download Chart
AdamsEliza JaneSt. Lawrence. Canada10291Download Chart
AdamsHarriet E.Boonville, Clinton Co. MI, USA10291Download Chart
AdamsJohn FrancisIreland10291Download Chart
AdamsMariah, Mrs. 10291Download Chart
AdamsMary, Mrs. 11859Download Chart
AdamsWilliam TownsandTrenton, Monroe Co., NJ, USA11859Download Chart
AdnittFrancesNaseby, England7391Download Chart
Aide/CrequyMadeleine 7353Download Chart
AinscoughAliceOrange Co., CA, USA11861Download Chart
AinscoughIsabella, Mrs.  11861Download Chart
AinscoughJames 11861Download Chart
AlbrechtKatharina Dorothea 9311Download Chart
AldrichCinderella, Mrs.  118512Download Chart
AldrichLucy M.Aburn. NY, USA118512Download Chart
AldrichWilliam F. 118512Download Chart
AleLemuelHuntingdon Co., PA, USA10921Download Chart
AleLemuelHuntingdon Co., PA, USA10922Download Chart
AleLemuelHuntingdon Co., PA, USA10923Download Chart
AleMary Catharine, Mrs. 10921Download Chart
AleMary Catharine, Mrs. 10922Download Chart
AleMary Catharine, Mrs. 10923Download Chart
AleMary Dellinger, Mrs.  10923Download Chart
AleRuth CatherineBlair Co., PA, USA10921Download Chart
AleWilbur MarvinBlair Co., PA, USA10921Download Chart
Ale/EhlCatharine, Mrs.  10923Download Chart
Ale/EhlDanielFrederick Co., MD, USA10923Download Chart
Ale/Ehl/OhlDanielHuntingdon Co., PA, USA10923Download Chart
Ale/Ehl/OhlMaria, Mrs.  10923Download Chart
AlexanderSarah 9311Download Chart
AllemanBernhardSwitzerland5251Download Chart
AllemanHelen AgnesDetroit, Wayne Co., MI5251Download Chart
AllemanMagdelene, Mrs.  5251Download Chart
AllenElenorTrumbull Co., OH USA10333Download Chart
AllenMary 10881Download Chart
AmisSophiaAnnweiler, Germany8821Download Chart
AmisSophiaAnnweiler, Germany8822Download Chart
AmundsenAnne Marie, Mrs.  118520Download Chart
AmundsenHansNorway118520Download Chart
AmundsenIndiana KarolinaRomerike, Norway118520Download Chart
AndersdotterAneOvens, Alborg, Denmark9326Download Chart
AndersdotterAne 9326Download Chart
AndersonEmelineNY, USA9321Download Chart
AnderssenChristina MatildaTidersrum Sweden10991Download Chart
AnderssenInga Carin, Mrs.  10991Download Chart
AnderssenSven Fredric 10991Download Chart
AndrewsSophia V., Mrs.  10761Download Chart
AngellMary Ann 10872Download Chart
AntrimSarah 10332Download Chart
ApleyEuniceposs Plainfield, CT, USA10292Download Chart
ArmerKatuarinaWolsendorf, Bavaria8312Download Chart
ArmitageAnnie, Mrs.  9291Download Chart
ArmitageCeta, Mrs.  9291Download Chart
ArmitageColinHighgreen Ecclesfield, England9291Download Chart
ArmitageHannah, Mrs.  9291Download Chart
ArmitageHazel, Mrs.  9291Download Chart
ArmitageRhoda, Mrs.  9291Download Chart
ArmitageRobertBirkenhead, Chester Co., USA9291Download Chart
ArmitageRobertSheffield, Yorkshire, England9291Download Chart
ArmitageRobert ColinBirmingham, Jefferson Co., AL, USA9291Download Chart
ArmitageSarahLeeds, Yorkshire, England109212Download Chart
ArmitageThomas 9291Download Chart
ArmstrongNellie/EllenIreland8391Download Chart
ArthurMary 2201Download Chart
AshcraftLouisa SnyderMonroe City, Knox Co., IN, USA9311Download Chart
AshcraftNancy, Mrs.  9311Download Chart
AshcraftWilliam 9311Download Chart
AshleyAlice, Mrs.  7151Download Chart
AshleyBeatrice M.MI, USA7151Download Chart
AshleyEthyln A.MI, USA7151Download Chart
AshleyHerbert JamesLyons Twp., Ionia Co., MI, USA7151Download Chart
AshleyJohn 7151Download Chart
AshleyMildred M. 7151Download Chart
AtchinsonAnne, Mrs.  2741Download Chart
AtchinsonBezaleel, Sr.Somers, Tolland Co., CT, USA2741Download Chart
AtchinsonDorcas, Mrs.  2741Download Chart
AtchinsonElenor, Mrs.  2741Download Chart
AtchinsonJohn, Jr.Hartford Co., CT, USA2741Download Chart
AtchinsonJohn, Sr.Longmeadow, Hampden Co., MA, USA2741Download Chart
Aubin/RubinMarie Julienne 7352Download Chart
AveryCharles 11021Download Chart
AveryRosaSparsholt, England11021Download Chart
AxfordMartha 10871Download Chart
BabelAgnes CeceliaSt. Clair Co., MI, USA10741Download Chart
BabelCrecentia, Mrs. 10741Download Chart
BabelMary, Mrs. 10741Download Chart
BabelPlacidus 10741Download Chart
BabelSimonChina Twp., St Clair Co., MI, USA10741Download Chart
BachellorRuth 8374Download Chart
BaddleyCharlesStaffordshire, England10295Download Chart
BaddleyHarriet, Mrs. 10295Download Chart
BaddleyLarena HarrietNorwich, England10295Download Chart
BahlerAnna, Mrs. 11752Download Chart
BahlerLena BlancheBurgistein, Switzerland11751Download Chart
BahlerLena BlancheBurgistein, Switzerland11752Download Chart
BahlerRudolph Switzerland11752Download Chart
BairdAlbert FranklinErie, Monroe Co., MI, USA10961Download Chart
BairdCatherine, Mrs. 10961Download Chart
BairdDeWitt 10961Download Chart
BairdHenry FranklinBluff Springs, TN, USA10961Download Chart
BairdNancy Jean, Mrs. 10961Download Chart
BairdNeville ArgyleBon Aqua, Hickman Co., TN, USA10961Download Chart
BairdPearl, Mrs. 10961Download Chart
BairdSandra JeanNewport, RI, USA10961Download Chart
BairdSusan, Mrs. 10961Download Chart
BakerAndrewCT, USA9642Download Chart
BakerNancyNew London Co., CT, USA9642Download Chart
BakerNancy, Mrs.CT, USA9642Download Chart
BalchElizabethYugoslavia11291Download Chart
BaldwinBenedictCT, USA11901Download Chart
BaldwinDavidMalden, Middlesex Co., MA, USA27411Download Chart
BaldwinEmily, Mrs. 11752Download Chart
BaldwinEmily, Mrs. 11753Download Chart
BaldwinFred A.Rose, MI, USA11751Download Chart
BaldwinFred A.Rose, MI, USA11752Download Chart
BaldwinFred A.Rose, MI, USA11753Download Chart
BaldwinHarry MunsonArcade, NY, USA11752Download Chart
BaldwinHarry MunsonArcade, NY, USA11753Download Chart
BaldwinJedith 11753Download Chart
BaldwinJoseph 27411Download Chart
BaldwinLucy 11753Download Chart
BaldwinLydia BarnesNY, USA11901Download Chart
BaldwinMary Jane, Mrs. 11751Download Chart
BaldwinMary Jane, Mrs. 11752Download Chart
BaldwinMary Jane, Mrs. 11753Download Chart
BaldwinPermelia, Mrs. 11901Download Chart
BaldwinRuth EmilyRose, MI, USA11751Download Chart
BaldwinRuth EmilyRose, MI, USA11752Download Chart
BaldwinRuth EmilyRose, MI, USA11753Download Chart
BaldwinSarah, Mrs.Malden, Middlesex Co., MA, USA27411Download Chart
BallMary 27414Download Chart
BallMary 27415Download Chart
BallantyneAnn, Mrs. 1115Download Chart
BallantyneCharles HenryMA, USA1115Download Chart
BallantyneJosephine, Mrs. 1115Download Chart
BallantyneLillian MayRensselaer Co., NY, USA1115Download Chart
BallantyneWilliamScotland1115Download Chart
BallintineAllen 9601Download Chart
Bame/BoehmElizabethOH, USA7441Download Chart
Ban dit LaLouetteJohn BaptistSt Jean, France10965Download Chart
Ban dit LaLouetteMagdeline, Mrs. 10965Download Chart
Ban dit LaLouetteReneQuebec, Canada10965Download Chart
Ban dit LaLouetteStephanie, Mrs. 10965Download Chart
Ban dit LeBeauCatherine, Mrs. 10965Download Chart
Ban dit LeBeauJohn BaptistQuebec, Canada10965Download Chart
BarbourLucyIreland11753Download Chart
BarnesEmily 11752Download Chart
BarnesEmily 11753Download Chart
BarnesLydiaOakland Co., MI, USA11901Download Chart
BaronElizabethEngland11771Download Chart
BarringerHenryRensselaer Co., NY, USA1115Download Chart
BarringerJosephineGreenbush, Rensselaer Co., NY, USA1115Download Chart
BarringerMary, Mrs. 1115Download Chart
BartholomewElizabeth, Mrs. 8591Download Chart
BartholomewMargaretCentre Co., PA, USA8591Download Chart
BartholomewWendel 8591Download Chart
BatesMariah Rebecca, Mrs. 11291Download Chart
BatesMary MirandaTuscola Co., MI, USA11291Download Chart
BatesRichardGenesee Co., NY, USA11291Download Chart
BattAgnes, Mrs. 109210Download Chart
BattMaryRowley, MA, USA109210Download Chart
BattNicholasEngland109210Download Chart
BattRichardEngland109210Download Chart
BauchspiessSophie 101416Download Chart
BaumannAnna Catherina 10802Download Chart
BavelElizabeth LouisaGermany11242Download Chart
BaxterAnnieLancaster Co., England9291Download Chart
BaxterJohnEngland9291Download Chart
BeachElizabeth, Mrs. 7441Download Chart
BeachKathrynHancock Co., OH, USA7441Download Chart
BeachTobiasVan Buren Co., MI, USA7441Download Chart
BeardComfortSC, USA1114Download Chart
BeardJohnSC, USA1114Download Chart
BeardMary, Mrs. 1114Download Chart
BeardleeMary, Mrs. 118521Download Chart
BeardsleeEleanor AnnNJ, USA118521Download Chart
BeardsleeLewisFraklin Furnance, Susses Co., NJ, USA118521Download Chart
Beaudry dit DesbuttesLouise Marg. Genevieve 7351Download Chart
BeebeElizabeth, Mrs. 8313Download Chart
BeebeMary JaneOntario, Canada8311Download Chart
BeebeMary JaneOntario, Canada8313Download Chart
BeebeWilliam EllisSolon, Cortland Co., NY, USA8313Download Chart
BeemerDavid C. 11031Download Chart
BeemerMary KateOrange Co., NY, USA11031Download Chart
BeholSarah JenutCo. Derry, Ireland11722Download Chart
BelknapMary 2747Download Chart
BellAaronWorchester Co., MA, USA10932Download Chart
BellAnna, Mrs. 10931Download Chart
BellCarlyle RitchiePawnee Co., NE, USA10931Download Chart
BellEdmund WilliamCuyahoga Co., OH, USA10931Download Chart
BellEvaMohawk Valley, Herkimer Co., NY, USA10292Download Chart
BellJacob 10292Download Chart
BellJamesTyrone Co., Ireland10931Download Chart
BellJohn CheneyBerkshire Co., MA, USA10931Download Chart
BellJohn CheneyBerkshire Co., MA, USA10932Download Chart
BellJohn Cheney, Jr.Berkshire Co., MA, USA10931Download Chart
BellLydia, Mrs. 10931Download Chart
BellMargaret, Mrs. 10931Download Chart
BellMartha, Mrs. 10932Download Chart
BellMary Margaret 10931Download Chart
BellMary, Mrs. 10292Download Chart
BellMary, Mrs. 10932Download Chart
BellNellie Mae, Mrs. 10931Download Chart
BellepercheJeanne 7351Download Chart
BeneckeAnna SophiaParchen, Germany101414Download Chart
BenickeMarie Elisabeth 101413Download Chart
BennerRebecca 10872Download Chart
BentonDaniel 10871Download Chart
BentonHannaLivingston Co., MI, USA10871Download Chart
BentonJoanna, Mrs. 10871Download Chart
BeresfordAlfred EdwinJefferson Co., OH, USA10294Download Chart
BeresfordElizabeth, Mrs. 10294Download Chart
BeresfordGeorge M.Jefferson Co., OH, USA10294Download Chart
BeresfordHenrietta, Mrs. 10294Download Chart
BeresfordJohnDown (?), Ireland10294Download Chart
BeresfordMatilda, Mrs. 10294Download Chart
BeresfordWilliam EdwinEast Springfield, OH, USA10294Download Chart
BerlinAnna Lena, Mrs. 10771Download Chart
BerlinChristianGermany10771Download Chart
BerlinEmil Ernest WilliSaginaw, MI, USA10771Download Chart
BerlinLeona HannaBay Co., MI, USA10771Download Chart
BerlinWilhelmina, Mrs. 10771Download Chart
Bernard dit LariviereFrancoise 7351Download Chart
BernierAndre 7351Download Chart
BernierAnnaLegendorf, Bavaria8311Download Chart
BernierAnna, Mrs. 8312Download Chart
BernierCharlesCharlesbourne, Quebec, Canada7351Download Chart
BernierFrancoise, Mrs. 7351Download Chart
BernierM. Louise, Mrs. 7351Download Chart
BernierMargueriteAssumption, Sandwich, Ontario, Canada7351Download Chart
BestHonor LakerGrand Traverse Co., MI, USA2201Download Chart
BestSamuel 2201Download Chart
BiernerPaul 8312Download Chart
BiglerDeborah, Mrs. 10893Download Chart
BiglerJohn 10893Download Chart
BiglerJohn MillerNJ, USA10893Download Chart
BiglerSarah ElizabethMI, USA10893Download Chart
Bigras dit FauvelMary Joseph 10964Download Chart
BillmeyerRosina 10333Download Chart
BinghamByronGlanford Twp. (?), Ontario, Canada96510Download Chart
BinghamCollin JamesTuscola Co., MI, USA96515Download Chart
BinghamLulu Mae, Mrs. 96515Download Chart
BinghamSarah M., Mrs. 96510Download Chart
BirkettLouise AnneNew York, NY, USA11861Download Chart
BirleElizabeth, Mrs. 11291Download Chart
BirleMariaCervenka, Yugoslavia11291Download Chart
BirleStefanCervanka, Yugoslavia11291Download Chart
BjerchJohane CathrineNorway118520Download Chart
BlackmanHarrietStaffordshire, England10295Download Chart
BlackstockMarySpartansburg, SC, USA1114Download Chart
BlainDolores MaeIsabella Co., MI, USA10872Download Chart
BlainElizabeth, Mrs. 10872Download Chart
BlainJames 10872Download Chart
BlainLaurie, Mrs. 10872Download Chart
BlainLeona Belle, Mrs. 10872Download Chart
BlainRoland LuciousOsceola Co., MI, USA10872Download Chart
BlainWilliam HenryLima, OH, USA10872Download Chart
BlakeAnn, Mrs. 8371Download Chart
BlakeAnne, Mrs. 8371Download Chart
BlakeAnne, Mrs. 8373Download Chart
BlakeAnne, Mrs. 8374Download Chart
BlakeIncreaseDorchester, MA, USA8371Download Chart
BlakeIncreaseDorchester, MA, USA8373Download Chart
BlakeIncreaseDorchester, MA, USA8374Download Chart
BlakeIncrease, Jr.Suffolk Co., MA, USA8371Download Chart
BlakeJamesBoston, Norfolk Co., MA, USA8371Download Chart
BlakeJames 8372Download Chart
BlakeJames 8374Download Chart
BlakeLavina, Mrs. 8372Download Chart
BlakeRebecca, Mrs. 8371Download Chart
BlakeRuth, Mrs. 8374Download Chart
BlanchardSarah 11724Download Chart
BoyntonJohnBradford, MA, USA10929Download Chart
BoyntonJohnYorkshire, England10929Download Chart
BoyntonJoshuaRowley, MA, USA109216Download Chart
BoyntonJoshua, Jr.Newbury, MA, USA109216Download Chart
BoyntonMary, Mrs. 10927Download Chart
BoyntonMary, Mrs. 109215Download Chart
BoyntonMary, Mrs. 109216Download Chart
BoyntonMary, Mrs. 109216Download Chart
BoyntonOliveEssex Co., MA, USA10927Download Chart
BoyntonRachelRowley, Essex Co., MA, USA10927Download Chart
BoyntonRachelRowley, Essex Co., MA, USA10928Download Chart
BoyntonRachelRowley, Essex Co., MA, USA10929Download Chart
BoyntonRuth, Mrs. 10927Download Chart
BoyntonSamuelEssex Co., MA, USA10927Download Chart
BoyntonSusannah, Mrs. 10927Download Chart
BoyntonWilliamEngland109216Download Chart
BradshawAnna M.PA or NY, USA8471Download Chart
BrandtBerthaGermany9181Download Chart
BrandtFred 9181Download Chart
BrandtWilhelmina, Mrs. 9181Download Chart
BraunAnna, Mrs. 5251Download Chart
BraunKatherineBavaria, Germany10861Download Chart
BraunMagdeleneMumlisvil, Switzerland5251Download Chart
BraunMichaelSwitzerland5251Download Chart
BraunPaulus 10861Download Chart
BrayAlice ClaytonPontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA11855Download Chart
BrayAlice ClaytonPontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA118511Download Chart
BrayFrederick MayoPontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA118511Download Chart
BrayJohn FrancisWashington, D.C., USA118511Download Chart
BrayMaggie, Mrs. 118511Download Chart
BrayMartha, Mrs. 118511Download Chart
BrazieHariettArcadia, Lapeer Co., MI, USA10666Download Chart
BrazieHarriettArcadia, Lapeer Co., MI, USA10661Download Chart
BrazieHarriettArcadia, Lapeer Co., MI, USA10667Download Chart
BrazieHattieArcadia, Lapeer Co., MI, USA10661Download Chart
BrazieJohnNY, USA10666Download Chart
BraziePeterNY, USA10661Download Chart
BraziePeterNY, USA10666Download Chart
BraziePeterNY, USA10667Download Chart
BrazieRebecca, Mrs. 10666Download Chart
BrennemanMaria 10333Download Chart
BrewerAbraham 11651Download Chart
BrewerHannah, Mrs. 11651Download Chart
BrewerJanePen Yan, NY, USA11651Download Chart
BrewsterCarolinenear Montreal, Quebec, Canada11243Download Chart
BrewsterCharles 10894Download Chart
BrewsterDeborahCanada10893Download Chart
BrewsterEliphaz 10894Download Chart
BrewsterEzraOakland Co., MI, USA10893Download Chart
BrewsterEzraOakland Co., MI, USA10894Download Chart
BrewsterEzraOakland Co., MI, USA11243Download Chart
BrewsterHannah, Mrs. 10893Download Chart
BrewsterHannah, Mrs. 10894Download Chart
BrewsterHannah, Mrs. 11243Download Chart
BreyerEdward ByronPontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA10145Download Chart
BreyerJohnByron Germany10145Download Chart
BreyerMargaret, Mrs.Mrs10145Download Chart
BreyerMary A., Mrs. 10145Download Chart
Brien dit DesRochersBasil 7352Download Chart
Brien dit DesRochersCharlotteEssex, Ontario, Canada7352Download Chart
Brien dit DesRochersCharlotte, Mrs. 7352Download Chart
Brien dit DesRochersJean BaptistQuebec7352Download Chart
Brien dit DesRochersLouisa, Mrs. 7352Download Chart
BrifogliSusannah 10332Download Chart
BrighamConstanceEngland10928Download Chart
BrighamIsabel, Mrs. 10928Download Chart
BrighamThomas 10928Download Chart
BrimmerLouise M. 8241Download Chart
BrimmerLouise M. 8243Download Chart
Briser/BuserAnnaPA, USA10922Download Chart
BrissonClothilde 10682Download Chart
BrissonClothilde 10685Download Chart
Brisson dit LarocheLouis 10685Download Chart
Brisson dit LarocheMarie-Anne, Mrs. 10685Download Chart
Brisson dit LarocheMarie-Rosalie, Mrs. 10685Download Chart
Brisson dit LarocheMathurin 10685Download Chart
BrittonAbigail 27412Download Chart
BrittonJamesEngland27410Download Chart
BrittonJane, Mrs. 27410Download Chart
BrittonLydia, Mrs. 27410Download Chart
BrittonMary, Mrs. 27410Download Chart
BrittonWilliam, Jr.Wells, York Co., ME, USA27410Download Chart
BrittonWilliam, Sr. 27410Download Chart
BrocklebankMaryEssex Co., MA, USA109216Download Chart
BrocklebankSamuel 109216Download Chart
BrodhagAnton 10663Download Chart
BrodhagElisabethaDuerkheim, Germany10661Download Chart
BrodhagElisabethaDuerkheim, Germany10662Download Chart
BrodhagElisabethaDuerkheim, Germany10663Download Chart
BrodhagPhilippine, Mrs. 10663Download Chart
BromleyAda C., Mrs. 11721Download Chart
BromleyBettyRoyal Oak, Oakland Co., MI, USA11721Download Chart
BromleyGladys, Mrs. 11721Download Chart
BromleyJamesMI, USA11721Download Chart
BromleyJames 11721Download Chart
BromleyOwenAppletree, England11721Download Chart
BronsonSally 10295Download Chart
BrownAnna LouellanDouglas Twp., Montcalm, MI, USA10891Download Chart
BrownComfort, Mrs. 1114Download Chart
BrownDavidNY, USA10667Download Chart
BrownEleanor, Mrs. 11371Download Chart
DahmAgnesBudesheim, Eifel, Germany2791Download Chart
DahmHabertusGermany2791Download Chart
DahmMargarethe, Mrs. 2791Download Chart
DammAdam, Sr.Bolgartelep, Rumania10552Download Chart
DammElizabeth, Mrs. 10552Download Chart
DammMargaret, Mrs. 10552Download Chart
DammNicholasEurope10552Download Chart
DammTheresaBolgartelep, Rumania10552Download Chart
DanielJane 10872Download Chart
DanyellAgnesEngland109210Download Chart
DaoustMarie-Francoise 10686Download Chart
DarpentignyAngele-Angelique 10686Download Chart
DarpentignyJoachim 10686Download Chart
DarpentignyLouis-Simon 10686Download Chart
DarpentignyMarie-Louise, Mrs 10686Download Chart
DarpentignyMarie-Sophie, Mrs. 10682Download Chart
DarpentignyPhilomemeQuebec, Canada10682Download Chart
DarpentignySylvan 10682Download Chart
DarpentignySylvan 10686Download Chart
DartCharlesNY, USA11294Download Chart
DartMariah Rebecca 11291Download Chart
DartMariah Rebecca 11294Download Chart
DavidsonMarthaMA, USA11655Download Chart
DaviesAbrahamMcGillivery Twp, Canada11295Download Chart
DaviesAbramLucan, Ontario, Canada11291Download Chart
DaviesHannah, Mrs 11295Download Chart
DaviesJohnMiddlesex Co., Canada11291Download Chart
DaviesJohnMiddlesex Co., Canada11295Download Chart
DaviesJohnMiddlesex Co., Canada11296Download Chart
DaviesLillian E. 11291Download Chart
DaviesSara MaeElmer Twp., MI, USA11291Download Chart
DaviesSarah, Mrs. 11291Download Chart
DaviesSarah, Mrs. 11295Download Chart
DaviesSarah, Mrs. 11296Download Chart
DavisBarbary 10927Download Chart
DavisBarbary 109211Download Chart
DavisClarissa, Mrs. 2201Download Chart
DavisGeorge MillvilleWhite Pine, Lycoming, Co., PA, USA11852Download Chart
DavisGeorge MillvilleWhite Pine, Lycoming, Co., PA, USA11854Download Chart
DavisGladys Mae, Mrs. 11852Download Chart
DavisGordon MayoRomeo, MI, USA11851Download Chart
DavisGordon MayoRomeo, MI, USA11852Download Chart
DavisHazel Joyce, Mrs. 11851Download Chart
DavisJames E. 11858Download Chart
DavisJames ElmerClearfield Co., PA, USA11854Download Chart
DavisJames ElmerClearfield Co., PA, USA11858Download Chart
DavisJulesMA, USA2201Download Chart
DavisLydia 9643Download Chart
DavisMabel MaySyracuse, NY, USA2201Download Chart
DavisMarcus LafayetteFife Lake, MI, USA2201Download Chart
DavisMarrion E., Mrs. 11854Download Chart
DavisMartha A., Mrs. 2201Download Chart
DavisPhilinda K., Mrs. 11858Download Chart
DavisRosanna ElenCanada118510Download Chart
DavisSarah Brookfield, CT, USA11653Download Chart
DavisWesley BrianPontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA11851Download Chart
DavisonEllen, Mrs. 7441Download Chart
DavisonHarvey J.prob. MI, USA7441Download Chart
DavissonFlorenceVan Buren Co., MI, USA7441Download Chart
DavissonHarry H.South Haven, MI, USA7441Download Chart
DavissonIda Mae, Mrs. 7441Download Chart
DavyBenjamin 11771Download Chart
DavyEllen Elize, Mrs. 11771Download Chart
DavyEmma VictoriaJackson, MI, USA11771Download Chart
DavyRhodaEcclesfield, Yorkshire, England9291Download Chart
DavyRichardEngland9291Download Chart
DawAdelia A., Mrs. 10991Download Chart
DawAlice AlmedaSt. Croix Falls, WI, USA10991Download Chart
DawWilliamSt. Ives, Cornwall, England10991Download Chart
DawesAnna Louellan, Mrs. 10891Download Chart
DawesBerthena Ann 10891Download Chart
DawesIrvin PrestonWabash Co., IN, USA10891Download Chart
DawesMiloWabash Co., IN, USA10891Download Chart
DawesSara MaeSix Lakes, Montcalm Co., MI, USA10891Download Chart
DayJohn 109218Download Chart
DayLodicaOntario, Canada11111Download Chart
DayLydia 109218Download Chart
DayNancyNY, USA10991Download Chart
DayRobert 109218Download Chart
DaySarah, Mrs. 109218Download Chart
DeegeChristoph Christian 8948Download Chart
DeegeEuphrosinaLubahn, West Prussia8948Download Chart
Deer/DearCemy 11771Download Chart
DefoeCharlotteCanada8392Download Chart
DefoeJohn ErnstNY Province, USA11723Download Chart
DefoeMary, Mrs. 11723Download Chart
DeikenMaria  11723Download Chart
DeJarnettCatherine 10961Download Chart
DelcourMarianne 11723Download Chart
DellamontAnnatje 1116Download Chart
DeRidderAnna, Mrs. 10803Download Chart
DeRidderAntje, Mrs. 10803Download Chart
DeRidderCatrina 10803Download Chart
DeRidderEvert 10803Download Chart
DeRidderGerrit 10803Download Chart
DerochereAngele 10687Download Chart
DesnoyerAntoineMI, USA8392Download Chart
DesnoyerCharlotte, Mrs. 8392Download Chart
DesnoyerJosephLA, USA8392Download Chart
DesnoyerJosephFrance8392Download Chart
DesnoyerJulia, Mrs. 8392Download Chart
DesnoyerNancy C.Port Huron, MI, USA8392Download Chart
DessertAurelia ElizabethGreen Island, Albany Co., NY, USA1115Download Chart
DessertDenise, Mrs. 1116Download Chart
DessertMitchellMontreal, Quebec, Canada1115Download Chart
DevoeAbrahamEurope11723Download Chart
DevoeAnna, Mrs. 11723Download Chart
DickersonEdward J.Warren Co., NJ, USA11031Download Chart
DickersonHenry W.Pike Co., PA, USA11031Download Chart
DickersonMary Elizabeth, Mrs. 11031Download Chart
DickersonMary Kate, Mrs. 11031Download Chart
DickersonOlive MableSussex Co., NJ, USA11031Download Chart
DickinsonMary HarperBrantford, Ontario, Canada8941Download Chart
DickinsonMary, Mrs. 8941Download Chart
DickinsonWilliamNorth Kyme, Lincolnshire, England8941Download Chart
DicksJane 8361Download Chart
DiehlJakob 8822Download Chart
DiehlSusana, Mrs. 8822Download Chart
DiehlSusannaAnnweiler, Germany8822Download Chart
DillerChaunceySeneca Co., OH, USA10961Download Chart
DillerElizabeth, Mrs. 11021Download Chart
DillerJ. Gottfried 11021Download Chart
DillerJohn LewisRossford, Wood Co., OH, USA10961Download Chart
DillerJosephBlenheim, Ontario, Canada11021Download Chart
DillerKatherine, Mrs. 10961Download Chart
DillerMary Elsie, Mrs. 10961Download Chart
DillerMelvinBay Port, MI, USA11021Download Chart
DillerNancy JeanToledo, Lucas Co., OH, USA10961Download Chart
DillerSally EthelSebawaing, MI, USA11021Download Chart
DillerSarah J., Mrs. 11021Download Chart
DillerSarah, Mrs. 11021Download Chart
DimkiHannahGermany9181Download Chart
DimockElijahMA, USA9732Download Chart
DimockMaria A.Erie Co., OH, USA9732Download Chart
DimockMaria, Mrs. 9732Download Chart
DimockRichardNY, USA9732Download Chart
DimockSarah, Mrs. 9732Download Chart
DixonMary HannahDurham, England10991Download Chart
DoaneJohn  73510Download Chart
DoaneMargaret, Mrs. 73510Download Chart
DoaneSusanLanard, England73510Download Chart
DobbinsElizabeth MargaretGreen Co., PA, USA10561Download Chart
DobbinsMarilla, Mrs. 10561Download Chart
DobbinsWilson 10561Download Chart
DoddFanny Bass, Mrs. 10991Download Chart
DoddIda Nattall, Mrs. 10991Download Chart
DoddJoan CarolSuperior, WI, USA10991Download Chart
DoddMary Hannah, Mrs. 10991Download Chart
DoddRobertStanhope, England10991Download Chart
DoddThomasLeeds, England10991Download Chart
DoddWilliam 10991Download Chart
DodgeJoanna 10931Download Chart
DoleHannah, Mrs. 109216Download Chart
DoleMaryNewbury, MA, USA109216Download Chart
DoleMary, Mrs. 109216Download Chart
DoleRichardRingworthy, Gloc., England109216Download Chart
DoleWilliamNewbury, MA, USA109216Download Chart
DolsonChristina 11031Download Chart
DommermuthElisabethe M.Kemmenau, Germany8942Download Chart
DonaldsonMarthaKY, USA8391Download Chart
DoneganJohn M.Burns, Dickson Co., TN, USA10961Download Chart
DoneganMary Elizabeth, Mrs. 10961Download Chart
DoneganPearlBon Aqua, Hickman Co., TN, USA10961Download Chart
DoneganWilliam L. 10961Download Chart
DonnellAllen, Mrs. 9601Download Chart
DonnellAnnie MaeMcCracken Co., KY, USA9601Download Chart
DonnellJames William Allen, Jr.Scotland9601Download Chart
DonnellJohn 9601Download Chart
DonnellMary Elizabeth, Mrs. 9601Download Chart
DormanBessie Chase, Mrs. 8591Download Chart
DormanCatherine, Mrs. 8591Download Chart
DormanClara Belle, Mrs. 8591Download Chart
DormanEphriam McClellandHublersburg, PA, USA8591Download Chart
DormanGuy EddyHock Haven, PA, USA8591Download Chart
DormanJacob WalkerUnion Co., PA, USA8591Download Chart
DormanMargaret, Mrs. 8591Download Chart
DormanPatsy LouLansing, Ingham Co., MI, USA8591Download Chart
DormanPeter 8591Download Chart
DougalAnna  10144Download Chart
DouglasChristian (ere) 10332Download Chart
DownsElizabeth MaeHamilton, Ontario, Canada11111Download Chart
DownsLodica, Mrs. 11111Download Chart
DownsWilliamCanada11111Download Chart
DowsettGabriel 109217Download Chart
DowsettThomasinaEngland109217Download Chart
Dox(ie)AlidaAlbany Co., NY, USA10802Download Chart
Dox(ie)Lysbeth, Mrs. 10802Download Chart
Dox(ie)Samuel 10802Download Chart
DoyleHector OrsonMissaukee Co., MI, USA10141Download Chart
DoyleHector OrsonMissaukee Co., MI, USA10146Download Chart
DoyleJoanna Fern, Mrs. 10141Download Chart
DoyleJoanna Fern, Mrs. 10146Download Chart
DoyleJohn 10146Download Chart
DoyleMargaret, Mrs. 10146Download Chart
DoyleMary A., Mrs. 10146Download Chart
DoyleWilliamSomerset Co., ME, USA10146Download Chart
DrakeMary E. 10761Download Chart
Drave/DrafeA. M.Dielingen, Prussia7391Download Chart
DrengbergAnnaGermany10871Download Chart
DrengbergAnnie, Mrs. 10871Download Chart
DrengbergCharlesGermany10871Download Chart
DrengbergCharles 10871Download Chart
DrengbergMarieDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA10871Download Chart
DrengbertAdam 10871Download Chart
DrewsChristianOberHornikau, West Prussia8948Download Chart
DrewsEuphrosina, Mrs. 8948Download Chart
DrewsJohannBarenhutte, West Prussia8948Download Chart
DrewsSusannaLubahn, West Prussia8948Download Chart
DrouillardElizabethMonroe, MI, USA10964Download Chart
DrouillardElizabethMonroe, MI, USA10966Download Chart
DrouillardElizabeth, Mrs. 10966Download Chart
DrouillardJane, Mrs. 10966Download Chart
DrouillardJohn 10966Download Chart
DrouillardJohnOrleans10966Download Chart
DrouillardMargaret, Mrs. 10964Download Chart
DrouillardMargaret, Mrs. 10966Download Chart
DrouillardMargaret, Mrs. 10966Download Chart
DrouillardSimonMarennes, France10966Download Chart
DrouillardSimon Amable 10964Download Chart
DrouillardSimon Amable 10966Download Chart
DrozdowskiBill JosephWayne Co., MI, USA10741Download Chart
DrozdowskiDeborah AnnDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA10741Download Chart
DrozdowskiJosephProchnik(?), West Prussia (Poland)10741Download Chart
DrozdowskiLucy, Mrs. 10741Download Chart
DrozdowskiStanley JosephProchnik, West Prussia (Poland)10741Download Chart
DrozdowskiValerie, Mrs. 10741Download Chart
DrozdowskiVeronica Mary, Mrs. 10741Download Chart
Dry/Drey/DrehCatherineBerks Co., PA, USA10922Download Chart
DucharmeAngelica 10965Download Chart
DucharmeCatherine, Mrs. 7353Download Chart
DucharmeEli/Joseph HeliQuebec, Canada7353Download Chart
DucharmeEmerance/Morance, Mrs. 7353Download Chart
DucharmeGenevieve, Mrs. 7353Download Chart
DucharmeJean Baptist 7353Download Chart
DucharmeJosephBerthier, Canada7353Download Chart
DucharmeJoseph 7353Download Chart
DucharmeM. Anne, Mrs. 7353Download Chart
DudevoirAngelica, Mrs. 10965Download Chart
DudevoirCatherineMontreal, Quebec, Canada10965Download Chart
DudevoirClaude 10965Download Chart
Dugue dit MarentetteMarguerite 7351Download Chart
DungElisabeth, Mrs. 101415Download Chart
DungHenry 101415Download Chart
DungMaria CatherinaGermany101415Download Chart
DunkellAgnesScotland89410Download Chart
DurkeeJane NY, USA10981Download Chart
DuroseauMarie Charlotte 7352Download Chart
EastSarah 10872Download Chart
EatonAnn, Mrs. 109214Download Chart
EatonEunice, Mrs. 109214Download Chart
EatonJohn 109214Download Chart
EatonLydiaHaverhill, Essex Co., MA, USA109214Download Chart
EatonThomas England109214Download Chart
EberlFranziska 8311Download Chart
EberleAnna MariaMainz, Germany7357Download Chart
EberleGenevieveBayerstetten, Bavaria, Germany9402Download Chart
EberleJoseph JohannGermany9402Download Chart
EberleMarianna, Mrs. 9402Download Chart
EberleMichael 9402Download Chart
EberleTheresa, Mrs. 9402Download Chart
EckhardtAnna, Mrs. 10802Download Chart
EckhardtJohann AdamKloppenheim, Germany10802Download Chart
EckhardtMaria, Mrs. 10802Download Chart
EckhardtSamuelGermany10802Download Chart
EddsAbraham 10872Download Chart
EddsAbraham H. 10872Download Chart
EddsCausby JaneBelle Co., KY, USA10872Download Chart
EddsCausby Jane, Mrs. 10872Download Chart
EddsRhoda, Mrs. 10872Download Chart
EddsSarah, Mrs. 10872Download Chart
EddsWilliam IssacLee Co., VA, USA10872Download Chart
EdgarMargaretCloseburn, Dumfriess, Scotland89410Download Chart
EdgecombClara IsabelleLaSalle Co., IL, USA10292Download Chart
EdgecombEllen Elizabeth, Mrs. 10292Download Chart
EdgecombJohnEngland10292Download Chart
EdgecombJohnEngland10292Download Chart
EdgecombMary, Mrs. 10292Download Chart
EdingtonSandra Jean, Mrs. 10961Download Chart
EdingtonTerry Lee 10961Download Chart
EgglestonJane 27410Download Chart
EilersHenric 101411Download Chart
EilersMargaretha, Mrs. 101411Download Chart
EilersMaria ElisabethOldenburg, Friesoythe, Germany10149Download Chart
EilersMaria ElisabethOldenburg, Friesoythe, Germany101411Download Chart
EinheuserAnna Maria Theresia C., Mrs. 5251Download Chart
EinheuserFerdinand 5251Download Chart
EinheuserJodocus Carl P.Eversberg, Germany5251Download Chart
EinheuserMaria T. F., Mrs. 5251Download Chart
EinheuserMaria TheresiaEversberg, Germany5251Download Chart
EinigKatarine 10742Download Chart
EisenbeiserEmma LeopoldineHuffenhardt, Germany9311Download Chart
EisenbeiserEva Christina, Mrs. 9312Download Chart
EisenbeiserJohann AdamMobach, Germany9312Download Chart
EisenbeiserJohannesHuffenhardt, Germany9311Download Chart
EisenbeiserJohannesHuffenhardt, Germany9312Download Chart
EisenbeiserKatharina Dorothea, Mrs. 9311Download Chart
ElderClara BelleLock Haven, PA, USA8591Download Chart
ElderEleanor, Mrs. 1113Download Chart
ElderGuy 1113Download Chart
ElderJamesJacksonville, Centre Co., PA, USA8591Download Chart
ElderMary "Polly"  1112Download Chart
ElderMary "Polly"  1113Download Chart
ElderMary, Mrs. 8591Download Chart
ElithorpMargaret Rowley, MA, USA109210Download Chart
ElithorpMary, Mrs. 109210Download Chart
ElithorpNathanielYorkshire, England109210Download Chart
ElithorpThomasYorkshire, England109210Download Chart
ElittAugustaGermany9181Download Chart
ElittCaroline, Mrs. 9181Download Chart
ElittWilhelmBaldiko, Germany9181Download Chart
EllisAileen Apollonia Grace, Mrs. 27413Download Chart
EllisDon Goodwin 27413Download Chart
EllisElizabeth, Mrs. 27413Download Chart
EllisJohn 27413Download Chart
EmbersonWilliam 9324Download Chart
EmbreeJosiahNY, USA11752Download Chart
EmbreeJosiahNY, USA11753Download Chart
EmbreeMary JaneOlive, MI, USA11751Download Chart
EmbreeMary JaneOlive, MI, USA11752Download Chart
EmbreeMary JaneOlive, MI, USA11753Download Chart
EmbreePierreNY, USA11753Download Chart
EmbreeSarah Cornelia, Mrs. 11752Download Chart
EmbreeSarah Cornelia, Mrs. 11753Download Chart
EmersonCarrie, Mrs. 9324Download Chart
EmersonHoratioSalem Co, NJ, USA9324Download Chart
EmersonJohn FrederickAlton, Madison Co., IL, USA9324Download Chart
EmersonMargret, Mrs. 9324Download Chart
EmersonRachel, Mrs. 9324Download Chart
EmersonRichard FirthCumberland Co., NJ, USA9324Download Chart
EmersonRichard FirthSalem Co, NJ, USA9324Download Chart
EndersLulie (Lucy) E.KY, USA9601Download Chart
EndersRobertVA, USA or Germany9601Download Chart
EnglishEarl Edward 11371Download Chart
EnglishMarie Ethel, Mrs. 11371Download Chart
EriksenAlbert HansCopenhagen, Bronshoj, Denmark9326Download Chart
EriksenDennis AlbertLos Angeles, CA, USA9326Download Chart
EriksenEllen, Mrs. 9326Download Chart
EriksenEmilie Nicoline, Mrs. 9326Download Chart
EriksenErik ChristensenMarstal, Svendborg, Denmark9326Download Chart
EriksenGertrude, Mrs. 9326Download Chart
EriksenGjertrud 9326Download Chart
EriksenHans ChristenCopenhagen, Denmark9326Download Chart
EriksenKirstine Marie, Mrs. 9326Download Chart
EriksenMouritz 9326Download Chart
ErnickElizabeth  10872Download Chart
ErskineElizabethDudley, Worcester Co., MA, USA11653Download Chart
ErzmoneitChristine CaroliOestpreussen8947Download Chart
EsperAgnes Cecelia,, Mrs. 10741Download Chart
EsperCaroline, Mrs. 10741Download Chart
EsperJakobKobern Parish, Preussen, Germany10742Download Chart
EsperJoseph MathiasWayne Co., MI, USA10741Download Chart
EsperKatarine, Mrs. 10742Download Chart
EsperMaria Catherine, Mrs. 10741Download Chart
EsperMaria Catherine, Mrs. 10742Download Chart
EsperMathias J.Springwells Twp, Wayne Co, MI, USA10741Download Chart
EsperPeter JosephUrmersbach, Rhineland, Germany10741Download Chart
EsperPeter JosephUrmersbach, Rhineland, Germany10742Download Chart
EsperVeronica MarySpringwells Twp, Wayne Co., MI, USA10741Download Chart
EspertElisabeth, Mrs. 10742Download Chart
EspertMatthiasMasburg, Kobern, Rheinland, Germany10742Download Chart
EvansElizabethMcGillivery Twp., Canada11296Download Chart
EwenElizabethAlsace-Lorrain2791Download Chart
EwertAugusta, Mrs. 9181Download Chart
EwertChristoph 9181Download Chart
EwertFerdinand JuliusKoeningsburg, Eastern Prussia9181Download Chart
EwertHermannKoeningsburg, Eastern Prussia9181Download Chart
EwertMargaretha Berlin, Germany9181Download Chart
EwertRegina D., Mrs. 9181Download Chart
EwertRegina, Mrs. 9181Download Chart
FairmanJohn 2745Download Chart
FairmanSarahEnfield, Hartford Co., CT, USA2745Download Chart
FarnsworthJaneGroton, MA, USA10147Download Chart
FarringtonEdward, Jr.Essex Co., MA, USA2741Download Chart
FarringtonEdward, Jr.Essex Co., MA, USA2742Download Chart
FarringtonEdward, Sr.Lynn, Essex Co., MA, USA2741Download Chart
FarringtonEdward, Sr.Lynn, Essex Co., MA, USA2742Download Chart
FarringtonElenorSomers, Tolland Co., CT, USA2741Download Chart
FarringtonElizabeth, Mrs 2742Download Chart
FarringtonJohn 2742Download Chart
FarringtonMartha, Mrs 2741Download Chart
FarringtonMartha, Mrs 2742Download Chart
FarringtonRuth, Mrs. 2741Download Chart
FarrowEnochEngland10926Download Chart
FarrowFrancis, Mrs. 10926Download Chart
FarrowNaomiCanada10921Download Chart
FarrowNaomiCanada10925Download Chart
FarrowNaomiCanada10926Download Chart
FastnaughtCatherine 10333Download Chart
FeeAmelia 109213Download Chart
FeldenEva Catharine 2791Download Chart
FellerHellena, Mrs 11291Download Chart
FellerKarlNijemci, Yugoslavia11291Download Chart
FellerKarl 11291Download Chart
FellerTheresia Nijemci, Yugoslavia11291Download Chart
FellerTheresia, Mrs 11291Download Chart
FelsteadElizabeth EmilyDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA11861Download Chart
FelsteadEunice Emily, Mrs. 11861Download Chart
FelsteadWilliamEngland11861Download Chart
FergusonAgnes, Mrs. 89410Download Chart
FergusonAnna Maria, Mrs 8941Download Chart
FergusonDorothy HelenHamtramck, Wayne Co., MI, USA8941Download Chart
FergusonElmer ThomasHamtramck, Wayne Co., MI, USA8941Download Chart
FergusonEuphemia, Mrs 89410Download Chart
FergusonJohnKirkcudbright, Scotland8941Download Chart
FergusonJohnKirkcudbright, Scotland89410Download Chart
FergusonJohnKirkcudbright, Scotland89411Download Chart
FergusonJohn Scotland89410Download Chart
FergusonJosephNetherkeir, Scotland89410Download Chart
FergusonMargaret, Mrs. 89410Download Chart
FergusonMaria, Mrs. 8941Download Chart
FergusonMaria, Mrs. 89410Download Chart
FergusonMaria, Mrs. 89411Download Chart
FergusonMary Harper, Mrs. 8941Download Chart
FergusonSamuelCloseburn, Dumfriess, Scotland89410Download Chart
FergusonThomasDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA8941Download Chart
FerretMargaretQuebec, Canada10966Download Chart
FerretMary, Mrs. 10966Download Chart
FerretPierre 10966Download Chart
FieldAnnEngland10929Download Chart
FifieldBelle LydiaKent Co., MI, USA8471Download Chart
FifieldCaroline, Mrs. 9291Download Chart
FifieldCharlesVT, USA9291Download Chart
FifieldJonathanNY, USA9291Download Chart
FifieldMary L., Mrs 8471Download Chart
FifieldPhilbert ErastusOakland Co., MI, USA8471Download Chart
FifieldSallie, Mrs 9291Download Chart
FifieldSyntha A. (Cynthia)MI, USA?9291Download Chart
FiggenerAnna E. 5251Download Chart
FingerAnna Maria T. 5251Download Chart
FisherDeaconMarlboro, Windham Co., VT8372Download Chart
FisherLavina 8372Download Chart
FissiauCharlotte 7352Download Chart
FitzpatrickMary E. 10981Download Chart
FlemingMargaret 9311Download Chart
FoguthAgnes Christina LiscaGermany8361Download Chart
FoguthChristina Mary, Mrs. 8361Download Chart
FoguthJohnGermany8361Download Chart
FolgerElizabeth, Mrs. 11247Download Chart
FolgerLurania 11247Download Chart
FolgerNathan 11247Download Chart
FontaineCharles FrancisSt. Jean Isle, Orleans10963Download Chart
FontaineElizabeth, Mrs. 10963Download Chart
FontaineElizabeth, Mrs. 10963Download Chart
FontaineElizabeth, Mrs. 10964Download Chart
FontaineGabriel JamesAssumption, Sandwich10963Download Chart
FontaineJohn BaptistSt. Antoine, River Raison10963Download Chart
FontaineJohn BaptistSt. Antoine, River Raison10964Download Chart
FontaineMargaret Angelica, Mrs. 10963Download Chart
FontaineMary, Mrs. 10963Download Chart
FontainePrudence ElizabethFrenchtown, Monroe Co., MI, USA10963Download Chart
FontainePrudence ElizabethFrenchtown, Monroe Co., MI, USA10964Download Chart
Foot(e)Abby AnnNY, USA10801Download Chart
Foot(e)William 10801Download Chart
Forcey/ForcierDeniseMontreal, Canada1115Download Chart
ForsytheAgnesScotland?7355Download Chart
FournierMartha  10963Download Chart
FrancisFanniePhiladelphia, PA, USA11861Download Chart
FrankEdward Ernest 5251Download Chart
FrankShirley Mary, Mrs 5251Download Chart
FranklinAda Louise, Mrs. 10461Download Chart
FranklinBernice Mildred, Mrs. 10461Download Chart
FranklinGeorgeChipping Norton, Oxfordshire, England10461Download Chart
FranklinHanna, Mrs. 10461Download Chart
FranklinHenry GeorgeLondon, England10461Download Chart
FranklinIrene JuneDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA10461Download Chart
FranklinRhoda 118523Download Chart
FranklinSamLong Compton, Warwickshire, England10461Download Chart
FraserMary AnnOxford, NY, USA10295Download Chart
FretzBarbara, Mrs. 11022Download Chart
FretzJohn 11022Download Chart
FretzJohn 11022Download Chart
FretzMary, Mrs. 11022Download Chart
FretzSarahBucks Co., PA, USA11022Download Chart
FreyCatherine, Mrs. 2791Download Chart
FreyDavid 2791Download Chart
FriedmannAnna Marie, Mrs. 9401Download Chart
FriedmannCatherinaSeligenstad, Germany9401Download Chart
FriedmannFrancisi 9401Download Chart
FritzApollonia (Abby)Detroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA27413Download Chart
FritzBarbara  10334Download Chart
FritzElizabeth, Mrs. 10334Download Chart
FritzJacobBedford Co., PA, USA10334Download Chart
FritzKarl 27413Download Chart
FritzMarie, Mrs. 27413Download Chart
FritzMartinGermany10334Download Chart
FrodlichAnna EvaUlster Co., NY, USA10802Download Chart
FroelichAnn Elizabeth, Mrs. 10802Download Chart
FroelichStephen 10802Download Chart
FryDavid WashingtonMercer Co., Pa, USA2791Download Chart
FryMargaret, Mrs. 2791Download Chart
FrySarah, Mrs. 2791Download Chart
FryStephenLehigh Co., PA, USA2791Download Chart
FryeBeatrice ElizabethDiamond, IL, USA2791Download Chart
FulfordPermelia 11026Download Chart
FullerAnne, Mrs. 2747Download Chart
FullerElizabeth, Mrs. 2748Download Chart
FullerJonathan 2748Download Chart
FullerMary, Mrs. 2747Download Chart
FullerMosesWindham, Windham Co., CT, USA2747Download Chart
FullerNathanielRehoboth, Bristol Co., MA, USA2747Download Chart
FullerRobertSouthhampton, England2748Download Chart
FullerSamuelStafford, Windham Co., CT, USA2747Download Chart
FullerSarah, Mrs 2748Download Chart
FullerThomas 2748Download Chart
FullerZillah, Mrs 2747Download Chart
FurnissLydia 9642Download Chart
GablerMary Margaret, Mrs. 10931Download Chart
GablerPaul Orndoff 10931Download Chart
GageAbigailBradford, MA, USA10293Download Chart
GaillardLouis 10963Download Chart
GaillardMargaret, Mrs. 10963Download Chart
GaillardMaryRiver Raison, Monroe Co., MI, USA10963Download Chart
GallowayElizabeth Lizzie, Mrs. 10981Download Chart
GallowayGeorgeNY, USA10981Download Chart
GallowayJames D.Oakland Co., MI, USA10981Download Chart
GallowayJane, Mrs 10981Download Chart
GallowayJane, Mrs 10981Download Chart
GallowayMary E., Mrs 10981Download Chart
GallowaySarah Sally Ann, Mrs. 10981Download Chart
GambrelMary 11721Download Chart
GansinMargarethe 9401Download Chart
GardnerMary Ann, Mrs 10881Download Chart
GardnerPhebie AnnFalls Village, CT, USA10881Download Chart
GardnerWilhelm 10881Download Chart
GarnettAlice Clayton 11855Download Chart
GarnettGeorge WilliamEngland118510Download Chart
GarnettGladys MaeAurora, IL, USA11852Download Chart
GarnettGladys MaeAurora, IL, USA11855Download Chart
GarnettRolandRichfield, MI, USA11855Download Chart
GarnettRolandRichfield, MI, USA118510Download Chart
GarnettRoseanna Ellen, Mrs. 118510Download Chart
GawrogerMary 27415Download Chart
GeeBeatrice M. 7151Download Chart
GeeDavid H. 7151Download Chart
GenereauzM. Anne 7353Download Chart
GeoffroiAmable, Mrs. 7353Download Chart
GeoffroiCatherine  7353Download Chart
GeoffroiJean Franc. 7353Download Chart
GeorgeBeatrice, Mrs. 9402Download Chart
GeorgeGenevieve, Mrs. 9402Download Chart
GeorgeJohn JosephAllendorf, W. Germany9402Download Chart
GeorgeNorman E.Detroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA9402Download Chart
GerardMary A.Detroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA ?10145Download Chart
GerdsAnna MatildaMiddleton, WI, USA10861Download Chart
GerdsHenryMecklenberg, Germany10861Download Chart
GerdsJohann H. 10861Download Chart
GerdsKatherine, Mrs. 10861Download Chart
GerdsMaria D., Mrs. 10861Download Chart
GettyBrian Christopher 10991Download Chart
GettyMarilyn Joan, Mrs. 10991Download Chart
GildonFanny BassHall, England10991Download Chart
GildonFelixFriskney, England10991Download Chart
GildonMary, Mrs. 10991Download Chart
GilmourAgnes, Mrs. 7355Download Chart
GilmourMargaret, Mrs. 7355Download Chart
GilmourMatthewScotland?7355Download Chart
GilmourWilliamQuebec, Canada7355Download Chart
GinterCatherine, Mrs. 10922Download Chart
GinterSarahHuntingdon, Co., PA, USA10922Download Chart
GinterWilliamGermany10922Download Chart
Ginter/Ginder/GuntarDanielGermany10922Download Chart
GirardEmerane/MoranceQuebec, Canada7353Download Chart
GirardJoseph 7353Download Chart
GirardMerance/Emerance 7353Download Chart
GlaarBarbaraWallisellen, Zurih, Switzerland10923Download Chart
GlaarUlrich 10923Download Chart
GlaarVerenz, Mrs. 10923Download Chart
GladdunEliza AnnHerfordshire, England10461Download Chart
GlaskaAnna Detroit, MI, USA11471Download Chart
GlaskaAnna, MrsPoland/Russia11471Download Chart
GlaskaDora, Mrs. 11471Download Chart
GlaskaJosephprob. Poland11471Download Chart
GlaskaMickel 11471Download Chart
GlockMarianna 9402Download Chart
GoblinElizabetha 9401Download Chart
GodboutMargaret Angelica 10963Download Chart
Gode de MarantayFrancoisQuebec, Montreal, Canada7351Download Chart
Gode de MarantayJeanne, Mrs. 7351Download Chart
GodetJacques 7351Download Chart
GodetMarguerite 7351Download Chart
Godet dit MarentetteDominicAssumption, Sandwich, Ontario, Canada7351Download Chart
Godet dit MarentetteFrancoisDetroit, MI, USA7351Download Chart
Godet dit MarentetteJacques 7351Download Chart
Godet dit MarentetteJeanne Assumption, Ontario, Canada7351Download Chart
Godet dit MarentetteJeanne Marie, Mrs. 7351Download Chart
Godet dit MarentetteJoseph CharlesDetroit, MI, USA7351Download Chart
Godet dit MarentetteLuce, Mrs. 7351Download Chart
Godet dit MarentetteM. LouiseDetroit, MI, USA7351Download Chart
Godet dit MarentetteMarguerite, Mrs. 7351Download Chart
Godfrey dit St. GeorgesElizabethDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA10963Download Chart
Godfrey dit St. GeorgesFrancis 10963Download Chart
Godfrey dit St. GeorgesSusanne, Mrs. 10963Download Chart
GoesMaeyke 10803Download Chart
GoffingSusanna Marie 8822Download Chart
GohmannJohnGermany8361Download Chart
GohmannKate, Mrs. 8361Download Chart
GohmannKatherine M.Hannover, Germany8361Download Chart
GolasAlexandra (Alice)Poland10563Download Chart
GolasAnna, Mrs. 10563Download Chart
GolasCasmier (Charles)Poland 10563Download Chart
GorgeCatherine, Mrs. 9402Download Chart
GorgeElizabeth, Mrs. 9402Download Chart
GorgeElizabeth, Mrs. 9402Download Chart
GorgeJoannis 9402Download Chart
GorgeJohann CarolusGermany9402Download Chart
GorgeJohann MartinusAllendorf, W. Germany9402Download Chart
GouldCharles 10991Download Chart
GouldElizabeth, Mrs. 10991Download Chart
GouldElizabeth, Mrs. 10991Download Chart
GouldIda NattallLeeds, England10991Download Chart
GouldJohn CharlesStroud, England10991Download Chart
GrabowskiAnnaPoland10563Download Chart
GrabowskiThomasPoland10563Download Chart
GrahamEdna MyrthAnaheim, Orange Co., CA, USA11861Download Chart
GrahamFrancis MarionAR, USA11861Download Chart
GrahamHarriet Eleanor, Mrs. 11861Download Chart
GrahamJennie, Mrs 11861Download Chart
GrahamJohn JacksonSan Diego Co., CA, USA11861Download Chart
GrahamMabel Florence, Mrs. 11861Download Chart
GrahamWalter LeeOrange Co., CA, USA11861Download Chart
GrantFrances 10929Download Chart
GrantGrace MaudeSanilic Co., MI, USA11371Download Chart
GrantPeter CareyFarmington Twp, Oakland Co., MI, USA11371Download Chart
GrantTabitha, Mrs. 11371Download Chart
GrantThomasEngland10929Download Chart
GrayAnneBoston, MA, USA8371Download Chart
GrayAnneBoston, MA, USA8373Download Chart
GrayAnneBoston, MA, USA8374Download Chart
GrayEdward 8373Download Chart
GrayEmma Victoria, Mrs. 11771Download Chart
GrayMarian BondAlberta, Canada11771Download Chart
GrayMary Anne, Mrs. 11771Download Chart
GrayPatrick GrahamCarleton Place, Ontario, Canada11771Download Chart
GrayPeter PatrickScotland 11771Download Chart
GraySusanna, Mrs 8373Download Chart
GraysonHannah 9291Download Chart
GreenAnjeanette, Mrs. 9323Download Chart
GreenElizabeth, Mrs. 9321Download Chart
GreenElizabeth, Mrs. 9322Download Chart
GreenElizabeth, Mrs. 9323Download Chart
GreenFlorence, Mrs 9321Download Chart
GreenFloyd S.Macomb Co., MI, USA9321Download Chart
GreenFrank AllisterMacomb Co., MI, USA9311Download Chart
GreenFrank AllisterMacomb Co., MI, USA9322Download Chart
GreenFrank AllisterMacomb Co., MI, USA9323Download Chart
GreenGeorge WashingtonNY9321Download Chart
GreenGeorge WashingtonNY9322Download Chart
GreenGeorge WashingtonNY9323Download Chart
GreenJohanna 11721Download Chart
GreenRuth UnetaLaCanada, Los Angeles, CA, USA9323Download Chart
GreenfieldAdolphHungary10751Download Chart
GreenfieldCarlNew York, NY, USA10751Download Chart
GreenfieldEllen JanetDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA10751Download Chart
GreenfieldMartha Charlotte, Mrs. 10751Download Chart
GreenfieldSarah, Mrs. 10751Download Chart
GrendamannCarl 11028Download Chart
GrennerKatherinaHungary9731Download Chart
GriffithArthurAlegan Co., MI, USA10872Download Chart
GriffithGeraldine, Mrs. 10872Download Chart
GriffithLeona BelleIsabella Co., MI, USA10872Download Chart
GriffithMary Ann, Mrs.  10872Download Chart
GriffithS. W. 10872Download Chart
GriswoldMary, Mrs. 2746Download Chart
GriswoldMary, Mrs. 2749Download Chart
GriswoldMichaelHartford Co., CT, USA2746Download Chart
GriswoldThomasWethersfield, Hartford Co., CT, USA2746Download Chart
GriswoldThomasWethersfield, Hartford Co., CT, USA2749Download Chart
GrootAnna, Mrs. 8242Download Chart
GrootSimon C., Jr. 8242Download Chart
GrossSaraAustria / Hungary10751Download Chart
GrossmanAnna MagdalenaDiedenbergen, Germany8944Download Chart
GrossmanJohann Caspar 8944Download Chart
GroteAngelicaSchenectady, NY, USA8242Download Chart
GruberEcatarinaCarpins, Austria-Hungary10552Download Chart
GruppAnna Margareta 7357Download Chart
GruszczynskiAnnaPoland / Prussia8941Download Chart
Guerard Aure LaferiereAngelique, Mrs. 7353Download Chart
Guerard Aure LaferiereAntoine 7353Download Chart
Guerin dit LaFontaineMarguerite 7351Download Chart
GuertinElizabeth, Mrs. 10965Download Chart
GuertinLouis 10965Download Chart
GuertinMagdelineMontreal, Quebec, Canada10965Download Chart
GulliverAnthonyNorfolk Co., MA, USA2743Download Chart
GulliverElinor, Mrs. 2743Download Chart
GulliverLydiaMilton, Norfolk Co., MA, USA2743Download Chart
GustlerSusanna 109213Download Chart
HaaseAlbertina 7151Download Chart
HabigMaria 10802Download Chart
HagerLeliaYreka, CA, USA11751Download Chart
HahnerJohann JacobKemmenau, Germany8943Download Chart
HahnerJohann Leonard 8943Download Chart
HahnerJohann LudwigKemmenau, Germany8943Download Chart
HahnerJohann PeterKemmenau, Germany8943Download Chart
HahnerMarie JacobineKemmenau, Germany8941Download Chart
HahnerMarie JacobineKemmenau, Germany8942Download Chart
HahnerMarie JacobineKemmenau, Germany8943Download Chart
HakanssonJ., Mrs. 9326Download Chart
HakanssonJensSweden9326Download Chart
HaleAroet Lucius LittleDover, NH, USA10921Download Chart
HaleAroet Lucius LittleDover, NH, USA10927Download Chart
HaleClarissa LouisaToole Co., UT, USA10921Download Chart
HaleEliphaletEssex Co., MA, USA10927Download Chart
HaleJoan, Mrs. 109217Download Chart
HaleJonathan HarrimanEssex Co., MA, USA10927Download Chart
HaleLouisa, Mrs. 10921Download Chart
HaleLouisa, Mrs. 10927Download Chart
HaleMartha, Mrs. 10927Download Chart
HaleMartha, Mrs. 109217Download Chart
HaleMary, Mrs. 109217Download Chart
HaleOlive, Mrs. 10927Download Chart
HaleRachel, Mrs. 10927Download Chart
HaleSamuelMA, USA10927Download Chart
HaleSamuelNewbury, MA, USA109217Download Chart
HaleSamuelMA, USA109217Download Chart
HaleSarah, Mrs. 10927Download Chart
HaleSarah, Mrs. 109217Download Chart
HaleSolomonEssex Co., MA, USA10927Download Chart
HaleThomasEngland109217Download Chart
HaleThomasWalton-at-Stone, Hertfordshire, England109217Download Chart
HaleThomasEngland109217Download Chart
HaleThomasina, Mrs. 109217Download Chart
HaleyJames 9327Download Chart
HaleyMary ElizabethBelton, TX9327Download Chart
HallHelcarna DavisMecklenburg Co., VA, USA9601Download Chart
HanerAnnaSwitzerland5251Download Chart
HanniganDaniel FrancisStockbridge, MA, USA7356Download Chart
HanniganDaniel FrancisStockbridge, MA, USA7357Download Chart
HanniganFrances, Mrs. 7356Download Chart
HanniganFrances, Mrs. 7357Download Chart
HanniganHugh FoyIreland7356Download Chart
HanniganMary, Mrs. 7356Download Chart
HansenHans ChristianBragernes, Drammen, Norway118520Download Chart
HansenHuldaSpruce, Alcona Co., MI, USA118516Download Chart
HansenHuldaSpruce, Alcona Co., MI, USA118520Download Chart
HansenIndiana Karolina, Mrs. 118520Download Chart
HardingJohn B.Orange Co., NY, USA11111Download Chart
HardingKitty BelleWhite Lake, Oakland Co., MI, USA11111Download Chart
HardingMary Jane, Mrs. 11111Download Chart
HardyAbigail, Mrs. 10293Download Chart
HardyAbraham TempleHollis, NH, USA10293Download Chart
HardyAnn Maria, Mrs. 10293Download Chart
HardyGeorge RichardsonHollis, NH, USA10293Download Chart
HardyIsaacHollis, NH, USA10293Download Chart
HardyJacobIpswich, Essex Co., MA, USA109214Download Chart
HardyJosephBradford, MA, USA10927Download Chart
HardyJosephBradford, MA, USA109214Download Chart
HardyJosephBradford, MA, USA109217Download Chart
HardyLydia, Mrs. 109214Download Chart
HardyPhineasBradford, MA, USA10293Download Chart
HardyRuthEssex Co., MA, USA10927Download Chart
HardyRuth, Mrs. 10927Download Chart
HardyRuth, Mrs. 109214Download Chart
HardyRuth, Mrs. 109218Download Chart
HardySally, Mrs. 10293Download Chart
HardySubmit, Mrs. 10293Download Chart
HardyThomasEngland109214Download Chart
HardyWilliam GanoSalem, MA, USA10293Download Chart
HarmonAnn Louise 10871Download Chart
HarperMaryWestow, Yorkshire, England8941Download Chart
HarrimanJonathanRowley, Essex, MA, USA10927Download Chart
HarrimanJonathanEssex Co., MA, USA109210Download Chart
HarrimanLeonardMA, USA10927Download Chart
HarrimanLeonardCumberland, England109210Download Chart
HarrimanLeonardMA, USA109210Download Chart
HarrimanLeonardMA, USA109211Download Chart
HarrimanMargaret, Mrs. 109210Download Chart
HarrimanMargaret, Mrs. 109210Download Chart
HarrimanMarthaRowley, Essex Co., MA, USA10927Download Chart
HarrimanMartha, Mrs. 10927Download Chart
HarrimanMartha, Mrs. 10927Download Chart
HarrimanMartha, Mrs. 109210Download Chart
HarrimanMartha, Mrs. 109211Download Chart
HarrimanMatthew 109210Download Chart
HarrisBetsy, Mrs. 9732Download Chart
HarrisMaryYates, NY, USA11752Download Chart
HarrisNathan 9732Download Chart
HarrisSally, Mrs. 9732Download Chart
HarrisSarahErie Co., OH, USA9732Download Chart
HarrisThomasLorain Co., OH, USA9732Download Chart
HarrisonSusanna 8373Download Chart
HartLuluAlliston, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada10461Download Chart
HartMary Ann, Mrs. 10461Download Chart
HartWilliamAlliston, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada10461Download Chart
HartwickEdward EarlSanilac Co., MI, USA9653Download Chart
HartwickGeorge GilbertJefferson Co., NY, USA9654Download Chart
HartwickHarriet Sophia, Mrs. 9654Download Chart
HartwickJohn H.Watertown, Jefferson Co., NY, USA9655Download Chart
HartwickLeland ClarkTuscola Co., MI, USA9652Download Chart
HartwickMary, Mrs. 9655Download Chart
HartwickPheobe, Mrs. 9655Download Chart
HartwickRuth Hazel, Mrs. 9653Download Chart
HartwickSharla LynnTuscola Co., MI, USA9651Download Chart
HartwickWilma, Mae, Mrs. 9652Download Chart
HaseltinElizabeth, Mrs. 10929Download Chart
HaseltineElizabethBradford, Essex Co., MA, USA10929Download Chart
HaseltineRobertRowley, Essex Co., MA, USA10929Download Chart
HaseltineSarahMA, USA10927Download Chart
HaseltineSarahMA, USA109217Download Chart
HaskampsMargaretha 101411Download Chart
HavemanGeert J.Drenthe, Netherlands8471Download Chart
HavemanGeorgia MaeFalmouth, MI, USA8471Download Chart
HavemanJacob G.Prosper, MI, USA8471Download Chart
HavemanLena, Mrs. 8471Download Chart
HavemanRachael Olive 8471Download Chart
HavenMary Elizabeth 11861Download Chart
HavnerAnise, Mrs. 9521Download Chart
HavnerJoseph 9521Download Chart
HavnerLida 9521Download Chart
HawesIsaac N.NY, USA11771Download Chart
HawesLydia A., Mrs. 11771Download Chart
HawesPriscillaMI, USA11771Download Chart
HawkinsCatherine 8391Download Chart
HawkinsJane 11021Download Chart
HawkinsJane 11023Download Chart
HawleyElizabeth 11297Download Chart
HayesAnnNY, USA118522Download Chart
HaynesMA,rillaPA, USA10561Download Chart
HaysSarah 11652Download Chart
HazeltineMercy 109218Download Chart
HazzardSophiaWatson, Lewis Co., NY, USA7391Download Chart
HedrickCatherine, Mrs. 8391Download Chart
HedrickElizabeth 8313Download Chart
HedrickEmma, Mrs. 8391Download Chart
HedrickFannie Mae 8391Download Chart
HedrickHelen SueHighland Park, MI, USA8391Download Chart
HedrickJohnBath Co., KY, USA8391Download Chart
HedrickJohn JamesBath Co., KY, USA8391Download Chart
HedrickWilliam ClayBath Co., KY, USA8391Download Chart
HeighwayAlbert HarrisonWarren Co., OH, USA10332Download Chart
HeighwayJohn D.Warren Co., OH, USA10332Download Chart
HeighwayMaria Louisa, Mrs. 10332Download Chart
HeighwayMary, Mrs. 10332Download Chart
HeighwaySamuel 10332Download Chart
HeighwaySamuelEngland10332Download Chart
HeighwaySarah AnnFulton Co., IN, USA10332Download Chart
HeighwaySarah, Mrs. 10332Download Chart
HellwigAnna Dorothea 8946Download Chart
HemenwayMary L.MI, USA8471Download Chart
HempstreetMary Canada East10665Download Chart
Henault dit CanadaTeresa 10966Download Chart
HendersonMargaret 73510Download Chart
HendryAnnieDalkeith, Scotland10291Download Chart
HendryHelen, Mrs. 10291Download Chart
HendryWilliamScotland10291Download Chart
HenryElizabethGallia Co., OH, USA10561Download Chart
HermannAnna, Mrs. 8312Download Chart
HermannFranz 8312Download Chart
HermannGeorg JosephWolsendorf, Bavaria, Germany8312Download Chart
HermannMargarethaWolsendorf, Bavaria, Germany8311Download Chart
HermannMargarethaWolsendorf, Bavaria, Germany8312Download Chart
HermannPaul 8312Download Chart
HerrymanLeonardEngland109210Download Chart
HertaVeronicaSellistrau, West Prussia8941Download Chart
HerwijMargarethe 101413Download Chart
HeylerCharity 8242Download Chart
HiberFrederick J. 11861Download Chart
HiberVirginia Lynn, Mrs. 11861Download Chart
HickeyCatharon 10871Download Chart
HildebrandtPolly 10871Download Chart
HillFlorence, Mrs. 2201Download Chart
HillGeorge Frederick 2201Download Chart
HinemanAdam HeiderNoble Co., OH, USA10561Download Chart
HinemanBennet EllsworthNoble Co., OH, USA10561Download Chart
HinemanBessie Phoebe, Mrs. 10561Download Chart
HinemanCarol LouiseDetroit, MI, USA10561Download Chart
HinemanElizabeth Margaret, Mrs. 10561Download Chart
HinemanHenry WadsworthGallia Co., OH, USA10561Download Chart
HinemanJohn 10561Download Chart
HinemanPaulina Indiana, Mrs. 10561Download Chart
HinemanSarah, Mrs. 10561Download Chart
HippleJudithOntario, Canada11022Download Chart
HippleLawrencePA, USA11022Download Chart
HippleSarah, Mrs. 11022Download Chart
HirdBertha, Mrs. 8391Download Chart
HirdFreida MarieOakland Co., MI, USA8391Download Chart
HirdGeorgeScotland8391Download Chart
HirdSarah Amelia, Mrs. 8391Download Chart
HirdWilliam JohnCanada8391Download Chart
HirschleMaria Eleanora 8361Download Chart
HirstAkedHeckmondwike, Yorkshire, England10761Download Chart
HirstAlbert JamesClarkston, Oakland Co., MI, USA10761Download Chart
HirstAugusta M., Mrs. 10761Download Chart
HirstCordelia S., Mrs. 10761Download Chart
HirstEdward SmithEngland10761Download Chart
HirstEllen, Mrs. 10761Download Chart
HirstHenry Thomas 10761Download Chart
HirstHoward E.Clarkston, Oakland Co., MI, USA10761Download Chart
HirstMaudeFenton, MI, USA10761Download Chart
HirstRovilia D., Mrs. 10761Download Chart
HirstSophia VirginiaFenton, MI, USA10761Download Chart
HitchmanHannaCherington, Warwickshire, England10461Download Chart
HobbsAliceEngland118515Download Chart
HobbsElizabeth 1111Download Chart
HobbsElizabeth 1113Download Chart
HobbsGeorge Jackson 118515Download Chart
HobbsJesse 1111Download Chart
HobbsJesse 1113Download Chart
HobbsLucretia 10872Download Chart
HobbsMary, Mrs. 1111Download Chart
HobbsMary, Mrs. 1113Download Chart
HobbsZachariah 1113Download Chart
HockCharlotteCincinnati, OH, USA8821Download Chart
HockJohn JacobAnnweller, Pfolz, Germany8821Download Chart
HockJohn JacobAnnweller, Pfolz, Germany8822Download Chart
HockSophia, Mrs. 8821Download Chart
HockSophia, Mrs. 8822Download Chart
HodgesElizabeth/Mary, Mrs. 2201Download Chart
HodgesEmma BelleFife Lake, MI, USA2201Download Chart
HodgesGiles Elba E.Grand Traverse Co., MI, USA2201Download Chart
HodgesHonor Laker, Mrs. 2201Download Chart
HodgesJames S.Sevington, St.Mary, Somerset, England2201Download Chart
HodgesJonah 2201Download Chart
HodgesMabel May, Mrs. 2201Download Chart
HoffmanEva 27413Download Chart
HoldenEliza JaneEngland7357Download Chart
HoldenJane, Mrs. 10147Download Chart
HoldenJohn 7357Download Chart
HoldenMary A. 10146Download Chart
HoldenMary A. 10147Download Chart
HoldenSamuel, Capt.Groton, MA, USA10147Download Chart
HollmullerEva ChristinaHuffenhardt, Germany9312Download Chart
HoockAnna Marie, Mrs. 8822Download Chart
HoockBarthel 8822Download Chart
HoockChristianGermany8822Download Chart
HoockJoahnn ChristianAnnweiler, Germany8822Download Chart
HoockJohann ChristianAnnweiler, Germany8822Download Chart
HoockSusanna Margarethe, Mrs. 8822Download Chart
HoockSusanna Marie, Mrs. 8822Download Chart
HookConrad 10872Download Chart
HookElizabeth, Mrs. 10872Download Chart
HookGeorge 10872Download Chart
HookGeraldineIsabella Co., MI, USA10872Download Chart
HookMary, Mrs. 10872Download Chart
HopkinsEbenezer 10332Download Chart
HopkinsSarah 10332Download Chart
HopsonCharles HavenPatterson, NJ, USA11861Download Chart
HopsonEdna Myrth, Mrs. 11861Download Chart
HopsonEdward, Rev. 11861Download Chart
HopsonElizabeth Emily, Mrs. 11861Download Chart
HopsonGeorgia Birkett, Mrs. 11861Download Chart
HopsonMary Elizabeth, Mrs. 11861Download Chart
HopsonVirginia LynnLong Beach, CA, USA11861Download Chart
HopsonWalter GrayColorado Springs, CO, USA11861Download Chart
HopsonWalter GrayDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA11861Download Chart
HornerLodisa Jane 9521Download Chart
HorskeyElizabeth Lizzie 10981Download Chart
HortonSarahBudleigh, England11656Download Chart
Houre dit LaferiereAntoine 7353Download Chart
Houre dit LaferiereM. Anne, Mrs. 7353Download Chart
HowardMary, Mrs.Hartford Co., CT, USA2746Download Chart
HowardMary, Mrs.Hartford Co., CT, USA2749Download Chart
HowdenAdelineNY, USA8244Download Chart
HowlettAlice Jane, Mrs. 10801Download Chart
HowlettElda MaeGaylord, Otsego Co., MI, USA10801Download Chart
HowlettGeorge H.England10801Download Chart
HowlettHazel Clara, Mrs. 10801Download Chart
HowlettWilliam H.NY, USA10801Download Chart
HowleyAlan Thomas Michae 8941Download Chart
HowleyPenelope Edith, Mrs. 8941Download Chart
HoytJohn 10142Download Chart
HoytMary 10142Download Chart
HuegelAnna Matilda, Mrs. 10861Download Chart
HuegelFrederick GeorgeKochville Twp., Saginaw Co., MI, USA10861Download Chart
HuegelFrederick W.Saxony, Germany10861Download Chart
HuegelJohann 10861Download Chart
HuegelMaria J., Mrs. 10861Download Chart
HuegelRosetta F.Madison, WI, USA10861Download Chart
HuenekeAnna Marie Emma, Mrs. 101412Download Chart
HuenekeAnna Marie Emma, Mrs. 101415Download Chart
HuenekeAnna Sophia Wilhelmine, Mrs. 101412Download Chart
HuenekeAugust Friedrich WilhelmParchen, Germany101412Download Chart
HuenekeAugust Friedrich WilhelmParchen, Germany101415Download Chart
HuenekeChristian 101413Download Chart
HuenekeChristine Sophia, Mrs. 101413Download Chart
HuenekeErna WilhelminaHamburg, Germany10148Download Chart
HuenekeErna WilhelminaHamburg, Germany101412Download Chart
HuenekeErna WilhelminaHamburg, Germany101415Download Chart
HuenekeJohann Christof WilhelmParchen, Germany101412Download Chart
HuenekeJohann GottfriedParchen, Germany101413Download Chart
HuenekeJohann Gottfried LudwigParchen, Germany101412Download Chart
HuenekeJohann Gottfried LudwigParchen, Germany101413Download Chart
HuenekeMargarethe, Mrs. 101413Download Chart
HuenekeMarie Elisabeth, Mrs. 101412Download Chart
HuenekeMarie Elisabeth, Mrs. 101413Download Chart
HuenekeMichaelParchen, Germany101413Download Chart
HuffEvaAtlantic Ocean, Germany10881Download Chart
HuffMartha JaneOakland Co., MI, USA96512Download Chart
HuffmanElizabeth 10334Download Chart
HughesMaryJacksonville, Centre Co., PA, USA8591Download Chart
HuhnElizabeth 9402Download Chart
HuhnElizabeth 9402Download Chart
HumpertAlvin Lawrence 10771Download Chart
HumpertCarol Ann, Mrs. 10771Download Chart
HuntAnn 109211Download Chart
HuntEnos 109211Download Chart
HuntJaneNY, USA10981Download Chart
HurtonMary 10991Download Chart
HutchinsonAlice, Mrs. 109217Download Chart
HutchinsonElizabeth, Mrs. 11296Download Chart
HutchinsonJosephEngland11296Download Chart
HutchinsonMaryNottinghamshire, England109217Download Chart
HutchinsonRichardNewark, Nottinghamshire, England109217Download Chart
HutchinsonSarahCanada11291Download Chart
HutchinsonSarahCanada11295Download Chart
HutchinsonSarahCanada11296Download Chart
HutchinsonThomas 109217Download Chart
HutterCharlesHungary10751Download Chart
HutterIrma, Mrs. 10751Download Chart
HutterMartha CharlotteNew York, NY, USA10751Download Chart
HuttonMary Ellen 11021Download Chart
HuyckBurger 10803Download Chart
HuyckCatharine 10803Download Chart
HuyckMaeyke, Mrs. 10803Download Chart
IngrahamClarice Elaine 10951Download Chart
IsenbergAmeliaPA, USA10921Download Chart
IsenbergAmeliaPA, USA109212Download Chart
IsenbergAmeliaPA, USA109213Download Chart
IsenbergAmelia, Mrs. 109213Download Chart
IsenbergGabrielFrederick, MD, USA109213Download Chart
IsenbergGabriel, Jr./Sr.Greenwich, Berks Co., PA, USA109213Download Chart
IsenbergJohnMD, USA109213Download Chart
IsenbergSamuelHuntingdon Co., PA, USA109213Download Chart
IsenbergSusanna, Mrs. 109213Download Chart
IsenbergSusanna, Mrs. 109213Download Chart
JacksonJamesAmtrim, Northern Ireland9657Download Chart
JacksonJohnPickering, Ontario, Canada96513Download Chart
JacksonLania A., Mrs. 96513Download Chart
JacksonMartha, Mrs. 9657Download Chart
JacksonNancy Ann, Mrs. 9323Download Chart
JacksonNancy ElizabethIN, USA9323Download Chart
JacksonPresley E.IN, USA9323Download Chart
JacksonRuth HazelTuscola Co., MI, USA9653Download Chart
JacksonWilliam 9323Download Chart
JacquettCatherine, Mrs. 9324Download Chart
Jans (Becker)Lysbeth 10802Download Chart
Janson dit LaPalmeCatherine 10966Download Chart
JaquettEdithSalem Co., NJ, USA 9324Download Chart
JaquettPowell 9324Download Chart
JeffordsPermelia (Mary)Otsego Co., NY, USA9291Download Chart
JehlenGertrude 9401Download Chart
Jenkel/YenkelWilliam 11471Download Chart
JenkinsEzekielMalden, MA,USA10293Download Chart
JenkinsPhebeMalden, MA,USA10293Download Chart
JenksEsther 10881Download Chart
JenningsJohn 10332Download Chart
JenningsMaryHaddonfield, NJ,USA10332Download Chart
JenningsSarah, Mrs. 10332Download Chart
JensenAnn KirstineRise, Svendborg, Denmark9326Download Chart
JensenEmilie NicolineCopenhagen, Denmark9326Download Chart
JensenHagenFroslev, Thisted,Denmark9326Download Chart
JensenHans Christensen 9326Download Chart
JensenMaria, Mrs. 9326Download Chart
JensenNicoline Marie, Mrs 9326Download Chart
JeppersenAne, Mrs. 9326Download Chart
JeppersenPeder 9326Download Chart
JewettAnn, Mrs. 10929Download Chart
JewettEdwardBradford, Yorkshire, England 10929Download Chart
JewettElizabethRowley, Essex Co., MA, USA10929Download Chart
JewettMary, Mrs. 10929Download Chart
JewettMaximillianYorkshire, England10929Download Chart
JobinCatherine DesidereGuebweiler, Alsace, France9401Download Chart
JobinGertrude, Mrs. 9401Download Chart
JobinTheobaut 9401Download Chart
JohnsonBerthaCanada8391Download Chart
JohnsonCharlotte 10871Download Chart
JohnsonDaphne, Mrs. 10871Download Chart
JohnsonFrances, Mrs. 10928Download Chart
JohnsonHannah, Mrs. 10928Download Chart
JohnsonHarvey 11901Download Chart
JohnsonJane, Mrs. 11901Download Chart
JohnsonJennie E.Independence Twp., Oakland Co., MI, USA10871Download Chart
JohnsonJohn, Capt.prob. Yorkshire, England10928Download Chart
JohnsonLova ElizabethMO, USA11901Download Chart
JohnsonMalvina 10871Download Chart
JohnsonMargaret 9321Download Chart
JohnsonMartha 9325Download Chart
JohnsonMary 7151Download Chart
JohnsonMolly 10872Download Chart
JohnsonRachel 10927Download Chart
JohnsonRachel 10928Download Chart
JohnsonRachel 10929Download Chart
JohnsonRachel, Mrs. 10927Download Chart
JohnsonRansom 10871Download Chart
JohnsonSalma 10871Download Chart
JohnsonSamuelMA, USA10927Download Chart
JohnsonSamuelRowley, Essex Co., MA, USA10928Download Chart
JohnsonSamuelMA, USA10928Download Chart
JohnsonSamuelMA, USA10929Download Chart
JohnsonThomas 10871Download Chart
JohnstonAnna, Mrs. 8391Download Chart
JohnstonJohnIreland8391Download Chart
JohnstonNancy 10664Download Chart
JohnstonSarah AmeliaIreland8391Download Chart
JolyGenevieve 7353Download Chart
JonesCelesta J., Mrs. 10951Download Chart
JonesCelista JanePaulding Co., OH, USA10951Download Chart
JonesFranklinNY, USA10951Download Chart
JonesJosiahJackson Twp., OH, USA10951Download Chart
JonesSarah, Mrs. 10951Download Chart
JonsdotterAnne MarieNorway118520Download Chart
JungCatherine Elisabeta, Mrs. 8945Download Chart
JungCathrine Sophi, Mrs 8945Download Chart
JungChristoph 8822Download Chart
JungJacob 8945Download Chart
JungJohann CarlHolzappel, Germany8945Download Chart
JungJohann GeorgHolzappel, Germany8945Download Chart
JungJohann PhilippHolzappel, Germany8945Download Chart
JungJohanne MargaretheHolzappel, Germany8941Download Chart
JungJohanne MargaretheHolzappel, Germany8944Download Chart
JungJohanne MargaretheHolzappel, Germany8945Download Chart
JungMagdalena, Mrs. 8945Download Chart
JungMarie Elisabetha, Mrs. 8945Download Chart
JungMarie MargaretheAlbersweiler, Germany8822Download Chart
JurekMarianny 10563Download Chart
KaeizerMary E.OH, USA2201Download Chart
KaiserEva Margaretha 8312Download Chart
KakleyMarie L. 11011Download Chart
KalmbachDonald AlwinDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA9311Download Chart
KalmbachEmma Leopoldine, Mrs. 9311Download Chart
KalmbachJohn Adams 9311Download Chart
KalmbachJohn MichaelWuerttemberg, Germany9311Download Chart
KalmbachJosephine Elizabeth, Mrs. 9311Download Chart
KalmbachJudith CarolDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA9311Download Chart
KalmbachLouis AlbertJackson Co., MI, USA9311Download Chart
KalmbachVivian Ruth, Mrs 9311Download Chart
KarrElizabeth Mae, Mrs. 11111Download Chart
KarrGeneva Ruth, Mrs 11111Download Chart
KarrHarrison ManlyHuron Co., MI, USA11111Download Chart
KarrJuliusCanada11111Download Chart
KarrNorman ThomasSeagrave, Ontario Co., Canada11111Download Chart
KarrNorman WilliamHolly, Oakland Co., MI, USA11111Download Chart
KarrSarah AnnMrs11111Download Chart
KarrShirley Cummins, Mrs. 11111Download Chart
KattCatherine 9324Download Chart
Keller Hans Heinrich 10923Download Chart
KellerBarbara, Mrs. 10923Download Chart
KellerConrad 11723Download Chart
KellerElsbeth, Mrs. 10923Download Chart
KellerHans "Conrad"Wallesellen, Zurich, Switzerland10923Download Chart
KellerMaria MagdalenaFrederick Co., MD, USA10923Download Chart
KellerMaria, Mrs. 11723Download Chart
KellerMaryLunenburg, NY, USA11723Download Chart
KellyRose JeanetteMackinac, MI, USA9641Download Chart
KempMartha 10148Download Chart
KendallAmosBath Co., KY, USA8391Download Chart
KendallElizabeth Ann, Mrs. 8391Download Chart
KendallFannie MaeNorth Middletown, KY, USA8391Download Chart
KendallJames SweeneyBath Co., KY, USA8391Download Chart
KendallLeslie Ann, Mrs. 8391Download Chart
KennedyAnne, Mrs. 7354Download Chart
KennedyGeorgeAberdeen, Scotland7354Download Chart
KennedyGeorgeScotland7354Download Chart
KennedyMary, Mrs. 7354Download Chart
KesterEva 2791Download Chart
KeyesFrances, Mrs. 10929Download Chart
KeyesHannahNewbury, Essex Co., MA, USA10929Download Chart
KeyesSolomon 10929Download Chart
KeyesTamer 10962Download Chart
Keyser/KiserMaryRensselaer Co., NY, USA1115Download Chart
KielackBertha, Mrs. 9181Download Chart
KielackFrank HermanGross Garden, Germany9181Download Chart
KielackHannah, Mrs. 9181Download Chart
KielackHermanGermany9181Download Chart
KielackLaVerneChicago, Cook Co., IL, USA9181Download Chart
KielackMargaretha, Mrs. 9181Download Chart
KielackWalter RichardChicago, Cook Co., IL, USA9181Download Chart
KienerAnnaGirnitz, Bavaria8312Download Chart
KileAlmeda LusindaMI, USA11243Download Chart
KileCaroline, Mrs. 11243Download Chart
KileCordelia B., Mrs. 11243Download Chart
KileEphraimMI, USA11243Download Chart
KileWilliamMonroe Co., NY, USA11243Download Chart
KillumJamesEnfield, Hartford Co., CT, USA2741Download Chart
KillumPatience, Mrs. 2741Download Chart
KillumRuthEnfield, Hartford Co., CT, USA2741Download Chart
KimballBenjaminIpswich, Essex Co., MA, USA109218Download Chart
KimballJonathanBradford, Essex Co., MA, USA109218Download Chart
KimballLydia, Mrs. 109218Download Chart
KimballMary 11246Download Chart
KimballMercy, Mrs. 109218Download Chart
KimballRichardEngland109218Download Chart
KimballRuthBradford, MA, USA10927Download Chart
KimballRuthBradford, MA, USA109214Download Chart
KimballRuthBradford, MA, USA109218Download Chart
KimballUrsula, Mrs. 109218Download Chart
KindigCelista Alfaretta, Mrs. 10333Download Chart
KindigCharlesYork Co., PA, USA10333Download Chart
KindigDanielWayne Co., OH, USA10333Download Chart
KindigElenor, Mrs. 10333Download Chart
KindigFrancis OrvilleFulton Co., IN, USA10333Download Chart
KindigLola MontezFulton Co., IN, USA10333Download Chart
KindigMaria, Mrs. 10333Download Chart
KindigMartin 10333Download Chart
KindigSusannah, Mrs. 10333Download Chart
KingBenjamin Franklin 118513Download Chart
KingMary Virginia 118513Download Chart
KingRovilia D. 10761Download Chart
KinsleyElinor 2743Download Chart
KinsmanEstherHamilton, MA, USA10291Download Chart
KirkpatrickEuphemiaLochmaben, Dumfriess, Scotland89410Download Chart
KirkpatrickMartha, Mrs. 89410Download Chart
KirkpatrickNancyKY, USA10292Download Chart
KirkpatrickThomasDumfrieshire, Scotland89410Download Chart
Kiser/KeyserMaryRensselaer Co., NY, USA1115Download Chart
KisingerBarbara 10334Download Chart
KleberCharitasDiedenbergen, Germany8944Download Chart
KleberJohann Adam 8944Download Chart
KleinHenry 27413Download Chart
KleinMaria, Mrs. 27413Download Chart
KlennerEulalia Catherine, Mrs. 9401Download Chart
KlennerRudolph J. 9401Download Chart
KlineHenry 27413Download Chart
KlineMaria, Mrs. 27413Download Chart
KlineSarah M.Columbia Co.(?), PA, USA96510Download Chart
KlingebeilChristine SophiaParchen, Germany101413Download Chart
KlingebeilMichaelParchen, Germany101413Download Chart
KlingebeilSophia, Mrs. 101413Download Chart
KnappIsabella, Mrs. 10141Download Chart
KnappJames B.Otsego Co., NY, USA10142Download Chart
KnappJane P, Mrs. 10141Download Chart
KnappJane P, Mrs. 10142Download Chart
KnappJoanna FernRosecommon Twp., MI, USA10141Download Chart
KnappJoanna FernRosecommon Twp., MI, USA10146Download Chart
KnappJohnFairfield Co., CT, USA10142Download Chart
KnappJohn 10142Download Chart
KnappJohn B.Danbury, Fairfield Co., CT, USA10142Download Chart
KnappLawton WrightHanover Co., NY, USA10141Download Chart
KnappMargaret, Mrs. 10142Download Chart
KnappMary, Mrs. 10142Download Chart
KnappOrson JChautauqua Co., NY, USA10141Download Chart
KnappOrson J.Chautauqua Co., NY, USA10142Download Chart
KnickerbockerAnna, Mrs. 10802Download Chart
KnickerbockerElizabethAlbany Co., NY, USA10802Download Chart
KnickerbockerJohannes Harmesen 10802Download Chart
KnightBetsey, Mrs. 10962Download Chart
KnightElizabeth 2742Download Chart
KnightFannyThetford, Orange Co., VT, USA10962Download Chart
KnightJonathanMA,USA 10962Download Chart
KnightSethWorcester, Worcester Co., MA, USA10962Download Chart
KnightTamer, Mrs. 10962Download Chart
KnoxJames A. 11771Download Chart
KnoxMadeline GrayJackson, MI, USA11771Download Chart
KnoxMargaretprob Scotland7355Download Chart
KnoxMarian Bond 11771Download Chart
KnoxMary, Mrs. 11771Download Chart
KnoxSarah, Mrs. 11771Download Chart
KnoxWilliam H.Sewickley, PA, USA11771Download Chart
KnoxWilliam HenrySewickley, PA, USA11771Download Chart
KoehlerAnna Magdalena 8944Download Chart
KoehlerCatharina Marga.Diedenbergen, Germany8944Download Chart
KoehlerJohann NikolausDiedenbergen, Germany8944Download Chart
KoehlerJohann NikolausDiedenbergen, Germany8944Download Chart
KoehlerKathrine Philippi 8944Download Chart
KohlDorthiaWartgrot, Saxony, Germany11291Download Chart
KolbKatherineBerline, Germany10961Download Chart
KolbMaryBucks Co., PA, USA11022Download Chart
Kolb(e)KatherineBerline, Germany10961Download Chart
KonkeJohnBlandzikau, Putzig, Prussia8941Download Chart
KonkeMaria RosaliaBlandzikau, Putzig, Germany8941Download Chart
KonkeVeronica, Mrs. 8941Download Chart
KoontzC. P.Navarra, OH, USA10881Download Chart
KoontzEzra 10881Download Chart
KoontzFlorence M.Columbus, OH, USA10881Download Chart
KoontzMary, Mrs. 10881Download Chart
KoontzPhebie Ann, Mrs, 10881Download Chart
KoslowskiFrancisWarsaw, Poland10741Download Chart
KostuckaMariePoland 10563Download Chart
KramerBernadusHessen, Germany9401Download Chart
KramerCatherineGross Zimmern, Germany9401Download Chart
KramerElisabetha, Mrs. 9401Download Chart
KramerJoannis 9401Download Chart
KramerKatherine Ann 10801Download Chart
KramerMaria Judith 9401Download Chart
KrauseJacob Friedrich 8947Download Chart
KrauseMarie Elisabeth, Mrs. 8947Download Chart
KrausmannCaroline, Mrs. 9401Download Chart
KrausmannEulalia CatherineDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA9401Download Chart
KrausmannMatthew AugustDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA9401Download Chart
KraussmanJon Phillippus 9401Download Chart
KraussmannCatherina, Mrs. 9401Download Chart
KraussmannCatherine, Mrs. 9401Download Chart
KraussmannHenricusGross Zimmern, Hessen, Germany9401Download Chart
KraussmannMargarethe, Mrs. 9401Download Chart
KraussmannPhilipp GrossZimmern, Hessen, Germany9401Download Chart
KroeningCarolineGermany 9181Download Chart
KruithofLenaNetherlands 8471Download Chart
KrumnaverDorthia, Mrs. 11291Download Chart
KrumnaverMaria, Mrs. 11291Download Chart
KrumnaverMathiasKatsh, Yugoslavia11291Download Chart
KrumnaverNickolous 11291Download Chart
KrumnaverTheresiaSid Banovci, Yugoslavia11291Download Chart
KuczynskiAnna MariaDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA8941Download Chart
KuczynskiAnna, Mrs. 8941Download Chart
KuczynskiJohnPrussia 8941Download Chart
KuczynskiJosephPoland, East Prussia8941Download Chart
KuczynskiMaria Rosalia 8941Download Chart
KudlaSalomea 10563Download Chart
KuhneAnna Sophia 101414Download Chart
KuhneFriedrichParchen, Germany 101414Download Chart
KuhneMarie Dorothee Friederika 101412Download Chart
KuhneMarie ElisabethParchen, Germany101412Download Chart
KuhneMarie ElisabethParchen, Germany101414Download Chart
KunkelAdeline, Mrs. 10861Download Chart
KunkelErnest MartinAlma, Gratiot Co., MI, USA10861Download Chart
KunkelKenneth J.Saginaw Co., MI, USA10861Download Chart
KunkelMartin AugustHighland, Oakland Co., MI, USA10861Download Chart
KunkelPauline, Mrs. 10861Download Chart
KunkelPeterRogasen, Germany10861Download Chart
KunkelRosena, Mrs. 10861Download Chart
KunkelRosetta F. 10861Download Chart
KurringerWinefred 10741Download Chart
KwiatkowskaValerieWest Prussia10741Download Chart
LaForgeAlexanderMI, USA8392Download Chart
LaForgeJuliaMI, USA8392Download Chart
LaFromboiseAnthonyHull, Ontario, Canada11371Download Chart
LaFromboiseDelenaHull, Ontario, Canada11371Download Chart
LaFromboiseMary, Mrs. 11371Download Chart
LaGrassoGrace MaryNaples, Italy9601Download Chart
LaGrassoGrace, Mrs. 9601Download Chart
LaGrassoJoe 9601Download Chart
LaLondeAdaline, Mrs. 11371Download Chart
LaLondeAntoine 11371Download Chart
LalondeMarie-Louise 10686Download Chart
LaLoneDelena, Mrs. 11371Download Chart
LaLoneEthel Grace, Mrs. 11371Download Chart
LaLoneFrank JosephKingston, Ontario, Canada11371Download Chart
LaLoneGlenn JohnPontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA11371Download Chart
LaLoneJohnCanada11371Download Chart
LaLoneLeora Ethel, Mrs. 11371Download Chart
LaLoneMarie EthelPontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA11371Download Chart
LambertCelesta J.Paulding Co., OH, USA10951Download Chart
LambertJosiah 10951Download Chart
LambertSara, Mrs. 10951Download Chart
LandrocheArchange 10687Download Chart
LandrocheMarguerite Felicite, Mrs. 10687Download Chart
LandrochePierre 10687Download Chart
LaneAnne 10881Download Chart
LaporteAmable 7353Download Chart
LarnedHannahMI, USA9659Download Chart
LarsonBror HugoGysinge, Sweden11751Download Chart
LarsonBurl AlvinShelton, WA, USA11751Download Chart
LarsonLeila Selena, Mrs. 11751Download Chart
LarsonMargy Ruth, Mrs. 11751Download Chart
LarsonSheila ElaineEncino, CA, USA11751Download Chart
LarssonCarlBorgvick, Sweden11751Download Chart
LarssonEmelia, Mrs. 11751Download Chart
LasnonMary 10966Download Chart
LaubeAugustGermany10801Download Chart
LaubeHazel ClaraGaylord, Otsego Co., MI, USA10801Download Chart
LaubeJohann 10801Download Chart
LaubeOttelia, Mrs. 10801Download Chart
LauritzenNicoline MarieLovns, Alborg, Denmark9326Download Chart
LawrenceAbigail, Mrs. 27412Download Chart
LawrenceSarah, Mrs. 27412Download Chart
LawrenceThomas Sr.Plainfield, Windham Co., CT, USA27412Download Chart
LawrenceThomas, Jr.Plainfield, Windham Co., CT, USA27412Download Chart
LeachJane, Mrs. 9327Download Chart
LeachRhoadaAthens, Calhoun Co., MI, USA8241Download Chart
LeachRhoadaAthens, Calhoun Co., MI, USA8243Download Chart
LeachRichard 9327Download Chart
LeachRuth AnnWashington Co., AR, USA9327Download Chart
Leban/GebenRebecca 10149Download Chart
LeBeauAdeline, Mrs. 10964Download Chart
LeBeauAlexisFrenchtown, Monroe Co., MI, USA10964Download Chart
LeBeauAngelica, Mrs. 10964Download Chart
LeBeauElizabeth, Mrs. 10964Download Chart
LeBeauFrancis 10964Download Chart
LeBeauFrancis 10965Download Chart
LeBeauFrancis 10966Download Chart
LeBeauMary Joseph, Mrs. 10964Download Chart
LeBeauMary Joseph, Mrs. 10965Download Chart
LeBeauPrudence Elizabeth, Mrs. 10963Download Chart
LeBeauPrudence Elizabeth, Mrs. 10964Download Chart
LeBeauReneDetroit, MI, USA10964Download Chart
LeBeauReneDetroit, MI, USA10966Download Chart
LeBeauWilliamFrenchtown, Monroe Co., MI, USA10963Download Chart
LeBeauWilliamFrenchtown, Monroe Co., MI, USA10964Download Chart
LeBeauWilliam, Sr.Frenchtown, Monroe Co., MI, USA10964Download Chart
LeCamusElizabeth 10965Download Chart
LeeAmosFairfield, IA, USA11751Download Chart
LeeAnnieGallia Co., OH, USA10561Download Chart
LeeCharles N. 10881Download Chart
LeeEffie ClarissaSouthfield, Oakland Co., MI, USA10881Download Chart
LeeEsther, Mrs. 10881Download Chart
LeeFanny, Mrs. 10962Download Chart
LeeHarvey 10962Download Chart
LeeLelia SelenaBoise, ID, USA11751Download Chart
LeeLelia, Mrs. 11751Download Chart
LeeNancy Ann 1113Download Chart
LeekElizabethIola, KS, USA11721Download Chart
LeekMartha, Mrs. 11721Download Chart
LeekRobert Joseph 11721Download Chart
LeffingwellSarah England11654Download Chart
LeFroyFrancoise 10965Download Chart
LeggettNancy A.OH, USA10561Download Chart
LeiningerDavidSchuylkill Co., PA, USA10331Download Chart
LeiningerEmma Ruth, Mrs. 10333Download Chart
LeiningerGeorge/John 10331Download Chart
LeiningerHester, Mrs. 10331Download Chart
LeiningerIsaacSchuylkill Co., PA, USA10331Download Chart
LeiningerJohann Jacob 10331Download Chart
LeiningerKenneth AlbertFulton Co., IN, USA10332Download Chart
LeiningerMaria Philippine, Mrs. 10331Download Chart
LeiningerMary Katherine Cordelia, Mrs. 10331Download Chart
LeiningerSarah Ann, Mrs. 10332Download Chart
LeiningerStephen 10331Download Chart
LeiningerSusanna, Mrs. 10331Download Chart
LeiningerWilliamFulton Co., IN, USA10331Download Chart
L'EnfantAngelica St. Antoine10964Download Chart
L'EnfantFrancis 10963Download Chart
L'EnfantFrancis, Mrs. 10963Download Chart
L'EnfantFrancis, Mrs. 10964Download Chart
L'EnfantJoseph 10963Download Chart
L'EnfantJoseph 10964Download Chart
L'EnfantLouisDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA10964Download Chart
L'EnfantLouisa, Mrs. 10964Download Chart
LennoxAugusta, Mrs. 11021Download Chart
LennoxEthel MayPigeon, MI, USA11021Download Chart
LennoxGeorgeRock Island, IL, USA11026Download Chart
LennoxGeorge Rock Island, IL, USA11021Download Chart
LennoxJames ArthurOntario, Canada11021Download Chart
LennoxSusan, Mrs. 11021Download Chart
LennoxSusan, Mrs. 11026Download Chart
LeonardDorcas, Mrs. 2744Download Chart
LeonardJames  2743Download Chart
LeonardJames R. 2743Download Chart
LeonardLydia 27410Download Chart
LeonardLydia, Mrs. 2743Download Chart
LeonardSethProvidence Co., RI, USA2744Download Chart
LeonardThomasWales2742Download Chart
LesterUrsula 11011Download Chart
LeweBernhard Leve 10149Download Chart
LeweElisabeth Freiderieke RosalieLoningen, Germany10149Download Chart
LeweFriederika, Mrs. 10149Download Chart
LewisFrancesCanada10774Download Chart
LewisMyrtle B. 10871Download Chart
LewisPolly, Mrs. 10871Download Chart
LewisWilliam 10871Download Chart
LileHenry W. 11721Download Chart
LileLydia, Mrs. 11721Download Chart
LileMartha Jane 11721Download Chart
LilenthalRegina D. 9181Download Chart
Lindsay-CrawfordHelenScotland10291Download Chart
LindseyAlice JaneCanada10801Download Chart
LintzSarah Ann 11021Download Chart
LittlerRebecca 10331Download Chart
LoeschEmil(e)Saxony8311Download Chart
LoeschMartha E.MI, USA8311Download Chart
LoeschMartha E.MI, USA8313Download Chart
LongSarah  11771Download Chart
Lootman die BarroisAgatha 10963Download Chart
LordAnne 10685Download Chart
LoreJean 10965Download Chart
LoreStephanie 10965Download Chart
LorentsdatterMaria 9326Download Chart
Lovatt/LevattSally, Mrs. 10295Download Chart
Lovatt/LevattWilliamOxford, NY, USA10295Download Chart
LovrekovicAnna, Mrs. 10562Download Chart
LovrekovicJage (Agnes), Mrs. 10562Download Chart
LovrekovicJankoCroatia10562Download Chart
LovrekovicMilanCroatia10562Download Chart
LovrekovichCarol Louise, Mrs. 10561Download Chart
LovrekovichRudolph NickolasDetroit, MI, USA10561Download Chart
LovrekovichRudolph NickolasDetroit, MI, USA10562Download Chart
LowFloy GladysMoran, KS, USA11721Download Chart
LoweElizabeth, Mrs. 11721Download Chart
LoweFrancis PerryPontiac, IL, USA11721Download Chart
LoweMary, Mrs. 11721Download Chart
LoweWillard 11721Download Chart
LucasAda C.Hertfordshire, England11721Download Chart
LucasCaroline, Mrs. 11721Download Chart
LucasWilliam 11721Download Chart
LuineauGenevieve 7353Download Chart
LunfIsabella 11861Download Chart
LuttenbacherAndreGuebweiler, Alsace, France9401Download Chart
LuttenbacherCatherine Desidere, Mrs. 9401Download Chart
LuttenbacherIgnatiusGuebweiler, Alsace, France9401Download Chart
LuttenbacherJoh. Theobalt 9401Download Chart
LuttenbacherMaria Anna, Mrs. 9401Download Chart
LuttenbacherMary Anne, Mrs. 9401Download Chart
LyleClarissa Louisa, Mrs. 10921Download Chart
LyleEtta Julia, Mrs. 10921Download Chart
LyleIrvin CharlesLapeer Co., MI, USA10921Download Chart
LyleJames WalterImlay City, Lapeer Co., MI, USA10921Download Chart
LyleJeannette, Mrs. 10921Download Chart
LyleMary Alice, Mrs. 10921Download Chart
LyleMegan LouiseKilleen, Bell Co., TX, USA10921Download Chart
LyleRobert BurnsLapeer Co., MI, USA10921Download Chart
LyleThomasScotland10921Download Chart
LymanDiantha MariahOntario, Canada96511Download Chart
LyonsSarah 10561Download Chart
MacDonaldMargaretIsle of Lewis, Scotland10461Download Chart
MacFarlaneIda MaryAlliston, Ontario, Canada10771Download Chart
MackElizabeth Tolland Co., CT, USA27414Download Chart
MacLennanAdamRipley, Bruce, Ontario, Canada10461Download Chart
MacLennanBernice MildredSault Ste. Marie, MI, USA10461Download Chart
MacLennanLulu, Mrs. 10461Download Chart
MacLennanMargaret, Mrs. 10461Download Chart
MacLennanRoderickBorve, Isle of Lewis, Scotland10461Download Chart
MacomberUrsula 2744Download Chart
MadaraChrisopherPhiladelphia, PA, USA10922Download Chart
MadaraChrisopherPhiladelphia, PA, USA10922Download Chart
MadaraElizabeth, Mrs. 10922Download Chart
MadaraJohnPA, USA10922Download Chart
MadaraMartha, Mrs. 10922Download Chart
MadaraMary CatharineHuntingdon Co., PA10921Download Chart
MadaraMary CatharineHuntingdon Co., PA10922Download Chart
MadaraMary CatharineHuntingdon Co., PA10923Download Chart
MadaraSarah, Mrs. 10922Download Chart
MadoriEsther, Mrs. 10922Download Chart
MadoriHans "Jacob"Switzerland10922Download Chart
MageeMartha (Mattie)IL, USA10931Download Chart
MageeMary, Mrs. 10931Download Chart
MageeThomasIreland10931Download Chart
MaherLeo Thomas 8361Download Chart
MaherMildred Lucille, Mrs. 8361Download Chart
MaibolEllen 9326Download Chart
MainsAnn Morris 11031Download Chart
MakuchAgnieskaPoland10563Download Chart
MakuchAnna, Mrs. 10563Download Chart
MakuchJohannes 10563Download Chart
MandersonMary Ann, Mrs.Marie, Bonventure, Quebec, Canada10461Download Chart
ManleyEmmaBath Co., KY, USA8391Download Chart
ManleyJames Robinson 8391Download Chart
ManleyMartha, Mrs. 8391Download Chart
MannBathshebaTolland Co., CT, USA27414Download Chart
MannCharles GeorgeOxford, Oakland Co., MI, USA118516Download Chart
MannClara Eliza, Mrs. 118516Download Chart
MannEleanor Ann, Mrs. 118521Download Chart
MannGeorge B.Orion, Oakland Co., MI, USA118517Download Chart
MannGeorge B.Orion, Oakland Co., MI, USA118521Download Chart
MannHelen, Mrs. 118517Download Chart
MannIlene Joyce, Mrs. 118516Download Chart
MannJeromeNY, USA118521Download Chart
MannL. RayBrandon Twp., Oakland Co., MI, USA118516Download Chart
MannL. RayBrandon Twp., Oakland Co., MI, USA118517Download Chart
MannLorraine BellePontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA118516Download Chart
MansfieldBethianBeverly, Essex Co., MA, USA11655Download Chart
ManwaringErrilla RosinaGenesee Co., NY, USA9656Download Chart
MapleKeziah J.Middlesex Co., NJ, USA10294Download Chart
MarkelMarySt. Clair Co., MI, USA10741Download Chart
MarkelPeter 10741Download Chart
Marnach/MadenachElisabethKobern, Rheinland, Preussen10742Download Chart
MarquardtWilhelmina 9181Download Chart
MarratThomasTothill, Lincolnshire, England10925Download Chart
MarschAnna Maria Catherine 9401Download Chart
MarschCharles  9401Download Chart
MarschMary AnneBuhl, Alsace, France9401Download Chart
MarselisMaria 8242Download Chart
MarshallElizabeth 10872Download Chart
MarshallMaggie 10892Download Chart
MartinConradus 9402Download Chart
MartinElizabethGermany9402Download Chart
Martin dit St. JeanJohn 10966Download Chart
Martin dit St. JeanMargaretDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA10966Download Chart
Martin dit St. JeanTeresa, Mrs. 10966Download Chart
Marwood/MarratSusannahTothill, Lincolnshire, England10925Download Chart
Marwood/MarratWilliamTothill, Lincolnshire, England10925Download Chart
MasonJeanetteNY, USA8392Download Chart
MasonJessie Rowan 8392Download Chart
MasonM., Mrs. 8392Download Chart
MasonMary Horne 2201Download Chart
MastersonKatherine, Mrs. 10931Download Chart
MastersonMartha, Mrs. 10931Download Chart
MastersonNellie MaeLaBette Co., KS, USA10931Download Chart
MastersonThomas 10931Download Chart
MastersonThomasCanada10931Download Chart
MaticaAnna Croatia10562Download Chart
MatthewsAnnie CatherineHowell Co., MO, USA9641Download Chart
MatthewsCharlotte, Mrs. 10921Download Chart
MatthewsClarissa LouisaCassia Co., ID, USA10921Download Chart
MatthewsClarissa Louise, Mrs. 10921Download Chart
MatthewsSarahWales11295Download Chart
MatthewsWilliamEngland10921Download Chart
MatthewsWilliam 11295Download Chart
MatthewsWilliam SwiftTooele Co., UT, USA10921Download Chart
MayMaryWindham Co., CT, USA9642Download Chart
McAlpinePolly TorranceIvine, Ayrshire, Scotland2791Download Chart
McClatcheyHannahRoyal Oak, Oakland Co., MI, USA11246Download Chart
McClatcheyNancy, Mrs. 11246Download Chart
McClatcheyRobertAlcona Co., MI, USA11246Download Chart
McClintockIsabel 11721Download Chart
McConnellPhoebeKingston, Ontario, Canada9655Download Chart
McCoyEllen Eliza 11771Download Chart
McCuistionAnn, Mrs. 11722Download Chart
McCuistionBetty, Mrs. 11721Download Chart
McCuistionCharlesRay Co., MO, USA11721Download Chart
McCuistionFloy Gladys, Mrs. 11721Download Chart
McCuistionGeorgeBarton Co., MO, USA11721Download Chart
McCuistionGeorge WA, USA11721Download Chart
McCuistionGloriaRoyal Oak, Oakland Co., MI, USA11721Download Chart
McCuistionIsabel, Mrs. 11721Download Chart
McCuistionIsabella, Mrs. 11722Download Chart
McCuistionJamesNC, USA11722Download Chart
McCuistionJamesCo. Derry, Ireland11722Download Chart
McCuistionJamesRowan Co., NC, USA11722Download Chart
McCuistionJames NC, USA11721Download Chart
McCuistionJean 11722Download Chart
McCuistionJean, Mrs. 11722Download Chart
McCuistionJeanette Belle, Mrs. 11721Download Chart
McCuistionJohn 11721Download Chart
McCuistionJohn 11722Download Chart
McCuistionMartha Jane, Mrs. 11721Download Chart
McCuistionSarah Jenut, Mrs. 11722Download Chart
McCuistionThomasIreland11722Download Chart
McCulloughCatherine A., Mrs. 10951Download Chart
McCulloughElizabeth, Mrs. 10294Download Chart
McCulloughHenriettaJefferson Co., OH, USA10294Download Chart
McCulloughJohnFranklin Co., OH, USA10951Download Chart
McCulloughRichard 10294Download Chart
McCulloughSamuel 10951Download Chart
McCulloughSarahPaulding Co., OH, USA10951Download Chart
McCulloughSarah, Mrs. 10951Download Chart
McDougalBetsy 10141Download Chart
McFarlandClara Suzanna, Mrs. 10295Download Chart
McFarlandEssiePetersburg, Pike Co., IN, USA9311Download Chart
McFarlandJames AlbertUpper Lisle, NY, USA10295Download Chart
McFarlandJessie, Mrs. 9311Download Chart
McFarlandJohn 9311Download Chart
McFarlandLillianAlpena, MI, USA or Canada9641Download Chart
McFarlandLouisa Snyder, Mrs. 9311Download Chart
McFarlandMalina, Mrs. 10295Download Chart
McFarlandMartha HustonTrenton, NJ, USA10295Download Chart
McFarlandMary Ann, Mrs. 10295Download Chart
McFarlandNelson F.Upper Lisle, NY, USA10295Download Chart
McFarlandThomas M. 10295Download Chart
McFarlandWilliamPhiladelphia, PA, USA9311Download Chart
McFarlaneFinleyScotland10774Download Chart
McFarlaneFrances, Mrs. 10774Download Chart
McFarlaneJulia Ann, Mrs. 10771Download Chart
McFarlaneJulia Ann, Mrs. 10774Download Chart
McFarlaneJulia Ann, Mrs. 10775Download Chart
McFarlaneRobert J.Cookstown, Ontario, Canada10771Download Chart
McFarlaneRobert J.Cookstown, Ontario, Canada10774Download Chart
McFarlaneRobert J.Cookstown, Ontario, Canada10775Download Chart
McGoldrickAnnie Catherine, Mrs. 9641Download Chart
McGoldrickBonnie LouiseLawrence C., AR, USA9641Download Chart
McGoldrickCharles PorterJefferson Co., TN, USA9641Download Chart
McGoldrickFloyd FrankNear Howell, MO, USA9641Download Chart
McGoldrickGrace Novella, Mrs. 9641Download Chart
McGregorBenjaminGreene Co., NY, USA9321Download Chart
McGregorBenjaminGreene Co., NY, USA9322Download Chart
McGregorBenjaminGreene Co., NY, USA9323Download Chart
McGregorDuncan 9321Download Chart
McGregorDuncanScotland9321Download Chart
McGregorDuncanScotland9322Download Chart
McGregorDuncanScotland9323Download Chart
McGregorElizabethHunter, Greene Co., NY, USA9321Download Chart
McGregorElizabethHunter, Greene Co., NY, USA9322Download Chart
McGregorElizabethHunter, Greene Co., NY, USA9323Download Chart
McGregorEmeline, Mrs. 9321Download Chart
McGregorFlorenceMacomb Co., MI, USA9321Download Chart
McGregorJemina, Mrs. 9321Download Chart
McGregorJemina, Mrs. 9322Download Chart
McGregorJemina, Mrs. 9323Download Chart
McGregorMargaret, Mrs. 9321Download Chart
McGregorMary, Mrs. 9321Download Chart
McGregorRobert J.NY, USA9321Download Chart
McGregorSarah, Mrs. 9321Download Chart
McGregorSarah, Mrs. 9322Download Chart
McGregorSarah, Mrs. 9323Download Chart
McInnesMargaret M. 10146Download Chart
McIntoshIsabelPaisley, Scotland10291Download Chart
McKayHector 10144Download Chart
McKayJohn T.Nova Scotia, Canada10144Download Chart
McKayJosephine, Mrs. 10144Download Chart
McKayMargaret (Maude)Teeswater, Ontario, Canada10145Download Chart
McKayMargaret, Mrs. 10144Download Chart
McKeownMargaret L. 10881Download Chart
McKinleyBarbara, Mrs. 10951Download Chart
McKinleyCelista Jane, Mrs. 10951Download Chart
McKinleyDavid JohnSouthfield, Oakland Co., MI, USA10951Download Chart
McKinleyDonald J.Dearborn, MI, USA10951Download Chart
McKinleyJennie Rose, Mrs. 10951Download Chart
McKinleyJohnIreland10951Download Chart
McKinleyLeslie JohnSouthfield, Oakland Co., MI, USA10951Download Chart
McKinneyCatharon, Mrs. 10871Download Chart
McKinneyKatherineShiawassee Co., MI, USA10871Download Chart
McKinneyMyrtle B., Mrs. 10871Download Chart
McKinneyRobert 11293Download Chart
McKinneySarah AgnesIreland11291Download Chart
McKinneySarah AgnesIreland11292Download Chart
McKinneySarah AgnesIreland11293Download Chart
McKinneyWilliamBurns Twp., MI, USA10871Download Chart
McKinneyWilliam 10871Download Chart
McKinnonAlex 10144Download Chart
McKinnonAnna, Mrs. 10144Download Chart
McKinnonJosephineScotland10144Download Chart
McKlineyClarice Elaine, Mrs. 10951Download Chart
McLainBruce WayneFlint, Genesee Co., MI, USA10801Download Chart
McLainCora L., Mrs. 10801Download Chart
McLainDonald GrandCharlevoix Co., MI, USA10801Download Chart
McLainElda Mae, Mrs. 10801Download Chart
McLainFannie, Mrs. 10801Download Chart
McLainJane, Mrs. 10801Download Chart
McLainKatherine Ann, Mrs. 10801Download Chart
McLainMathewCanada10801Download Chart
McLainThomas 10801Download Chart
McLainWilliamTuscola Co., MI, USA10801Download Chart
McLeodAlex 10141Download Chart
McLeodBetsy, Mrs. 10141Download Chart
McLeodDuncan 10146Download Chart
McLeodIsabelle (Belle)Beaverton, Ontario, Canada10141Download Chart
McLeodMargaret (Maggie)Greenock, Strathclyde Co., Scotland10146Download Chart
McLeodMargaret M., Mrs. 10146Download Chart
McMillenSusinScotland11298Download Chart
McMullenBarbara 10951Download Chart
McNaryDavidChanceford, PA, USA9325Download Chart
McNaryEbenezerBrooke Co., WV, USA9325Download Chart
McNaryEsther, Mrs. 9325Download Chart
McNaryJamesScotland9325Download Chart
McNaryMargaret, Mrs. 9325Download Chart
McNaryWilliamMuddy Creek, York Co., PA, USA9325Download Chart
McNittAlvia ClarenceBriston, IN, Usa7391Download Chart
McNittIda Blanche, Mrs. 7391Download Chart
McNittJames W.Trumbell Co., OH, USA7391Download Chart
McNittMarcus (Bert) A.Algansee, MI, USA7391Download Chart
McNittMatilda A., Mrs. 7391Download Chart
McNittNancy Jane, Mrs. 7391Download Chart
McQurkKatherineNew Brunswick, Canada10931Download Chart
McWilliamsAlexander 10292Download Chart
McWilliamsNancy, Mrs. 10292Download Chart
McWilliamsSarah KatherineMontgomery Co., IL, Usa10292Download Chart
MeierElizabethEurope10552Download Chart
MenchCarrieBridgeton, Cumberland Co., NY, USA9324Download Chart
MenchJacob Frederick 9324Download Chart
MenchMary, Mrs 9324Download Chart
MerrillMary, Mrs 2747Download Chart
MerrillNathanielKillingly, Windham Co., CT, USA2747Download Chart
MerrillZillahWindham Co., CT, USA2747Download Chart
MertzArthur HenryPort Huron, St. Clair Co., MI, USA8941Download Chart
MertzAugust LudwigPort Huron, St. Clair Co., MI, USA8941Download Chart
MertzDorothy Helen, Mrs 8941Download Chart
MertzIda Emilie, Mrs. 8941Download Chart
MertzPenelope Penny EdithDetroit, Wayne Co. MI, USA8941Download Chart
MerzElisabeth M., Mrs 8942Download Chart
MerzElisabetha, Mrs. 10661Download Chart
MerzElisabetha, Mrs. 10662Download Chart
MerzElisabetha, Mrs. 10663Download Chart
MerzElisabethe C., Mrs 8942Download Chart
MerzElisabethe Marg., Mrs 8942Download Chart
MerzElizabethe Clara, Mrs 8942Download Chart
MerzFranziska, Mrs. 10662Download Chart
MerzGerogeWeitersweiler, Germany10662Download Chart
MerzHarold AlfredDetroit, MI, USA10661Download Chart
MerzHeinrich LudwigKemmenau, HessNass, Germany8941Download Chart
MerzJakobine Henrie, Mrs. 8941Download Chart
MerzJohann HermanKemmenau, Germany8942Download Chart
MerzJohann SebastianKemmenau, Germany8942Download Chart
MerzJohann SebastianKemmenau, Germany8942Download Chart
MerzJohann WilhelmKemmenau, Germany8942Download Chart
MerzJudith AnnFerndale, Oakland Co., MI, USA10661Download Chart
MerzLouis FerdinandPfalz, Germany10661Download Chart
MerzMarcella May, Mrs. 10661Download Chart
MerzMarie Jacobine, Mrs. 8941Download Chart
MerzMarie Jacobine, Mrs. 8942Download Chart
MerzMarie Jacobine, Mrs. 8943Download Chart
MerzMarie Magdaline, Mrs. 8942Download Chart
MerzPhilipp HeinrichKemmenau, Germany8941Download Chart
MerzPhilipp HeinrichKemmenau, Germany8942Download Chart
MerzPhilipp HeinrichKemmenau, Germany8943Download Chart
MerzWilhemina, Mrs 10661Download Chart
MerzWilliamWeitersweiler, Germany10661Download Chart
MerzWilliamWeitersweiler, Germany10662Download Chart
MerzWilliamWeitersweiler, Germany10663Download Chart
MeuererAnna MarieKemmenau, Germany8943Download Chart
MeuererConrad 8943Download Chart
MeyerBarbara 11022Download Chart
MichenerAmosPA, USA11022Download Chart
MichenerAmosPA, USA11026Download Chart
MichenerBenjaminBucks Co., PA, USA11022Download Chart
MichenerGrace, Mrs. 11022Download Chart
MichenerJosephPlumstead, PA, USA11022Download Chart
MichenerJudith, Mrs. 11022Download Chart
MichenerLeah, Mrs. 11022Download Chart
MichenerMary, Mrs 11022Download Chart
MichenerSarahHuron County, Ontiaro, Canada11021Download Chart
MichenerSarahHuron County, Ontiaro, Canada11022Download Chart
MichenerWilliam 11022Download Chart
MillerCausby Jane, Mrs. 10872Download Chart
MillerCharlesLee Co., Va, USA10872Download Chart
MillerDaniel Lucious 10872Download Chart
MillerDelores Mae, Mrs 10872Download Chart
MillerElizabeth 2201Download Chart
MillerElizabeth, Mrs. 10872Download Chart
MillerEphriam 10664Download Chart
MillerErnest DonaldEssex Co., Canada10872Download Chart
MillerGene 10664Download Chart
MillerIrene 11031Download Chart
MillerJohn 11025Download Chart
MillerJospeh B. 10872Download Chart
MillerLuciousKnox Co., KY, USA10872Download Chart
MillerMary Hanover Twp., Pa, USA11859Download Chart
MillerMary Ann 11021Download Chart
MillerMary Ann 11025Download Chart
MillerMolly, Mrs. 10872Download Chart
MillerRebeccaNY, USA10664Download Chart
MillimanMary Elizabeth 118513Download Chart
MillsIsabelle FrancesNY, USA11861Download Chart
MillsLouise Anne, Mrs. 11861Download Chart
MillsMartha 8241Download Chart
MillsMathew DavidRedding, Ct, USA11861Download Chart
MiracleAndrew 10872Download Chart
MiracleCatherine, Mrs. 10873Download Chart
MiracleRhodaOakland Co., MI, USA10872Download Chart
MiracleSampson 10872Download Chart
MiserElizabeth 10872Download Chart
MitchellMariah 10291Download Chart
MitchellMary 9325Download Chart
MixnerEdith, Mrs. 9324Download Chart
MixnerJohn 9324Download Chart
MixnerLewisSalem Co., NJ, USA9324Download Chart
MixnerRachel Salem Co., NJ, USA9324Download Chart
MixnerRachel, Mrs. 9324Download Chart
MollettMaryMA, USA2747Download Chart
MonroeMaryWolf Lake, IN, USA11371Download Chart
MontgomeryFredia Marie, Mrs 8391Download Chart
MontgomeryHelen Sue, Mrs. 8391Download Chart
MontgomeryHugh 8391Download Chart
MontgomeryHugh LesterOakland Co., MI, USA8391Download Chart
MontgomeryNellie E., Mrs 8391Download Chart
MontgomeryNellie E., Mrs 8392Download Chart
MontgomeryNellie/Ellen, Mrs 8391Download Chart
MontgomerySue AnnDetroit, MI, USA8391Download Chart
MontgomeryWilliam ArmstrongIreland8391Download Chart
MontgomeryWilliam JackDetroit, MI, USA8391Download Chart
MoodyAnn Derry Co., Ireland11722Download Chart
MoodyJean, Mrs. 11722Download Chart
MoodyThomas, Sr.poss. Ireland11722Download Chart
MooreAndrewScotland89411Download Chart
MooreFreedomLondon, Ontario,Canada10661Download Chart
MooreFreedomLondon, Ontario,Canada10664Download Chart
MooreFreedomLondon, Ontario,Canada10665Download Chart
MooreJames T.Canada East10665Download Chart
MooreMariaIreland8941Download Chart
MooreMariaIreland89410Download Chart
MooreMariaIreland89411Download Chart
MooreMary, Mrs. 10665Download Chart
MoosCatherine ElisabetaGermany8945Download Chart
MorayCinderella 118512Download Chart
MordenLavina E.Canada 8471Download Chart
MorehouseAbram JacobPA, USA8244Download Chart
MorehouseAlmiraMetamora, Lapeer Co., MI, USA9291Download Chart
MorehouseHattieDowagiac, Cass Co., MI, USA8242Download Chart
MorehouseHattieDowagiac, Cass Co., MI, USA8244Download Chart
MorehouseHenry 9291Download Chart
MorehouseMary Abigail, Mrs. 8244Download Chart
MorehousePierpont 8244Download Chart
MorganDavid B., Sr.Wales11295Download Chart
MorganHannahWales11295Download Chart
MorganSarah, Mrs 11295Download Chart
MorinAugustin 10684Download Chart
MorinEsther 10684Download Chart
MorinMarie-Judith, Mrs 10684Download Chart
MorinMarie-Rosalie 10685Download Chart
MorrellAlida, Mrs 10802Download Chart
MorrellDaniel 10802Download Chart
MorrellJonathan 10802Download Chart
MorrellJudithAlbany Co., NY, USA10802Download Chart
MorrisFranklin 9327Download Chart
MorrisJames NC, USA9327Download Chart
MorrisLula JaneBenton Co., AR, USA9327Download Chart
MorrisRachel, Mrs 9327Download Chart
MorrisRuth Ann, Mrs. 9327Download Chart
MorrisonMartha A.Fife Lake, MI, USA2201Download Chart
MorrisonWilliam 2201Download Chart
Morrison/MurisonMaryScotland7354Download Chart
MorseAnthonyMarlborough, Wiltshire, England109215Download Chart
MorseBetsy 9732Download Chart
MorseSarahEssex Co., MA, USA109215Download Chart
MorseSarah Athol, MA, USA118512Download Chart
Morseman/MormanAnn 1115Download Chart
MosherCarrie Augusta 11856Download Chart
MosherCarrie Augusta 118513Download Chart
MosherCharles 118513Download Chart
MosherMary Virginia, Mrs 118513Download Chart
MosierAnise 9521Download Chart
MosierDaniel 9521Download Chart
MossopJohnYork Co., Canada1951Download Chart
MossopNancy Ann, Mrs 1951Download Chart
MoutonFrancois 7352Download Chart
MoutonLouisa 7352Download Chart
MoutonMarie Charlotte, Mrs. 7352Download Chart
MuellerMarie ElisabethaHirschberg, Germany8945Download Chart
MuellerPhilippine 10663Download Chart
MuncyElizabeth J. 11371Download Chart
MunkongSreenuanPhayao, Thailand8471Download Chart
MurleyElizabeth, Mrs 11297Download Chart
MurleyJohn 11297Download Chart
MurleyLillian E.Brownsville, Ontario, Canada11291Download Chart
MurleyMary, Mrs. 11291Download Chart
MurleyMary, Mrs. 11297Download Chart
MurleyWilliam HanleyEngland11291Download Chart
MurleyWilliam HanleyEngland11297Download Chart
MurrayCharles C.Philipsburg, Centre Co., PA, USA11859Download Chart
MurrayHarriet E., Mrs 11859Download Chart
MurrayMarrion E.Boonville, Clinton Co., PA, USA11854Download Chart
MurrayMarrion E.Boonville, Clinton Co., PA, USA11859Download Chart
MyersElizabeth 9323Download Chart
NadeanElizabethSt. Antoine10963Download Chart
NadeanElizabethSt. Antoine10964Download Chart
NadeanJohn BaptistSt. Antoine, River Raison10963Download Chart
NadeanJohn Baptist 10963Download Chart
NadeanJohn BaptistSt. Antoine, River Raison10964Download Chart
NadeanJohn Baptist 10964Download Chart
NadeanMartha, Mrs. 10963Download Chart
NadeanMartinSt. Pierre Rivierie du Sud10963Download Chart
NadeanMartinSt. Pierre Rivierie du Sud10964Download Chart
NadeanMary, Mrs. 10963Download Chart
NadeanMary, Mrs. 10964Download Chart
NadeanMonica, Mrs 10963Download Chart
NadeanMonica, Mrs 10964Download Chart
Naf/NeffAnna, Mrs 10922Download Chart
Naf/NeffElizabethPhiladelphia, PA, USA10922Download Chart
Naf/NeffJacobPA, USA10922Download Chart
NaramorBonnie Louise, Mrs 9641Download Chart
NaramorDwayne FrancisGenesee Co., MI, USA9641Download Chart
NaramorFredrickKent Co., MI, USA9641Download Chart
NaramorFredrickKent Co., MI, USA9642Download Chart
NaramorJane A., Mrs. 9642Download Chart
NaramorJohnLivingston Co., NY, USA9642Download Chart
NaramorLawrence ArthurPresque Isle, MI, USA9641Download Chart
NaramorLillian, Mrs. 9641Download Chart
NaramorLori SusanPontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA9641Download Chart
NaramorViola, Mrs. 9641Download Chart
NaramoreDeborah, Mrs. 9643Download Chart
NaramoreHannah, Mrs. 9643Download Chart
NaramoreLydia, Mrs. 9643Download Chart
NaramoreMary, Mrs. 9642Download Chart
NaramoreNancy, Mrs. 9642Download Chart
NaramoreNathanielWindham Co., CT, USA9642Download Chart
NaramoreNathanielWindham Co., CT, USA9643Download Chart
NaramoreNathaniel C.Goshen ?, MA, USA9642Download Chart
NaramoreRachel, Mrs. 9643Download Chart
NaramoreSamuelKillingly, Windham Co., CT, USA9643Download Chart
NarramoreSamuelLynn, Essex Co., MA, USA9643Download Chart
NarramoreSamuelNH, USA ?9643Download Chart
NarramoreThomasEngland9643Download Chart
NeedhamHannah 11653Download Chart
NeltnerCharlotte, Mrs. 8821Download Chart
NeltnerEmily AntoinetteDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA8821Download Chart
NeltnerJoseph Franz, Jr.Offenburgh or Malsch, Germany8821Download Chart
NeubauerChristine, Mrs 8948Download Chart
NeubauerEmilie, Justine, Mrs. 8941Download Chart
NeubauerEmilie, Justine, Mrs. 8948Download Chart
NeubauerEmilie, Justine, Mrs. 8949Download Chart
NeubauerJohanNeuBarkoschin, Germany8948Download Chart
NeubauerJohann 8948Download Chart
NeubauerJohann FredinandOberHornikau, Germany8941Download Chart
NeubauerJohann FredinandOberHornikau, Germany8948Download Chart
NeubauerJohann FredinandOberHornikau, Germany8949Download Chart
NeubauerSusanna, Mrs. 8948Download Chart
NeubauerTherese MathilBerent, Germany8941Download Chart
NevinJane 11771Download Chart
NewbyJohn 10331Download Chart
NewbyRebecca, Mrs. 10331Download Chart
NewbySarah R. 10331Download Chart
NewellMillisentDudley, Worcester Co., MA, USA11653Download Chart
NeyerElizabeth 9402Download Chart
NicholsSusannah 10927Download Chart
NicholsonJeanMD, USA11722Download Chart
NicklesEllen 9327Download Chart
NilesHannahCaledonia Co., VT, USA11246Download Chart
NivenAgnes, Mrs. 73510Download Chart
NivenMarsBlantyre, Scotland73510Download Chart
NivenRobertLanark, Scotland73510Download Chart
NivenRobert, Capt.Scotland73510Download Chart
NivenSusan, Mrs. 73510Download Chart
NixonAndrew ClarkMontgomery Co., OH, USA11861Download Chart
NixonHannah Marsh, Mrs. 11861Download Chart
NixonHarriet EleanorLouisa Co., IA, USA11861Download Chart
NoeldnerFrancesca, Mrs. 8821Download Chart
NoeldnerFranz Joseph, Sr. 8821Download Chart
NoggleElizabeth J., Mrs 11371Download Chart
NoggleLeander A. 11371Download Chart
NoggleLeora EthelIN, USA11371Download Chart
NoggleMary, Mrs 11371Download Chart
NoggleWalter James 11371Download Chart
NostadtJoh. Michael 9401Download Chart
NostadtMaria JudithOberroden, Germany9401Download Chart
NostadtMarie Anna, Mrs. 9401Download Chart
NowakKatarzyha, Mrs. 10563Download Chart
NowakLukasza 10563Download Chart
NowakMariannaPoland10563Download Chart
NowakMarianny, Mrs. 10563Download Chart
NowakMichaelisPoland10563Download Chart
NoyesAbarahmVT, USA11246Download Chart
NoyesHannah, Mrs. 11246Download Chart
NoyesNancyMI, USA11246Download Chart
NuskeChristian 8946Download Chart
NuskeFriedrich WilhelmRambeltsch, Germany8941Download Chart
NuskeFriedrich WilhelmRambeltsch, Germany8946Download Chart
NuskeFriedrich WilhelmRambeltsch, Germany8947Download Chart
NuskeHermann LeopoldRambeltsch, Westpr. Germany8941Download Chart
NuskeIda EmiliePort Huron, St. Clair Co., MI, USA8941Download Chart
NuskeMarie Elisabeth, Mrs. 8941Download Chart
NuskeMarie Elisabeth, Mrs. 8946Download Chart
NuskeMarie Elisabeth, Mrs. 8947Download Chart
NuskeTherese Mathil, Mrs. 8941Download Chart
NuttallElizabeth (Bessie)Youlgrave?, England10991Download Chart
NuttallGeorgeDerbyshire, England10991Download Chart
NuttallSophia, Mrs 10991Download Chart
NyeAdam B.MD, USA10333Download Chart
NyeCatherine, Mrs. 10333Download Chart
NyeCelista AlfarettaFulton Co., IN, USA10333Download Chart
NyeGeorge 10333Download Chart
NyeJonasFairfield Co., OH, USA10333Download Chart
NyeLeah Harriet, Mrs. 10333Download Chart
NyeMary Magdalena, Mrs. 10333Download Chart
NymandEllen, Mrs. 9326Download Chart
NymandHans Christen. 9326Download Chart
NymannKristine MarieMarstal, Svendborg, Denmark9326Download Chart
O'BrynTheresa 1112Download Chart
OgilvieSusanLanark, Scotland73510Download Chart
OgleEleanor 1113Download Chart
OliverDorothy B. 11011Download Chart
OlsenBruce Clinton 10661Download Chart
OlsenHansNorway118520Download Chart
OlsenJohane Cathrine, Mrs. 118520Download Chart
OlsenJudith Ann, Mrs. 10661Download Chart
OttinbaughMarie Magdalena 8942Download Chart
OutrimClara SuzannaHoboken, NJ, USA10295Download Chart
OutrimJames StoniaHartshill/Trent, Staffordshire, England10295Download Chart
OutrimLarena Harriet, Mrs. 10295Download Chart
OwensDeborah Ann, Mrs. 10741Download Chart
OwensJohn Curtis 10741Download Chart
PabstAnna Marie Ilbeshiem?, Germany8822Download Chart
PabstAnna Marie, Mrs. 8822Download Chart
PabstJohannes 8822Download Chart
PallingClarindaOtsego, NY USA10142Download Chart
PalmerMargaretRowley, Essex Co., MA,USA109210Download Chart
PalmerMarthaRowley, MA., USA109217Download Chart
PalmerMaryRowley, Essex Co., MA,USA109215Download Chart
PalmerMary, Mrs. 109215Download Chart
PalmerMary, Mrs. 109217Download Chart
PalmerSamuelRowley, MA., USA109215Download Chart
PalmerSamuelRowley, MA., USA109217Download Chart
PalmerThomas 109210Download Chart
PalmerThomasEngland109215Download Chart
PalmerThomasEngland109217Download Chart
PapeSophiaParchen, Germany101413Download Chart
PapkeCaroline 11242Download Chart
ParentJeanneAssumption, Ontario, Canada7351Download Chart
ParentJeanne, Mrs. 7351Download Chart
ParentLaurent 7351Download Chart
ParishFrancisEngland10926Download Chart
Parissi/PerasszGrace 9601Download Chart
ParkeAnneAberdeen, Scotland7354Download Chart
ParkerEliza Jane, Mrs. 7357Download Chart
ParkerSarah ElizabethEngland7357Download Chart
ParkerThomasYorkshire, England7357Download Chart
ParkinsonDinal 10925Download Chart
ParksBetsy 10871Download Chart
ParmenterIsaacWorcester Co., MA,USA9642Download Chart
ParmenterLydiaWorcester Co., MA,USA9642Download Chart
ParmenterLydia, Mrs. 9642Download Chart
ParuchAlexandra, Mrs. 10563Download Chart
ParuchJohnPoland10563Download Chart
ParuchMarionHamtramck, MI, USA10563Download Chart
ParuchValentinePoland10563Download Chart
PassinghamDanielWidley, Hamphire, England11021Download Chart
PassinghamDanielWidley, Hamphire, England11023Download Chart
PassinghamFrankWinchester, England11021Download Chart
PassinghamGrace Marion, Mrs. 11021Download Chart
PassinghamHenry Owslebury, England11021Download Chart
PassinghamHenry EdwardRoyal Oak, Oakland Co., MI, USA11021Download Chart
PassinghamJane, Mrs. 11021Download Chart
PassinghamJane, Mrs. 11023Download Chart
PassinghamMary Ellen, Mrs. 11021Download Chart
PassinghamRosa, Mrs. 11021Download Chart
PassinghamSally Ethel, Mrs. 11021Download Chart
PassinghamThomas HarryDetroit, MI, USA11021Download Chart
PassinghamWilliam 11023Download Chart
PatersonMargartDowie Twp., Perth Co., Ontario, Canada2791Download Chart
PatersonPolly, Mrs. 2791Download Chart
PatersonWilliamCatrine, Ayrshire, Scotland2791Download Chart
PatonChristina, Mrs. 118511Download Chart
PatonJames, Sr.Scotland118511Download Chart
PatonMaggieNY, USA118511Download Chart
PattersonFrederick C.NY, USA11901Download Chart
PattersonGeorge 10143Download Chart
PattersonGeorge AltonKent Co., MI,USA11901Download Chart
PattersonJane P.NY, USA10141Download Chart
PattersonJane P.NY, USA10143Download Chart
PattersonLenna MaeBuchanan Co., IA, USA11901Download Chart
PattersonLova Elizabeth,Mrs. 11901Download Chart
PattersonLydia Barnes, Mrs. 11901Download Chart
PatzwahlWihelmine 11027Download Chart
PaulRachel 9643Download Chart
PauleyCausby Jane 10872Download Chart
PauleyIsaac G. 10872Download Chart
PauleyLucretia, Mrs. 10872Download Chart
PearsallLillian BelleCanada118518Download Chart
PearsallLillian BelleCanada118524Download Chart
PearsallMary Ann, Mrs. 118524Download Chart
PearsallSmith 118524Download Chart
PearsonJohn 109215Download Chart
PearsonJohn 109217Download Chart
PearsonMaryRowley, MA, USA109215Download Chart
PearsonMaryRowley, MA, USA109217Download Chart
PedenMary Ann Scotland11771Download Chart
PedersenAlbert 9326Download Chart
PedersenAne, Mrs. 9326Download Chart
PedersenAnn Kristine, Mrs. 9326Download Chart
PedersenGertrudeMarstal, Svendborg, Denmark9326Download Chart
PedersenGjertrud, Mrs. 9326Download Chart
PedersenLaust (Lars)Lovns, Alborg, Denmark9326Download Chart
PedersenPeder AlbertsenOmmel, Marstal, Denmark9326Download Chart
PeirsallJohnNY, USA118524Download Chart
PeirsallKatherine, Mrs. 118524Download Chart
PellEllen/EllenorBoston, USA10929Download Chart
PeltonJaneSteuben, NY, USA11753Download Chart
PendletonBrian, Major 27410Download Chart
PendletonJames, Capt.. 27410Download Chart
PendletonMary 27410Download Chart
PengryLydia, Mrs. 109218Download Chart
PengryMoses 109218Download Chart
PengryRobertCosby, England109218Download Chart
PengrySarah 109218Download Chart
Pepin Susanne 10963Download Chart
Pepin/PapinEmilieTrois Rivieres, Canada10683Download Chart
PerhamEmma, Mrs 10872Download Chart
PerhamLaurieIsabella Co., MI, USA10872Download Chart
PerhamLayfayette 10872Download Chart
PerhamPeter 10872Download Chart
PerillardM. Madeleine 7352Download Chart
PerkinsDelilah AnnPoplar Bluff, Butler Co., MO1111Download Chart
PerkinsDelilah AnnPoplar Bluff, Butler Co., MO1112Download Chart
PerkinsEbbinNC, USA1114Download Chart
PerkinsFrancis W.KY, USA1111Download Chart
PerkinsFrancis W.KY, USA1114Download Chart
PerkinsMartha, Mrs. 1114Download Chart
PerkinsMary C., Mrs. 1114Download Chart
PerkinsNancy Ann, Mrs. 1111Download Chart
PerkinsNancy Ann, Mrs. 1114Download Chart
PerkinsWrightWilliamson Co., TN, USA1114Download Chart
PerpicCarlCroatia10562Download Chart
PerpicMatilda 10562Download Chart
PerrinAgnes Christina Lisca, Mrs. 8361Download Chart
PerrinClara AgnesDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA8361Download Chart
PerrinHenry CarrollDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA8361Download Chart
PerrinLester B.Sparta, Livingston Co., NY8361Download Chart
PerrinMary M., Mrs 8361Download Chart
PerrineCatherine A.Wayne Co., OH, USA10951Download Chart
PerrineJane, Mrs. 8361Download Chart
PerrineKesiah, Mrs. 10951Download Chart
PerrinePeter 8361Download Chart
PerrineWilliam 10951Download Chart
PerryLucretia 8821Download Chart
PetersonAnna M., Mrs 8471Download Chart
PetersonArlie OvidMissaukee Co., MI, USA8471Download Chart
PetersonBelle Lydia, Mrs. 8471Download Chart
PetersonCharlotte Kathryn 8311Download Chart
PetersonChristanCopenhagen, Denmark8471Download Chart
PetersonEdgar AndrewKent Co., MI, USA8471Download Chart
PetersonGeorgia Mae, Mrs. 8471Download Chart
PetersonJohn B.Ontario, Canada8311Download Chart
PetersonJohn B.Ontario, Canada8313Download Chart
PetersonJuneSeattle, King Co., WA, USA8311Download Chart
PetersonKesiah 10951Download Chart
PetersonMartha E., Mrs. 8311Download Chart
PetersonMartha E., Mrs. 8313Download Chart
PetersonMary Jane, Mrs. 8311Download Chart
PetersonMary Jane, Mrs. 8313Download Chart
PetersonOlineLuroy, Norway118519Download Chart
PetersonRobert ArthurUxbridge8311Download Chart
PetersonRobert ArthurUxbridge8313Download Chart
PetersonRobert EugeneBattle Creek, Calhoun Co., MI, USA8471Download Chart
PetersonSreenuan, Mrs. 8471Download Chart
PetersonTruman RossSt. Thomas, Elgin Co., Ontario, Canada8311Download Chart
PetersonWilliamSonderland, Ontario, Canada8313Download Chart
PeteryElizabeth 9323Download Chart
PetruMary Katherine CordeliaBurks Co., PA, USA10331Download Chart
PhilipsJane 11651Download Chart
PhillipsMary Sussex Co., NJ, USA11851Download Chart
PichnerDoris PeggyHighland Park, Wayne Co., MI, USA10551Download Chart
PichnerHelen Agnes, Mrs. 10551Download Chart
PichnerHelen Agnes, Mrs. 10552Download Chart
PichnerJohnPancsova, Austria-Hungary10551Download Chart
PichnerJosephSztarcsova, Austria-Hungary10551Download Chart
PichnerKatherine E., Mrs. 10551Download Chart
PichnerMary, Mrs. 10551Download Chart
PichnerMauriceSztarcsova, Austria-Hungary10551Download Chart
PickardAngele, Mrs. 10687Download Chart
PickardAnnaIreland8391Download Chart
PickardAntoine 10687Download Chart
PickardArchange, Mrs. 10687Download Chart
PickardJean-Baptiste 10687Download Chart
PickardMarie-Sophie 10682Download Chart
PickardMarie-Sophie 10687Download Chart
PietJosephte 7353Download Chart
PiletJeanne MarieDetroit, MI, USA7351Download Chart
PiletJeanne, Mrs 7351Download Chart
PiletJoseph  7351Download Chart
PixleyErrilla Rosina, Mrs. 9656Download Chart
PixleyHarriet SophiaCattaraugus Co., NY, USA9654Download Chart
PixleyOrrin WrightCattaraugus Co., NY, USA9656Download Chart
PlumerAnn, Mrs. 109211Download Chart
PlumerBarbary, Mrs. 10927Download Chart
PlumerBarbary, Mrs. 109211Download Chart
PlumerBenjaminNewbury, Essex Co., MA, USA109211Download Chart
PlumerFrancisEngland109211Download Chart
PlumerJosephEngland109211Download Chart
PlumerMarthaRowley, Essex Co., MA, USA10927Download Chart
PlumerMartha 10927Download Chart
PlumerMartha 109210Download Chart
PlumerMartha 109211Download Chart
PlumerNathan 10927Download Chart
PlumerNathan 109211Download Chart
PlumerSarah Sally Ann 10981Download Chart
PlumerSarah, Mrs 109211Download Chart
PoissonBeatrice 9402Download Chart
PokigoJana 10563Download Chart
PokigoKatarzyhaPoland10563Download Chart
PokigoSalomea, Mrs 10563Download Chart
PomfretIsabelle 11371Download Chart
PortnerAnnaBurgistein, Switzerland11752Download Chart
PostMartha 11371Download Chart
PotterLemuelChili, Monroe Co., NY, USA11901Download Chart
PotterLydia, Mrs 11901Download Chart
PotterPermeliaNY, USA11901Download Chart
PoulsenAnders 9326Download Chart
PoulsenAne, Mrs. 9326Download Chart
PowellElizabeth 10991Download Chart
PowellKatherineWilsonville, Canada118524Download Chart
PowellLydia A. 11771Download Chart
PrattEdward 11246Download Chart
PrattFrancis ElizabethDetroit, MI, USA11242Download Chart
PrattFrancis ElizabethDetroit, MI, USA11246Download Chart
PrattGeorge ButlerDane Co., MI, USA11246Download Chart
PrattHannah, Mrs. 11246Download Chart
PrattHarriet Adelaide, Mrs. 11246Download Chart
PrattJacobMalden, MA, USA10293Download Chart
PrattJared 11246Download Chart
PrattMary, Mrs 11246Download Chart
PrattPhebe, Mrs. 10293Download Chart
PrattPrudence 11771Download Chart
PrattSarah Malden, MA, USA10293Download Chart
PrattSarah, Mrs 10293Download Chart
PrattThomasMalden, MA, USA10293Download Chart
PrescottEllen, Mrs. 27416Download Chart
PrescottJames 27416Download Chart
PrescottJohnLancaster, Worcester Co., MA, USA27415Download Chart
PrescottMaryHaifax Parish, England27415Download Chart
PrescottMary, Mrs. 27415Download Chart
PrescottRalph 27415Download Chart
PrescottRalph 27416Download Chart
PrescottRoger 27416Download Chart
PreussAnna Kathrine 8944Download Chart
PriceAlmira, Mrs. 9291Download Chart
PriceHazel "Honey" (Ruth)Grand Rapids, Kent Co., MI, USA9291Download Chart
PriceHenryFrederick Co., MD, USA9291Download Chart
PriceJeffords JeffersonRush, Monroe Co., NY, USA9291Download Chart
PriceJohn MyronRoyal Oak, Oakland Co., MI, USA9291Download Chart
PriceMary Eizaeth 11031Download Chart
PricePermelia, Mrs. 9291Download Chart
PriceSyntha A., Mrs. 9291Download Chart
PriesterCathrine Johannet 8945Download Chart
PriesterCathrine SophiHolzappel, Germany8945Download Chart
PrimeHannah Stevens 10291Download Chart
PrimeHannah, Mrs. 10291Download Chart
PrimeThomasRowley, MA, USA10291Download Chart
ProitungFranziskaWeitersweiler, Germany10662Download Chart
ProperMaria 11723Download Chart
PulakAgnieska, Mrs. 10563Download Chart
PulakFranciszkaPoland10563Download Chart
PulakHedwiges, Mrs. 10563Download Chart
PulakLouisePoland10563Download Chart
PulakMaciejPoland10563Download Chart
PulakMarianna, Mrs. 10563Download Chart
PulakMartini 10563Download Chart
PulschAnna MarieGermany7391Download Chart
PyeAlice, Mrs 118515Download Chart
PyeEmma JaneLondon England11857Download Chart
PyeEmma JaneLondon England118515Download Chart
PyeTheophilusEngland118515Download Chart
QuackenbosAdriaan 10802Download Chart
QuackenbosAnna  10802Download Chart
QuackenbosCatrina, Mrs. 10802Download Chart
QuackenbosElizabeth, Mrs 10802Download Chart
QuackenbosSybrantAlbany Co.,MI, USA10802Download Chart
QuackenbushElizabeth 10802Download Chart
QuackenbushHarmanAlbany Co., NY, USA10802Download Chart
QuackenbushJudith Mrs 10802Download Chart
QuaryMargaret 10144Download Chart
RadrichSusannaBurgberg, Hungary9731Download Chart
RaeElizabeth, Mrs 89410Download Chart
RaeMarthaHightae, Scotland89410Download Chart
RaeWilliamScotland89410Download Chart
RaetzJustine Wilhemine A.West Prussia8949Download Chart
Raiche/RauheAnne Marie 9401Download Chart
RameryCatherine 8591Download Chart
RamseyMargaretMD, USA9325Download Chart
RamseyMary, Mrs. 9325Download Chart
RamseyRobert 9325Download Chart
RandallDaphne 10871Download Chart
RandolphSarah AnnAlgonac, MI, USA11244Download Chart
RapinCatherine, Mrs. 10966Download Chart
RapinElizabethQuebec, Canada10966Download Chart
RapinJohn Baptist 10966Download Chart
RauAnna  10802Download Chart
ReadElizabethPortsmouth, England7391Download Chart
ReasHellenaVienna, Austria11291Download Chart
ReaumeAgatha, Mrs. 10963Download Chart
ReaumeJohn Baptist 10963Download Chart
ReaumeLouisa 10964Download Chart
ReaumeMaryDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA10963Download Chart
ReaumeMaryDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA10964Download Chart
RecordNancy AnnDickson Co., TN, USA1111Download Chart
RecordNancy AnnDickson Co., TN, USA1114Download Chart
RedmanAugustPrussia/Germany10921Download Chart
RedmanBertha, Mrs. 10921Download Chart
RedmanEtta JuliaDryden, Lapeer Co., MI, USA10921Download Chart
RehnerKatherina, Mrs. 9731Download Chart
RehnerMichaelMeshen, Hungary9731Download Chart
ReichertGeorge 10761Download Chart
ReichertMaude, Mrs. 10761Download Chart
ReiffenbergerAnna 11723Download Chart
ReiffenbergerJ. 11723Download Chart
ReiffenbergerMaria, Mrs. 11723Download Chart
ReikAnton 8361Download Chart
ReikMaria A., Mrs. 8361Download Chart
RenaudCharlotte, Mrs. 7352Download Chart
RenaudJean BaptistMontreal, Quebec, Canada7352Download Chart
RenaudJean Baptist 7352Download Chart
RenaudJosephMontreal, Quebec, Canada7352Download Chart
RenaudM. Madeleine, Mrs. 7352Download Chart
RenaudMadeleine Frederica, Mrs 7352Download Chart
RenaudThereseCanada West7352Download Chart
ReynoldsCharles M. 11771Download Chart
ReynoldsJane, Mrs. 11771Download Chart
ReynoldsMaryPaxtang, PA, USA9325Download Chart
ReynoldsMary (Mamie) 11771Download Chart
RichardEmilie, Mrs. 10683Download Chart
RichardPeterTrois Rivieres, Quebec, Canada10683Download Chart
RichardsJamesAvaca, PA, USA9181Download Chart
RichardsLaVerne, Mrs. 9181Download Chart
RichardsMaryTrois Rivieres, Quebec, Canada10681Download Chart
RichardsMaryTrois Rivieres, Quebec, Canada10683Download Chart
RichardsonAnn MariaGilmanton, NY, USA10293Download Chart
RichardsonCalebNewbury, MA, USA10293Download Chart
RichardsonDeWitt Clinton 9311Download Chart
RichardsonEmma Jane, Mrs. 9311Download Chart
RichardsonHenry ElijahLivonia, Wayne Co., MI, USA9311Download Chart
RichardsonJane Marie Nelson, Mrs. 9311Download Chart
RichardsonJohnMethuen, MA, USA10293Download Chart
RichardsonJosephine ElizabethSouth Lyon, Oakland Co., MI9311Download Chart
RichardsonPhineasMethuen, MA, USA10293Download Chart
RichardsonSarah, Mrs 10293Download Chart
RichardsonSarah, Mrs 10293Download Chart
RichardsonTryphena, Mrs 10293Download Chart
RieckMaria AnnaKottspiel, Germany8361Download Chart
RifeMaria A., Mrs. 9732Download Chart
RifeRobert L. 9732Download Chart
RimmelCrecentia 10741Download Chart
RitterRosellaOakland Co., MI, USA11021Download Chart
RitterSarah Ann, Mrs. 11021Download Chart
RitterSimon M. 11021Download Chart
RobertMarie Louisa 7351Download Chart
RobinsonJune, Mrs. 8311Download Chart
RobinsonRaymond A.Jefferson Co., WA, USA8311Download Chart
RobinsonSara M.W. Hartford, CT,USA1111Download Chart
RockwellJanette C. 118523Download Chart
RockwellJohn Adams 118523Download Chart
RockwellLouise, Mrs. 118523Download Chart
RodgersCetaTampa, FL, USA9291Download Chart
RodgersJessie A.J. 10961Download Chart
RodgersMary Ann, Mrs. 10961Download Chart
RodgersSusanCenterville, Hickman Co., TN USA10961Download Chart
RolfeHannah 109216Download Chart
RolfeHenryEngland109216Download Chart
RollieFrederick JohanesenStenkjer, Trondelagen, Norway118519Download Chart
RollieJulianna FredicksonLuroy, Norway118519Download Chart
RollieOline, Mrs. 118519Download Chart
RollinsSara  10951Download Chart
RoneyAnthony 10664Download Chart
RoneyFreedom, Mrs. 10661Download Chart
RoneyFreedom, Mrs. 10664Download Chart
RoneyFreedom, Mrs. 10665Download Chart
RoneyHattie, Mrs. 10661Download Chart
RoneyHughAttica, Lapeer Co., MI,USA10661Download Chart
RoneyJohnColumbia Co., NY, USA10664Download Chart
RoneyMarcella MayLapeer Co., MI, USA10661Download Chart
RoneyNancy, Mrs 10664Download Chart
RoneyRebecca, Mrs. 10664Download Chart
RoneyThomasLapeer Co., MI, USA10661Download Chart
RoneyThomasLapeer Co., MI, USA10664Download Chart
RoneyThomasLapeer Co., MI, USA10665Download Chart
RoodAdelia A.MI, USA11651Download Chart
RoodAlonzo R.Franklin Co., VT, USA11651Download Chart
RoodAlonzo R.Franklin Co., VT, USA11653Download Chart
RoodAnna, Mrs. 11653Download Chart
RoodBetsy, Mrs. 11651Download Chart
RoodBetsy, Mrs. 11653Download Chart
RoodCelindaMI, USA11651Download Chart
RoodEzraWilbraham, MA, USA11651Download Chart
RoodEzraWilbraham, MA, USA11653Download Chart
RoodGeorgeNorwich, New London, Co., CT, USA11654Download Chart
RoodHannah, Mrs. 11654Download Chart
RoodJane, Mrs. 11651Download Chart
RoodMoses 11653Download Chart
RoodSarahNorwich, New London, Co., CT, USA11654Download Chart
RoodSarah, Mrs. 11653Download Chart
RoodSarah, Mrs. 11654Download Chart
RoodSolomonNorwich, New London Co., CT, USA11653Download Chart
RoodSolomonNorwich, New London Co., CT, USA11654Download Chart
RoodThomasGlastonbury, Somerset, England11654Download Chart
RookEdward AmericusBristol, PA, USA11861Download Chart
RookFanny, Mrs. 11861Download Chart
RookGeorgia BirkettNY, USA11861Download Chart
RookIsabelle Frances, Mrs. 11861Download Chart
RookWm. Henry WallacePhiladelphia, PA, USA11861Download Chart
RootCatharine 10923Download Chart
RootLemeulTolland Co., CT, USA10923Download Chart
RootMagdalena, Mrs. 10923Download Chart
RootMary M., Mrs. 10923Download Chart
RoselleArthur RudolphWhite Lake, MI, USA11751Download Chart
RoselleArthur RudolphWhite Lake, MI, USA11752Download Chart
RoselleBenjaminSteuben, NY, USA11752Download Chart
RoselleBenjaminSteuben, NY, USA11753Download Chart
RoselleCharles EdwinHighland, MI, USA11751Download Chart
RoselleCharles EdwinHighland, MI, USA11752Download Chart
RoselleJane, Mrs. 11753Download Chart
RoselleLena Blanche, Mrs. 11751Download Chart
RoselleLena Blanche, Mrs. 11752Download Chart
RoselleMargy RuthPontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA11751Download Chart
RoselleMargy RuthPontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA11752Download Chart
RoselleMary, Mrs 11752Download Chart
RoselleRuth Emily, Mrs. 11751Download Chart
RoselleRuth Emily, Mrs. 11752Download Chart
RoselleSarah CorneliaNY11752Download Chart
RoselleSarah CorneliaNY11753Download Chart
RoshellBerthaPrussia10921Download Chart
RossMary 11024Download Chart
RossmanEleanor 11371Download Chart
RossonMary Elizabeth 10961Download Chart
RudiEsther 10922Download Chart
RulandAdam 8312Download Chart
RulandKatarina, Mrs. 8312Download Chart
RulandMaria AnnaSiegelsdorf, Bavaria8312Download Chart
RumerielSarah Enfield, Hartford Co., CT, USA2745Download Chart
RumerielSarah, Mrs. 2745Download Chart
RumerielSimon 2745Download Chart
RussoEcatarina, Mrs. 10552Download Chart
RussoHelen Agnes (Magdalena)Bolgartelep, Austria-Hungary10551Download Chart
RussoHelen Agnes (Magdalena)Bolgartelep, Austria-Hungary10552Download Chart
RussoPeter, Jr.Nagy-Szentmiklos, Austria-Hungary10552Download Chart
RussoPeter, Sr.Nagy-Szentmiklos, Austria-Hungary10552Download Chart
RussoTheresa, Mrs. 10552Download Chart
RyeHakon 9326Download Chart
RzepkaAndrew 10563Download Chart
RzepkaAndrewPoland10563Download Chart
RzepkaEdwinNewark, NJ, USA10563Download Chart
RzepkaLouise, Mrs. 10563Download Chart
RzepkaMarie, Mrs. 10563Download Chart
RzepkaMarion, Mrs. 10563Download Chart
RzepkaRaymondDetroit, MI, USA10563Download Chart
SalsgiverMary A. 8821Download Chart
SampleBerthena AnnGreene Co., OH, USA10891Download Chart
SanbornAnna MariaCleveland, OH, USA10291Download Chart
SanbornEsther, Mrs 10291Download Chart
SanbornHannah Stevens, Mrs. 10291Download Chart
SanbornMosesKensington, NH, USA10291Download Chart
SanbornWilliam MosesSalem, MA, USA10291Download Chart
SanlonMary  7356Download Chart
SartainEmily 11721Download Chart
SauttJemina 10561Download Chart
SavignacGenevieve 7353Download Chart
SavignacGenevieve, Mrs. 7353Download Chart
SavignacMichel 7353Download Chart
SawyerBathsheba, Mrs. 27414Download Chart
SawyerEdwardLancester, Worcester Co., MA, USA27414Download Chart
SawyerElizabethHebron, Tolland Co., CT, USA27414Download Chart
SawyerElizabeth, Mrs. 27414Download Chart
SawyerJohnTolland Co., CT, USA27414Download Chart
SawyerJohnLancester, Worcester Co., MA, USA27414Download Chart
SawyerJohnLancester, Worcester Co., MA, USA27415Download Chart
SawyerJohn 27415Download Chart
SawyerMary, Mrs. 27414Download Chart
SawyerMary, Mrs. 27415Download Chart
SawyerMary, Mrs. 27415Download Chart
SawyerThomasLincholnshire, England27415Download Chart
SaylorMahias 10333Download Chart
SaylorMary Magdalena 10333Download Chart
SchaupHelen 11241Download Chart
ScheemacherReginaGermany9181Download Chart
SchewaChristineOberHornikau W. Prussia8948Download Chart
SchewaMartinSchoenberg, West Prussia8948Download Chart
Schmid(in)Verenz 10923Download Chart
SchmidtAnna Marie, Mrs. 8943Download Chart
SchmidtCaroline 10861Download Chart
SchmidtElisabethe Marg.Kemmenau, Germany8943Download Chart
SchmidtJohann SebestianKemmenau, Germany8943Download Chart
SchmitMagdalena 10923Download Chart
SchneiderAileen ApolloniaDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA27413Download Chart
SchneiderApollonia, Mrs. 27413Download Chart
SchneiderEva, Mrs. 27413Download Chart
SchneiderFranz Frederick 27413Download Chart
SchneiderJohn (Joanis)Germany27413Download Chart
SchneiderMaria 27413Download Chart
SchofieldElizabethSussex Co., NJ., USA11031Download Chart
SchofieldFrancisOrtonville, MI, USA1951Download Chart
SchoolcraftJames 9327Download Chart
SchoolcraftJeanetteBreckenridge, Stephens Co., TX, USA9327Download Chart
SchoolcraftJoseph S.MO, USA9327Download Chart
SchoolcraftSarah Emeline, Mrs. 9327Download Chart
SchoolcraftTemperance, Mrs. 9327Download Chart
SchottleFrancesca 8821Download Chart
SchrackArthur John 11901Download Chart
SchrackLenna Mae, Mrs. 11901Download Chart
SchrammCaroline, Mrs. 10861Download Chart
SchrammPeter 10861Download Chart
SchrammRosenaRogasen, Germany10861Download Chart
SchultenkamperAnna E., Mrs. 5251Download Chart
SchultenkamperB. 5251Download Chart
SchultenkamperLisetteMeschede, Germany5251Download Chart
SchultzAnna Dorothea, Mrs. 8946Download Chart
SchultzCatherine ElisaRambeltsch, Germany8946Download Chart
SchultzJacob 8946Download Chart
Schultz/SchulzWilhelmina DorothyGermany11021Download Chart
Schultz/SchulzWilhelmina DorothyGermany11027Download Chart
Schultz/SchulzWilhelmina DorothyGermany11028Download Chart
SchulzWilhelmina  11028Download Chart
SchwanewedelAnna Marie, Mrs. 7391Download Chart
SchwanewedelS.E.Schmarren, Germany7391Download Chart
SchwartzAnna Marie, Mrs. 8822Download Chart
SchwartzJohann DavidAnnweiler, Germany8822Download Chart
SchwartzJohann JakobAnnweiler, Germany8822Download Chart
SchwartzJohann Nickolaus 8822Download Chart
SchwartzJohann Phillip 8822Download Chart
SchwartzMaria D. 10861Download Chart
SchwartzMarie Margarethe, Mrs. 8822Download Chart
SchwartzMarie SophieAnnweiler, Germany8822Download Chart
SchwartzSusanna MargaretheAnnweiler, Germany8822Download Chart
SchwartzSusanna, Mrs. 8822Download Chart
SchwartzmanElizabeth, Mrs 9402Download Chart
SchwartzmanLeonard 9402Download Chart
SchwartzmanTheresaGermany9402Download Chart
ScottElizabeth/Mary 2201Download Chart
ScottHenryRattlesden, England109218Download Chart
ScottJane 11901Download Chart
ScottMartha, Mrs. 109218Download Chart
ScottUrsulaRattlesden, Suffolk, England109218Download Chart
SeeJennie 11861Download Chart
SelbySallie 9311Download Chart
SelineOlofHalsingland, Sweden7358Download Chart
SelineOlofSweden7358Download Chart
SelineOlofHalsingland, Sweden7359Download Chart
SelineSelma, Mrs. 7358Download Chart
SelineSelma, Mrs. 7359Download Chart
SellersElizabeth 10294Download Chart
SengespeickAnna Sophia Wilhelmine 101412Download Chart
SengespeickChristian Frederich 101412Download Chart
SengespeickMarie Dorothee Friederika, Mrs. 101412Download Chart
SextonEdward 118514Download Chart
SextonEileen RosalieNorfolk, England11853Download Chart
SextonEileen RosalieNorfolk, England11857Download Chart
SextonEmma Jane, Mrs. 11857Download Chart
SextonEmma Jane, Mrs. 118515Download Chart
SextonJohn 10961Download Chart
SextonJohnSuffork, England11857Download Chart
SextonJohnSuffork, England118514Download Chart
SextonMary Agnes, Mrs 10961Download Chart
SextonMary ElsieColumbus, Muscogee, Co., GA, USA10961Download Chart
SextonWheeler M. 10961Download Chart
SeyMaria (Mary) 27413Download Chart
SharpKenneth 10681Download Chart
SharpLorraine RoseMontreal, Canada10681Download Chart
SharpRose Provost, Mrs. 10681Download Chart
ShaulCatherine, Mrs. 10881Download Chart
ShaulCynthia, Mrs 10881Download Chart
ShaulEllisNY, USA10881Download Chart
ShaulFrankLudington, MI, USA10881Download Chart
ShaulHarry G.Cheboygan, MI, USA10881Download Chart
ShaulJ.Mae D., Mrs. 10881Download Chart
ShaulMadison 10881Download Chart
ShaulMargaret L,, Mrs. 10881Download Chart
ShaulMyrtle Mae, Mrs. 10881Download Chart
ShaulPatrick A.Lincoln Park, MI, USA10881Download Chart
ShaverCordelia B.Metamora Twp., MI, USA11243Download Chart
ShawEllen 27416Download Chart
ShawMary (Polly) 8241Download Chart
SheddSusan 11652Download Chart
SheetsBrice HannanGallia Co., OH, USA10561Download Chart
SheetsElizabeth, Mrs. 10561Download Chart
SheetsGeorgePA, USA10561Download Chart
SheetsPaulina IndianaGallia, Co., OH, USA10561Download Chart
SheetsSamantha, Mrs. 10561Download Chart
SheetsWilliam F.VA, USA10561Download Chart
SheltonGrace NovellaJefferson Co. IL, USA9641Download Chart
SheltonJessie Green, Mrs. 9641Download Chart
SheltonWalter NewtonJefferson Co., IL, USA9641Download Chart
ShepherdElijay R.Pittsburg, PA, USA10294Download Chart
ShepherdElizabethWellsville, OH. USA10294Download Chart
ShepherdLeah 11022Download Chart
ShepherdMartha, Mrs 10294Download Chart
ShetlerHannahHighgate VT, USA10893Download Chart
ShetlerHannahHighgate VT, USA10894Download Chart
ShetlerHannahHighgate VT, USA11243Download Chart
ShoemakerGeorge 11022Download Chart
ShoemakerGrace Warrington, PA, USA11022Download Chart
ShoemakerGrace, Mrs. 11022Download Chart
ShumanMaria, Mrs 10932Download Chart
ShumwayDavidMiddlesex Co., MA, USA10932Download Chart
ShumwayMaryWorchester Co., MA, USA10932Download Chart
ShumwayPeterTopsfield, MA, USA10932Download Chart
SiebenAnna Marie 8822Download Chart
SiebenSusanna 8822Download Chart
SiebertMary 9324Download Chart
SiessKatharina 8312Download Chart
SigvardsdotterAne 9326Download Chart
SillerMaryCanada11291Download Chart
SillerMaryCanada11297Download Chart
SillerMaryCanada11298Download Chart
SillerNeil 11298Download Chart
SillerSusin, Mrs. 11298Download Chart
SillsElizabeth 11721Download Chart
SillsElizabeth 11724Download Chart
SillsJohn Conrad 11724Download Chart
SimmsSarahMalden,MA, USA10293Download Chart
SimonJonathon 2201Download Chart
SimonMary AnnDekalb Co.,IN, USA2201Download Chart
SimonRachael, Mrs. 2201Download Chart
SimpsonJessie (Jennie) 9311Download Chart
SingletaryEuniceSalisbury, MA, USA109214Download Chart
SingletaryRichardHaverhill, MA, USA109214Download Chart
SingletarySusanna, Mrs. 109214Download Chart
SkinnerJoanna 10871Download Chart
SkogAlfred LeonhardBarnesville, Clay Co., MN, USA118516Download Chart
SkogAlfred LeonhardBarnesville, Clay Co., MN, USA118519Download Chart
SkogCharles LudwigSmaland, Sweden118519Download Chart
SkogHulda, Mrs. 118516Download Chart
SkogIlene JoyceAlpena Co., MI, USA118516Download Chart
SkogJulianna Fredickson, Mrs. 118519Download Chart
SkogLudwigSweden118519Download Chart
SkowronHedwiges 10563Download Chart
SkyumA., Mrs. 9326Download Chart
SkyumChristen Jensen 9326Download Chart
SlingerlandDorothy B.,Mrs 11011Download Chart
SlingerlandJames H. 11011Download Chart
SlingerlandMarie L., Mrs. 11011Download Chart
SlingerlandNancy EizabethSchenectady, NY, USA11011Download Chart
SlingerlandRoland F.Albany, NY, USA11011Download Chart
SlingerlandStormAlbany, NY, USA11011Download Chart
SlingerlandUrsula, Mrs. 11011Download Chart
SlinkerJulia Ann 8591Download Chart
SloanAnjeanetteMadison Co., IN, USA9323Download Chart
SloanElizabeth, Mrs. 9323Download Chart
SloanElizabeth, Mrs. 9323Download Chart
SloanHenry 9323Download Chart
SloanNancy Elizabeth, Mrs. 9323Download Chart
SloanNoahPreble Co., OH, USA9323Download Chart
SloanPeter 9323Download Chart
SmithAugusta M.Prob. Oakland Co., MI, USA10761Download Chart
SmithBessie ChaseReynoldsville, PA, USA8591Download Chart
SmithChristian(ere), Mrs. 10332Download Chart
SmithCynthiaNY, USA7441Download Chart
SmithDavid 11011Download Chart
SmithDevereauxAlburgh, Norfolk, England11111Download Chart
SmithEdward A.Pittsburgh, PA, USA8591Download Chart
SmithEllenEngland10761Download Chart
SmithEsther, Mrs 11111Download Chart
SmithFannyCanada10801Download Chart
SmithHannahEngland9643Download Chart
SmithHarriet 118514Download Chart
SmithHughEngland10928Download Chart
SmithKitty Belle, Mrs. 11111Download Chart
SmithLeonardChester Co., PA, USA10332Download Chart
SmithMariaWorchester Co., MA, USA10932Download Chart
SmithMaria LouisaUnion Co., PA, USA10332Download Chart
SmithMaryEssex Co., MA, USA10928Download Chart
SmithMary Ellen, Mrs. 8591Download Chart
SmithMary M. 10923Download Chart
SmithMelchor 10332Download Chart
SmithNancy 9327Download Chart
SmithNancy Elizabeth, Mrs. 11011Download Chart
SmithPeter 10332Download Chart
SmithRebeccaNY, USA10666Download Chart
SmithShirley CumminsHighland, Oakland Co., MI, USA11111Download Chart
SmithSusannah, Mrs. 10332Download Chart
SmithWilliam HenryMilford, Oakland Co., MI, USA11111Download Chart
SnodgrassAnzlow W.Venango Co., PA, USA8821Download Chart
SnodgrassBenjamin 8821Download Chart
SnodgrassEmily Antionette, Mrs. 8821Download Chart
SnodgrassHarry NeltnerDetroit, MI, USA8821Download Chart
SnodgrassMarilyn VanNormanDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA8821Download Chart
SnodgrassMary A., Mrs. 8821Download Chart
SnodgrassMary Elizabeth, Mrs. 8821Download Chart
SnodgrassMildred Bella 8821Download Chart
SnodgrassRobert AlexanderPresident, PA, USA8821Download Chart
SnyderBarbara 109213Download Chart
SoleAndrew WilsonCanada8392Download Chart
SoleJeanette, Mrs. 8392Download Chart
SoleLorenzo D.Almont, MI, USA8392Download Chart
SoleNancy C., Mrs. 8392Download Chart
SoleNellie E.Tuscola/Dryden, MI, USA8391Download Chart
SoleNellie E.Tuscola/Dryden, MI, USA8392Download Chart
Somers/SummersJane 10801Download Chart
SoperAnn, Mrs. 118522Download Chart
SoperHelenPontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA118517Download Chart
SoperHelenPontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA118522Download Chart
SoperOwenMonroe Co., NY USA118522Download Chart
SoperSarah, Mrs 118522Download Chart
SoperTimothy 118522Download Chart
SpaceElizabethSussex Co., NJ, USA11031Download Chart
SpaldingEllen ElizabethMohawk Village, Herkimer Co., NY, USA10292Download Chart
SpaldingEunice, Mrs. 10292Download Chart
SpaldingEva, Mrs. 10292Download Chart
SpaldingWilliamProvidence, RI, USA10292Download Chart
SpaldingWilliamPlainfield, CT, USA10292Download Chart
SpannMaria Anna 9401Download Chart
SpannNancy AnnKY, USA9323Download Chart
SpannSolomon 9323Download Chart
SparrJohann Marcus 8822Download Chart
SparrJohannesAnnweiler, Germany8822Download Chart
SparrMarie Sophie, Mrs. 8822Download Chart
SparrSusanna Marie 8822Download Chart
SpathAloisFurth Atm Wald, Barvaria8311Download Chart
SpathAloisFurth Atm Wald, Barvaria8312Download Chart
SpathBabete, Mrs. 8311Download Chart
SpathBabete, Mrs. 8312Download Chart
SpathCharlotte KathrynDungeness, WA, USA8311Download Chart
SpathFranziska, Mrs. 8311Download Chart
SpathGeorgWurzmuhle, Bavaria8311Download Chart
SpearJane Eliza 10292Download Chart
SpechtMaria Phillipine 10331Download Chart
SpeerAmeliaRowan Co., NC, USA10292Download Chart
SpiekermanAnna LenaCarrollton, Saginaw Co., MI, USA10771Download Chart
SpiekermannHannah, Mrs. 10771Download Chart
SpiekermannHannah, Mrs. 10776Download Chart
SpiekermannWilliam F.Germany10771Download Chart
SpiekermannWilliam F.Germany10776Download Chart
SpraguePhebeMalden, MA, USA10293Download Chart
SpringhornAnna Marie EmmaSoltau, Hannover, Germany101412Download Chart
SpringhornAnna Marie EmmaSoltau, Hannover, Germany101415Download Chart
SpringhornCahherine Marie Dorothee, Mrs 101412Download Chart
SpringhornJohann Heinrich JacobSoltau, Hannover, Germany101412Download Chart
St. JeanMargaret Martin 10964Download Chart
St.Jean dit LapercheMarie-Agathe 10684Download Chart
StandishAliceStandish, England27416Download Chart
StandishRoger 27416Download Chart
StantonMargaret 10931Download Chart
StarkeyCynthia, Mrs. 7441Download Chart
StarkeyEllenTroy, Oakland Co., MI, USA7441Download Chart
StarkeyJustus V.NY, USA7441Download Chart
StarkeyMarthaPontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA118511Download Chart
StearnsClarissa, Mrs. 10893Download Chart
StearnsDenisonWindsor, Berkshire Co,10893Download Chart
StearnsEva SavillaMontcalm Co., MI, USA10891Download Chart
StearnsEva SavillaMontcalm Co., MI, USA10892Download Chart
StearnsEva SavillaMontcalm Co., MI, USA10893Download Chart
StearnsJoseph DenisonPittsfield, Huron Co., OH, USA10893Download Chart
StearnsSarah Elizabeth, Mrs. 10893Download Chart
SteeleLeslie AnnBath Co., KY, USA8391Download Chart
SteeleSarepta, Mrs. 8391Download Chart
SteeleWilliamBath Co., KY, USA8391Download Chart
StegemeyerWihelmina 10771Download Chart
SteinhauerAlbertina, MRs. 7151Download Chart
SteinhauerAliceTaylor Twp., Wayne Co., MI, USA7151Download Chart
SteinhauerWilliam 7151Download Chart
SteinmanAdam B.OH or PA, USA7441Download Chart
SteinmanIda MaeBangor, Van Buren Co, MI, USA7441Download Chart
SteinmanJames P.Hancock Co., OH, USA7441Download Chart
SteinmanKathryn, Mrs. 7441Download Chart
SteinmanRachel, Mrs. 7441Download Chart
SternDeborah K. 11291Download Chart
SternbergMaria T. F. 5251Download Chart
StevensHannahAndover, MA, USA10291Download Chart
StevensSarah 10293Download Chart
StewartAnna 10931Download Chart
StewartCordelia S. 10761Download Chart
StickenA.M., Mrs. 7391Download Chart
StickenJohann H.Destel Prussia7391Download Chart
StickneyAmosEngland109215Download Chart
StickneyBenjaminNewbury, MA, USA109215Download Chart
StickneyMaryRowley, MA, USA10927Download Chart
StickneyMaryRowley, MA, USA109215Download Chart
StickneyMaryRowley, MA, USA109216Download Chart
StickneyMary, Mrs. 109215Download Chart
StickneySarah, Mrs. 109215Download Chart
StickneyWilliamFrampton, Lincolnshire, England109215Download Chart
StoneHelcarna, Mrs. 9601Download Chart
StoneMary ElizabethMcCracken Co., KY, USA9601Download Chart
StoneUelMecklenburg Co., VA, USA9601Download Chart
StoutJane 9327Download Chart
StoutMary JaneWayne Co., NY, USA11111Download Chart
StratmanMaria F. 5251Download Chart
StraubElmer EllsworthLakeview, MI, USA2201Download Chart
StraubEmma Belle, Mrs 2201Download Chart
StraubFlorenceClawson, Oakland Co., MI, USA2201Download Chart
StraubLeslie PearlNobel Co, IN, USA2201Download Chart
StraubMary Bernis, Mrs. 2201Download Chart
StrictfootMary, Mrs.Canada11371Download Chart
StroupAdelia, Mrs 2201Download Chart
StroupElizabeth, Mrs. 2201Download Chart
StroupJoseph 2201Download Chart
StroupSimon Peter 2201Download Chart
StrubleAnn Moris, Mrs. 11031Download Chart
StrubleDaniel 11031Download Chart
StrubleEarl D.Franklin, NJ, USA11031Download Chart
StrubleElizabeth, Mrs. 11031Download Chart
StrubleElizabeth, Mrs. 11031Download Chart
StrubleIrene, Mrs. 11031Download Chart
StrubleOlive Mable, Mrs. 11031Download Chart
StrublePeter M.Sussex Co., NJ, USA11031Download Chart
StrublePhillipSussex Co., NJ, USA11031Download Chart
StrubleWarren EzraSussex Co., NJ, USA11031Download Chart
StullHannah 11651Download Chart
SturtevantJairus 10931Download Chart
SturtevantJoanna, Mrs. 10931Download Chart
SturtevantLydiaOrleans Co., VT, USA10931Download Chart
SummersAlvin EugeneMI, USA96512Download Chart
SummersLulu MaeBrandon Twp., Oakland Co., MI, USA96515Download Chart
SummersMary Jane, Mrs. 96512Download Chart
SummersMatildaMD., USA1113Download Chart
SundGeneva Ruth 11111Download Chart
SuttonEthel GracePontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA11371Download Chart
SuttonGrace Maude, Mrs 11371Download Chart
SuttonIsabelle, Mrs 11371Download Chart
SuttonJohn 11371Download Chart
SuttonLaurence ThomasPontiac, MI, USA11371Download Chart
SuttonLeora Delene, Mrs. 11371Download Chart
SuttonThomasBolton, England11371Download Chart
SuzorFrancisFrance10963Download Chart
SuzorLouisAssumption, Sandwich10963Download Chart
SuzorMary Charlotte, Mrs 10963Download Chart
SuzorMonica 10963Download Chart
SuzorMonica 10964Download Chart
SwainAbnerNantucket, MA, USA11247Download Chart
SwainAlmdea Lusinda, Mrs. 11243Download Chart
SwainEarlDetroit, MI, USA11241Download Chart
SwainEarl H.Kings Mills, MI, USA11241Download Chart
SwainEarl H.Kings Mills, MI, USA11243Download Chart
SwainHoraceNY, USA11243Download Chart
SwainHoraceNY, USA11247Download Chart
SwainIva C.Easton, NY11247Download Chart
SwainJune Margaret, Mrs. 11241Download Chart
SwainLavinia/Lovina, Mrs. 11247Download Chart
SwainLurania, Mrs 11247Download Chart
SwainLydia, Mrs 11247Download Chart
SwainMenta, Lucy, Mrs. 11241Download Chart
SwainSandra JoyceDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA11241Download Chart
SwainWilliam, Jr.Nantucket, MA, USA11247Download Chart
SwanCharles Grandison 8821Download Chart
SwanEmily AbigailInnerkip, Ontario, Canada8821Download Chart
SwanLucretia, Mrs. 8821Download Chart
SwartzlanderConrad 10333Download Chart
SwartzlanderElizabeth, Mrs 10333Download Chart
SwartzlanderGeorge 10333Download Chart
SwartzlanderLeah HarrietUnion Co., PA, USA10333Download Chart
SweezySally AnnNJ, USA10891Download Chart
SwensonJohannesSweden7359Download Chart
SwensonMaria/Maya Eliazbeth, Mrs. 7359Download Chart
SwensonSelmaVastergotland, Sweden7358Download Chart
SwensonSelmaVastergotland, Sweden7359Download Chart
SwezyMary Ann 118524Download Chart
SwickBenjamin FranklinLeonard, MI, USA11021Download Chart
SwickErastust 11021Download Chart
SwickErastust 11024Download Chart
SwickErastust 11025Download Chart
SwickGrace MarionRoyal Oak, Oakland Co., MI, USA11021Download Chart
SwickMary Ann, Mrs. 11021Download Chart
SwickMary Ann, Mrs. 11024Download Chart
SwickMary Ann, Mrs. 11025Download Chart
SwickMary, Mrs. 11024Download Chart
SwickPeterNJ, USA11024Download Chart
SwickRosella, Mrs. 11021Download Chart
SwiftCharlotteEngland10921Download Chart
SwitzerJohnCanada10775Download Chart
SwitzerJulia AnnOntario, Canada10771Download Chart
SwitzerJulia AnnOntario, Canada10774Download Chart
SwitzerJulia AnnOntario, Canada10775Download Chart
SybrandtAlice Almeda, Mrs. 10991Download Chart
SybrandtElise HortenseHarns, MN, USA10991Download Chart
SybrandtGeorge Washington 10991Download Chart
SybrandtNancy, Mrs. 10991Download Chart
SybrandtSamuel JohnSpartansburg, PA, USA10991Download Chart
TamelingsTecia 101410Download Chart
TannerSarah AnnCanada11111Download Chart
TaylorAlbertWilson, Niagara Co.,NY, USA8241Download Chart
TaylorDavid 8241Download Chart
TaylorEmily Elizabeth 1111Download Chart
TaylorHarriet L., Mrs 8241Download Chart
TaylorHarriet L., Mrs 8243Download Chart
TaylorHerbert SmithLeRoy, Calhoun Co., MI, USA8241Download Chart
TaylorHerbert SmithLeRoy, Calhoun Co., MI, USA8243Download Chart
TaylorJoseph Henry 1111Download Chart
TaylorLorenzoColebrook, CT, USA8241Download Chart
TaylorMargaret 10142Download Chart
TaylorMartha, Mrs 8241Download Chart
TaylorMary 10929Download Chart
TaylorMary, Mrs 8241Download Chart
TaylorNona OdetteE.Leroy, Calhoun Co., MI, USA8241Download Chart
TaylorRose Provost 10681Download Chart
TechlinFred 10776Download Chart
TechlinHannahGermany10771Download Chart
TechlinHannahGermany10776Download Chart
TempleSarah  10293Download Chart
TerBushGeorge S.NY, USA9659Download Chart
TerBushHannah, Mrs 9659Download Chart
TerBushHarry Larned 96514Download Chart
TerBushLucy Belle, Mrs. 96514Download Chart
TerBushWilma MaeTuscola Co., MI, USA9652Download Chart
TessierFrancis 10963Download Chart
TessierFrancis 10964Download Chart
TessmerCaroline, Mrs. 11242Download Chart
TessmerPaulinePrussia11242Download Chart
TessmerPeter 11242Download Chart
TheisenMaria Catherine 10741Download Chart
ThevouDaniel 11723Download Chart
ThomaCaroline Kempten, Bavaria, Germany10741Download Chart
ThomaMax Adelbert 10741Download Chart
ThomaWinefred, Mrs. 10741Download Chart
ThompsonAmelia, Mrs 10921Download Chart
ThompsonAmelia, Mrs 109212Download Chart
ThompsonAmelia, Mrs 109213Download Chart
ThompsonAmelia, Mrs 109213Download Chart
ThompsonBarbara, Mrs. 109213Download Chart
ThompsonCharles MartinHood Co., Tx, USA9327Download Chart
ThompsonHesterMiami Co., IN, USA10331Download Chart
ThompsonJamesNJ, USA109212Download Chart
ThompsonJeanette, Mrs. 9327Download Chart
ThompsonJohn RobertPA, USA10921Download Chart
ThompsonJohn RobertPA, USA109212Download Chart
ThompsonJohn RobertPA, USA109213Download Chart
ThompsonKaty VirginiaCarnegie, Kiowa Co., OK, USA9327Download Chart
ThompsonLucy A. 11241Download Chart
ThompsonLucy A. 11245Download Chart
ThompsonMargretSalem Co., NJ, USA9324Download Chart
ThompsonMarthaNorthern Ireland9657Download Chart
ThompsonMary DellingerHuntingdon, PA, USA10921Download Chart
ThompsonMary Elizabeth, Mrs. 9327Download Chart
ThompsonRobert 109213Download Chart
ThompsonSarah R., Mrs 10331Download Chart
ThompsonSarah, Mrs. 109212Download Chart
ThompsonSusanna 109213Download Chart
ThompsonWilliam 9327Download Chart
ThompsonWilliamSC, USA10331Download Chart
ThompsonWilliam 109213Download Chart
ThorntonMary Ann 10961Download Chart
Thouin dit GermainMarie-Judith 10684Download Chart
ThulisElizabethHuddersfield, England10291Download Chart
TillsonHarriet 8821Download Chart
TislowAlbert 9311Download Chart
TislowNancie JanniePetersburg, Pike Co., IN, USA9311Download Chart
TislowSallie, Mrs. 9311Download Chart
TobiasEva, Mrs 10881Download Chart
TobiasGeorgeBlake Lake, MI, USA10881Download Chart
TobiasMyrtle MaeRogers City, MI, USA10881Download Chart
TobiasOrion 10881Download Chart
ToddLevi Vorse 11471Download Chart
ToddSylvia Lois, Mrs. 11471Download Chart
TowerAnn Louise, Mrs 10871Download Chart
TowerDortha DellaShiawassee Co., MI, USA10871Download Chart
TowerEmily, Mrs. 10871Download Chart
TowerFrank ErwinArgentine Twp., MI, USA10871Download Chart
TowerFrank LaytonGenesee Co., MI, USA10871Download Chart
TowerHanna, Mrs. 10871Download Chart
TowerKatherine, Mrs 10871Download Chart
TowerSamuel 10871Download Chart
TowerSolomon 10871Download Chart
TownsendElihuOyster Bay, Long Island, NY, USA9322Download Chart
TownsendElihuOyster Bay, Long Island, NY, USA9323Download Chart
TownsendSarahGreene Co., NY, USA9321Download Chart
TownsendSarahGreene Co., NY, USA9322Download Chart
TownsendSarahGreene Co., NY, USA9323Download Chart
TrauschMargaretBolgartelep, Rumania10552Download Chart
TrauschunnamedEurope10552Download Chart
TrauschunnamedEurope10552Download Chart
TreichlerAckerman 7357Download Chart
TreichlerAnna Margareta, Mrs. 7357Download Chart
TreichlerMaria A.Romerz, Germany7357Download Chart
TrieberMaria Sophie Augustine 101415Download Chart
TroberElizebeth Marie, Mrs. 101416Download Chart
TroberErna Wilhelmina, Mrs. 10148Download Chart
TroberErna Wilhelmina, Mrs. 101412Download Chart
TroberErna Wilhelmina, Mrs. 101415Download Chart
TroberJohann Chrisoph FriedrichRottdorf, Germany101415Download Chart
TroberJohann Chrisoph FriedrichRottdorf, Germany101416Download Chart
TroberJohann HeinrichBlankenhain Germany101416Download Chart
TroberJohann Michael 101416Download Chart
TroberKarl Heinrich RobertBlankenhain Germany101415Download Chart
TroberMaria Catherina, Mrs. 101415Download Chart
TroberMaria Sophie Augustine 101415Download Chart
TroberOtto CarlBlankenhain Germany10148Download Chart
TroberOtto CarlBlankenhain Germany101412Download Chart
TroberOtto CarlBlankenhain Germany101415Download Chart
TroberSophie, Mrs. 101416Download Chart
TroeberFlorence EmmaNewark, Essex Co., NJ, USA10148Download Chart
TroeberFlorence EmmaNewark, Essex Co., NJ, USA101412Download Chart
TroeberFlorence EmmaNewark, Essex Co., NJ, USA101415Download Chart
TroutTemperance 9327Download Chart
TruaxAnna 8242Download Chart
TuckerChloe M.Erie Co., NY, USA11771Download Chart
TuckerElijay B. 11771Download Chart
TuckerPrudence, Mrs. 11771Download Chart
TullisRachelHancock Co., OH, USA7441Download Chart
TuttleMary AliceCannon Twp., Kent Co., MI, USA10891Download Chart
UdellJaneWesterlo, NY, USA1951Download Chart
UlrichAlice, Mrs. 11861Download Chart
UlrichFrankFayette Co., IL, USA11861Download Chart
UlrichMabel FlorenceBaldwin Co., MO, USA11861Download Chart
UlrichMaria Anna 9401Download Chart
UnderwoodMarthaEngland10951Download Chart
UpdykeEmma 10872Download Chart
UpdykeMr. 10872Download Chart
UpdykeRebecca, Mrs. 10872Download Chart
VanBurenBenjaminNY, USA10771Download Chart
VanBurenBenjaminNY, USA10772Download Chart
VanBurenBenjaminNY, USA10773Download Chart
VanBurenBenjamin B.NY, USA10772Download Chart
VanBurenCarol AnnMarshall Co., MO, USA10771Download Chart
VanBurenClifford RaymondOakland Co., MI, USA10771Download Chart
VanBurenIda Mary, Mrs. 10771Download Chart
VanBurenIda, Mrs. 10771Download Chart
VanBurenIda, Mrs. 10772Download Chart
VanBurenIda, Mrs. 10773Download Chart
VanBurenLeona Hanna, Mrs. 10771Download Chart
VanBurenPamelia, Mrs. 10772Download Chart
VanBurenTheodore HaroldSagniaw Co., MI, USA10771Download Chart
VandenberghAntje 10803Download Chart
VandenberghCatharina, Mrs. 10803Download Chart
VandenberghCatrinaAlbany Co., NY, USA10803Download Chart
VandenberghCatrina, Mrs. 10803Download Chart
VanDenberghCornelis Classe 10803Download Chart
VanDenberghCornelis J.Albany Co., NY, USA10803Download Chart
VanDenberghGerrit 10803Download Chart
VanDenberghJohannesNY, USA10803Download Chart
VanDenberghMarie, Mrs. 10803Download Chart
VanDenberghMarritie 10803Download Chart
VanDenberghMarritje Gerritse 10803Download Chart
VanDenberghMarytieRensselaer Co., NY, USA10801Download Chart
VanDenberghMarytieRensselaer Co., NY, USA10802Download Chart
VanDenberghMarytieRensselaer Co., NY, USA10803Download Chart
VanDenberghSusanna, Mrs. 10803Download Chart
VanDenberghVolkert 10803Download Chart
VanDenberghVolkie Volkertse, Mrs. 10803Download Chart
VanDenberghWynant FolkertseAlbany Co., NY, USA10803Download Chart
VanDenberghWynant Willemse 10803Download Chart
VanDeveerAaronSangamon, IN, USA10292Download Chart
VanDeveerAmelia, Mrs. 10292Download Chart
VanDeveerClara Isabelle, Mrs. 10292Download Chart
VanDeveerFred LeroyChristian Co., IL, USA10292Download Chart
VanDeveerGeorge AlexanderMorrisonville, IL, USA10292Download Chart
VanDeveerGeorge W.Surry Co., NC, USA10292Download Chart
VanDeveerJane Elize, Mrs. 10292Download Chart
VanDeveerJohnRowan Co., NC, USA10292Download Chart
VanDeveerSarah Katherine, Mrs. 10292Download Chart
VanEveryCermy, Mrs. 11771Download Chart
VanEveryChloe, Mrs. 11771Download Chart
VanEveryGeorge WheatonHamtramck, MI, USA11771Download Chart
VanEveryPauline (Matie)Grand Rapids, Kent Co., MI, USA11771Download Chart
VanEveryPeter 11771Download Chart
VanFossanMarthaWellsville, OH, USA10294Download Chart
VanHoesenVolkie Valkertse 10803Download Chart
VanHornAbraham 8313Download Chart
VanHornElizabeth (Betsey) 8313Download Chart
VanHornElizabeth, Mrs. 8313Download Chart
VanHuysenCornelius CluteSchenectady, NY, USA8242Download Chart
VanHuysenEva, Mrs 8242Download Chart
VanHuysenGerzenia, Mrs. 8242Download Chart
VanHuysenHarmanus 8242Download Chart
VanHuysenHarmonasSchenectady, NY, USA8242Download Chart
VanHuysenHattie, Mrs. 8242Download Chart
VanHuysenHattie, Mrs. 8244Download Chart
VanHuysenHenry EarlPenn Yan, Yates Co., NY, USA8242Download Chart
VanHuysenHenry EarlPenn Yan, Yates Co., NY, USA8244Download Chart
VanHuysenKarl Rudolph 8241Download Chart
VanHuysenNona Odette, Mrs. 8241Download Chart
VanHuysenRoedolphNY, USA8242Download Chart
VanHuysenSara 8242Download Chart
VanHuysenSarah, Mrs. 8242Download Chart
VanNesAnna 10803Download Chart
VanNesCornelis Gerritse 10803Download Chart
VanNesMarie 10803Download Chart
VanNesMarritje, Gerritse 10803Download Chart
VannormanAbram 8821Download Chart
VannormanBenjamin 8821Download Chart
VannormanCharity, Mrs. 8821Download Chart
VannormanCharles MaitlandTillsonburg, Ontario, Canada8821Download Chart
VannormanHannah EverettMillgrove, Ontario, Canada8821Download Chart
VannormanHarriet, Mrs. 8821Download Chart
VannormanJohnsonNormandale, Ontario, Canada8821Download Chart
VannormanMarion Estelle, Mrs. 8821Download Chart
VannormanMildred BellaDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA8821Download Chart
VanSchaickCathrine 10802Download Chart
VanVrankenMarie, Mrs. 8242Download Chart
VanVrankenRichard 8242Download Chart
VanVrankenSarahSchenectady, NY, USA8242Download Chart
VanWyckHarold HenryWayne Co., MI, USA10891Download Chart
VanWyckJanet Carolyn, Mrs. 10891Download Chart
VedderCatherine M.Schenectady Co., NY, USA1115Download Chart
VedderCatherine M.Schenectady Co., NY, USA1116Download Chart
Velthuysen/FelthousenAnnatje, Mrs. 1116Download Chart
Velthuysen/FelthousenChristoffel 1116Download Chart
Velthuysen/FelthousenMary (Maria)Schenectady, NY, USA1116Download Chart
VennemannFriederika 10149Download Chart
Verral-DancyMary  9658Download Chart
ViandenElisabeth 101415Download Chart
VidekCarlAustria-Hungary10551Download Chart
VidekKatherine E.Sztarcsova, Austria-Hungary10551Download Chart
VidekSophie 10551Download Chart
Vincent dit JeanJean Baptist 7352Download Chart
Vincent dit JeanMadeleine Frederica 7352Download Chart
Vincent dit JeanMarie Julienne, Mrs. 7352Download Chart
VlietDortha Della, Mrs. 10871Download Chart
VlietElmer CalvinOakland Co., MI, USA10871Download Chart
VlietEmerson CharlesOakland Co., MI, USA10871Download Chart
VlietGeorgena NealOakland Co., MI, USA10871Download Chart
VlietJennie E., Mrs. 10871Download Chart
VlietMarie, Mrs. 10871Download Chart
VlietMartha, Mrs. 10871Download Chart
VlietPolly Ann, Mrs. 10871Download Chart
VlietRansomClarkston, Oakland Co., MI, USA10871Download Chart
VlietVanRancellor 10871Download Chart
VlietWilliam 10871Download Chart
VogelCarl EmilQuincy, Adams Co., IL, USA8361Download Chart
VogelCatherine, Mrs. 2791Download Chart
VogelClara Agnes, Mrs. 8361Download Chart
VogelJohn BaptistKottspiel, Germany8361Download Chart
VogelJosef 8361Download Chart
VogelKatherine M., Mrs 8361Download Chart
VogelMaria Anna, Mrs. 8361Download Chart
VogelMaria Eleanora, Mrs 8361Download Chart
VogelMichaelKottspiel, Germany8361Download Chart
VogelMildred LucilleDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA8361Download Chart
VonGarrelAngela (Engel)Oldenburg, Friesoythe, Germany10149Download Chart
VonGarrelDetert 10149Download Chart
VonGarrelGesina Catherina, Mrs. 10149Download Chart
VonGarrelLummeke 101410Download Chart
VonLintigChristopher 10149Download Chart
VonLintigJohanna RebeccaOttendort, Germany10149Download Chart
VonLintigRebecca, Mrs. 10149Download Chart
VromanGessie 8242Download Chart
WackerMaria J.  10861Download Chart
WackerMaria J., Mrs. 10861Download Chart
WackerMichael 10861Download Chart
WagenknechtElisabeth Maria 101416Download Chart
WaiteClarissa 10893Download Chart
WakefieldMatilda A.Trumbull Co., OH, USA7391Download Chart
WaldAnna Mary, Mrs. 9658Download Chart
WaldGeorgeOffhover, Germany9658Download Chart
WaldLania A.Ontario, Canada96513Download Chart
WaldMary, Mrs. 9658Download Chart
WalesChristinaScotland118511Download Chart
WalesElizabeth 10333Download Chart
WalkerJeannetteScotland10921Download Chart
WalkeyMary England10292Download Chart
WallingRachel 9324Download Chart
WallsSylvia LoisDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA11471Download Chart
WalmerElizabeth 8591Download Chart
WaltonElizabeth 11655Download Chart
WardPhebe B.Gallia Co., OH, USA10561Download Chart
WardellAnne, Mrs. 8821Download Chart
WardellEmily Abigail, Mrs. 8821Download Chart
WardellJosephRainham, Ontario, Canada8821Download Chart
WardellMarion EstelleToronto, Ontario, Canada8821Download Chart
WardellSolomon 8821Download Chart
WarnCelinda, Mrs. 11651Download Chart
WarnCharles HenryMI, USA11651Download Chart
WarnCorneluis 11651Download Chart
WarnCorneluis 11652Download Chart
WarnIsaacCT, USA11651Download Chart
WarnJane, Mrs. 11651Download Chart
WarnSamuel 11652Download Chart
WarnSusan, Mrs. 11652Download Chart
WarnWilliam HenryPA, USA11651Download Chart
WarneFrancis 11652Download Chart
WarneRobert 11652Download Chart
WarneSarah, Mrs. 11652Download Chart
WarnekenGesina Catharine 10149Download Chart
WarnerM. 8392Download Chart
WarrenJacob, Jr.Plainfield, Windham Co., CT, USA27412Download Chart
WarrenSarah Plainfield, Windham Co., CT, USA27412Download Chart
WatermanPameliaNY, USA10772Download Chart
WaterworthEliza Jane, Mrs. 10291Download Chart
WaterworthElizabeth, Mrs. 10291Download Chart
WaterworthFlorence Prime, Mrs. 10291Download Chart
WaterworthIsabel PrimeMontgomery Co., PA, USA10291Download Chart
WaterworthJohnYorkshire, England10291Download Chart
WaterworthJohnYorkshire, England10291Download Chart
WaterworthThomas EdwardPort Huron, MI, USA10291Download Chart
WatsonEunice EmilyLiverpool, England11861Download Chart
WatsonIsabelYorkshire, England10928Download Chart
WeaverEffie Clarissa, Mrs. 10881Download Chart
WeaverFlorence M., Mrs 10881Download Chart
WeaverJ.Mae D.Detroit, MI, USA10881Download Chart
WeaverLee G.Columbus, OH, USA10881Download Chart
WeaverLemuelOH, USA10881Download Chart
WebbDorothy Mae, Mrs. 1111Download Chart
WebbDorothy Mae, Mrs. 1115Download Chart
WebbEmily Elizabeth 1111Download Chart
WebbJames "Jim" 1111Download Chart
WebbJames D. 1111Download Chart
WebbOscarHumboldt, Obion, TN, USA1111Download Chart
WebbSamuel HuelMayfield, KY, USA1111Download Chart
WebbSamuel HuelMayfield, KY, USA1115Download Chart
WebbSara M., Mrs. 1111Download Chart
WebbSylvia Irene, Mrs 1111Download Chart
WeberAnna Katherine, Mrs 8944Download Chart
WeberAnne, Mrs. 10881Download Chart
WeberElizabeth 11021Download Chart
WeberGeorg Adam 8944Download Chart
WeberGoodlie 10881Download Chart
WeberKathrine PhilippiDiedenbergen, Germany8944Download Chart
WeberWilhelm 10661Download Chart
WeberWilhelminaFrankenthal, Germany10661Download Chart
WebsterBetsy, Mrs 10871Download Chart
WebsterCalvin 10871Download Chart
WebsterJaneEngland10928Download Chart
WebsterPolly Ann 10871Download Chart
WeedHenry C. 11721Download Chart
WeedPhoebe Ann 11721Download Chart
WeeksDavidHardwick, MA, USA8241Download Chart
WeeksDavidHardwick, MA, USA8243Download Chart
WeeksHarriet L.West LeRoy, Calhoun Co., MI, USA8241Download Chart
WeeksHarriet L.West LeRoy, Calhoun Co., MI, USA8243Download Chart
WeeksLouise M., Mrs. 8241Download Chart
WeeksLouise M., Mrs. 8243Download Chart
WeeksMargaret, Mrs. 8243Download Chart
WeeksRhoada, Mrs 8241Download Chart
WeeksRhoada, Mrs 8243Download Chart
WeeksShiverickIN, USA8241Download Chart
WeeksShiverickIN, USA8243Download Chart
WeeksThomas 8243Download Chart
WeeksWilliam ReedOrleans, NY, USA8241Download Chart
WeeksWilliam ReedOrleans, NY, USA8243Download Chart
WeigelJohann Leonhard 10333Download Chart
WeigelRosina, Mrs. 10333Download Chart
WeigelSusannah 10333Download Chart
WeiglBabeteZangenstein, Bavaria8311Download Chart
WeiglBabeteZangenstein, Bavaria8312Download Chart
WeiglEva Margaretha, Mrs. 8312Download Chart
WeiglGeorg WolfangRottendorf, Bavaria8312Download Chart
WeiglJohann BaptistKrimling Bavaria8311Download Chart
WeiglJohann BaptistKrimling Bavaria8312Download Chart
WeiglJohann MichaelRottendorf, Bavaria8312Download Chart
WeiglMargaretha, Mrs. 8311Download Chart
WeiglMaria Anna, Mrs. 8311Download Chart
WeimerFredrich 8945Download Chart
WeiseFranz J. 5251Download Chart
WeiseFrederich JohannMeschede, Germany5251Download Chart
WeiseHelen Agnes, Mrs. 5251Download Chart
WeiseJohann Wilm AdamHilgenhovel, Germany5251Download Chart
WeiseLisette, Mrs. 5251Download Chart
WeiseMaria F., Mrs. 5251Download Chart
WeiseMaria Theresia, Mrs. 5251Download Chart
WeiseShirley MaryDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA5251Download Chart
WeiseWilliam JosephMeschede, Germany5251Download Chart
WeitzelCatherineAllendorf, W. Germany9402Download Chart
WeitzelElizabeth, Mrs. 9402Download Chart
WeitzelHeinrich 9402Download Chart
WelchJames R. 9327Download Chart
WelchNancy, Mrs. 9327Download Chart
WelchSarah EmelineTX, USA9327Download Chart
WellingtonHarrietOntario, Canada10921Download Chart
WellingtonHarrietOntario, Canada10924Download Chart
WellingtonPeterEngland10924Download Chart
WellsJane A.Macomb Co., MI, USA9642Download Chart
WellsLydia, Mrs. 9642Download Chart
WellsSamuel D.Saratoga Co., NY, USA9642Download Chart
WellsSamuel D.Steuben Co., NY, USA9642Download Chart
WennerstromEmeliaBorgvick, Sweden11751Download Chart
Westcott/WescottLavinia/LovinaLapeer Co., MI, USA11247Download Chart
WhaleyLouisa 118523Download Chart
WhatlockMarthaRattlesden, England109218Download Chart
WheatSarah, Mrs. 10293Download Chart
WheatSubmitConcord, MA, USA10293Download Chart
WheatThomasMiddlesex Co., MA, USA10293Download Chart
WheelerCarrie Augusta, Mrs. 11856Download Chart
WheelerCarrie Augusta, Mrs. 118513Download Chart
WheelerCharles Henry 118512Download Chart
WheelerEileen Rosalie 11853Download Chart
WheelerFred LewisAuburn, NY, USA11853Download Chart
WheelerFred LewisAuburn, NY, USA11856Download Chart
WheelerHazel JoyceRochester, Monroe Co., NY, USA11851Download Chart
WheelerHazel JoyceRochester, Monroe Co., NY, USA11853Download Chart
WheelerLucy M., Mrs 118512Download Chart
WheelerOtisRoyalston, MA, USA118512Download Chart
WheelerSarah, Mrs. 118512Download Chart
WheelerWilliam DarwinAuburn, NY, USA11856Download Chart
WheelerWilliam DarwinAuburn, NY, USA118512Download Chart
WhiteAnne 8371Download Chart
WhiteDorcasTaunton, Bristol Co., MA, USA2744Download Chart
WhiteFannie Ann 11721Download Chart
WhiteFrances O.Calhoun Co., MI, USA1951Download Chart
WhiteGeorge F.Ames, NY, USA1951Download Chart
WhiteGrace 11022Download Chart
WhiteJane, Mrs. 1951Download Chart
WhiteMartha "Patsey"GA, USA1114Download Chart
WhiteNicholas 2744Download Chart
WhiteReuben 11721Download Chart
WhiteUrsula, Mrs. 2744Download Chart
WhitmarshMalinaChenango Co., NY, USA10295Download Chart
WhitmoreErnest I. 11011Download Chart
WhitmoreMarie L., Mrs. 11021Download Chart
WhitneyBetsey 10962Download Chart
WicomDanielEngland10928Download Chart
WicomFrancesRowley, Essex Co., MA, USA10928Download Chart
WicomMary, Mrs. 10928Download Chart
WicomRichardMA, USA10928Download Chart
WidemanBarbara, Mrs. 10334Download Chart
WidemanBarbara, Mrs. 10334Download Chart
WidemanElmer EllsworthFulton Co., IN, USA10334Download Chart
WidemanJohn 10334Download Chart
WidemanJosephCanada10334Download Chart
WidemanLola Montez, Mrs. 10333Download Chart
WidemanLola Montez, Mrs. 10333Download Chart
WidemanLola Montez, Mrs. 10334Download Chart
WidemanLola Montez, Mrs. 10334Download Chart
WiepenAnna Maria T., Mrs. 5251Download Chart
WiepenAnna Maria Theresia C.Alterburen, Germany5251Download Chart
WiepenJohann George 5251Download Chart
WilcoxenHenry H.OH, USA10561Download Chart
WilcoxenNancy A., Mrs. 10561Download Chart
WilcoxenSamanthaCarroll Co., OH, USA10561Download Chart
WilkieAurelia Elizabeth, Mrs. 1115Download Chart
WilkieCatherine M., Mrs. 1115Download Chart
WilkieCatherine M., Mrs. 1116Download Chart
WilkieCharles (Isaac) VedderSchenectady Co., NY, USA1115Download Chart
WilkieDorothy MaeTroy, Rensselaer Co., NY, USA1111Download Chart
WilkieDorothy MaeTroy, Rensselaer Co., NY, USA1115Download Chart
WilkieJohnSaratoga Co., NY, USA1116Download Chart
WilkieLathrop MitchellRensselaer Co., NY, USA1115Download Chart
WilkieLillian May, Mrs. 1115Download Chart
WilkieMary M., Mrs 1116Download Chart
WilkieMary, Mrs. 1116Download Chart
WilkieMary, Mrs. 1116Download Chart
WilkieRembrant PealeSaratoga Co., NY, USA1115Download Chart
WilkieRembrant PealeSaratoga Co., NY, USA1116Download Chart
WilkieThomasSchenectady Co., NY, USA1116Download Chart
WilkieThomas 1116Download Chart
WilkinsonAnna Maria, Mrs. 10291Download Chart
WilkinsonAnnie, Mrs. 10291Download Chart
WilkinsonFlorence PrimeCleveland, OH, USA10291Download Chart
WilkinsonIsabel, Mrs. 10291Download Chart
WilkinsonRobert BruceYpsilanti, MI, USA10291Download Chart
WilkinsonWilliam 10291Download Chart
WilkinsonWilliam McIntoshDalkieth, Scotland10291Download Chart
WillettDelilah Ann, Mrs. 1111Download Chart
WillettDelilah Ann, Mrs. 1112Download Chart
WillettElizabeth, Mrs. 1112Download Chart
WillettElizabeth, Mrs. 1113Download Chart
WillettElvira, Mrs. 1111Download Chart
WillettElvira, Mrs. 1112Download Chart
WillettElvira, Mrs. 1113Download Chart
WillettJohn 1112Download Chart
WillettJohn 1113Download Chart
WillettJohn Wm.Graves Co., KY, USA1111Download Chart
WillettJohn Wm.Graves Co., KY, USA1112Download Chart
WillettJohn Wm.Graves Co., KY, USA1113Download Chart
WillettMatilda, Mrs. 1113Download Chart
WillettNancy Ann, Mrs. 1113Download Chart
WillettSamuel 1112Download Chart
WillettSamuel 1113Download Chart
WillettSamuel 1113Download Chart
WillettSamuel JayFancy Farms, Graves Co., KY, USA1111Download Chart
WillettSamuel JayFancy Farms, Graves Co., KY, USA1112Download Chart
WillettSylvia IreneFancy Farms, Graves Co., KY, USA1111Download Chart
WilliamsAlonzo 10148Download Chart
WilliamsAlonzo KentIA, USA10148Download Chart
WilliamsElla Mae, Mrs. 10148Download Chart
WilliamsFlorence Emma, Mrs. 10148Download Chart
WilliamsFlorence Emma, Mrs. 101415Download Chart
WilliamsForest Alonzo, Jr.Oakland Co., MI, USA10148Download Chart
WilliamsForest Alonzo, Jr.Oakland Co., MI, USA101415Download Chart
WilliamsForest Alonzo, Sr.Edgemont, SD, USA10148Download Chart
WilliamsForest Alonzo, Sr.Edgemont, SD, USA101415Download Chart
WilliamsKathryn JeanneUnion Co., NJ, USA101415Download Chart
WilliamsMartha, Mrs. 10148Download Chart
WilliamsRosalie Marie, Mrs. 10148Download Chart
WilliamsRosalie Marie, Mrs. 101415Download Chart
WilliamsSarah 118522Download Chart
WillmarthElizabethRehoboth, Briston Co., MA, USA2748Download Chart
WillmarthElizabeth, Mrs. 2748Download Chart
WillmarthThomasEngland2748Download Chart
WilsonAgnesRutland, MA, USA10932Download Chart
WilsonElizabethScotland89410Download Chart
WindiateDavid 9521Download Chart
WindiateEmanuel GeorgePontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA9521Download Chart
WindiateEmanuel George 9521Download Chart
WindiateLida Louise 9521Download Chart
WindiateLodisa Jane, Mrs. 9521Download Chart
WindiateVirginia Elizabeth, Mrs. 9521Download Chart
WingefieldElizabeth 9522Download Chart
WinkelmannCatherine Marie DorotheeMunster, Hannover, Germany101412Download Chart
WioElizabeth, Mrs. 2791Download Chart
WioKatharnaSchlausenback, Eifel, Germany2791Download Chart
WioNickolausSchlausenback, Eifel, Germany2791Download Chart
WiseEva, Mrs. 2791Download Chart
WiseJohn 2791Download Chart
WiseSarahLuzern Co., PA, USA2791Download Chart
WislicenMaria J. 10861Download Chart
WisniewskiFrancis, Mrs. 10741Download Chart
WisniewskiLuchyWarsaw, Poland, USA10741Download Chart
WisniewskiValentineWarsaw, Poland, USA10741Download Chart
WohlfahrtOtteliaGermany10801Download Chart
WolfElisabethe ClaraZimmersheld, Germany8942Download Chart
WolfMartin 8942Download Chart
WolfeMary 10872Download Chart
WollobenAnn Elizabeth 10802Download Chart
WollobenAnna Catherina, Mrs. 10802Download Chart
WollobenWalrath 10802Download Chart
WoodAnn Rowley, Essex Co., MA, USA109211Download Chart
WoodAnn, Mrs. 109211Download Chart
WoodMartha, Mrs. 11371Download Chart
WoodRobert 11371Download Chart
WoodTabithaWhitby, Ontario, Canada11371Download Chart
WoodThomasRowley, Essex Co., MA, USA109211Download Chart
Wood (Hunt)Anne 2741Download Chart
WoodworthEliza, Mrs. 10773Download Chart
WoodworthIdaMI, USA10771Download Chart
WoodworthIdaMI, USA10772Download Chart
WoodworthIdaMI, USA10773Download Chart
WoodworthNormanNY, USA10773Download Chart
WorthElizabeth 11247Download Chart
WosinskiChristina MaryGermany8361Download Chart
WreesmannAngela, Mrs. 10149Download Chart
WreesmannAnton JosefOldenburg, Friesoythe, Germany10149Download Chart
WreesmannDiederich Theodor Anton J.Friesoythe, Germany10149Download Chart
WreesmannElizabeth, Mrs. 10149Download Chart
WreesmannHelmericFriesoythe, Germany101410Download Chart
WreesmannHerman AntonEdenburg, Friesoythe, Germany10149Download Chart
WreesmannJohanna Rebecca, Mrs. 10149Download Chart
WreesmannJohannes (Joes)Friesoythe, Germany101410Download Chart
WreesmannJohannes GeorgOldenburg, Germany101410Download Chart
WreesmannLummeke, Mrs. 101410Download Chart
WreesmannMaria Elisabeth, Mrs. 10149Download Chart
WreesmannRosalie MarieCincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH10148Download Chart
WreesmannRosalie MarieCincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH10149Download Chart
WreesmannRosalie MarieCincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH101415Download Chart
WreesmannTecia, Mrs. 101410Download Chart
WreesmannTheodor Diederich A.Oldenburg, Germany10149Download Chart
WreesmannTheodor Diederich A.Oldenburg, Germany101410Download Chart
WrightCharity, Mrs. 8242Download Chart
WrightElisah 8242Download Chart
WrightEve 8242Download Chart
WrightHarold Lee, Jr.Jackson, MI, USA8591Download Chart
WrightPatsy Lou, Mrs. 8591Download Chart
WurtembacherAnna Marie 8822Download Chart
YarianRachael 2201Download Chart
YenkelAnna LeonaDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA11471Download Chart
YenkelAnna, Mrs. 11471Download Chart
YenkelWilliam HenryDetroit, MI, USA11471Download Chart
YoungFrances O., Mrs. 1951Download Chart
YoungFrances, Mrs. 1951Download Chart
YoungJohn M.Aghnacloy, Ireland1951Download Chart
YoungMary ElizabethCenterville, Hickman Co., TN, USA10961Download Chart
YoungMilton L. 1951Download Chart
YoungNathaniel 10961Download Chart
YuillAgnesLanark, Scotland73510Download Chart
YuillDavid 73510Download Chart
ZangAnna Maria, Mrs 7357Download Chart
ZangCharles ConradMainz, Germany7357Download Chart
ZangFrancesSpringfield, PA, USA7356Download Chart
ZangFrancesSpringfield, PA, USA7357Download Chart
ZangJohannMainz, Germany7357Download Chart
ZangJohannStockstadt, Germany7357Download Chart
ZangMaria A., Mrs. 7357Download Chart
ZangSarah Elizabeth, Mrs. 7357Download Chart
ZarkovicFrankCroatia10562Download Chart
ZarkovicJaga (Agnes)Croatia10562Download Chart
ZarkovicMatilda, Mrs. 10562Download Chart
ZimmerJohn 11021Download Chart
ZimmerJohn 11022Download Chart
ZimmerSarah J.Zurich, Ontario, Canada11021Download Chart
ZimmerSarah, Mrs. 11021Download Chart
ZimmerSarah, Mrs. 11022Download Chart
ZimmermanAnna MaryGermany9658Download Chart
ZimmermanMarie, Mrs. 8942Download Chart
ZimmermannElisabethe C.Kemmenau, Germany8942Download Chart
ZimmermannJohann Jacob 8941Download Chart
ZinkBarbaraPA, USA10861Download Chart
ZipperPatricia, Mrs. 11771Download Chart
ZubeEmilie JustineBeren, Germany8941Download Chart
ZubeEmilie JustineBeren, Germany8948Download Chart
ZubeEmilie JustineBeren, Germany8949Download Chart
ZubeGottliebNeuKyschau, Berent, West Prussia8949Download Chart
ZubeJohann 8949Download Chart
ZubeJustine Wilhelmine 8949Download Chart