Oakland County Genealogical Society

Oakland County, Michigan

For a number of years, the Oakland County Genealogical Society solicited pedigree charts from our members. Names from the charts were extracted and published in a series of Surname Books. Researchers referred to the information in the Surname Books to contact the party who submitted the chart. In recent years, copies of the charts or the information on them have been shared with researchers who submit queries for matching names. These names are not limited to Oakland County, they represent ancestors of all the people who submitted a chart.

It is important to note that this information was submitted beginning in the early 1980's and it is not possible to contact many of those who generously submitted data from their personal research. Because we believe that the information on the charts may provide clues for those conducting ongoing research on the names listed, the Society began a project to transcribe and post an index of each book on our website. For more information on the the surname charts and this index follow this link.

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To see information on those who contributed this information, look here.

OCGS cannot guarantee the accuracy of this data. We suggest contacting the submitter to share information and sources if that is possible. If contact information is not available by following the link below, we do not have any more information. Please use the information contained in these charts as clues in your research process.

Surname Book Six Index

LastFirstLocationOCGS#Chart#Download Chart
AbbotAbigail, Mrs. 95315Download Chart
AbbotBridget, Mrs. 95315Download Chart
AbbotBridget, Mrs. 95316Download Chart
AbbotBridget, Mrs. 95317Download Chart
AbbotElizabeth, Mrs. 95315Download Chart
AbbotElizabeth, Mrs. 95315Download Chart
AbbotGeorgeYorkshire, England95315Download Chart
AbbotGeorge 95315Download Chart
AbbotGeorge 95315Download Chart
AbbotGeorge 95316Download Chart
AbbotGeorge 95317Download Chart
AbbotHannah, Mrs. 95315Download Chart
AbbotJohn 95316Download Chart
AbbotMargaret, Mrs. 95316Download Chart
AbbotPhilip 95315Download Chart
AbbotWilliam 95315Download Chart
AbbotWilliam 95316Download Chart
AbbotWilliamBishop's Strotford, Herts, England95316Download Chart
AbellCaleb 8353Download Chart
AbellElizabeth, Mrs.Bristol Co., MA, USA8353Download Chart
AbellJerusha 8353Download Chart
AbellJerusha 8354Download Chart
AbellJoannaNorwich, CT, USA8353Download Chart
AbellJoshuaNew London Co., CT, USA8353Download Chart
AbellJoshuaNew London Co., CT, USA8354Download Chart
AbellMargaret, Mrs. 8353Download Chart
AbellRobertBristol Co., MA, USA8353Download Chart
AbellSamuelNorwich, CT, USA8353Download Chart
AdamsElizabethWenham. MA, USA8356Download Chart
AdamsWilliamEngland8356Download Chart
AlbroDorothy, Mrs. 95313Download Chart
AlbroElizabeth 95313Download Chart
AlbroJohnWarwickshire, England95313Download Chart
AlcockAnnis 95315Download Chart
AldrichAmandaMacomb Co., MI, USA9841Download Chart
AldrichAmandaMacomb Co., MI, USA9842Download Chart
AldrichChristina, Mrs. 10671Download Chart
AldrichDeborah, Mrs. 9842Download Chart
AldrichGeorgeRI, USA10671Download Chart
AldrichMinerva Jayne, Mrs. 10671Download Chart
AldrichRosa MayBath, NY, USA10671Download Chart
AldrichSamuelOntario Co., NY, USA9842Download Chart
AldrichSarahCayuga Co., NY, USA6441Download Chart
AldrichWilliamSteuben Co., NY, USA10671Download Chart
AlexanderCecil B. 10501Download Chart
AlexanderShirley Anne, Mrs. 10501Download Chart
AllanDavidScotland93626Download Chart
AllanJeanInchinan, SCo.tland93626Download Chart
AllanMargaret, Mrs. 93626Download Chart
AlldrittShirley Marie 9791Download Chart
AllenAbiah 9537Download Chart
AllenCaty, Mrs. 10411Download Chart
AllenElizabeth, Mrs. 9981Download Chart
AllenEthel Katherine 9981Download Chart
AllenFrancis 9537Download Chart
AllenGeorgeKY, USA10411Download Chart
AllenHenry L. 9981Download Chart
AllenJohnFloyd, KY, USA10411Download Chart
AllenKatherine Maude, Mrs. 9981Download Chart
AllenMalinda, Mrs. 10411Download Chart
AllenMargaret, Mrs. 9981Download Chart
AllenMary, Mrs. 9537Download Chart
AllenNancy JaneFredville, KY, USA10411Download Chart
AllenNancy Jane, Mrs. 10411Download Chart
AllenSamuel 10411Download Chart
AllenSamuel C.Fredville, KY, USA10411Download Chart
AllenSarah (Sally)KY, USA10411Download Chart
AllenSarah, Mrs. 10411Download Chart
AllenWilliamPatrick, VA, USA10411Download Chart
AllenWilliam Wesley 9981Download Chart
AmonJoshua 9365Download Chart
AmonMatilda, Mrs. 9365Download Chart
AmonPleasantVA, USA9364Download Chart
AmonPlessy, Mrs. 9364Download Chart
AmonRalph 9364Download Chart
AmonSusannah, Mrs. 9364Download Chart
AndersonLynn 9801Download Chart
AndrewsAbigail Ipswich, MA, USA93621Download Chart
AndrewsAbigail, Mrs. 93622Download Chart
AndrewsCassandra, Mrs. 5921Download Chart
AndrewsDavid A.SC, USA / MD, USA5921Download Chart
AndrewsDebraFenns Station, Shelby Co., IN, USA5921Download Chart
AndrewsElizabeth, Mrs. 93621Download Chart
AndrewsEstherSuffield, CT, USA93622Download Chart
AndrewsRobertEngland93621Download Chart
AndrewsSarah 8356Download Chart
AndrewsWilliamHartford, CT, USA93622Download Chart
ApplefordMariahOntario, Canada93625Download Chart
ApplefordWilliam 93625Download Chart
ArchambaultAnne 7994Download Chart
ArchambaultAnne 7995Download Chart
ArchambaultFrancois, Mrs. 7994Download Chart
ArchambaultJacques 7994Download Chart
ArchambaultMary Dompierre-sur-Mar-Ainis, France7991Download Chart
ArmstrongMary ElizabethSteuben Co., NY, USA9601Download Chart
AshMary 93616Download Chart
AtkinsonHenry 9368Download Chart
AtkinsonMaryEngland9368Download Chart
AushermanElizabeth MariaAdeline. IL, USA9552Download Chart
AushermanJohn W.Haggerstown, MD, USA9552Download Chart
AushermanSarah A., Mrs. 9552Download Chart
AustinAaron M.Suffield, MA, USA9362Download Chart
AustinAbigail, Mrs. 9362Download Chart
AustinAbigail, Mrs. 93620Download Chart
AustinAbigail, Mrs. 93621Download Chart
AustinAnnis, Mrs.England93620Download Chart
AustinAnthonyHampshire, England93620Download Chart
AustinBetsey, Mrs.Hampshire, England93620Download Chart
AustinClimenaTorrington, CT, USA9362Download Chart
AustinElizabeth, Mrs. 9362Download Chart
AustinEsther, Mrs. 93620Download Chart
AustinNathanielSuffield, CT, USA9362Download Chart
AustinNathanielSuffield, CT, USA93620Download Chart
AustinNathanielSuffield, CT, USA93621Download Chart
AustinRichardHampshire, England93620Download Chart
AustinRichardLitchfield, Hampshire, England93620Download Chart
AustinRuth, Mrs. 9362Download Chart
AustinSamuelSuffield, CT, USA9362Download Chart
AveryChristopherEngland96919Download Chart
AveryHannahGloucester, MA, USA96919Download Chart
AveryHannah  8354Download Chart
AveryJamesEngland96919Download Chart
AveryJoanna, Mrs. 96919Download Chart
AveryMargery, Mrs. 96919Download Chart
BabcockChristina NY, USA10671Download Chart
BachKatherine  9791Download Chart
BaconFaith 2742Download Chart
BadenhopAnna Dorothea, Mrs. 8582Download Chart
BadenhopJohann D. 8582Download Chart
BadenhopMaria DorotheaHanover, Germany8582Download Chart
BadgerowAlice JaneOntario, Canada9611Download Chart
BadgerowDavid SamuelOntario, Canada9611Download Chart
BadgerowEliza Jane, Mrs. 9611Download Chart
BaillargeonAlexandre 7993Download Chart
BaillargeonAlexandre 7997Download Chart
BaillargeonJean Baptiste 7997Download Chart
BaillargeonMarcelline 7993Download Chart
BaillargeonMarcelline 7997Download Chart
BaillargeonMarcelline 7998Download Chart
BaillargeonMarguerite, Mrs. 7997Download Chart
BaillargeonUrsule, Mrs. 7993Download Chart
BaillargeonUrsule, Mrs. 7997Download Chart
BakerLydia Ann 10301Download Chart
BakerLydia Ann 10308Download Chart
BakerLydia Ann 10309Download Chart
BakerLydia, Mrs. 10309Download Chart
BakerSamuel 10309Download Chart
BanksBessie JeanMI, USA8581Download Chart
BanksHenry 8581Download Chart
BanksJane F., Mrs. 8581Download Chart
BanksJoseph RobertOakland Co., MI, USA8581Download Chart
BanksMartha Parish, Mrs. 8581Download Chart
BanksSusannah, Mrs. 8581Download Chart
BanksWilliam HooleyOrange Co., NY, USA8581Download Chart
BannisterDeborah Davis, MaCo.mb Co., MI, USA9842Download Chart
BarbeauLouise, Mrs. 7992Download Chart
BarbeauMarie Renee 7992Download Chart
BarbeauReneSt. Co.nstant, Quebec, Canada7992Download Chart
BarlowMartha 9535Download Chart
BarlowMary 9537Download Chart
BarnamanBetsy, Mrs. 9881Download Chart
BarnamanPhebe AnnLivingston Co., MI, USA9881Download Chart
BarnamanStanton 9881Download Chart
BarnesLurana 9552Download Chart
BaronMartina 7998Download Chart
BarrettMaryEngland8351Download Chart
BarronBarton D. 9381Download Chart
BarronElla MyrlGroveland Twp, Oakland Co., MI, USA9381Download Chart
BarronElla, Mrs. 9381Download Chart
BarronIsaacWorcester Co., MA, USA2743Download Chart
BarronLuciusGroveland Twp, Oakland Co., MI, USA9381Download Chart
BarronPhebe, Mrs. 9381Download Chart
BarronSarahCanterbury, CT, USA2743Download Chart
BasharesCatherine 9369Download Chart
BatesEdward 9534Download Chart
BatesHannah, Mrs. 8359Download Chart
BatesHannah, Mrs. 83510Download Chart
BatesHinsdaleDurham, CT, USA8359Download Chart
BatesHinsdaleDurham, CT, USA83510Download Chart
BatesJohnConcord, Middlesex Co., MA, USA9534Download Chart
BatesLois, Mrs. 8359Download Chart
BatesLydia, Mrs. 9534Download Chart
BatesMaryChelmsford, Middlesex Co., MA, USA9534Download Chart
BatesMary, Mrs. 8359Download Chart
BatesMary, Mrs. 9534Download Chart
BatesOliverDurham, CT, USA8359Download Chart
BatesPatience, Mrs. 8359Download Chart
BatesSamuel 8359Download Chart
BatesStephenSaybrook, CT, USA8359Download Chart
BatzloffFranklin J.Oakland Co., MI, USA8721Download Chart
BatzloffFredericGermany8721Download Chart
BatzloffHazel Irene, Mrs. 8721Download Chart
BatzloffMary, Mrs. 8721Download Chart
BauerAnna Ottilla 9367Download Chart
BaysHendrikNY, USA93610Download Chart
BaysMechtelNew York, NY, USA93610Download Chart
BaysWillemtje, Mrs. 93610Download Chart
BeaneMaryColeman, London, England8357Download Chart
BeardsleyAbigail, Mrs. 93617Download Chart
BeardsleyJohn, Jr.Stratford, CT, USA9362Download Chart
BeardsleyJohn, Sr. 9362Download Chart
BeardsleyJohn, Sr. 93617Download Chart
BeardsleyJohn, Sr. 93618Download Chart
BeardsleyMartha, Mrs. 9362Download Chart
BeardsleyMaryNew Fairfield, CT, USA9362Download Chart
BeardsleyMary, Mrs. 9362Download Chart
BeardsleyMary, Mrs. 93617Download Chart
BeardsleyMary, Mrs. 93617Download Chart
BeardsleyMary, Mrs. 93618Download Chart
BeardsleySamuelCT, USA93617Download Chart
BeardsleyWilliamEngland93617Download Chart
BechtoldMary 93625Download Chart
BeckerAmeliaPark, MI, USA9761Download Chart
BeckmanElizabethNY, USA8293Download Chart
BeemanAnnaUnadilla, NY, USA9366Download Chart
BeersCatherineMorristown, NJ, USA8292Download Chart
BeersJames, Jr. 9535Download Chart
BeersMartha, Mrs. 9535Download Chart
BeersMaryFairfield Co., CT, USA9535Download Chart
BellJames 2741Download Chart
BellRebecca JaneLondonderry, Ireland2741Download Chart
BemmisHarriet 10381Download Chart
BennettGraceCornwall, England9552Download Chart
BewleyDorothy, Mrs. 93611Download Chart
BewleyGeorge 93611Download Chart
BewleyMaryEngland93611Download Chart
BewleyThomasEngland93611Download Chart
BickfordAbigail 95315Download Chart
BingleyJoan 93618Download Chart
BirdDorothyEngland93616Download Chart
BirdDorothyEngland93624Download Chart
BirdMilardVA, USA10131Download Chart
BirdRobert 93616Download Chart
BirdsallAmanda Caroline, Mrs. 10501Download Chart
BirdsallElmer JacksonSaginaw Co., MI, USA10501Download Chart
BirdsallGilbertDuchess Co., NY, USA10502Download Chart
BirdsallGilbert AltonFannin Co., TX, USA10501Download Chart
BirdsallGilbert, Sr.Cayuga Co., NY, USA10501Download Chart
BirdsallGilbert, Sr.Cayuga Co., NY, USA10502Download Chart
BirdsallGilbert, Sr.Cayuga Co., NY, USA10503Download Chart
BirdsallMary Anderson, Mrs. 10501Download Chart
BirdsallMary Anderson, Mrs. 10502Download Chart
BirdsallMary Anderson, Mrs. 10503Download Chart
BirdsallNova Dorothy, Mrs. 10501Download Chart
BirdsallOlive, Mrs.Duchess Co., NY, USA10502Download Chart
BirdsallShirley Anne Wichita Falls, TX, USA10501Download Chart
BishopJohnGuilford, CT, USA93615Download Chart
BishopJohnEngland93615Download Chart
BishopMary 93615Download Chart
BishopSusanna, Mrs. 93615Download Chart
BlakeGeorge 2745Download Chart
BlakeJamesWorcester Co., MA, USA8373Download Chart
BlakeLaVina, Mrs. 8373Download Chart
BlissElizabeth, Mrs.Norwich, CT, USA8353Download Chart
BlissMargaret, Mrs. 8353Download Chart
BlissSarahSaybrook, CT, USA8353Download Chart
BlissThomasGloucester, England8353Download Chart
BlissThomasEngland8353Download Chart
BlodgettHannahEllington, CT, USA2743Download Chart
BlodgettJosiah 2743Download Chart
BlodgettMargaret, Mrs. 2743Download Chart
BogertSusanCT, USA9631Download Chart
BoileauElizabeth 11144Download Chart
BoltonElizabeth, Mrs. 5923Download Chart
BoltonJane Campbell Co., TN, USA5923Download Chart
BoltonMary 10381Download Chart
BoltonTyrreCampbell Co., TN, USA5923Download Chart
BostickCharles HenryElba, Genesee Co., NY, USA5371Download Chart
BostickLillian MerrifieldBerrien Co., MI, USA5371Download Chart
BostickSarah Ann, Mrs. 5371Download Chart
BostwickElizabeth 93616Download Chart
BoswellEvalynIonia Co., MI, USA6181Download Chart
BoswellJamesME, USA6181Download Chart
BoswellLesliePort Jervis, NY, USA6181Download Chart
BoswellMartha, Mrs. 6181Download Chart
BoswellPhoebe, Mrs. 6181Download Chart
BoucaultJeanne MargueriteSt Germaine, France7996Download Chart
BoucaultMarguerite, Mrs. 7996Download Chart
BoucaultNicoleParis, France7996Download Chart
BouletteCatherine 7993Download Chart
BouletteCatherine 7997Download Chart
BouletteHenry 7997Download Chart
BouletteJosephte 7997Download Chart
BowenMary, Mrs. 93614Download Chart
BowenObadiah 93614Download Chart
BowenSarahRehobath, MA, USA93614Download Chart
BowersMary A.Lancaster Co., PA, USA9691Download Chart
BowersMary A.Lancaster Co., PA, USA9697Download Chart
BowmanAddie IreneIonia Co., MI, USA9691Download Chart
BowmanEdna, Mrs. 9691Download Chart
BowmanJacob W.Waterloo, Ontario, Canada9691Download Chart
BowmanJacob W.Waterloo, Ontario, Canada9697Download Chart
BowmanLydia A., Mrs. 9691Download Chart
BowmanMary A., Mrs. 9691Download Chart
BowmanMary A., Mrs. 9697Download Chart
BowmanRayKent Co., MI, USA9691Download Chart
BowmanWashington B.Berlin, Ontario, Canada9691Download Chart
BoydMargaret  8581Download Chart
BoyerEtienne 7991Download Chart
BoyerEtienne 7994Download Chart
BoyerJohn BaptisteSt Phillipe, Quebec, Canada7992Download Chart
BoyerJosephIsle de Montreal, Montreal7991Download Chart
BoyerJoseph 7992Download Chart
BoyerJoseph 7993Download Chart
BoyerLouise, Mrs. 7991Download Chart
BoyerMarguerite, Mrs. 7991Download Chart
BoyerMarguerite, Mrs. 7992Download Chart
BoyerMarguerite, Mrs. 7994Download Chart
BoyerMarguerite, Mrs. 7995Download Chart
BoyerMarie 7995Download Chart
BoyerMarie  7994Download Chart
BoyerMarie Archange, Mrs. 7992Download Chart
BoyerMarie Francois, Mrs. 7991Download Chart
BoyerNicolas AntoineIsle de Montreal, Montreal7991Download Chart
BoyerNicolas Antoine, Sr.Cogne, France7991Download Chart
BoyerNicolas Antoine, Sr.Cogne, France7994Download Chart
BoyerNicolas Antoine, Sr.Cogne, France7995Download Chart
BoyerPelagie, Mrs. 7992Download Chart
BoyerPelagie, Mrs. 7993Download Chart
BoyerPerinne, Mrs. 7991Download Chart
BoyerPerinne, Mrs. 7994Download Chart
BoyerPhilomenaGarden, MI, USA7992Download Chart
BoyerPhilomenaGarden, MI, USA7993Download Chart
BoyerPierreMontreal, New France7992Download Chart
BradleyAbigail, Mrs. 1842Download Chart
BradleyAnnEngland976Download Chart
BradleyCharlotte, Mrs. 1842Download Chart
BradleyHopestillBraintree, MA, USA1842Download Chart
BradleyIsaacStafford, CT, USA1841Download Chart
BradleyIsaacStafford, CT, USA1842Download Chart
BradleyIsaac M.Hartford (?), CT, USA1841Download Chart
BradleyJoana, Mrs. 1841Download Chart
BradleyJohnDorchester, MA, USA1842Download Chart
BradleyJohnBraintree, MA, USA1842Download Chart
BradleyMartha, Mrs. 1842Download Chart
BradleyMary FrancesEldred, NY, USA1841Download Chart
BradleyMary, Mrs. 1841Download Chart
BradleyMary, Mrs. 1842Download Chart
BradleyMary, Mrs. 1842Download Chart
BradleyNathan 1842Download Chart
BradleyTamsin, Mrs. 1842Download Chart
BrattenAnna, Mrs. 6181Download Chart
BrattenEven IsaksenNorway6181Download Chart
BreyerBernard JosephPontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA10142Download Chart
BreyerCatherinePontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA10144Download Chart
BreyerDonna Isabell, Mrs. 10142Download Chart
BreyerEdward ByronOakland Co., MI, USA10143Download Chart
BreyerEdward ByronOakland Co., MI, USA10144Download Chart
BreyerFrederick Leo (Stub)Pontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA10144Download Chart
BreyerJohn ByronGermany10145Download Chart
BreyerKathryn Jeanne, Mrs. 10141Download Chart
BreyerMargaret DorothyPontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA10144Download Chart
BreyerMargaret, Mrs. 10143Download Chart
BreyerMary A, Mrs. 10145Download Chart
BreyerMary ElizabethDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA10144Download Chart
BreyerWilliam BernardDetroit, MI, USA10141Download Chart
BrinkMaryGermany8721Download Chart
Brooker (Brugger)SusannaFrutigen, Switzerland8301Download Chart
BrownAlbert H.WI, USA5371Download Chart
BrownBertha JuliaGrand Traverse Co., MI, USA5371Download Chart
BrownEmilineSteuben Co., NY, USA8581Download Chart
BrownExperiencePreston, CT, USA96914Download Chart
BrownHenryAntrim, Ireland5371Download Chart
BrownJessie Lee 8581Download Chart
BrownJoanaOrange Co., NY, USA1841Download Chart
BrownJulia C., Mrs. 5371Download Chart
BrownLydia Slawson, Mrs. 8581Download Chart
BrownMartha E., Mrs. 5371Download Chart
BrownMary (Mercy), Mrs. 1841Download Chart
BrownSarahNorfolk, Ontario, Canada10279Download Chart
BrownSilas 1841Download Chart
BrowneMargaret  9538Download Chart
BrownellMary 8351Download Chart
BrownellRobert 8351Download Chart
BrowningMarySalem, Essex Co., MA, USA8357Download Chart
BrowningMarySalem, Essex Co., MA, USA8358Download Chart
BrunsonMargaret E. 9881Download Chart
BuckSusannaWoburn, MA, USA83512Download Chart
BullardCaroline, Mrs.NY, USA9801Download Chart
BullardEdwinNY, USA9801Download Chart
BullardGeorge AlpheusLansing, MI, USA9801Download Chart
BullardMaryColumbia, TN, USA9801Download Chart
BullardSarah Eleanor 9801Download Chart
BunckerJamesDevon, England83511Download Chart
BunckerSarah, Mrs. 83511Download Chart
BunkerAnne, Mrs. 83511Download Chart
BunkerClementDover, NH, USA83511Download Chart
BunkerDodavahDurham, NH, USA83511Download Chart
BunkerJamesDover, NH, USA83511Download Chart
BunkerMartha, Mrs. 83511Download Chart
BunkerRebecca, Mrs. 83511Download Chart
BurgessMartha 10381Download Chart
BurquinMargueriteFrance9731Download Chart
BurrisAnna Katherine, Mrs. 9699Download Chart
BurrisDaniel H.Surry Co., NC, USA96910Download Chart
BurrisElishaClinton Co., OH, USA9699Download Chart
BurrisEsther, Mrs. 96910Download Chart
BurrisHannah, Mrs. 9699Download Chart
BurrisHannah, Mrs. 96910Download Chart
BurrisIla Marie, Mrs. 9691Download Chart
BurrisIla Marie, Mrs. 9699Download Chart
BurrisJohnVA, USA96910Download Chart
BurrisJohn Edmond, Jr.Oakland Co., MI, USA9691Download Chart
BurrisJohn Edmond, Jr.Oakland Co., MI, USA9699Download Chart
BurrisJohn Edmond, Sr.Howard Co., IN, USA9699Download Chart
BurrisMary Ann, Mrs. 9699Download Chart
BurrisMary, Mrs. 96910Download Chart
BurrisMatthewHancock Co., IN, USA9699Download Chart
BurrisMosesOH, USA9699Download Chart
BurrisMosesOH, USA96910Download Chart
BurrisRachel Delilah, Mrs. 9699Download Chart
BurroughsDavidWindsor, CT, USA2743Download Chart
BurroughsDavidEnfield, CT, USA2745Download Chart
BurroughsHannah, Mrs. 2743Download Chart
BurroughsJohnHartford Co., CT, USA2744Download Chart
BurroughsJohnScituate, MA, USA2744Download Chart
BurroughsSarah, Mrs. 2744Download Chart
BurroughsSarah, Mrs. 2744Download Chart
BursonAnnBaltimore, MD, USA9365Download Chart
BushnellJudith 8359Download Chart
BusseGeorge William 1841Download Chart
BusseMadelyn Frances 1841Download Chart
ButlerAgnes 9539Download Chart
ButlerThomas 9539Download Chart
ButterfieldAnn, Mrs. 9534Download Chart
ButterfieldBenjaminEngland9534Download Chart
ButterfieldDeborah 9534Download Chart
ButterfieldMary, Mrs.Chelmsford, Middlesex Co., MA, USA9534Download Chart
ButterfieldSamuelWoburn, Middlesex Co., MA, USA9534Download Chart
ButteryNancy, Mrs. 10131Download Chart
ButterySarah Ann (Nevel) 10131Download Chart
ButteryWilliam  10131Download Chart
ByrdBertha Floyd Co., GA, USA9711Download Chart
ByrdE. LeeDallas Co., TX, USA9711Download Chart
ByrdHerschel LeeDallas Co., TX, USA9711Download Chart
ByrdPrincetta, Mrs. 9711Download Chart
ByrdZannie Adell, Mrs. 9711Download Chart
CagleMary Ann  10274Download Chart
CampbellAmanda Caroline "Carrie"Parker Co., TX, USA10501Download Chart
CampbellCatherineMiddlesex Co., Ontario10271Download Chart
CampbellCatherineMiddlesex Co., Ontario10276Download Chart
CampbellCatherineMiddlesex Co., Ontario10277Download Chart
CampbellCatherine, Mrs. 10277Download Chart
CampbellDonaldArgyleshire, Scotland10277Download Chart
CampbellDonaldScotland10277Download Chart
CampbellHenry KingTN, USA10501Download Chart
CampbellIsabella Margaret, Mrs. 10277Download Chart
CampbellMalcolmArgyleshire, Scotland10277Download Chart
CampbellMary Jane, Mrs. 10501Download Chart
CampbellMary, Mrs. 10277Download Chart
CamphorneMary 96922Download Chart
CamusClarnance, Mrs. 9731Download Chart
CamusEmile PeterDetroit, MI, USA9731Download Chart
CamusEmily MargueriteOakland Co., MI, USA9731Download Chart
CamusMarguerite, Mrs. 9731Download Chart
CamusPeter 9731Download Chart
CarnesCharles BullardBaton Rouge, LA, USA980 Download Chart
CarnesElisha LottHinds Co., MS, USA9801Download Chart
CarnesLynn, Mrs. 9801Download Chart
CarnesMalinda "Linna", Mrs. 9801Download Chart
CarnesMartha Ann, Mrs. 9801Download Chart
CarnesMary Pricilla, Mrs. 9801Download Chart
CarnesMary, Mrs. 9801Download Chart
CarnesWalter JacksonAttala Co., MS, USA9801Download Chart
CarnesWells G. 9801Download Chart
CarnesWilliam PinkneyAttala Co., MS, USA9801Download Chart
CarneyVera AlmaSanilac Co., MI, USA8301Download Chart
CarsonBessie E.Birmingham, Oakland Co., MI, USA9381Download Chart
CarsonCharles ThomasBirmingham, Oakland Co., MI, USA9381Download Chart
CarsonEllen E., Mrs. 9381Download Chart
CarsonEllen E., Mrs. 9381Download Chart
CarsonWilliam James 9381Download Chart
CarterCharlotte GraceKildare, Ireland11144Download Chart
CarterElizabeth 8352Download Chart
CarterElizabeth, Mrs. 11144Download Chart
CarterMichael 11144Download Chart
CartwrightEmmaUpper Alton, IL, USA9761Download Chart
CartwrightFanny, Mrs. 9761Download Chart
CartwrightJoanna, Mrs. 9761Download Chart
CartwrightRobertKingston-upon-Hull, England9761Download Chart
CartwrightWilliamHull9761Download Chart
CaseChristinaNY, USA7892Download Chart
CaseyEugene J.Detroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA9891Download Chart
CaseyMary Louise, Mrs. 9891Download Chart
CastlemannAnna Elizabeth 9551Download Chart
CastolinePhoebe 8881Download Chart
CaveHannah Essex Co., MA, USA8355Download Chart
CaveMary, Mrs. 8355Download Chart
CaveThomasEssex Co., MA, USA8355Download Chart
CedilotLouis 7992Download Chart
CedilotM Josette, Mrs. 7992Download Chart
CedilotMarie Archange 7992Download Chart
ChailletJean 10381Download Chart
ChailletMarie, Mrs. 10381Download Chart
ChalifourJeanne 7995Download Chart
ChandlerAnnEssex Co., MA, USA8356Download Chart
ChandlerAnnis, Mrs. 95315Download Chart
ChandlerHannahEngland95315Download Chart
ChandlerHenry 95315Download Chart
ChandlerWilliamHertfordshire, England95315Download Chart
ChaplinMary 9881Download Chart
ChapmanMary 8359Download Chart
ChardeElizabethEngland93621Download Chart
CharlesBarbara 10131Download Chart
CharlickBessie Luella, Mrs. 6441Download Chart
CharlickHelen Marguerite Oakland Co., MI, USA6441Download Chart
CharlickLewis JohnLivingston Co., MI, USA6441Download Chart
CharlickMary Ann, Mrs. 6441Download Chart
CharlickWilliam HenryBrixton, Devon, England6441Download Chart
ChaseBetsy JaneNY, USA9601Download Chart
ChaseEdward ByronOntario Co., NY, USA9601Download Chart
ChaseEmily Genesee Co., MI, USA10061Download Chart
ChaseLucyantha, Mrs. 9601Download Chart
ChatmanPhilaNY, USA10061Download Chart
CheshireCharles 10301Download Chart
CheshireClarence Raymond 10301Download Chart
CheshireCora A., Mrs. 10301Download Chart
CheshireHarriet, Mrs. 10301Download Chart
CheshireHarriet, Mrs. 10302Download Chart
CheshireJames F. 10302Download Chart
CheshireLee F.WV, USA10301Download Chart
CheshireMatilda, Mrs. 10301Download Chart
CheshirePauline Patricia, Mrs. 10301Download Chart
CheshireRobertVA, USA10301Download Chart
CheshireRobertVA, USA10302Download Chart
CheshireSandra KayAkron, OH, USA10301Download Chart
CheshireSarah A., Mrs. 10302Download Chart
ChilsonSary FreeloveNorthampton, Hampshire Co., MA, USA10278Download Chart
ChurchAlansonVA(?), USA5371Download Chart
ChurchCharlotteIN, USA5371Download Chart
ChurchMary, Mrs. 5371Download Chart
CiancioloAdrianaItaly10411Download Chart
CiancioloGiovanniItaly10411Download Chart
CiancioloGiovanniItaly10411Download Chart
CiancioloLucia, Mrs. 10411Download Chart
CiancioloMariaItaly10411Download Chart
CiancioloRini, Mrs. 10411Download Chart
CiancioloRosa, Mrs. 10411Download Chart
CiancioloSalvatoreItaly10411Download Chart
CiancioloSaverioItaly10411Download Chart
ClappPermelia 8582Download Chart
ClarkAbigailNew Haven, CT, USA93617Download Chart
ClarkAnnKirby Halham, York, England972Download Chart
ClarkElizabethAlbany Co., NY, USA9601Download Chart
ClarkFrances 95313Download Chart
ClarkFrances, Mrs. 95313Download Chart
ClarkFrances, Mrs. 95314Download Chart
ClarkHenryCo. York, England972Download Chart
ClarkJeremiah 95313Download Chart
ClarkJohnNew Haven, CT, USA93617Download Chart
ClarkMary, Mrs. 972Download Chart
ClarkeDaniel  8357Download Chart
ClarkeElizabethEssex Co., MA, USA8357Download Chart
ClarkeMary, Mrs. 8357Download Chart
ClearEmilyDefiance Co., OH, USA8582Download Chart
ClearMaria Dorothea, Mrs. 8582Download Chart
ClearPermelia, Mrs. 8582Download Chart
ClearPhilip 8582Download Chart
ClearZeddockDarke Co., OH, USA8582Download Chart
ClemensAlmon 9691Download Chart
ClemensLydia A.Waterloo, Ontario, Canada9691Download Chart
ClemensMary, Mrs. 9691Download Chart
ClerkJaneEngland93612Download Chart
ClevelandAnn, Mrs. 9534Download Chart
ClevelandDeborah, Mrs. 9534Download Chart
ClevelandJohnCanterbury, Windham Co., CT, USA9534Download Chart
ClevelandJoseph 9534Download Chart
ClevelandJosiahWoburn, Middlesex Co., MA, USA9534Download Chart
ClevelandMary, Mrs. 9534Download Chart
ClevelandMosesIpswich, Suffolk, England9534Download Chart
ClevelandSally, Mrs. 9534Download Chart
ClevelandSamuel 9534Download Chart
ClickJohn 10411Download Chart
ClickNancy Jane 10411Download Chart
ClickSusan, Mrs. 10411Download Chart
CliffMaryCo. York, England975Download Chart
CliftonAnna MarieKimbolton, England8721Download Chart
CliftonMary 93614Download Chart
CliftonMary Ann, Mrs. 8721Download Chart
CliftonThomas 8721Download Chart
CliftonThomasNewport, RI, USA93614Download Chart
CochrineJaneIreland7891Download Chart
CockCharityNY, USA9842Download Chart
CoeHannah 83510Download Chart
CoeJohnStratford, CT, USA83510Download Chart
CoeMary, Mrs. 83510Download Chart
CoenElizabethMontgomery Co., NY, USA96912Download Chart
CoffeyAgnes 83513Download Chart
CoffeyAgnes 83514Download Chart
CogswellPhoebe 9369Download Chart
ColesAlice 2742Download Chart
ColierRachael AnnMS, USA10501Download Chart
CollarBetsey B., Mrs. 8581Download Chart
CollarCharles DewittOneida Co., NY, USA8581Download Chart
CollarIsaac Keyes 8581Download Chart
CollarJoanna, Mrs. 8581Download Chart
CollarMartha ParishMI, USA8581Download Chart
ComstockClimena, Mrs. 9362Download Chart
ComstockDanielEngland93613Download Chart
ComstockDorothy, Mrs. 9362Download Chart
ComstockElizabeth, Mrs. 93613Download Chart
ComstockEmily Marietta 9361Download Chart
ComstockEveline, Mrs. 9361Download Chart
ComstockEveline, Mrs. 9362Download Chart
ComstockEveline, Mrs. 9363Download Chart
ComstockGeorge LuciusFranklin, Oakland Co., MI, USA9361Download Chart
ComstockJohn BeardsleyCamden, NY, USA9361Download Chart
ComstockJohn BeardsleyCamden, NY, USA9362Download Chart
ComstockJohn BeardsleyCamden, NY, USA9363Download Chart
ComstockMary, Mrs. 9362Download Chart
ComstockPaltiah, Mrs. 93613Download Chart
ComstockSamuelUncasville, VT, USA9362Download Chart
ComstockSamuelUncasville, VT, USA93613Download Chart
ComstockSamuel, IIINew London, CT, USA9362Download Chart
ComstockSamuel, Jr.New London, CT, USA9362Download Chart
ComstockSarah, Mrs. 9362Download Chart
ComstockSarah, Mrs. 93613Download Chart
ComstockSerajahNew Fairfield, CT, USA9362Download Chart
ComstockWilliamEngland93613Download Chart
ConantExerciseSalem, Essex Co., MA, USA8356Download Chart
ConantRogerDevonshire, England8356Download Chart
ConantSarahBeverly, MA, USA8356Download Chart
ConantSarah, Mrs. 8356Download Chart
ConantSarah, Mrs. 8356Download Chart
ConawayHannahHarrison Co., OH, USA5381Download Chart
CongdonBenjamin 95313Download Chart
CongdonBenjaminWales95313Download Chart
CongdonElizabeth, Mrs. 95313Download Chart
CongdonFrances 95312Download Chart
CongdonFrances 95313Download Chart
CongdonFrances, Mrs. 95313Download Chart
CongdonJohn 95313Download Chart
ConnerSarahKnox Co., OH, USA8881Download Chart
CookAaronHadley, MA, USA93621Download Chart
CookAaronDorset, England93621Download Chart
CookAaronEngland93621Download Chart
CookElizabeth, Mrs. 93621Download Chart
CookEmilyOakland Co., MI, USA9699Download Chart
CookMary W., Mrs. 9699Download Chart
CookMary W., Mrs. 96918Download Chart
CookMary, Mrs. 93621Download Chart
CookOliver B.Rutland, VT, USA9699Download Chart
CookOliver B.Rutland, VT, USA96918Download Chart
CookRebecca  83511Download Chart
CookSarahHadley, MA, USA93621Download Chart
CookSarah, Mrs. 93621Download Chart
EllwoodElizabeth, Mrs. 96912Download Chart
EllwoodHiramOtsego Co., NY, USA9699Download Chart
EllwoodMary Ellen, Mrs. 9699Download Chart
EllwoodPhoebe, Mrs. 9699Download Chart
EllwoodRachel DelilahOakland Co., MI, USA9699Download Chart
EllwoodRachel, Mrs. 9699Download Chart
EllwoodRachel, Mrs. 96912Download Chart
EllwoodRachel, Mrs. 96912Download Chart
EllwoodRachel, Mrs. 96913Download Chart
EllwoodRichardKent, England96912Download Chart
EllwoodWilliam HoraceOakland Co., MI, USA9699Download Chart
ElyCatherine 8582Download Chart
EngleMathewCo. York, England973Download Chart
EngleSarahGarforth, York, England973Download Chart
ErasmusMary  9611Download Chart
ErbChristian 83516Download Chart
ErbMaria, Mrs. 83516Download Chart
ErbNcholasLancaster Co., PA83516Download Chart
EricksenNicolineDenmark10061Download Chart
ErskineCharles 2851Download Chart
ErskineEuphemiaMinnigaff, Scotland2851Download Chart
EssaryGraceEngland9691Download Chart
EssaryGraceEngland9692Download Chart
EssigDeborahAdams Co., PA, USA103011Download Chart
EssigGeorge 103011Download Chart
EssigMargaret, Mrs. 103011Download Chart
Evens/EvansMary 1842Download Chart
EvensdatterAaseNorway6181Download Chart
FafardFrancoieArgence, near Caen7996Download Chart
FairbankCalebWorcester Co., MA10278Download Chart
FairbankJamesWorcester Co., MA, USA10278Download Chart
FairbankMary, Mrs. 10278Download Chart
FairbankMary, Mrs. 10278Download Chart
FairbanksLydia 9534Download Chart
FairbanksMargaret J.St Lawrence Co., NY, USA10278Download Chart
FairchildGershorn 9369Download Chart
FairchildPhoebe, Mrs. 9369Download Chart
FairchildTheodosiaMorristown, NJ9369Download Chart
FairmanJohn 2742Download Chart
FairmanSarah 2742Download Chart
FallAnna Jane, Mrs. 9381Download Chart
FallEllen E.Birmingham, Oakland Co., MI, USA9381Download Chart
FallWilliam Nathan 9381Download Chart
FancherNettie LouiseNY, USA9712Download Chart
FarrEliza York, England975Download Chart
FarrowBarbara, Mrs. 10131Download Chart
FarrowGraceBoone Co., IN, USA10131Download Chart
FarrowJames SimpsonBoone Co., IN, USA10131Download Chart
FarrowMary Jane, Mrs. 10131Download Chart
FarrowThomas 10131Download Chart
FarwellHenry 9534Download Chart
FarwellMaryConcord, Middlesex Co., MA9534Download Chart
FarwellOlive, Mrs. 9534Download Chart
FeddellJannetCumberland, England93611Download Chart
FergusonJanet 2851Download Chart
FergusonSarah Ann 9551Download Chart
FerrellCharlesVA, USA10274Download Chart
FerrellElla MayWichita, KS, USA10271Download Chart
FerrellFelix NewtonBarren Co., NY, USA10271Download Chart
FerrellFelix NewtonBarren Co., NY, USA10274Download Chart
FerrellFelix NewtonBarren Co., NY, USA10275Download Chart
FerrellGabrielWarren/Allen Co., KY, USA10274Download Chart
FerrellManise, Mrs. 10274Download Chart
FerrellNancy Bly 10271Download Chart
FerrellNancy Bly 10274Download Chart
FerrellNancy Bly 10275Download Chart
FerrellSarah 10274Download Chart
FickeisenAnna Barbara, Mrs. 9367Download Chart
FickeisenAnna Otilla, Mrs. 9367Download Chart
FickeisenChristina Catherina, Mrs. 9367Download Chart
FickeisenDaniel PierreBavaria9367Download Chart
FickeisenHans DanielLohnweiler, Bavaria9367Download Chart
FickeisenHans DanielGermany9367Download Chart
FickeisenJohan PhillippLohnweiler, Bavaria9367Download Chart
FickeisenMargaretta Barbara, Mrs. 9367Download Chart
FickeisenMaria Christina, Mrs. 9367Download Chart
FickeisenPhillipp Pierre LouisLohnweiler, Bavaria9367Download Chart
FilteauM. Francoise 7996Download Chart
FingalsdatterKariNes, Norway6181Download Chart
FirestoneElizabeth MD, USA96911Download Chart
FirestoneEve, Mrs. 96911Download Chart
FirestoneNicholasBotetourt Co., VA, USA96911Download Chart
FirestoneNicholasAlsace, France96911Download Chart
FisherAnnaSuffolk Co., MA9693Download Chart
FisherAnnaSuffolk Co., MA96922Download Chart
FisherAnnaSuffolk Co., MA96923Download Chart
FisherAnthony 96923Download Chart
FisherCorneliusNorfolk Co., MA96923Download Chart
FisherLaVina 8373Download Chart
FisherLeah, Mrs. 96923Download Chart
FisherMary, Mrs. 96923Download Chart
FiskeEbenezerMiddlesex Co., MA83512Download Chart
FiskeEbenezerWenham, MA, USA83512Download Chart
FiskeElizabeth, Mrs. 83512Download Chart
FiskeSarah, Mrs. 83512Download Chart
FiskeSusanna, Mrs. 83512Download Chart
FiskeWilliamWenham, MA, USA83512Download Chart
FiskeWilliamWenham, MA, USA83512Download Chart
FitzgeraldBridgetMullock, Limerick, Ireland8711Download Chart
FletcherBetty 7999Download Chart
FlynnHonorah Anna Marie, Mrs. 9891Download Chart
FlynnJames JosephScranton, PA, USA9891Download Chart
FlynnMary LouiseScranton, PA, USA9891Download Chart
FlynnMary, Mrs. 9891Download Chart
FlynnMichaelIreland9891Download Chart
FlynnMichael WilliamColumbia Co., NY, USA9891Download Chart
FlynnRuth Delores, Mrs. 9891Download Chart
FooteCynthy (Susan)Germany or PA, USA9601Download Chart
FordJoan, Mrs. 93621Download Chart
FordMaryDorset, England93621Download Chart
FordThomasEngland93621Download Chart
FoxMarion ElizabethMillington, MI, USA7361Download Chart
FoxMarion ElizabethMillington, MI, USA7362Download Chart
FoxSally 9534Download Chart
FrakesMary Ann, Mrs. 9601Download Chart
FrakesSusan MaryMilford, Oakland Co., MI, USA9601Download Chart
FrakesWilliam. Jr.England9601Download Chart
FranceElizabethCo. York, England975Download Chart
FranciscoElbert BurtonHastings, Barry Co., MI, USA9841Download Chart
FranciscoFrances Mary, Mrs. 9841Download Chart
FranciscoIsabel AlbertaNorval, MI, USA9841Download Chart
FranciscoIsabella M., Mrs. 9841Download Chart
FranciscoJohnTompkins Co., NY, USA9841Download Chart
FranklinAgnesEngland93619Download Chart
FranklinElizabeth 93621Download Chart
FranklinMary 83520Download Chart
FranklinWilliam 93619Download Chart
FreelDayna 10381Download Chart
FreemanAlice, Mrs. 2742Download Chart
FreemanBennet, Mrs. 2742Download Chart
FreemanEdmundSussex Co., England2742Download Chart
FreemanEdmund 2742Download Chart
FreemanInise, Mrs.Adelade, Ontario, Canada8301Download Chart
FreemanJane Adelade, Ontario, Canada8301Download Chart
FreemanJohnCo. Cork, Ireland8301Download Chart
FremillionMarieLucon, Poitou7996Download Chart
FrenchMaryBoston, MA, USA8357Download Chart
FrenchMaryBoston, MA, USA8358Download Chart
FrickHenrySummit Co., OH, USA10305Download Chart
FrickSarahSummit Co., OH, USA10301Download Chart
FrickSarahSummit Co., OH, USA10304Download Chart
FrickSarahSummit Co., OH, USA10305Download Chart
FrickSarah, Mrs. 10305Download Chart
FrinkGrace, Mrs. 8354Download Chart
FrinkHannah, Mrs. 8354Download Chart
FrinkJerushaNorwich, CT, USA8353Download Chart
FrinkJerushaNorwich, CT, USA8354Download Chart
FrinkJohnBrixton, England8354Download Chart
FrinkSamuelStonington, CT, USA8354Download Chart
FroelichAnna Margaret 8293Download Chart
FullerAgnes 9539Download Chart
FullerAgnes 95310Download Chart
FullerAgnes 95311Download Chart
FullerThomas 95311Download Chart
FulwiderDavid 10654Download Chart
FulwiderMargaret AmericaPerkins, Payne Co., OK, USA10651Download Chart
FulwiderMargaret AmericaPerkins, Payne Co., OK, USA10652Download Chart
FulwiderMargaret AmericaPerkins, Payne Co., OK, USA10654Download Chart
FulwiderMary, Mrs. 10654Download Chart
FunkAnke MargarethaPopens, Germany9761Download Chart
FunkHarm Harms 9761Download Chart
FunkKunke, Mrs. 9761Download Chart
GaetzElizabethOH, USA10308Download Chart
GagneM Josette 7992Download Chart
GagnonMarie Esther 2851Download Chart
GallernoElizabeth 79910Download Chart
GammonJane (Jennie)Smith Co., TN, USA10271Download Chart
GammonJane (Jennie)Smith Co., TN, USA10272Download Chart
GammonJane (Jennie)Smith Co., TN, USA10273Download Chart
GammonJeremiahVA, USA10273Download Chart
GammonJohnPittsylvania Co., VA, USA10273Download Chart
GammonJohnSmith Co., TN, USA10273Download Chart
GammonMary, Mrs. 10273Download Chart
GammonSusannah, Mrs. 10273Download Chart
GardnerAmie, Mrs. 9538Download Chart
GardnerAmie, Mrs. 95312Download Chart
GardnerBenoni 9538Download Chart
GardnerFrances, Mrs. 95312Download Chart
GardnerFrances, Mrs. 95313Download Chart
GardnerGeorgeEngland9538Download Chart
GardnerHerodias, Mrs. 9538Download Chart
GardnerLydia 9537Download Chart
GardnerLydia 9538Download Chart
GardnerMargaret, Mrs. 9538Download Chart
GardnerMary, Mrs. 9538Download Chart
GardnerMichael 9538Download Chart
GardnerStephen 9538Download Chart
GardnerStephen 95312Download Chart
GardnerStephen 95312Download Chart
GardnerStephen 95313Download Chart
GarnerMary Elizabeth, Mrs. 9601Download Chart
GarnerMary JaneRose Twp., Oakland Co., MI, USA9601Download Chart
GarnerRobertSussex Co., NJ, USA9601Download Chart
GazetteEdward 9361Download Chart
GazetteEmile, Mrs. 9361Download Chart
GearhartJemima, Mrs. 10381Download Chart
GearhartMary EPA, USA10381Download Chart
GearhartWilliam 10381Download Chart
GearheartAdam 10411Download Chart
GearheartCatyVA, USA10411Download Chart
GearheartWilliam 10411Download Chart
GearyAnn, Mrs. 95315Download Chart
GearyArthur 95315Download Chart
GearyElizabeth 95315Download Chart
GearyFrances, Mrs. 95315Download Chart
GearyNathanielEngland95315Download Chart
GeissmannAnna Katherina 10671Download Chart
GerardMary A Detroit, MI, USA10145Download Chart
GerberichAppolonia, Mrs. 83517Download Chart
GerberichChristine, Mrs. 83517Download Chart
GerberichChristine, Mrs. 83518Download Chart
GerberichHans Germany83517Download Chart
GerberichHans KasparAltfield, Germany83517Download Chart
GerberichJohannesAltfield, Germany83517Download Chart
GerberichJohannesAltfield, Germany83518Download Chart
GermanAmanda L 8291Download Chart
GermanGraceDevonshire, England9691Download Chart
GermanGrace, Mrs. 9691Download Chart
GermanGrace, Mrs. 9692Download Chart
GermanJohn SrEngland9691Download Chart
GermanJohn SrEngland9692Download Chart
GermanMinnerva, Mrs. 8291Download Chart
GermanNapoleon 8291Download Chart
GervaisAnne, Mrs. 7994Download Chart
GervaisAnne, Mrs. 7995Download Chart
GervaisJane, Mrs. 7994Download Chart
GervaisJohnAngers, France7994Download Chart
GervaisJohnAngers, France7995Download Chart
GervaisLouisMontreal, Canada7994Download Chart
GervaisLouisMontreal, Canada7995Download Chart
GervaisMary AnnDetroit, MI, USA7995Download Chart
GervaisMary Magdelene, Mrs. 7994Download Chart
GervaisMary Magdelene, Mrs. 7995Download Chart
GervaisUrbanus 7994Download Chart
GervaiseCharlesMontreal, Canada7994Download Chart
GervaiseCharlesMontreal, Canada7995Download Chart
GervaiseMarie, Mrs. 7994Download Chart
GervaiseMarie, Mrs. 7995Download Chart
GillAnnLeathley, York, England975Download Chart
GillDonald RoyDetroit, MI, USA6441Download Chart
GillFlorence May, Mrs. 6441Download Chart
GillHarriet, Mrs. 6441Download Chart
GillHarvey MaxwellJackson Co., MI, USA6441Download Chart
GillHelen Marguerite 6441Download Chart
GillMary Elizabeth Highland Park, Wayne Co., MI, USA6441Download Chart
GillMary, Mrs. 975Download Chart
GillSamuel ArundelLondon, England6441Download Chart
GillSarah EleanorColumbia, TN, USA9801Download Chart
GillSarah, Mrs. 9801Download Chart
GillWilliamOtley, York, England975Download Chart
GillWilliam 9801Download Chart
GilletAnnNiagara Fall, Ontario, Canada10279Download Chart
GillettJoan, Mrs. 93623Download Chart
GillettJonathanWindsor, CT, USA9362Download Chart
GillettJonathanCT, USA9362Download Chart
GillettJonathanDorchester, MA93623Download Chart
GillettJonathanDevon, England93623Download Chart
GillettJonathanCT, USA93623Download Chart
GillettMary, Mrs. 9362Download Chart
GillettMary, Mrs. 93623Download Chart
GillettMiriam, Mrs. 93623Download Chart
GillettRichardDorset, England93623Download Chart
GillettRuth Windsor, CT, USA9362Download Chart
GillettRuth, Mrs. 9362Download Chart
GillettRuth, Mrs. 93623Download Chart
GillettSamuelNorfolk, Ontario, Canada10279Download Chart
GillettSarah, Mrs. 10279Download Chart
GillettWilliamEngland93623Download Chart
GilmartinAlice A.Lucerne Co., PA, USA9891Download Chart
GilmartinAnna, Mrs. 9891Download Chart
GilmartinAnne, Mrs. 9891Download Chart
GilmartinDominickIreland9891Download Chart
GilmartinJamesIreland9891Download Chart
GingrichCatherine A.Dauphin, PA, USA5381Download Chart
GiphanElizabeth 9699Download Chart
GirardMarie 10381Download Chart
GobleDaniel  4732Download Chart
GobleMary, Mrs. 4732Download Chart
GobleMatthiasMorristown, NJ, USA4732Download Chart
GobleRachel, Mrs. 4732Download Chart
GobleRobertMorristown, NJ, USA4732Download Chart
GobleSarahNJ, USA4732Download Chart
GodboutAndre 7997Download Chart
GodboutFrancois 7993Download Chart
GodboutFrancois 7997Download Chart
GodboutGenevieve, Mrs. 7997Download Chart
GodboutMarguerite 7993Download Chart
GodboutMarguerite 7997Download Chart
GodboutMarguerite 7998Download Chart
GodboutMarie, Mrs. 7993Download Chart
GodboutMarie, Mrs. 7997Download Chart
GoddardMartha 83511Download Chart
GoddardMary (Molly)Worcester Co., MA, USA10278Download Chart
GoedelMaria Christina Germany9367Download Chart
GoetzAnke Margaretha, Mrs. 9761Download Chart
GoetzAnna Margaretha, Mrs. 9761Download Chart
GoetzChristina Plaggenburg, Germany9761Download Chart
GoetzEmma, Mrs. 9761Download Chart
GoetzFanny MargaretMadison Co., IL, USA9761Download Chart
GoetzGerd FriedrichGermany9761Download Chart
GoetzWilliam FrederickTannenhausen, Germany9761Download Chart
GoldhamSusannaGuilford, CT, USA93615Download Chart
GolleMargaretCo. Devon, England977Download Chart
GordonHarriet (Hattie/Hetty)Durham Co., Ontario, Canada6441Download Chart
GortonMary 93622Download Chart
GraffEliPA, USA6001Download Chart
GraffHarriet 6001Download Chart
GraftonHannah Norwich, CT, USA8352Download Chart
GrahamEdward C.TN, USA10501Download Chart
GrahamFrench G.Scott Co., MS, USA10501Download Chart
GrahamNova DorothyRed River Co., TX, USA10501Download Chart
GrahamRachel Ann, Mrs. 10501Download Chart
GrahamTennessee Evelyn, Mrs. 10501Download Chart
GravesAbigail 93622Download Chart
GreenBridgetSpringfield, MA, USA93620Download Chart
GreenEliza Ann, Mrs. 10656Download Chart
GreenElizabeth RebeccaIonia Co., MI, USA10651Download Chart
GreenElizabeth RebeccaIonia Co., MI, USA10655Download Chart
GreenElizabeth RebeccaIonia Co., MI, USA10656Download Chart
GreenElizabeth, Mrs. 975Download Chart
GreenEmily MariettaMI. USA9361Download Chart
GreenIsabeth, Mrs. 975Download Chart
GreenJacobNY, USA10656Download Chart
GreenJamesYork, England975Download Chart
GreenJohnKippax, York, England975Download Chart
GreenerKatherineAustria9731Download Chart
GreensladeJoannaNew London, CT, USA96919Download Chart
GreerEdith MayBrinkhaven, OH, USA8881Download Chart
GreerJohnprob. PA, USA8881Download Chart
GreerMarkBrinkhaven, OH, USA8881Download Chart
GreerMary, Mrs. 8881Download Chart
GreerMatilda, Mrs. 8881Download Chart
GregoryElizabethEngland9535Download Chart
GregoryHenry 9535Download Chart
GriffithAnn, Mrs. 9365Download Chart
GriffithIsaacBaltimore, MD, USA9365Download Chart
GriffithRachel Richland, PA, USA9365Download Chart
GrimmHenry 10381Download Chart
GrimmLewisPA, USA10381Download Chart
GrimmMariah, Mrs. 10381Download Chart
GrimmMary E., Mrs. 10381Download Chart
GrimmThelmaPontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA10381Download Chart
GrimmVivian R., Mrs. 10381Download Chart
GrimmWilliam N.PA, USA10381Download Chart
GrouinMary 79910Download Chart
GucciardiLeonardItaly10411Download Chart
GucciardiMaria, Mrs. 10411Download Chart
GucciardiPhillpoItaly10411Download Chart
GucciardiRosaItaly10411Download Chart
GucciardiRosalie, Mrs. 10411Download Chart
GulloRosalie Italy10411Download Chart
HackettBlanche Elizabeth, Mrs. 9631Download Chart
HackettDavid WesleyUtica, Macomb Co., MI, USA9631Download Chart
HackettEmma, Mrs. 9631Download Chart
HackettEverett ArthurTuscola Co., MI, USA9631Download Chart
HackettGertrude, Mrs. 9631Download Chart
HackettJosiah PeterNY, USA9631Download Chart
HackettLovina A., Mrs. 9631Download Chart
HackettMarion Alma, Mrs. 9631Download Chart
HackettSamuel G.Tuscola Co., MI, USA9631Download Chart
HackettSamuel R.NY, USA9631Download Chart
HagenErwin Ornsholt 8881Download Chart
HagenJeanne Eileen, Mrs. 8881Download Chart
HaleM Josephte 7997Download Chart
HalgrimsonAase, Mrs. 6181Download Chart
HalgrimsonHalgrimNorway6181Download Chart
HalgrimsonMaren HelenaNorway6181Download Chart
HallCatherine, Mrs. 9369Download Chart
HallDaniel HubbardUlster Co., NY, USA9699Download Chart
HallDaniel HubbardUlster Co., NY, USA96914Download Chart
HallDaniel HubbardUlster Co., NY, USA96915Download Chart
HallElizabeth, Mrs. 10651Download Chart
HallEmily IN, USA10381Download Chart
HallExperience, Mrs. 96914Download Chart
HallJim 10651Download Chart
HallJohnBoston, MA, USA9369Download Chart
HallLetetia Pamela, Mrs. 9699Download Chart
HallLetetia Pamela, Mrs. 96914Download Chart
HallLetetia Pamela, Mrs. 96915Download Chart
HallMaud OlgaCovington, Fountain Co., IN, USA10651Download Chart
HallNathaniel Stonington, CT, USA96914Download Chart
HallNathaniel, Jr.Stonington, CT, USA96914Download Chart
HallPhoebeBasking Ridge, NJ, USA9369Download Chart
HallPhoebeSchoharie Co., NY, USA9699Download Chart
HallSibble 9363Download Chart
HallSusannah, Mrs. 96914Download Chart
HallTheodosia, Mrs. 9369Download Chart
HallaireJosephte 7997Download Chart
HalseyAnneEngland93618Download Chart
HalvorsdatterKariNes, Hallingdal, Norway6181Download Chart
HamBartholemew 9981Download Chart
HamJane 9981Download Chart
HamLucinda, Mrs. 9981Download Chart
HancockCharles RupertMD, USA9731Download Chart
HancockElizabeth, Mrs. 9731Download Chart
HancockEmily Marguerite, Mrs. 9731Download Chart
HancockHarold RussellDetroit, MI, USA9731Download Chart
HancockJohnMD, USA9731Download Chart
HancockKatherina, Mrs. 9731Download Chart
HancockRonald NormanDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA9731Download Chart
HancockRuth Anne, Mrs. 9731Download Chart
HansenChristenDenmark10061Download Chart
HansenHans ChristianBrenderup, Denmark10061Download Chart
HansenJohannah, Mrs. 10061Download Chart
HansenMae Johannah B.Salt Lake City, UT, USA10061Download Chart
HansenMarthine Catharine 10061Download Chart
HansonFlorence May "Tinka"Jackson Co., MI, USA6441Download Chart
HansonJohn P.Copenhagen, Denmark6441Download Chart
HansonSarah, Mrs. 6441Download Chart
HarcopeIsabella, de Froisbay 96920Download Chart
HardingMary (Mercy) 1841Download Chart
HarperDeborah, Mrs. 8351Download Chart
HarperExperience Sandwich, MA, USA8351Download Chart
HarperRobertSandwich, MA, USA8351Download Chart
HarrellMargaret E., Mrs. 9881Download Chart
HarrellSusan RebeccaAL, USA9881Download Chart
HarrellWilliam F. F. 9881Download Chart
HarrisHeberManchester, England8373Download Chart
HarrisLutherLapeer Co., MI, USA8373Download Chart
HarrisMary, Mrs. 8373Download Chart
HarrisPolly Molly, Mrs. 8373Download Chart
HarrisonElizabethLeeds, York, England973Download Chart
HarrisonWilliam 973Download Chart
HarterAndreasGermany103011Download Chart
HarterAnna Catharina, Mrs. 103011Download Chart
HarterDeborah, Mrs. 103011Download Chart
HarterHarriet Ann 10301Download Chart
HarterHarriet Ann 103010Download Chart
HarterHarriet Ann 103011Download Chart
HarterJacobLancaster, PA, USA103011Download Chart
HarterJesseStark Co., OH, USA103011Download Chart
HarterMary, Mrs. 103011Download Chart
HartungJane ElizabethWabasha, MN7891Download Chart
HartungJohn FrederickBauerbach, Saxony, Germany7891Download Chart
HartungMargaret Ann, Mrs. 7891Download Chart
HartwellEliza 9691Download Chart
HarveyJamesNY, USA10671Download Chart
HarveyLouise, Mrs. 10671Download Chart
HarveyMaryEngland93617Download Chart
HarveyMinerva JayneSteuben Co., NY, USA10671Download Chart
HaverkampCatharinaOstbevern, Germany5922Download Chart
HawleyMary 83510Download Chart
HaydenRuth Anne  9731Download Chart
HayesAndrew JacksonDutchess Co., NY, USA9841Download Chart
HayesAndrew Jackson 9842Download Chart
HayesAnn Eliza, Mrs. 9841Download Chart
HayesAnn Eliza, Mrs. 9842Download Chart
HayesAnnie LaurieRochester, Oakland Co., MI, USA9841Download Chart
HayesAnnie LaurieRochester, Oakland Co., MI, USA9842Download Chart
HayesCharity, Mrs. 9842Download Chart
HayesJamesDutchess Co., NY, USA9842Download Chart
HaynesKenneth L. 9381Download Chart
HaynesMerrie, Mrs. 9381Download Chart
HazlettAnna BelleVictor, NY, USA9551Download Chart
HazlettJulia T., Mrs. 9551Download Chart
HazlettSarah Ann, Mrs. 9551Download Chart
HazlettThomas JohnNorth of Ireland9551Download Chart
HazlettThomas MayneNorth of Ireland9551Download Chart
HeathAnna, Mrs. 9693Download Chart
HeathAnna, Mrs. 96922Download Chart
HeathAnna, Mrs. 96923Download Chart
HeathIsaacRoxbury, MA, USA9693Download Chart
HeathIsaacSuffolk Co., MA, USA9693Download Chart
HeathIsaacSuffolk Co., MA, USA96922Download Chart
HeathIsaacNazeing, Essex, England96922Download Chart
HeathIsaacSuffolk Co., MA, USA96923Download Chart
HeathJosephTolland Co., CT, USA9691Download Chart
HeathJosephTolland Co., CT, USA9693Download Chart
HeathJosephTolland Co., CT, USA9694Download Chart
HeathJoseph Tolland Co., CT, USA9693Download Chart
HeathJoseph FrancisTioga Co., NY, USA9691Download Chart
HeathJoshephTolland Co., CT, USA9693Download Chart
HeathLovisa, Mrs. 9691Download Chart
HeathMabel, Mrs. 9693Download Chart
HeathMarium 9695Download Chart
HeathMary, Mrs. 96922Download Chart
HeathMary, Mrs. 96922Download Chart
HeathNettie FlorenceOakland Co., MI, USA9691Download Chart
HeathRachel, Mrs. 9693Download Chart
HeathSarah, Mrs. 9691Download Chart
HeathSarah, Mrs. 9693Download Chart
HeathSarah, Mrs. 9693Download Chart
HeathSarah, Mrs. 9694Download Chart
HeathWilliam 96922Download Chart
HeatonLeahNorfolk, Co., MA, USA96923Download Chart
Heaton/EatonElizabeth, Mrs. 96923Download Chart
Heaton/EatonNathaniel 96923Download Chart
HellerCatherine A., Mrs. 5381Download Chart
HellerDaniel J.Dauphin, PA, USA5381Download Chart
HendrixEmmalineHendricks Co., IN, USA10131Download Chart
HendrixJesse 10131Download Chart
HendrixMary, Mrs. 10131Download Chart
HenryEdward PresmalMacomb Co., MI, USA2851Download Chart
HenryElizabeth Alexandra, Mrs. 2851Download Chart
HeritagElizabethFrance9731Download Chart
HerrickEliza Ann OH, USA10656Download Chart
HervieBridget 96920Download Chart
HervieGeorge de St Martins 96920Download Chart
HessNorma Lee Marie 9611Download Chart
HesseyHannahRowley; Sculcoates, Hull, England9761Download Chart
HicksAlice A., Mrs. 9891Download Chart
HicksAnna, Mrs. 9891Download Chart
HicksEdwardGlocester, England9891Download Chart
HicksHenriettaGlocester, England9891Download Chart
HicksMichaelIreland9891Download Chart
HicksMichael J.Lucerne Co., PA, USA9891Download Chart
HicksRuth DeloresLackawanna Co., PA, USA9891Download Chart
HillCatharine, Mrs. 9631Download Chart
HillElizabeth 93615Download Chart
HillEmmaBavaria (?), Germany9631Download Chart
HillJohnDetroit, MI, USA9631Download Chart
HiltonOrpha 8581Download Chart
HiscockesJohnWiltshire, England83520Download Chart
HiscockesMary, Mrs. 83520Download Chart
HiscockesRichardWiltshire, England83520Download Chart
HobartSusannahStonington, CT, USA96914Download Chart
HobertDaniel 96914Download Chart
HobertZerviah, Mrs. 96914Download Chart
HodgesAnna, Mrs.Bunker Hill, NY, USA9696Download Chart
HodgesHannahManselles, NY, USA9691Download Chart
HodgesHannahManselles, NY, USA9695Download Chart
HodgesHannahManselles, NY, USA9696Download Chart
HodgesIsaac 9696Download Chart
HodgesJames MadisonNC, USA10501Download Chart
HodgesTennessee EvelynLA, USA10501Download Chart
HodgesZilla Ann, Mrs. 10501Download Chart
HodgkinJannaGuilford, CT, USA9366Download Chart
HodgkinJannaGuilford, CT, USA93615Download Chart
HodgkinLucyGuilford, CT, USA9366Download Chart
HodgkinSarah, Mrs. 9366Download Chart
HodgkinSarah, Mrs. 93615Download Chart
HodsellBennetSussex, England2742Download Chart
HodsellFaith, Mrs. 2742Download Chart
HodsellJohn 2742Download Chart
HoelkerAnna Marie Elizabeth, Mrs. 5922Download Chart
HoelkerJohann HenrichVinnenberg, Germany5922Download Chart
HoeyBridget, Mrs. 7361Download Chart
HoeyBridget, Mrs.Ireland7362Download Chart
HoeyDelia BridgetIreland7361Download Chart
HoeyDelia BridgetIreland7362Download Chart
HoeyMichael 7361Download Chart
HoeyMichael 7362Download Chart
HohmannMagdalenaGermany1841Download Chart
HoldenFrances, Mrs. 95313Download Chart
HoldenRandallEngland95313Download Chart
HoldenSarah 95313Download Chart
HollandSusannah GeorgeGoochland Co., VA, USA10275Download Chart
HollenbachAnna MariaBerks Co., KY, USA103010Download Chart
HolloranMaryIreland9891Download Chart
HolmesSarah 2742Download Chart
Holton--NJ, USA9791Download Chart
HoltonBlanche Maude, Mrs. 9791Download Chart
HoltonElizabeth Melissa, Mrs. 9791Download Chart
HoltonLaura ElbertaSharp Co., AR, USA9791Download Chart
HoltonLester EphriamIL, USA9791Download Chart
HonsCathrine, Mrs. 96911Download Chart
HonsJacobBotetourt Co., VA, USA96911Download Chart
HooleySusannah 8581Download Chart
HoopeMary H.NY, USA7998Download Chart
HornishCatherine, Mrs. 8582Download Chart
HornishElizabethPA, USA8582Download Chart
HornishJohn 8582Download Chart
HortonAbraham 96910Download Chart
HortonMaryNC, USA96910Download Chart
HortonSarah 8356Download Chart
HortonWilliam 96910Download Chart
HortonWinneford, Mrs. 96910Download Chart
HotchkinElizabeth, Mrs. 93615Download Chart
HotchkinJohnEssex, England93615Download Chart
HotchkinJosephGuilford, CT, USA93615Download Chart
HotchkinMary, Mrs. 93615Download Chart
HoverGertrude Tuscola Co., MI, USA9631Download Chart
HoverJohn WesleyTioga Co., NY, USA9631Download Chart
HoverLodewickTioga Co., NY, USA9631Download Chart
HoverMelissa, Mrs. 9631Download Chart
HoverSarah, Mrs. 9631Download Chart
HoveyAbigailHadley, MA, USA9362Download Chart
HoveyAbigailHadley, MA, USA93620Download Chart
HoveyAbigailHadley, MA, USA93621Download Chart
HoveyAbigail, Mrs. 93621Download Chart
HoveyDanielEssex, England93621Download Chart
HoveyRichardEngland93621Download Chart
HoveySarah, Mrs. 93621Download Chart
HoveyThomasIpswich, MA, USA93621Download Chart
HowardAlice Alberta, Mrs. 2851Download Chart
HowardDalton KarleSimcoe, Ontario, Canada2851Download Chart
HowardDavid CarlStouffville, York Co., Ontario, Canada2851Download Chart
HowardElizabeth (Betty)Fredville, KY, USA10411Download Chart
HowardElizabeth AlexandraDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA2851Download Chart
HowardElizabeth, Mrs. 2851Download Chart
HowardEuphemia Elizabeth, Mrs. 2851Download Chart
HowardJamesYorkshire, England2851Download Chart
HowardMalinda 10411Download Chart
HubartMary L. 10671Download Chart
HuberDavidMI, USA10671Download Chart
HuberMary ElizabethWayne Co., MI, USA10671Download Chart
HuberMary, Mrs. 10671Download Chart
Huboix dit LongchampCatherine, Mrs. 7993Download Chart
Huboix dit LongchampCatherine, Mrs. 7997Download Chart
Huboix dit LongchampPierre 7993Download Chart
Huboix dit LongchampPierre 7997Download Chart
HuddlestonDavidIreland7891Download Chart
HuddlestonJane, Mrs. 7891Download Chart
HuddlestonMargaret Ann Erie Co., NY, USA7891Download Chart
HugginsBridget, Mrs. 93620Download Chart
HugginsEstherHampton, NH, USA93620Download Chart
HugginsJohnHampton, NH, USA93620Download Chart
HughesMarion Alma  9631Download Chart
HukesMary 9532Download Chart
HukesThomas 9532Download Chart
HulinsMargaret 8353Download Chart
HullElizabeth, Mrs. 8351Download Chart
HullExperience, Mrs. 8351Download Chart
HullJosephBarnstable, MA, USA8351Download Chart
HullMartha, Mrs. 8351Download Chart
HullStephenWesterly, RI, USA8351Download Chart
HullTristamWesterly, RI, USA8351Download Chart
HullTristamExeter, Devon, England8351Download Chart
HuntMary (Maria) T.Ontario, Canada8373Download Chart
HussMarthaGreene Co., PA, USA8881Download Chart
HutchinsJuliaDevonshire, England6441Download Chart
HutzlerCharlotte, Mrs. 5371Download Chart
HutzlerDavid DavisGreene Co., OH, USA5371Download Chart
HutzlerDorothy LucilleWexford Co., MI, USA5371Download Chart
HutzlerEleanor, Mrs. 5371Download Chart
HutzlerJacobPA/VA, USA5371Download Chart
HutzlerLilliam Merrifield, Mrs. 5371Download Chart
HydeHester 8353Download Chart
IdaleAnn, Mrs. 93627Download Chart
IdaleHannahYorkshire, England93627Download Chart
IdaleJohn 93627Download Chart
IsaacAnna, Mrs. 79910Download Chart
IsaacBeatriceManistique, MI, USA79910Download Chart
IsaacJohn Baptiste 79910Download Chart
JacksonMaryCo. York, England972Download Chart
JansenMaritjaGreen Co., NY, USA8293Download Chart
JanssenAnna MargarethaKS, USA9761Download Chart
JarrettMartha E.Lewis, WV, USA5371Download Chart
JaspersKunke 9761Download Chart
JenkinsAbiah, Mrs. 9537Download Chart
JenkinsJohnSandwich, Barnstable, MA, USA9537Download Chart
JenkinsJohnEngland9537Download Chart
JenkinsJohnEngland9538Download Chart
JenkinsLydia, Mrs. 9537Download Chart
JenkinsLydia, Mrs. 9538Download Chart
JenkinsSusanna, Mrs. 9537Download Chart
JenkinsZachariah 9537Download Chart
JensenHans PeterDenmarak10061Download Chart
JensenIda RosinaBrigham City, UT, USA10061Download Chart
JensenNicoline, Mrs. 10061Download Chart
JohnsEllen Margaret, Mrs. 9699Download Chart
JohnsEllen Margaret, Mrs. 96911Download Chart
JohnsMary AnnHenry Co., IN, USA9699Download Chart
JohnsMathiasGrainger Co., TN9699Download Chart
JohnsMathiasGrainger Co., TN96911Download Chart
Johns/HonsElizabeth, Mrs. 96911Download Chart
Johns/HonsHenry/HeinrichPA, USA96911Download Chart
JohnsonAmanda Melvina, Mrs. 10275Download Chart
JohnsonBenjaminGoochland Co., VA, USA10275Download Chart
JohnsonGeorgeSkipton, England972Download Chart
JohnsonHannah, Mrs. 10275Download Chart
JohnsonJohn 9538Download Chart
JohnsonMartha (Patty)Stafford, CT, USA1842Download Chart
JohnsonMary 9538Download Chart
JohnsonNancy BlyEdmonson Co, KY, USA10271Download Chart
JohnsonNancy BlyEdmonson Co, KY, USA10274Download Chart
JohnsonNancy BlyEdmonson Co, KY, USA10275Download Chart
JohnsonNancy EllenOH, USA5381Download Chart
JohnsonPrincettaAL, USA9711Download Chart
JohnsonSarifina MagdalinaTrondheim, Norway8291Download Chart
JohnsonSusannahGoochland Co., VA, USA10275Download Chart
JohnsonSusannah George, Mrs. 10275Download Chart
JohnsonWilliamEdmonson Co, KY, USA10275Download Chart
JohnsonWilliamGoochland Co., VA, USA10275Download Chart
JolyMarie 7992Download Chart
JonesAmanda MelvinaKY, USA10275Download Chart
JonesChristopherKY, USA10275Download Chart
JonesElva Ada, Mrs. 9761Download Chart
JonesFanny Margaret, Mrs. 9761Download Chart
JonesKathryn MarySanta Ana, Orange Co, CA, USA9761Download Chart
JonesLaura, Mrs. 9761Download Chart
JonesLutherOakland Co., MI, USA9761Download Chart
JonesMeary Ann, Mrs. 10275Download Chart
JonesSamuel L.Oakland Co., MI, USA9761Download Chart
JonesSamuel LeRoyTulare Co, CA, USA9761Download Chart
JonsdatterMariaLunder, Norway6181Download Chart
JonssonBothilda, Mrs. 10061Download Chart
JonssonMansSweden10061Download Chart
JuddHarrietNY, USA10671Download Chart
JudgeAnneIreland9891Download Chart
JudgeJamesIreland9891Download Chart
JudonAnnEngland9534Download Chart
JudsonEstherFairfield Co, CT, USA83510Download Chart
KeaserAngeline, Mrs. 8881Download Chart
KeaserJoseph OscarBangor, ME, USA8881Download Chart
KeaserThelma MarieVanWert Co, OH, USA8881Download Chart
KeezerJohn (Jesse) 8881Download Chart
KeezerNancy, Mrs. 8881Download Chart
KeezerSamuel B.near Bangor, ME, USA8881Download Chart
KeezerSarah, Mrs. 8881Download Chart
KeithAlfred JosephStarford, IN or PA, USA9712Download Chart
KeithBarbara JeanOakland Co., MI, USA9712Download Chart
KeithConstance Irene, Mrs. 9712Download Chart
KeithDanielCambria Co, PA, USA9712Download Chart
KeithLaura Jane, Mrs. 9712Download Chart
KeithMary Jane, Mrs. 9712Download Chart
KeithRichard AllenOakland Co., MI, USA9712Download Chart
KeithSamuel AlfredOakland Co., MI, USA9712Download Chart
KeithSharon LeeOakland Co., MI, USA9712Download Chart
KellerDora KateKezzletown, VA, USA9841Download Chart
KellyEdna B.Genesee Co., MI, USA9881Download Chart
KellyHannah, Mrs. 83513Download Chart
KellyJohn 83513Download Chart
KellyJohn KarsonGenesee Co., MI, USA9881Download Chart
KellyLydia 83514Download Chart
KellyLydia Gloucester, MA, USA83513Download Chart
KellyPhebe Ann, Mrs. 9881Download Chart
KemnlerRose 7997Download Chart
KentA. J.Calhoun Co, AL, USA9711Download Chart
KentBertha, Mrs. 9711Download Chart
KentChristopher BarryFloyd Co, GA, USA9711Download Chart
KentFannie Arnimishie, Mrs. 9711Download Chart
KentJames MadisonCleburne Co, AL, USA9711Download Chart
KentJimmy LeeFloyd Co, GA, USA9711Download Chart
KerlinAnna Rachel, Mrs. 9552Download Chart
KerlinDavid WesleySpringport, IN, USA9552Download Chart
KerlinElizabeth Maria, Mrs. 9552Download Chart
KerlinEphraimVA, USA9552Download Chart
KerlinHarry WesleyAmboy, IL, USA9552Download Chart
KerlinJanice Marie 9551Download Chart
KerlinJanice Marie 9552Download Chart
KerlinJohnSulphur Springs, IN, USA9552Download Chart
KerlinMary Elizabeth, Mrs.Sulphur Springs, IN, USA9552Download Chart
KerlinOna Mary, Mrs. 9552Download Chart
KernAnna, Mrs. 93625Download Chart
KernEthel MargaretTuscola Co., MI, USA93625Download Chart
KernGeorge E. 93625Download Chart
KernJohnLingen, Germany93625Download Chart
KernMariah 10381Download Chart
KernMarian, Mrs. 93625Download Chart
KeysJaneIreland5381Download Chart
Kile/KeilNancy 103010Download Chart
KilhamDeborah, Mrs. 8356Download Chart
KilhamHannahWenham, MA, USA8356Download Chart
KilhamHannah, Mrs. 8356Download Chart
KilhamJohnEngland8356Download Chart
KilhamSamuelWenham, MA, USA8356Download Chart
KilhamSarah Dedham, MA, USA83512Download Chart
KilmerCharlene Loraine, Mrs. 10671Download Chart
KilmerKarl Dean 10671Download Chart
Kilton/KeltonAbigailDorchester, MA, USA1842Download Chart
KiltsCatharineStone Arabia, NY, USA9551Download Chart
KimballDanielWindham Co., CT, USA9631Download Chart
KimballFrances AdelaideLivingston Co., MI, USA9631Download Chart
KimballPhilatha Maria, Mrs. 9631Download Chart
KingBlanche ElizabethOakland Co., MI, USA9631Download Chart
KingElinor, Mrs. 9631Download Chart
KingFrances Adelaide, Mrs. 9631Download Chart
KingFrederickOakland Co., MI, USA9631Download Chart
KingJamesBedfordshire, England (?)9631Download Chart
KingJesse FrederickMacomb Co, MI, USA9631Download Chart
KingLima Amelia, Mrs. 9631Download Chart
KingMargaret 9981Download Chart
KingeryBarbara, Mrs. 83515Download Chart
KingeryJohnGermany83515Download Chart
KingsburySusannah 83513Download Chart
KingsburySusannah 83514Download Chart
KingslandAbigail 93613Download Chart
KinnerMary W.Orange Co., NY, USA9699Download Chart
KinnerMary W.Orange Co., NY, USA96918Download Chart
KlontzBarbara AnnMcConnell, IL, USA93625Download Chart
KlontzCatherine D., Mrs. 93625Download Chart
KlontzJacob J.PA, USA93625Download Chart
KnightAgnes, Mrs. 83513Download Chart
KnightAgnes, Mrs. 83514Download Chart
KnightElizabethEssex Co, MA, USA8358Download Chart
KnightElizabeth 83513Download Chart
KnightElizabeth 83514Download Chart
KnightElizabeth, Mrs. 8352Download Chart
KnightElizabeth, Mrs. 8352Download Chart
KnightFanny VT, USA10653Download Chart
KnightFanny VT, USA10655Download Chart
KnightJohnHampshire, England8352Download Chart
KnightMargaret, Mrs. 8358Download Chart
KnightMaryHampshire, England8352Download Chart
KnightPhilipEssex Co, MA, USA8358Download Chart
KnightRichard 83514Download Chart
KnightRichard  83513Download Chart
KnightWilliam 8352Download Chart
KnottMary (Polly) 10131Download Chart
KoenigCaroline W.Saxony, Germany6181Download Chart
KonigChristianGermany6181Download Chart
KoumerAnna 93625Download Chart
KratzElizabethGermany11141Download Chart
KratzElizabethGermany11142Download Chart
KratzElizabethGermany11143Download Chart
KratzElizabeth, Mrs. 11143Download Chart
KratzHenry Germany11143Download Chart
KraussAnna BarbaraBieNurnberg, Germany83518Download Chart
KrawczakJoseph JozefPoland8371Download Chart
KrawczakJoseph JozefPoland8372Download Chart
KrawczakLeoSaginaw Co., MI, USA8371Download Chart
KrawczakLeo DavidSaginaw Co., MI, USA8371Download Chart
KrawczakMary, Mrs. 8371Download Chart
KrawczakMary, Mrs. 8372Download Chart
KrawczakSuzanne CarolSaginaw Co., MI, USA8371Download Chart
KreinerEmma Edith, Mrs. 10301Download Chart
KreinerHenrySummit Co., OH, USA10301Download Chart
KreinerHenrySummit Co., OH, USA10304Download Chart
KreinerHenrySummit Co., OH, USA10305Download Chart
KreinerJennie Bell, Mrs. 10301Download Chart
KreinerPaul RaymondSummit Co., OH, USA10301Download Chart
KreinerPauline PatriciaAkron, OH, USA10301Download Chart
KreinerSarah, Mrs. 10301Download Chart
KreinerSarah, Mrs. 10304Download Chart
KreinerSarah, Mrs. 10305Download Chart
KreinerWarren PaulSummit Co., OH, USA10301Download Chart
KuhnMarie ElisabetheGermany5922Download Chart
KuntzAugustGermany6181Download Chart
KuntzCaroline Albertine, Mrs. 6181Download Chart
KuntzMarthaMilwaukee, WI, USA6181Download Chart
KyesFreeman Asil 8721Download Chart
KyesHazel IreneSt Clair Co., MI, USA8721Download Chart
LaBargeJoanna 8581Download Chart
LaBeauJulia GladysFrenchtown, Monroe Co, MI, USA10651Download Chart
LaBeauPrudence, Mrs. 10651Download Chart
LaBeauWilliam 10651Download Chart
LaFoutainPrudence  10851Download Chart
LaGuireH Carlos 6181Download Chart
LaGuireMaren Gertrude, Mrs. 6181Download Chart
LairdAnnNY, USA9761Download Chart
LambertElizabeth, Mrs. 975Download Chart
LambertIsabethGuiseley, York, England975Download Chart
LambertTobithYork, England975Download Chart
LambertsonGeorge L.Warren Co., NJ, USA10503Download Chart
LambertsonMary Ana, Mrs. 10503Download Chart
LambertsonMary AndersonWarren Co., NJ, USA10501Download Chart
LambertsonMary AndersonWarren Co., NJ, USA10502Download Chart
LambertsonMary AndersonWarren Co., NJ, USA10503Download Chart
LameSarah 9381Download Chart
LaMotheLeda 79910Download Chart
LandseadelAnna KatherineNewaygo Co, MI, USA9699Download Chart
LandseadelElizabeth, Mrs. 9699Download Chart
LandseadelJohn F. 9699Download Chart
LaneJobGloucester, MA, USA971Download Chart
LaneSarahGloucester, MA, USA971Download Chart
LangbeckerBertha AdaDetroit, MI, USA8291Download Chart
LangbeckerErnstKlein Hellerbeck, Germany8291Download Chart
LangbeckerHenriette Dorothy, Mrs. 8291Download Chart
LangeAmanda, Mrs. 9981Download Chart
LangeAugust FranzChampaign, IL, USA9981Download Chart
LangeDarlene Kay 9981Download Chart
LangeElizabeth, Mrs. 9981Download Chart
LangeEthel Katherine, Mrs. 9981Download Chart
LangeFranz HenryHanover, Germany9981Download Chart
LangeHarold August 9981Download Chart
LangeLouise, Mrs. 9981Download Chart
LangeMary Ann, Mrs. 9981Download Chart
LangePhillipHanover, Germany9981Download Chart
LangloisClement 7997Download Chart
LangloisGermain 7995Download Chart
LangloisJames (Jacques) 7995Download Chart
LangloisJeanne, Mrs. 7995Download Chart
LangloisMary Magdelene Land 7994Download Chart
LangloisMary Magdelene Land 7995Download Chart
LangloisMary Renee, Mrs. 7995Download Chart
LangloisRose, Mrs. 7997Download Chart
LangloisUrsule 7993Download Chart
LangloisUrsule 7997Download Chart
LarkinMary 1841Download Chart
LarkinMary 1842Download Chart
LaRoseSuzanneSexanne, Brittany, France7994Download Chart
LaRoseSuzanne Sexanne, Brittany, France7991Download Chart
LathamElizabeth, Mrs. 95314Download Chart
LathamFrances 95313Download Chart
LathamFrances 95314Download Chart
LathamLewis 95314Download Chart
LaTulipRose 79910Download Chart
LaTulippeMary, Mrs. 79910Download Chart
LaTulippeMaxime 79910Download Chart
LauerChristina CatherineWeisweiler, Germany9367Download Chart
LauerNiklas 9367Download Chart
LaValleeAlfred Garden, MI, USA7997Download Chart
LaValleeAlfred Garden, MI, USA79910Download Chart
LaValleeDemerise, Mrs. 7997Download Chart
LaValleeDemerise, Mrs. 7998Download Chart
LaValleeFerdinandQuebec, Canada7997Download Chart
LaValleeFerdinandQuebec, Canada7998Download Chart
LaValleeJosephineGarden, MI, USA7998Download Chart
LaValleeLeona, Mrs. 7997Download Chart
LaValleeLeona, Mrs. 79910Download Chart
LaValleeMary FayEscanaba, MI, USA79910Download Chart
LaValleeRose DelimaSt Isadore, Quebec, Canada7993Download Chart
LavenderHannahColumbiana Co, OH, USA9364Download Chart
LawrenceSarah, Mrs. 2741Download Chart
LawrenceThomasWindham Co., CT, USA2741Download Chart
LeadererLauraposs. Austria9731Download Chart
LeatonMary Ann 8721Download Chart
LeeElizabeth Rebecca, Mrs. 10651Download Chart
LeeElizabeth Rebecca, Mrs. 10655Download Chart
LeeFanny, Mrs. 10653Download Chart
LeeFanny, Mrs. 10655Download Chart
LeeFloyd HarveyDearborn, Wayne Co, MI, USA10651Download Chart
LeeGladys ElizabethNew Boston, MI, USA10651Download Chart
LeeHarveyGuilford, CT, USA10653Download Chart
LeeHarveyGuilford, CT, USA10655Download Chart
LeeJulia Gladys, Mrs. 10651Download Chart
LeeLester SethOakland Co., MI, USA10651Download Chart
LeeLester SethOakland Co., MI, USA10655Download Chart
LeeLester SethOakland Co., MI, USA10656Download Chart
LeeWilliam 10653Download Chart
LeeWilliam 10655Download Chart
LeggatAnn, Mrs. 976Download Chart
LeggatFrances, Mrs. 976Download Chart
LeggatJohnEpping, Essex, England976Download Chart
LeggatMargaretKelvedon, Essex, England976Download Chart
LeggatThomasTheydon, Essex, England976Download Chart
LehmkuhleAnna Marie ElizabethMilte, Germany5922Download Chart
LeidendekerElizabeth 9981Download Chart
LeikerAnn ElizabethEllis Co., KS, USA9791Download Chart
LeikerGertrudeObermunjor, Russia9791Download Chart
LentschMary Jean 11141Download Chart
LeonardDorcas, Mrs. 2741Download Chart
LeonardSeth 2741Download Chart
LeRoyAnn ElizaRochester, Oakland Co., MI, USA9841Download Chart
LeRoyAnn ElizaRochester, Oakland Co., MI, USA9842Download Chart
LeRoyLaura Candace, Mrs. 9842Download Chart
LeRoyPeter F.Johnstown, NY, USA9842Download Chart
LesterLydiaNY, USA9842Download Chart
LevelDora Kate, Mrs. 9841Download Chart
LevelFrances MaryMt. Crawford, VA, USA9841Download Chart
LevelJohn WilliamRockingham Co., VA, USA9841Download Chart
LewisMary 9362Download Chart
LewisMary Ann 9881Download Chart
LewisSarahEngland8301Download Chart
LewlessAlexanderOakland Co., MI, USA9699Download Chart
LewlessEmily, Mrs. 9699Download Chart
LewlessJamesNY, USA9699Download Chart
LewlessJamesNY, USA96916Download Chart
LewlessJamesNY, USA96917Download Chart
LewlessMarie Rebecca, Mrs. 9699Download Chart
LewlessMarie Rebecca, Mrs. 96916Download Chart
LewlessMarie Rebecca, Mrs. 96917Download Chart
LewlessMary EllenOakland Co., MI, USA9699Download Chart
LillygrenEmil JohnSt. Paul, MN, USA8721Download Chart
LillygrenFrankSweden8721Download Chart
LindleyLucindaTrumbull Co., OH, USA8881Download Chart
LindleyPhoebe, Mrs. 8881Download Chart
LindleySilas 8881Download Chart
LineElizabeth 11143Download Chart
LittleLouisa (Lois)OH, USA5381Download Chart
LittleLydia, Mrs. 5381Download Chart
LittleLymanVT, USA5381Download Chart
LockwoodElbridgeNY, USA7891Download Chart
LockwoodFrancesMacomb Co., MI, USA7891Download Chart
LockwoodMaria, Mrs.NY, USA7891Download Chart
LocscherAnna Maria, Mrs. 9551Download Chart
LocscherJohannes 9551Download Chart
LocscherMaria  9551Download Chart
LokenGertrude Emma, Mrs. 6181Download Chart
LokenHans HansenLunder, Norway6181Download Chart
LokenHans HansenLunder, Norway6181Download Chart
LokenHans OlausLunder, Norway6181Download Chart
LokenKari, Mrs. 6181Download Chart
LokenMaren GertrudeFountain, MI, USA6181Download Chart
LokenMaren Helena, Mrs. 6181Download Chart
LongHerodiasEngland9538Download Chart
LongJohn 9538Download Chart
LongMary JanePA, USA9712Download Chart
LongchampBlanche BlenoreGarden, MI, USA7993Download Chart
LongchampDemeriseQuebec, Canada7997Download Chart
LongchampDemeriseQuebec, Canada7998Download Chart
LongchampLouis (Joseph)St. Isidore, Quebec, Canada7993Download Chart
LongchampLouis (Joseph)St. Isidore, Quebec, Canada7997Download Chart
LongchampLouis (Joseph)St. Isidore, Quebec, Canada7998Download Chart
LongchampM. Josephte, Mrs. 7997Download Chart
LongchampMarguerite, Mrs. 7993Download Chart
LongchampMarguerite, Mrs. 7997Download Chart
LongchampMarguerite, Mrs. 7998Download Chart
LongchampPierre, Jr. 7997Download Chart
LongfieldJamesSt. Isidore, Dorchester, Quebec, Canada7993Download Chart
LongfieldRose Delima, Mrs. 7993Download Chart
LordAnnEngland93616Download Chart
LordDorothy, Mrs. 93616Download Chart
LordDorothy, Mrs. 93624Download Chart
LordHannah, Mrs. 93624Download Chart
LordJoan, Mrs. 93616Download Chart
LordJoan, Mrs. 93624Download Chart
LordMaryCT, USA93624Download Chart
LordRichardEngland93616Download Chart
LordRichardEngland93624Download Chart
LordThomasTowcester, England93616Download Chart
LordThomasEngland93624Download Chart
LordThomasTowcester, England93624Download Chart
Loucks/LauxMaria MargarethaOhren, Itsteiner Land9551Download Chart
LoughmanMaryAlpena Co., MI, USA11141Download Chart
LoughmanMaryAlpena Co., MI, USA11146Download Chart
LoveladyHannah, Mrs. 10273Download Chart
LoveladyJohnSC, USA10273Download Chart
LoveladyMary, Mrs.SC, USA10273Download Chart
LoveladySusannahSC, USA10273Download Chart
LoveladyThomas 10273Download Chart
LovellEliza Amelia, Mrs. 9631Download Chart
LovellJohn S.Wilden, England9631Download Chart
LovellLydia JaneOakland Co., MI, USA9631Download Chart
LowlerCharles MertonIN, USA10651Download Chart
LowlerGladys Elizabeth 10651Download Chart
LowlerJames EverettClinton, IN, USA10651Download Chart
LowlerMaud Olga, Mrs. 10651Download Chart
LowlerVirginia LeeTaylor, Wayne Co., MI, USA10651Download Chart
LowlorEverett MertonBelmont Co., OH, USA10651Download Chart
LowlorEverett MertonBelmont Co., OH, USA10652Download Chart
LowlorEverett MertonBelmont Co., OH, USA10654Download Chart
LowlorIsaacIreland10652Download Chart
LowlorLua, Mrs.PA, USA10652Download Chart
LowlorMargaret America, Mrs. 10651Download Chart
LowlorMargaret America, Mrs. 10652Download Chart
LowlorMargaret America, Mrs. 10654Download Chart
LuehrmanLouise 9981Download Chart
LumpkinMeary AnnSC, USA10275Download Chart
LumpkinWilliamSC, USA10275Download Chart
LundMarthine CatharineDenmark10061Download Chart
LundgrenBothilda LarssonSweden10061Download Chart
LundyCurtis Lee 10271Download Chart
LundyPatricia Ann, Mrs. 10271Download Chart
LyleMary Elizabeth, Mrs. 6441Download Chart
LyleRobert HarlanKalamazoo Co., MI, USA6441Download Chart
MacAlpinMary 10277Download Chart
MackElizabeth 2741Download Chart
MackieDavidScotland93626Download Chart
MackieMaryMarkinch, Scotland93626Download Chart
MaclinMarguerite  7991Download Chart
MaclinMarguerite  7994Download Chart
MaclinMarguerite  7995Download Chart
MaclinNicholasSexanne, Brittany, France7991Download Chart
MaclinNicholasSexanne, Brittany, France7994Download Chart
MaclinSuzanne, Mrs. 7991Download Chart
MaclinSuzanne, Mrs. 7994Download Chart
MacMillanKristyScotland10277Download Chart
MadlenSusan  10307Download Chart
MaggardEllen MargaretChampaign Co., OH, USA9699Download Chart
MaggardEllen MargaretChampaign Co., OH, USA96911Download Chart
MailliouxHortense, Mrs. 7993Download Chart
MailliouxJosephLeslie An Cardres, Quebec, Canada7993Download Chart
MailliouxJoseph 7993Download Chart
MailliouxMary 7993Download Chart
MailliouxSerephine, Mrs. 7993Download Chart
MalbryJames Thomas 9801Download Chart
MalbryMartha AnnAL, USA9801Download Chart
MalbryMartha M., Mrs. 9801Download Chart
MannBathshebaTolland Co., CT, USA2741Download Chart
MantelEmma Lucretia 10301Download Chart
MantelEmma Lucretia 10306Download Chart
MantelEmma Lucretia 10307Download Chart
MantelJosephSummit Co., OH, USA10307Download Chart
MantelSusan, Mrs. 10307Download Chart
MarkeElizabeth, Mrs. 93611Download Chart
MarkeHannah, Mrs. 93611Download Chart
MarkeMary, Mrs. 93611Download Chart
MarkeRebeccaCumberland, England93611Download Chart
MarkeThomasEngland93611Download Chart
MarkeThomasEngland93611Download Chart
MarkeThomas 93611Download Chart
MarshallSarah 93624Download Chart
MarshallThomas 93624Download Chart
MarsteadJoan  98817Download Chart
MartinBenjamin F. 9881Download Chart
MartinBessie, Mrs. 7362Download Chart
MartinCeceliaCazenovia, NY, USA7361Download Chart
MartinCeceliaCazenovia, NY, USA7362Download Chart
MartinDelia Bridget, Mrs. 7361Download Chart
MartinDelia Bridget, Mrs. 7362Download Chart
MartinHughLough, Ireland7361Download Chart
MartinHughLough, Ireland7362Download Chart
MartinJamesCazenovia, NY, USA7361Download Chart
MartinJamesCazenovia, NY, USA7362Download Chart
MartinLela Austelle, Mrs. 9881Download Chart
MartinMargaret "Peggy"PA, USA5381Download Chart
MartinMargaret, Mrs. 7361Download Chart
MartinMargaret, Mrs. 7362Download Chart
MartinMary 7991Download Chart
MartinNancy Louisa, Mrs. 9881Download Chart
MartinThomas 7362Download Chart
MartinThomas Jefferson T.Covington, AL, USA9881Download Chart
MartinTrudie AnnieCovington, AL, USA9881Download Chart
MarvinAbigail, Mrs. 9535Download Chart
MarvinAbigail, Mrs. 9536Download Chart
MarvinElizabeth, Mrs. 9535Download Chart
MarvinJohnNorwalk, Fairfield Co., CT, USA9535Download Chart
MarvinJohnNorwalk, Fairfield Co., CT, USA9535Download Chart
MarvinJohnNorwalk, Fairfield Co., CT, USA9536Download Chart
MarvinMary, Mrs.Norwalk, Fairfield Co., CT, USA9535Download Chart
MarvinMary, Mrs. 9535Download Chart
MarvinMatthewGreat Bentley, Essex, England9535Download Chart
MarvinMatthewGreat Bentley, Essex, England9535Download Chart
MascariFrancescaItaly10411Download Chart
MascraftDaniel 93622Download Chart
MascraftElizabethSudbury, MA, USA93622Download Chart
MascraftMary, Mrs. 93622Download Chart
MastersCarrie, Mrs. 8371Download Chart
MastersGeorge W.MI, USA8371Download Chart
MathewsArden OrenOakland Co., MI, USA9601Download Chart
MathewsAva MayClyde, Oakland Co., MI, USA9601Download Chart
MathewsCharles NY, USA9601Download Chart
MathewsLucy Ann, Mrs. 9601Download Chart
MathewsLyman CovalChemung Co., NY, USA9601Download Chart
MathewsMargaretIreland7361Download Chart
MathewsMargaretIreland7362Download Chart
MathewsMary Jane, Mrs. 9601Download Chart
MathewsSynthy (Susan), Mrs. 9601Download Chart
MattesonHarriett, Mrs. 10671Download Chart
MattesonJamesLapeer Co., MI, USA10671Download Chart
MattesonJohnNY, USA10671Download Chart
MattesonJohn WilliamLapeer Co., MI, USA10671Download Chart
MattesonLaura, Mrs. 10671Download Chart
MattesonMarie EllaLivingston Co., MI, USA10671Download Chart
MattesonNettie E., Mrs. 10671Download Chart
MattleAnnNew London, CT, USA95315Download Chart
MattleThomas 95315Download Chart
McBrideEllen E. 9381Download Chart
McCaffertySusan EllenPerry Co., PA9712Download Chart
McCainDonaldScotland9369Download Chart
McCainJames, Jr.Basking Ridge, NJ, USA9369Download Chart
McCainJames, Sr.Basking Ridge, NJ, USA9369Download Chart
McCainNancy Ann, Mrs. 9369Download Chart
McCainPhoebe, Mrs. 9369Download Chart
McCainWilliamMonroe Co., NY, USA9369Download Chart
McClellanIsabella M.NY, USA9841Download Chart
McConnellAmanda L., Mrs. 8291Download Chart
McConnellAmziOrange Co., NY, USA8292Download Chart
McConnellCatherine, Mrs. 8292Download Chart
McConnellDavid 8291Download Chart
McConnellDavid M. 9881Download Chart
McConnellElizabeth, Mrs.NJ, USA8292Download Chart
McConnellHannah, Mrs. 8291Download Chart
McConnellHannah, Mrs. 8292Download Chart
McConnellHannah, Mrs. 8293Download Chart
McConnellMary, Mrs. 9881Download Chart
McConnellMathewCranberry Lake, NJ, USA8292Download Chart
McConnellMathew BrezerleyRomulous, NY, USA8291Download Chart
McConnellMathew BrezerleyRomulous, NY, USA8292Download Chart
McConnellMathew BrezerleyRomulous, NY, USA8293Download Chart
McConnellNettie LenoreBelleville, MI, USA8291Download Chart
McConnellParthenia A.MI, USA9881Download Chart
McCulloughElizabethScotland2851Download Chart
McDonaldAnnaIreland9891Download Chart
McDonaldHarriet 10302Download Chart
McDonaldHarriet 10303Download Chart
McDonaldHarriet  10301Download Chart
McDonaldMary C., Mrs. 10303Download Chart
McDonaldSamuel S. 10303Download Chart
McGlincyJames 9552Download Chart
McGlincyNancy, Mrs. 9552Download Chart
McGlincySarahWV, USA9552Download Chart
McGuiganJane, Mrs. 11146Download Chart
McGuiganJennieMaidstone, Ontario, Canada11141Download Chart
McGuiganJohnEssex, Ontario, Canada11141Download Chart
McGuiganJohnEssex, Ontario, Canada11146Download Chart
McGuiganJohn, Sr. 11146Download Chart
McGuiganMary, Mrs. 11141Download Chart
McGuiganMary, Mrs. 11146Download Chart
McKayMargaret (Maud)Teeswater, Ontario, Canada10143Download Chart
McKayMargaret (Maud)Teeswater, Ontario, Canada10144Download Chart
McLaughlinLorettaRensselaer Co., NY, USA9791Download Chart
McLellanIsabella MargaretScotland10277Download Chart
McMullenSarah A. 9552Download Chart
McNickolJane 93627Download Chart
McNickolJane  93625Download Chart
McNittFlora ElizabethMI, USA7391Download Chart
McWilliamJane F.Schenectady, NY, USA8581Download Chart
McWilliamMargaret, Mrs. 8581Download Chart
McWilliamWilliam 8581Download Chart
MeadClara AnnSteuben Co., NY, USA8581Download Chart
MeadEmiline, Mrs. 8581Download Chart
MeadEnos A. 8581Download Chart
MeadJanet Lydia, Mrs. 8581Download Chart
MeadNormanSteuben Co., NY, USA8581Download Chart
MeekeEmlyn 93623Download Chart
MeenzenD. G. M.Funfhausen, Germany7391Download Chart
MeggsCatherine "Kate", Mrs. 9801Download Chart
MeggsJamesAL, USA or MS, USA9801Download Chart
MeggsMary PriscillaAttala Co., MS, USA9801Download Chart
MeijerSusanna Onod, Hungary10651Download Chart
MerchantClarnanceFrance9731Download Chart
MerrifieldCatherine, Mrs. 5371Download Chart
MerrifieldJohnColumbia Co., NY, USA5371Download Chart
MerrifieldSarah AnnYates Co., NY, USA5371Download Chart
MervynEdward 9535Download Chart
MervynMargaret, Mrs. 9535Download Chart
MeunierElizabethQuebec, Canada 7996Download Chart
MeunierFrancoie, Mrs. 7996Download Chart
MeunierMathurinClermont, France7996Download Chart
MeyersChristianGermany1841Download Chart
MeyersLottie Waller, Mrs. 1841Download Chart
MeyersMadelyn FrancesSullivan Co., NY, USA1841Download Chart
MeyersMagdalena, Mrs. 1841Download Chart
MeyersWilliamBrooklyn, NY, USA1841Download Chart
MezerayMagdeline 7995Download Chart
MichellCharlotte Grace, Mrs. 11144Download Chart
MichellElizabeth LenoraKildare, Ireland11144Download Chart
MichellEmlyn, Mrs. 93623Download Chart
MichellJamesIreland11144Download Chart
MichellJohn 93623Download Chart
MichellMaryDevon, England93623Download Chart
MiddaughCherie MaeSalt Lake City, UT, USA10061Download Chart
MiddaughEmily, Mrs. 10061Download Chart
MiddaughHiram B.Oakland Co., MI, USA10061Download Chart
MiddaughIda Rosina, Mrs. 10061Download Chart
MiddaughMae Johannah B., Mrs. 10061Download Chart
MiddaughSamuel LaytonGenesee Co., MI, USA10061Download Chart
MiddaughScott LaytonBrigham City, UT, USA10061Download Chart
MiddletonBetsy Jane, Mrs. 9601Download Chart
MiddletonLucy Ann Rose Twp., Oakland Co., MI, USA9601Download Chart
MiddletonT., Mrs. 9601Download Chart
MiddletonWilliam H.NY, USA9601Download Chart
MiddletonWilliam H.Hartford, CT, USA9601Download Chart
MiddoughPhila, Mrs. 10061Download Chart
MiddoughSamuelUlster Co., NY, USA10061Download Chart
MilesSusannah Amett 10411Download Chart
MillenSarahTuscola Co., MI, USA9631Download Chart
MillerAlexanderInchinan, Scotland93626Download Chart
MillerAlexanderCaledonia Co., VT, USA93626Download Chart
MillerAnn (Nancy), Mrs. 9365Download Chart
MillerJamesRichland, PA, USA9365Download Chart
MillerJean, Mrs. 93626Download Chart
MillerJohnRyegate, VT, USA93626Download Chart
MillerMargaret, Mrs. 93626Download Chart
MillerMary AnnNewbury, CT, USA93625Download Chart
MillerMary AnnNewbury, CT, USA93626Download Chart
MillerMary, Mrs. 9365Download Chart
MillerMary, Mrs. 9365Download Chart
MillerMary, Mrs. 93626Download Chart
MillerMatildaColumbiana Co., OH, USA9365Download Chart
MillerRobertChester Co., PA, USA9365Download Chart
MillerRobertNorthern Ireland9365Download Chart
MinerAnn, Mrs. 96920Download Chart
MinerBridget, Mrs. 96920Download Chart
MinerClementSomerset, England96919Download Chart
MinerEphraim 8354Download Chart
MinerHannah  8354Download Chart
MinerHannah, Mrs. 8354Download Chart
MinerHenrietta, Mrs. 96921Download Chart
MinerHenry 96921Download Chart
MinerHenryMendippe Hills, Somerset, England96921Download Chart
MinerIsabella, Mrs. 96920Download Chart
MinerLodowick 96920Download Chart
MinerSarah, Mrs. 96919Download Chart
MinerThomas 96920Download Chart
MinerThomas 96921Download Chart
MinerWilliamSomerset Co., England96919Download Chart
MinerWilliamSomerset Co., England96920Download Chart
MinerWilliam  96921Download Chart
MinerWilliam "Flos Militiae, The Flower of Chevallrie" 96920Download Chart
MinerZerviah 96914Download Chart
MinorAbigail, Mrs. 96914Download Chart
MinorAbigail, Mrs. 96919Download Chart
MinorBeatrice, Mrs. 79910Download Chart
MinorEphraimHingham, MA, USA96919Download Chart
MinorGrace, Mrs. 96919Download Chart
MinorHannah, Mrs. 96919Download Chart
MinorJamesStonington, CT, USA96914Download Chart
MinorJamesStonington, CT, USA96919Download Chart
MinorLeo (Jack) 79910Download Chart
MinorLeo Alfred 79910Download Chart
MinorMary Fay, Mrs. 79910Download Chart
MinorMelissa 79910Download Chart
MinorPeggy, Mrs. 79910Download Chart
MinorSteveGarden City, MI, USA79910Download Chart
MinorThomasSomerset Co., England96919Download Chart
MitchelNancy 8881Download Chart
MitchellHenrietta MariaLancaster, OH, USA9552Download Chart
MitchellJacobMD, USA9552Download Chart
MitchellRachel, Mrs. 9552Download Chart
MitchellSamuel 9552Download Chart
MitchellSarah, Mrs. 9552Download Chart
MoakAnna 9551Download Chart
MonsonJohannahVittskovle, Sweden10061Download Chart
MontgomeryAgnes MarieSanilac Co., MI, USA8301Download Chart
MontgomeryHenryScotland8301Download Chart
MontgomeryJane, Mrs. 8301Download Chart
MontgomeryWilliam HenryScotland8301Download Chart
MooreClaraClay Co., TN, USA7999Download Chart
MooreMaude, Mrs. 7999Download Chart
MooreWalter 7999Download Chart
MoreyBetsy 9881Download Chart
MorganRachel Hanover, MI, USA9698Download Chart
MorgantiErnesta AnnSan Bernadino, CA, USA7891Download Chart
MorrisMary JaneTX, USA10501Download Chart
MorrittElizabeth, Mrs. 973Download Chart
MorrittRachelWhitkirk, York, England973Download Chart
MorrittWilliamWhitkirk, York, England973Download Chart
MorrittWilliamCo. York, England973Download Chart
MorrowBessie E., Mrs. 9381Download Chart
MorrowCharlesHoward Co., IN9381Download Chart
MorrowCharles 9381Download Chart
MorrowCora Mae, Mrs. 9381Download Chart
MorrowMerriePontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA9381Download Chart
MorrowPaulKokomo, IN, USA9381Download Chart
MorrowRuth, Mrs. 9381Download Chart
MorrowSarah, Mrs. 9381Download Chart
MorrowWilliam PaulDetroit, MI, USA9381Download Chart
MorseAnthony 83513Download Chart
MorseAnthonyEngland83513Download Chart
MorseAnthony 83514Download Chart
MorseAnthonyEngland83514Download Chart
MorseDolly, Mrs.Newbury, MA, USA83513Download Chart
MorseDolly, Mrs.Newbury, MA, USA83514Download Chart
MorseDorothy, Mrs. 83514Download Chart
MorseElizabeth, Mrs. 83513Download Chart
MorseElizabeth, Mrs. 83514Download Chart
MorseJohnNewbury, MA, USA83513Download Chart
MorseJohn 83513Download Chart
MorseJohn 83514Download Chart
MorseLydia, Mrs. 83513Download Chart
MorseSarah, Mrs. 83513Download Chart
MorseSarah, Mrs. 83514Download Chart
MorseTimothyNewbury, MA, USA83514Download Chart
MortimerAlice AlbertaAurora, York, Ontario, Canada2851Download Chart
MortimerCharlesHull, Yorkshire, England2851Download Chart
MortimerJane, Mrs. 2851Download Chart
MossMarthaOakland Co., MI, USA9363Download Chart
MottingerLydia  10309Download Chart
MottingerMary 10308Download Chart
MoultonElizabeth, Mrs. 8356Download Chart
MoultonHannah, Mrs. 8356Download Chart
MoultonJamesSalem, Essex Co., MA, USA8356Download Chart
MoultonJohnWenham, MA, USA8356Download Chart
MoultonJohnWenham, MA, USA8356Download Chart
MoultonSarahWenham, MA, USA8355Download Chart
MoultonSarahWenham, MA, USA8356Download Chart
MoultonSarah, Mrs. 8356Download Chart
MowreyHannah 9538Download Chart
MowreyMartha 8351Download Chart
MowreyMary, Mrs. 9538Download Chart
MowreyRoger 9538Download Chart
MoyerElizabeth  96913Download Chart
MullreedDanielMI, USA8291Download Chart
MullreedDaniel Mulread 8291Download Chart
MullreedDorothy LorraineLaurium, MI, USA8291Download Chart
MullreedEarl HenryWaltz, MI, USA8291Download Chart
MullreedElizabeth, Mrs. 8291Download Chart
MullreedMinnie, Mrs. 8291Download Chart
MullreedNettie Lenore, Mrs. 8291Download Chart
MurphyAnna Belle, Mrs. 9551Download Chart
MurphyJanice Marie, Mrs. 9551Download Chart
MurphyJanice Marie, Mrs. 9552Download Chart
MurphyMary, Mrs. 9551Download Chart
MurphyRichard JohnGloversville, NY, USA9551Download Chart
MurphyRichard JohnGloversville, NY, USA9552Download Chart
MurphyWilliam BernardGloversville, NY, USA9551Download Chart
MurphyWilliam BernardCo. Limerick, Ireland9551Download Chart
MurrayAlexanderMuirkirk, Scotland2851Download Chart
MurrayEuphemia ElizabethToronto, Canada2851Download Chart
MurrayEuphemia, Mrs. 2851Download Chart
MurrayHelen, Mrs. 2851Download Chart
MurrayJanet, Mrs. 2851Download Chart
MurrayRobertLanark, Scotland2851Download Chart
MurrayThomas 2851Download Chart
MynardEuniceNew London, CT, USA96915Download Chart
NagyAlexanderOnod, Hungary10651Download Chart
NagyClaudia JoyceMonroe Co., MI, USA10651Download Chart
NagyEmma, Mrs.Onod, Hungary10651Download Chart
NagyJosephHungary10651Download Chart
NagyJulia, Mrs. 10651Download Chart
NagyRobert LionelDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA10651Download Chart
NagySteveVilly Vitany, Hungary10651Download Chart
NagySusanna, Mrs. 10651Download Chart
NagyVirginia Lee 10651Download Chart
NeahrCatharine 9551Download Chart
NeahrCatherine, Mrs. 9551Download Chart
NeahrJacob, Jr.Stone Arabia, NY, USA9551Download Chart
NeahrJames HenryStone Arabia, NY, USA9551Download Chart
NeahrJulia T.Fonda, NY, USA9551Download Chart
NeherAnna, Mrs. 9551Download Chart
NeherJohannes 9551Download Chart
NeutchenDaniel 10308Download Chart
NeutchenM. AnnaSummit Co., OH, USA10308Download Chart
NeutchenMary, Mrs. 10308Download Chart
NewburyAdelaide, Mrs. 2851Download Chart
NewburyHelen, Mrs.Cap Sante, Quebec, Canada2851Download Chart
NewburyWilliam JohnMontreal, Canada2851Download Chart
NewtonKathryn Murray, Mrs. 9761Download Chart
NewtonLawrence Ray 9761Download Chart
NicholsMary 8355Download Chart
NicholsWilliamEngland8355Download Chart
NicholsonDorothyEngland93611Download Chart
NiherJacob, Sr. 9551Download Chart
NiherMaria, Mrs. 9551Download Chart
NixonMaryEngland9365Download Chart
NoelAdele, Mrs. 10381Download Chart
NoelDelphineQuebec, Canada10381Download Chart
NoelGerald 10381Download Chart
NowlenFrancisusnear Dublin, Ireland103011Download Chart
NowlenMargaret, Mrs. 103011Download Chart
NowlenMaryStark Co., OH, USA103011Download Chart
NuteSarah 83511Download Chart
OatsCelia 10301Download Chart
OddingSarah 9538Download Chart
OdellAgnes, Mrs. 93619Download Chart
OdellElizabeth, Mrs. 93618Download Chart
OdellJoan, Mrs. 93618Download Chart
OdellJohnFairfield, CT, USA9362Download Chart
OdellJohnBedfordshire, England93618Download Chart
OdellJohnFairfield, CT, USA93619Download Chart
OdellJohnFairfield, CT, USA93619Download Chart
OdellMarthaStratford, CT, USA9362Download Chart
OdellMaryBedfordshire, England93618Download Chart
OdellMary, Mrs. 93619Download Chart
OdellRichard  93618Download Chart
OdellSarah, Mrs. 9362Download Chart
OdellSarah, Mrs. 93618Download Chart
OdellWilliamCranfield, England93619Download Chart
OdellWilliamEngland93619Download Chart
O'DellAugustus MayOakland Co., MI, USA11141Download Chart
O'DellAugustus MayOakland Co., MI, USA11144Download Chart
O'DellAugustus MayOakland Co., MI, USA11145Download Chart
O'DellBenjaminQueensbury, NY, USA11144Download Chart
O'DellElizabeth Leonora, Mrs. 11144Download Chart
O'DellElizabeth, Mrs. 11144Download Chart
O'DellEmma, Mrs. 11144Download Chart
O'DellHelen MarieMacomb Co., MI, USA11141Download Chart
O'DellJennie, Mrs. 11141Download Chart
O'DellJeremiahFort Ann, Washington Co., NY, USA11144Download Chart
O'DellSamuelWayne Co., NY, USA11144Download Chart
O'DellSamuel JosephDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA11141Download Chart
O'DellSusan, Mrs. 11141Download Chart
O'DellSusan, Mrs. 11144Download Chart
O'DellSusan, Mrs. 11145Download Chart
Offdyke/UpdykeLauraNY, USA9761Download Chart
OldsKezia, Mrs. 10278Download Chart
OldsMary (Polly)Brookfield, MA, USA10278Download Chart
OldsMosesWorcester Co., MA, USA10278Download Chart
OldsdatterAnne 6181Download Chart
OliverElizabethKY, USA5923Download Chart
OlmsteadRebecca 9536Download Chart
OlsenFingalHes, Hallingdal, Norway6181Download Chart
OlsenKari, Mrs. 6181Download Chart
OndriffSally 10301Download Chart
OosteroomWillemtjeNY, USA93610Download Chart
OostranderMaritje, Mrs. 93610Download Chart
OostranderWillem NY, USA93610Download Chart
OstranderAnnetje, Mrs. 93610Download Chart
OstranderCatherine, Mrs. 93610Download Chart
OstranderJohannesUlster Co., NY, USA93610Download Chart
OstranderJohannes, Jr.Duchess Co., NY, USA93610Download Chart
OstranderLovica C.Monroe Co., NY, USA9361Download Chart
OstranderLovica C.Monroe Co., NY, USA93610Download Chart
OstranderMechtel, Mrs. 93610Download Chart
OstranderRobertGreene Co., NY93610Download Chart
PaceEdward M.Goochland Co., VA, USA10275Download Chart
PaceHannahGoochland Co., VA, USA10275Download Chart
PaceSusannah, Mrs. 10275Download Chart
PageLucyEssex Co., MA, USA8355Download Chart
PalmerGrace England96919Download Chart
PalmerLouiseNY, USA10671Download Chart
PalmerWalterLondon, England96919Download Chart
PalmissanoFrancesca, Mrs. 10411Download Chart
PalmissanoGiuseppeItaly10411Download Chart
PalmissanoMaria Italy10411Download Chart
PaquetMarie, Mrs. 7996Download Chart
PaquetMathurinLucon, Poitou7996Download Chart
Paquet dit LaValleeCharlesSt. Famille7996Download Chart
Paquet dit LaValleeCharlotte, Mrs. 7993Download Chart
Paquet dit LaValleeCharlotte, Mrs. 7997Download Chart
Paquet dit LaValleeElizabeth, Mrs. 7996Download Chart
Paquet dit LaValleeIssacPoitou, France7996Download Chart
Paquet dit LaValleeJean  7993Download Chart
Paquet dit LaValleeJean  7997Download Chart
Paquet dit LaValleeJeanne, Mrs. 7996Download Chart
Paquet dit LaValleeLouis  7996Download Chart
Paquet dit LaValleeM. Francoise, Mrs. 7996Download Chart
Paquet dit LaValleeMarcelline, Mrs. 7993Download Chart
Paquet dit LaValleeMarcelline, Mrs. 7997Download Chart
Paquet dit LaValleeMarcelline, Mrs. 7998Download Chart
Paquet dit LaValleeNorbertSt Anseme, Quebec, Canada7993Download Chart
Paquet dit LaValleeNorbertSt Anseme, Quebec, Canada7997Download Chart
Paquet dit LaValleeNorbertSt Anseme, Quebec, Canada7998Download Chart
Park(s)Philatha MariaPA, USA9631Download Chart
ParkerAgnes Marie, Mrs. 8301Download Chart
ParkerFred W.Sanilac Co., MI, USA8301Download Chart
ParkerGeorge SamuelSanilac Co., MI, USA8301Download Chart
ParkerJohnEngland8301Download Chart
ParkerRosina Magdalena, Mrs. 8301Download Chart
ParkerSarah, Mrs. 8301Download Chart
ParkerThomas HenryLincolnshire, England8301Download Chart
ParkerVera Alma, Mrs. 8301Download Chart
ParkinsonAnn, Mrs. 972Download Chart
ParkinsonJohnBolton by Bowland972Download Chart
ParkinsonWilliamKeighby, York, England972Download Chart
ParmenterEliza AmeliaAvon Twp, Oakland Co., MI, USA9631Download Chart
ParsmanJohnMolland, Devon, England977Download Chart
ParsmanMargaret, Mrs. 977Download Chart
ParsmanThomasEngland977Download Chart
ParsonsAndrew GustavSweden7891Download Chart
ParsonsAnnie, Mrs.Sweden7891Download Chart
ParsonsErick G.Sweden7891Download Chart
ParsonsErnesta Ann, Mrs. 7891Download Chart
ParsonsGoldie Lulu 7891Download Chart
ParsonsJamesGloucester, MA, USA971Download Chart
ParsonsJane Elizabeth, Mrs. 7891Download Chart
ParsonsJohn RussellStevens Co., MN, USA7891Download Chart
ParsonsQuentin E.Pontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA7891Download Chart
ParsonsSarah, Mrs. 971Download Chart
PartlowJulia C.NY, USA5371Download Chart
PartridgeAlansonOld Caanan, CT, USA96915Download Chart
PartridgeEunice, Mrs. 96915Download Chart
PartridgeLetetia PamelaAlbany Co., NY, USA9699Download Chart
PartridgeLetetia PamelaAlbany Co., NY, USA96914Download Chart
PartridgeLetetia PamelaAlbany Co., NY, USA96915Download Chart
PattenMaryTolland Co., CT, USA2741Download Chart
PauliMargaretheGernany5922Download Chart
PaxonJamesEngland93612Download Chart
PaxonJane, Mrs. 93612Download Chart
PaxonMary, Mrs. 93612Download Chart
PaxonWilliamBuckingham, England93612Download Chart
PaxsonDeborahBucks Co., PA, USA9364Download Chart
PaxsonMary, Mrs. 9364Download Chart
PaxsonMary, Mrs. 93611Download Chart
PaxsonMary, Mrs. 93612Download Chart
PaxsonWilliam, Jr.PA, USA9364Download Chart
PaxsonWilliam, Jr.PA, USA93611Download Chart
PaxsonWilliam, Jr.PA, USA93612Download Chart
Payet dit St AmourLouiseMontreal, Canada7991Download Chart
Payet dit St AmourLouise, Mrs. 7991Download Chart
Payet dit St AmourMary, Mrs. 7991Download Chart
Payet dit St AmourPeter (Pierre) 7991Download Chart
Payet dit St AmourPierreParish of Florence7991Download Chart
PeineauPerinne 7991Download Chart
PeineauPerinne 7994Download Chart
PeliseJane 7994Download Chart
PelletierBeatrice, Mrs. 79910Download Chart
PelletierDavid 79910Download Chart
PelletierHoward 79910Download Chart
PelletierLeda, Mrs. 79910Download Chart
PelletierPatricia 79910Download Chart
PembertonElizabeth 9362Download Chart
PembertonElizabeth 93624Download Chart
PembertonJamesEngland93624Download Chart
PembertonJosephBoston, MA, USA93624Download Chart
PembertonMary, Mrs. 93624Download Chart
PembertonSarah, Mrs. 93624Download Chart
PepinMarguerite, Mrs. 7997Download Chart
PepinMarie 7993Download Chart
PepinMarie 7997Download Chart
PepinThomas 7997Download Chart
PerkinsElizabeth, Mrs.Essex Co., MA, USA8357Download Chart
PerkinsElizabeth, Mrs. 8357Download Chart
PerkinsJemimaEssex Co., MA, USA8357Download Chart
PerkinsJohnEssex Co., MA, USA8357Download Chart
PerkinsWilliamRoxbury, MA, USA8357Download Chart
PerryCharlotte 1842Download Chart
PerryDeborahDevon, England8351Download Chart
PerryEdmund 8351Download Chart
PerstElizabeth 93618Download Chart
PetersCatrine, Mrs.VA, USA10276Download Chart
PetersJohannesWythe Co., VA, USA10276Download Chart
PetersLydiaFairfield Co., CT, USA10276Download Chart
PetersonAnna Mae 79910Download Chart
PfaffAnna Barbara 9367Download Chart
PfaffTheobold 9367Download Chart
PfeilElizabethBleidenrod, Germany11142Download Chart
PhillipElizabethHolly, Oakland Co., MI, USA9381Download Chart
PhillipsAlice, Mrs. 9365Download Chart
PhillipsGeorgePA, USA9365Download Chart
PhillipsJosephBucks Co., PA, USA9365Download Chart
PhillipsMary PA, USA9365Download Chart
PhillipsMercy, Mrs. 9365Download Chart
PhillipsPolly MollyWindham Co., CT, USA8373Download Chart
PhippsElla 9381Download Chart
PickworthAnn, Mrs. 8356Download Chart
PickworthHannah 8356Download Chart
PickworthJohnEngland8356Download Chart
PierceHezekiahBristol Co., MA, USA10278Download Chart
PierceLucinda 8581Download Chart
PierceMary (Polly)Worcester Co., MA, USA10278Download Chart
PierceRoby Ann, Mrs. 10278Download Chart
PikeDorothyNewbury, MA, USA83514Download Chart
PikeJohn 83514Download Chart
PikeJoseph 83513Download Chart
PikeJoseph 83514Download Chart
PikeLydia, Mrs. 83514Download Chart
PikeSarah 83514Download Chart
PikeSarah  83513Download Chart
PikeSusannah, Mrs. 83513Download Chart
PikeSusannah, Mrs. 83514Download Chart
PlaceDiana Margaret, Mrs. 93625Download Chart
PlaceJoseph JosiahIL, USA93625Download Chart
PlaceMinnie AgnesBethlehem, PA, USA93625Download Chart
PlemmonsCora Ophelia, Mrs. 9711Download Chart
PlemmonsWilliam RobertFloyd Co., GA, USA9711Download Chart
PlemmonsZannie AdellFloyd Co., GA, USA9711Download Chart
PlumbMehitabelDatham CT, USA9366Download Chart
PlumbMehitabelDatham CT, USA93614Download Chart
PlymptonHannahDedham, MA, USA93614Download Chart
PlymptonJane, Mrs. 93614Download Chart
PlymptonJohnCambridge, England93614Download Chart
PopeSarah 96919Download Chart
PostCharles 10381Download Chart
PostEva MayPentwater, MI, USA10381Download Chart
PostHarriet, Mrs. 10381Download Chart
PostHester, Mrs. 8353Download Chart
PostJohn 8353Download Chart
PostMargaretSaybrook, CT, USA8353Download Chart
PottsMary AnnSuffolk, England9601Download Chart
PowellJudie Ann B., Mrs. 9881Download Chart
PowellLela AustelleAL, USA9881Download Chart
PowellMartha 9611Download Chart
PowellWilliam David 9881Download Chart
PoyeAnton HermanObergrass, Austria10411Download Chart
PoyeBertha Maria, Mrs. 10411Download Chart
PoyeJuliusAustria10411Download Chart
PoyeOlga SharonMcDowell Co., WV, USA10411Download Chart
PraterSarah 10411Download Chart
PrattDanielBridgewater, MA, USA2741Download Chart
PrattMary, Mrs. 2741Download Chart
PriceSarahChagrin Falls, OH, USA9691Download Chart
PriceSarahChagrin Falls, OH, USA9693Download Chart
PriceSarahChagrin Falls, OH, USA9694Download Chart
PulschAnna MarieGermany7391Download Chart
RadrichLaura, Mrs. 9731Download Chart
RadrichM.Austria/Hungary9731Download Chart
RadrichSusanna Bergburg, Hungaria/Austria9731Download Chart
RampyCora OpheliaRandolph Co., AL, USA9711Download Chart
ReadThomasMiddlesex Co., MA, USA96924Download Chart
Read/ReedRachelMiddlesex Co., MA, USA9693Download Chart
RebJames WalterSaginaw Co., MI, USA8371Download Chart
RebSuzanne Carol, Mrs. 8371Download Chart
ReedKatherine, Mrs. 96924Download Chart
ReedMary, Mrs. 9693Download Chart
ReedMary, Mrs. 96924Download Chart
ReedThomas 96924Download Chart
ReedThomas, Jr.Middlesex Co., MA, USA9693Download Chart
ReedThomas, Jr.Middlesex Co., MA, USA96924Download Chart
RehnerKatherinaOakland Co., MI, USA9731Download Chart
RehnerKatherine, Mrs. 9731Download Chart
RehnerMartinMeshen, Hungaria/Roumania9731Download Chart
RehnerMichaelAustria/Hungary9731Download Chart
RehnerSusanna, Mrs. 9731Download Chart
ReverDorotheaBerks Co., PA, USA103010Download Chart
RhodesAnnabelThayer Co., NE, USA10271Download Chart
RhodesCatherine, Mrs. 10271Download Chart
RhodesCatherine, Mrs. 10276Download Chart
RhodesCatherine, Mrs. 10277Download Chart
RhodesFlorence Janett 10271Download Chart
RhodesMiltonFairfield Co., OH, USA10271Download Chart
RhodesMiltonFairfield Co., OH, USA10276Download Chart
RhodesMiltonFairfield Co., OH, USA10277Download Chart
RhodesWalter HamptonGage Co., NE, USA10271Download Chart
RichAdelbert 10381Download Chart
RichHarry J.Attica, MI, USA10381Download Chart
RichMary, Mrs. 10381Download Chart
RichTessie E., Mrs. 10381Download Chart
RichVivian R.Pontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA10381Download Chart
RichardsElizabeth 8291Download Chart
RichardsonElizabeth 83512Download Chart
RicheyAgnes 9552Download Chart
RichterAnna Louise, Mrs. 11141Download Chart
RichterDiedrich JohannHanover, Germany11141Download Chart
RichterDietrich JosephDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA11141Download Chart
RichterHeinrich NickolausGermany11141Download Chart
RichterHelen Marie, Mrs. 11141Download Chart
RichterKatherine, Mrs. 11141Download Chart
RichterMary Jean, Mrs. 11141Download Chart
RichterRoy BaldwinHamburg, Livingston Co., MI, USA11141Download Chart
RidsdaleEliza, Mrs. 975Download Chart
RidsdaleJohnCo.York, England975Download Chart
RidsdaleJohnKirby-Overblow, York, England975Download Chart
RielMarguerite 7992Download Chart
RiemenschneiderHenry C.Way, Germany8721Download Chart
RiemenschneiderJulia, Mrs. 8721Download Chart
RiggsLaura CandacePauling, CT, USA9842Download Chart
RisingMabelHartford, CT, USA9693Download Chart
RobinsonLovina A.NJ, USA9631Download Chart
RobinsonMargaret AnnTuscarawas Co., OH, USA5381Download Chart
Robinson/RobisonJamesIreland5381Download Chart
Robinson/RobisonJane, Mrs. 5381Download Chart
RockwellMargaret 2743Download Chart
Rodes/RoadsEliasVA, USA10276Download Chart
Rodes/RoadsMary, Mrs. 10276Download Chart
RogerMaryEdinburgh, Scotland93626Download Chart
RogersBessie LuellaOakland Co., MI, USA6441Download Chart
RogersDorothySharon, CT, USA9362Download Chart
RogersElizabeth, Mrs. 9362Download Chart
RogersElizabeth, Mrs. 93616Download Chart
RogersElizabeth, Mrs. 93616Download Chart
RogersElizabeth, Mrs. 93616Download Chart
RogersElizabeth, Mrs. 93624Download Chart
RogersJamesNew London, CT, USA93616Download Chart
RogersJohn 93616Download Chart
RogersJohn WilliamSpaxton, Somerset, England6441Download Chart
RogersJonathanNew London, CT, USA9362Download Chart
RogersJonathanNew London, CT, USA93616Download Chart
RogersJonathanNew London, CT, USA93624Download Chart
RogersJulia, Mrs. 6441Download Chart
RogersMary, Mrs. 93616Download Chart
RogersMary, Mrs. 93616Download Chart
RogersSamuelStratford, CT, USA93616Download Chart
RogersWilliam 93616Download Chart
RosenbergerHeinrich Germany5922Download Chart
RosenbergerMargarethe 5922Download Chart
RossAlonzo JayDanville, OH, USA8881Download Chart
RossEdith May, Mrs. 8881Download Chart
RossJacob JayGreene Co., PA, USA8881Download Chart
RossJeanne EileenCleveland, OH, USA8881Download Chart
RossMark HannaKnox Co., OH, USA8881Download Chart
RossMartha, Mrs. 8881Download Chart
RossNancy, Mrs. 8881Download Chart
RossThelma Maria, Mrs. 8881Download Chart
RossWilliamKnox Co., OH, USA8881Download Chart
Roth/RodesJohn PhillipBaden-Wurttemberg, Germany10276Download Chart
Roth/Rodes/RoadsJohannes C.Lancaster, PA, USA10276Download Chart
Roth/Rodes/RoadsLydia, Mrs. 10276Download Chart
RouseTamsin (Thamson)Dorchester, MA, USA1842Download Chart
RoushAnna Maria, Mrs. 103010Download Chart
RoushDorothea, Mrs. 103010Download Chart
RoushElizabeth Catherine, Mrs. 103010Download Chart
RoushFranklin E.Stark Co., OH, USA10301Download Chart
RoushFranklin E.Stark Co., OH, USA103010Download Chart
RoushFranklin E.Stark Co., OH, USA103011Download Chart
RoushGodfreyBerks Co., PA, USA103010Download Chart
RoushHarriet Ann, Mrs. 10301Download Chart
RoushHarriet Ann, Mrs. 103010Download Chart
RoushHarriet Ann, Mrs. 103011Download Chart
RoushHenrichBerks Co., PA, USA103010Download Chart
RoushJohn GeorgeBerks Co., PA, USA103010Download Chart
RoushJohn Martin 103010Download Chart
RoushMaude A.OH, USA10301Download Chart
RoushNancy, Mrs. 103010Download Chart
RousseauGenevieve 7997Download Chart
RoverudGunhild, Mrs. 6181Download Chart
RoverudHalgrim Olsen 6181Download Chart
RowlandElizabeth 93616Download Chart
RowlandSamuelStratford, CT, USA93616Download Chart
RowleyBetsy B.Yates Co., NY, USA8581Download Chart
RowleyLucinda, Mrs. 8581Download Chart
RowleyLydia Slawson 8581Download Chart
RowleyRhodric 8581Download Chart
RoyAmable JosephSt Philippe, Laprarie, Quebec, Canada7992Download Chart
RoyAndresLaprarie, Quebec, Canada7992Download Chart
RoyMarie Renee, Mrs. 7992Download Chart
RoyMarie, Mrs. 7992Download Chart
RoyPelagie 7992Download Chart
RoyPelagie 7993Download Chart
RoyRachel 4732Download Chart
RozinskiJulia Hungary10651Download Chart
RumerielSarahEnfield, Hartford Co., CT, USA2744Download Chart
RumerielSarah, Mrs. 2742Download Chart
RumerielSarah, Mrs. 2744Download Chart
RumerielSimon 2744Download Chart
RungeAnna Dorothea 8582Download Chart
RuschCarolinePommerania6181Download Chart
RushFrederick OH, USA5381Download Chart
RushNancy Ellen, Mrs. 5381Download Chart
RyanMinnerva 8291Download Chart
SaetzinBarbara 83515Download Chart
SalyerBertha MariaMagoffin Co., KY, USA10411Download Chart
SalyerDavid 10411Download Chart
SalyerElizabeth, Mrs. 10411Download Chart
SalyerNancy Jane, Mrs. 10411Download Chart
SalyerNancy Raney, Mrs. 10411Download Chart
SalyerNelsonMagoffin Co., KY, USA10411Download Chart
SalyerSebastian BassMagoffin Co., KY, USA10411Download Chart
SalyerSusannah, Mrs. 10411Download Chart
SalyerWilliam MorganNC, USA10411Download Chart
SampsonAgnes 93623Download Chart
SassBertha Ada, Mrs. 8291Download Chart
SassDorothy Lorraine, Mrs. 8291Download Chart
SassJohn 8291Download Chart
SassNorma KathrynDearborn, Wayne Co., MI, USA8291Download Chart
SassNorman RalphDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA8291Download Chart
SassWilliamDetroit, MI, USA8291Download Chart
SassWilliamMecklenburg, Germany8291Download Chart
SaucyAppoline, Mrs. 7993Download Chart
SaucyClement 7993Download Chart
SaucyHortenseL'Isle Verte, Canada7993Download Chart
SaunderElizabeth, Mrs. 96913Download Chart
SaunderHenry 96913Download Chart
SaundersElla F.NY, USA7361Download Chart
SaundersElla F.NY, USA7362Download Chart
SaundersRachelNY, USA9699Download Chart
SaundersRachelNY, USA96912Download Chart
SaundersRachelNY, USA96913Download Chart
SavageJohn 93614Download Chart
SavageSarahBristol Co., MA, USA83510Download Chart
SavageSarah, Mrs. 93614Download Chart
SavardAdelaideQuebec, Canada2851Download Chart
SavardLouis 2851Download Chart
SavardMarie Esther, Mrs. 2851Download Chart
SawyerBathsheba, Mrs. 2741Download Chart
SawyerEdward 2741Download Chart
SawyerElizabeth, Mrs. 2741Download Chart
SawyerJohnHebron, Tolland Co., CT, USA2741Download Chart
SawyerMary 8352Download Chart
SawyerMary 10654Download Chart
SaxeEmma Lucretia, Mrs. 10301Download Chart
SaxeEmma Lucretia, Mrs. 10306Download Chart
SaxeJennie BellSummit Co., OH, USA10301Download Chart
SaxeMartin B 10301Download Chart
SaxeMartin B. 10306Download Chart
SaxeMartin B.Germany10306Download Chart
SaxeMary, Mrs. 10306Download Chart
ScarpaceFrank Italy10411Download Chart
ScarpaceLaurence JosephMobile, AL, USA10411Download Chart
ScarpaceLaurie CatherineDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA10411Download Chart
ScarpaceMaria, Mrs. 10411Download Chart
ScarpaceOlga Sharon, Mrs. 10411Download Chart
ScarpaciLuciaItaly10411Download Chart
ScheppleyHenriette DorothyTechentein, Germany8291Download Chart
ScheppleyHenriette Dorothy 8291Download Chart
ScherchMaria  83516Download Chart
SchmidtAnna BarbaraGermany10671Download Chart
SchmidtAnna Maria  8293Download Chart
SchmidtAppolinia, Mrs. 8293Download Chart
SchmidtHeinrich 8293Download Chart
SchnauberAnna, Mrs. 4732Download Chart
SchnauberJohannesPfungstadt, Hesse, Germany4732Download Chart
Schoonover(Cyrus) AlfredMacomb Co., MI, USA9631Download Chart
SchoonoverCyrusNY, USA9631Download Chart
SchoonoverElizabeth, Mrs. 9631Download Chart
SchoonoverLima AmeliaMacomb Co., MI, USA9631Download Chart
SchoonoverLydia Jane, Mrs. 9631Download Chart
SchuchChristineRemlington, Germany83517Download Chart
SchuchChristineRemlington, Germany83518Download Chart
SchugAnna Barbara, Mrs. 83518Download Chart
SchugGeorgeGermany83518Download Chart
SchumacherCatherine Columbia Co., NY5371Download Chart
SchwabEveMcMinn Co., TN, USA96911Download Chart
Schwan(e)wedelE. F.Germany7391Download Chart
SchwandwedelA. M. M., Mrs. 7391Download Chart
SchwanewedelAnna Marie, Mrs. 7391Download Chart
SchwanewedelN. A.Germany7391Download Chart
SchwanewedelS. E.Germany7391Download Chart
ScottFrances, Mrs. 1841Download Chart
ScottGeorge B.Orange Co., NY, USA1841Download Chart
ScottJaneVA, USA10272Download Chart
ScottLottie WallerOtisville, NY, USA1841Download Chart
ScottMary, Mrs.Davidson Co., TN, USA10272Download Chart
ScottMosesVA, USA10272Download Chart
ScottSarah (Sary), Mrs.Macon Co., TN, USA10272Download Chart
ScottWilliam, Sr.Davidson Co., TN, USA10272Download Chart
ScriptureSarah  9693Download Chart
SearlRuthCT, USA9362Download Chart
SearlRuthCT, USA93623Download Chart
SeibElizabeth 9791Download Chart
SenecalMarie Francois 7991Download Chart
SensabaughElmire 8582Download Chart
SewardJoseph 8359Download Chart
SewardJudith, Mrs. 8359Download Chart
SewardPatience 8359Download Chart
SextonLouisaOneida Co., NY, USA9601Download Chart
SeymourArabella, Mrs. 9538Download Chart
SeymourMary London, England9538Download Chart
SeymourWilliam  9538Download Chart
ShawAnn (Nancy)PA, USA9365Download Chart
ShawJosephRichland, PA, USA9365Download Chart
ShawKazia 10278Download Chart
ShawMaryRichland, PA, USA9365Download Chart
ShawMary, Mrs. 9365Download Chart
ShawMatildaDanville, Knox Co., OH, USA8881Download Chart
ShawRachel, Mrs. 9365Download Chart
ShawSamuelIreland9365Download Chart
ShawSamuelMD, USA9365Download Chart
ShawSusannah, Mrs. 9366Download Chart
ShawWilliam 8881Download Chart
SheaDavid L.Pontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA10381Download Chart
SheaDayna, Mrs. 10381Download Chart
SheaDelphine, Mrs. 10381Download Chart
SheaEarl M.Alpena, MI, USA10381Download Chart
SheaJosephQuebec, Canada10381Download Chart
SheaOllie, Mrs. 10381Download Chart
SheaRichard C.Alma, MI, USA10381Download Chart
SheaThelma J., Mrs. 10381Download Chart
ShearerDaniel S.Hamilton Co., OH, USA9552Download Chart
ShearerLaura IsabelleWapelle Co., IA, USA9552Download Chart
ShearerMary Jane, Mrs. 9552Download Chart
SherlockBridgetIreland7361Download Chart
SherlockBridgetIreland7362Download Chart
ShermanAgnes, Mrs. 9539Download Chart
ShermanAgnes, Mrs. 9539Download Chart
ShermanAgnes, Mrs. 95310Download Chart
ShermanAgnes, Mrs. 95311Download Chart
ShermanAmie 9538Download Chart
ShermanAmie 95312Download Chart
ShermanBenjamin 9538Download Chart
ShermanEthel Margaret, Mrs. 93625Download Chart
ShermanHannah, Mrs. 9538Download Chart
ShermanHenryMayville, MI, USA93625Download Chart
ShermanHenry 9539Download Chart
ShermanHenry 9539Download Chart
ShermanJames HenryNiagara Co., NY, USA93625Download Chart
ShermanJane, Mrs. 9539Download Chart
ShermanJohn 9539Download Chart
ShermanJohn 95310Download Chart
ShermanJohn 95311Download Chart
ShermanLeroy EllsworthMayville, MI, USA93625Download Chart
ShermanLucille MarieMayville, MI, USA93625Download Chart
ShermanMary Jane, Mrs. 93625Download Chart
ShermanPhilipEssex, England9538Download Chart
ShermanPhyllis, Mrs. 9538Download Chart
ShermanPhyllis, Mrs. 9539Download Chart
ShermanSabrina, Mrs. 93625Download Chart
ShermanSamuel 9538Download Chart
ShermanSamuel 9539Download Chart
ShermanSarah, Mrs. 9538Download Chart
ShermanSusan, Mrs. 9539Download Chart
ShermanThomasEngland9539Download Chart
ShermanThomasEngland95310Download Chart
ShinskeMaryGermany8371Download Chart
ShinskeMaryGermany8372Download Chart
ShinskieJozef 8372Download Chart
ShipmanMaryVA, USA5371Download Chart
ShippeeBarbara Ann, Mrs. 93625Download Chart
ShippeeCyrusMcConnell, IL, USA93625Download Chart
ShippeeMary, Mrs. 93625Download Chart
ShippeeOlive PearlFreeport, IL, USA93625Download Chart
ShippeeWilliamNJ, USA93625Download Chart
ShockBessie, Mrs. 8582Download Chart
ShockElizabeth, Mrs. 8582Download Chart
ShockElmer M.Richland Twp., OH, USA8582Download Chart
ShockEmily, Mrs. 8582Download Chart
ShockEsther, Mrs. 8582Download Chart
ShockGrace ErmaGladwin Co., MI, USA8581Download Chart
ShockGrace ErmaGladwin Co., MI, USA8582Download Chart
ShockJacob 8582Download Chart
ShockMichaelRichland Twp., OH, USA8582Download Chart
ShockMichaelRichland Twp., OH, USA8582Download Chart
ShueyDaniel Germany83519Download Chart
ShueyLudwig HeinrichGermany83519Download Chart
ShurtliffLucyanthaOneida Co., NY, USA9601Download Chart
SidwellBettyClay Co., TN, USA7999Download Chart
SidwellBetty, Mrs. 7999Download Chart
SidwellEthel, Mrs. 7999Download Chart
SidwellJ. P. 7999Download Chart
SidwellWillieClay Co., TN, USA7999Download Chart
SkeltonSusannah Columbiana Co., OH, USA9365Download Chart
SkeltonWilliam 9365Download Chart
SkerrowEdwardCottingham9761Download Chart
SkerrowFannyKingston-upon-Hull, England9761Download Chart
SkerrowHannah, Mrs. 9761Download Chart
SkinnerAnn, Mrs. 10279Download Chart
SkinnerBenjaminWindham Co., CT, USA10279Download Chart
SkinnerMercyMiddlesex Co., Ontario, Canada10271Download Chart
SkinnerMercyMiddlesex Co., Ontario, Canada10278Download Chart
SkinnerMercyMiddlesex Co., Ontario, Canada10279Download Chart
SkinnerMillicent, Mrs. 10279Download Chart
SkinnerSt JohnNew Brunswick, Canada10279Download Chart
SkinnerSt JohnNew Brunswick, Canada10279Download Chart
SleeElizabethEngland93611Download Chart
SleeJohnEngland93611Download Chart
SleeMargaret, Mrs.England93611Download Chart
SloggettAnna RachelForreston, IL9552Download Chart
SloggettElizabeth, Mrs. 9552Download Chart
SloggettGrace, Mrs. 9552Download Chart
SloggettHenrietta Maria, Mrs. 9552Download Chart
SloggettJesseEngland9552Download Chart
SloggettThomasCornwall, England9552Download Chart
SloggettWilliamLondon, England9552Download Chart
SlumanElizabethNorwich, CT, USA8353Download Chart
SlumanSarah, Mrs. 8353Download Chart
SlumanThomasNorwich, CT, USA8353Download Chart
SmallwoodJoannaElvington9761Download Chart
SmithAmyEssex Co., MA, USA8357Download Chart
SmithAnne, Mrs. 9531Download Chart
SmithBertha M. 5921Download Chart
SmithCatherineArgyleshire, Scotland10277Download Chart
SmithDebra, Mrs. 5921Download Chart
SmithDuncanScotland10277Download Chart
SmithEdwardOH, USA10131Download Chart
SmithEldadSuffield, CT, USA9363Download Chart
SmithEldad 9363Download Chart
SmithElias PRush Co., IN, USA5921Download Chart
SmithElizabeth, Mrs. 9381Download Chart
SmithElizabeth, Mrs. 9531Download Chart
SmithElla Myrl, Mrs. 9381Download Chart
SmithEmile FreyJamestown, IN, USA10131Download Chart
SmithEsther  8582Download Chart
SmithEveline 9361Download Chart
SmithEveline 9362Download Chart
SmithEveline 9363Download Chart
SmithFannie ArnimishieAL, USA9711Download Chart
SmithFrances J., Mrs. 10131Download Chart
SmithFred G.Holly, MI, USA9381Download Chart
SmithGrace, Mrs. 10131Download Chart
SmithHenry 9531Download Chart
SmithIsabellaArgyleshire, Scotland10277Download Chart
SmithJeremiahHempstead, Nassau, NY, USA9531Download Chart
SmithJesseOH, USA10131Download Chart
SmithJesse CarterNew Augusta, IL, USA10131Download Chart
SmithJohnKY, USA5921Download Chart
SmithJohn 9531Download Chart
SmithJohnScotland10277Download Chart
SmithJohn SmithSuffolk Co., MA, USA9531Download Chart
SmithKristy, Mrs. 10277Download Chart
SmithMarcia BethaniaOakland Co., MI, USA8581Download Chart
SmithMartha 83511Download Chart
SmithMartha, Mrs. 9363Download Chart
SmithMaryArgyleshire, Scotland10277Download Chart
SmithMary Jane Boone Co., IN, USA10131Download Chart
SmithMary, Mrs. 8357Download Chart
SmithMary, Mrs. 8358Download Chart
SmithMary, Mrs. 10277Download Chart
SmithMatilda, Mrs. 5921Download Chart
SmithMilard, Mrs. 10131Download Chart
SmithMiriam, Mrs. 10131Download Chart
SmithPhebeEssex Co., MA, USA8358Download Chart
SmithRachel, Mrs. 9381Download Chart
SmithRobertEngland8357Download Chart
SmithRobertEngland8358Download Chart
SmithRuthMt. Bethel, MI, USA9381Download Chart
SmithRuth 9531Download Chart
SmithSibble, Mrs. 9363Download Chart
SmithSidney 9381Download Chart
SmithVinson E. 10131Download Chart
SmithWalter ScottShelby Co., IN, USA5921Download Chart
SmithWilliamGroveland Twp, Oakland Co., MI, USA9381Download Chart
SmithWilliam H. 8581Download Chart
SnanholferAllen 10301Download Chart
SnanholferBen  10301Download Chart
SnanholferCelia, Mrs. 10301Download Chart
SnanholferCora A. 10301Download Chart
SnoverCharles FrederickNJ, USA4732Download Chart
SnoverFrederickNJ, USA4732Download Chart
SnoverJohn Frederick 4732Download Chart
SnoverSarah, Mrs. 4732Download Chart
SnyderCecelia, Mrs. 7361Download Chart
SnyderCecelia, Mrs. 7362Download Chart
SnyderElla F., Mrs. 7361Download Chart
SnyderElla F., Mrs. 7362Download Chart
SnyderFrederick Joseph, Jr.Auburn, NY, USA7362Download Chart
SnyderFrederick, Sr.Rushville, NY, USA7361Download Chart
SnyderFrederick, Sr.Rushville, NY, USA7362Download Chart
SnyderJessie J.NY, USA7361Download Chart
SnyderJessie J.NY, USA7362Download Chart
SnyderMarion Elizabeth, Mrs. 7361Download Chart
SnyderMarion Elizabeth, Mrs. 7362Download Chart
SolomonAnnPembry, Wales9611Download Chart
SolomonGeorge Wales9611Download Chart
SolomonMary, Mrs. 9611Download Chart
SomesHannah  83513Download Chart
SoopAbrahamBethlehem, NY, USA8293Download Chart
SoopFriederichNeckartenzlingen, Wurt.8293Download Chart
SoopHannahNY, USA8291Download Chart
SoopHannahNY, USA8292Download Chart
SoopHannahNY, USA8293Download Chart
SoopMaria Lee, Mrs. 8293Download Chart
SoopMaria, Mrs. 8293Download Chart
SoopPolly, Mrs. 8293Download Chart
SoopRichard Bethlehem, NY, USA8293Download Chart
Spade/SpaidMaryNY, USA10671Download Chart
SpanglerMargaret  103011Download Chart
SpawnElizabeth, Mrs. 8293Download Chart
SpawnFrederickNY, USA8293Download Chart
SpawnMariaBethlehem, NY, USA8293Download Chart
SpellarHannah, Mrs. 9691Download Chart
SpellarHannah, Mrs. 9695Download Chart
SpellarHannah, Mrs. 9696Download Chart
SpellarJohn AugustusMontpelier, VT, USA9695Download Chart
SpellarLovisaWayne Co., NY, USA9691Download Chart
SpellarMarium, Mrs. 9695Download Chart
SpellarMark NorrisVT, USA9691Download Chart
SpellarMark NorrisVT, USA9695Download Chart
SpellarMark NorrisVT, USA9696Download Chart
SpencerAlice, Mrs. 93622Download Chart
SpencerAnn, Mrs. 93622Download Chart
SpencerElizabethSuffield, CT, USA9362Download Chart
SpencerElizabeth, Mrs. 93622Download Chart
SpencerEsther, Mrs. 93622Download Chart
SpencerGerardEngland93622Download Chart
SpencerMary, Mrs. 9362Download Chart
SpencerMary, Mrs. 93622Download Chart
SpencerSabrina VT, USA93625Download Chart
SpencerSamuelHartford, CT, USA93622Download Chart
SpencerThomasSuffield, CT, USA9362Download Chart
SpencerThomasSuffield, CT, USA93622Download Chart
SpencerThomasBedfordshire, England93622Download Chart
SpencerThomasSuffield, CT, USA93622Download Chart
SpohnAdam 8293Download Chart
SpohnAnna Margaret, Mrs. 8293Download Chart
SpohnAnna Maria, Mrs. 8293Download Chart
SpohnMaritja, Mrs. 8293Download Chart
SpohnPhilipWest Camp, NY, USA8293Download Chart
SpohnWerner 8293Download Chart
SquiresKatherineBuffalo, NY, USA9366Download Chart
St JohnAbigail 9535Download Chart
St JohnAbigail 9536Download Chart
St JohnRebecca, Mrs. 9536Download Chart
St JohnSamuel 9536Download Chart
StaffordElizabeth, Mrs. 95313Download Chart
StaffordFrances 95313Download Chart
StaffordJoseph 95313Download Chart
StaffordSarah, Mrs. 95313Download Chart
StaffordThomasWarwickshire, England95313Download Chart
StantonAnn, Mrs. 93616Download Chart
StantonKatherine, Mrs. 93616Download Chart
StantonMary 93616Download Chart
StantonThomasLongbridge, England93616Download Chart
StantonThomas 93616Download Chart
Stemp(b)nerA. M. M.Hamburg(?), Germany7391Download Chart
StephensMargery 96919Download Chart
StevensGrace 8354Download Chart
StickanChristian G.Germany7391Download Chart
StickanD. G. M., Mrs. 7391Download Chart
StickanE. F., Mrs. 7391Download Chart
StickanF. HeinrichGermany7391Download Chart
StickanFlora Elizabeth, Mrs. 7391Download Chart
StickanHeinrich L. 7391Download Chart
StickanHenry DavidBranch Co.(?), MI, USA7391Download Chart
StickanMargarethe E., Mrs. 7391Download Chart
StickanVirginia AnnColdwater, Branch Co., MI, USA7391Download Chart
StilesSarah 2744Download Chart
StipeElizabeth, Mrs. 10308Download Chart
StipeErma EdithOH, USA10301Download Chart
StipeGeorge Washington 10301Download Chart
StipeGeorge Washington 10308Download Chart
StipeGeorge Washington 10309Download Chart
StipeHarrisonLancaster, PA, USA10308Download Chart
StipeIrvin F.Summit Co., OH, USA10301Download Chart
StipeLydia Ann, Mrs. 10301Download Chart
StipeLydia Ann, Mrs. 10308Download Chart
StipeLydia Ann, Mrs. 10309Download Chart
StipeM. Anna, Mrs. 10308Download Chart
StipeMaude A., Mrs. 10301Download Chart
StipePeterLancaster, PA, USA10308Download Chart
StockEliza JaneOntario, Canada9611Download Chart
StoffelIsaac 9552Download Chart
StoffelMartha P., Mrs. 9552Download Chart
StofleAnn ElizabethDes Moines, IA, USA9552Download Chart
StovernHans HansenLunder, Norway6181Download Chart
StovernMaria, Mrs. 6181Download Chart
StreeterMelissaOakland Co., MI, USA9631Download Chart
StreeterRoyal S.Windham Co., CT, USA9631Download Chart
StreeterSusan, Mrs. 9631Download Chart
StrubleAngelineHenry Co., OH, USA8881Download Chart
StrubleGeorgeSussex Co., NJ, USA8881Download Chart
StrubleGeorge, Rev.Trumbull Co., OH, USA8881Download Chart
StrubleLucinda, Mrs. 8881Download Chart
StrubleMary, Mrs. 8881Download Chart
StuartArabella  9538Download Chart
StubbsMarie Aileen 9881Download Chart
SullivanElizabeth 9981Download Chart
SullivanHixie 7999Download Chart
SurbrookRosina MagdalenaFrutigen, Switzerland8301Download Chart
SurbrookSusanna, Mrs. 8301Download Chart
Surbrook (Zurbrugg)JacobFrutigen, Switzerland8301Download Chart
SutliffAbrahamYorkshire, England93614Download Chart
SutliffAbrahamEngland93614Download Chart
SutliffAnna, Mrs. 9366Download Chart
SutliffEunice, Mrs. 83510Download Chart
SutliffGadDurham CT, USA9366Download Chart
SutliffHannahMedina Co., OH, USA8359Download Chart
SutliffHannahMedina Co., OH, USA83510Download Chart
SutliffHannah, Mrs. 93614Download Chart
SutliffJesse Squires 9361Download Chart
SutliffJesse Squires 93610Download Chart
SutliffJohnFranklin Co., MA, USA83510Download Chart
SutliffJohnFranklin Co., MA, USA9366Download Chart
SutliffJohnFranklin Co., MA, USA93614Download Chart
SutliffJohn, Jr.Durham CT, USA9366Download Chart
SutliffKatherine, Mrs. 9366Download Chart
SutliffLovica C., Mrs. 9361Download Chart
SutliffLovica C., Mrs. 93610Download Chart
SutliffLucy, Mrs. 9366Download Chart
SutliffMehitabel, Mrs. 9366Download Chart
SutliffMehitabel, Mrs. 93614Download Chart
SutliffMehitable, Mrs.Middlesex Co., CT, USA83510Download Chart
SutliffNathanielNorfolk Co., MA, USA83510Download Chart
SutliffNathanielNorfolk Co., MA, USA93614Download Chart
SutliffSalmonGenesee Co., NY, USA9366Download Chart
SutliffSamuelNew Haven Co., CT, USA83510Download Chart
SutliffSarah, Mrs. 83510Download Chart
SutliffSarah, Mrs. 93614Download Chart
SydenhamMaryEngland93612Download Chart
SymondsCatherineEngland8358Download Chart
TatrowAlpha 79910Download Chart
TatrowDighton 79910Download Chart
TatrowElizabeth, Mrs. 79910Download Chart
TatrowGerald 79910Download Chart
TatrowPatricia, Mrs. 79910Download Chart
TatrowPeggy 79910Download Chart
TatrowRose, Mrs. 79910Download Chart
TaylorJudie Ann B. 9881Download Chart
TaylorMatilda "Mary" OH, USA5921Download Chart
TerryEstherHighland Co., OH, USA96910Download Chart
TessierLouiseMontreal, Canada7991Download Chart
TessierMary, Mrs. 7991Download Chart
TessierUrbanParish of Chateau, France7991Download Chart
ThibaultAnna Mae, Mrs. 79910Download Chart
ThibaultBeatrice 79910Download Chart
ThibaultJoseph Alpha 79910Download Chart
ThibaultMarguerite 7996Download Chart
ThibaultMarguerite 7997Download Chart
ThomasAlice Jane, Mrs. 9611Download Chart
ThomasAnn, Mrs. 9611Download Chart
ThomasAnne 83511Download Chart
ThomasElizabeth A., Mrs. 9611Download Chart
ThomasJames 83511Download Chart
ThomasJohn 9611Download Chart
ThomasJohn W.St Clair Co., MI, USA9611Download Chart
ThomasMartha, Mrs. 83511Download Chart
ThomasMartha, Mrs. 9611Download Chart
ThomasNorma Lee, Mrs. 9611Download Chart
ThomasReesWales9611Download Chart
ThomasRichard W.St Clair Co., MI, USA9611Download Chart
ThomasShadrachMiddlesex Co., Ontario, Canada9611Download Chart
ThompsonAddie, Mrs. 9691Download Chart
ThompsonAlexanderLiverpool, England9698Download Chart
ThompsonAlmonChenango Co., MA, USA9691Download Chart
ThompsonAlmonChenango Co., MA, USA9698Download Chart
ThompsonEdnaKent Co., MI, USA9691Download Chart
ThompsonFremontKent Co., MI, USA9691Download Chart
ThompsonJairusWorcester Co., MA, USA9698Download Chart
ThompsonJohn 9698Download Chart
ThompsonRachel, Mrs. 9698Download Chart
ThompsonRebeccaIL, USA10131Download Chart
ThompsonSarah, Mrs. 9691Download Chart
ThompsonSarah, Mrs. 9698Download Chart
ThompsonSarah, Mrs. 9698Download Chart
ThurstonHannah 93624Download Chart
TibbettsRoby AnnSt. Lawrence Co., NY, USA10278Download Chart
Toupin dit DesaultMary Renee 7995Download Chart
Toupin Sieur DuSaultJohnQuebec, Canada7995Download Chart
Toupin Sieur DuSaultMagdelene, Mrs. 7995Download Chart
ToureauFrancoise 7994Download Chart
TowneAmy, Mrs. 8357Download Chart
TowneCatherine, Mrs. 8358Download Chart
TowneEdmundNorfolk Co., England8357Download Chart
TowneEdmundNorfolk Co., England8358Download Chart
TowneElizabeth, Mrs. 8358Download Chart
TowneFrancisEssex Co., MA, USA8357Download Chart
TowneFrancisEssex Co., MA, USA8358Download Chart
TowneJacobEssex Co., MA, USA8358Download Chart
TowneJacobNorfolk Co., England8358Download Chart
TowneJemima, Mrs. 8357Download Chart
TowneJoseph Essex Co., MA, USA8357Download Chart
TowneJoshuaEssex Co., MA, USA8358Download Chart
TowneMary, Mrs. 8357Download Chart
TowneMary, Mrs. 8358Download Chart
TowneNathanielEssex Co., MA, USA8357Download Chart
TownePhebeEssex Co., MA, USA8357Download Chart
TownePhebeEssex Co., MA, USA8358Download Chart
TownePhebe, Mrs. 8358Download Chart
TowneRebeccaEssex Co., MA, USA8358Download Chart
TowneSamuelEssex Co., MA, USA8358Download Chart
TownsendAnnatje 93610Download Chart
TrainJanet Lydia 8581Download Chart
TremblayAdele 10381Download Chart
TreyMargaretnear Dublin, Ireland103011Download Chart
TrometerChristianOH, USA10381Download Chart
TrometerEmily, Mrs. 10381Download Chart
TrometerEva May, Mrs. 10381Download Chart
TrometerJames E.IN, USA10381Download Chart
TrometerOlliePentwater, MI, USA10381Download Chart
TrowbridgeMary 8581Download Chart
Truckey Anthony Edward 7998Download Chart
Truckey George 7998Download Chart
Truckey GrantGarden, MI, USA7998Download Chart
Truckey Josephine, Mrs. 7998Download Chart
Truckey Philimine, Mrs. 7998Download Chart
Truckey (Troquette)AntoineSt. Ignace, MI, USA7998Download Chart
Truckey (Troquette)Mary H., Mrs. 7998Download Chart
TrumbullMary 9362Download Chart
TrumbullMary 93622Download Chart
TurnerBenjaminYork, England974Download Chart
TurnerHannah, Mrs. 93627Download Chart
TurnerJamesWeaverthorpe, Yorkshire, England93625Download Chart
TurnerJamesWeaverthorpe, Yorkshire, England93627Download Chart
TurnerJane, Mrs. 93625Download Chart
TurnerJane, Mrs. 93627Download Chart
TurnerJohn F.Yorkshire, England93627Download Chart
TurnerMary JaneVilcartier, Quebec, Canada93625Download Chart
TurnerRobert 93627Download Chart
TurnerSarah, Mrs.York, England974Download Chart
TurneyBenjaminBedfordshire, England93618Download Chart
TurneyJudithBedfordshire, England93618Download Chart
TurneyMary, Mrs. 93618Download Chart
TurneyRobertBedfordshire, England93618Download Chart
TurnpennyElizabethYork, England975Download Chart
TuttleEliza, Mrs. 9691Download Chart
TuttleHIram 9691Download Chart
TylerJob 2745Download Chart
TylerSarah Hartford Co., CT, USA2744Download Chart
ValleauKenneth 8291Download Chart
ValleauNorma Kathryn, Mrs. 8291Download Chart
VanBibberHarriet 9381Download Chart
VanDeWaterMary L.Wayne Co., MI, USA10671Download Chart
VanEttenPhoebeSussex Co., NJ, USA6181Download Chart
VanMarenCorneliaOttawa, MI, USA5371Download Chart
VanMarenFolkertGroningen, Netherlands5371Download Chart
VanMarenMaria, Mrs. 5371Download Chart
VannestMary "Polly" 8721Download Chart
VanSickleMary AnaWarren Co., NJ, USA10503Download Chart
VanWeeldenMaria Netherlands5371Download Chart
VanWyckMarretje 9533Download Chart
VinceApolloniaMegye, Hungary9611Download Chart
VincentElizabethNewbury, Essex Co., MA, USA8352Download Chart
VincentHannah 8352Download Chart
VoelkerAmanda 9981Download Chart
VoelkerAugusta, Mrs. 9981Download Chart
VoelkerJulius 9981Download Chart
VoganLee 7993Download Chart
VogelsangCatharina 5922Download Chart
VogelsangHeinrich (Henry)Ostbevern, Germany5922Download Chart
VolzAppolonia 83517Download Chart
VoorheisBessie Jean, Mrs. 8581Download Chart
VoorheisCharles WesleyGenesee Co., MI, USA8581Download Chart
VoorheisCharles WesleyGenesee Co., MI, USA8582Download Chart
VoorheisClara Ann, Mrs. 8581Download Chart
VoorheisFred MartinOakland Co., MI, USA8581Download Chart
VoorheisFred NormanMI, USA8581Download Chart
VoorheisGeorgeOakland Co., MI, USA8581Download Chart
VoorheisGrace Erma, Mrs. 8581Download Chart
VoorheisGrace Erma, Mrs. 8582Download Chart
VoorheisJoseph J. 8581Download Chart
VoorheisMarcia Bethania, Mrs. 8581Download Chart
VoorheisOrpha, Mrs. 8581Download Chart
WadeFrancis A.VA, USA9552Download Chart
WadhamMarcilla 9552Download Chart
WadsworthMaryGuiseley, York, England975Download Chart
WagnerAnna MargrethaNew Paltz, NY, USA9551Download Chart
WagnerJohn PeterDockenhansen, Hesse-Darm9551Download Chart
WagnerMaria Margretha, Mrs. 9551Download Chart
WaineoAlbertTornio, Finland8291Download Chart
WaineoJohn 8291Download Chart
WaineoMary, Mrs. 8291Download Chart
WaineoMinnieHancock, MI, USA8291Download Chart
WaineoSarifina Magdalina, Mrs. 8291Download Chart
Waldorf (Waldreff)Mary 8881Download Chart
WalkerMartha M. 9801Download Chart
WalkerMaryBoston, MA, USA93619Download Chart
WalkerRobertManchester, England93619Download Chart
WalkerSarah, Mrs.Boston, MA, USA93619Download Chart
WallerJane 9539Download Chart
WallerJohn 9539Download Chart
WaltersCora MaeBirmingham, Oakland Co., MI, USA9381Download Chart
WaltonAbraham 9365Download Chart
WaltonAlice Jane, Mrs.PA, USA9365Download Chart
WaltonMercyPA, USA9365Download Chart
WardDavid HenryLapeer Co., MI, USA9881Download Chart
WardEdna B., Mrs. 9881Download Chart
WardHenry 9881Download Chart
WardLewis A.Canada9881Download Chart
WardLouis RalphCrawford Co., MI, USA9881Download Chart
WardLouis Ralph, Jr.Tyndall Field, FL, USA9881Download Chart
WardMarie Aileen, Mrs. 9881Download Chart
WardMary Ann, Mrs. 9881Download Chart
WardOuida Bell, Mrs. 9881Download Chart
WardParthenia A., Mrs. 9881Download Chart
WardPhyllis 9538Download Chart
WardPhyllis 9539Download Chart
WarmanFrances 95315Download Chart
WarrenSarahDalton, Berk Co., MA, USA2741Download Chart
WashburnCalvinOneida Co., NY, USA9601Download Chart
WashburnEleanor BainbridgeOneida Co., MI, USA9601Download Chart
WashburnJulia Ann, Mrs. 9601Download Chart
WashingtonKatherine 93616Download Chart
WasingerAmalia, Mrs. 9791Download Chart
WasingerAnn Elizabeth, Mrs. 9791Download Chart
WasingerAnton, Sr. 9791Download Chart
WasingerDosso Anton PeterSchoenchen, Russia9791Download Chart
WasingerEdward PaulChicago, Cook, IL, USA9791Download Chart
WasingerEdward PeterEllis Co., KS, USA9791Download Chart
WasingerKatherine, Mrs. 9791Download Chart
WasingerLaura Elberta, Mrs. 9791Download Chart
WasingerPaul PeterSchoenchen, Russia9791Download Chart
WasingerShirley, Mrs. 9791Download Chart
WassonAnna 79910Download Chart
WatkinsNancy Louisa 9881Download Chart
WatsonChristina, Mrs. 7892Download Chart
WatsonJannet, Mrs. 93611Download Chart
WatsonMaryStrawberryhowe, Cumberland, England9364Download Chart
WatsonMaryStrawberryhowe, Cumberland, England93611Download Chart
WatsonMaryStrawberryhowe, Cumberland, England93612Download Chart
WatsonRebecca, Mrs. 93611Download Chart
WatsonRobertIreland7892Download Chart
WatsonThomasStrawberryhowe, England93611Download Chart
WatsonThomas, Jr.Strawberryhowe, Cumberland, England9361Download Chart
WattenpaughCatherine D. 93625Download Chart
WayHannah 8358Download Chart
WayJoanEngland93621Download Chart
WeaverAbigail C. 8582Download Chart
WebbRachel  9552Download Chart
WeeksMary Ann Newton Ferrers, Devon, England6441Download Chart
WelbyOlive 9534Download Chart
WellsAve May, Mrs. 9601Download Chart
WellsCarol AnnDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA9601Download Chart
WellsElijah H.Jefferson Co., NY, USA9601Download Chart
WellsElizabeth 11144Download Chart
WellsFred WilliamOakland Co., MI, USA9601Download Chart
WellsHenry GilbertOneida Co., NY, USA9601Download Chart
WellsLouisa, Mrs. 9601Download Chart
WellsMabel May, Mrs. 9601Download Chart
WellsOliver GilbertMilford, Oakland Co., MI, USA9601Download Chart
WellsSusan Mary, Mrs. 9601Download Chart
WendelAnna Barbara, Mrs. 10671Download Chart
WendelAnna Katherina, Mrs. 10671Download Chart
WendelCharlene LoraineLivingston Co., MI, USA10671Download Chart
WendelClifford PeterLivingston Co., MI, USA10671Download Chart
WendelJohan Peter 10671Download Chart
WendelJohann PeterGermany10671Download Chart
WendelMarie Ella, Mrs. 10671Download Chart
WendelRosa May, Mrs. 10671Download Chart
WendelWilliamFrankfurt, Germany10671Download Chart
WentworthJaneHereford, England2851Download Chart
WentworthJulia AnnOtsego Co., NY, USA9601Download Chart
WernerBertha Julia, Mrs. 5371Download Chart
WernerCornelia, Mrs. 5371Download Chart
WernerDorothy Lucille, Mrs. 5371Download Chart
WestwoodBridget, Mrs.Hadley, MA, USA93621Download Chart
WestwoodSarahHadley, MA, USA93621Download Chart
WestwoodWilliamHadley, MA, USA93621Download Chart
WheelerAnne, Mrs. 93618Download Chart
WheelerIsaac 96917Download Chart
WheelerJohnBedfordshire, England93618Download Chart
WheelerJudith, Mrs. 93618Download Chart
WheelerMarie RebeccaOakland Co., MI, USA9699Download Chart
WheelerMarie RebeccaOakland Co., MI, USA96917Download Chart
WheelerMaryCT, USA9362Download Chart
WheelerMaryCT, USA93617Download Chart
WheelerMaryCT, USA93618Download Chart
WheelerSarahFairfield, CT, USA9362Download Chart
WheelerSarahFairfield, CT, USA93619Download Chart
WheelerThomasBedfordshire, England93618Download Chart
WhitcherElizabeth MelissaVT, USA9791Download Chart
WhiteBrigid 9551Download Chart
WhiteDorcas 2741Download Chart
WhitebreadAlice 93622Download Chart
WhittakerFrancis EllsworthHarrison Co., OH, USA5381Download Chart
WhittakerHannah, Mrs. 5381Download Chart
WhittakerJohnHarrison Co., OH, USA5381Download Chart
WhittakerMargaret Ann, Mrs. 5381Download Chart
WhittakerWilliamFermanagh, Ireland5381Download Chart
WightElizabeth  96923Download Chart
WilcoxLevi 10381Download Chart
WilcoxMartha, Mrs. 10381Download Chart
WilcoxTessie EPontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA10381Download Chart
WildmanDeborah, Mrs. 9364Download Chart
WildmanHannah, Mrs. 9364Download Chart
WildmanJoshuaVA, USA9364Download Chart
WildmanMary, Mrs. 9368Download Chart
WildmanMatthewLancaster, England9368Download Chart
WildmanPlessyVA, USA9364Download Chart
WildmanWilliamBucks Co., PA, USA9364Download Chart
WildmanWilliamBucks Co., PA, USA9368Download Chart
WildmanWilliam, Jr. 9364Download Chart
WilhelmMaryGermany10306Download Chart
WilkinsBrayEngland8358Download Chart
WilkinsHannah, Mrs. 8358Download Chart
WilkinsMargaret Essex Co., MA, USA8358Download Chart
WillemanAlonzo MarionAshley, IN, USA8582Download Chart
WilliamsKathryn JeanneUnion Co., NJ, USA10141Download Chart
WilliamsMary JaneKY, USA9552Download Chart
WilliamsonAddie Irene, Mrs. 9691Download Chart
WilliamsonAnna Jane 9381Download Chart
WilliamsonFrances J. 10131Download Chart
WilliamsonGrace, Mrs. 9691Download Chart
WilliamsonIla MarieOakland Co., MI, USA9691Download Chart
WilliamsonIla MarieOakland Co., MI, USA9699Download Chart
WilliamsonMark NorrisOakland Co., MI, USA9691Download Chart
WilliamsonNettie Florence, Mrs. 9691Download Chart
WilliamsonWilliam HenryOakland Co., MI, USA9691Download Chart
WilliamsonWilliam WhittleLincolnshire, England9691Download Chart
WillieAgnes, Mrs. 95317Download Chart
WillieBridget  95315Download Chart
WillieBridget  95316Download Chart
WillieBridget  95317Download Chart
WillieJoan, Mrs. 95317Download Chart
WillieJohn 95317Download Chart
WillieJohn 95317Download Chart
WillisonMargaret 93626Download Chart
WillitsEunce, Mrs. 5923Download Chart
WillitsHenry 5923Download Chart
WillitsJeremiah 5923Download Chart
WillitsJosie MargaretTipton Co., IN, USA5923Download Chart
WillitsMary Jane, Mrs. 5923Download Chart
WilsonAmelia, Mrs. 9761Download Chart
WilsonAngeline Samantha, Mrs. 9761Download Chart
WilsonCharles FrazierPA, USA9761Download Chart
WilsonElva AdaMendon, MI, USA9761Download Chart
WilsonGeorgePhiladelphia, PA, USA9761Download Chart
WilsonRachel 9381Download Chart
WiltJemima 10381Download Chart
WiltseAnatieNewtonw, Queens Co., NY, USA9532Download Chart
WiltseAnatieNewtonw, Queens Co., NY, USA9533Download Chart
WiltseCornelius 9531Download Chart
WiltseMarretje, Mrs. 9533Download Chart
WiltseMartin Hendricksen 9533Download Chart
WiltseRuth, Mrs. 9531Download Chart
WinkelhausElizabeth, Mrs. 11141Download Chart
WinkelhausElizabeth, Mrs. 11142Download Chart
WinkelhausElizabeth, Mrs. 11142Download Chart
WinkelhausElizabeth, Mrs. 11143Download Chart
WinkelhausKatherineBleidenrod, Germany11141Download Chart
WinkelhausKonradGermany11142Download Chart
WinkelhausWilliamBleidenrod, Germany11141Download Chart
WinkelhausWilliamBleidenrod, Germany11142Download Chart
WinkelhausWilliamBleidenrod, Germany11143Download Chart
WinklerHarrietOH or MI, USA6001Download Chart
WinnAnnWales or England9534Download Chart
WinnEdward 9534Download Chart
WinnJoanna/Jane, Mrs. 9534Download Chart
WintermuteJohn C. 4732Download Chart
Wintermute (Wintermoot)Anna Rhenish, Bavaria4732Download Chart
WisdomAbnerEngland9552Download Chart
WisdomAnn Elizabeth, Mrs. 9552Download Chart
WisdomFrancis A, Mrs. 9552Download Chart
WisdomFrancis Torrence 9552Download Chart
WisdomJohn 9552Download Chart
WisdomJohn AmosKY, USA9552Download Chart
WisdomJosephusMormontown, IA, USA9552Download Chart
WisdomLaura Isabelle, Mrs. 9552Download Chart
WisdomLurana, Mrs. 9552Download Chart
WisdomMarcilla, Mrs. 9552Download Chart
WisdomMoses BurtonBoone Co., MD, USA9552Download Chart
WisdomOna MaryHartington, NE, USA9552Download Chart
WisdomThomas 9552Download Chart
WismerMary 9691Download Chart
WoernJulia Redford, Wayne Co., MI, USA8721Download Chart
WolfAugusta 9981Download Chart
WolvertonAmosNY, USA10671Download Chart
WolvertonIsaacNJ, USA10671Download Chart
WolvertonMary Elizabeth, Mrs. 10671Download Chart
WolvertonMary L., Mrs. 10671Download Chart
WolvertonNettie E.Livingston Co., MI, USA10671Download Chart
WoodAbigail C., Mrs. 8582Download Chart
WoodAbnerWayne Co., NY, USA4372Download Chart
WoodAbnerMA, USA4372Download Chart
WoodElizabeth 9531Download Chart
WoodJeremiah 9531Download Chart
WoodJudith AnnSchoharie Co., NY, USA8582Download Chart
WoodMaryMiddlesex Co., MA, USA9693Download Chart
WoodMaryMiddlesex Co., MA, USA96924Download Chart
WoodSabrey, Mrs.Herkimer Co., NY, USA4372Download Chart
WoodSamuel 8582Download Chart
WoodmoreAnnabel, Mrs. 10271Download Chart
WoodmoreElizabeth, Mrs.Buckingham Co., VA, USA10272Download Chart
WoodmoreElla May, Mrs. 10271Download Chart
WoodmoreFallin SpencerSumner Co., TN10271Download Chart
WoodmoreFallin SpencerSumner Co., TN10272Download Chart
WoodmoreFallin SpencerSumner Co., TN10273Download Chart
WoodmoreFallin Spencer, Jr.Smith Co., TN10271Download Chart
WoodmoreJames W.VA, USA10272Download Chart
WoodmoreJane, Mrs. 10271Download Chart
WoodmoreJane, Mrs. 10272Download Chart
WoodmoreJane, Mrs. 10272Download Chart
WoodmoreJane, Mrs. 10273Download Chart
WoodmoreOlin NewtonBoise, Ada Co., ID, USA10271Download Chart
WoodmorePatricia AnnAda Co., ID, USA10271Download Chart
WoodmoreWilliam 10272Download Chart
WordenEleanor Bainbridge, Mrs. 9601Download Chart
WordenElizabeth, Mrs. 9601Download Chart
WordenGeorge W.Onondaga Co., NY, USA9601Download Chart
WordenMabel MayMercer Co., IL, USA9601Download Chart
WordenOliver HazardMonroe Co., NY, USA9601Download Chart
WorkmanJoseph C.Frostburg, MD, USA8881Download Chart
WorkmanNancyKnox Co., OH, USA8881Download Chart
WorkmanSarah, Mrs. 8881Download Chart
WrigglesworthJosephFeatherstone, Eng973Download Chart
WrigglesworthRachel, Mrs. 973Download Chart
WrigglesworthSarah, Mrs. 973Download Chart
WrigglesworthWilliamCo. York, England973Download Chart
WrightBetty, Mrs. 7999Download Chart
WrightCharles W.St. Lawrence Co., NY, USA10278Download Chart
WrightClara, Mrs. 7999Download Chart
WrightCliftonFentress Co., TN, USA7999Download Chart
WrightDanny RayMadison Hights, Oakland Co., MI, USA7999Download Chart
WrightFlorence JanettFord Co., IL, USA10271Download Chart
WrightFrancesEssex Co., England976Download Chart
WrightJames FairbanksSt. Lawrence Co., NY, USA10271Download Chart
WrightJames FairbanksSt. Lawrence Co., NY, USA10278Download Chart
WrightJames FairbanksSt. Lawrence Co., NY, USA10279Download Chart
WrightMargaret J., Mrs. 10278Download Chart
WrightMary, Mrs. 10278Download Chart
WrightMercy, Mrs. 10271Download Chart
WrightMercy, Mrs. 10278Download Chart
WrightMercy, Mrs. 10279Download Chart
WrightOllie, Mrs. 7999Download Chart
WrightPerry 7999Download Chart
WrightSamuel, Capt.MA, USA10278Download Chart
WrightSamuel, Jr.Bennington Co., VT, USA10278Download Chart
WrightSary Freelove, Mrs. 10278Download Chart
WrightShirleyPickett Co., TN, USA7999Download Chart
WrightStaceyRoyal Oak, Oakland Co., MI, USA7999Download Chart
WyattElizabeth, Mrs. 10131Download Chart
WyattEmmaline, Mrs. 10131Download Chart
WyattFrances GertrudeJamestown, IN, USA10131Download Chart
WyattGeorge BentonNew Richmond, OH, USA10131Download Chart
WyattJames M.KY, USA10131Download Chart
YatesLaura JaneElk Co., PA, USA9712Download Chart
YatesSusan Ellen, Mrs. 9712Download Chart
YatesWilliam 9712Download Chart
YexleyAlexander 9981Download Chart
YexleyJane, Mrs. 9981Download Chart
YexleyKatherine MaudeChampaign, IL, USA9981Download Chart
YoderEffingham LincolnFreeport, IL, USA93625Download Chart
YoderFloyd RobertFreeport, IL, USA93625Download Chart
YoderFrank RobertFreeport, IL, USA93625Download Chart
YoderGeorge D.Freeport, IL, USA93625Download Chart
YoderLucille Marie, Mrs. 93625Download Chart
YoderMary Ann, Mrs. 93625Download Chart
YoderMinnie Agnes, Mrs. 93625Download Chart
YoderOlive Pearl, Mrs. 93625Download Chart
YoungloveMargaret, Mrs. 976Download Chart
YoungloveSamuelEngland976Download Chart
YountDiana MargaretPA, USA93625Download Chart
ZahnerAnna CatherinaGermany103011Download Chart
ZahnerPeter 103011Download Chart
ZareckeBessie Irene, Mrs. 9712Download Chart
ZareckeCasimer JosephWayne Co., MI, USA9712Download Chart
ZareckeConstance IreneDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA9712Download Chart
ZareckiLucy, Mrs. 9712Download Chart
ZareckiWalterDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA9712Download Chart
ZaunerMary 4731Download Chart
ZeplzauerJulius FrankNemet Mokran, Hungary4731Download Chart
ZiellerAugust 4731Download Chart