Oakland County Genealogical Society

Oakland County, Michigan

For a number of years, the Oakland County Genealogical Society solicited pedigree charts from our members. Names from the charts were extracted and published in a series of Surname Books. Researchers referred to the information in the Surname Books to contact the party who submitted the chart. In recent years, copies of the charts or the information on them have been shared with researchers who submit queries for matching names. These names are not limited to Oakland County, they represent ancestors of all the people who submitted a chart.

It is important to note that this information was submitted beginning in the early 1980's and it is not possible to contact many of those who generously submitted data from their personal research. Because we believe that the information on the charts may provide clues for those conducting ongoing research on the names listed, the Society began a project to transcribe and post an index of each book on our website. For more information on the the surname charts and this index follow this link.

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To see information on those who contributed this information, look here.

OCGS cannot guarantee the accuracy of this data. We suggest contacting the submitter to share information and sources if that is possible. If contact information is not available by following the link below, we do not have any more information. Please use the information contained in these charts as clues in your research process.

Surname Book Five Index

Last NameFirst NameCity/County/State/CountryOCGS#Chart #Download Chart
AbbeyHarriet 6071Download Chart
AbbeyMinerva 6071Download Chart
AbbotAbiel 95313Download Chart
AbbotAbielPA, USA95313Download Chart
AbbotAbigail, Mrs. 95313Download Chart
AbbotAbigail, Mrs. 95313Download Chart
AbbotAnna, Mrs. 95313Download Chart
AbbotCelindaLuzerne Co., PA, USA9531Download Chart
AbbotCelindaLuzerne Co., PA, USA95312Download Chart
AbbotCelindaLuzerne Co., PA, USA95313Download Chart
AbbotPhilip 95313Download Chart
AbbotPhilip 95313Download Chart
AbbotSybil, Mrs. 95313Download Chart
AbellJerusha, Mrs. 8354Download Chart
AbellJoshua 8354Download Chart
AbellLoisNew London Co., CT, USA8354Download Chart
AbercrombyJanet 8381Download Chart
AbernathyAlly, Mrs. 8381Download Chart
AbernathyAlly, Mrs. 8383Download Chart
AbernathyCarissa BellAL, USA8381Download Chart
AbernathyCarissa BellAL, USA8383Download Chart
AbernathyCharlesBristol Parish, VA, USA8387Download Chart
AbernathyChristine, Mrs. 8386Download Chart
AbernathyChristine, Mrs. 8388Download Chart
AbernathyEliza Jane, Mrs. 8383Download Chart
AbernathyEliza Jane, Mrs. 8386Download Chart
AbernathyEliza Jane, Mrs. 8387Download Chart
AbernathyElizabeth, Mrs. 8387Download Chart
AbernathyFrederickPrince Geo Co., VA, USA8386Download Chart
AbernathyHenry M. C.Fayette Co., TN, USA8381Download Chart
AbernathyHenry M. C.Fayette Co., TN, USA8383Download Chart
AbernathyJanetScotland8381Download Chart
AbernathyJohn B.Prince Geo Co., VA, USA8386Download Chart
AbernathyJohn B.Prince Geo Co., VA, USA8387Download Chart
AbernathyLucy, Mrs. 8386Download Chart
AbernathyLucy, Mrs. 8387Download Chart
AbernathyMary, Mrs. 8386Download Chart
AbernathyMary, Mrs. 8387Download Chart
AbernathyMatthewGiles Co., VA, USA8383Download Chart
AbernathyMatthewGiles Co., VA, USA8386Download Chart
AbernathyMatthewGiles Co., VA, USA8387Download Chart
AbernathyMildred, Mrs. 8386Download Chart
AbernathyRebeccaVA, USA8387Download Chart
AbernathyRobert IScotland8388Download Chart
AbernathyRobert IIPrince Geo Co., VA, USA8386Download Chart
AbernathyRobert IIPrince Geo Co., VA, USA8388Download Chart
AbernathyRobert IIIPrince Geo Co., VA, USA8386Download Chart
AbernathyRobert IIIPrince Geo Co., VA, USA8387Download Chart
AbernathySarah, Mrs. 8388Download Chart
AcresMargaret 2888Download Chart
AcresMargaret 2889Download Chart
AdamsAda MayShiawassee Co., MI, USA8281Download Chart
AdamsAgnes, Mrs. 83515Download Chart
AdamsAhijahNY, USA8281Download Chart
AdamsAhijahOakland Co., MI, USA8281Download Chart
AdamsAhijah L.Onondaga, NY, USA8281Download Chart
AdamsCharlotte, Mrs. 6191Download Chart
AdamsCharlotte, Mrs. 6193Download Chart
AdamsCora Francis, Mrs. 9411Download Chart
AdamsCynthiaNY, USA1871Download Chart
AdamsCynthiaNY, USA1875Download Chart
AdamsCynthiaNY, USA1879Download Chart
AdamsDanielOntario, Canada6191Download Chart
AdamsEdith, Mrs. 83515Download Chart
AdamsEdna MayOakland Co., MI, USA9411Download Chart
AdamsEdwardMD, USA1879Download Chart
AdamsEdwardKingweston, England83515Download Chart
AdamsErwin 6191Download Chart
AdamsErwin 6193Download Chart
AdamsHenrySomerset, England83515Download Chart
AdamsHenryMedfield, MA, USA83515Download Chart
AdamsJohn 83515Download Chart
AdamsLucretia, Mrs.NY, USA8281Download Chart
AdamsLydia, Mrs. 83515Download Chart
AdamsMahalia, Mrs. 1879Download Chart
AdamsMary E., Mrs. 8281Download Chart
AdamsMary, Mrs. 8281Download Chart
AdamsRachel AdelineOtisville, Genesee Co., MI, USA6191Download Chart
AdamsRuthProvidence, RI, USA8352Download Chart
AdamsRuthProvidence, RI, USA83515Download Chart
AdamsRuth, Mrs. 83515Download Chart
AdamsSarah Ann, Mrs. 6191Download Chart
AdamsThomas WilliamHamburg, Germany9411Download Chart
AddyAlma Ann, Mrs. 9561Download Chart
AddyCelina, Mrs. 9561Download Chart
AddyDavid Victor, Sr.St. Clair Co., MI, USA9561Download Chart
AddyDonald JosephDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA9561Download Chart
AddyHelen Louise, Mrs. 9561Download Chart
AddyJoseph Peter 9561Download Chart
AddyMichael Alan, Sr.Grosse Pointe Farms, Wayne Co., MI, USA9561Download Chart
AddyRyan ChristopherDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA9561Download Chart
AddyShari Lynn, Mrs. 9561Download Chart
AdkinsMarthaEngland8345Download Chart
AdreasdatterGidselHaderslev, Denmark5534Download Chart
AdreasdatterGidselHaderslev, Denmark5535Download Chart
AgewAbram 6158Download Chart
AgewCynthia Ann 6158Download Chart
AgewJane, Mrs. 6158Download Chart
AggarLettice 83515Download Chart
AikensJaneCo. Monaghan, Ireland6582Download Chart
AlbertsAtieWanswerd, Netherlands7954Download Chart
AlbonElizabeth, Mrs. 8353Download Chart
AlbonJamesEssex Co., England8353Download Chart
AlbonJames 8353Download Chart
AlbonJames FrederickEngland8353Download Chart
AlbonMary Ann, Mrs. 8353Download Chart
AlbonSarah EmmaSurrey, England8351Download Chart
AlbonSarah EmmaSurrey, England8352Download Chart
AlbonSarah EmmaSurrey, England8353Download Chart
AlbonSarah, Mrs. 8353Download Chart
AldenDavid  4931Download Chart
AldenHannah A. 4931Download Chart
AldenMary, Mrs. 4931Download Chart
AldrichDeborahNorfolk Co., MA, USA8514Download Chart
AldrichEsther, Mrs. 8514Download Chart
AldrichEsther, Mrs. 8515Download Chart
AldrichGeorgeDerbyshire, England85118Download Chart
AldrichGeorgeDerbyshire, England85130Download Chart
AldrichHannah 8515Download Chart
AldrichHannah, Mrs. 8514Download Chart
AldrichHannah, Mrs. 8515Download Chart
AldrichHannah, Mrs. 85130Download Chart
AldrichHannah, Mrs. 85131Download Chart
AldrichHuldah, Mrs. 8514Download Chart
AldrichHuldah, Mrs. 85118Download Chart
AldrichHuldah, Mrs. 85119Download Chart
AldrichHuldah, Mrs. 85130Download Chart
AldrichJacobBraintree, MA, USA8514Download Chart
AldrichJacobBraintree, MA, USA85118Download Chart
AldrichJacobBraintree, MA, USA85119Download Chart
AldrichJacobBraintree, MA, USA85131Download Chart
AldrichKatherine, Mrs. 85118Download Chart
AldrichKatherine, Mrs. 85130Download Chart
AldrichPeterMA, USA8514Download Chart
AldrichPeterSuffolk Co., MA, USA8514Download Chart
AldrichPeterMA, USA8515Download Chart
AldrichPeterSuffolk Co., MA, USA8515Download Chart
AldrichPeterSuffolk Co., MA, USA85130Download Chart
AldrichPeterSuffolk Co., MA, USA85131Download Chart
AlfanoGiuseppiItaly2281Download Chart
AlfanoRosa, Mrs. 2281Download Chart
AlfanoRosarioItaly2281Download Chart
AlleyAbigail, Mrs. 6196Download Chart
AlleyJohn 6196Download Chart
AlleyPeterNew Rochelle, NY, USA6196Download Chart
AlleySusannahWestchester Co., NY, USA6196Download Chart
AlleySusannah, Mrs. 6196Download Chart
AllynEphraim, Rev.England85143Download Chart
AllynNancy, Mrs. 85143Download Chart
AllynPhebe 85128Download Chart
AllynPhebe 85142Download Chart
AllynPhebe 85143Download Chart
AlmyMercy 9115Download Chart
AlspickElizabethEngland6141Download Chart
AlspickElizabethEngland6142Download Chart
AlvordAlexander 83512Download Chart
AlvordMaryHartford Co., CT, USA83512Download Chart
AlvordMary, Mrs. 83512Download Chart
AlvordThomas 83512Download Chart
AmonJoshuaOH, USA9361Download Chart
AmonMary CatherineColumbiana Co., OH, USA9361Download Chart
AmonMatilda, Mrs. 9361Download Chart
AmosElizabethRush Co., IN, USA5923Download Chart
AndersdatterBirgitte 5537Download Chart
AndersdatterIngeViborg, Denmark5536Download Chart
AndersenMaren, Mrs. 5536Download Chart
AndersenSorenViborg, Denmark5536Download Chart
AndersonAgnes Scotland6581Download Chart
AndersonEliza, Mrs. 9372Download Chart
AndersonJacobWarren Co., NH, USA9372Download Chart
AndersonMargaretWarren Co., NJ, USA9371Download Chart
AndersonMargaretWarren Co., NJ, USA9372Download Chart
AndresCarolineGermany18722Download Chart
AndrewsCassandra, Mrs. 5922Download Chart
AndrewsDavid A.SC/MD, USA5922Download Chart
AndrewsDebraShelby Co., IN, USA5922Download Chart
AndrewsJohnWiltsire, England4901Download Chart
AndrewsRuthMA, USA8512Download Chart
AndrewsSophiaChili, NY, USA8871Download Chart
AndrousSarah Louisa 7801Download Chart
AnthonyAlvin L.OH, USA7161Download Chart
AnthonyAnn, Mrs. 9131Download Chart
AnthonyBernice May, Mrs. 7161Download Chart
AnthonyCarl PurlanOakland Co., MI, USA9131Download Chart
AnthonyDrusilla M., Mrs. 9131Download Chart
AnthonyKenneth PaulFour Towns, Oakland Co., MI, USA9131Download Chart
AnthonyLaura M, Mrs. 9131Download Chart
AnthonyMarietta, Mrs. 7161Download Chart
AnthonyNoah, Jr.Oakland Co., MI, USA9131Download Chart
AnthonyNoah, Sr. 9131Download Chart
AnthonyRachel C., Mrs. 9131Download Chart
AnthonyRoxannePontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA9131Download Chart
AnthonyWilliam CarlBradford, OH, USA7161Download Chart
AnthonyWilma CarleneLansing, Ingham Co., MI, USA7161Download Chart
ApseyEdmund 8161Download Chart
ApseyHannah, Mrs. 8161Download Chart
ApseySarah 8161Download Chart
ArentsLysbet 1877Download Chart
AriensWyntje 1878Download Chart
ArnoldAlice, Mrs. 85123Download Chart
ArnoldAlice, Mrs. 85126Download Chart
ArnoldAlice, Mrs. 85132Download Chart
ArnoldAnnSuffolk Co., England40516Download Chart
ArnoldElizabethWatertown, RI, USA8514Download Chart
ArnoldElizabethWatertown, RI, USA85122Download Chart
ArnoldElizabethWatertown, RI, USA85123Download Chart
ArnoldElizabethWatertown, RI, USA85132Download Chart
ArnoldJames RileyMonroe Co., NY, USA7581Download Chart
ArnoldJoanna 85115Download Chart
ArnoldJoanna 85126Download Chart
ArnoldMary JaneEaton Co., MI, USA7581Download Chart
ArnoldNicholas 85123Download Chart
ArnoldNicholas 85126Download Chart
ArnoldNicholas 85132Download Chart
ArnoldPhebe, Mrs. 85123Download Chart
ArnoldPhebe, Mrs. 85132Download Chart
ArnoldPhoebe Ann, Mrs. 7581Download Chart
ArnoldPrudence, Mrs. 7581Download Chart
ArnoldRuth 4048Download Chart
ArnoldThomasEngland85123Download Chart
ArnoldThomasEngland85132Download Chart
ArnoldWillett CasieMonroe Co., NY, USA7581Download Chart
ArundellElizabethEngland85148Download Chart
ArundellElizabethEngland85154Download Chart
ArundellEmmanuel, Rev.England85154Download Chart
AshtonJane 5781Download Chart
AtchinsonAlmiraMonroe Co., NY, USA2749Download Chart
AtchinsonBezellel, Jr.Tolland Co., CT, USA2749Download Chart
AtchinsonBizellelMonroe Co., NY, USA2749Download Chart
AtchinsonEleanor, Mrs. 2749Download Chart
AtchinsonMary, Mrs. 2749Download Chart
AtkinsonElmer 8871Download Chart
AtkinsonIda Louise, Mrs. 8871Download Chart
AuerMaryGermany6241Download Chart
AugustBarneyPortugal9011Download Chart
AugustJosephine Catherine, Mrs. 9011Download Chart
AugustMasonCape Co., MO, USA9011Download Chart
AugustNellie MayScott Co., MO, USA9011Download Chart
AugustRozella M., Mrs. 9011Download Chart
AuldDaniel CauldwellNorthumberland Co., PA, USA8355Download Chart
AuldElizabeth, Mrs. 8355Download Chart
AuldGrizel, Mrs. 8355Download Chart
AuldJane, Mrs.Northumberland Co., PA, USA8355Download Chart
AuldJohnNorth Ireland8355Download Chart
AuldJohn 8355Download Chart
AuldMargaret ElizabethHarrison Co., OH, USA8355Download Chart
AuldMargaret, Mrs. 8355Download Chart
AuldWilliamNorth Ireland8355Download Chart
AustinDanielME, USA6144Download Chart
AustinMaryEngland9461Download Chart
AustinMary, Mrs. 6144Download Chart
AustinRebecca AnnLivingston Co., MI, USA6141Download Chart
AustinSarah Ann, Mrs. 6141Download Chart
AustinWilliam NorrisOrleans Co., NY, USA6141Download Chart
AustinWilliam NorrisOrleans Co., NY, USA6144Download Chart
AveryHorace BaconPA, USA7011Download Chart
AveryMary Ann, Mrs. 7011Download Chart
AveryMary ElizabethPontiac, IL, USA7011Download Chart
AveryMary Elizabeth, Mrs. 7011Download Chart
AveryOscar F.Hillsdale, MI, USA7011Download Chart
AyersJames A. 2301Download Chart
AyersMarguerite Ann, Mrs. 2301Download Chart
BabbBarbara 83511Download Chart
BabcockEunice 85144Download Chart
BachBritta Barbara 9441Download Chart
BachelorRhodaGenesee Co., MI, USA8381Download Chart
BachmanClarissa E., Mrs. 5031Download Chart
BachmanClarissa E., Mrs. 5034Download Chart
BachmanClarissa E., Mrs. 5035Download Chart
BachmanCora E.Wilkes-Barre, PA, USA5031Download Chart
BachmanDaniel H.Hellertown, PA, USA5031Download Chart
BachmanDaniel H.Hellertown, PA, USA5034Download Chart
BachmanDaniel H.Hellertown, PA, USA5035Download Chart
BachmanElizabeth, Mrs. 5034Download Chart
BachmanThomas 5034Download Chart
BagleyAsher F.LaPorte, IN, USA7261Download Chart
BagleyElizabeth, Mrs. 7261Download Chart
BagleyFrances GleasonMercer, PA, USA7261Download Chart
BaileyAgnesScotland7062Download Chart
BaileyAgnesScotland7063Download Chart
BaileyAlida Alice, Mrs. 8831Download Chart
BaileyAmesSussex, England8831Download Chart
BaileyGladys LeotaMalden, Ontario, Canada8831Download Chart
BaileyJohn C.Malden, Ontario, Canada8831Download Chart
BaileySusan, Mrs. 8831Download Chart
BaillargeonAlexandre 7992Download Chart
BaillargeonAlexandre 7993Download Chart
BaillargeonAlexandre 7994Download Chart
BaillargeonMarcelline 7991Download Chart
BaillargeonMarcelline 7992Download Chart
BaillargeonMarcelline 7993Download Chart
BaillargeonMarcelline 7994Download Chart
BaillargeonUrsele, Mrs. 7992Download Chart
BaillargeonUrsele, Mrs. 7993Download Chart
BaillargeonUrsele, Mrs. 7994Download Chart
BakerGeorge FranklinLenawee Co., MI, USA9461Download Chart
BakerJamesEngland9461Download Chart
BakerJane 85134Download Chart
BakerJeffrey 7241Download Chart
BakerJoan, Mrs. 7241Download Chart
BakerLillie IdaSaginaw Co., MI, USA9461Download Chart
BakerLouisa A., Mrs. 9461Download Chart
BakerLovina J., Mrs. 9461Download Chart
BaldwinAbigailPlymouth, MA, USA2747Download Chart
BaldwinAbigail, Mrs. 2747Download Chart
BaldwinAmanda MariaChenango Co., NY, USA7134Download Chart
BaldwinAugusta MilliaSullivan Co., NH, USA8354Download Chart
BaldwinDavid 2747Download Chart
BaldwinElizabeth, Mrs. 8354Download Chart
BaldwinHarryNH, USA8354Download Chart
BaldwinJoshuaMiddlesex Co., MA, USA8354Download Chart
BaldwinMillia, Mrs. 8354Download Chart
BallardEstherProvidence Co., RI, USA85124Download Chart
BallardEsther Providence Co., RI, USA85133Download Chart
BallardWilliamEngland85124Download Chart
BallardWilliamEngland85133Download Chart
BambachBarbaraHaaften, Netherlands7951Download Chart
BambachBarbaraHaaften, Netherlands7958Download Chart
BambachBarbaraHaaften, Netherlands7959Download Chart
BambachBarbara Willemse, Mrs. 7959Download Chart
BambachJohann DanielGros Gerau, Germany7959Download Chart
BambachMaria, Mrs. 7959Download Chart
BambachWillemSliedrecht, Netherlands7959Download Chart
BangsEdwardPenfield, Essex Co., England2888Download Chart
BangsJane, Mrs. 2888Download Chart
BangsJohn 2888Download Chart
BangsMercyEastham, MA, USA2888Download Chart
BangsRebecca, Mrs. 2888Download Chart
BanksAnn 6142Download Chart
BanksonJohn M.Bankson, IA, USA6241Download Chart
BanksonMary Eliz., Mrs. 6241Download Chart
BanksonWinfredDubuque, IA, USA6241Download Chart
BarbeauGabriel 7991Download Chart
BarbeauLouise, Mrs. 7991Download Chart
BarbeauMadeleine, Mrs. 7991Download Chart
BarbeauMarie Renee 7991Download Chart
BarbeauReneQuebec7991Download Chart
BarberJaneIreland6581Download Chart
BarborCatharineBrentwood, London, England85148Download Chart
BarborRichardBrentwood, London, England85148Download Chart
BarborSarah, Mrs. 85148Download Chart
BardenRosina 6192Download Chart
BarnesAdaline 8383Download Chart
BarnesElizabethHathfield, Kent, England18710Download Chart
BarnesSarah, Mrs. 18710Download Chart
BarnesSophiaWashington Co., NY, USA9532Download Chart
BarnesSophrona 6191Download Chart
BarnesWilliam 18710Download Chart
BarnettAgnes, Mrs.SC, USA8384Download Chart
BarnettDavidLunenburg Co., VA, USA8384Download Chart
BarnettMargaretSC, USA8384Download Chart
BarneyAdliza 6081Download Chart
BarrDorothy Joy, Mrs. 5991Download Chart
BarrJohn P. 5991Download Chart
BarrettAbigail  6196Download Chart
BarrettAnthonyCo. Mayo, Ireland8771Download Chart
BarrettEdwardCo. Mayo, Ireland8771Download Chart
BarrettEdward DuaneDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA8771Download Chart
BarrettEvelyn Thelma, Mrs. 8771Download Chart
BarrettHiram E. 9131Download Chart
BarrettHonora, Mrs. 8771Download Chart
BarrettJohn 6196Download Chart
BarrettJudith, Mrs. 6196Download Chart
BarrettMaria, Mrs. 8771Download Chart
BarrettMartha CalifurneMacomb Co., MI, USA9131Download Chart
BarrettNancy Louise 7932Download Chart
BarrettPhilena, Mrs. 9131Download Chart
BarrettThelma Louise, Mrs. 8771Download Chart
BarrettThomas JosephRensselaer Co., NY, USA8771Download Chart
BarrittAndrew LincolnIroquois Co., IL, USA5781Download Chart
BarrittAnna Helena, Mrs. 5781Download Chart
BarrittIda MaryIroquois Co., IL, USA5781Download Chart
BarrittLavina Jane, Mrs. 5781Download Chart
BarrittLewis Elijah 5781Download Chart
BarronMary 85145Download Chart
BarronMary 85152Download Chart
BarronSarah 2744Download Chart
BarronSarah 27415Download Chart
BarrossGeorge W. 9131Download Chart
BarrossIda RoselenaOakland Co., MI, USA9131Download Chart
BarrossSarah Jane, Mrs. 9131Download Chart
BarrowsAnne, Mrs.England5533Download Chart
BarrowsJohnYarmouth, Norfolk, England5533Download Chart
BarrowsMarthaMansfield, CT, USA5531Download Chart
BarrowsRobertYarmouth, Norfolk, England5533Download Chart
BartaViktorieBystrice, Czechoslovakia79513Download Chart
BarthMaria Barbara, Mrs. 9533Download Chart
BarthMary BarbaraOttenbach, Bayern9533Download Chart
BarthMichael 9533Download Chart
BarthSusan 7892Download Chart
BartholomewElizabethEngland85149Download Chart
BartholomewMarthaEngland85149Download Chart
BartholomewWilliam 85149Download Chart
BartleMary 8511Download Chart
BartlettClara EdnaStandish, Arenac Co., MI, USA8371Download Chart
BartlettEdmundNorth Hampton, MA, USA6197Download Chart
BartlettEffie Matilda, Mrs. 8371Download Chart
BartlettEffie Matilda, Mrs. 8373Download Chart
BartlettEffie Matilda, Mrs. 8374Download Chart
BartlettElizabeth, Mrs. 6197Download Chart
BartlettErastus HandyNY, USA8373Download Chart
BartlettIrena, Mrs. 6197Download Chart
BartlettPolly Smith, Mrs. 8373Download Chart
BartlettRoxieNorwich, VT, USA6197Download Chart
BartlettSamuelBolton, CT, USA6197Download Chart
BartlettSarah, Mrs. 6197Download Chart
BartlettSpencer CromwellSaginaw Co., MI, USA8371Download Chart
BartlettSpencer CromwellSaginaw Co., MI, USA8373Download Chart
BartlettSpencer CromwellSaginaw Co., MI, USA8374Download Chart
BartlettSylvesterMA, USA8373Download Chart
BasiliciAdalaide, Mrs. 8341Download Chart
BasiliciAlfonse (?) 8341Download Chart
BasiliciAmeliaItaly8341Download Chart
BassGilesh 7241Download Chart
BassLouisa, Mrs. 7241Download Chart
BastiansseBeletj 6192Download Chart
BastingAnna LaurettaMO, USA18722Download Chart
BatchelderHannahEssex Co., MA, USA40511Download Chart
BatesAnna LucindaBerrien Co., MI, USA8351Download Chart
BatesAnna LucindaBerrien Co., MI, USA8356Download Chart
BatesAnna LucindaBerrien Co., MI, USA8357Download Chart
BatesAnna R, Mrs. 8357Download Chart
BatesBetsy, Mrs. 8357Download Chart
BatesHannah, Mrs. 8357Download Chart
BatesHinsdale 8357Download Chart
BatesLevi StuliffOH, USA8357Download Chart
BatesLymanHartford, CT, USA8357Download Chart
BatesOrilla Ann, Mrs. 8357Download Chart
BatesSutliffAkron, OH, USA8357Download Chart
BatheyJuanita L.Oakland Co., USA6141Download Chart
BattenfeldHans AdamGermany6952Download Chart
BattenfeldJohannesGermany6952Download Chart
BattenfeldMaria Elizabeth, Mrs. 6952Download Chart
BattenfeltAdamPA, USA6951Download Chart
BattenfeltAdamPA, USA6952Download Chart
BattenfieldElizabeth, Mrs. 6951Download Chart
BattenfieldFannie E.Henry Co., OH, USA6951Download Chart
BattenfieldGeorge York Co., PA, USA6952Download Chart
BattenfieldJacobOH, USA6951Download Chart
BattenfieldMargaret, Mrs. 6952Download Chart
BattenfieldMary A., Mrs. 6951Download Chart
BatzloffAlice Joyce, Mrs. 8721Download Chart
BatzloffFrank J.Oakland Co., MI, USA8721Download Chart
BatzloffFrederic 8721Download Chart
BatzloffHazel Irene, Mrs. 8721Download Chart
BatzloffIris Madonna, Mrs. 8721Download Chart
BatzloffJohn KyesPontiac, Oalkand Co., MI, USA8721Download Chart
BatzloffJulie AnnPontiac, Oalkand Co., MI, USA8721Download Chart
BatzloffMary, Mrs. 8721Download Chart
BatzloffOwen Kyes 8721Download Chart
Baudriau-LabonteFrancoisChambly7691Download Chart
Baudriau-LabonteMarie, Mrs. 7691Download Chart
BauerleAnna, Mrs. 9441Download Chart
BauerleEmmaJackson Co., IN, USA9441Download Chart
BauerleMichaelSwitzerland9441Download Chart
BauerleVictorSwitzerland9441Download Chart
BauldryCharlesEngland4054Download Chart
BauldryElla LouiseWhitevale, Ontario, Canada4051Download Chart
BauldryEunice Rebecca, Mrs. 4051Download Chart
BauldryEunice Rebecca, Mrs. 4054Download Chart
BauldryEunice Rebecca, Mrs. 4055Download Chart
BauldryFredrickNorwich, England4051Download Chart
BauldryFredrickNorwich, England4054Download Chart
BauldryFredrickNorwich, England4055Download Chart
BauldryMary, Mrs.England4054Download Chart
BazzellCarole Ann, Mrs. 7611Download Chart
BazzellRobert Charles 7611Download Chart
Beaufait-MeldrumCelinaSt Clair Co., MI, USA9561Download Chart
BeauleSusanna 4471Download Chart
BechtelMary 2881Download Chart
BechtelMary 2885Download Chart
BeckwithSusannahPA, USA8841Download Chart
BeckwithSusannahPA, USA8842Download Chart
BeebeAdrianna PermilaBirmingham, Oakland Co., MI, USA7061Download Chart
BeebeAdrianna PermilaBirmingham, Oakland Co., MI, USA7131Download Chart
BeebeCornelia, Mrs. 7061Download Chart
BeebeCornelia, Mrs. 7131Download Chart
BeebeDavidNY, USA7061Download Chart
BeebeDavidNY, USA7131Download Chart
BeebeRebecca 7241Download Chart
Beemer------------Germany9121Download Chart
BeeryHesterShambaugh, IA, USA4911Download Chart
BeeryPeter 4911Download Chart
BeerySarah, Mrs. 4911Download Chart
BegaAnna, Mrs. 9241Download Chart
BegaFrank  9241Download Chart
BegaMarySklari, Austria9241Download Chart
BegaSteve 9241Download Chart
BehuhnMary 7931Download Chart
BelingAlice AnneMoline, IL, USA8431Download Chart
BellAdrianna Permila, Mrs. 7061Download Chart
BellAdrianna Permila, Mrs. 7131Download Chart
BellAlexanderIreland7061Download Chart
BellAlexanderIreland7131Download Chart
BellAnna JustinaBirmingham, Oakland Co., MI, USA7061Download Chart
BellAnna JustinaBirmingham, Oakland Co., MI, USA7131Download Chart
BellJames A.Ireland2746Download Chart
BellJohn AlexanderNY, USA7061Download Chart
BellJohn AlexanderNY, USA7131Download Chart
BellLucretia N., Mrs. 2746Download Chart
BellMary 2884Download Chart
BellNancyJackson Co., GA, USA6421Download Chart
BellNancyJackson Co., GA, USA6422Download Chart
BellRebecca JaneLondonderry, Ireland2741Download Chart
BellRebecca JaneLondonderry, Ireland2744Download Chart
BellRebecca JaneLondonderry, Ireland2746Download Chart
BellRuth, Mrs. 7061Download Chart
BellRuth, Mrs. 7131Download Chart
BellisIsaac P. 6081Download Chart
BellisMary, Mrs. 6081Download Chart
BellisSusannah WardYates, NY, USA6081Download Chart
BendallAndrew, SirAberdare, S. Wales, England7801Download Chart
BendallEdith, Mrs. 7801Download Chart
BendallHarriette Ellen, Mrs. 7801Download Chart
BendallJames ArthurAlbion, MI, USA7801Download Chart
BendallJay IrvinUnionville, MI, USA7801Download Chart
BendallJulaineJackson, MI, USA7801Download Chart
BendallLorena, Mrs. 7801Download Chart
BendleAbraham 7801Download Chart
BendleHarriet, Mrs. 7801Download Chart
BennettLorinda M. 7801Download Chart
BennettStella 7171Download Chart
BensonAbigail 2885Download Chart
BensonJohnOxfordshire, England2885Download Chart
BensonMary Lucy 8771Download Chart
BensonMary, Mrs. 2885Download Chart
BensonPeggyOttley, Yorkshire, England85146Download Chart
BensonSarah 2744Download Chart
BensonWilliamYorkshire, England85146Download Chart
BergCatherineSchallodenbach, Bavaria7691Download Chart
BergeMaryIreland18722Download Chart
BergerElizabethPA, USA6951Download Chart
BerkstieserMary AnnGermany8382Download Chart
BerryAnnekeNY, USA18718Download Chart
BerrySamuel 18718Download Chart
BertrandDenise, Mrs. 7611Download Chart
BertrandGideonQuebec7611Download Chart
BertrandJosetteSandwich, Ontario, Canada7611Download Chart
BertrandLouiseFranklin Co., NY, USA7611Download Chart
BetramChristinaGermany7691Download Chart
BettsMariettaOH, USA7161Download Chart
BeyerKarl 7931Download Chart
BeyerMary D.Detroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA7931Download Chart
BeyerMary, Mrs. 7931Download Chart
BiceElizabethNY, USA2881Download Chart
BickfordAbigail 95313Download Chart
BicknellElizabeth, Mrs. 8711Download Chart
BicknellLucinda MoodyMadison Co., KY, USA8711Download Chart
BicknellWilliam Kelly 8711Download Chart
BiddlecombeClementina, Mrs. 6071Download Chart
BiddlecombeJane, Mrs. 6071Download Chart
BiddlecombeKatherine M.Hampshire, England6071Download Chart
BiddlecombeSamuel 6071Download Chart
BiddlecombeThomas EdwardNorthwood, England6071Download Chart
BidwellHannah, Mrs. 7241Download Chart
BidwellJoseph 7241Download Chart
BigelowCharles A. 6801Download Chart
BigelowHannah 85110Download Chart
BigelowShirley Elaine, Mrs. 6801Download Chart
BiggersAnn MalindaYork Co., SC, USA6421Download Chart
BiggersAnn MalindaYork Co., SC, USA6427Download Chart
BiggersCynthia Ann 6427Download Chart
BiggersJames (William)Co Antrim, Ireland6427Download Chart
BiggersMary Ann, Mrs.York Co., SC, USA6427Download Chart
BiggersWilliam "Billy"Pontotoc Co., MS, USA6427Download Chart
BihrerAnna Maria 79510Download Chart
BijlsmaJacob KeimpesFriesland, Netherlands7955Download Chart
BijlsmaJantje JakobsStiens, Netherlands7955Download Chart
BijlsmaLijsbert Tijpkes, Mrs. 7955Download Chart
BillingsElizabeth, Mrs. 85152Download Chart
BillingsErastus Ford Co., CT, USA85145Download Chart
BillingsEunice 85145Download Chart
BillingsEunice  85144Download Chart
BillingsEunice, Mrs. 85145Download Chart
BillingsJohnEngland85152Download Chart
BillingsMary, Mrs. 85145Download Chart
BillingsMary, Mrs. 85145Download Chart
BillingsMary, Mrs. 85152Download Chart
BillingsNathanielEngland85152Download Chart
BillingsSamuelMiddlesex Co., MA, USA85145Download Chart
BillingsSamuelConcord, Middlesex Co., USA85145Download Chart
BillingsSamuelConcord, Middlesex Co., USA85152Download Chart
BillingsThaddeusTolland Co., CT, USA85145Download Chart
BillingtonChristian, Mrs. 83514Download Chart
BillingtonEleanor, Mrs. 83514Download Chart
BillingtonFrancesEngland83514Download Chart
BillingtonJohnLondon(?), England83514Download Chart
BillingtonMaryBristol Co., MA, USA83514Download Chart
BirdCaroline C.Orleans Co., NY, USA2291Download Chart
BirdSarah, Mrs. 2291Download Chart
BirdThomas Stewart 2291Download Chart
BirdsallHenryEngland40519Download Chart
BirdsallNathan England40519Download Chart
BirdsellBenjaminOyster Bay, Long Island, NY, USA4053Download Chart
BirdsellBenjaminNY, USA4053Download Chart
BirdsellBenjaminOyster Bay, Long Island, NY, USA40514Download Chart
BirdsellDeborahNY, USA4053Download Chart
BirdsellJoseph 40514Download Chart
BirdsellMartha, Mrs. 40514Download Chart
BirdsellMary, Mrs. 40514Download Chart
BirdsellMary, Mrs. 40519Download Chart
BirdsellRachel, Mrs. 4053Download Chart
BirdsellRachel, Mrs. 40514Download Chart
BirdsellStephen 40514Download Chart
BirdsellStephen 40519Download Chart
BischofChristopher 91111Download Chart
BischofEva Marie, Mrs. 91111Download Chart
BischofFransisca 91111Download Chart
BischofGertrudePerry Co., IL, USA9111Download Chart
BischofGertrudePerry Co., IL, USA91110Download Chart
BischofGertrudePerry Co., IL, USA91111Download Chart
BischofJohn GeorgeAmetzberg, Bavaria91111Download Chart
BishopElizabethAllentown, PA, USA5035Download Chart
BishopMargaretha, Mrs. 5035Download Chart
BishopPhilip Jacob 5035Download Chart
BittetoFrancisco "Frank" 8341Download Chart
BittetoLucia 8341Download Chart
BittetoMaria, Mrs. 8341Download Chart
BlackJanetCanada7062Download Chart
BlackJanetCanada7063Download Chart
BlackNancyScotland7062Download Chart
BlackNancyScotland7063Download Chart
BlakeDorothy, Mrs. 27415Download Chart
BlakeGeorge 27415Download Chart
BlakeJamesWorcester Co., MA, USA8374Download Chart
BlakePolly T.Windham Co., VT, USA8374Download Chart
BlakePrudence 27415Download Chart
BlakesleeMiriamNew Haven, CT, USA83513Download Chart
BlakesleeSamuel 83513Download Chart
BlakesleeSarah, Mrs. 83513Download Chart
BlalockEliza, Mrs. 55310Download Chart
BlalockJudith, Mrs. 55310Download Chart
BlalockMillingtonBrunswick Co., VA, USA55310Download Chart
BlalockRobertPerson Co., NC, USA55310Download Chart
BlanchanElizabeth 1877Download Chart
BlanchanMadelen, Mrs. 1877Download Chart
BlanchanMattys 1877Download Chart
BlessingJoan, Mrs. 40517Download Chart
BlessingJoannaEngland40517Download Chart
BlessingJohnSuffolk Co., England40517Download Chart
BlessingWilliamSuffolk, England40517Download Chart
BlissAlmira 7261Download Chart
BlissBethiahLebonon, CT, USA6194Download Chart
BlissElizabeth 28810Download Chart
BlisseDorothy, Mrs. 28810Download Chart
BlisseThomasDaventry, England28810Download Chart
BlodgettElizabeth, Mrs. 2744Download Chart
BlodgettElizabeth, Mrs. 27416Download Chart
BlodgettElizabeth, Mrs. 27417Download Chart
BlodgettHulda, Mrs. 27416Download Chart
BlodgettJosiahHartford Co., CT, USA2744Download Chart
BlodgettJosiahMiddlesex Co., MA, USA2744Download Chart
BlodgettJosiahMiddlesex Co., MA, USA27416Download Chart
BlodgettJosiahMiddlesex Co., MA, USA27417Download Chart
BlodgettMargaret, Mrs. 2744Download Chart
BlodgettRuth, Mrs. 27416Download Chart
BlodgettSamuelMiddlesex Co., MA, USA27416Download Chart
BlodgettSamuelEngland27416Download Chart
BlodgettSusan, Mrs. 27416Download Chart
BlodgettThomasDevonshire, England27416Download Chart
BlosserSarah 4911Download Chart
BlumbergAlmina, Mrs. 9121Download Chart
BlumbergAnna Elizabeth, Mrs. 9121Download Chart
BlumbergCecil Aloy'sMontcalm Co., MI, USA9121Download Chart
BlumbergCharles WesleyOakland Co., MI, USA9121Download Chart
BlumbergDaniel MichaelClinton Co., MI, USA9121Download Chart
BlumbergElla S., Mrs. 9121Download Chart
BlumbergMartha Jane, Mrs. 9121Download Chart
BlumbergMichaelColumbia Co., NY, USA9121Download Chart
BlumbergSue AnnGreenville, Montcalm Co., MI, USA9121Download Chart
BodleyCharlotte EvaChenango Co., NY, USA4931Download Chart
BodleyJoseph 4931Download Chart
BodleySara, Mrs. 4931Download Chart
BodleyWilliam EdwardDelaware Co., NY, USA4931Download Chart
Boel / BodeMarie 1878Download Chart
BogartTysje 6192Download Chart
BoissyGabrielAmhurst, Ontario, Canada7611Download Chart
BoissyJosette, Mrs. 7611Download Chart
BojdaJuliannaHungary3291Download Chart
BolandAnthony 8911Download Chart
BolandBridgetCo Mayo, Ireland8911Download Chart
BolandNora, Mrs. 8911Download Chart
BondAnnLancs, England8681Download Chart
BoomerAlbert J.Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada7132Download Chart
BoomerAlbert J.Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada7133Download Chart
BoomerAlberta M. 7133Download Chart
BoomerAmy Eugenia, Mrs. 7132Download Chart
BoomerAmy Eugenia, Mrs. 7133Download Chart
BoomerJohnWellington Co., Ontario, Canada7132Download Chart
BoomerJohnWellington Co., Ontario, Canada7133Download Chart
BoomerMattie May, Mrs. 7132Download Chart
BoomerMattie May, Mrs. 7133Download Chart
BoomerPearl FlorenceMason Co., MI, USA7132Download Chart
BoonMayken F. 7956Download Chart
BoothEliza Ann, Mrs. 8872Download Chart
BoothLydia S. 51121Download Chart
BoothMary 8161Download Chart
BootheElizabeth 6001Download Chart
BossongCatherine, Mrs. 7691Download Chart
BossongJacquesSchallodenbach, Bavaria7691Download Chart
BossongMargaretha Schallodenbach, Bavaria7691Download Chart
BostwickLovina LucindaMI, USA9461Download Chart
BougMaria Alzina 2291Download Chart
BouletteCatherine 7992Download Chart
BouletteCatherine 7993Download Chart
BouletteCatherine 7994Download Chart
BowdishMargarquitePetosky, MI, USA6154Download Chart
BowenMilley ElizabethNorthbridge, MA, USA8515Download Chart
BowitchCharles R., Capt. 7241Download Chart
BowitchCornelia, Mrs. 7241Download Chart
BowlesHelen 9051Download Chart
BowmanAdeline (Sarver) 4461Download Chart
BowmanJames A. 4461Download Chart
BowmanLydiaCanada9121Download Chart
BowmanSarah, Mrs. 4461Download Chart
BowneAbigail 6196Download Chart
BoydRosannaCo. Antrim, Ireland6582Download Chart
BoyerAntoine Deloria, Mrs. 7991Download Chart
BoyerJean BaptisteQuebec7991Download Chart
BoyerJoseph 7991Download Chart
BoyerJoseph 7991Download Chart
BoyerJoseph 7993Download Chart
BoyerJoseph 7994Download Chart
BoyerMarguerite, Mrs. 7991Download Chart
BoyerMarie Archange, Mrs. 7991Download Chart
BoyerMarie Francois, Mrs. 7991Download Chart
BoyerPelagie, Mrs. 7991Download Chart
BoyerPelagie, Mrs. 7993Download Chart
BoyerPelagie, Mrs. 7994Download Chart
BoyerPhilomenaGarden, MI, USA7991Download Chart
BoyerPhilomenaGarden, MI, USA7993Download Chart
BoyerPhilomenaGarden, MI, USA7994Download Chart
BoyerPierreMontreal, New France7991Download Chart
BrackettMary (Polly)ME, USA6144Download Chart
BradleyClara, Mrs. 9561Download Chart
BradleyEdward CasperOntario, Canada9561Download Chart
BradleyFlorence AmandaErie Co., NY, USA9561Download Chart
BradleyJane 8871Download Chart
BradstreetMary 40511Download Chart
BrasierAdeline, Mrs. 4461Download Chart
BrasierCinderella, Mrs. 4461Download Chart
BrasierLillie Youree 4461Download Chart
BrasierWilliam F. 4461Download Chart
BrasierWilliam M. 4461Download Chart
BraunMarie E. 79511Download Chart
BregaldinAnna Clara, Mrs. 79510Download Chart
BregaldinJoannes 79510Download Chart
BregaldinJoannes MichaelHerxheim, Germany79510Download Chart
BregaldinMaria MagdalenaHerxheim, Germany79510Download Chart
BregaldinOdilia, Mrs. 79510Download Chart
BrennanAliceCo. Louth, Ireland3292Download Chart
BretilAnna Clara 79510Download Chart
BrewerAllenStoddard Co., MO, USA7932Download Chart
BrewerFrona AlzadieStoddard Co., MO, USA7932Download Chart
BrewerTempy, Mrs. 7932Download Chart
BridenbachMaria 1875Download Chart
BriggsMercy (Cobb)Bristol Co., MA, USA2884Download Chart
BrightmanBethanyn, Mrs. 9115Download Chart
BrightmanIsrael 9115Download Chart
BrightmanRachaelNewport Co., RI, USA9115Download Chart
BrinkDavidNY, USA8872Download Chart
BrinkEliza AnnLaRaysville, PA, USA8872Download Chart
BrinkFannie, Mrs. 8872Download Chart
BrinkJacob T. 8872Download Chart
BrinkMary 8721Download Chart
BrinkSarah, Mrs. 8872Download Chart
BrittonAbigailBristol Co., MA, USA2742Download Chart
BrittonEbenezerBristol Co., MA, USA2742Download Chart
BrittonJamesEngland27413Download Chart
BrittonJane, Mrs. 27413Download Chart
BrittonLydia, Mrs. 2742Download Chart
BrittonLydia, Mrs. 27413Download Chart
BrittonLydia, Mrs. 27414Download Chart
BrittonMary, Mrs. 27413Download Chart
BrittonTabitha, Mrs. 2742Download Chart
BrittonWilliam 2742Download Chart
BrittonWilliam 27413Download Chart
BrittonWilliam 27413Download Chart
BrittonWilliam 27414Download Chart
BrockAnna Maria, Mrs. 79511Download Chart
BrockHans Casper 79511Download Chart
BrockSusannaHatzenbuhl, Germany79511Download Chart
BrockeAnna MariaGermany4471Download Chart
BrokenshawCaroline C., Mrs. 2291Download Chart
BrokenshawCelia MaryOakland Co., MI, USA2291Download Chart
BrokenshawJemimah, Mrs. 2291Download Chart
BrokenshawJohn AlbertOakland Co., MI, USA2291Download Chart
BrokenshawMildred Francis, Mrs. 2291Download Chart
BrokenshawRichard 2291Download Chart
BrokenshawWilliam HenryWayne Co., NY, USA2291Download Chart
BronsonCorneliusEngland5119Download Chart
BronsonFrancis, Mrs. 5118Download Chart
BronsonJean, Mrs. 5118Download Chart
BronsonJean, Mrs. 5119Download Chart
BronsonJohn 5118Download Chart
BronsonJohn 5118Download Chart
BronsonJohn 5119Download Chart
BronsonMary, Mrs. 5118Download Chart
BronsonRoger 5118Download Chart
BrooksElizabeth, Mrs. 5538Download Chart
BrooksJeremiahVA, USA5538Download Chart
BroscheBarbara 79513Download Chart
BroscheFerdinand 79513Download Chart
BroscheKlara, Mrs. 79513Download Chart
BroscheMaria AnnaLangenbruck, Czechoslovakia79513Download Chart
Brown(?) Elizabeth 2747Download Chart
Brown(?) Elizabeth 27424Download Chart
BrownAnnisNY, USA6261Download Chart
BrownDorothy, Mrs. 40512Download Chart
BrownElizabethQueens, Nova Scotia9112Download Chart
BrownElizabeth, Mrs. 9112Download Chart
BrownEmily M., Mrs.NY, USA9431Download Chart
BrownEmily RoseMontcalm Co., MI, USA9431Download Chart
BrownJacobQueens, Nova Scotia9112Download Chart
BrownJohn 8353Download Chart
BrownMaryEssex Co., MA, USA4053Download Chart
BrownMaryEssex Co., MA, USA40511Download Chart
BrownMaryEssex Co., MA, USA40512Download Chart
BrownMary, Mrs. 40512Download Chart
BrownNehemiahEssex Co., MA, USA40512Download Chart
BrownRebeccaNY, USA4048Download Chart
BrownSarahEngland8353Download Chart
BrownSarah, Mrs. 9112Download Chart
BrownSilasNY, USA9431Download Chart
BrownThomas 9112Download Chart
BrownWilliamChebacco, MA, USA40512Download Chart
BrownellSarah 9115Download Chart
BrownsonMary 5118Download Chart
BruglerDelilahWarren Co., NJ, USA9373Download Chart
BruinoogeJacobZeeland, Netherlands7953Download Chart
BruinoogeMaria, Mrs. 7953Download Chart
BruinoogePieternellaBorssele, Netherlands7953Download Chart
BrushCharles EugenePA, USA6801Download Chart
BrushEthelyn I.Detroit, MI, USA6801Download Chart
BrushHannah Annprob Ontario, Canada8831Download Chart
BrushHarriet I., Mrs. 6801Download Chart
BrushMary Ann, Mrs. 6801Download Chart
BrushOliver PerryCenterville, MI, USA6801Download Chart
BryanMary 8844Download Chart
BryanMary, Mrs. 8844Download Chart
BryanMorgan IIShenandoah Valley, PA, USA8844Download Chart
BryantLydia 8751Download Chart
BuchnerCatherine, Mrs. 8516Download Chart
BuchnerElseyWoodhouse, Ontario, Canada8516Download Chart
BuchnerFrederick 8095Download Chart
BuchnerJacob 8516Download Chart
BuchnerJohn 8095Download Chart
BuchnerMercy, Mrs. 8095Download Chart
BuchnerPrudence S. 8096Download Chart
BuckCynthia AnnPontotoc Co., MS, USA6427Download Chart
BuckbinderAnna, Mrs. 6153Download Chart
BuckbinderCharlesDetroit, MI, USA6153Download Chart
BuckbinderMildred LoisDetroit, MI, USA6153Download Chart
Budzear/BudzeauHenryGermany9561Download Chart
Budzear/BudzeauWilhelmina, Mrs. 9561Download Chart
BuellDeborah 51121Download Chart
BuijksMariaHellouw, Netherlands7959Download Chart
BullockBeatrice Irene, Mrs. 7063Download Chart
BullockIra Arnold 7063Download Chart
BunkerAnna R.VT, USA8357Download Chart
BunkerDodavahBarnstead, NH, USA8357Download Chart
BunkerDodavah 8357Download Chart
BunkerMartha, Mrs. 8357Download Chart
BunkerRebecca, Mrs. 8357Download Chart
BurdeFranciskaBurschin, Czechoslovakia79513Download Chart
BurgahkerWillemke A. 7957Download Chart
BurgessDorothy, Mrs. 5532Download Chart
BurgessJohnTruro, Cornwall, England5532Download Chart
BurgessMary, Mrs. 5532Download Chart
BurgessThomasCornwall, England5532Download Chart
BurkMary, Mrs. 6191Download Chart
BurnsAnthonyManchester, England9114Download Chart
BurnsBertha Cornell, Mrs. 9111Download Chart
BurnsBertha Cornell, Mrs. 9114Download Chart
BurnsBertha Cornell, Mrs. 9115Download Chart
BurnsEliza Ann, Mrs. 9114Download Chart
BurnsEllenor, Mrs. 9114Download Chart
BurnsGladys MacomberBristol Co., MA, USA9111Download Chart
BurnsHarry LincolnBoston, Suffolk Co., MA, USA9111Download Chart
BurnsHarry LincolnBoston, Suffolk Co., MA, USA9114Download Chart
BurnsHarry LincolnBoston, Suffolk Co., MA, USA9115Download Chart
BurnsHughEngland9114Download Chart
BurrAbigail 2747Download Chart
BurrallMary 7241Download Chart
BurrallMary, Mrs. 7241Download Chart
BurroughsAnna, Mrs. 2744Download Chart
BurroughsDavidHartford Co., CT, USA2744Download Chart
BurroughsDavidHartford Co., CT, USA2744Download Chart
BurroughsGeorge H.Worcester Co., MA, USA2741Download Chart
BurroughsGeorge H.Worcester Co., MA, USA2744Download Chart
BurroughsGeorge H.Worcester Co., MA, USA2746Download Chart
BurroughsJeremiahScituate, Plymouth, MA, USA2745Download Chart
BurroughsJohnHartford Co., CT, USA2744Download Chart
BurroughsJohnScituate, Plymouth, MA, USA2745Download Chart
BurroughsJohnHartford, Co., CT, USA2745Download Chart
BurroughsMary, Mrs. 2744Download Chart
BurroughsRebecca Jane, Mrs. 2741Download Chart
BurroughsRebecca Jane, Mrs. 2744Download Chart
BurroughsRebecca Jane, Mrs. 2746Download Chart
BurroughsSarah, Mrs. 2744Download Chart
BurroughsSarah, Mrs. 2744Download Chart
BurroughsSarah, Mrs. 2745Download Chart
BurroughsTylerWorcester Co., MA, USA2744Download Chart
BurtAnna, Mrs. 85112Download Chart
BurtAnna, Mrs. 85129Download Chart
BurtHannah 85112Download Chart
BurtHannah 85129Download Chart
BurtJamesFalcon, England85112Download Chart
BurtJamesFalcon, England85129Download Chart
BurtonAllenMadison, KY, USA8846Download Chart
BurtonElizabeth W.Garrard, KY, USA8846Download Chart
BurtonNancy, Mrs. 8846Download Chart
BurwellElizabeth 1874Download Chart
BushAlexander, Sr.NY, USA4931Download Chart
BushChristina 6158Download Chart
BushIda MayOakland Co., MI, USA4931Download Chart
BushJane, Mrs. 4931Download Chart
BushMary Eliz., Mrs. 4931Download Chart
BushWilliam HenryHolly, Oakland Co., MI, USA4931Download Chart
BusseyAnna MarieWoodsley, Ontario, Canada7611Download Chart
BusseyDennisSandwich, Ontario, Canada7611Download Chart
BusseyLouise, Mrs. 7611Download Chart
BusseyLucy 8771Download Chart
ButlerAnn 8511Download Chart
ButlerDamien G 8871Download Chart
ButlerEmily T./F. EttieNY, USA8871Download Chart
ButlerHannah 5112Download Chart
ButlerHannah 51111Download Chart
ButlerHannah 51112Download Chart
ButlerKatherine 83514Download Chart
ButlerLinda, Mrs. 8871Download Chart
ButlerSarah, Mrs. 51112Download Chart
ButlerThomas 51112Download Chart
ButtAddison WendellChautauqua Co., NY, USA7261Download Chart
ButtFrances Gleason, Mrs. 7261Download Chart
ButtGeorge T.Minneapolis, MN, USA7261Download Chart
ButtJohn H. 8711Download Chart
ButtLucy J.KY, USA8711Download Chart
ButtOlive, Mrs. 7261Download Chart
ButtRhoda Ann, Mrs. 8711Download Chart
ButtRose MaySpringfield, OH, USA7261Download Chart
ButterAgnesEngland85140Download Chart
Butzier/BudzierAlma AnnDetroit, MI, USA9561Download Chart
ByronAbigail 2886Download Chart
ByronAbigail 2887Download Chart
ByronGrace, Mrs. 2886Download Chart
ByronGrace, Mrs. 2887Download Chart
ByronNicholas 2886Download Chart
ByronNicholas 2887Download Chart
CadwellElizabeth, Mrs. 51111Download Chart
CadwellHannah, Mrs. 5112Download Chart
CadwellHannah, Mrs. 5112Download Chart
CadwellHannah, Mrs. 51111Download Chart
CadwellHannah, Mrs. 51112Download Chart
CadwellThomas 5112Download Chart
CadwellThomasHartford Co., CT, USA5112Download Chart
CadwellThomasHartford Co., CT, USA51111Download Chart
CadwellThomas 51111Download Chart
CadwellThomasHartford Co., CT, USA51112Download Chart
CahooneLucindaprobably MA, USA9114Download Chart
CainEllen, Mrs. 9441Download Chart
CainGeorge 9441Download Chart
CainJane Ann, Mrs. 9441Download Chart
CainMary MablePinconning, MI, USA9441Download Chart
CainPatrick 9441Download Chart
CalhoonJohnstonPA, USA6261Download Chart
CalhoonMargaret, Mrs. 6261Download Chart
CalhoonMary TurnerPA, USA6261Download Chart
CameronMaryPhiladelphia, PA, USA5031Download Chart
CameronSamuelIreland5031Download Chart
CameronSarah Agnes, Mrs. 5031Download Chart
CampWinfordSC, USA6421Download Chart
CampbellBessie Alberta, Mrs. 8841Download Chart
CampbellCatharine, Mrs. 8841Download Chart
CampbellDanielScotland4771Download Chart
CampbellDavid WilsonBeaufort Co., NC, USA4051Download Chart
CampbellDavid WilsonBeaufort Co., NC, USA4058Download Chart
CampbellDorothy IdrosMiami, OK, USA8841Download Chart
CampbellDorwin HarrisonFarmington, IA, USA8841Download Chart
CampbellIsiah (Isaac)Coshocton, OH, USA8841Download Chart
CampbellJames S.NC, USA4058Download Chart
CampbellMagdalena 4911Download Chart
CampbellMary 8351Download Chart
CampbellMary E., Mrs. 4771Download Chart
CampbellMary J.Glasgow, Scotland4771Download Chart
CampbellSally, Mrs.NC, USA4058Download Chart
CampbellSarah, Mrs.NC, USA4058Download Chart
CampbellViola O'RenaMiami Co., OH, USA4051Download Chart
CampbellWilliamNC, USA4058Download Chart
CampbellWinifred ElizabethBeaufort Co., NC, USA4051Download Chart
CampbellWinifred ElizabethBeaufort Co., NC, USA4058Download Chart
CanfieldEunice 7241Download Chart
CanniffCatherine, Mrs. 9373Download Chart
CanniffDavid/DanielHastings, Ontario, Canada9373Download Chart
CanniffGeorgia SabrinaHastings, Ontario, Canada9371Download Chart
CanniffGeorgia SabrinaHastings, Ontario, Canada9373Download Chart
CanniffJonasHastings, Ontario, Canada9371Download Chart
CanniffJonasHastings, Ontario, Canada9373Download Chart
CanniffLucinda, Mrs. 9371Download Chart
CanniffLucinda, Mrs. 9373Download Chart
CapanSusan 7241Download Chart
CapenSusanna 27418Download Chart
CarelSara 8872Download Chart
Cargill Isabella, Mrs.Ireland8751Download Chart
Cargill JamesCo. Antrim, Ireland8751Download Chart
CargillMary JaneCo. Antrim, Ireland8751Download Chart
CarmodyMary Agnes 7831Download Chart
CarpenterAnn, Mrs. 6071Download Chart
CarpenterClementine ComfortHampshire, England6071Download Chart
CarpenterElizabeth 40413Download Chart
CarpenterHenry 6071Download Chart
CarpenterRachelNew Brunswick4053Download Chart
CarpenterRachelNew Brunswick40514Download Chart
CarrAnna Isabelle, Mrs. 4771Download Chart
CarrJames E.Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada4771Download Chart
CarrJane, Mrs. 4771Download Chart
CarrMaizie IreneDresden, Ontario, Canada4771Download Chart
CarrMary 40414Download Chart
CarrWilliamArmagh Co, Ireland4771Download Chart
CarrollCharlesIreland18722Download Chart
CarrollJohn BaptisteIreland18722Download Chart
CarrollMary, Mrs. 18722Download Chart
CarrollMary, Mrs. 18722Download Chart
CarrollTheresa ABethaldo, IL, USA18722Download Chart
CartwrightJesse 6001Download Chart
CartwrightMoses 6001Download Chart
CartwrightNarcissaLawrence Co., OH, USA6001Download Chart
CasamerAllison Beth 80914Download Chart
CasamerAnna Lois, Mrs. 8099Download Chart
CasamerCharlotte Emma 80915Download Chart
CasamerChristine, Mrs. 80914Download Chart
CasamerDonald Mark 8099Download Chart
CasamerDouglas Mark 80914Download Chart
CasamerEva, Mrs. 8098Download Chart
CasamerIsaac 8096Download Chart
CasamerLaurella Belle, Mrs. 8097Download Chart
CasamerMarcia Jean, Mrs. 80914Download Chart
CasamerMark Silas 8098Download Chart
CasamerMatilda Fye, Mrs. 8098Download Chart
CasamerPrudence S., Mrs. 8096Download Chart
CasamerSilas 8097Download Chart
CaseChristina 7892Download Chart
CaseJosephine E.NY, USA9411Download Chart
CatlinElsie FernLapeer Co., MI, USA6141Download Chart
CatlinFrank RiceLivingston Co., MI, USA6141Download Chart
CatlinHoyt AtleTroy Twp., Oakland Co., MI, USA6141Download Chart
CatlinJennie Ann, Mrs. 6141Download Chart
CatlinMary Jeminah, Mrs. 6141Download Chart
CatlinRebecca Ann, Mrs. 6141Download Chart
CatlinThomas WallaceMI, USA6141Download Chart
CauldwellMargaretNorth Ireland or PA, USA8355Download Chart
CedilotJosette, Mrs. 7991Download Chart
CedilotLouis 7991Download Chart
ChadseyAbelQueens, Nova Scotia9112Download Chart
ChadseyAbelQueens, Nova Scotia9112Download Chart
ChadseyElizabeth, Mrs. 9112Download Chart
ChadseyMehetable, Mrs. 9112Download Chart
ChadseySarah B.Queens, Nova Scotia9112Download Chart
ChaffingsSusannah 6426Download Chart
ChapinCisely, Mrs. 83512Download Chart
ChapinHannahSpringfield, MA, USA83512Download Chart
ChapinJerusha, Mrs. 7241Download Chart
ChapinJohn 83512Download Chart
ChapinPhillipe, Mrs. 83512Download Chart
ChapinSamuelDevon, England83512Download Chart
ChappelleAmyLebonan, CT, USA6195Download Chart
CharlesElvernieGrant Co., IN, USA5781Download Chart
CharlesSamuel R. 5781Download Chart
CharlesSarah Louise, Mrs. 5781Download Chart
CharltonAnnie E.MO, USA7051Download Chart
ChaseMaryNY, USA9535Download Chart
ChaseTerissa A.Canada9461Download Chart
ChatfieldSusannaNewport, NH, USA51121Download Chart
ChattertonMartha, Mrs. 27421Download Chart
ChattertonMary, Mrs. 27421Download Chart
ChattertonMercyHartford Co., CT, USA2747Download Chart
ChattertonMercyHartford Co., CT, USA27420Download Chart
ChattertonMercyHartford Co., CT, USA27421Download Chart
ChattertonMichael 27421Download Chart
ChattertonWilliamNew Haven Co., CT, USA27421Download Chart
ChattertonWilliamNew Haven Co., CT, USA51114Download Chart
ChavisJane 2888Download Chart
CheathamHanreitta, Mrs. 7011Download Chart
CheathamJemima, Mrs. 7011Download Chart
CheathamMary FrancesSalisbury Twp., OH, USA7011Download Chart
CheathamMelvinRushford, MN, USA7011Download Chart
CheathamRobertVA, USA7011Download Chart
ChevalierJudith 7691Download Chart
ChevertonJane 6071Download Chart
ChildwallAlice 2888Download Chart
ChildwallAlice 2889Download Chart
ChurchGinetta, Mrs. 9411Download Chart
ChurchIrene Frances, Mrs. 7151Download Chart
ChurchMary ElizabethVanBuren Co., MI, USA9411Download Chart
ChurchMiles Adelbert, Jr. 7151Download Chart
ChurchSamuel George 9411Download Chart
ClancyAnne 8421Download Chart
ClancyBridget, Mrs. 8421Download Chart
ClappElizabeth, Mrs.NC, USA8621Download Chart
ClappJacob 8621Download Chart
ClappJeanetta VictoriaDarke Co., OH, USA8621Download Chart
ClappJohn LudwigNC, USA8621Download Chart
ClappLouise, Mrs. 8621Download Chart
ClaragthingerMaria 79511Download Chart
ClardySusanna Lula 4461Download Chart
ClarkElmiraSchoharie Co., NY, USA8352Download Chart
ClarkKelly A. 6971Download Chart
ClarkLucindaOH, USA7011Download Chart
ClarkMartha (Patty)VT, USA2882Download Chart
ClarkMary AnneBurton Coggles, England9536Download Chart
ClarkMary, Mrs. 9536Download Chart
ClarkRebecca 28810Download Chart
ClarkSolomon 9536Download Chart
ClarkeFaith 8091Download Chart
ClarkeJames 27421Download Chart
ClarkeMaryNew Haven Co., CT, USA27421Download Chart
ClarkeSarah, Mrs. 27421Download Chart
ClausLouis EdwardSt Louis, MO, USA6241Download Chart
ClausMary, Mrs. 6241Download Chart
ClauseHelen Lois, Mrs. 6241Download Chart
ClauseJoseph AllisonDebuque, IA, USA6241Download Chart
ClauseLois JeanneDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA6241Download Chart
ClauseLouis EdwardClayton, IA, USA6241Download Chart
ClauseWinifred, Mrs. 6241Download Chart
ClayJoanne 2748Download Chart
ClearwaterSarah 4931Download Chart
ClemonsMary (Polly), Mrs. 4271Download Chart
ClemonsMary (Polly), Mrs. 4371Download Chart
ClemonsSamuel SylvesterRichfield, MI, USA4371Download Chart
ClemonsSamuel SylvesterRichfield, MI, USA4374Download Chart
ClendeningAnna, Mrs. 8411Download Chart
ClendeningMargaretLondon, Ontario8411Download Chart
ClendeningWilliam 8411Download Chart
ClevelandAbigailCanterbury, CT, USA6197Download Chart
ClevelandElectaNY, USA9532Download Chart
ClevelandElijah DavidFairfield Co., CT, USA9532Download Chart
ClevelandJohn 9532Download Chart
ClevelandJonasLitchfield Co., CT, USA9532Download Chart
ClevelandMary, Mrs. 9532Download Chart
ClevelandSally, Mrs. 9532Download Chart
ClevelandSophia, Mrs. 9532Download Chart
ClicheGeorge NapoleonBaraga Co., MI, USA9071Download Chart
ClicheJohn B.Quebec, Canada9071Download Chart
ClicheMargaret Alexandria, Mrs. 9071Download Chart
ClicheMargaret, Mrs. 9071Download Chart
ClichePeter (Pierre)Chateau Quay, Canada9071Download Chart
ClicheZoye, Mrs. 9071Download Chart
ClifftonAnna Marie 8721Download Chart
CliftonMary Ann, Mrs. 8721Download Chart
CliftonThomas 8721Download Chart
ClisheHelen VioletHoughton Co., MI, USA9071Download Chart
ClossonCharles B.Crawford Co., WI, USA7892Download Chart
ClossonFlorence Augusta, Mrs. 7892Download Chart
ClossonGeorge EdwardNorton Co., KS, USA7892Download Chart
ClossonGeorgia IreneMalhuer, OR, USA7892Download Chart
ClossonJedadiah ? 7892Download Chart
ClossonMary Anne, Mrs. 7892Download Chart
ClossonSusan, Mrs. 7892Download Chart
CoatsAmelia 9051Download Chart
CoatsClarinda 2631Download Chart
CoatsPhebe, Mrs. 2631Download Chart
CoatsWilliam 2631Download Chart
CobbAbigailBriston Co., MA, USA2884Download Chart
CobbAbigailBriston Co., MA, USA2885Download Chart
CobbAbigailBriston Co., MA, USA2886Download Chart
CobbAbigail, Mrs. 2884Download Chart
CobbAbigail, Mrs. 2886Download Chart
CobbAbigail, Mrs. 2887Download Chart
CobbAlice, Mrs. 2886Download Chart
CobbAlice, Mrs. 2887Download Chart
CobbAlice, Mrs. 2889Download Chart
CobbAugustineDorsetshire, England2886Download Chart
CobbAugustineDorsetshire, England2887Download Chart
CobbAugustineDorsetshire, England2889Download Chart
CobbBenjaminBristol Co., MA, USA2884Download Chart
CobbBenjaminBristol Co., MA, USA2887Download Chart
CobbBenjaminBristol Co., MA, USA2888Download Chart
CobbBethia, Mrs. 2886Download Chart
CobbBethia, Mrs. 2887Download Chart
CobbBethia, Mrs. 2889Download Chart
CobbCharlotteBristol Co., MA, USA2884Download Chart
CobbDorothea, Mrs. 2886Download Chart
CobbDorothea, Mrs. 2887Download Chart
CobbDorothea, Mrs. 2889Download Chart
CobbEsther 2884Download Chart
CobbEsther 2889Download Chart
CobbEsther 28810Download Chart
CobbLydia, Mrs. 2889Download Chart
CobbMary, Mrs. 2884Download Chart
CobbMary, Mrs. 2887Download Chart
CobbMary, Mrs. 2888Download Chart
CobbMorgan 2884Download Chart
CobbMorgan 2886Download Chart
CobbMorgan 2886Download Chart
CobbMorgan 2887Download Chart
CobbMorgan 2889Download Chart
CobbNathanBristol Co., MA, USA2884Download Chart
CobbNathanEssex Co., MA, USA2884Download Chart
CobbNathanEssex Co., MA, USA2889Download Chart
CobbNathanEssex Co., MA, USA28810Download Chart
CobbSamuel 2889Download Chart
CobbWilliamSwange, Dorsetshire, England2886Download Chart
CobbWilliamSwange, Dorsetshire, England2887Download Chart
CobbWilliamSwange, Dorsetshire, England2889Download Chart
CochraneJane 7891Download Chart
CogginsAlphonsus IgnatiusGenesee Co., MI, USA6191Download Chart
CogginsEstella, Mrs. 6191Download Chart
CogginsHonora, Mrs. 6191Download Chart
CogginsJamesYoungstown, NY, USA6191Download Chart
CogginsMary, Mrs. 6191Download Chart
CogginsMichael 6191Download Chart
CogginsMina B.Genesee Co., MI, USA6191Download Chart
CohenElizabeth, Mrs. 8351Download Chart
CohenMargaretMemphis, TN ?, USA8351Download Chart
CohenMichael PatrickIreland8351Download Chart
ColbyIda Josephine Hand 7996Download Chart
ColeElizabethCanada4931Download Chart
ColeMaryAllegany Co., NY, USA6157Download Chart
ColeSarah JaneCanada7161Download Chart
ColemanAlice, Mrs. 3292Download Chart
ColemanBryanCo, Louth, Ireland3292Download Chart
ColemanCatherineCo, Louth, Ireland3292Download Chart
ColemanChristine, Mrs. 1752Download Chart
ColemanGeorge M.Schleswig/Holstein, Germany1752Download Chart
ColemanJames 3292Download Chart
ColemanJudith, Mrs. 3292Download Chart
ColemanLawrenceDetroit, MI, USA1752Download Chart
ColemanMary, Mrs. 1752Download Chart
ColemanRaymond HenryDetroit, MI, USA1752Download Chart
ColemanShirley M.Detroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA1751Download Chart
ColemanShirley M.Detroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA1752Download Chart
ColemanViolet Louise, Mrs. 1752Download Chart
ColesAlice 2743Download Chart
ColleranElizabeth C.Ontario, Canada9421Download Chart
ColleranMary Ann, Mrs. 9421Download Chart
ColleranThoma (Thomas)Ireland9421Download Chart
CollierElizabethStandish, England8681Download Chart
CollierJane, Mrs. 8681Download Chart
CollierMary 51115Download Chart
CollierRichard 8681Download Chart
CollinsAbel 2291Download Chart
CollinsAlva A.Wyoming Co., NY, USA8981Download Chart
CollinsAmy, Mrs. 8981Download Chart
CollinsCalvinBrimfield, MA, USA8981Download Chart
CollinsCelia Mary, Mrs. 2291Download Chart
CollinsChristian, Mrs. 2632Download Chart
CollinsDeborah, Mrs. 8981Download Chart
CollinsElizaCanada2632Download Chart
CollinsHannah, Mrs.England4911Download Chart
CollinsHerbert SterlingSt. Clair Co., MI, USA2291Download Chart
CollinsJohnEngland2632Download Chart
CollinsJohn RichardIreland4911Download Chart
CollinsJoseph HerbertSt. Clair Co., MI, USA2291Download Chart
CollinsJoseph IsraelOxford Co., Canada2291Download Chart
CollinsJulia, Mrs. 8981Download Chart
CollinsLois MarieOakland Co., MI, USA2291Download Chart
CollinsMaria Alzina, Mrs. 2291Download Chart
CollinsMary E.Oakland Co., MI, USA4911Download Chart
CollinsMary, Mrs. 8981Download Chart
CollinsMaude Ellen, Mrs. 2291Download Chart
CollinsNathanielWorthington, MA, USA8981Download Chart
CollinsNathaniel Jr.Brimfield, MA, USA8981Download Chart
CollinsNathaniel Sr. 8981Download Chart
CollinsPhebe, Mrs. 8981Download Chart
CollinsSarah A. 2621Download Chart
CollinsSarah Ann, Mrs. 2291Download Chart
ComptonAquillaNC, USA5538Download Chart
ComptonElizabeth, Mrs. 5538Download Chart
ComptonHannahNC, USA5538Download Chart
ComptonLeviOrange Co., NC, USA5538Download Chart
ComstockAmy E.RI, USA8431Download Chart
ComstockAnne, Mrs. 85122Download Chart
ComstockAnne, Mrs. 85132Download Chart
ComstockElizabeth, Mrs. 8514Download Chart
ComstockElizabeth, Mrs. 85122Download Chart
ComstockElizabeth, Mrs. 85122Download Chart
ComstockElizabeth, Mrs. 85123Download Chart
ComstockElizabeth, Mrs. 85132Download Chart
ComstockElizabeth, Mrs. 85132Download Chart
ComstockElla LoveFranklin, Oakland Co., MI, USA9361Download Chart
ComstockEmily Marietta, Mrs. 9361Download Chart
ComstockEsther 8514Download Chart
ComstockEsther 8515Download Chart
ComstockEsther, Mrs. 8514Download Chart
ComstockEsther, Mrs. 8515Download Chart
ComstockEsther, Mrs. 85132Download Chart
ComstockEsther, Mrs. 85133Download Chart
ComstockEveline 9361Download Chart
ComstockGeorge LuciusOakland Co., MI, USA9361Download Chart
ComstockIsaac 8431Download Chart
ComstockJohnProvidence Co., RI, USA8514Download Chart
ComstockJohnProvidence Co., RI, USA8515Download Chart
ComstockJohnProvidence Co., RI, USA85132Download Chart
ComstockJohnProvidence Co., RI, USA85133Download Chart
ComstockJohn BeardsleyCamden, NY, USA9361Download Chart
ComstockMarcy, Mrs. 8431Download Chart
ComstockSamuel 8514Download Chart
ComstockSamuel 85122Download Chart
ComstockSamuel 85122Download Chart
ComstockSamuel 85123Download Chart
ComstockSamuel 85132Download Chart
ComstockSamuel 85132Download Chart
ComstockWilliam 85122Download Chart
ComstockWilliam 85132Download Chart
ComyusElizabeth 85144Download Chart
CongdonFrances 95312Download Chart
ConlinArthur JamesEast Constable, NY, USA8561Download Chart
ConlinElizabeth AnnDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA8561Download Chart
ConlinEva (Eliza), Mrs. 8561Download Chart
ConlinGladys Gertrude, Mrs. 8561Download Chart
ConlinJamesMiddlesex Co., MA, USA8561Download Chart
ConlinPatricia Ann, Mrs. 8561Download Chart
ConlinRichard FrancisWayne Co., MI, USA8561Download Chart
ConnElizabeth, Mrs. 7581Download Chart
ConnHazel MarianCharlevoix Co., MI, USA7581Download Chart
ConnJoseph JohnSanilac Co., MI, USA7581Download Chart
ConnMary Jane, Mrs. 7581Download Chart
ConnWilliam GeorgeArmagh, Ireland7581Download Chart
ConverseEthel Dean 7241Download Chart
ConwaySarahOrange, VA, USA1873Download Chart
CookFrances LeeGalesburg, IL, USA7261Download Chart
CookGrace, Mrs. 7261Download Chart
CookJonathan ParkNewfane, VT, USA7261Download Chart
CookPark FletcherVT, USA7261Download Chart
CookSarah, Mrs. 7261Download Chart
CookeCatherine 7791Download Chart
CookeCharlotte Gleneva, Mrs. 7791Download Chart
CookeEdmundEngland85148Download Chart
CookeGeorge WashingtonClinton Co., NY, USA7791Download Chart
CookeGeorge Washington 7791Download Chart
CookeMarion LorraineSummit Co., OH, USA7791Download Chart
CookeSarah 85148Download Chart
CoolCharlotteCalhoun Co., MI, USA9371Download Chart
CoolCharlotteCalhoun Co., MI, USA9372Download Chart
CoolCharlotteCalhoun Co., MI, USA9373Download Chart
CoolGeorgia Sabrina, Mrs. 9371Download Chart
CoolGeorgia Sabrina, Mrs. 9373Download Chart
CoolJohn FreesWarren Co., NJ, USA9371Download Chart
CoolJohn FreesWarren Co., NJ, USA9373Download Chart
CoolLeonard DyerCalhoun Co., MI, USA9371Download Chart
CoolLeonard DyerCalhoun Co., MI, USA9373Download Chart
CoolPaul (us)Warren Co., NJ, USA9373Download Chart
CoolSarah Ann, Mrs. 9371Download Chart
CoolSarah Ann, Mrs. 9373Download Chart
CoolSusanna, Mrs. 9373Download Chart
CooleyFrancis Marion 7801Download Chart
CooleyHarriet Rosamond, Mrs. 7801Download Chart
CooleyLucy LucinaCanandaigua, NY, USA7801Download Chart
CooperJaneScotland4771Download Chart
CooperOllie 7995Download Chart
CooperSarah 2886Download Chart
CoppoweGrace 2888Download Chart
CoppoweGrace 2889Download Chart
CoppoweGrace 28810Download Chart
CopseySusanEngland6071Download Chart
CorbinLucyWashtenaw Co., MI, USA8751Download Chart
CorbinLydia, Mrs. 8751Download Chart
CorbinLyman 8751Download Chart
CorellRebecca M.NY, USA9461Download Chart
CoreyCarrieLapeer Co., MI, USA8371Download Chart
CornelisAnnette 1877Download Chart
CornelisMaeyckeHolland18717Download Chart
CornelissenElizabeth, Mrs. 1877Download Chart
CornelissenPeterHolstein1877Download Chart
CornellAnatie, Mrs. 9532Download Chart
CornellElizabethQueens Co., NY, USA9532Download Chart
CornellElizabeth, Mrs. 9115Download Chart
CornellGideon 9115Download Chart
CornellGodfreyBristol Co., MA, USA9115Download Chart
CornellGrant K. 6421Download Chart
CornellLydia, Mrs. 9115Download Chart
CornellPardonBristol Co., MA, USA9115Download Chart
CornellPearl L., Mrs. 6421Download Chart
CornellSarah HowlandBristol Co., MA, USA9115Download Chart
CornellTheresa S., Mrs. 9115Download Chart
CornellThomas 9532Download Chart
CornerAliceNY, USA7611Download Chart
CoryelleMarion 7171Download Chart
CotterAlice Agnes, Mrs. 6241Download Chart
CotterDennisCork, Ireland6241Download Chart
CotterHelen LoisDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA6241Download Chart
CotterJoseph PeterBranchton, Ontario, Canada6241Download Chart
CotterMargaret, Mrs. 6241Download Chart
CourouxMargaret 9071Download Chart
CourtBenjamin 8411Download Chart
CourtBessie, Mrs. 8411Download Chart
CourtHester, Mrs. 8411Download Chart
CourtJames RollandMidland, MI, USA8411Download Chart
CourtLida Margaret, Mrs. 8411Download Chart
CourtPhilura, Mrs. 8411Download Chart
CourtRolland BenjaminClare Co., MI, USA8411Download Chart
CourtSidneySomerset, England8411Download Chart
CourtSidney ElmerOakland Co., MI, USA8411Download Chart
CourtVivian Maria, Mrs. 8411Download Chart
CowanEleanorEngland40515Download Chart
CowanJames SirLancastershire, England40515Download Chart
CraigAgnes, Mrs. 7062Download Chart
CraigAgnes, Mrs. 7063Download Chart
CraigAgnes, Mrs. 7111Download Chart
CraigAlexander (David?)Scotland7062Download Chart
CraigAlexander (David?)Scotland7063Download Chart
CraigAnna BeatriceSanilac Co., MI, USA7062Download Chart
CraigAnna BeatriceSanilac Co., MI, USA7063Download Chart
CraigAnnie Mae, Mrs. 7062Download Chart
CraigAnnie Mae, Mrs. 7063Download Chart
CraigCharlesLanark Co., Ontario, Canada7062Download Chart
CraigCharlesLanark Co., Ontario, Canada7063Download Chart
CraigHelen G. 7111Download Chart
CraigRobert 7111Download Chart
CrandallHannah 6151Download Chart
CraneAbrahamMD, USA5923Download Chart
CraneAmos MarionShelby Co., IN, USA5922Download Chart
CraneAnna, Mrs. 5922Download Chart
CraneBertha M.Rush Co., IN, USA5922Download Chart
CraneBetsy, Mrs. 6158Download Chart
CraneCarolineElgin Co., Ontario, Canada6158Download Chart
CraneElizabeth, Mrs. 5923Download Chart
CraneJacobNJ, USA6158Download Chart
CraneJohn ByronElgin Co., Ontario, Canada6158Download Chart
CraneMary Elizabeth, Mrs. 6158Download Chart
CraneSarah A, Mrs. 5922Download Chart
CraneSarah A, Mrs. 5923Download Chart
CraneSarah A, Mrs. 5924Download Chart
CraneWilliam HaydenHarrison Co., KY, USA5922Download Chart
CraneWilliam HaydenHarrison Co., KY, USA5923Download Chart
CraneWilliam HaydenHarrison Co., KY, USA5924Download Chart
CransonAbigail, Mrs. 2747Download Chart
CransonAsaWorcester Co., MA, USA2747Download Chart
CransonElishaFranklin Co., NY, USA2747Download Chart
CransonElizabeth, Mrs. 2747Download Chart
CransonElizabeth, Mrs. 27424Download Chart
CransonHuldaFranklin Co., NY, USA2747Download Chart
CransonSamuelMiddlesex Co., MA, USA2747Download Chart
CransonSamuelMiddlesex Co., MA, USA27424Download Chart
CransonZillah, Mrs. 2747Download Chart
CraryPhilindaNY or VT, USA4043Download Chart
CrawfordAlex McCrorie 8621Download Chart
CrawfordAnna Mae, Mrs. 8621Download Chart
CrawfordSarah Wiley 51123Download Chart
CrawfordSarah Wiley 51124Download Chart
CromwellGeorge H 7831Download Chart
CromwellSuzanne Rita, Mrs. 7831Download Chart
CronkAnna Marie, Mrs. 8721Download Chart
CronkBelva MarionGladwin Twp., MI, USA8721Download Chart
CronkMarshall Willard 8721Download Chart
CronkMary, Mrs. 8721Download Chart
CronkWilliam 8721Download Chart
CrosbySarahSodus, NY, USA8352Download Chart
CrossAmandaScoharie Co., NY, USA2881Download Chart
CrossElizabeth, Mrs. 2881Download Chart
CrossLathamScoharie Co., NY, USA2881Download Chart
CrossLettecia 7581Download Chart
CrossPollyStafford, CT, USA8621Download Chart
CrowChristopher 85139Download Chart
CrowMartha 85110Download Chart
CrowMartha 85138Download Chart
CrowMartha 85139Download Chart
CrowMary, Mrs. 85139Download Chart
CrowhurstHarrietTonbridge, Kent, England85150Download Chart
CubisheSarahCharles City Co., VA, USA8388Download Chart
CulverDiana 6261Download Chart
CulverMatilda Fye 8098Download Chart
CurcioFannie, Mrs. 2281Download Chart
CurcioJulia, Mrs. 2281Download Chart
CurcioLois Marie, Mrs. 2291Download Chart
CurcioLouis VincentWarren, Macomb Co., MI, USA2281Download Chart
CurcioRobert JaneDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA2281Download Chart
CurcioRosario, Mrs. 2281Download Chart
CurcioVincenzoItaly2281Download Chart
CurreyDanielNew Brunswick4053Download Chart
CurreyDavidCortlandtown, NY, USA4053Download Chart
CurreyDorothy, Mrs. 4053Download Chart
CurreyElizabeth, Mrs. 4059Download Chart
CurreyEunice, Mrs. 4053Download Chart
CurreyEunice, Mrs. 4059Download Chart
CurreyEunice, Mrs. 40510Download Chart
CurreyJoshuaWestchester Co., NY, USA4053Download Chart
CurreyJoshuaWestchester Co., NY, USA4059Download Chart
CurreyJoshuaWestchester Co., NY, USA40510Download Chart
CurreyRichardWestchester Co., NY, USA4059Download Chart
CurreySarah AnnNew Brunswick, Canada4051Download Chart
CurreySarah AnnNew Brunswick, Canada4052Download Chart
CurreySarah AnnNew Brunswick, Canada4053Download Chart
CurreySarah, Mrs. 4053Download Chart
CussonPhilimine 7992Download Chart
CutlerAmosHampden, CT, USA6194Download Chart
CutlerAnna, Mrs. 6194Download Chart
CutlerDanielSalem, MA, USA6194Download Chart
CutlerMaryBrandon, VT, USA6194Download Chart
CutlerMary, Mrs. 6194Download Chart
CutlerSamuel 6194Download Chart
CutlerSarah, Mrs. 6194Download Chart
DailyCatherine, Mrs. 7631Download Chart
DailyElizabeth 4461Download Chart
DailyOwen 7631Download Chart
DaleyMary SarahCanada7631Download Chart
DaleyMary SarahCanada8561Download Chart
DalrympleElectra 6151Download Chart
DaltonEllen 9441Download Chart
DammKatharine, Mrs. 7011Download Chart
DammTrinnettaRheupsung, Germany7011Download Chart
DammWilliamGermany7011Download Chart
DamonBerthaChesaning, MI, USA6157Download Chart
DamonEphram Walker 6157Download Chart
DamonLoringScituate, MA, USA6157Download Chart
DamonMary C., Mrs. 6157Download Chart
DamonMary, Mrs. 6157Download Chart
DamonOrion W.NY, USA6157Download Chart
DamonRebecca, Mrs. 6157Download Chart
DanielElizabeth 85122Download Chart
DanielElizabeth 85132Download Chart
DanielsAdeliaJefferson Co., NY, USA8341Download Chart
DanielsAdeliaJefferson Co., NY, USA8343Download Chart
DanielsAdeliaJefferson Co., NY, USA8344Download Chart
DanielsCatherine, Mrs.Canada8344Download Chart
DanielsLeonardCanada8344Download Chart
DanielsMaude 7995Download Chart
D'AntonioAmelia LucyJersey City, NY, USA8341Download Chart
D'AntonioAmelia, Mrs. 8341Download Chart
D'AntonioDominic 8341Download Chart
D'AntonioElizabeth, Mrs. 8341Download Chart
D'AntonioOrlandoAvelino (?), Italy8341Download Chart
D'AntonioRocco PeregrinoJersey City, NJ, USA8341Download Chart
D'AntonioRosa Lucia, Mrs. 8341Download Chart
DardingAlmira G., Mrs. 4051Download Chart
DardingAlmira G., Mrs. 4056Download Chart
DardingJames RoyMadison Co., OH, USA4051Download Chart
DardingMildred DorothyClark Co., OH, USA4051Download Chart
DardingPerry WilliamOH, USA4051Download Chart
DardingPerry WilliamOH, USA4056Download Chart
DardingPerry WilliamOH, USA4057Download Chart
DardingViola O'Rena, Mrs. 4051Download Chart
DardingerDanielPA, USA4056Download Chart
DardingerSenith, Mrs.NY, USA4056Download Chart
DarneyJoan 85142Download Chart
DasSusannah 6196Download Chart
DaumAnna Magdalene 4931Download Chart
DaumFransiscaBingen (on the Rhine River)91111Download Chart
Dauphine-JentonAdelaideCanada9071Download Chart
DavenportMildredPrince Geo Co., VA, USA8386Download Chart
DavidsonPhilena 9131Download Chart
DavisAlmira G.OH, USA4051Download Chart
DavisAlmira G.OH, USA4056Download Chart
DavisAlmira G.OH, USA4057Download Chart
DavisCatharine Ann 4057Download Chart
DavisElizabethGwent, Wales83510Download Chart
DavisJohn T.Jackson Co., GA, USA6421Download Chart
DavisJohn T.Jackson Co., GA, USA6422Download Chart
DavisJosephNC, USA6422Download Chart
DavisMary A.Jackson Co., GA, USA6421Download Chart
DavisMary Gilbert 7241Download Chart
DavisNancy, Mrs. 6421Download Chart
DavisNancy, Mrs. 6422Download Chart
DavisSarah, Mrs.SC, USA6422Download Chart
DavisThomasOH, USA4057Download Chart
DawsonAlma IreneBay City, Bay Co., MI, USA7111Download Chart
DawsonCatherine, Mrs. 6951Download Chart
DawsonMary A.OH, USA6951Download Chart
DawsonMary, Mrs. 7111Download Chart
DawsonMatildaVA, USA8872Download Chart
DawsonNathan 7111Download Chart
DawsonSamuelIreland6951Download Chart
DawsonWarren ChristopherWyandotte, Wayne Co., MI, USA7111Download Chart
DawsonYohanna, Mrs. 7111Download Chart
DayBenedicta 27419Download Chart
DayEliVT, USA7581Download Chart
DayHannahNewberry, MI, USA6801Download Chart
DayHannahNewberry, MI, USA6805Download Chart
DayMary, Mrs. 7581Download Chart
DayPrudenceRochester, NY, USA7581Download Chart
DaytonCatherinePontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA6972Download Chart
DaytonElizabeth, Mrs. 85135Download Chart
DaytonIsaac 85135Download Chart
DaytonRebecca 8516Download Chart
DaytonRebecca 85134Download Chart
DaytonRebecca 85135Download Chart
DeanAbigail, Mrs. 6196Download Chart
DeanDeborah, Mrs. 6196Download Chart
DeanEstherGreene Co., NY, USA6196Download Chart
DeanMargaret 8421Download Chart
DeanNicholasNew Baltimore, NY, USA8421Download Chart
DeanStephenEastchester6196Download Chart
DeanSusannah, Mrs. 6196Download Chart
DearingRosinaClarkburg, WV, USA7261Download Chart
DebreeCorneliaNetherlands7061Download Chart
DeckElizabeth 7831Download Chart
DeckerAnnetje, Mrs. 6192Download Chart
DeckerBeletj J., Mrs. 6192Download Chart
DeckerCorneliusNY, USA6192Download Chart
DeckerGazel IvesGenesee Co., MI, USA6191Download Chart
DeckerJacob Jans 6192Download Chart
DeckerJansNY, USA6192Download Chart
DeckerJean Ann, Mrs. 6191Download Chart
DeckerJohn SanfordPalmyra, NY, USA6191Download Chart
DeckerLavina Jane 5781Download Chart
DeckerLeonard J.Genesee Co., MI, USA6191Download Chart
DeckerLeonard JohnGenesee Co., MI, USA6191Download Chart
DeckerLeonard W.Columbia Co., NY, USA6191Download Chart
DeckerLeonard W.Columbia Co., NY, USA6192Download Chart
DeckerMina B., Mrs. 6191Download Chart
DeckerNaoma Malinda, Mrs. 6191Download Chart
DeckerNaoma Malinda, Mrs. 6192Download Chart
DeckerRachel Adeline, Mrs. 6191Download Chart
DeckerRosina, Mrs. 6192Download Chart
DeckerSarah, Mrs. 6191Download Chart
DeckerTysje, Mrs. 6192Download Chart
DedrickChas. Wesley HazenNJ, USA8431Download Chart
DedrickEmma, Mrs. 8431Download Chart
DedrickFanny, Mrs. 8431Download Chart
DedrickJohannes F. 8431Download Chart
DedrickOlive HenarieBangor, PA, USA8431Download Chart
DedrickPhoebe Hoagland, Mrs. 8431Download Chart
DedrickThomas ScottCoxsackie, NY, USA8431Download Chart
DeesGeorge Washington 5781Download Chart
DeesJohn NewtonTexas Co., MO, USA5781Download Chart
DeesSarah Louise, Mrs. 5781Download Chart
DeesVictoria, Mrs. 5781Download Chart
DeeseDeEtta MaeWichita, KS, USA5781Download Chart
DeeseEverett IsaacTexas Co., MO, USA5781Download Chart
DeeseIda Mary, Mrs. 5781Download Chart
DeFockertAnneke, Mrs. 7956Download Chart
DeFockertDirckHerwijnen, Netherlands7956Download Chart
DeFockertJennekeHerijnen, Netherlands7956Download Chart
DeFocquertA.D., Mrs. 7956Download Chart
DeFocquertAart A. 7956Download Chart
DeFocquertAart A. 7958Download Chart
DeFocquertBarbara S., Mrs. 7958Download Chart
DeGroatHarrietCanada7064Download Chart
DeGrootBarbara WillemseSliedrecht, Netherlands7959Download Chart
DeisHenryGermany9533Download Chart
DeisMary Barbara, Mrs. 9533Download Chart
DeiselCatharinae, Mrs. 9533Download Chart
DeiselJacobi 9533Download Chart
DeJongDirktje GerriteseNetherlands7956Download Chart
DeJongEelke, Mrs. 7956Download Chart
DeJongGerrit Jantz 7956Download Chart
DeLearyAlice, Mrs. 7065Download Chart
DeLearyChristine Ann, Mrs. 7065Download Chart
DeLearyLisa Kay, Mrs. 7065Download Chart
DeLearyOrley Joseph 7065Download Chart
DeLearyRobert DanielGrosse Pointe, MI, USA7065Download Chart
DeLearyRobert HenryDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA7065Download Chart
DeLearyRose, Mrs. 7065Download Chart
DeloriaAntoineMontreal, Quebec, Canada7993Download Chart
DeloriaAntoineMontreal, Quebec, Canada7994Download Chart
DeloriaBlanche Blenore, Mrs. 7993Download Chart
DeloriaCamille 7991Download Chart
DeloriaHenryNegaunee, MI, USA7991Download Chart
DeloriaHenryNegaunee, MI, USA7994Download Chart
DeloriaHenryNegaunee, MI, USA7995Download Chart
DeloriaJoseph Charles, Jr.Garden, MI, USA7993Download Chart
DeloriaJoseph, Sr.Negaunee, MI, USA7993Download Chart
DeloriaLeonaDelta Co., MI, USA7991Download Chart
DeloriaLeonaDelta Co., MI, USA7994Download Chart
DeloriaLeonaDelta Co., MI, USA7995Download Chart
DeloriaMary, Mrs. 7991Download Chart
DeloriaMary, Mrs. 7993Download Chart
DeloriaMary, Mrs. 7994Download Chart
DeloriaMary, Mrs. 7995Download Chart
DeloriaPhilomena, Mrs. 7993Download Chart
DeloriaPhilomena, Mrs. 7994Download Chart
DemarseJulienMontreal, Quebec, Canada7151Download Chart
DemmerIda Adelaide 5781Download Chart
DemontSerephine 7993Download Chart
DeneauLouise 7991Download Chart
DennettGrace CharityMacomb Co., MI, USA9131Download Chart
DennettHannah, Mrs. 9131Download Chart
DennettMartha Califurne, Mrs. 9131Download Chart
DennettSamuel 9131Download Chart
DennettWilliam JamesCanada9131Download Chart
DennisAdamNJ, USA4042Download Chart
DennisAdamOntario, Canada4042Download Chart
DennisClyde WayneKent Co., MI, USA4041Download Chart
DennisEmily E., Mrs. 4041Download Chart
DennisEmily E., Mrs. 4042Download Chart
DennisEmily E., Mrs. 4043Download Chart
DennisEthel Odessa, Mrs. 4041Download Chart
DennisGladys Jane, Mrs. 4041Download Chart
DennisHerbert DelanyKent Co., MI, USA4041Download Chart
DennisJane, Mrs. 4042Download Chart
DennisJohnOntario, Canada4041Download Chart
DennisJohnNJ, USA4042Download Chart
DennisJohnOntario, Canada4043Download Chart
DennisJohnOntario, Canada4052Download Chart
DennisLeah, Mrs. 4042Download Chart
DennisLeon IrvinKent Co., MI, USA4041Download Chart
DennisLou Ann, Mrs. 4041Download Chart
DennisSophia, Mrs.NJ, USA4042Download Chart
DeRainvilleLouise 7991Download Chart
DeRainvilleLouise, Mrs. 7991Download Chart
DeRainvilleMarie AnneSt. Philippe7691Download Chart
DeRainvillePierre 7991Download Chart
DeRauwMayke Willemse 7957Download Chart
DeRouwHendrina 7958Download Chart
DeschaletsClaudeLeComte, France4049Download Chart
Desco (Descault)Francoise St. Louis, Mrs. 7691Download Chart
Desco (Descault)Pierre 7691Download Chart
DeshangeTeresaPortugal7611Download Chart
DeslauriesAntoine 7991Download Chart
DeslauriesAntoine 7991Download Chart
DeslauriesAntoine 7994Download Chart
DeslauriesPhilomena, Mrs. 7991Download Chart
DeslauriesPhilomena, Mrs. 7991Download Chart
DeSmithElaine Ellen, Mrs. 9531Download Chart
DeSmithFrederick William 9531Download Chart
DesmondCatherine LouiseToledo, OH, USA6155Download Chart
DesmondCatherine LouiseToledo, OH, USA6156Download Chart
DesmondCynthia, Mrs. 6156Download Chart
DesmondJohn JamesCanada6156Download Chart
DesmondTimothyIreland6156Download Chart
DessCatharina 79511Download Chart
DettlaffChristina, Mrs. 4901Download Chart
DettlaffJohannPutzig, Germany4901Download Chart
DevoeJudith 6196Download Chart
DeVosNeeltje 7956Download Chart
DewittTjatje 1878Download Chart
DewittTjeack Claissen 1878Download Chart
DeWolfAnna, Mrs. 8872Download Chart
DeWolfFannieLaRaysville, PA, USA8872Download Chart
DeWolfGiles MeigsCT, USA8872Download Chart
DialMargaret M.OH, USA8356Download Chart
DiceBarbaraSummit Co., OH, USA9531Download Chart
DiceBarbaraSummit Co., OH, USA9532Download Chart
DiceBarbaraSummit Co., OH, USA9533Download Chart
DickensonElizabeth, Mrs. 7052Download Chart
DickensonJamesGA, USA7052Download Chart
DickensonJay NelsonGA, USA7052Download Chart
DickensonLenora MaudPinhook, TN, USA7052Download Chart
DickensonVirginia L., Mrs. 7052Download Chart
DickhansAnton 8351Download Chart
DickhansCatharine, Mrs.Prussia8351Download Chart
DickhansElizabethSt. Louis, MO, USA8351Download Chart
DickinsonAlmira, Mrs. 6191Download Chart
DickinsonAlmira, Mrs. 6196Download Chart
DickinsonAlmira, Mrs. 6197Download Chart
DickinsonAnn, Mrs. 8511Download Chart
DickinsonBenoniRI, USA6151Download Chart
DickinsonCatherineLake Co., OH, USA8511Download Chart
DickinsonElizabeth, Mrs. 6196Download Chart
DickinsonEsther, Mrs. 6196Download Chart
DickinsonHanna (Jane)Warren Co., NY, USA6151Download Chart
DickinsonHannah, Mrs. 6151Download Chart
DickinsonHannah, Mrs. 6196Download Chart
DickinsonHelen F.Genesee Co., MI, USA6191Download Chart
DickinsonHenryCuyuga Co., NY, USA6191Download Chart
DickinsonHenryCuyuga Co., NY, USA6196Download Chart
DickinsonHenryCuyuga Co., NY, USA6197Download Chart
DickinsonJoseph, Jr. 6196Download Chart
DickinsonLewis 8511Download Chart
DickinsonMercy, Mrs. 6151Download Chart
DickinsonRejoice, Mrs. 6196Download Chart
DickinsonSamuel 6151Download Chart
DickinsonZebediahNew Castle, NY, USA6196Download Chart
DickinsonZebulonLong Island, NY, USA6196Download Chart
DickinsonZebulonGreen Co., NY, USA6196Download Chart
DicksonEliza JaneVA, USA8383Download Chart
DicksonEliza JaneVA, USA8386Download Chart
DicksonEliza JaneVA, USA8387Download Chart
DicksonJohnBrunswick Co., VA, USA8387Download Chart
DicksonRebecca, Mrs. 8387Download Chart
DieboldAdamWeyer, Baden, Germany9012Download Chart
DieboldAnna Maria, Mrs. 9012Download Chart
DieboldCatherine, Mrs. 9012Download Chart
DieboldDionysiusEttingenweier, Germany9011Download Chart
DieboldDionysiusEttingenweier, Germany9012Download Chart
DieboldElisabeth, Mrs. 9012Download Chart
DieboldIgnatiusEttlingenweier, Germany9012Download Chart
DieboldJohann AdamEttingenweier, Germany9012Download Chart
DieboldKatharine, Mrs. 9012Download Chart
DieboldLouisaMO, USA9011Download Chart
DieboldMagdalena, Mrs. 9011Download Chart
DieboldSebastianWeyer, Baden, Germany9012Download Chart
DiLauraKaren CatherineLudington, MI, USA7133Download Chart
DillonAdalbertStratford, Perth, Ontario, Canada8711Download Chart
DillonBridget, Mrs. 8711Download Chart
DillonElizabeth Ann, Mrs. 8711Download Chart
DillonEsther 40411Download Chart
DillonEsther 40412Download Chart
DillonJewel Mae, Mrs. 8711Download Chart
DillonKathleen MaryDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA8711Download Chart
DillonMichael J.Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario, Canada8711Download Chart
DillonMichael J.Limerick, Ireland8711Download Chart
DillowayAnna DoloresDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA6152Download Chart
DillowayAnna DoloresDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA6153Download Chart
DillowayFrank PlantDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA6153Download Chart
DillowayGeorgeLondon, England6153Download Chart
DillowayMildred Lois, Mrs. 6153Download Chart
DillowaySara, Mrs. 6153Download Chart
DinnanAdelia Emeline, Mrs. 9411Download Chart
DinnanCatherine, Mrs. 9411Download Chart
DinnanEdna May, Mrs. 9411Download Chart
DinnanEdwin GeraldPontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA9411Download Chart
DinnanEdwin LawrenceOakland Co., MI, USA9411Download Chart
DinnanEleanor Jane, Mrs. 9411Download Chart
DinnanLawrence WilliamOakland Co., MI, USA9411Download Chart
DinnanPatrickMI, USA9411Download Chart
DinnanSue AnnPontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA9411Download Chart
DiscoAlmina, Mrs. 7691Download Chart
DiscoMary AlminaClinton Co., NY, USA7691Download Chart
DiscoWilliam HenryUSA or Quebec, Canada7691Download Chart
Disco (Descault)Emerentienne, Mrs. 7691Download Chart
Disco (Descault)Peter/PierreQuebec, Canada7691Download Chart
DittmanJohn 6121Download Chart
DittmanRegina 6121Download Chart
DixonEliza 5991Download Chart
DoakFrances EileenPinconning, MI, USA9441Download Chart
DoakGuy WmDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA9441Download Chart
DoakIsabel, Mrs. 9441Download Chart
DoakJoseph 9441Download Chart
DoakMary Mable, Mrs. 9441Download Chart
DoakTheresa Ann, Mrs. 9441Download Chart
DoakWilliam James 9441Download Chart
DoaneAbigail, Mrs. 85128Download Chart
DoaneDanielEastham, MA, USA40411Download Chart
DoaneDanielPlymouth, MA, USA40411Download Chart
DoaneDanielPlymouth, MA, USA40415Download Chart
DoaneEsther, Mrs. 40411Download Chart
DoaneEsther, Mrs. 40412Download Chart
DoaneHester, Mrs. 4042Download Chart
DoaneHester, Mrs. 40411Download Chart
DoaneIsraelBucks Co., PA, USA4042Download Chart
DoaneIsraelNewtown, PA, USA40411Download Chart
DoaneIsraelNewtown, PA, USA40412Download Chart
DoaneIsraelBucks So., PA, USA40412Download Chart
DoaneJohn DeaconEngland40415Download Chart
DoaneJosephBucks Co., PA, USA4042Download Chart
DoaneJosephBucks Co., PA, USA4042Download Chart
DoaneJosephBucks Co., PA, USA40411Download Chart
DoaneLeahHumberstone, Ontario, Canada4042Download Chart
DoaneLydiaEngland85128Download Chart
DoaneMaryBucks Co., PA, USA4042Download Chart
DoaneMehitabel, Mrs. 40411Download Chart
DoaneRachel, Mrs. 4042Download Chart
DoaneRachel, Mrs. 40412Download Chart
DoddAnna 7241Download Chart
DodgeAnnKings Province2888Download Chart
DodsonFrances Jane 8711Download Chart
DodsonHanreittaSalisbury, OH, USA7011Download Chart
DodsonJemima, Mrs. 7011Download Chart
DodsonPhillipSalisbury, OH, USA7011Download Chart
DolphinBetty 8681Download Chart
DonkerHelena, Mrs. 7959Download Chart
DonkerHendrikHellouw, Netherlands7959Download Chart
DonkerJacobHellouw, Netherlands7959Download Chart
DonkerMariaHellouw, Netherlands7959Download Chart
DonkerNeelken, Mrs. 7959Download Chart
DotyEdward 8091Download Chart
DotyElizabeth, Mrs. 8092Download Chart
DotyFaith, Mrs. 8091Download Chart
DotyHannah, Mrs. 8094Download Chart
DotyJane, Mrs. 8091Download Chart
DotyMercy 8095Download Chart
DotyMoses, Sr. 8092Download Chart
DotySamuel, Jr. 8092Download Chart
DotySamuel, Sr. 8091Download Chart
DotySolomon 8094Download Chart
DoughertyCarolineIsabella Co., MI, USA8847Download Chart
DoughertyJames W.Ireland6581Download Chart
DoughertyJames WarnockAllegheny Co., PA, USA6581Download Chart
DoughertyMary, Mrs. 6581Download Chart
DoughertyMary, Mrs. 6581Download Chart
DoughertySaran AnnAppanoose Co., IA, USA6581Download Chart
DoughtyAudrey K., Mrs. 2621Download Chart
DoughtyCharles John, Jr. 2621Download Chart
DouglasAnne 83811Download Chart
DouglasJaneScotland83811Download Chart
DouglassCatherine F. 4461Download Chart
DouglassLarkin 4461Download Chart
DouglassSusanna Jula, Mrs. 4461Download Chart
DoveHattie AlzinaRay Center, Macomb Co., MI, USA7061Download Chart
DoveHattie AlzinaRay Center, Macomb Co., MI, USA7131Download Chart
DoveHenry OsburnNewfield, NY, USA7061Download Chart
DoveJane, Mrs. 7061Download Chart
DoveJane, Mrs. 7131Download Chart
DoveMaria Lorena, Mrs. 7061Download Chart
DoveMaria Lorena, Mrs. 7131Download Chart
DoveThomasMI, USA7061Download Chart
DoveThomasMI, USA7131Download Chart
DoverMary 85138Download Chart
DownerAbrahamNew London Co., CT, USA8354Download Chart
DownerJoseph 8354Download Chart
DownerLois, Mrs. 8354Download Chart
DownerLucretia 2621Download Chart
DownerMary, Mrs. 8354Download Chart
DownerSherry Anne, Mrs. 8911Download Chart
DownerTaphenaWeathersfield (?), VT, USA8354Download Chart
DownerTerrencelee 8911Download Chart
DoxClaraChicago, IL, USA8901Download Chart
DoxElcy, Mrs. 8903Download Chart
DoxJames K.Bloomfield, Oakland Co., MI, USA8901Download Chart
DoxJames K.Bloomfield, Oakland Co., MI, USA8903Download Chart
DoxLouisa, Mrs. 8901Download Chart
DoxLouisa, Mrs. 8903Download Chart
DoxPeterAlbany Co., NY, USA8903Download Chart
DoyleBridgett ElizabethIreland4911Download Chart
DoyleCatherine 7631Download Chart
DoyleCatherine 8421Download Chart
DoyleEllen 9441Download Chart
DoyleMary, Mrs. 4911Download Chart
DoyleRobert 4911Download Chart
DrakeAmy 85113Download Chart
DrakeElizabeth 7241Download Chart
DrakeElizabeth 72418Download Chart
DrakeJane, Mrs. 85113Download Chart
DrakeMargaret 7241Download Chart
DrakeThomas 85113Download Chart
DressanderElizabeth JosephineOttawa Co., MI, USA2301Download Chart
DressanderJacobOttawa Co., MI, USA2301Download Chart
DressanderJohnBavaria2301Download Chart
DressanderMary Magdalen, Mrs. 2301Download Chart
DreyerEstherBristol Co., MA, USA2884Download Chart
DreyerEstherBristol Co., MA, USA2889Download Chart
DreyerEstherBristol Co., MA, USA28810Download Chart
DreyfusCeceliaWanamie, PA, USA9241Download Chart
DreyfusJohnPozna-Danski, Poland9241Download Chart
DreyfusVictoria, Mrs. 9241Download Chart
DriscollAlice, Mrs. 7991Download Chart
DriscollAlice, Mrs. 7994Download Chart
DriscollJamesAlbany, NY, USA7991Download Chart
DriscollJamesAlbany, NY, USA7994Download Chart
DriscollMaryOconto, WI, USA7991Download Chart
DriscollMaryOconto, WI, USA7994Download Chart
DriscollMaryOconto, WI, USA7995Download Chart
DrumhellerCaroline E.Conyngham, PA, USA5031Download Chart
DrumhellerCaroline E.Conyngham, PA, USA5032Download Chart
DrumhellerCaroline E.Conyngham, PA, USA5033Download Chart
DrumhellerJacobConyngham, PA, USA5033Download Chart
DrumhellerJacob, Jr.Conyngham, PA, USA5033Download Chart
DrumhellerMargareth, Mrs.Conyngham, PA, USA5033Download Chart
DrumhellerMary, Mrs. 5033Download Chart
DrummondJames 4th EarlScotland83811Download Chart
DrummondJane, Mrs. 83811Download Chart
DrummondMaryPerth, Scotland83811Download Chart
DrydenCharlesEngland1752Download Chart
DrydenCharlotte Laura, Mrs. 1752Download Chart
DrydenJames 1752Download Chart
DrydenMary Ann, Mrs. 1752Download Chart
DrydenNeville HarryLondon, England1752Download Chart
DrydenViolet LouiseLondon, England1752Download Chart
DryerEsther, Mrs. 28810Download Chart
DryerWilliamTaunton, England28810Download Chart
DubeyFrances, Mrs. 7891Download Chart
DubeyGoldie LuloMacomb Co., MI, USA7891Download Chart
DubeyRobert 7891Download Chart
DubyAppoline 7993Download Chart
Duclos-DecellesMarieChambly, Quebec, Canada7691Download Chart
DudleyDanielCT, USA51121Download Chart
DudleyDanielMiddlesex Co., CT, USA51121Download Chart
DudleyDeborah, Mrs. 51121Download Chart
DudleyJane, Mrs. 51122Download Chart
DudleyJohnMiddlesex Co., CT, USA51121Download Chart
DudleyLucy J. 9131Download Chart
DudleyLydia S., Mrs. 51121Download Chart
DudleyMary, Mrs. 51121Download Chart
DudleyMary, Mrs. 51122Download Chart
DudleySarah 5111Download Chart
DudleySarah 51120Download Chart
DudleySarah 51121Download Chart
DudleySusanna, Mrs. 51121Download Chart
DudleyWilliamMiddlesex Co., CT, USA51121Download Chart
DudleyWilliamMiddlesex Co., CT, USA51122Download Chart
DudleyWilliamSurrey, England51122Download Chart
DuknovicsMary 3291Download Chart
DulworthBen 7995Download Chart
DulworthEthelClay Co., TN, USA7995Download Chart
DulworthHixie, Mrs. 7995Download Chart
DuMauxEmilyMA, USA9361Download Chart
DunhamJohn, Jr.England or Holland5533Download Chart
DunhamMary, Mrs. 5533Download Chart
DupreeAliceFrance6151Download Chart
DuttonAnn RiarOtsego Co., NY, USA6141Download Chart
DuttonAnn RiarOtsego Co., NY, USA6147Download Chart
DuttonEllen NaomiClinton Co., MI, USA6141Download Chart
DuttonMary, Mrs. 6141Download Chart
DuttonRobert 6147Download Chart
DuttonSarah, Mrs. 6147Download Chart
DuttonWilliam Fowler 6141Download Chart
DwinellBartholomew 8355Download Chart
DwinellLydia, Mrs. 8355Download Chart
DwinellMichaelEssex Co., MA, USA8355Download Chart
DwinellSarah, Mrs. 8355Download Chart
DwinnellElithea JaneMarshall Co., KS, USA8351Download Chart
DwinnellElithea JaneMarshall Co., KS, USA8354Download Chart
DwinnellElithea JaneMarshall Co., KS, USA8355Download Chart
DwinnellFrancisCheshire Co., NH, USA8355Download Chart
DwinnellMargaret Elizabeth, Mrs. 8355Download Chart
DwinnellNancy, Mrs. 8355Download Chart
DwinnellWilliam TarbellSullivan Co., NH, USA8355Download Chart
DyerAnna 85110Download Chart
EacockMary AnnEngland8353Download Chart
EalyNancy ElizabethKnox Co., OH, USA7791Download Chart
EamesAnthony 85125Download Chart
EamesAnthony 85133Download Chart
EamesMargery, Mrs. 85125Download Chart
EamesMargery, Mrs. 85133Download Chart
EamesMilicent 85125Download Chart
EamesMilicent 85133Download Chart
EastonPhillipe 83512Download Chart
EberhardNancy 85142Download Chart
EbertChristina ClotildaHesse, Germany6582Download Chart
EbertGeorgeHesse, Germany6582Download Chart
EckelElizabeth, Mrs. 5921Download Chart
EckelGeorgeScioto Co., OH, USA5921Download Chart
EckelJohnGermany5921Download Chart
EckelMary, Mrs. 5921Download Chart
EckelViola RoseFranklin Co., IN, USA5921Download Chart
EckelViola RoseFranklin Co., IN, USA5922Download Chart
EdgerAnna 3871Download Chart
EdgerMargaretWestmoreland, England8681Download Chart
EgertonBathsheba, Mrs. 8354Download Chart
EgertonJames 8354Download Chart
EgertonMilliaNH, USA8354Download Chart
EgglestonJane 27413Download Chart
EgglestonRuth 27416Download Chart
EgglestonStephen 27416Download Chart
EichenlaubAnna Maria, Mrs. 79510Download Chart
EichenlaubChristoph 79510Download Chart
EichenlaubChristophorusHerxheim, Germany79510Download Chart
EichenlaubJoannes MatthiasHerxheim, Germany79510Download Chart
EichenlaubMargarethaHerxheim, Germany79510Download Chart
EichenlaubMaria Eva, Mrs. 79510Download Chart
EichenlaubMaria Eva, Mrs. 79510Download Chart
EkquistBernice Dorothy 6261Download Chart
EliotBennett 83515Download Chart
EliotLettice, Mrs. 83515Download Chart
EliotLydiaNazing, Essex, England83515Download Chart
ElliotJemina 8383Download Chart
ElliotJemina 8384Download Chart
EllisBlandina, Mrs. 2743Download Chart
EllisCalista, Mrs. 2741Download Chart
EllisCalista, Mrs. 2742Download Chart
EllisDanielOnondaga Co., NY, USA2741Download Chart
EllisDanielOnondaga Co., NY, USA2742Download Chart
EllisElizabeth, Mrs. 2742Download Chart
EllisElizabeth, Mrs. 2743Download Chart
EllisJohnPlymouth Co., MA, USA2742Download Chart
EllisJohnBarnstable Co., MA, USA2742Download Chart
EllisJohn 2742Download Chart
EllisJohn 27410Download Chart
EllisJohn, Lt.Leydon, Holland2743Download Chart
EllisJonathanTolland Co., CT, USA2742Download Chart
EllisMary, Mrs. 83515Download Chart
EllisRuth 83515Download Chart
EllisThomasWrentham, England83515Download Chart
EllsworthCalista 2741Download Chart
EllsworthCalista 2742Download Chart
EllsworthElizabethPA, USA1751Download Chart
EmerickElizabeth, Mrs. 4461Download Chart
EmerickGeorge 4461Download Chart
EmerickMargaret Susan 4461Download Chart
EmersonJohn Frederick 9321Download Chart
EmersonRuth Uneta, Mrs. 9321Download Chart
EndAurelia L. 7241Download Chart
EngleJames B. 9271Download Chart
EngleTommie Elizabeth, Mrs. 9271Download Chart
EnsignRhoda 7241Download Chart
EnsignSarah 7241Download Chart
EntricanCatharine, Mrs. 8517Download Chart
EntricanCelia, Mrs. 8511Download Chart
EntricanCelia, Mrs. 8517Download Chart
EntricanCelia, Mrs. 8518Download Chart
EntricanClarissa MOakland Co., MI, USA8511Download Chart
EntricanDavidNY, USA8511Download Chart
EntricanDavidNY, USA8517Download Chart
EntricanDavidNY, USA8518Download Chart
EntricanGeorgeNY, USA8517Download Chart
ErbChristian 83510Download Chart
ErbMagdalenaLancaster Co., PA, USA83510Download Chart
ErbMaria, Mrs. 83510Download Chart
ErkstineCountess 83811Download Chart
ErnestAnnaGermany9441Download Chart
ErnestErnestGermany9441Download Chart
ErwinAnnieIreland7061Download Chart
ErwinAnnieIreland7131Download Chart
EstabrookRebecca 6157Download Chart
EsteyAbigail, Mrs. 40511Download Chart
EsteyAnn, Mrs. 40516Download Chart
EsteyChristopherSuffolk Co., England40516Download Chart
EsteyDorothyNew Brunswick4053Download Chart
EsteyIsaacEssex Co., MA, USA40511Download Chart
EsteyIsaacSuffolk, England40511Download Chart
EsteyIsaacSuffolk, England40516Download Chart
EsteyIsaacSuffolk, England40517Download Chart
EsteyJeffreyEngland40516Download Chart
EsteyJeffreySuffolk Co., England40516Download Chart
EsteyMargaret, Mrs. 40516Download Chart
EsteyMary, Mrs. 4053Download Chart
EsteyMary, Mrs. 40511Download Chart
EsteyMary, Mrs. 40511Download Chart
EsteyMary, Mrs. 40512Download Chart
EsteyMary, Mrs. 40516Download Chart
EsteyMary, Mrs. 40517Download Chart
EsteyRichardEssex Co., MA, USA40511Download Chart
EsteyRuth, Mrs. 40511Download Chart
EsteyZebulonEssex Co., MA, USA4053Download Chart
EsteyZebulonEssex Co., MA, USA40511Download Chart
EsteyZebulonEssex Co., MA, USA40512Download Chart
EvansLouisa A. (Mellisa)NY, USA9461Download Chart
EvartsJames 51118Download Chart
EvartsLydia, Mrs. 51118Download Chart
EvartsMary 51110Download Chart
EvartsMary 51117Download Chart
EvartsMary 51118Download Chart
EvartsNancy 85143Download Chart
EwellMary Ann 8384Download Chart
EwellMary Ann 8385Download Chart
FangbonerJessie MaeMacomb Co., MI, USA9051Download Chart
FangbonerJohn Nelson 9051Download Chart
FangbonerPhebe, Mrs. 9051Download Chart
FannSue Ann, Mrs. 9411Download Chart
FannVirgil Lee 9411Download Chart
FarkasGergelyHungary2281Download Chart
FarkasJuliaLorain Co., OH, USA2281Download Chart
FarkasJuli'anna 2281Download Chart
FarkasSandorNa'dasd Va's, Hungary2281Download Chart
FarkasZsofia, Mrs. 2281Download Chart
FarleyJames 9131Download Chart
FarleyJames P.Birchville, MI, USA9131Download Chart
FarleyLaura M.Rochester, Oakland Co., MI, USA9131Download Chart
FarleyLoisa, Mrs. 9131Download Chart
FarleySara J., Mrs. 9131Download Chart
FarnsworthLydiaMiddlesex, MA, USA6143Download Chart
FarnsworthLydiaMiddlesex, MA, USA6146Download Chart
FarnsworthRuth, Mrs. 6146Download Chart
FarnsworthWilliam 6146Download Chart
FarrellCatherine A. 6121Download Chart
FarrellMary A., Mrs. 6121Download Chart
FarrellMichael 6121Download Chart
FarringtonEleanor 2749Download Chart
FaulknerAlbert G.KY, USA8711Download Chart
FaulknerCarrie Maude, Mrs. 8711Download Chart
FaulknerJewel MaeStanford, Lincoln Co., KY, USA8711Download Chart
FaulknerJohn EstesOH or KY, USA8711Download Chart
FaulknerLucy J, Mrs. 8711Download Chart
FaunceJohn 27410Download Chart
FaunceMercyPlymouth Co., MA, USA27410Download Chart
FauncePatience, Mrs. 27410Download Chart
FearonIsaac 8421Download Chart
FearonMary, Mrs. 8421Download Chart
FearonSarahBraithwaite, England8421Download Chart
FellowsEunice, Mrs. 6143Download Chart
FellowsJael 6143Download Chart
FellowsJohnShelbourne, MA, USA6143Download Chart
FellowsMary Kellogg Poole 6143Download Chart
FellowsSamuel 6143Download Chart
FellowsSamuel 6143Download Chart
FellowsSarah, Mrs. 6143Download Chart
FennerNicholasHesse Kassel, Germany4373Download Chart
FentonAbigail 95313Download Chart
FergusonElizabeth Mary Jane 4471Download Chart
FergusonHiram 6191Download Chart
FergusonHiram 6194Download Chart
FergusonMary F., Mrs. 6191Download Chart
FergusonMary F., Mrs. 6194Download Chart
FergusonSarah AnnAddison Twp., MI, USA6191Download Chart
FerrierEdgar A. 7064Download Chart
FerrierEdith, Mrs. 7064Download Chart
FerrierFanny JaneNorth Branch, MI, USA7064Download Chart
FerrierHarriet, Mrs. 7064Download Chart
FerrierJohn WesleyCanada7064Download Chart
FerrimanAlice, Mrs. 6151Download Chart
FerrimanMary AgnesNew Orleans, LA, USA6151Download Chart
FerrimanSamuel 6151Download Chart
FewJosephMorgan Co., GA, USA4961Download Chart
FewLouisaMorgan Co., GA, USA4961Download Chart
FewMary, Mrs. 4961Download Chart
FickeisenChrsitina, Mrs. 9361Download Chart
FickeisenPhilipLohmweiler, Germany9361Download Chart
FickiesAdam FranklinLancaster, NY, USA9361Download Chart
FickiesBarbara, Mrs. 9361Download Chart
FickiesElla Love, Mrs. 9361Download Chart
FickiesElmer LynnSaginaw Co., MI, USA9361Download Chart
FickiesJacobBavaria, Germany9361Download Chart
FickiesJudith AnnFlint, Genesee Co., MI, USA9361Download Chart
FickiesMarea Agnes, Mrs. 9361Download Chart
FieldCephasFranklin Co., MA, USA2887Download Chart
FieldElizabeth 6197Download Chart
FieldElizabeth, Mrs. 2887Download Chart
FieldNancy TaylorWayne Co., NY, USA2881Download Chart
FieldNancy TaylorWayne Co., NY, USA2886Download Chart
FieldNancy TaylorWayne Co., NY, USA2887Download Chart
FielderMary 4961Download Chart
FieroAbram PostUlster, NY, USA1875Download Chart
FieroAdele E.NY, USA1871Download Chart
FieroCatharine, Mrs. 1875Download Chart
FieroCatharine, Mrs. 18712Download Chart
FieroChristian Herrick 1875Download Chart
FieroChristina 1875Download Chart
FieroChristine, Mrs. 1875Download Chart
FieroCynthia, Mrs. 1871Download Chart
FieroCynthia, Mrs. 1875Download Chart
FieroCynthis, Mrs. 1879Download Chart
FieroEphraim MyerNY, USA1871Download Chart
FieroEphraim MyerNY, USA1875Download Chart
FieroEphraim MyerNY, USA1879Download Chart
FieroJohann C.Ontario Co., NY, USA1875Download Chart
FieroJohann ChristianKingston, NY, USA1875Download Chart
FieroJohann ChristianKingston, NY, USA18720Download Chart
FieroJohannesRheinish Palatine18712Download Chart
FieroJohannesRheinish Palatine18720Download Chart
FieroMaria Elizabeth, Mrs. 1875Download Chart
FieroMaria Elizabeth, Mrs. 18720Download Chart
FieroMaria, Mrs. 1875Download Chart
FieroMarie, Mrs. 1875Download Chart
FieroMaritjeKatsban, NY, USA1875Download Chart
FieroMaritje, Mrs. 1875Download Chart
FieroPeterKatsban, NY, USA1875Download Chart
FieroValentinePalatinate1875Download Chart
FieroValentinePalatinate18712Download Chart
FinchCharlottaMA, USA4046Download Chart
FinchCharlottaMA, USA4047Download Chart
FinefrockElizabeth, Mrs. 8872Download Chart
FinefrockMichael 8872Download Chart
FinefrockRebeccaLancaster Co., PA, USA8872Download Chart
FinneganCatharine, Mrs. 6121Download Chart
FinneganCatherine A., Mrs. 6121Download Chart
FinneganHugh 6121Download Chart
FinneganJames H. 6121Download Chart
FinneganMary A. 6121Download Chart
FiolekAnna, Mrs. 8372Download Chart
FiolekFranciszkaStrzyzowska, Poland8371Download Chart
FiolekFranciszkaStrzyyzowska, Poland8372Download Chart
FiolekLukasz 8372Download Chart
FiolekMarianna, Mrs. 8372Download Chart
FiolekPiotrPoland8372Download Chart
FirestoneElizabeth 7991Download Chart
FirmanMary Ann/Polly 7831Download Chart
FischerDorothea Wilhelmina, Mrs. 55313Download Chart
FischerKarl Auguste HenrySaxony, Germany55313Download Chart
FishMahaliaMD, USA1879Download Chart
FishRobertMD, USA1879Download Chart
FisherBarbaryBavaria, Germany9117Download Chart
FisherTerace, Mrs.Prussia9117Download Chart
FiskDavidOrange Co., VT, USA8357Download Chart
FiskLucinda, Mrs. 8357Download Chart
FiskOrilla AnnBerrien Co. (?), MI, USA8357Download Chart
FiskeEbenezer 8357Download Chart
FiskeElizabeth, Mrs. 8357Download Chart
FiskeEphraimBoscawen, NH, USA8357Download Chart
FiskeJosephEssex Co., MA, USA40511Download Chart
FiskeRuthEssex Co., MA, USA40511Download Chart
FiskeSarah, Mrs. 40511Download Chart
FiskeSarah, Mrs. 8357Download Chart
FiskeSusannah, Mrs. 40511Download Chart
FiskeWilliamEssex Co., MA, USA40511Download Chart
FitchSally, Mrs. 51126Download Chart
FitchSamuelNY, USA51126Download Chart
FitzgeraldBridgetCo. Limerick, Ireland8711Download Chart
FitzgibbonBritta Barbara, Mrs. 9441Download Chart
FitzgibbonFrances Eileen, Mrs. 9441Download Chart
FitzgibbonHugh JamesMarion Co., IN, USA9441Download Chart
FitzgibbonRobert JamesIndianapolis, IN, USA9441Download Chart
FitzgibbonsDavidIreland9441Download Chart
FitzgibbonsEdwardJennings Co., IN, USA9441Download Chart
FitzgibbonsEmma, Mrs. 9441Download Chart
FitzgibbonsHonora, Mrs. 9441Download Chart
FlaglerCatherineprob Dutchess Co., NY, USA9373Download Chart
FlatmanDorothy AliceSt. Clair Co., MI, USA6071Download Chart
FlatmanFrederick WilliamEngland6071Download Chart
FlatmanGeorgeEngland6071Download Chart
FlatmanKatherine M, Mrs. 6071Download Chart
FlatmanSusan, Mrs. 6071Download Chart
FlemmingElsie, Mrs.NY, USA6802Download Chart
FlemmingMary AnnNY, USA6801Download Chart
FlemmingMary AnnNY, USA6802Download Chart
FlemmingThomasNY, USA6802Download Chart
FletcherAnne MarieLivonia, Wayne Co., MI, USA9111Download Chart
FletcherEliasPA, USA2632Download Chart
FletcherFrancis Muriel, Mrs. 9111Download Chart
FletcherFrank 9111Download Chart
FletcherGerald RaymondDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA9111Download Chart
FletcherLucinda, Mrs. 2632Download Chart
FletcherLucy, Mrs. 9111Download Chart
FletcherMary AnnIN, USA2632Download Chart
FletcherMary Diane, Mrs. 9111Download Chart
FletcherNancy, Mrs. 2632Download Chart
FletcherRaymond CarlBurlington (?), VT, USA9111Download Chart
FletcherWm.Richland2632Download Chart
Fletcher Betty 7995Download Chart
FlickAnna Apolomia, Mrs. 79510Download Chart
FlickJoannes Adam 79510Download Chart
FlickMaria MargarethaHatzenbuhl, Germany79510Download Chart
FlummerfeltElizaWarren Co., NJ, USA9372Download Chart
FlynnBridgetIreland7611Download Chart
FlynnHonoraCo. Mayo, Ireland8771Download Chart
FlynnMargaret 6971Download Chart
FobesConstant, Mrs. 85127Download Chart
FobesElizabeth 85127Download Chart
FobesJohn 85127Download Chart
FogartyBridgetIreland8421Download Chart
FokkertArikeHellouw, Netherlands7958Download Chart
ForbesMaryVA, USA8844Download Chart
FordAnn, Mrs. 5533Download Chart
FordAnnorah, Mrs. 6971Download Chart
FordJames 6971Download Chart
FordMichaelMarshfield, (MA ?), USA5533Download Chart
FordNoraCo. Cork, Ireland6971Download Chart
FordWilliamEngland5533Download Chart
ForrestSusanna 1872Download Chart
FosterDelia EthelDunn Co., WI, USA9071Download Chart
FosterEdmundEngland8421Download Chart
FosterEthel ConstanceCumberland, England8421Download Chart
FosterGeorge M.Delaware Co., NY, USA9071Download Chart
FosterJane 8681Download Chart
FosterJennie, Mrs. 6151Download Chart
FosterJohn A.St. Mary, PA, USA6151Download Chart
FosterJoseph Charles 6151Download Chart
FosterMargaret LouisePetoskey, Emmet Co., MI, USA6151Download Chart
FosterMargaret LouisePetoskey, Emmet Co., MI, USA6154Download Chart
FosterMargaret, Mrs. 8421Download Chart
FosterMary, Mrs.Saginaw Co., MI, USA6151Download Chart
FosterPatience Abigail, Mrs. 9071Download Chart
FosterSarah, Mrs. 8421Download Chart
FosterWilliam 8421Download Chart
FountainEva (Eliza)Franklin, NY, USA8561Download Chart
FountainHannah, Mrs. 8561Download Chart
FountainPeter 8561Download Chart
FournierAlbertCanada8751Download Chart
FournierHenry LouisTuscola Co., MI, USA8751Download Chart
FournierLouisCanada8751Download Chart
FournierMary Lydia, Mrs. 8751Download Chart
FournierMildred MayTuscola Co., MI, USA8751Download Chart
FournierPhoebe, Mrs. 8751Download Chart
FowlerEphraim 6071Download Chart
FowlerHarrietLivingston Co., MI, USA6071Download Chart
FowlerJames MonroeE. Windsor, Canada6071Download Chart
FowlerMinerva, Mrs. 6071Download Chart
FowlerMiriam Arloa, Mrs. 6071Download Chart
FowlerPhebe 8981Download Chart
FowlerSarah 6147Download Chart
FowlesCharlotte GlenevaKnox Co., OH, USA7791Download Chart
FowlesJoseph OrloKnox Co., OH, USA7791Download Chart
FowlesNancy Elizabeth, Mrs. 7791Download Chart
FoxMary Ann 7991Download Chart
FoxSally 9532Download Chart
FrakerCatherine 7831Download Chart
FrancisAbigail, Mrs. 2747Download Chart
FrancisHannah 5112Download Chart
FrancisJoanne, Mrs.England27420Download Chart
FrancisJohnHartford Co., CT, USA2747Download Chart
FrancisJohnHartford Co. CT, USA27420Download Chart
FrancisJohnHartford Co., CT, USA27421Download Chart
FrancisJohnHartford Co., CT, USA5112Download Chart
FrancisJohnHartford Co., CT, USA51113Download Chart
FrancisJohnHartford Co., CT, USA51114Download Chart
FrancisMabelHartford Co., CT, USA2747Download Chart
FrancisMercy, Mrs. 2747Download Chart
FrancisMercy, Mrs. 27420Download Chart
FrancisMercy, Mrs. 5112Download Chart
FrancisMercy, Mrs. 51113Download Chart
FrancisMercy, Mrs. 51114Download Chart
FrancisRobertprobably England27420Download Chart
FrancisThomasHartford Co., CT, USA2747Download Chart
FrankCharles 7111Download Chart
FrankMargaret, Mrs. 7111Download Chart
FranklinMaryWiltshire, England83512Download Chart
FrappierLouise 7991Download Chart
FrasierEverett I. 4461Download Chart
FrasierJames Oliver 4461Download Chart
FrasierLucillle Nancy 4461Download Chart
FrasierLucinda F, Mrs. 4461Download Chart
FrasierMargaret Susan, Mrs. 4461Download Chart
FrasierMaud Rosannah, Mrs. 4461Download Chart
FrasierRonald M 4461Download Chart
FrayerFranklin J, Sr. 8281Download Chart
FrayerHelen Irene, Mrs. 8281Download Chart
FrazierElecta WilburMI, USA8871Download Chart
FrazierWilbur 8871Download Chart
FredericksdatterMarenViborg, Denmark5534Download Chart
FredericksdatterMarenViborg, Denmark5537Download Chart
FreemanAlice, Mrs. 2743Download Chart
FreemanAnna, Mrs. 5781Download Chart
FreemanEdmund 2743Download Chart
FreemanElizabethSussex, England2743Download Chart
FreemanElvernie, Mrs. 5781Download Chart
FreemanMabel E.Howard Co., IN, USA5781Download Chart
FreemanNathan 5781Download Chart
FreemanNathan ThomasIN, USA5781Download Chart
FreiDorothe JuliaPrussia, Germany9119Download Chart
FrenchAnnie Elizabeth, Mrs. 18723Download Chart
FrenchCharlotte, Mrs. 18723Download Chart
FrenchJohnBurnham, England18723Download Chart
FrenchJohn WilliamGuilford, England18722Download Chart
FrenchJohn WilliamGuilford, England18723Download Chart
FrenchJohn William E.P.Maldon, England18723Download Chart
FrenchMary, Mrs. 18723Download Chart
FrenchRuth, Mrs. 1871Download Chart
FrenchRuth, Mrs. 18722Download Chart
FrenchRuth, Mrs. 18723Download Chart
FreschElizabeth 7961Download Chart
FreudensteinAnna Kath.Holzhausen, Germany541Download Chart
FriesesJantje PietersMinnertsga, Netherlands7954Download Chart
FrinkJerusha 8354Download Chart
FrohmCharles 8871Download Chart
FrohmDoretha, Mrs. 8871Download Chart
FrohmDorethea "Sophia"Macomb Co., MI, USA8871Download Chart
FrostHarrietNY, USA95310Download Chart
FruenSusanna 2748Download Chart
FryPhiladelphiaLeigh, Kent, England85151Download Chart
FryerMaryKY, USA7933Download Chart
FullerAgnes 85140Download Chart
FullerFrancis F.Jefferson Co., NY, USA6971Download Chart
FullerFrancis F.Jefferson Co., NY, USA6972Download Chart
FullerMaryTolland Co., CY, USA2749Download Chart
FullerThomas 85140Download Chart
FullerWilliam 6972Download Chart
FullerZillah 2747Download Chart
FunkhouserMillie MaeIA, USA7933Download Chart
GaffneyElizabethIreland8351Download Chart
GageBetsey, Mrs 8519Download Chart
GageEuniceGenessee Co., NY, USA8511Download Chart
GageHanna Minerva, Mrs. 8511Download Chart
GageHanna Minerva, Mrs. 8519Download Chart
GageSamuelFulton Co., NY, USA8519Download Chart
GageSimeonFulton Co., NY, USA8511Download Chart
GageSimeonFulton Co., NY, USA8519Download Chart
GageSimeonFulton Co., NY, USA85110Download Chart
GagneJosette 7991Download Chart
GaleAnnie ElizabethRomsey, England18723Download Chart
galeElizabeth M. 18723Download Chart
galeySarahAbbeville, SC, USA83810Download Chart
galeySarah 83810Download Chart
GallagherAnna Maria, Mrs 7611Download Chart
GallagherDanielIreland7611Download Chart
GallagherDaniel E.Ireland7611Download Chart
GallagherMadeline MarieAlpena Co., MI, USA7611Download Chart
GallagherOlive, Mrs. 7611Download Chart
GallagherTeresa, Mrs 7611Download Chart
GallagherWilliam GeorgeHamilton, Ontario, Canada7611Download Chart
GallowayMary Jane RounsavilleNJ, USA9461Download Chart
GardnerBarbara, Mrs. 9537Download Chart
GardnerFrancis, Mrs. 95312Download Chart
GardnerLydia 95312Download Chart
GardnerLydia 95312Download Chart
GardnerStephen 95312Download Chart
GardyElizabeth, Mrs. 7991Download Chart
GardyGeorge Washington 7991Download Chart
GardyJacob 7997Download Chart
GardyLillieLebanon, PA, USA7991Download Chart
GardyLillieLebanon, PA, USA7995Download Chart
GarfieldBetsey, MrsFulton Co., NY, USA8519Download Chart
GarfieldSarah 9441Download Chart
GaskaCass Walker 4271Download Chart
GaskaDelores Caroline, Mrs. 4271Download Chart
GatehouseSarahYork, Sheffield, England8381Download Chart
GatehouseSarahYork, Sheffield, England8381Download Chart
GatesMolly 2884Download Chart
GaulMary Jane RounsavilleCumberland, Englnad7062Download Chart
GaulMary Jane RounsavilleCumberland, Englnad7064Download Chart
GaultGeorgiana, Mrs. 9561Download Chart
GaultMary  9561Download Chart
GaultRobert 9561Download Chart
GayMercyGenesee Co., NY, USA51116Download Chart
Gaylord Elizabeth 7241Download Chart
Gaylord Sarah, Mrs. 7241Download Chart
Gaylord Walter 7241Download Chart
GazetteEdwardVT, USA9361Download Chart
GazetteEmily, Mrs. 9361Download Chart
GazetteMarguerite L.Canada9361Download Chart
GebhardtMargaretha 5035Download Chart
GedneyAnn, Mrs. 40513Download Chart
GedneyEleazerEssex Co., MA, USA40513Download Chart
GedneyEleazerEssex Co., MA, USA40513Download Chart
GedneyEleazerEssex Co., MA, USA40518Download Chart
GeigerFranz X.Heutlingen, Kingdom91112Download Chart
GeigerGenovefa, Mrs 91112Download Chart
GeigerMargaret Rose, Mrs. 9111Download Chart
GeigerMary DianeBoston, Suffolk Co., MA, USA9111Download Chart
GeigerOtto JosephChicago, Cook Co., IL, USA9111Download Chart
GeigerOtto JosephChicago, Cook Co., IL, USA91112Download Chart
GeisterAnn Mary, Mrs. 7161Download Chart
GeisterAnna, Mrs. 7161Download Chart
GeisterGeorge RobertSanilac Co., MI, USA7161Download Chart
GeisterGottliebMarkham, Ontario, Canada7161Download Chart
GeisterHarmon Wesley, Sr.Twining, MI, USA7161Download Chart
GeisterIla Belle, Mrs. 7161Download Chart
GeisterJohnMarkham, Ontario, Canada7161Download Chart
GeisterSelina, Mrs. 7161Download Chart
GeisterTimothy MartinGreenville, Montcalm Co., MI, USA7161Download Chart
GeisterWilma Carlene, Mrs. 7161Download Chart
GenoLaura Clara 8871Download Chart
GenoLaura Clara 8872Download Chart
GentAllice 6423Download Chart
GerardEuila LouiseBay Co., MI, USA6971Download Chart
GerardEva Maude, Mrs. 6971Download Chart
GerardFrank L.Midland Co, MI, USA6971Download Chart
GerberichAndrewAltfeld, Germany83511Download Chart
GerberichBarbara, Mrs. 83511Download Chart
GerberichChristine, Mrs. 83511Download Chart
GerberichDavid P.Lebanon, PA, USA83511Download Chart
Gerberichfannie Maria, Mrs. 83511Download Chart
GerberichHenrietta FannyBerrien Co., MI8351Download Chart
GerberichHenrietta FannyBerrien Co., MI83510Download Chart
GerberichHenrietta FannyBerrien Co., MI83511Download Chart
GerberichJohannes 83511Download Chart
GerberichJohn PhilipLebanon, PA, USA83511Download Chart
GerberichMaria Elizabeth, Mrs. 83511Download Chart
GerhardBabettePfalz, Germany7691Download Chart
GermanAddisonYates Co., NY, USA5531Download Chart
GermanAnne, Mrs. 5531Download Chart
GerrijtsClaas 7955Download Chart
GerrijtsRinske, Mrs. 7955Download Chart
GescheGenovefa, MrsHeutlingen, Kingdom91112Download Chart
GhentEliza Ann 8751Download Chart
GholsonMaryGreenup Co., KY, USA6001Download Chart
GibbonsDiannaIsabella Co., MI, USA8281Download Chart
GibbonsElizabethFenny Compton, England83512Download Chart
GibbonsMargaret (Peggy? Mary?)Ireland8421Download Chart
GibbonsSarah, Mrs. 8281Download Chart
GibbsMary 6146Download Chart
GibranAnna 8411Download Chart
GibsonRachelOrange, VA, USA1873Download Chart
GiddingsDorothy 40512Download Chart
GidneyDeborah, Mrs 4053Download Chart
GidneyJosephNew Brunswick, Canada4053Download Chart
GidneyJoshuaWestchester Co., NY, USA4053Download Chart
GidneyJoshuaWestchester Co., NY, USA40513Download Chart
GidneySarahNew Brunswick, Canada4053Download Chart
GiffordRuth 8512Download Chart
GilbertAbrahamFairfield, CT, USA6194Download Chart
GilbertBethiah, Mrs 6194Download Chart
GilbertBetsey (Elizabeth)Canada8511Download Chart
GilbertBetsey, MrsCanada8511Download Chart
GilbertBetsey, MrsCanada8516Download Chart
GilbertCaleb BlissBrandon, VT, USA6194Download Chart
GilbertDavid CarleNew Brunswick, Canada8516Download Chart
GilbertEbeenzer 8516Download Chart
GilbertEbeenzer 85134Download Chart
GilbertEbeenzer 85135Download Chart
GilbertElsey, Mrs. 8516Download Chart
GilbertHannah, Mrs. 85134Download Chart
GilbertIsaacCanada8516Download Chart
GilbertJane, Mrs. 85134Download Chart
GilbertJosiah 6194Download Chart
GilbertMaryNY, USA6191Download Chart
GilbertMaryNY, USA6194Download Chart
GilbertMary, Mrs 6194Download Chart
GilbertMary, Mrs 8516Download Chart
GilbertMatthew 85134Download Chart
GilbertMosesFairfield, CT, USA6194Download Chart
GilbertRebecca, Mrs. 8516Download Chart
GilbertRebecca, Mrs. 85134Download Chart
GilbertRebecca, Mrs. 85135Download Chart
GilbertSamuel 85134Download Chart
GilbertSarah, Mrs.Fairfield, CT, USA6194Download Chart
GilbertSarah, Mrs. 6194Download Chart
GilesElizabeth, Mrs. 1751Download Chart
GilesEthel LydiaOntario, Canada1751Download Chart
GilesMary Ann, Mrs. 1751Download Chart
GilesWilliamEngland1751Download Chart
GilesWilliam ThomasEngland1751Download Chart
GitschlagAugusta, Mrs. 8911Download Chart
GitschlagCaroline, Mrs. 8911Download Chart
GitschlagErnest 8911Download Chart
GittschlagGenevieve J., Mrs. 8911Download Chart
GittschlagHarry JamesDetroit, MI, USA8911Download Chart
GlaserLouiseGermany1752Download Chart
GlassSarahPA, USA2301Download Chart
GlinesAgnes Wright, Mrs. 4771Download Chart
GlinesCharles DanaRockville, OH, USA4771Download Chart
GlinesHarriette B., Mrs. 4771Download Chart
GlinesJohn EldridgeNaperville, IL, USA4771Download Chart
GlinesJohn Lewis, M.D.Beverly, OH, USA4771Download Chart
GlinesLetha Melissa, Mrs. 4771Download Chart
GlinesMaizie Irene, Mrs. 4771Download Chart
GlinesMarilyn BarbaraBattle Creek, Calhoun Co., MI, USA4771Download Chart
GlinesWilliam C., M.D.Marietta, OH, USA4771Download Chart
GodboutMarguerite 7991Download Chart
GodboutMarguerite 7992Download Chart
GodboutMarguerite 7993Download Chart
GodboutMarguerite 7994Download Chart
GodboutMarie, Mrs. 7992Download Chart
GodboutMarie, Mrs. 7993Download Chart
GodboutMarie, Mrs. 7994Download Chart
GodfrieJane 83512Download Chart
GoedelChristina 9361Download Chart
GojdicsElias, Rev.Co. Zemplin, Hungary3291Download Chart
GojdicsGyorgyCo. Zemplin, Hungary3291Download Chart
GojdicsIstvanCo. Zemplin, Hungary3291Download Chart
GojdicsMargaretBridgeport, CT, USA3291Download Chart
GojdicsMargaretBridgeport, CT, USA3292Download Chart
GojdicsMaria, Mrs. 3291Download Chart
GojdicsMaria, Mrs. 3291Download Chart
GojdicsMaria, Mrs. 3291Download Chart
GojdicsStephen 3291Download Chart
GoldDianaLondon, England85148Download Chart
GoldDianaLondon, England85155Download Chart
GoldDianaLondon, England85156Download Chart
GoldRichardLondon, England85156Download Chart
GonzalezVivian Maria 8411Download Chart
GoodAnnaFairfield Co., OH, USA4911Download Chart
GoodboutFrancois 7992Download Chart
GoodboutFrancois 7993Download Chart
GoodboutFrancois 7994Download Chart
GoodspeedMehitableLincoln Co., ME, USA9113Download Chart
GoodspeedRose 2742Download Chart
GoodspeedRose 27411Download Chart
GoodwinHannah, Mrs. 2747Download Chart
GoodwinHulda, Mrs. 2747Download Chart
GoodwinIsaacHartford Co., CT, USA2747Download Chart
GoodwinMabel, Mrs. 2747Download Chart
GoodwinMary, Mrs. 2748Download Chart
GoodwinMehetable, Mrs. 2747Download Chart
GoodwinMehetable, Mrs. 2748Download Chart
GoodwinMehetable, Mrs. 27419Download Chart
GoodwinNathanielHartford Co., CT, USA2747Download Chart
GoodwinNathanielHartford Co., CT, USA2748Download Chart
GoodwinNathanielHartford Co., CT, USA27419Download Chart
GoodwinOziasEssex, England2748Download Chart
GoodwinSamuelFranklin Co., NY, USA2747Download Chart
GoodwinSamuel Mix 2749Download Chart
GoodwinSusanna S. 4461Download Chart
GoodwinSusanna, Mrs. 2748Download Chart
GoodwinUriahHartford Co., CT, USA2747Download Chart
GoodwinWilliamHartford Co., CT, USA2748Download Chart
GordonCatherine, Mrs. 8511Download Chart
GordonGilbert 8511Download Chart
GordonLinus DavidWayne Co., NY, USA8511Download Chart
GordonMary, Mrs. 8511Download Chart
GordonMinnie BelleMason Co., MO, USA8511Download Chart
GoscheCatherineBelgium9011Download Chart
GottLucretia 9121Download Chart
GourdonSuzanne 7991Download Chart
GourleyDavid B. 8382Download Chart
GourleyHarriet ElizabethVandergrift, PA, USA8382Download Chart
GourleyRhoda, Mrs. 8382Download Chart
GraffChristina 7831Download Chart
GraffEliScioto Co., OH, USA6001Download Chart
GraffHarriet 6001Download Chart
GraffHarriet (Birdie)Scioto Co., OH, USA6001Download Chart
GrahamAbigail, Mrs. 2883Download Chart
GrahamAbigail, Mrs. 2884Download Chart
GrahamBetsy JaneBristol Co., MA, USA2881Download Chart
GrahamBetsy JaneBristol Co., MA, USA2882Download Chart
GrahamBetsy JaneBristol Co., MA, USA2883Download Chart
GrahamBetsy JaneBristol Co., MA, USA2884Download Chart
GrahamChristopherIreland1751Download Chart
GrahamElizabeth, Mrs. 55312Download Chart
GrahamLydia, Mrs. 1751Download Chart
GrahamMary AnnCanada1751Download Chart
GrahamMary AnnIreland55312Download Chart
GrahamMary, Mrs. 2884Download Chart
GrahamRobert 55312Download Chart
GrahamWilliamGlasgow, Scotland2883Download Chart
GrahamWilliamGlasgow, Scotland2884Download Chart
GrahamWilliamGlasgow, Scotland2884Download Chart
GrantAlexanderRosshire, Scotland9071Download Chart
GrantDelia Ethel, Mrs. 9071Download Chart
GrantDonaldGlasgow, Scotland9071Download Chart
GrantMargaret AlexandriaHoughton Co., MI, USA9071Download Chart
GrantMartha, Mrs. 9071Download Chart
GravesAlcy CarolineGiles Co., TN, USA8381Download Chart
GravesAlcy CarolineGiles Co., TN, USA8383Download Chart
GravesCatherine, Mrs. 8383Download Chart
GravesCatherine, Mrs. 83810Download Chart
GravesLenard H. 8383Download Chart
GravesLenard H. 83810Download Chart
GrayAlice EnaBarrie, Ontario, Canada8831Download Chart
GrayElizabethIreland8355Download Chart
GrayHester Ann, Mrs. 8831Download Chart
GrayJamesNorth Ireland8831Download Chart
GrayJohnNorth Ireland8831Download Chart
GrayMary, Mrs. 8355Download Chart
GrayNiegel 8355Download Chart
GrayRebecca, Mrs. 8831Download Chart
GreenAnjeanette, Mrs. 9321Download Chart
GreenBenjaminOntario Co., NY, USA1751Download Chart
GreenElizabeth, Mrs. 1751Download Chart
GreenElizabeth, Mrs. 9321Download Chart
GreenEmily MariettaFranklin, Oakland Co., MI, USA9361Download Chart
GreenFrank AllisterMacomb Co., MI, USA9321Download Chart
GreenGeorge WVT, USA9361Download Chart
GreenGeorge WashingtonGreene Co., NY, USA9321Download Chart
GreenLydiaMarcus Hook, PA, USA8161Download Chart
GreenMary, Mrs. 8161Download Chart
GreenNancy Baldwin, Mrs. 9361Download Chart
GreenRebeccaRedford, Wayne Co., MI, USA1751Download Chart
GreenRuth UnetaChicago, Cook Co., IL, USA9321Download Chart
GreenSharpless 8161Download Chart
GreenmanMary Emma, Mrs. 8871Download Chart
GreenwoodMarie Antoinette 2291Download Chart
GremonprezAliceBelgium7065Download Chart
GremonprezAloitousBelgium7065Download Chart
GremonprezMarie, Mrs.Belgium7065Download Chart
GrieveAnnie 9431Download Chart
GrieveJamesOntario, Canada9431Download Chart
Grieve Mary, Mrs.Ontario, Canada9431Download Chart
GriffinAbsolom HenryVA, USA1871Download Chart
GriffinCharles ThomasBushnell Twp., MI, USA6151Download Chart
GriffinElectra, Mrs. 6151Download Chart
GriffinElizabeth Susan, Mrs.VA, USA1871Download Chart
GriffinGeorge S. 6151Download Chart
GriffinGeorge SmithN. MI, USA6151Download Chart
GriffinHanna (Jane), Mrs. 6151Download Chart
GriffinJenniePetosky, Emmet Co., MI, USA6151Download Chart
GriffinMary Agnes, Mrs. 6151Download Chart
GriffinPhebe 8161Download Chart
GriffinSusan E.Mechinberg, VA, USA1871Download Chart
GriffithEllen Mary, Mrs. 7631Download Chart
GriffithHelen MaryHillsdale Co., MI, USA8561Download Chart
GriffithJohnCo. Mayo, Ireland7631Download Chart
GriffithJohnCo. Mayo, Ireland8561Download Chart
GriffithMartha 6081Download Chart
GriffithMary Sarah, Mrs. 7631Download Chart
GriffithMary Sarah, Mrs. 8561Download Chart
GriffithThomas 7631Download Chart
GriffonMary S. 6951Download Chart
GristElizabethPA, USA8902Download Chart
GriswoldAbigailHartford Co., CT, USA2747Download Chart
GriswoldAbigailHartford Co., CT, USA5112Download Chart
GriswoldAbigail, Mrs. 2747Download Chart
GriswoldAbigail, Mrs. 27422Download Chart
GriswoldAbigail, Mrs. 27423Download Chart
GriswoldEdwardEngland85138Download Chart
GriswoldJacob II 2747Download Chart
GriswoldJacob II 27422Download Chart
GriswoldJacob II 27423Download Chart
GriswoldMaryHartford Co., CT, USA85138Download Chart
GriswoldMichael 27422Download Chart
GriswoldThomas 27422Download Chart
GrohCharlesTrenton, Wayne Co., MI, USA7151Download Chart
GrohFlorence MariamRockwood, Wayne Co., MI, USA7151Download Chart
GrohJohnSarr, Germany7151Download Chart
GrohJulien, Mrs. 7151Download Chart
GrohMargaret Genevieve, Mrs. 7151Download Chart
GrojitzkiAugustTerwitz (?), West Prussia (?)9011Download Chart
GrojitzkiWilhelminaDetroit, MI, USA9011Download Chart
GrojitzkiWilhelmina, Mrs. 9011Download Chart
GroomerElizabeth W., Mrs. 8846Download Chart
GroomerMary S.Louisville, KY, USA8841Download Chart
GroomerMary S.Louisville, KY, USA8845Download Chart
GroomerMary S.Louisville, KY, USA8846Download Chart
GroomerWilliamKY, USA8846Download Chart
GrosAnnaWilnsdorf, Germany18713Download Chart
GrosThomas 18713Download Chart
GrosseLaura Bertha 7996Download Chart
GrosvenorCaroline C.Olean, NY, USA6261Download Chart
GrosvenorClarissa, Mrs. 6261Download Chart
GrosvenorJohn 6261Download Chart
GroveEleanor, Mrs. 8902Download Chart
GroveElizabethFrederick Co., VA, USA8902Download Chart
GroveJohnFrederick Co., VA, USA8902Download Chart
GroveJohn WilliamVA, USA8902Download Chart
GroveMary, Mrs. 8902Download Chart
GroverElizabethCanada7132Download Chart
Grundyke/GroendykeSarahNJ, USA8871Download Chart
GrunlingCatherina 9012Download Chart
GulickAnna 9241Download Chart
GulickDuminka, Mrs. 9241Download Chart
GulickMichael 9241Download Chart
GulleyAlice 85123Download Chart
GulleyAlice 85126Download Chart
GulleyAlice 85132Download Chart
GulleyJohn 85123Download Chart
GulleyJohn 85126Download Chart
GulleyJohn 85132Download Chart
GulliverLydia 27414Download Chart
GundermanMargaretNJ, USA9121Download Chart
GurdonElizabethSuffolk, England85148Download Chart
GurdonElizabeth, Mrs. 85148Download Chart
GurdonElizabeth, Mrs. 85154Download Chart
GurdonNathaniel, Rev. 85148Download Chart
GurdonNathaniel, Rev. 85154Download Chart
GuthJoseph 4911Download Chart
GuthMagdalena, Mrs. 4911Download Chart
GutowskyGottfriedGermany4271Download Chart
GutowskyHenrietta WilhelminaGermany4271Download Chart
GutowskyJulianna, Mrs. 4271Download Chart
GutteridgeLydia 51118Download Chart
GuyBarbara Ellen 8411Download Chart
HaasCarolenaMacomb Co., MI, USA8871Download Chart
HaasCharlesBad Doberan, Mecklenburg, Germany8871Download Chart
HaasLuise Dorothea Carolena, Mrs. 8871Download Chart
HaaseAlbertinaGermany7151Download Chart
Haase/HaassAnna Marie Christine, Mrs. 8871Download Chart
Haasse/HaassKarlGermany8871Download Chart
HackettAdah, Mrs. 3871Download Chart
HackettGeorge SamuelFillmore Co., MN, USA3871Download Chart
HackettHarriet Ann, Mrs. 3871Download Chart
HackettHope SophroniaNobles Co., MN, USA3871Download Chart
HackettMartha Minerva, Mrs. 3871Download Chart
HackettSamuelOrange Co., VT, USA3871Download Chart
HackettTrueworthy 3871Download Chart
HagensiekerMaria D.MO, USA8341Download Chart
HagensiekerMaria D.MO, USA8342Download Chart
HaightPhebeWashington6195Download Chart
HakkilaJohannaVaasa, Finland9071Download Chart
HaleLewis 95314Download Chart
HaleMary Ann 9531Download Chart
HaleMary Ann 95314Download Chart
HallAbigail 85110Download Chart
HallAlbion Keith ParrisJackson Co., MI, USA7801Download Chart
HallAlbion Keith Parris 7801Download Chart
HallElizabeth, Mrs. 5533Download Chart
HallEsther, Mrs. 51117Download Chart
HallFrank Kenneth ParrisJackson Co., MI, USA7801Download Chart
HallHarriette EllenJackson Co., MI, USA7801Download Chart
HallHester/Esther 5533Download Chart
HallJane 6143Download Chart
HallJane 6146Download Chart
HallJane, Mrs. 6146Download Chart
HallJohnWarwickshire, England5533Download Chart
HallLucy Lucina, Mrs. 7801Download Chart
HallPercival 6146Download Chart
HallRebeccaHartford, CT, USA8357Download Chart
HallSarah 51117Download Chart
HallSarah Louisa, Mrs. 7801Download Chart
HallVera Madoline, Mrs. 7801Download Chart
HallWilliam 51117Download Chart
HallWilliamYarmouth, MA, USA5533Download Chart
HalloranNoraIreland8911Download Chart
HalpinFlorence, Mrs. 6971Download Chart
HalpinJohnWest Point, NY, USA6971Download Chart
HalpinLawrenceLapeer Co., MI, USA6971Download Chart
HalpinMargaret, Mrs. 6971Download Chart
HalpinMark 6971Download Chart
HalpinMary JoAnneLapeer Co., MI, USA6971Download Chart
HalpinNora, Mrs. 6971Download Chart
HamenAnnie, Mrs. 2301Download Chart
HamenCatherineMuskegon Co., MI, USA2301Download Chart
HamenJohn 2301Download Chart
HamenMargaret, Mrs. 2301Download Chart
HamenMichaelLuxumberg, Germany2301Download Chart
HamiltonAnna MariaGenesee Co., NY, USA6081Download Chart
HamiltonJohnTyrone Co., Ireland6001Download Chart
HamiltonMaryLawrence Co., OH, USA6001Download Chart
HamiltonNarcissa, Mrs. 6001Download Chart
HammerschmidtBarbara, Mrs. 2301Download Chart
HammerschmidtElizabeth Josephine, Mrs. 2301Download Chart
HammerschmidtEvelyn AntoinetteMuskegon Co., MI, USA2301Download Chart
HammerschmidtFrankPrussia2301Download Chart
HammerschmidtJosephKent Co., MI, USA2301Download Chart
HammondCloma 8901Download Chart
HampsonAnna HelenaIL, USA5781Download Chart
HampsonGeorge Elias 5781Download Chart
HampsonIda Adelaide, Mrs. 5781Download Chart
HanbyCurtis ClaytonHanby's Corners, DE, USA8161Download Chart
HanbyLydia, Mrs. 8161Download Chart
HanbyMarilyn FayePontiac, Oakland Co., MI8161Download Chart
HanbyNita Faye, Mrs. 8161Download Chart
HanbyPhebe Booth, Mrs. 8161Download Chart
HanbySarah Ann, Mrs. 8161Download Chart
HanbySharpless GreenHanby's Corners, DE, USA8161Download Chart
HanbyWilliam 8161Download Chart
HanbyWilliam DillwynWilmington, DE, USA8161Download Chart
HanceRejoice 6196Download Chart
HandAbigailHartford Co., CT, USA2747Download Chart
HandAbigailHartford Co., CT, USA27422Download Chart
HandAbigailHartford Co., CT, USA27423Download Chart
HandStephen 27423Download Chart
HaneyAnna ElizabethSimcoe, Ontario, Canada9121Download Chart
HaneyEbenezerIreland9121Download Chart
HaneyLinda, Mrs. 9121Download Chart
HaneyMrs 9121Download Chart
HaneyPeter S.Canada9121Download Chart
HankinsonEleanor 8431Download Chart
HansenCatharinaGermany40410Download Chart
HansenElizabeth 4055Download Chart
HansenMarie ChristineDenmark7261Download Chart
HappelJohanna, Mrs. 3291Download Chart
HappelKarolyKoverst, Hungary3291Download Chart
HappelMariaEzstergom, Hungary3291Download Chart
HarcusFrances Lee, Mrs. 7261Download Chart
HarcusSinclair John 7261Download Chart
HardestyAnnaLewisville, IN, USA5922Download Chart
HardingAbraham 85117Download Chart
HardingDeborah, Mrs. 85117Download Chart
HardingMercy 8514Download Chart
HardingMercy 85117Download Chart
HarmonGuy 8871Download Chart
HarmonIda Louise, Mrs. 8871Download Chart
HarmonJane 8091Download Chart
HarnazaDuminka 9241Download Chart
HarperMaryVA, USA6581Download Chart
HarperRussel A. 9121Download Chart
HarperSue Ann, Mrs. 9121Download Chart
HarriganCatherine Elnora, Mrs. 6155Download Chart
HarriganCatherine Louise, Mrs. 6155Download Chart
HarriganCatherine Louise, Mrs. 6156Download Chart
HarriganChristina, Mrs. 6155Download Chart
HarriganDavid 6155Download Chart
HarriganDavid DanielIreland6155Download Chart
HarriganElizabeth, Mrs. 6155Download Chart
HarriganFrancis DavidSaginaw, MI, USA6155Download Chart
HarriganFrancis DavidSaginaw, MI, USA6155Download Chart
HarriganFrancis DavidSaginaw, MI, USA6156Download Chart
HarrisCatherine, Mrs. 7581Download Chart
HarrisEffie MatildaDryden, Lapeer Co., MI, USA8371Download Chart
HarrisEffie MatildaDryden, Lapeer Co., MI, USA8373Download Chart
HarrisEffie MatildaDryden, Lapeer Co., MI, USA8374Download Chart
HarrisElizabethIndian Territory, OK, USA7052Download Chart
HarrisHannah 8161Download Chart
HarrisHeberLancashire, England8374Download Chart
HarrisHenry AustinOntario, Canada8751Download Chart
HarrisHiramWindham Co., CT, USA8374Download Chart
HarrisJames H.Ontario Co., NY, USA7581Download Chart
HarrisLettecia, Mrs. 7581Download Chart
HarrisLutherLapeer Co., MI, USA8374Download Chart
HarrisMarion RobinaDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA8751Download Chart
HarrisMary Jane, Mrs. 8751Download Chart
HarrisMary T., Mrs. 8374Download Chart
HarrisMildred May, Mrs. 8751Download Chart
HarrisPatience AbigailOH, USA9071Download Chart
HarrisPhoebe AnnWayne Co., MI, USA7581Download Chart
HarrisPolly, Mrs. 8374Download Chart
HarrisPolly, Mrs. 8374Download Chart
HarrisRobina Melissa, Mrs. 8751Download Chart
HarrisSilas 7581Download Chart
HarrisThomasYork, Ireland8751Download Chart
HarrisThomas EdwardSanilac Co., MI, USA8751Download Chart
Harris Dorcas 8356Download Chart
HarrisonElizabethTN, USA8383Download Chart
HarrisonMartha Hobbs, Mrs. 8383Download Chart
HarrisonWilliam H. 8383Download Chart
HartSarah (Lady Dubay?) 4461Download Chart
HartmezAnna MarieGermany6581Download Chart
HarttEdna ErnestineKingston, MI, USA8161Download Chart
HarttEdward J.prob Canada8161Download Chart
HarttElizabeth Dexter, Mrs. 8161Download Chart
HarttJob 8161Download Chart
HarttSarah, Mrs. 8161Download Chart
HartungJane ElizabethWabasha, MN, USA7891Download Chart
HartungJohn FrederickSaxony, Germany7891Download Chart
HartungMargaret Ann, Mrs. 7891Download Chart
HartungMary/Maria, Mrs. 7891Download Chart
HartungWolfgang 7891Download Chart
HarveyBetsey 2621Download Chart
HarveyLucinda F. 4461Download Chart
HarveySarah 27421Download Chart
HarveySarah 51114Download Chart
HarwellAnne, Mrs. 8387Download Chart
HarwellElizabethVA, USA8387Download Chart
HarwellSamuelBrunswick Co., VA, USA8387Download Chart
HaskellGladys Leota, Mrs. 8831Download Chart
HaskellJohn FrancisDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA8831Download Chart
HasseFrederickaMecklenburg, Germany9116Download Chart
HastingsElizabeth 85152Download Chart
HatchAsaGenesee Co., MI, USA8281Download Chart
HatchBethia 5533Download Chart
HatchElizabeth, Mrs. 5533Download Chart
HatchMargaret, Mrs.NY, USA8281Download Chart
HatchMary E.Niagara Co., NY, USA8281Download Chart
HatchWalterKent, England5533Download Chart
HatfieldCarrie MaudeMadison Co., KY, USA8711Download Chart
HatfieldFrances Jane, Mrs. 8711Download Chart
HatfieldLucinda Moody, Mrs. 8711Download Chart
HatfieldLynch 8711Download Chart
HatfieldWilliam ElishaSneedville, TN, USA8711Download Chart
HathawayAbigailBristol Co., MA, USA8515Download Chart
HathawayAbigailBristol Co., MA, USA85128Download Chart
HathawayAbigailBristol Co., MA, USA85129Download Chart
HathawayHannah 8512Download Chart
HathawayHannah 85111Download Chart
HathawayHannah 85112Download Chart
HathawayHannah, Mrs. 85112Download Chart
HathawayHannah, Mrs. 85129Download Chart
HathawayJohnBristol Co., MA, USA85112Download Chart
HathawayJohnEngland85112Download Chart
HathawayJohnBristol Co., MA, USA85129Download Chart
HathawayJohnEngland85129Download Chart
HathawayMartha, Mrs. 85112Download Chart
HathawayMartha, Mrs. 85129Download Chart
HathawayNicholasEngland85112Download Chart
HathawayNicholasEngland85129Download Chart
HathawayThomas 85129Download Chart
HathorneJohnBinfield, Berks Co., England2885Download Chart
HathornePriscillaSalem, MA, USA2885Download Chart
HathorneSarah, Mrs. 2885Download Chart
HathorneSarah, Mrs.Bray, England2885Download Chart
HathorneWilliam 2885Download Chart
HattenCatherine, Mrs. 4044Download Chart
HattenMargaretPA, USA4044Download Chart
HattenWilliam, Jr. 4044Download Chart
HattenWilliam, Sr. 4044Download Chart
HauensteinBruce T. 5031Download Chart
HauensteinJudith Ann, Mrs. 5031Download Chart
HauseMary AnnNY, USA7011Download Chart
HavilandHannah S.Livingston Co., MI, USA9461Download Chart
HavilandJacob B.NY, USA9461Download Chart
HavilandRebecca M, Mrs. 9461Download Chart
HawesDeliverance 7241Download Chart
HawkDavidPA, USA4044Download Chart
HawkElizabeth, Mrs. 4044Download Chart
HawkGladys JaneSeneca Co., OH, USA4041Download Chart
HawkJohn BenjaminSulpher Springs, OH, USA4041Download Chart
HawkJohn BenjaminSulpher Springs, OH, USA4044Download Chart
HawkJohn BenjaminSulpher Springs, OH, USA4045Download Chart
HawkJohn GeorgePA, USA4044Download Chart
HawkMargaret, Mrs. 4044Download Chart
HawkOlive E., Mrs. 4041Download Chart
HawkOlive E., Mrs. 4044Download Chart
HawkOlive E., Mrs. 4045Download Chart
HawkinsGeorge W.NY, USA8751Download Chart
HawkinsPhoebeNY, USA8751Download Chart
HawkinsRedensey, Mrs. 8751Download Chart
HayAnne 83811Download Chart
HayGeorge, 2nd Earl 83811Download Chart
HayMaryKinnoull, Scotland83811Download Chart
HaydenMinervaCT, USA6193Download Chart
HaydenMiriam 7241Download Chart
HaysMary 8355Download Chart
HaywaldClare Joseph 9051Download Chart
HaywaldJoy AnnePontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA9051Download Chart
HaywaldVirginia, Mrs. 9051Download Chart
HaywardHannah 8514Download Chart
HaywardHannah 8515Download Chart
HaywardHannah 85130Download Chart
HaywardHannah 85131Download Chart
HaywardHuldah 85119Download Chart
HaywardHuldah 85130Download Chart
HaywardJudith (Phippen) 27416Download Chart
HaywardMargery, Mrs. 85119Download Chart
HaywardMargery, Mrs. 85120Download Chart
HaywardMargery, Mrs. 85130Download Chart
HaywardMargery, Mrs. 85131Download Chart
HaywardMehitabell, Mrs. 8514Download Chart
HaywardMehitabell, Mrs. 85120Download Chart
HaywardMehitabell, Mrs. 85131Download Chart
HaywardSamuel 8514Download Chart
HaywardSamuel 85120Download Chart
HaywardSamuel 85121Download Chart
HaywardSamuel 85131Download Chart
HaywardWilliam 85119Download Chart
HaywardWilliam 85120Download Chart
HaywardWilliam 85130Download Chart
HaywardWilliam 85131Download Chart
HealdEunice 6143Download Chart
HearneAlice 7241Download Chart
HearshepWilliam 8711Download Chart
HearsnepAnnie JosephineUSA8711Download Chart
HearsnepLouisa, Mrs. 8711Download Chart
HeatonClarissa, Mrs. 8411Download Chart
HeatonEliza AdelineBunker Hill, MI, USA8411Download Chart
HeatonGeorge Elias 8411Download Chart
HegenbarthAnna MariaRoschbach, Germany79511Download Chart
HegenbarthJoannes 79511Download Chart
HegenbarthMaria E., Mrs. 79511Download Chart
HeilceMary Theresa 9361Download Chart
HeimesMargaretha 4471Download Chart
HeimesRegina 7631Download Chart
HeiningfieldKatharineGermany7011Download Chart
HeislerAlbert, Jr.Cedar Co., IA, USA8872Download Chart
HeislerAlbert, Sr.Lancaster Co., PA, USA8872Download Chart
HeislerAnna Marie, Mrs. 8872Download Chart
HeislerEliza Ann, Mrs. 8872Download Chart
HeislerHarold ReidBenton Co., IA, USA8872Download Chart
HeislerJennie May, Mrs. 8872Download Chart
HeislerJosephWurttemburg, Germany8872Download Chart
HeislerJosephWurttemburg, Germany8872Download Chart
HeislerLaura, Mrs. 8872Download Chart
HeislerLillian, Mrs. 8872Download Chart
HeislerRebecca, Mrs. 8872Download Chart
HellerElizabeth 5034Download Chart
HelmsCatherineHudson, NY, USA2631Download Chart
HendersonJaneIreland4771Download Chart
HendricksMargaret 1878Download Chart
HeneyChristianEngland2632Download Chart
HenkelAnna Mary, Mrs. 7631Download Chart
HenkelAnna Mary, Mrs. 8561Download Chart
HenkelAnthony JohnArpe, Prussia7631Download Chart
HenkelAnthony JohnArpe, Prussia7631Download Chart
HenkelAnthony JohnArpe, Prussia8561Download Chart
HenkelAnthony JohnArpe, Prussia8561Download Chart
HenkelElisabeth, Mrs. 7631Download Chart
HenkelFerdinand JosephMercer Co., OH, USA8561Download Chart
HenkelHelen KayHighland Park, Wayne Co., MI, USA7631Download Chart
HenkelJohann Anton 7631Download Chart
HenkelKathleen Agnes, Mrs. 7631Download Chart
HenkelKathleen Agnes, Mrs. 8561Download Chart
HenkelMaria E., Mrs.  7631Download Chart
HenkelMaria E., Mrs.  8561Download Chart
HenkelPatricia AnnWayne Co., MI, USA8561Download Chart
HenkleArah Lodema, Mrs. 9421Download Chart
HenkleByron RobertHardin Co., OH, USA9421Download Chart
HenkleCyrus WilsonHardin Co., OH, USA9421Download Chart
HenkleDonzell DesotaHardin Co., OH, USA9421Download Chart
HenkleElizabeth Caroline, Mrs. 9421Download Chart
HenkleFrances Irene, Mrs. 9421Download Chart
HenkleMadelyn Marie, Mrs. 9421Download Chart
HenkleMary FrancesWayne Co., MI, USA9421Download Chart
HenkleWilliam RobertWayne Co., MI, USA9421Download Chart
HennikerMary Eliizabeth 6158Download Chart
HerbsMaria M. 79511Download Chart
HerronCatherineGore of Downie, Canada Western6241Download Chart
HesseElisabethElspe, Germany4471Download Chart
HesseJohannes 4471Download Chart
HesseMargaretha, Mrs. 4471Download Chart
Hetherington -----------------England8356Download Chart
HetheringtonChristmas H.PA, USA8356Download Chart
HetheringtonMargaret M, Mrs. 8356Download Chart
HetheringtonRhoda MariaKnox Co., OH, USA8356Download Chart
HetzelBarbara 9118Download Chart
HeussnerLinda Elizabeth 7064Download Chart
HewesAnnie Julia, Mrs. 8161Download Chart
HewesJulia 8981Download Chart
HewesPhebe BoothChester, PA, USA8161Download Chart
HewesPhebe, Mrs. 8161Download Chart
HewesSamuel 8161Download Chart
HewesWilliam James 8161Download Chart
HewittAnna 95313Download Chart
HewittFredBoulder, Co., USA8381Download Chart
HewittFrederick ArthurPontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA8381Download Chart
HewittHope Marie, Mrs. 8381Download Chart
HewittJennet, Mrs. 8381Download Chart
HewittJohn WilliamEngland8381Download Chart
HewittSarah, Mrs. 8381Download Chart
HewittSteven FrederickPontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA8381Download Chart
HewittVirginia Lynn, Mrs. 8381Download Chart
HewittWilliamYork, Sheffield, England8381Download Chart
HeyAnna A., Mrs. 8281Download Chart
HeyCharlesRussia8281Download Chart
HeyDianna, Mrs. 8281Download Chart
HeyGodfrey 8281Download Chart
HeyHelen IreneIngham Co., MI, USA8281Download Chart
HeyJohn W.Isabella Co., MI, USA8281Download Chart
HeyMary M., Mrs. 8281Download Chart
HeyNaomi B., Mrs. 8281Download Chart
HeyOscarRives Junction, MI, USA8281Download Chart
HibbardAbigail, Mrs. 6197Download Chart
HibbardAlmiraGenesee Co., MI, USA6191Download Chart
HibbardAlmiraGenesee Co., MI, USA6197Download Chart
HibbardElizabeth, Mrs. 6197Download Chart
HibbardJohnRoyalton, VT, USA6197Download Chart
HibbardJohnCanterbury, CT, USA6197Download Chart
HibbardJohn, Jr.Hampton, CT, USA6197Download Chart
HibbardRoxie, Mrs. 6197Download Chart
HickmanMaryEngland83514Download Chart
HickmottCelia Mary, Mrs. 2291Download Chart
HickmottJamesHorsmanden, Kent, England2291Download Chart
HickmottJohn 2291Download Chart
HickmottMary, Mrs. 2291Download Chart
HickmottMildred FrancisPontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA2291Download Chart
HicksBaptist, Sir.England85142Download Chart
HicksDorcas 85128Download Chart
HicksJamesEngland85128Download Chart
HicksJamesEngland85142Download Chart
HicksJamesEngland85143Download Chart
HicksJoan, Mrs. 85142Download Chart
HicksLydia, Mrs. 85128Download Chart
HicksMargaret 85128Download Chart
HicksNancy, Mrs. 85142Download Chart
HicksPhebe, Mrs. 85128Download Chart
HicksPhebe, Mrs. 85142Download Chart
HicksPhebe, Mrs. 85143Download Chart
HicksRobertSurrey, England85128Download Chart
HicksSamuelSurrey, England85128Download Chart
HicksThomas 85142Download Chart
HicksonAmelia Ann, Mrs. 6971Download Chart
HicksonEva MaudeEssex Co., Ontario, Canada6971Download Chart
HicksonLeonard 6971Download Chart
HiemesElisabeth 7631Download Chart
HildebrandNancyUnion District, SC, USA8384Download Chart
HildebrandtCatharine 7931Download Chart
HillAmelia, Mrs. 9051Download Chart
HillEthel Irene 9051Download Chart
HillLydia 1751Download Chart
HillMercyMoncalm Co., MI, USA6151Download Chart
HillWm. MorganClinton, IL, USA9051Download Chart
HillerArvilla Jane 95311Download Chart
HillerElizabethW. Bloomfield, Oakland Co., MI, USA9531Download Chart
HillerElizabethW. Bloomfield, Oakland Co., MI, USA95310Download Chart
HillerElizabethW. Bloomfield, Oakland Co., MI, USA95311Download Chart
HillerJacobChautauqua Co., NY, USA95311Download Chart
HillsFrancis 5118Download Chart
HiltonEleanor 9011Download Chart
HindsAnna 2889Download Chart
HinsdaleCaroline 7241Download Chart
HirdMaryYorkshire, England8681Download Chart
HiscockesJohn 83512Download Chart
HiscockesMary 83512Download Chart
HitchcockAbnerNew Marlboro, MA, USA8352Download Chart
HitchcockAbnerNew Milford, CT, USA8352Download Chart
HitchcockAdelia EmelineOakland Co., MI, USA9411Download Chart
HitchcockAlexandra KatherineSt. Louis, MO., USA8341Download Chart
HitchcockAlexandra KatherineSt. Louis, MO., USA8351Download Chart
HitchcockDavidSodus, NY, USA8352Download Chart
HitchcockDeborah, Mrs. 8352Download Chart
HitchcockDeborah, Mrs. 83512Download Chart
HitchcockDeborah, Mrs. 83513Download Chart
HitchcockElizabeth, Mrs. 83512Download Chart
HitchcockElmira, Mrs. 8352Download Chart
HitchcockGeorge AugustusUlster Co., NY, USA8351Download Chart
HitchcockGeorge AugustusUlster Co., NY, USA8352Download Chart
HitchcockGeorge AugustusUlster Co., NY, USA8353Download Chart
HitchcockGeorge FrancisSt. Louis, MO., USA8351Download Chart
HitchcockHannah, Mrs. 83512Download Chart
HitchcockHelen Leanne, Mrs. 8351Download Chart
HitchcockJames FrancisSt. Louis, MO., USA8351Download Chart
HitchcockJohnSpringfield, MA, USA83512Download Chart
HitchcockLukeWiltshire, England83512Download Chart
HitchcockMargaret, Mrs. 8351Download Chart
HitchcockOlive, Mrs. 9411Download Chart
HitchcockOrley ThomasVT, USA9411Download Chart
HitchcockRuth, Mrs. 8352Download Chart
HitchcockSamuelSpringfield, MA, USA8352Download Chart
HitchcockSamuelSpringfield, MA, USA83512Download Chart
HitchcockSamuelSpringfield, MA, USA83512Download Chart
HitchcockSamuelSpringfield, MA, USA83513Download Chart
HitchcockSarah Emma, Mrs. 8351Download Chart
HitchcockSarah Emma, Mrs. 8352Download Chart
HitchcockSarah Emma, Mrs. 8353Download Chart
HitchcockSarah, Mrs. 8352Download Chart
HitchcockSarah, Mrs. 83512Download Chart
HitchcockStella Ann, Mrs. 8351Download Chart
HitchcockWalter Gay 8351Download Chart
HobartRebecca 2888Download Chart
HobartRuth 6146Download Chart
HochsteinJohn 6121Download Chart
HochsteinMina, Mrs. 6121Download Chart
HochsteinTheresa A. 6121Download Chart
HockettLouisa 8711Download Chart
HodgkinsBetsy CoffinEssex Co., MA, USA9112Download Chart
HodgkinsElizabeth 2886Download Chart
HodgkinsElizabeth 2887Download Chart
HodgkinsSarah, Mrs. 9112Download Chart
HodgkinsThomas 9112Download Chart
HodgkinsThomas, Jr.Sagadahoc, Co., ME, USA9112Download Chart
HodsellFaith, Mrs. 2743Download Chart
HodsellJohn 2743Download Chart
HoekstraAtie, Mrs. 7954Download Chart
HoekstraJan JurjenMarrum, Netherlands7951Download Chart
HoekstraJan JurjenMarrum, Netherlands7954Download Chart
HoekstraJan JurjenMarrum, Netherlands7955Download Chart
HoekstraJan JurjensFerwerd, Netherlands7954Download Chart
HoekstraJantje Pieters 7954Download Chart
HoekstraJantjeYdes, Mrs. 7951Download Chart
HoekstraJantjeYdes, Mrs. 7954Download Chart
HoekstraJantjeYdes, Mrs. 7955Download Chart
HoekstraJurgen JansBlija, Netherlands7954Download Chart
HoekstraJurjen JansNijkerk, Netherlands7954Download Chart
HoekstraSibbeltje Wilkens, Mrs. 7954Download Chart
HoekstraSiebrigMarrum, Netherlands7951Download Chart
HoelkerElizabethFranklin Co., IN, USA5921Download Chart
HoelkerFranz JosephWestphalia, Germany5921Download Chart
HoelkerSophia, Mrs. 5921Download Chart
HoffmanJohnPrussia3292Download Chart
HoffmanMartha AmeliaBeiren, Prussia3292Download Chart
HoffmanMary MagdalenOH, USA2301Download Chart
HoffmanMary, Mrs. 3292Download Chart
HoganAbbie Rebecca, Mrs. 6421Download Chart
HoganCynthia Ann, Mrs. 6421Download Chart
HoganElijahNC, USA6421Download Chart
HoganGaston BarbeeDripping Springs, TX, USA6421Download Chart
HoganMartha, Mrs.TN6421Download Chart
HoganThelma LoreneErath Co., TX, USA6421Download Chart
HoganWilliam AlexanderMS, USA6421Download Chart
HogleEunice, Mrs. 8511Download Chart
HogleEva NorineOakland Co., MI, USA8511Download Chart
HogleJames LeroyOakland Co., MI, USA8511Download Chart
HogleMinnie Belle, Mrs. 8511Download Chart
HogleWilliam SidneyNY, USA8511Download Chart
HoitSarah 6145Download Chart
HolbrookElizabethSomerset, England5533Download Chart
HolbrookElizabeth, Mrs. 85125Download Chart
HolbrookElizabeth, Mrs. 85133Download Chart
HolbrookJane 85113Download Chart
HolbrookJane, Mrs. 85113Download Chart
HolbrookJane, Mrs. 85125Download Chart
HolbrookJane, Mrs. 85133Download Chart
HolbrookMehitabel 85125Download Chart
HolbrookMehitabel 85133Download Chart
HolbrookThomasDorset, England85113Download Chart
HolbrookThomasDorset, England85125Download Chart
HolbrookThomasDorset, England85133Download Chart
HolbrookThomas, Sir. 85113Download Chart
HolbrookThomas, Sir. 85125Download Chart
HolbrookThomas, Sir. 85133Download Chart
HolbrookWilliam 85125Download Chart
HolbrookWilliam 85133Download Chart
HolidayBenjamin K. 5781Download Chart
HolidayJane, Mrs. 5781Download Chart
HolidayJennieSaginaw Co., MI, USA5781Download Chart
HollandEllenorSaginaw Co., MI, USA9114Download Chart
HolmesJohn 27410Download Chart
HolmesMercy, Mrs. 27410Download Chart
HolmesNathanielPlymouth Co., MA, USA27410Download Chart
HolmesSarah 2742Download Chart
HolmesSarahPlymouth Co., MA, USA27410Download Chart
HolmesSarah, Mrs. 27410Download Chart
HolstonHennietta 9271Download Chart
HolstonHennietta 9271Download Chart
HoltLutherNH, USA51125Download Chart
HoltMartha, Mrs.Madison Co., NY, USA51125Download Chart
HoltzenthalAnnaFreilingen, Germany1876Download Chart
HoltzenthalJacobFreilingen, Germany1876Download Chart
HoneyballSara 6153Download Chart
HoogerwerffA. D. 7956Download Chart
HoopeMary H.NY, USA7992Download Chart
HooperCatharine 6971Download Chart
HooverAmelia, Mrs. 6152Download Chart
HooverAnna Dolores, Mrs. 6152Download Chart
HooverChristina, Mrs. 6158Download Chart
HooverCynthiaClinton Co., MI, USA6158Download Chart
HooverCynthia Ann, Mrs. 6158Download Chart
HooverGarthRoaring Springs, PA, USA6152Download Chart
HooverHarold MadisonDetroit ,MI, USA6152Download Chart
HooverHarold MadisonDetroit ,MI, USA6153Download Chart
HooverJacob 6158Download Chart
HooverJacobPA, USA6158Download Chart
HooverMary Ann Wooster 6191Download Chart
HooverMary Ann Wooster 6195Download Chart
HooverMary, Mrs. 6152Download Chart
HooverMary, Mrs. 6153Download Chart
HooverRudolphPA, USA6152Download Chart
HopkinsAureliaNY, USA2881Download Chart
HopkinsAureliaNY, USA2884Download Chart
HopkinsFrances 85126Download Chart
HopkinsJoanna, Mrs. 85126Download Chart
HopkinsWilliam 85126Download Chart
HorbeCarolineBurschin, Czechoslovakia79513Download Chart
HorbeFerdinandBurschin, Czechoslovakia79513Download Chart
HorbeFranciska, Mrs. 79513Download Chart
HorningAbraham A.Franklin Co., OH, USA4911Download Chart
HorningHester, Mrs. 4911Download Chart
HorningSarah AnnPaige Co., IA, USA4911Download Chart
HornungAnna, Mrs. 4911Download Chart
HornungCatharine M., Mrs. 4911Download Chart
HornungJohann A. 4911Download Chart
HornungJohann JakibSpackbrucken, Germany4911Download Chart
HorsepoolSarah 9539Download Chart
HortonRuth 8382Download Chart
HoseyEllen 9271Download Chart
HoskinsAbigail, Mrs. 2889Download Chart
HoskinsAnna, Mrs. 2889Download Chart
HoskinsAnne, Mrs. 2889Download Chart
HoskinsHenryIreland2889Download Chart
HoskinsLydia 2889Download Chart
HoskinsSamuel 2889Download Chart
HoskinsWilliamCo. Cork, Ireland2889Download Chart
Hoskins/HawkinsElizabeth 8711Download Chart
HouckCharlotte, Mrs. 9371Download Chart
HouckCharlotte, Mrs. 9372Download Chart
HouckCharlotte, Mrs. 9373Download Chart
HouckFred AndersonCalhoun Co., MI, USA9371Download Chart
HouckFred AndersonCalhoun Co., MI, USA9372Download Chart
HouckHannah, Mrs. 9372Download Chart
HouckJohn AbramCalhoun Co., MI, USA9371Download Chart
HouckJohn AbramCalhoun Co., MI, USA9372Download Chart
HouckJohn LynnCalhoun Co., MI, USA9371Download Chart
HouckJohn LynnCalhoun Co., MI, USA9372Download Chart
HouckJohn LynnCalhoun Co., MI, USA9373Download Chart
HouckJohn PhilipBethel, PA, USA9372Download Chart
HouckMargaret, Mrs. 9371Download Chart
HouckMargaret, Mrs. 9372Download Chart
HouckMyra Bell, Mrs. 9371Download Chart
HouckMyra Bell, Mrs. 9372Download Chart
HouckRachaelNappanee, Elkhart Co., IN, USA9371Download Chart
HouffCatherine, Mrs. 7831Download Chart
HouffCharles JohnBezdekov, Czech.7831Download Chart
HouffJoseph 7831Download Chart
HouffMary MagdelineFrederick, MD, USA7831Download Chart
HouffTheresa, Mrs. 7831Download Chart
HoweMaryPA, USA9431Download Chart
HowellSarah 7892Download Chart
HowellSarah IngrahmGA, USA6428Download Chart
HowlandDaniel 9115Download Chart
HowlandDaniel, Jr.Bristol Co., MA, USA9115Download Chart
HowlandEdith, Mrs. 9115Download Chart
HowlandSarah, Mrs. 9115Download Chart
HowlandTheresa S .Bristol Co., MA, USA9115Download Chart
HubbardAnnie LouMacon, GA, USA4961Download Chart
HubbardElizabeth 51110Download Chart
HubbardHarriet, Mrs. 4961Download Chart
HubbardJoseph CainSumter Co., GA, USA4961Download Chart
HubbardLouisa, Mrs. 4961Download Chart
HubbardWilliamMorgan Co., GA, USA4961Download Chart
HubbellClara HannahBig Flats, NY, USA7801Download Chart
HubbellLorinda M., Mrs. 7801Download Chart
HubbellSamuel W. 7801Download Chart
HubnerKlara 79513Download Chart
HuckinsMaryBarnstable, MA, USA5532Download Chart
HuckinsMary, Mrs. 5532Download Chart
HuckinsThomasEngland5532Download Chart
HuddlestonAnna Lois 8099Download Chart
HuddlestonDavid 7891Download Chart
HuddlestonJane, Mrs. 7891Download Chart
HuddlestonMargaret AnnErie Co., NY, USA7891Download Chart
HudginsAnna Magdalene, Mrs. 4931Download Chart
HudginsCharlotte Eva, Mrs. 4931Download Chart
HudginsClifford HenryArenac Co., MI, USA4931Download Chart
HudginsDavid JohnPrince Edw.C349 Co., Ontario, Canada4931Download Chart
HudginsElizabeth, Mrs. 4931Download Chart
HudginsEllen Alden, Mrs. 4931Download Chart
HudginsHarriet, Mrs. 4931Download Chart
HudginsIda May, Mrs. 4931Download Chart
HudginsJames AlbertHastings Co., Ontario, Canada4931Download Chart
HudginsNelsonBelleville, Ontario, Canada4931Download Chart
HudginsWilliam Alden Detroit ,MI, USA4931Download Chart
HudsonBenjamin  51120Download Chart
HudsonJoshua SmithVT, USA5111Download Chart
HudsonJoshua SmithVT, USA51120Download Chart
HudsonJoshua SmithVT, USA51121Download Chart
HudsonMilly, Mrs. 51120Download Chart
HudsonSarah, Mrs. 5111Download Chart
HudsonSarah, Mrs. 51120Download Chart
HudsonSarah, Mrs. 51121Download Chart
HuebelBarbara, Mrs. 79513Download Chart
HuebelCaroline, Mrs. 79513Download Chart
HuebelIdaBurschin, Czechoslovakia79513Download Chart
HuebelJosef Johann 79513Download Chart
HuebelMaria Anna, Mrs. 79513Download Chart
HuebelWilhelmLangenbruck, Czechoslovakia79513Download Chart
HuebelWilhelmLangenbruck, Czechoslovakia79513Download Chart
HughesAmy EugeniaWellington Co., Ontario, Canada7132Download Chart
HughesAmy EugeniaWellington Co., Ontario, Canada7133Download Chart
HughesChristopher 7581Download Chart
HughesElizabethToronto, Ontario, Canada7581Download Chart
HughesElizabeth, Mrs. 7581Download Chart
HughesNancyKY, USA1871Download Chart
HugheyCatherine 6001Download Chart
HullAbraham DownerSullivan Co., NH, USA8354Download Chart
HullAbram DownerMarshal Co., KS, USA8351Download Chart
HullAlbert ErnestSullivan Co., NH, USA8351Download Chart
HullAlbert ErnestSullivan Co., NH, USA8354Download Chart
HullAlbert ErnestSullivan Co., NH, USA8355Download Chart
HullAugusta Millia, Mrs. 8354Download Chart
HullDowner LeeRooks Co., KS, USA8351Download Chart
HullEliasStonington, CT, USA8354Download Chart
HullElithea Jane, Mrs. 8351Download Chart
HullElithea Jane, Mrs. 8354Download Chart
HullElithea Jane, Mrs. 8355Download Chart
HullElizabeth 8092Download Chart
HullElsie May, Mrs. 8351Download Chart
HullHelen LeannePhillips Co., KS, USA8351Download Chart
HullHoraceCT, USA8354Download Chart
HullMartha, Mrs. 8354Download Chart
HullMary, Mrs. 8354Download Chart
HullStephen 8354Download Chart
HullTaphena, Mrs. 8354Download Chart
HullThelma Eileen, Mrs. 8351Download Chart
HumphreysCatherineIreland55312Download Chart
HuneckAdamHofaschenbach, Germany79512Download Chart
HuneckCecilia, Mrs. 7951Download Chart
HuneckCecilia, Mrs. 79512Download Chart
HuneckMaria Elisabetha, Mrs. 79512Download Chart
HuneckRosinaAllegheny Co., PA7951Download Chart
HuneckVictorHofaschenbach, Germany7951Download Chart
HuneckVictorHofaschenbach, Germany79512Download Chart
HuntAudrey IreneLake Co., FL, USA8511Download Chart
HuntAudrey IreneLake Co., FL, USA85144Download Chart
HuntEliza Jane, Mrs. 85144Download Chart
HuntEugene BruceLake Co., FL, USA85144Download Chart
HuntEugene J.NY, USA85144Download Chart
HuntEunice, Mrs. 85144Download Chart
HuntHarriet Ivy, Mrs. 85144Download Chart
HuntMary T.Ontario Co., NY, USA8374Download Chart
HuntRobert, Rev. 85144Download Chart
HunterElizabethPeel Co., Ontario, Canada6582Download Chart
HunterJane, Mrs. 6582Download Chart
HunterJohnFermanaugh Co., Ireland6582Download Chart
HuntingElizabeth 28810Download Chart
HuntingEsther, Mrs. 28810Download Chart
HuntingJohn 28810Download Chart
HuntingtonElizabeth, Mrs. 7241Download Chart
HuntingtonHannah 7241Download Chart
HuntingtonRuth, Mrs. 7241Download Chart
HurdElizabeth Ellen 7801Download Chart
HustedChristine AnnDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA7065Download Chart
HustedHelen Ann, Mrs. 7065Download Chart
HustedWilliam Falley, Jr. 7065Download Chart
HustedWilliam Falley, Sr. 7065Download Chart
HustonJohn 83510Download Chart
HustonMaryBerrien Co., MI, USA83510Download Chart
HutchinsAlida AliceMalden, Ontario, Canada8831Download Chart
HutchinsHannah Ann, Mrs. 8831Download Chart
HutchinsJosephine, Mrs. 8831Download Chart
HutchinsLouisa 8357Download Chart
HutchinsSimon Peter 8831Download Chart
HutchinsWilliamDorchester, England8831Download Chart
HutchisonCharlotte, Mrs. 7051Download Chart
HutchisonJohn D.Boone Co., MO, USA7051Download Chart
HutchisonSarah (Saddie)Indian Territory, OK, USA7051Download Chart
HyselJemima 7011Download Chart
IhnathMaria Co. Ung, Hungary3291Download Chart
IrishAdliza 6081Download Chart
IrishAugusta NY, USA6081Download Chart
IrishCharles R. 6081Download Chart
IronsHazel Marian, Mrs. 7581Download Chart
IronsWilliam III 7581Download Chart
IrvineRebeccaNorth Ireland8831Download Chart
IsdellSarah LouisaPrinceton, Bureau Co., IL, USA8901Download Chart
IsdellSarah LouisaPrinceton, Bureau Co., IL, USA8902Download Chart
IshmaelDaniel 3871Download Chart
IshmaelElizabeth, Mrs. 3871Download Chart
IshmaelSusanIL, USA3871Download Chart
IvesElsie, Mrs. 6804Download Chart
IvesRuth, Mrs.Southfield, Oakland Co., MI, USA6801Download Chart
IvesRuth, Mrs.Southfield, Oakland Co., MI, USA6803Download Chart
IvesRuth, Mrs.Southfield, Oakland Co., MI, USA6804Download Chart
IvesWilliam 6804Download Chart
JacksonAllenOntario, Canada9421Download Chart
JacksonAlvin 9051Download Chart
JacksonAmbrose 8387Download Chart
JacksonAnneBrunswick Co., VA, USA8387Download Chart
JacksonElizabethYorkshire, England8681Download Chart
JacksonHelen, Mrs. 9051Download Chart
JacksonJamesYorkshire, England8681Download Chart
JacksonJessie Mae, Mrs. 9051Download Chart
JacksonJoy Anne, Mrs. 9051Download Chart
JacksonLester JosephMacomb Co., MI, USA9051Download Chart
JacksonLucretia Ann, Mrs. 9421Download Chart
JacksonMary Ann, Mrs. 9531Download Chart
JacksonMary Ann, Mrs. 95314Download Chart
JacksonMary, Mrs. 8681Download Chart
JacksonMichael JosephPontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA9051Download Chart
JacksonNancy Ann, Mrs. 9321Download Chart
JacksonNancy ElizabethIN, USA9321Download Chart
JacksonOrilla ElizabethCanada9421Download Chart
JacksonPhyllis Jean, Mrs. 9051Download Chart
JacksonPresleyRipley Co., IN, USA9321Download Chart
JacksonSarah AnnLincolnshire, England9531Download Chart
JacksonWilliam 9321Download Chart
JacksonWilliam ClaytonDearborn, Wayne Co., MI, USA9051Download Chart
JacksonWilliam Speed 9531Download Chart
JacksonWilliam Speed 95314Download Chart
JacobsenEelke 7956Download Chart
JanovichAugust, Rev.Hungary3291Download Chart
JanovichMariaEperjes, Hungary3291Download Chart
JanovichMary, Mrs. 3291Download Chart
JanseElsieKingston, NY, USA18718Download Chart
JanseEngeitje 18718Download Chart
JarvisHarriet AnnLincoln Co., OR, USA3871Download Chart
JarvisJamesMason, IL, USA3871Download Chart
JarvisSusan, Mrs. 3871Download Chart
JefferyJosephine  8831Download Chart
JefferyMargaret, Mrs. 8831Download Chart
JefferyMatthewNova Scotia8831Download Chart
JeffreyAmos Randal 8161Download Chart
JeffreyElizabeth Dexter 8161Download Chart
JeffreyPhebe, Mrs. 8161Download Chart
JencksEsther  8514Download Chart
JencksEsther  8515Download Chart
JencksEsther  85132Download Chart
JencksEsther  85133Download Chart
JencksEsther, Mrs. 85124Download Chart
JencksEsther, Mrs. 85133Download Chart
JencksJoseph 85124Download Chart
JencksJoseph 85133Download Chart
JencksPatience, Mrs. 8514Download Chart
JencksPatience, Mrs. 85124Download Chart
JencksPatience, Mrs. 85125Download Chart
JencksPatience, Mrs. 85133Download Chart
JencksWilliam 8514Download Chart
JencksWilliam 85124Download Chart
JencksWilliam 85125Download Chart
JencksWilliam 85133Download Chart
JenkinsAdahLuzerne Co., PA, USA95312Download Chart
JenkinsBenjamin DuaneButler Co., OH, USA83510Download Chart
JenkinsEleanor, Mrs. 95312Download Chart
JenkinsElizaOH, USA83510Download Chart
JenkinsElizabeth, Mrs. 83510Download Chart
JenkinsEvanGwent, Wales83510Download Chart
JenkinsJohnKent Co., RI, USA95312Download Chart
JenkinsJohn 95312Download Chart
JenkinsLydia, Mrs. 95312Download Chart
JenkinsSarah, Mrs. 95312Download Chart
JenkinsSusannah, Mrs. 83510Download Chart
JenkinsThomasLuzerne Co., PA, USA95312Download Chart
JenkinsWilliamChester Co., PA83510Download Chart
JenksAlice Anne, Mrs. 8431Download Chart
JenksAmy E., Mrs. 8431Download Chart
JenksCharles BismarkDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA8431Download Chart
JenksCharles DedrickEvanston, IL, USA8431Download Chart
JenksEmily Matilda, Mrs. 8431Download Chart
JenksLaban 8431Download Chart
JenksLucian DelosOakland Co., MI, USA8431Download Chart
JenksOlive Henarie, Mrs. 8431Download Chart
JenksPrudence, Mrs. 8431Download Chart
JenksWilliamCaroline, NY, USA8431Download Chart
JenningsCatherineNJ, USA55312Download Chart
JenningsIsaacSandwich, Plymouth Co., MA USA2742Download Chart
JenningsIsaacSandwich, Plymouth Co., MA USA27411Download Chart
JenningsJohn 27411Download Chart
JenningsRose, Mrs. 27411Download Chart
JenningsRuhamah, Mrs. 27411Download Chart
JeppesHeiltje, Mrs. 7955Download Chart
JeppesJacob 7955Download Chart
JeppesTrijntje JacobsStiens, Netherlands7955Download Chart
JewsonElizabeth 85113Download Chart
JockelJohann PieterGermany18722Download Chart
JockelJohanna MarieOffenbach, Austria18722Download Chart
JockelKaroline, Mrs. 18722Download Chart
Johnson-------------- 7801Download Chart
JohnsonAbigail, Mrs. 2744Download Chart
JohnsonAlice, Mrs. 5991Download Chart
JohnsonBertha, Mrs. 6157Download Chart
JohnsonCharles 8771Download Chart
JohnsonCharles S.Pontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA8771Download Chart
JohnsonClara 9561Download Chart
JohnsonDorothy JoyDetroit, MI, USA5991Download Chart
JohnsonEdna, Mrs. 5991Download Chart
JohnsonEliza, Mrs. 5991Download Chart
JohnsonElizabeth Ellen, Mrs. 8771Download Chart
JohnsonElizabeth F.GA, USA6421Download Chart
JohnsonElizabeth F.GA, USA6423Download Chart
JohnsonElizabeth F.GA, USA6424Download Chart
JohnsonGeorge M. 2621Download Chart
JohnsonGraceGenesee Co., MI, USA8381Download Chart
JohnsonGrantCass City, MI, USA6157Download Chart
JohnsonHelen, Mrs. 6157Download Chart
JohnsonHelen, Mrs. 6158Download Chart
JohnsonHugh 5991Download Chart
JohnsonIsaac 2744Download Chart
JohnsonJane, Mrs. 6157Download Chart
JohnsonJohn 83514Download Chart
JohnsonJohn W. 6157Download Chart
JohnsonLucretia, Mrs. 2621Download Chart
JohnsonMargaret Alzada 7933Download Chart
JohnsonMargaret, Mrs. 83514Download Chart
JohnsonMaria LorenaRichmond, MI, USA7061Download Chart
JohnsonMarilyn Barbara, Mrs. 4771Download Chart
JohnsonMartha Green Bay, WI, USA2621Download Chart
JohnsonMary (Tabitha)Wilmington, England83514Download Chart
JohnsonMary, Mrs. 8771Download Chart
JohnsonMatilda Rebecca, Mrs. 8371Download Chart
JohnsonMinerva, Mrs. 7933Download Chart
JohnsonRhoda, Mrs. 8381Download Chart
JohnsonRhoda, Mrs. 8381Download Chart
JohnsonRichard 6157Download Chart
JohnsonRichard 6158Download Chart
JohnsonSamuelVA, USA6424Download Chart
JohnsonSarahPlymouth, MA, USA2744Download Chart
JohnsonSarah Ellen 7801Download Chart
JohnsonSarah Louise 5781Download Chart
JohnsonSarah, Mrs. 6424Download Chart
JohnsonSoloman D. 7933Download Chart
JohnsonThelma LouiseHolly, Oakland Co., MI, USA8771Download Chart
JohnsonThomas 5991Download Chart
JohnsonThomas Wm.Scarborough, England5991Download Chart
JohnsonWillard LyonGenesee Co., MI, USA8771Download Chart
JohnsonWilliamGenesee Co., MI, USA8381Download Chart
JohnsonWilliam A.New Brunswick, Canada3871Download Chart
JohnstonHope Sophronia, Mrs. 3871Download Chart
JohnstonHoward VincentLincoln Co., OR, USA3871Download Chart
JohnstonMabel Helen, Mrs. 3871Download Chart
JohnstonMary E.Sterlingshire, Scotland4771Download Chart
JohnstonReva Belle, Mrs. 3871Download Chart
JohnstonRoscoe ConklinGenesee Co., MI, USA3871Download Chart
JohnstonVernon WeydmeyerFlathead Co., MT, USA3871Download Chart
JohnstoneChristianScotland8381Download Chart
JollyEdwardDinwiddie Co., VA, USA83813Download Chart
JollyJohnChatham Co., NC, USA8383Download Chart
JollyJohnChatham Co., NC, USA83813Download Chart
JollyJohnDinwiddie Co., VA, USA83813Download Chart
JollyLewis H.Bedford Co., TN, USA8383Download Chart
JollyMary FrancesLawrence Co., TN, USA8381Download Chart
JollyMary FrancesLawrence Co., TN, USA8383Download Chart
JollyMary Frances, Mrs. 8381Download Chart
JollyMary Frances, Mrs. 8383Download Chart
JollyStephenChatham Co., NC, USA83813Download Chart
JollySusan, Mrs. 8383Download Chart
JollySusan, Mrs. 83813Download Chart
JollyWilson 8381Download Chart
JolyMarie 7991Download Chart
JonesCharlesBrant, MI, USA6158Download Chart
JonesCharlotte Boone Co., MO, USA7051Download Chart
JonesClarissa 6261Download Chart
JonesCynthia, Mrs. 6158Download Chart
JonesElizabethWestchester Co., NY, USA4059Download Chart
JonesEllenRose Twp, Oakland Co., MI, USA8771Download Chart
JonesEmmaOntario, Canada8847Download Chart
JonesEmmaOntario, Canada8848Download Chart
JonesHannah 8512Download Chart
JonesHannah 85113Download Chart
JonesHannah 85114Download Chart
JonesHarriett 7801Download Chart
JonesHelenBrant, MI, USA6157Download Chart
JonesHelenBrant, MI, USA6158Download Chart
JonesLydia, Mrs. 85114Download Chart
JonesMary Lucy, Mrs. 8771Download Chart
JonesMary, Mrs. 85114Download Chart
JonesPaulClinton Co., MI, USA6158Download Chart
JonesRose, Mrs. 6158Download Chart
JonesSamuel, Rev. 8771Download Chart
JonesSarahWales83510Download Chart
JonesSarah, Mrs. 83510Download Chart
JonesThomas 85114Download Chart
JonesWilliam 6158Download Chart
JonesWilliam DanielCardiganshire, Wales83510Download Chart
JonskeWilhelmineGermany9011Download Chart
JorgensenJensViborg, Denmark5534Download Chart
JorgensenJensViborg, Denmark5537Download Chart
JorgensenMaren, Mrs. 5534Download Chart
JorgensenMaren, Mrs. 5537Download Chart
JorgerAnna MariaSulzbach, Germany9012Download Chart
JorgerJakobSulzbach, Germany9012Download Chart
JorgerMartina, Mrs. 9012Download Chart
Jorger-GeorgerAnna Maria, Mrs. 9012Download Chart
Jorger-GeorgerJakob 9012Download Chart
JorisseMadelenArmentiers, France1877Download Chart
JudsonFanny 8431Download Chart
JungAndreasEttlingenweier, Germany9012Download Chart
JungKatharineEttlingenweier, Baden, Germany9012Download Chart
JungMaria Anna, Mrs. 9012Download Chart
KalamerJuli'annaHungary2281Download Chart
KaminskyAdolphBerlin, Germany5031Download Chart
KaminskyAnna, Mrs. 5031Download Chart
KaminskyFreda AnnaSydney, Australia5031Download Chart
KaneAnn 3871Download Chart
KassingAlexandra Katherine, Mrs. 8341Download Chart
KassingAlexandra Katherine, Mrs. 8351Download Chart
KassingAmalia Marie, Mrs. 8341Download Chart
KassingAmelia Lucy, Mrs. 8341Download Chart
KassingDon EdwardSt Louis, MO, USA8341Download Chart
KassingDon EdwardSt Louis, MO, USA8351Download Chart
KassingDon WilliamSt Louis, MO, USA8341Download Chart
KassingFrederick WilhelmWestfalen Co., Germany8341Download Chart
KassingFrederick WilhelmWestfalen Co., Germany8342Download Chart
KassingJobst 8342Download Chart
KassingMaria D., Mrs. 8341Download Chart
KassingMaria D., Mrs. 8342Download Chart
KassingMilton OscarSt. Louis, MO, USA8341Download Chart
KassingNina Elizabeth, Mrs. 8341Download Chart
KassingWilliam FrederickSt. Louis, MO, USA8341Download Chart
KaulbachJohanna  6153Download Chart
KavanaughBridgetIreland3292Download Chart
KeatingAugusta M,. Mrs. 55312Download Chart
KeatingJohn JosephNY, USA55312Download Chart
KeeferArlington OlinAlleghany Co., PA, USA8382Download Chart
KeeferCharlotte, Mrs. 2291Download Chart
KeeferHarriet Elizabeth, Mrs. 8382Download Chart
KeeferMary Ann, Mrs. 2291Download Chart
KeeferMary G., Mrs. 8382Download Chart
KeeferMaude EllenHuron Co., Canada2291Download Chart
KeeferMichael York Twp, Canada2291Download Chart
KeeferMina Annabelle, Mrs. 8382Download Chart
KeeferRobert Gordon Campton, PA, USA8382Download Chart
KeeferRobert Gordon, Jr.Tarentum, PA, USA8382Download Chart
KeeferSeth BoydWestmoreland Co., PA, USA8382Download Chart
KeeferValentine 2291Download Chart
KeeferVirginia L., Mrs. 8382Download Chart
KeeneyAllen JacksonArenac Co., MI, USA9421Download Chart
KeeneyFrances IreneIngham Co., MI, USA9421Download Chart
KeeneyHarvey G.NY, USA9421Download Chart
KeeneyIsaac WeltonMI, USA9421Download Chart
KeeneyMary, Mrs. 9421Download Chart
KeeneyOrilla Elizabeth, Mrs. 9421Download Chart
KeeneySarah Ann, Mrs. 9421Download Chart
KeithAlexander Scotland83810Download Chart
KeithAlexander SC, USA83810Download Chart
KeithAlexander Scotland83811Download Chart
KeithAndrewAbberville District, SC, USA83810Download Chart
KeithCatherineTN, USA8383Download Chart
KeithCatherineTN, USA83810Download Chart
KeithDaniel, Sr.Franklin Co., TN, USA83810Download Chart
KeithDellie, Mrs. 83810Download Chart
KeithDellie, Mrs. 83811Download Chart
KeithElizabeth, Mrs. 83810Download Chart
KeithErskine, Countess of 83811Download Chart
KeithEva, Mrs. 83811Download Chart
KeithGeorge, 8th EarlDunottar, Scotland83811Download Chart
KeithJamesInverugie, Scotland83811Download Chart
KeithMary, Mrs. 83811Download Chart
KeithMary, Mrs. 83811Download Chart
KeithSarah, Mrs. 83810Download Chart
KeithWilliam 83811Download Chart
KeithWilliam, 9th EarlDunottar, Scotland83811Download Chart
KelleyAbigail AR, USA6421Download Chart
KellnerAdeline M.OH, USA9121Download Chart
KellnerLewis  9121Download Chart
KellnerLucretia, Mrs. 9121Download Chart
KelloggAnn, Mrs. 6143Download Chart
KelloggJohathan 6143Download Chart
KelloggMartha, Mrs. 6143Download Chart
KelloggMary (Poole) 6143Download Chart
KelloggStephen 6143Download Chart
KellyDaniel J. 9441Download Chart
KellyFrederick AlvinGlade, KS, USA8351Download Chart
KellyJane, Mrs. 8358Download Chart
KellyJohn SimpsonPhillips Co., KS, USA8351Download Chart
KellyJohn SimpsonPhillips Co., KS, USA8358Download Chart
KellyJohn SimpsonPhillips Co., KS, USA8359Download Chart
KellyKathryn Maud, Mrs. 8351Download Chart
KellyMajorIreland8358Download Chart
KellyMary TeresaIreland91114Download Chart
KellyNellie Elmira, Mrs. 8351Download Chart
KellyNellie Elmira, Mrs. 8358Download Chart
KellyNellie Elmira, Mrs. 8359Download Chart
KellySarah, Mrs. 9441Download Chart
KellyThelma EileenNorth Platte, NE, USA8351Download Chart
KellyTheresa Ann 9441Download Chart
KellyThomasKY, USA8358Download Chart
KempElizabethKent, England7061Download Chart
KempElizabethKent, England7131Download Chart
KempJane ElizabethKent Co., England7061Download Chart
KempJane ElizabethKent Co., England7131Download Chart
KempJohnKent, England7061Download Chart
KempJohnKent, England7131Download Chart
KendallEliza, Mrs. 7831Download Chart
KendallEmmaYorkshire, England7831Download Chart
KendallHarry 7831Download Chart
Kennedy Mary 8711Download Chart
KennyCatherine, Mrs. 8421Download Chart
KennyKathleen (Catherine) MaryIreland8421Download Chart
KennyThomas 8421Download Chart
Kern (Kearn)HannahPA, USA9372Download Chart
KesslerAmbrose Gilbert 7065Download Chart
KesslerHelen AnnDetroit, MI, USA7065Download Chart
KesslerHelen Ann, Mrs. 7065Download Chart
KesterGeorge 8621Download Chart
KesterLouiseDarke Co., OH, USA8621Download Chart
KeyEngelken Claetz 7958Download Chart
KibbeMaryFort Co., CT, USA85145Download Chart
KickAdele Evelyn, Mrs. 18722Download Chart
KickAnna LaurettaSt. Louis MO, USA18722Download Chart
KickElizabeth, Mrs. 18722Download Chart
KickFrederickNew Orleans, LA, USA18722Download Chart
KickHartmannAlsfeld, Prussia18722Download Chart
KickJohanna Marie, Mrs. 18722Download Chart
KickJohannes 18722Download Chart
KiefferElsie A., Mrs. 8382Download Chart
KiefferIsaacWestmoreland Co., PA, USA8382Download Chart
KiefferJoh DanielWestmoreland Co., PA, USA8382Download Chart
KiefferJohann CasperPfalz, Germany8382Download Chart
KiefferJohannes CasperYork Co., PA, USA8382Download Chart
KiefferJohannes LudwigGermany8382Download Chart
Kiester Maria AnnaEttlingenweier, Germany9012Download Chart
KiffelAnna Elsa 18713Download Chart
KiffelHarigWilnsdorf, Germany18713Download Chart
KikerAbbie RebeccaStephenvillle, TX, USA6421Download Chart
KikerBenjamin Franklin 6428Download Chart
KikerBenjamin Franklin, Jr.GA, USA6428Download Chart
KikerEli RobinsonGordon Co., GA, USA6421Download Chart
KikerEli RobinsonGordon Co., GA, USA6428Download Chart
KikerJames RobinsonErath Co., TX, USA6421Download Chart
KikerKate, Mrs. 6421Download Chart
KikerPolly, Mrs. 6428Download Chart
KikerRebecca Bonham, Mrs. 6421Download Chart
KikerRebecca Bonham, Mrs. 6428Download Chart
KikerSarah Ingram, Mrs. 6428Download Chart
KilhamSarahEssex Co., MA, USA40511Download Chart
KilpatrickCatherine 5991Download Chart
KilpatrickJames 5991Download Chart
KilpatrickNancy 5991Download Chart
KimballAbigailEssex Co., MA, USA40511Download Chart
KimballJohnEssex Co., MA, USA40511Download Chart
KimballMary, Mrs. 40511Download Chart
KimberlySarah 83513Download Chart
King Susan, Mrs. 5031Download Chart
KingDavid LancasterOntario Co., NY, USA5031Download Chart
KingJames 5031Download Chart
KingJames NormanFairgrove, MI, USA5031Download Chart
KingKathleen, Mrs. 5031Download Chart
KingMary EmmaUrichsville, OH, USA5031Download Chart
KingMary, Mrs. 5031Download Chart
KingenAllenHancock Co., IN, USA4471Download Chart
KingenDelilah, Mrs. 4471Download Chart
KingenEvah, Mrs. 4471Download Chart
KingenMargaret IsabelleNoblesville, IN, USA4471Download Chart
KingenMargaret, Mrs. 4471Download Chart
KingenRonaldHancock Co., IN, USA4471Download Chart
KingenWilliam 4471Download Chart
KingeryAbraham S.Lancaster Co., PA, USA83510Download Chart
KingeryBarbara, Mrs. 83510Download Chart
KingeryEliza, Mrs. 83510Download Chart
KingeryHenrietta Fanny, Mrs. 8351Download Chart
KingeryHenrietta Fanny, Mrs. 83510Download Chart
KingeryHenrietta Fanny, Mrs. 83511Download Chart
KingeryJames WilsonWarren Co., IN, USA8351Download Chart
KingeryJames WilsonWarren Co., IN, USA83510Download Chart
KingeryJames WilsonWarren Co., IN, USA83511Download Chart
KingeryJohn 83510Download Chart
KingeryJohn HenryLancaster Co., PA, USA83510Download Chart
KingeryJohn HustonMadison Co., OH, USA83510Download Chart
KingeryKathryn MaudPhillips Co., KS, USA8351Download Chart
KingeryMary, Mrs. 83510Download Chart
Kingery Magdalena, Mrs. 83510Download Chart
KingmanJane 85125Download Chart
KingmanJane 85133Download Chart
KingsleyAmosBristol Co., MA, USA8352Download Chart
KingsleyAmosBristol Co., MA, USA83514Download Chart
KingsleyAmosBristol Co., MA, USA83515Download Chart
KingsleyEldadSuffolk Co., MA, USA83514Download Chart
KingsleyElijahWindham, CT, USA8352Download Chart
KingsleyElizabeth, Mrs. 83514Download Chart
KingsleyJohnBristol Co., MA, USA83514Download Chart
KingsleyJohnBristol Co., MA, USA83514Download Chart
KingsleyMehittable, Mrs. 83514Download Chart
KingsleyRuthStockbridge, MA, USA8352Download Chart
KingsleyRuthStockbridge, MA, USA83514Download Chart
KingsleyRuth, Mrs. 8352Download Chart
KingsleyRuth, Mrs. 83514Download Chart
KingsleyRuth, Mrs. 83515Download Chart
KingsleySarah, Mrs. 8352Download Chart
KingsleySarah, Mrs. 83514Download Chart
KingsworthDaniel 18711Download Chart
KingsworthMargaretKent, England1871Download Chart
KingsworthMargaretKent, England18710Download Chart
KingsworthMargaretKent, England18711Download Chart
KingsworthPhillis, Mrs. 18711Download Chart
KinnardJohn 5033Download Chart
KinnardMaryConyngham, PA, USA5033Download Chart
KinniesleyJohn 83514Download Chart
KinniesleyKatherine, Mrs. 83514Download Chart
KirbyAnastasia Pauline 7996Download Chart
Kirst. 8751Download Chart
KirstMarion Robina, Mrs. 8751Download Chart
KitchenEllen, Mrs. 9441Download Chart
KitchenJane Ann 9441Download Chart
KitchenPeter 9441Download Chart
KitsonAlice 51124Download Chart
KlafsenLijsbert TijpkesStiens, Netherlands7955Download Chart
KlasesTjitseStiens, Netherlands7955Download Chart
KlasesTrijntje Jacobs, Mrs. 7955Download Chart
KleinElizabethKempenich, Germany2301Download Chart
KleinLouiseMacomb Co., MI, USA2741Download Chart
KlisMariannaPoland8372Download Chart
KliskEva Marie 91111Download Chart
KluckDanielFranklin Co., PA, USA7831Download Chart
KluckDaniel EdmundFranklin Co., PA, USA7831Download Chart
KluckElizabeth, Mrs. 7831Download Chart
KluckJoseph DonaldFranklin Co., PA, USA7831Download Chart
KluckMarjorie Jean, Mrs. 7831Download Chart
KluckMary Eliz, Mrs. 7831Download Chart
KluckMary Magdeline, Mrs. 7831Download Chart
KluckPeter 7831Download Chart
KluckSuzanne RitaDetroit, MI, USA7831Download Chart
KlucznikMarcia Jean 80914Download Chart
KnappAmosOntario Co., NY, USA9531Download Chart
KnappCalistaLeeds, ME, USA2631Download Chart
KnappCatherine, Mrs. 2631Download Chart
KnappCharles 2631Download Chart
KnappMabel LulahOakland Co., MI, USA9531Download Chart
KnappSarah Ann, Mrs. 9531Download Chart
KnieriemenMarie Barbara 9533Download Chart
KnightonJane 85146Download Chart
Knipe JaneIN, USA8358Download Chart
KnottsGloria, Mrs. 9431Download Chart
KnottsJohn Robert 9431Download Chart
KobblegaardMarie Christine, Mrs. 7261Download Chart
KobblegaardNis JacobsenDenmark7261Download Chart
KoblegardFrances LeePetoskey, MI, USA7261Download Chart
KoblegardIsophene Alma, Mrs. 7261Download Chart
KoblegardJacobLunderup, Denmark7261Download Chart
KoblegardMarjorie Lee, Mrs. 7261Download Chart
KoblegardRose May, Mrs. 7261Download Chart
KoblegardRuhl WendeliWeston, WV, USA7261Download Chart
KoblegardRupert NeisWest Union, WV, USA7261Download Chart
KociTerezie  79513Download Chart
KoenigMagdalena 7631Download Chart
KoeppenIdaDetroit, MI, USA7151Download Chart
KoeppenJohnGermany7151Download Chart
KoeppenMarie Johanne, Mrs. 7151Download Chart
KonynAnnetje 6192Download Chart
KoopmansDirk HendriksNijkerk, Netherlands7955Download Chart
KoopmansJantje Jakobs, Mrs. 7955Download Chart
KoopmansJantje YdesHallum, Netherlands7951Download Chart
KoopmansJantje YdesHallum, Netherlands7954Download Chart
KoopmansJantje YdesHallum, Netherlands79515Download Chart
KoopmansSeerske, Mrs. 7955Download Chart
KoopmansYde DirkNijkerk, Netherlands7955Download Chart
KotisAnna 9241Download Chart
KrasserMaria RosinaGermany9421Download Chart
KrauseBertha, Mrs. 2621Download Chart
KrauseJ. H. AugustGermany2621Download Chart
KrauseJacqueline, Mrs. 2621Download Chart
KrauseRoland ErnestPortland, OR, USA2621Download Chart
KrawczakIsabella May, Mrs. 8371Download Chart
KrawczakJosephPoland8371Download Chart
KrawczakLeoSaginaw, MI, USA8371Download Chart
KrawczakLeo DavidSaginaw, MI, USA8371Download Chart
KrawczakMariana, Mrs. 8371Download Chart
KrawczakMary, Mrs. 8371Download Chart
KrawczakSuzanne CarolSaginaw, Saginaw Co., MI, USA8371Download Chart
KrebillAnna, Mrs. 6581Download Chart
KrebillEliza Ann, Mrs. 6581Download Chart
KrebillFrederichGermany6581Download Chart
KrebillJacobRhein-Pfalz, Germany6581Download Chart
KrebillNancy AgnesAshland Co., OH, USA6581Download Chart
KreighbaumCaroline, Mrs. 8847Download Chart
KreighbaumElizabeth 8847Download Chart
KreighbaumGeorge 8847Download Chart
KrieschChristianZichow, Prussia8871Download Chart
KrieschChristiana Louise A.Lutzlow, Prussia8871Download Chart
KringAnna, Mrs. 7011Download Chart
KringGeorgeOH, USA7011Download Chart
KringMary ElizabethTroy, OH, USA7011Download Chart
KufferHans ThibaudOrleans, France8382Download Chart
KufferHans Thibaud 8382Download Chart
KufferMichaelKettenheim, Pfalz, Germany8382Download Chart
KuglerMary Elizabeth 8431Download Chart
KullmanElizabeth 7951Download Chart
KundingerBarbary, Mrs. 9117Download Chart
KundingerGeorgeBavaria9117Download Chart
KundingerMarie BarbaraBavaria, Germany9111Download Chart
KundingerMarie BarbaraBavaria, Germany9116Download Chart
KundingerMarie BarbaraBavaria, Germany9117Download Chart
KuntzJoannes Adamus 79510Download Chart
KuntzMargaretha, Mrs. 79510Download Chart
KuntzMaria EvaHerxheim, Germany79510Download Chart
KupterThibaudOrleans, France8382Download Chart
KusKatarzyna 8372Download Chart
KyesAnnette, Mrs. 8721Download Chart
KyesFreeman Asil 8721Download Chart
KyesHazel Irene 8721Download Chart
LabountyAlminaQuebec, Canada7691Download Chart
LaceyBobbie Evelyn, Mrs. 9271Download Chart
LaceyClara Elizabeth, Mrs. 9271Download Chart
LaceyPhilip 9271Download Chart
LaceyTom PhilJefferson Co., AL, USA9271Download Chart
LaceyTommie ElizabethMobile Co., AL, USA9271Download Chart
LackeyAaron 4471Download Chart
LackeyCora DellaHamilton Co., IN, USA4471Download Chart
LackeyLucinda, Mrs. 4471Download Chart
LaingHarriet 3871Download Chart
L'AllamandFrancois St. Louis 7691Download Chart
LaMastersLori 7991Download Chart
LambBenjamin Willard 4461Download Chart
LambCatherine F., Mrs. 4461Download Chart
LambEnoch Ralph 4461Download Chart
LambKenneth Louis 4461Download Chart
LambKenneth Louis 4471Download Chart
LambLillie Youree 4461Download Chart
LambLouis Douglas 4461Download Chart
LambLucille Nancy 4461Download Chart
LambRosalie Margaret, Mrs. 4461Download Chart
LambRosalie Margaret, Mrs. 4471Download Chart
LambSarah, Mrs. 4461Download Chart
LambWilliam M. 4461Download Chart
LambertonElizabethLondon (?), England83513Download Chart
LambertonGeorge 83513Download Chart
LaneBessie AlbertaHenry Co., MO, USA8841Download Chart
LaneJane Turner, Mrs. 8841Download Chart
LaneJane Turner, Mrs. 8843Download Chart
LaneJane Turner, Mrs. 8844Download Chart
LaneJohn WesleyHenry Co., MO, USA8841Download Chart
LaneLucinda, Mrs. 8841Download Chart
LaneNancy Jane, Mrs. 8843Download Chart
LaneNathan DonelsonBrown Co., OH, USA8841Download Chart
LaneNathan DonelsonBrown Co., OH, USA8843Download Chart
LaneNathan DonelsonBrown Co., OH, USA8844Download Chart
LanePeter D.Highland Co., OH, USA8843Download Chart
LaneerAnnaGermany6153Download Chart
LangMargaret 85128Download Chart
LangleyKitty 6971Download Chart
LangloisUrsele 7992Download Chart
LangloisUrsele 7993Download Chart
LangloisUrsele 7994Download Chart
LangridgeIda Louise, Mrs. 8871Download Chart
LangridgeLuther, Jr. 8871Download Chart
LaphamAmyOntario Co., NY, USA8511Download Chart
LaphamAmyOntario Co., NY, USA8512Download Chart
LaphamAmyOntario Co., NY, USA8513Download Chart
LaphamAsa 8515Download Chart
LaphamDuane DavidWayne Co., NY, USA8771Download Chart
LaphamElizabeth EllenOakland Co., MI, USA8771Download Chart
LaphamEllen, Mrs. 8771Download Chart
LaphamEthanOntario Co., NY, USA8515Download Chart
LaphamHannah, Mrs. 8515Download Chart
LaphamHannah, Mrs. 8515Download Chart
LaphamJohn 8515Download Chart
LaphamJohn 85126Download Chart
LaphamJohnEngland85126Download Chart
LaphamJohn 85127Download Chart
LaphamJoshua 8515Download Chart
LaphamLucy, Mrs. 8771Download Chart
LaphamMary, Mrs. 8515Download Chart
LaphamMary, Mrs. 85126Download Chart
LaphamMary, Mrs. 85126Download Chart
LaphamMary, Mrs. 85127Download Chart
LaphamMilley Elizabeth, Mrs. 8515Download Chart
LaphamNathan 8771Download Chart
LapierreCharlotte Denis 7992Download Chart
LapierreCharlotte Denis 7993Download Chart
LapierreCharlotte Denis 7994Download Chart
LargeBridget, Mrs. 3292Download Chart
LargeCatherine, Mrs. 3292Download Chart
LargeMargaret, Mrs. 3291Download Chart
LargeMargaret, Mrs. 3292Download Chart
LargeMary Elizabeth, Mrs. 3292Download Chart
LargePatrick JohnSchuylkill Co., PA, USA3292Download Chart
LargeThomasIreland3292Download Chart
LargeThomasCo. Kilkenny Ireland3292Download Chart
LargeThomas PatrickSchuylkill Co., PA, USA3291Download Chart
LargeThomas PatrickSchuylkill Co., PA, USA3292Download Chart
LarkinJudith 3292Download Chart
LarkinNancyIreland91114Download Chart
LarkinsAlty BurtonNew York, NY, USA7171Download Chart
LarkinsDewitt BennettPontiac, Oakland Co,. USA7171Download Chart
LarkinsFred 7171Download Chart
LarkinsJennie May, Mrs. 7171Download Chart
LarkinsMarion 7171Download Chart
LarkinsMary Jane, Mrs. 7171Download Chart
LarkinsStella, Mrs. 7171Download Chart
LarrawayElizabeth, Mrs. 4042Download Chart
LarrawayElizabeth, Mrs. 4049Download Chart
LarrawayElizabeth, Mrs. 40410Download Chart
LarrawayJaneGreene Co., NY, USA4042Download Chart
LarrawayJonasSchoharie Co., NY, USA4042Download Chart
LarrawayJonasSchoharie Co., NY, USA4049Download Chart
LarrawayJonasSchoharie Co., NY, USA40410Download Chart
LarrawayMaria, Mrs. 4049Download Chart
LarrawayPeterKingston, NY, USA4049Download Chart
LaRueAdelia, Mrs. 8341Download Chart
LaRueAdelia, Mrs. 8343Download Chart
LaRueAdelia, Mrs. 8344Download Chart
LaRueDominic W.Jefferson Co., NY, USA8341Download Chart
LaRueGodfreyCanada8341Download Chart
LaRueGodfreyCanada8343Download Chart
LaRueGodfreyCanada8344Download Chart
LaRueHenrietta Elizabeth, Mrs. 8341Download Chart
LaRueNina ElizabethSt. Louis, MO, USA8341Download Chart
LassilaAlfred SakariHoughton Co., MI, USA9071Download Chart
LassilaBritta Josephine, Mrs. 9071Download Chart
LassilaEdward AlfredHoughton Co., MI, USA9071Download Chart
LassilaEmma Adelia, Mrs. 9071Download Chart
LassilaHelen Violet, Mrs. 9071Download Chart
LassilaJakobVaasa, Finland9071Download Chart
LassilaJohanna, Mrs. 9071Download Chart
LassilaSakrisVaasa, Finland9071Download Chart
LassilaShirley AnnBaraga Co., MI, USA9071Download Chart
LauingerElisabethEttlingenweier, Germany9012Download Chart
LaValleeAlfredDelta Co., MI, USA7991Download Chart
LaValleeAlfred Delta Co., MI, USA7994Download Chart
LaValleeAlfred Delta Co., MI, USA7995Download Chart
LaValleeAnneEscanaba Delta Co., MI,USA7991Download Chart
LaValleeAnneEscanaba Delta Co., MI,USA7995Download Chart
LaValleeCharlotte Denis, Mrs. 7992Download Chart
LaValleeCharlotte Denis, Mrs. 7993Download Chart
LaValleeCharlotte Denis, Mrs. 7994Download Chart
LaValleeDemerise, Mrs. 7991Download Chart
LaValleeDemerise, Mrs. 7992Download Chart
LaValleeDemerise, Mrs. 7993Download Chart
LaValleeDemerise, Mrs. 7994Download Chart
LaValleeFerdinandDorchester Co., Quebec, Canada7991Download Chart
LaValleeFerdinandDorchester Co., Quebec, Canada7992Download Chart
LaValleeFerdinandDorchester Co., Quebec, Canada7994Download Chart
LaValleeFerdinandDorchester Co., Quebec, Canada7995Download Chart
LaValleeJean Paquet 7992Download Chart
LaValleeJean Paquet 7993Download Chart
LaValleeJean Paquet 7994Download Chart
LaValleeJohnEscanaba, MI, USA7994Download Chart
LaValleeJosephineGarden, MI, USA7992Download Chart
LaValleeLeona, Mrs. 7991Download Chart
LaValleeLeona, Mrs. 7994Download Chart
LaValleeLeona, Mrs. 7995Download Chart
LaValleeMarcelline, Mrs. 7991Download Chart
LaValleeMarcelline, Mrs. 7992Download Chart
LaValleeMarcelline, Mrs. 7993Download Chart
LaValleeMarcelline, Mrs. 7994Download Chart
LaValleeMildred JaneEscanaba, MI, USA7996Download Chart
LaValleeNorbert PaquetQuebec, Canada7991Download Chart
LaValleeNorbert PaquetQuebec, Canada7992Download Chart
LaValleeNorbert PaquetQuebec, Canada7993Download Chart
LaValleeNorbert PaquetQuebec, Canada7994Download Chart
LaValleeRobin, Mrs. 7994Download Chart
LaValleeRose DelimaDorchester Co., Quebec, Canada7993Download Chart
LavangeJoannes G 79510Download Chart
LavangeMaria B, Mrs. 79510Download Chart
LavangeMaria Eva Herxheim, Germany79510Download Chart
LawCeliaVT, USA8511Download Chart
LawCeliaVT, USA8517Download Chart
LawCeliaVT, USA8518Download Chart
LawHira 8518Download Chart
LawPolly, Mrs. 8518Download Chart
LawrenceAbigail, Mrs. 2742Download Chart
LawrenceElizabeth P.Grimsby, Ontario, Canada2631Download Chart
LawrenceElizabeth, Mrs. 27412Download Chart
LawrenceElizabeth, Mrs. 27412Download Chart
LawrenceHenry 27412Download Chart
LawrenceJohnSuffolk, England27412Download Chart
LawrenceJohnEngland85141Download Chart
LawrenceJosephMiddlesex Co., MA, USA27412Download Chart
LawrenceMary, Mrs. 2742Download Chart
LawrenceMary, Mrs. 27412Download Chart
LawrenceMary, Mrs. 27412Download Chart
LawrencePelegMiddlesex Co., MA, USA27412Download Chart
LawrenceSarah, Mrs. 2742Download Chart
LawrenceSusanEssex, England85128Download Chart
LawrenceSusanEssex, England85140Download Chart
LawrenceSusanEssex, England85141Download Chart
LawrenceThomasWindsor Co., CT, USA2742Download Chart
LawrenceThomas 2742Download Chart
LawrenceWilliamNJ, USA2631Download Chart
LeachCassandraShelby Co., IN, USA5922Download Chart
LeadbetterAlta MaryFlint, Genesee Co., MI, USA2631Download Chart
LeadbetterBetsey, Mrs. 2631Download Chart
LeadbetterCalista, Mrs. 2631Download Chart
LeadbetterHoraceLeeds, ME, USA2631Download Chart
LeadbetterJulia, Mrs. 2631Download Chart
LeadbetterSamuel l. 2631Download Chart
LeadbetterSamuel llME, USA2631Download Chart
LeahyDennis J.Co. Cork Ireland7631Download Chart
LeahyDennis J.Co. Cork Ireland8561Download Chart
LeahyEllen, Mrs. 7631Download Chart
LeahyEllen, Mrs. 8561Download Chart
LeahyHelen Mary, Mrs. 8561Download Chart
LeahyJohn EdwinPortage Co., WI, USA7631Download Chart
LeahyJohn EdwinPortage Co., WI, USA8561Download Chart
LeahyKathleen AgnesPortage Co., WI, USA7631Download Chart
LeahyKathleen AgnesPortage Co., WI, USA8561Download Chart
LearAnna Maria, Mrs. 6081Download Chart
LearClara LucindaKalamazoo Co., MI, USA6081Download Chart
LearGeorge B. 6081Download Chart
LearLucinda, Mrs. 6081Download Chart
Lear Henry HarveyMumford, NY, USA6081Download Chart
LearmanFrederichGermany7111Download Chart
LearmanMaria, Mrs. 7111Download Chart
LearmanYohannaStettin, Germany7111Download Chart
LearnerElizabeth 5533Download Chart
LearyEllen, Mrs. 7631Download Chart
LearyPolly Smith 8373Download Chart
Leary John 7631Download Chart
LeatonMary Ann 8721Download Chart
LeavittAbigail 2744Download Chart
LeeCatharine H.Tuscaloosa, AL, USA6421Download Chart
LeeCatharine H.Tuscaloosa, AL, USA6425Download Chart
LeeElizabeth, Mrs. 6425Download Chart
LeeElvira, Mrs. 7261Download Chart
LeeGraceHenderson Twp., IL, USA7261Download Chart
LeeIsaacGuilford Co., NC, USA6425Download Chart
LeeJoelGalesburg, IL, USA7261Download Chart
LeeMaria 7791Download Chart
LeeSusannah, Mrs. 6425Download Chart
LeeTryphosa 2888Download Chart
LeeWilliamGarrickfinger, Ireland6425Download Chart
LeechArchibald 8382Download Chart
LeechMargaret, Mrs. 8382Download Chart
LeechMary G.Westmoreland Co., PA, USA8382Download Chart
LehmanCatharine Frances, Mrs. 8911Download Chart
LehmanLawrenceCanada8911Download Chart
LehmanRose E.MI, USA8911Download Chart
LeighRachel C. (Turner)New Brunswick, Canada9131Download Chart
LeisBabette, Mrs. 7691Download Chart
LeisCharles FerdinandGermany7691Download Chart
LeisHenry PeterManhatten, New York City, NY, USA7691Download Chart
LeisMarie ElizabethFranklin Co., NY, USA7691Download Chart
LeisMary Almina, Mrs. 7691Download Chart
Leis(s)Elizabeth, Mrs. 7691Download Chart
Leis(s)FriedrickBavaria, Germany7691Download Chart
Leis(s)JohannesPfalz, Germany7691Download Chart
Leis(s)Margaretha, Mrs. 7691Download Chart
LemarinMaria B. 7691Download Chart
LeMayJames HenryLimestone Co. AL, USA8381Download Chart
LeMayJames HenryLimestone Co. AL, USA8383Download Chart
LeMayLena OlaArkdale, AL, USA8381Download Chart
LeMayLena OlaArkdale, AL, USA8383Download Chart
LeMayMary Frances, Mrs. 8381Download Chart
LeMayMary Frances, Mrs. 8383Download Chart
LeMayMary Jane, Mrs. 8383Download Chart
LeMayPenelitha, Mrs. 8383Download Chart
LeMayRuth, Mrs. 8383Download Chart
LeMaySamuel J.Lawrence Co., TN, USA8383Download Chart
LeMayWilliam 8383Download Chart
LeonardHenry 27414Download Chart
LeonardJames 27414Download Chart
LeonardLydia 2742Download Chart
LeonardLydia 27413Download Chart
LeonardLydia 27414Download Chart
LeonardLydia, Mrs. 27414Download Chart
LeonardOlive MI, USA9411Download Chart
LeonardSeth 2742Download Chart
LeonardTabitha 2742Download Chart
LeonardThomas 27414Download Chart
LeroyClaude, Mrs. 4049Download Chart
LeroyJonas (Leonard Treny)Quebec, Canada4049Download Chart
LeroyMaria, Mrs. 4049Download Chart
LeroySimonNormandy, France4049Download Chart
LeseuerFrancois 18716Download Chart
LeseuerJannetie, Mrs. 18716Download Chart
LeseuerJannette 18716Download Chart
LeverAgnesLancashire, England8831Download Chart
LewerMary 6142Download Chart
LewisDavid F.Stoddard Co., MO, USA7932Download Chart
LewisFrona Alzadie, Mrs. 7932Download Chart
LewisHenriettaNidd, Yorkshire, England85144Download Chart
LewisHuldahNY, USA2884Download Chart
LewisNancy Louise, Mrs. 7932Download Chart
LewisThomas Newton 7932Download Chart
LewisWalter Clapham 85144Download Chart
Lewis Nola IreneStoddard Co., MO, USA7932Download Chart
Lewis Nola IreneStoddard Co., MO, USA7933Download Chart
LiddellElizabethTalbot Co., MD, USA83810Download Chart
LiddellEsther, Mrs. 83810Download Chart
LiddellJames 83810Download Chart
LikeCatherine, Mrs. 2631Download Chart
LikeJames E.Hudson, NY, USA2631Download Chart
LikeJulia Albany, NY, USA2631Download Chart
LilesMartha EmmalineLogan Co., OH, USA9421Download Chart
LiljengrenFrank 8721Download Chart
LiljengrenTilda, Mrs. 8721Download Chart
LillygrenEmil JohnPontiac, Oakland Co,. USA8721Download Chart
LillygrenIris MaddonnaMoosejaw, Canada8721Download Chart
LillygrenIsabelle Francis, Mrs. 8721Download Chart
LincolnAmeliaNY, USA9534Download Chart
LincolnApollosVT, USA9534Download Chart
LincolnCaleb, Sr.VT, USA9534Download Chart
LincolnEdith, Mrs. 2885Download Chart
LincolnElizabeth, Mrs. 9534Download Chart
LincolnJohnHingham, England2885Download Chart
LincolnMaryTaunton, Bristol Co., MA, USA2885Download Chart
LincolnThomasHingham, England2885Download Chart
LindermanJaneMI, USA7061Download Chart
LindermanJaneMI, USA7131Download Chart
LindsayCatherine  2631Download Chart
LiphartAnna Barbara, Mrs. 541Download Chart
LiphartHenry 541Download Chart
LittBarbara, Mrs.Hesse, Germany7132Download Chart
LittElizabeth, Mrs. 7132Download Chart
LittJohnCanada7132Download Chart
LittKatherine, Mrs.Ubly, MI, USA7132Download Chart
LittPeterAlsace, France7132Download Chart
LittleHannah 85134Download Chart
LittleJoan, Mrs. 85134Download Chart
LittleRichard 85134Download Chart
LittlejohnBuchen 7011Download Chart
LittlejohnDavid Glasgow, Scotland7011Download Chart
LittlejohnElizabeth Walker, Mrs. 7011Download Chart
LittlejohnMargaret, Mrs. 7011Download Chart
LittlejohnMary Elizabeth, Mrs. 7011Download Chart
LittlejohnOlive EthelPontiac IL. USA7011Download Chart
LivernoisArchange CarolineDetroit, MI, USA7151Download Chart
LivingstonElizaAntrim, Ireland6582Download Chart
LivingstonEliza, Mrs. 6582Download Chart
LivingstonWilliam 6582Download Chart
LloydAgnes, Mrs. 8831Download Chart
LloydCalebIreland8831Download Chart
LloydHester AnnOntario, Canada8831Download Chart
LockwoodAnn Mary 7161Download Chart
LockwoodFrancesMI, USA7891Download Chart
LoduskyAnneYates Co., NY, USA5531Download Chart
LoeschBarbaraGermany9361Download Chart
LoeschEva Katherina, Mrs. 9361Download Chart
LoeschJohannes 9361Download Chart
LoewerMaryHesse, Darnstaedt, Germany1752Download Chart
LoftusAnthony F.Co. Mayo Ireland8911Download Chart
LoftusBridget, Mrs. 8911Download Chart
LoftusMartin J.Lackawanna Co., PA, USA8911Download Chart
LoftusRose, Mrs. 8911Download Chart
LoftusShirley Elizabeth Oakland Co., MI, USA8911Download Chart
LongchampBlanche BlenoreGarden, MI, USA7993Download Chart
LongchampCatherine, Mrs. 7992Download Chart
LongchampCatherine, Mrs. 7993Download Chart
LongchampCatherine, Mrs. 7994Download Chart
LongchampDemeriseDorchester Co., Quebec, Canada7991Download Chart
LongchampDemeriseDorchester Co., Quebec, Canada7992Download Chart
LongchampDemeriseDorchester Co., Quebec, Canada7994Download Chart
LongchampDemeriseDorchester Co., Quebec, Canada7995Download Chart
LongchampLouisSt. Isidore, Quebec, Canada7991Download Chart
LongchampLouisSt. Isidore, Quebec, Canada7992Download Chart
LongchampLouisSt. Isidore, Quebec, Canada7993Download Chart
LongchampLouisSt. Isidore, Quebec, Canada7994Download Chart
LongchampMarguerite, Mrs. 7991Download Chart
LongchampMarguerite, Mrs. 7992Download Chart
LongchampMarguerite, Mrs. 7993Download Chart
LongchampMarguerite, Mrs. 7994Download Chart
LongchampPierre Huboux 7992Download Chart
LongchampPierre Huboux 7993Download Chart
LongchampPierre Huboux 7994Download Chart
LongfieldJamesDorchester Co., Quebec, Canada7993Download Chart
LongfieldRose Delima, Mrs. 7993Download Chart
LoomisAbigail 7241Download Chart
LoomisMary E.OH, USA4041Download Chart
LoomisMary E.OH, USA4046Download Chart
LoomisRebecca 7241Download Chart
LordSarah 6194Download Chart
LoryMadeleine 7991Download Chart
LoscherElizabeth Germany40410Download Chart
LoughreyCatharine 6121Download Chart
LouwGertrude, Mrs. 1877Download Chart
LouwMareiteSaugerties, NY, USA1875Download Chart
LouwMary, Mrs. 1875Download Chart
LouwMary, Mrs. 1877Download Chart
LouwMary, Mrs. 1878Download Chart
LouwPeterKingston, NY, USA1875Download Chart
LouwPeterKingston, NY, USA1877Download Chart
LouwPeterKingston, NY, USA1877Download Chart
LouwPeterKingston, NY, USA1878Download Chart
LoveAnneEngland85155Download Chart
LoveThomas, SirEngland85155Download Chart
LovingCinderella 4461Download Chart
LucasBessie, Mrs. 9121Download Chart
LucasElla S.Montcalm Co., MI, USA9121Download Chart
LucasHannah, Mrs. 8751Download Chart
LucasJohnOxford, England8751Download Chart
LucasLucy, Mrs. 8751Download Chart
LucasMary AnnStandish, England8681Download Chart
LucasMary LydiaTuscola Co., MI, USA8751Download Chart
LucasRichardOxforshire, England8751Download Chart
LucasSarah Ann, Mrs. 9121Download Chart
LucasThomas 8681Download Chart
LucasThomas 9121Download Chart
LucasWilberBarry Co., MI, USA9121Download Chart
LudlumClara Elizabeth Jefferson Co., AL, USA9271Download Chart
LudlumEdwardOH, USA9271Download Chart
LudlumElizabeth, Mrs. 9271Download Chart
LudlumLilburn GeorgeCampbell Co., KY, USA9271Download Chart
LudlumMary Eliz. Sherman, Mrs. 9271Download Chart
LuitjensAffke, Mrs. 7954Download Chart
LuitjensSibbeltje WilkensMarrum, Netherlands7954Download Chart
LuitjensWilkenMarrum, Netherlands7954Download Chart
LumpAnna Maria Sulzbach, Germany9012Download Chart
LumpCatherina, Mrs. 9012Download Chart
LumpJohannSulzbach, Germany9012Download Chart
LundAnders SorensenViborg, Denmark5536Download Chart
LundAnne, Mrs. 5536Download Chart
LundMaren MouritzenViborg, Denmark5533Download Chart
LutmanJaneEngland51122Download Chart
LuxtonClara Hannah, Mrs. 7801Download Chart
LuxtonJohnVienna, Ontario, Canada7801Download Chart
LuxtonLorenaColeman, MI, USA7801Download Chart
LuxtonSarah, Mrs. 7801Download Chart
LuxtonThomas 7801Download Chart
LykeAbraham Dodge Co., MN USA2631Download Chart
LykeJulia, Mrs. 2631Download Chart
LymanMary 7551Download Chart
LyonElizabeth, Mrs. 6145Download Chart
LyonHannah 6145Download Chart
LyonHannah, Mrs. 6145Download Chart
LyonJohn 6145Download Chart
LyonJohn 6145Download Chart
LyonThankful, Mrs. 6145Download Chart
LyonThomasAvon, NY, USA6145Download Chart
LythgoeBetty, Mrs. 8681Download Chart
LythgoeMary AnnLancs, England8681Download Chart
LythgoeMary Ann, Mrs. 8681Download Chart
LythgoeRichard 8681Download Chart
LythgoeWilliamStandish, England8681Download Chart
MachenSusanna 8421Download Chart
MackElizabeth 2742Download Chart
MacLowCharlesBirmingham,England7111Download Chart
MacLowEleanor MaudPoint Edwards, Ontario, Canada7111Download Chart
MacLowHarriet, Mrs. 7111Download Chart
MacomberBertha CornellBristol Co., MA, USA9111Download Chart
MacomberBertha CornellBristol Co., MA, USA9114Download Chart
MacomberBertha CornellBristol Co., MA, USA9115Download Chart
MacomberHannah ClarkPlymouth Co., MA, USA8511Download Chart
MacomberHannah ClarkPlymouth Co., MA, USA8512Download Chart
MacomberHannah ClarkPlymouth Co., MA, USA8513Download Chart
MacomberIsaac B.Bristol Co., MA, USA9115Download Chart
MacomberIsraelBristol Co., MA, USA9115Download Chart
MacomberJoshua 8513Download Chart
MacomberMary E., Mrs. 9115Download Chart
MacomberMary, Mrs. 8513Download Chart
MacomberRachael, Mrs. 9115Download Chart
MacomberSarah Howland, Mrs. 9115Download Chart
MacomberSarah, Mrs. 9115Download Chart
MacomberWilliam 9115Download Chart
MacomberWilliam, Jr.Bristol Co., MA, USA9115Download Chart
MaddoxGrantKY, USA7933Download Chart
MaddoxLula VenitaCape Girardeau, MO, USA7933Download Chart
MaddoxMillie Mae, Mrs. 7933Download Chart
MaddoxSaufordKY, USA7933Download Chart
Maddox Mary, Mrs. 7933Download Chart
MadisonMaryGreenwich, RI, USA4048Download Chart
MadisonMaryGreenwich, RI, USA40414Download Chart
MagnorEllen, Mrs. 7631Download Chart
MaguireAnna IsabelleSombra, Ontario, Canada4771Download Chart
MaguireJane, Mrs. 4771Download Chart
MaguireThomasWilksport, Ontario, Canada4771Download Chart
MailliouxHortense, Mrs. 7993Download Chart
MailliouxJoseph 7993Download Chart
MailliouxJoseph 7993Download Chart
MailliouxMary 7993Download Chart
MailliouxSerephine, Mrs. 7993Download Chart
MakowskiCecelia, Mrs. 9241Download Chart
MakowskiJohanna ChristineNanticoke, PA, USA9241Download Chart
MakowskiJohnRussian Poland9241Download Chart
MakowskiJosephLuzerne Co., PA, USA9241Download Chart
MakowskiJosephine, Mrs. 9241Download Chart
MaksalahtiStina KaisaFinland9071Download Chart
MalloryCalebNew Haven Co., CT, USA83513Download Chart
MalloryDeborahNew Haven, CT, USA8352Download Chart
MalloryDeborahNew Haven, CT, USA83512Download Chart
MalloryDeborahNew Haven, CT, USA83513Download Chart
MalloryElizabeth, Mrs. 83513Download Chart
MalloryMary, Mrs. 83513Download Chart
MalloryMiriam, Mrs. 83513Download Chart
MalloryPeterNew Haven, CT, USA83513Download Chart
MalloryPeter 83513Download Chart
MaloneMartha Hobbs 8383Download Chart
MaloneMary JaneLimestone Co., AL, USA8383Download Chart
MalonePenlitha, Mrs. 8383Download Chart
MaloneWilliam 8383Download Chart
ManbyAaronKnaresborough, Yorkshire, England85146Download Chart
ManbyAaron, Rev.Yorkshire, England85144Download Chart
ManbyAaron, Rev.Nidd, Yorkshire, England85144Download Chart
ManbyAaron, Rev.Nidd, Yorkshire, England85146Download Chart
ManbyAaron, Rev.Nidd, Yorkshire, England85147Download Chart
ManbyCyrilYorkshire, England85144Download Chart
ManbyEllen, Mrs. 85146Download Chart
ManbyHarriet IvyWellington, Canada85144Download Chart
ManbyHarriet, Mrs. 85144Download Chart
ManbyHarriet, Mrs. 85146Download Chart
ManbyHarriet, Mrs. 85147Download Chart
ManbyHenrietta, Mrs. 85144Download Chart
ManbyJane, Mrs. 85146Download Chart
ManbyPeggy, Mrs. 85146Download Chart
ManbySophia Mary, Mrs. 85144Download Chart
ManbyWilliamYorkshire, England85136Download Chart
ManbyWilliamYorkshire, England85146Download Chart
ManchesterAbigail, Mrs. 9115Download Chart
ManchesterHerculesBristol Co., MA, USA9115Download Chart
ManchesterMary E.Bristol Co., MA, USA9115Download Chart
MandtDorothy S.Midland, MI, USA7011Download Chart
MandtErnestMammouth, WV, USA7011Download Chart
MandtFred WilliamMonroe Twp., OH, USA7011Download Chart
MandtJohnRheusysung, Germany7011Download Chart
MandtMary Frances, Mrs. 7011Download Chart
MandtOlive Ethel, Mrs. 7011Download Chart
MandtTrinnetta, Mrs. 7011Download Chart
ManleyIsabelle FrancisWicklow, Ireland8721Download Chart
ManleyMary, Mrs. 8721Download Chart
ManleyWilliam 8721Download Chart
MannBathsheba 2742Download Chart
MannFrances, Mrs. 85126Download Chart
MannMary 85126Download Chart
MannWilliam 85126Download Chart
ManningHannah 8751Download Chart
ManwoodAnne, Mrs. 85155Download Chart
ManwoodCatharineEngland85148Download Chart
ManwoodDiana, Mrs. 85148Download Chart
ManwoodDiana, Mrs. 85155Download Chart
ManwoodDiana, Mrs. 85156Download Chart
ManwoodJohnChelmsford, Essex, England85148Download Chart
ManwoodJohnChelmsford, Essex, England85155Download Chart
ManwoodJohnEngland85155Download Chart
ManwoodJohnChelmsford, Essex, England85156Download Chart
MarksberryLucindaDaviess Co., MO, USA8841Download Chart
MarksberryMary S., Mrs. 8841Download Chart
MarksberryMary S., Mrs. 8845Download Chart
MarksberryMary S., Mrs. 8846Download Chart
MarksberrySamuel, Jr.Williamstown, KY, USA8841Download Chart
MarksberrySamuel, Jr.Williamstown, KY, USA8845Download Chart
MarksberrySamuel, Jr.Williamstown, KY, USA8846Download Chart
MarksberrySamuel, Sr.Garrard, KY, USA8845Download Chart
MarksberrySophia, Mrs. 8845Download Chart
MarszalecNorman S. 9271Download Chart
MarszalecTommie Elizabeth, Mrs. 9271Download Chart
MartenisBurtShiawassee Co., MI, USA9461Download Chart
MartenisEvelyn Opal, Mrs. 9461Download Chart
MartenisGeorgeHunterdon Co., NJ, USA9461Download Chart
MartenisGracie, Mrs. 9461Download Chart
MartenisJohn E., Jr.NJ, USA9461Download Chart
MartenisLouisa, Mrs. 9461Download Chart
MartenisMary Jane, Mrs. 9461Download Chart
MartenisRichard LeeShiawassee Co., MI, USA9071Download Chart
MartenisRichard LeeShiawassee Co., MI, USA9461Download Chart
MartenisShirley Ann, Mrs. 9071Download Chart
MartenisShirley Ann, Mrs. 9461Download Chart
MartenisWesley BertShiawassee Co., MI, USA9461Download Chart
MartensSeerskeNijkerk, Netherlands7955Download Chart
MartinCatherine 7992Download Chart
MartinChristianAlsace, Germany8351Download Chart
MartinDelilah 4471Download Chart
MartinElizabeth, Mrs. 7951Download Chart
MartinElizabeth, Mrs. 8351Download Chart
MartinJohn Peter 7951Download Chart
MartinMary 6425Download Chart
MartinMary 6426Download Chart
MartinMaryGermany7951Download Chart
MartinStella AnnSt. Louis, MO, USA8351Download Chart
MarvinAbigail, Mrs. 9532Download Chart
MarvinJedidiah 9532Download Chart
MarvinJohn 9532Download Chart
MarvinMary 9532Download Chart
MasonElizaMarietta, OH, USA4771Download Chart
MasonElizaVA, USA55310Download Chart
MasonJohn 2881Download Chart
MasonJohn, Lt.Bristol Co., MA, USA2888Download Chart
MasonMaryBristol Co., MA, USA2884Download Chart
MasonMaryBristol Co., MA, USA2887Download Chart
MasonMaryBristol Co., MA, USA2888Download Chart
MasonMercy, Mrs. 2888Download Chart
MasonSarah ElizabethOntario, Canada2881Download Chart
MasonSarah, Mrs. 2881Download Chart
MasterangGregory J. 9241Download Chart
MasterangLorelei Joanne, Mrs. 9241Download Chart
MastersCarrie, Mrs. 8371Download Chart
MastersClara Edna, Mrs. 8371Download Chart
MastersGeorge W.MI, USA8371Download Chart
MastersGeorge WilliamFlint, Genesee Co., MI, USA8371Download Chart
MastersIsabella MaySaginaw, MI, USA8371Download Chart
MastersLydia 85116Download Chart
MastersonBlandina 2743Download Chart
MathewsCharlotte Elizabeth 7791Download Chart
MathisSarahNJ, USA8356Download Chart
MathisWilliam 8356Download Chart
MattesonHannahRI, USA40414Download Chart
MatthewsAlmeron 8381Download Chart
MatthewsAlmeron S.Oakland Co., MI, USA8381Download Chart
MatthewsAlmeron S.Oakland Co., MI, USA8381Download Chart
MatthewsAlmeron S.Oakland Co., MI, USA8382Download Chart
MatthewsCecil D.Genesee Co., MI, USA8381Download Chart
MatthewsGrace, Mrs. 8381Download Chart
MatthewsHelen S., Mrs. 8381Download Chart
MatthewsHelen S., Mrs. 8381Download Chart
MatthewsHelen S., Mrs. 8382Download Chart
MatthewsHope MarieGenesee Co., MI, USA8381Download Chart
MatthewsHope MarieGenesee Co., MI, USA8381Download Chart
MatthewsHope MarieGenesee Co., MI, USA8382Download Chart
MatthewsMartha, Mrs.Genesee Co., MI, USA8381Download Chart
MatthewsMartha, Mrs.Genesee Co., MI, USA8381Download Chart
MatthewsSalmon J.Pontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA83812Download Chart
MatthewsSusan, Mrs. 8381Download Chart
MatthewsSusan, Mrs. 8382Download Chart
MaturoRosaItaly2281Download Chart
MaxwellAndrewChicago, IL, USA8901Download Chart
MaxwellAndrewChicago, IL, USA8902Download Chart
MaxwellBeulahCanton, Lewis Co., MO, USA8901Download Chart
MaxwellBlanche Belle, Mrs. 8901Download Chart
MaxwellCharles FrederickChicago, Cook Co., IL, USA8901Download Chart
MaxwellCloma, Mrs. 8901Download Chart
MaxwellElizabeth, Mrs. 8902Download Chart
MaxwellFrederick LouisChicago, IL, USA8901Download Chart
MaxwellJamesIreland8902Download Chart
MaxwellSarah Louisa, Mrs. 8901Download Chart
MaxwellSarah Louisa, Mrs. 8902Download Chart
MaycomberEdith 2885Download Chart
MaycomberPriscilla, Mrs. 2885Download Chart
MaycomberWilliamInverness, Scotland2885Download Chart
MayoEllen AldenSusquehanna Co., PA, USA4931Download Chart
MayoEzra 4931Download Chart
MayoHannah A., Mrs. 4931Download Chart
MazurkiewiczVictoriaPozna-Dancki, Poland9241Download Chart
McAlesterHannah 6001Download Chart
McAteeBenjamin F. 4771Download Chart
McAteeEliza, Mrs. 4771Download Chart
McAteeLetha MelissaWashington Co., OH, USA4771Download Chart
McBreenCatherineIreland18722Download Chart
McBrideElizabethCo. Down, Ireland6582Download Chart
McBurneyMary AnnCo. Down, Ireland6582Download Chart
McCainNancy BaldwinGeneva, NY, USA9361Download Chart
McCallumAnnie MaeGlencoe, Ontario, Canada7062Download Chart
McCallumAnnie MaeGlencoe, Ontario, Canada7063Download Chart
McCallumJanet, Mrs. 7062Download Chart
McCallumJanet, Mrs. 7063Download Chart
McCannJohnIreland7611Download Chart
McCannMary EllenGuelph, Ontario, Canada7611Download Chart
McCannPatrick JohnPA, USA7611Download Chart
McCannSarah, Mrs. 7611Download Chart
McCartyHonora (Hannah)prob Ireland9441Download Chart
McChesneyAnna Lauretta, Mrs. 18722Download Chart
McChesneyJamesArmagh, N. Ireland18722Download Chart
McChesneyJames BurrellSt Louis, MO, USA18722Download Chart
McChesneyJames JohnE. St. Louis, IL, USA18722Download Chart
McChesneyJaneIreland6158Download Chart
McChesneyMary, Mrs. 18722Download Chart
McChesneyRuth BeulahPittsburgh, PA, USA1871Download Chart
McChesneyRuth BeulahPittsburgh, PA, USA18722Download Chart
McChesneyRuth BeulahPittsburgh, PA, USA18723Download Chart
McChesneyTheresa A., Mrs. 18722Download Chart
McClainAllenPA8841Download Chart
McClainAllenPA8842Download Chart
McClainCatharineMuskingum Co., OH, USA8841Download Chart
McClainElizabeth, Mrs. 8842Download Chart
McClainJacobMuskingum Co., OH, USA8842Download Chart
McClainSusannah, Mrs. 8841Download Chart
McClainSusannah, Mrs. 8842Download Chart
McClarnJohn 9112Download Chart
McClarnNancy, Mrs. 9112Download Chart
McClarnSarahQueens, Nova Scotia, Canada9112Download Chart
McClaryMildred, Mrs. 8871Download Chart
McClellandAnna Justina, Mrs. 7061Download Chart
McClellandAnna Justina, Mrs. 7131Download Chart
McClellandAnnie, Mrs. 7061Download Chart
McClellandAnnie, Mrs. 7131Download Chart
McClellandDavid (Arthur?)Scotland7061Download Chart
McClellandDavid (Arthur?)Scotland7131Download Chart
McClellandDorothy ElizabethOakland Co., MI, USA7061Download Chart
McClellandDorothy ElizabethOakland Co., MI, USA7131Download Chart
McClellandJohnOakland Co., MI, USA7061Download Chart
McClellandJohnScotland7061Download Chart
McClellandJohnOakland Co., MI, USA7131Download Chart
McClellandJohnScotland7131Download Chart
McClellandNancy, Mrs. 7061Download Chart
McClellandNancy, Mrs. 7131Download Chart
McCluneAlice 7991Download Chart
McCluneAlice 7994Download Chart
McClureCharlesCo. Antrim, Ireland6582Download Chart
McClureEliza, Mrs. 6582Download Chart
McClureJohnCo., Antrim, Ireland6582Download Chart
McClureMary AnnNewark, NJ, USA6582Download Chart
McClureRosanna, Mrs. 6582Download Chart
McCollumAgnes MatildaNY, USA9461Download Chart
McConnellJane, Mrs. 6581Download Chart
McConnellJohn M. 6581Download Chart
McConnellMaryWestmoreland Co., PA, USA6581Download Chart
McCormickNorman Frank 9371Download Chart
McCormickRachael Joan, Mrs. 9371Download Chart
McDanielsElcyNY, USA8903Download Chart
McDermottAlice AgnesDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA6241Download Chart
McDermottCatherine, Mrs. 6241Download Chart
McDermottJohnOneida Co., NY, USA6241Download Chart
McDonaldCatherine, Mrs. 18722Download Chart
McDonaldMaryDrumboon, Ireland18722Download Chart
McDonaldRandallIreland18722Download Chart
McDonellMargaret, Mrs. 8771Download Chart
McDonellMary Pontiac,Oakland Co., MI, USA8771Download Chart
McDonellSimon 8771Download Chart
McDougalLucretia AnnNY, USA9421Download Chart
McEwenSarah 7241Download Chart
McFadienHannah 9112Download Chart
McFarlainJannetteME, USA9113Download Chart
McGeathGeraldine B. 2881Download Chart
McGeeAnn 6071Download Chart
McGinnisCharlotte 9051Download Chart
McGoughAgnes Amanda, Mrs. 2301Download Chart
McGoughCatherine, Mrs. 2301Download Chart
McGoughEleanor GeraldineDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA8421Download Chart
McGoughEvelyn Antoinette 2301Download Chart
McGoughFrank HaddenCambria Co., PA, USA2301Download Chart
McGoughJohnCo. Donegal, Ireland2301Download Chart
McGoughKatherine Loretta, Mrs. 8421Download Chart
McGoughLouis FrancisMuskegon Co., MI, USA2301Download Chart
McGoughMargaret, Mrs. 8421Download Chart
McGoughMarguerite AnnKent Co., MI, USA2301Download Chart
McGoughMichael LeoCo. Mayo, Ireland8421Download Chart
McGoughPatrickCo. Mayo, Ireland8421Download Chart
McGoughSamuel S.Cambria Co., PA, USA2301Download Chart
McGoughSarah, Mrs. 2301Download Chart
McGrathCatherineIreland9421Download Chart
McGregorBenjaminNY, USA9321Download Chart
McGregorDuncan 9321Download Chart
McGregorElizabethGreene Co., NY, USA9321Download Chart
McGregorJemina, Mrs. 9321Download Chart
McGregorSarah, Mrs. 9321Download Chart
McGuireMary Ann 2301Download Chart
McHughAgnes AmandaCambria Co., PA, USA2301Download Chart
McHughMary Ann, Mrs. 2301Download Chart
McHughMatthew, Jr.Ireland2301Download Chart
McInnesMarthaBowmore Co., Scotland9071Download Chart
McIntyreAlma Irene, Mrs. 7111Download Chart
McIntyreColinScotland7111Download Chart
McIntyreEleanor Maud, Mrs. 7111Download Chart
McIntyreHelen G., Mrs. 7111Download Chart
McIntyreIrvine CraigPort Huron, St. Clair Co., MI, USA7111Download Chart
McIntyreJohnScotland7111Download Chart
McIntyreMargaret Detroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA7111Download Chart
McIntyreRobert ColinBrockville, Ontario, Canada7111Download Chart
McKaneIsabelleGenesee Co., MI, USA9461Download Chart
McKaneJohnIreland9461Download Chart
McKaneMargaret Jane, Mrs. 9461Download Chart
McKayDonaldCanada6801Download Chart
McKayDonaldCanada6805Download Chart
McKayHannah, Mrs. 6801Download Chart
McKayHannah, Mrs. 6805Download Chart
McKayHectorCanada6805Download Chart
McKayMary AnnOwen Sound, Canada6801Download Chart
McKayMary, Mrs. 6805Download Chart
McKeagueBridget O., Mrs. 7611Download Chart
McKeagueEdward Ireland7611Download Chart
McKeagueSarahEngland7611Download Chart
McKeeAnastasia Pauline, Mrs. 7996Download Chart
McKeeClyde Willard 7996Download Chart
McKeeIda 7996Download Chart
McKeeIda Josephine Hane, Mrs. 7996Download Chart
McKeeNelson R. 7996Download Chart
McKennanDorothy Joy, Mrs. 5991Download Chart
McKennanTerrence J. 5991Download Chart
McKenneyMathew, Jr. 9112Download Chart
McKercherCatharine AnnNY, USA4057Download Chart
McKercherMargary, Mrs.NY, USA4057Download Chart
McKercherPeterNY, USA4057Download Chart
McKinneyHannah, Mrs. 9112Download Chart
McKinneyMary AnnCo. Down, Ireland6582Download Chart
McKinneyMary Ann, Mrs. 5781Download Chart
McKinneyRebeccaSagadahoc Co., ME, USA9112Download Chart
McKinneySarah AgnesIreland5031Download Chart
McKinneyThomas Benton 5781Download Chart
McKinneyVictoriaTexas Co., MO, USA5781Download Chart
McKirdyGeorgianaEdinburough, Scotland9561Download Chart
McLeanAmelia, Mrs. 9534Download Chart
McLeanHarriette A., Mrs. 9531Download Chart
McLeanHarriette A., Mrs. 9534Download Chart
McLeanHarriette A., Mrs. 9535Download Chart
McLeanHughCo. Antrim, N. Ireland9534Download Chart
McLeanJoseph 9531Download Chart
McLeanJoseph 9534Download Chart
McLeanJoseph 9535Download Chart
McLeanMillie AmeliaSaginaw Co., MI, USA9531Download Chart
McLeanSusan 8831Download Chart
McMahanJames BryantMuir Co., KY, USA8844Download Chart
McMahanJane TurnerLiberty Twp., OH, USA8841Download Chart
McMahanJane TurnerLiberty Twp., OH, USA8843Download Chart
McMahanJane TurnerLiberty Twp., OH, USA8844Download Chart
McMahanJane, Mrs. 8844Download Chart
McMahanMary, Mrs. 8844Download Chart
McMahanSamuel 8844Download Chart
McMasterAlice 8561Download Chart
McRobertsJaneCo., Down, Ireland6582Download Chart
McRobertsMary Ann, Mrs. 6582Download Chart
McRobertsWilliamCo. Down, Ireland6582Download Chart
McTaggertFloraWesTarbet, Scotland4771Download Chart
McTavishMary 8831Download Chart
MeadeVirginia 9051Download Chart
MeahlAugustHerxheim, Germany7951Download Chart
MeahlAugust A.Allegheny Co., PA, USA7951Download Chart
MeahlKatherine, Mrs. 7951Download Chart
MeahlMarie BeatriceAllegheny Co., PA, USA7951Download Chart
MeahlRosina, Mrs. 7951Download Chart
MearsCatherine, Mrs. 6971Download Chart
MearsCatherine, Mrs. 6971Download Chart
MearsPatrick 6971Download Chart
MeierMareite, Mrs. 1875Download Chart
MeierMareitjeKatsban, NY, USA1875Download Chart
MeierPeter Saugerties, NY, USA1875Download Chart
MeisnerCatherineGermany9011Download Chart
MenclAnnaBystrice, Czechoslovakia79513Download Chart
MenclFrantisekBystrice, Czechoslovalia79513Download Chart
MenclViktorie, Mrs. 79513Download Chart
MenefeeAdele EvelynSt. Louis, MO, USA18722Download Chart
MenefeeAnna Lauretta, Mrs. 18722Download Chart
MenefeeEliza Harriet, Mrs. 18722Download Chart
MenefeePohlman AcostaMO, USA18722Download Chart
MenefeeRobert 18722Download Chart
MerrickMercy NewLondon Co., CT, USA2888Download Chart
MerrickMercy, Mrs. 2888Download Chart
MerrickStephen Eastham, MA, USA2888Download Chart
MerrillDaniel 51116Download Chart
MerrillJohnWherstead, England5113Download Chart
MerrillJohnWherstead, England5114Download Chart
MerrillSally, Mrs. 51116Download Chart
MerryAnn Marie 8281Download Chart
MerthensEvaSweden83811Download Chart
MessengerAnnie 27415Download Chart
MeszarosIgnatzHungary3291Download Chart
MeszarosJohannaEzstergom, Hungary3291Download Chart
MeszarosJulianna, Mrs. 3291Download Chart
MetzMaria Apolonia Germany40410Download Chart
MetzelburgDelbert HowardLapeer Co., MI, USA8871Download Chart
MetzelburgDonald RobertAvon Twp., Oakland Co., MI, USA8871Download Chart
MetzelburgFrederickLapeer Co., MI, USA8871Download Chart
MetzelburgLaura Clara, Mrs. 8871Download Chart
MetzelburgLaura Clara, Mrs. 8872Download Chart
MetzelburgMary Emma, Mrs. 8871Download Chart
MetzelburgMildred, Mrs. 8871Download Chart
MeyerAnn Geertruy, Mrs. 18721Download Chart
MeyerChristian 18721Download Chart
MeyerPeter 1876Download Chart
MeyersMargaretFt. Margaret, Dutch Colony, Brazil9531Download Chart
MeyrinckJanFt. Margaret, Dutch Colony, Brazil9531Download Chart
MeyrinckTuentje, Mrs. 9531Download Chart
MichaelsonElizarFinland9071Download Chart
MichaelsonEmma AdeliaHoughton Co., MI, USA9071Download Chart
MichaelsonIda Sophia, Mrs. 9071Download Chart
MihlAnna Catharina 79511Download Chart
MihlAnna Clara, Mrs. 79510Download Chart
MihlGabrielHerxheim, Germany7951Download Chart
MihlGabrielHerxheim, Germany79510Download Chart
MihlGabrielHerxheim, Germany79511Download Chart
MihlJoannes AdamHerxheim, Germany79510Download Chart
MihlJoannes JacobusHerxheim, Germany79510Download Chart
MihlMargaretha, Mrs. 7951Download Chart
MihlMargaretha, Mrs. 79510Download Chart
MihlMargaretha, Mrs. 79510Download Chart
MihlMargaretha, Mrs. 79511Download Chart
MihlMaria Eva, Mrs. 79510Download Chart
MihlMaria Magdalena, Mrs. 79510Download Chart
MihlMatthausHerxheim, Germany79510Download Chart
MihlSebastian 79510Download Chart
MikuJuli'annaHungary2281Download Chart
MilarHarriet (Birdie), Mrs. 6001Download Chart
MilarHenry C. Lawrence Co., OH, USA6001Download Chart
MilarHenry C., Sr.Greenup Co., KY, USA6001Download Chart
MilarJacksonScioto Co., OH, USA6001Download Chart
MilarMargaret 6001Download Chart
MilarMary, Mrs. 6001Download Chart
MilarRuth J., Mrs. 6001Download Chart
MilarWilliam 6001Download Chart
MilburnMartha M.E.Barlow, KY, USA1871Download Chart
MilburnSarah T., Mrs. 1871Download Chart
MilburnWilliamMD, USA1871Download Chart
MilesMaryPrince Geo Co., VA, USA8386Download Chart
MilesMaryPrince Geo Co., VA, USA8387Download Chart
MilesMary (Polly)Somerset, NY, USA4371Download Chart
MilesMary (Polly)Somerset, NY, USA4374Download Chart
MilesMary, Mrs. 8386Download Chart
MilesRobert 8386Download Chart
MillerAgnes WrightNew Haven, CT, USA4771Download Chart
MillerAlbert NealFreesoil, MI, USA7133Download Chart
MillerAlberts M., Mrs. 7133Download Chart
MillerAnna, Mrs. 7133Download Chart
MillerCecil JamesMason Co., MI, USA7133Download Chart
MillerCharles W.Newcastle, PA, USA7133Download Chart
MillerElizabethCampbell Co., KY, USA9271Download Chart
MillerFannie MariaLebanon Co., PA, USA83511Download Chart
MillerFlora, Mrs. 4771Download Chart
MillerFrederickBavaria9271Download Chart
MillerJ. H. 7133Download Chart
MillerJohnBrig O'Weir, Scotland4771Download Chart
MillerJohn, Jr.Scotland4771Download Chart
MillerKaren Catherine, Mrs. 7133Download Chart
MillerLouisa, Mrs. 9271Download Chart
MillerMary J., Mrs. 4771Download Chart
MillerMatilda 9361Download Chart
MillisCatherine, Mrs. 6972Download Chart
MillisElmore P.Lapeer Co., MI, USA6971Download Chart
MillisElmore P.Oakland Co., MI, USA6971Download Chart
MillisElmore P.Oakland Co., MI, USA6972Download Chart
MillisEuila Louise, Mrs. 6971Download Chart
MillisFrancis F., Mrs. 6971Download Chart
MillisFrancis F., Mrs. 6972Download Chart
MillisHannah, Mrs. 6972Download Chart
MillisJames R.Lapeer Co., MI, USA6971Download Chart
MillisJohn D.Oakland Co., MI, USA6971Download Chart
MillisJohn D.Oakland Co., MI, USA6972Download Chart
MillisJohn H.Germany6972Download Chart
MillisKelly A., Mrs. 6971Download Chart
MillisLaura M., Mrs. 6971Download Chart
MillisLaura M., Mrs. 6972Download Chart
MillisMary Jo Anne, Mrs. 6971Download Chart
MillisSamuel L.Leyden, MA, USA6972Download Chart
MillisTimothy B.Genesee Co., MI, USA6971Download Chart
MillsAlexanderSC, USA6423Download Chart
MillsAllice, Mrs. 6423Download Chart
MillsAnnie Lee (Lila)Tuscaloosa, AL, USA6421Download Chart
MillsElizabeth F., Mrs. 6421Download Chart
MillsElizabeth F., Mrs. 6423Download Chart
MillsElizabeth F., Mrs. 6424Download Chart
MillsElizabeth, Mrs. 6424Download Chart
MillsHenrietta Caroline 6421Download Chart
MillsJamesSC, USA6424Download Chart
MillsJames A.IN, USA6421Download Chart
MillsJames A.IN, USA6423Download Chart
MillsJames A.IN, USA6424Download Chart
MillsSamuel Thomas JeffersonTuscaloosa, AL, USA6421Download Chart
MillsSarahGA, USA6424Download Chart
MirzaOdette 6951Download Chart
MitchardJames 6191Download Chart
MitchardSarahLapeer Co., MI, USA6191Download Chart
MitchardSophrona, Mrs. 6191Download Chart
MitchellConstant 85127Download Chart
ModliszewskiAnna 8372Download Chart
ModliszewskiAntoni 8372Download Chart
ModliszewskiKatarzyna, Mrs. 8372Download Chart
MoermanCornelisZeeland, Netherlands7952Download Chart
MoermanPieternella, Mrs. 7952Download Chart
MoermanWilhelminaZeeland, Netherlands7952Download Chart
MohlerCaroline 7551Download Chart
MoodyDavid 3871Download Chart
MoodyMartha MinervaOrange Co., VT, USA3871Download Chart
MoodyMartha Nancy, Mrs. 3871Download Chart
MoonLucinda 4471Download Chart
MoonSarah "Sally"Bennington Co., VT, USA51127Download Chart
MooneyBryanIreland3292Download Chart
MooneyMartha Amelia, Mrs. 3292Download Chart
MooneyMary ElizabethSchuylkill Co., PA, USA3292Download Chart
MooneyMary, Mrs. 3292Download Chart
MooneyMichaelSchuylkill Co., PA, USA3292Download Chart
MooreAlice PatriciaMobile Co., AL, USA9271Download Chart
MooreAlza Cotman 9271Download Chart
MooreBelle Elizabeth, Mrs. 6582Download Chart
MooreBert RandolphWashtenaw Co., MI, USA6081Download Chart
MooreCharlesCo. Down, Ireland6582Download Chart
MooreClaraClay Co, TN, USA7995Download Chart
MooreClara Lucinda, Mrs. 6081Download Chart
MooreClara SusannahTraverse City, MI, USA6081Download Chart
MooreDoris BelleBirmingham, Oakland Co., MI, USA6582Download Chart
MooreEdith 7064Download Chart
MooreElizabeth McBride, Mrs. 6582Download Chart
MooreElizabeth, Mrs. 6582Download Chart
MooreGeorge EdmundElba, Genesee Co., NY, USA6081Download Chart
MooreHenrietta, Mrs. 9271Download Chart
MooreHerbert JamesOakland Co., MI, USA 6582Download Chart
MooreJasper 6081Download Chart
MooreMartha, Mrs. 6081Download Chart
MooreMary Ann, Mrs. 6582Download Chart
MooreMaude, Mrs. 7995Download Chart
MooreRobert JamesPeel Co., Ontario, Canada6582Download Chart
MooreSusannah Ward, Mrs. 6081Download Chart
MooreWalter 7995Download Chart
MooreYoungCo. Down, Ireland6582Download Chart
MorehouseCynthia, Mrs. 9131Download Chart
MorehouseHumphrey 9131Download Chart
MorehouseSara J.Port Burwell, Ontario, Canada9131Download Chart
MorenusMargaret 6261Download Chart
MorganBetsy Jane, Mrs. 2881Download Chart
MorganBetsy Jane, Mrs. 2882Download Chart
MorganBetsy Jane, Mrs. 2883Download Chart
MorganBetsy Jane, Mrs. 2884Download Chart
MorganDanielCT, USA2882Download Chart
MorganDeborah 8981Download Chart
MorganEdward BruceOakland Co., MI, USA 2881Download Chart
MorganGeorge WarrenOakland Co., MI, USA 2881Download Chart
MorganGeraldine B., Mrs. 2881Download Chart
MorganHannahHartford Co., CT, USA2747Download Chart
MorganHerbert LawrenceDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA2881Download Chart
MorganLaura Evelyn, Mrs. 2881Download Chart
MorganMartha, Mrs. 2882Download Chart
MorganNelsonOntario, Canada2881Download Chart
MorganNelsonOntario, Canada2882Download Chart
MorganNelsonOntario, Canada2883Download Chart
MorganNelsonOntario, Canada2884Download Chart
MorganNorma Eliza, Mrs. 2881Download Chart
MorganRachel, Mrs. 2747Download Chart
MorganSarahWales83510Download Chart
MorganSarah Elizabeth, Mrs. 2881Download Chart
MorganThomas 2747Download Chart
MorganWillard WitmerLivingston Co., MI, USA2881Download Chart
MorgantiErnestMerced Co., CA, USA7892Download Chart
MorgantiErnesta AnnRiverside, CA, USA7891Download Chart
MorgantiErnesta AnnRiverside, CA, USA7892Download Chart
MorgantiGeorgia Irene, Mrs. 7892Download Chart
MorleyPrudy 9373Download Chart
MorrisElizabethGroton, Middlesex Co., MA, USA27412Download Chart
MorrisonDemarisAccomack Co., VA, USA 8385Download Chart
MorrisonDorcas, Mrs. 7061Download Chart
MorrisonDorcas, Mrs. 7131Download Chart
MorrisonJamesBelfast, Ireland7061Download Chart
MorrisonJamesBelfast, Ireland7131Download Chart
MorrisonNancyMilford, Oakland Co., MI, USA7061Download Chart
MorrisonNancyMilford, Oakland Co., MI, USA7131Download Chart
MorseAda May, Mrs. 8281Download Chart
MorseCharlesME, USA8281Download Chart
MorseDolly, Mrs. 8357Download Chart
MorseEva, Mrs. 8281Download Chart
MorseJohn 8357Download Chart
MorseNaomi B.Shiawassee Co., MI, USA 8281Download Chart
MorseOrlando P.ME, USA8281Download Chart
MorseSarah SallyOrange Co., VT, USA 8357Download Chart
MorseSarah, Mrs. 8281Download Chart
MorseWm. A.Cuyahoga Co., OH, USA 8281Download Chart
MortensdatterKaren 5537Download Chart
MortonHarriet, Mrs. 6071Download Chart
MortonIsaac 6071Download Chart
MortonMiriam ArloaWashtenaw Co., MI, USA 6071Download Chart
MortonPatience 27410Download Chart
MosherMary 2889Download Chart
MossJoseph 8872Download Chart
MossMaryOH, USA8872Download Chart
MottAnn 40513Download Chart
MotzerChristina Katherina 6582Download Chart
MoultonSarah 8355Download Chart
MouridsdatterMaren 5536Download Chart
MousleyCatherine 8161Download Chart
MowryMartha 8354Download Chart
MowryMary, Mrs. 83514Download Chart
MowryMehittableSalem, Essex Co., MA, USA83514Download Chart
MowryRogerEngland83514Download Chart
MuchAugusta WilhelminePommern, Germany9011Download Chart
MuchFranzGermany9011Download Chart
MuchWilhelmine, Mrs. 9011Download Chart
MuellerElizabethGermantown, NY, USA4042Download Chart
MuellerElizabethGermantown, NY, USA4049Download Chart
MuellerElizabethGermantown, NY, USA40410Download Chart
MuellerElizabeth, Mrs. 40410Download Chart
MuellerJohannesGermany40410Download Chart
MuellerMaria Dorothea, Mrs. 40410Download Chart
MuellerNicholasGermany40410Download Chart
MuetzelburgAugustusPrussia8871Download Chart
MuetzelburgChristiana Louise, Mrs. 8871Download Chart
MuetzelburgMartin Lapeer Co., MI, USA8871Download Chart
MuhAgnetis, Mrs. 79511Download Chart
MuhAnna MariaRoschbach, Germany79511Download Chart
MuhCatharina 79511Download Chart
MuhJoannes 79511Download Chart
MuhJoannes BeorgiusRoschbach, Germany79511Download Chart
MullenMariaCo. Cork, Ireland8771Download Chart
MullerDorthea WilhelminaGermany55313Download Chart
MullerKarolineGermany18722Download Chart
MullerMaria Elizabeth 1875Download Chart
MullerMaria Elizabeth 18720Download Chart
MummeryAmelia EmilyOntario, Canada1871Download Chart
MummeryDavidKent, England1871Download Chart
MummeryElizabeth, Mrs. 18710Download Chart
MummeryEmily Harriet, Mrs. 1871Download Chart
MummeryMargaret, Mrs. 1871Download Chart
MummeryMargaret, Mrs. 18710Download Chart
MummerySamuelEngland1871Download Chart
MummerySamuelEngland18710Download Chart
MummerySamuelKent, England18710Download Chart
MummeryStephen 18710Download Chart
MungerAnn, Mrs. 51110Download Chart
MungerCalebNew Haven Co., CT, USA51110Download Chart
MungerEbenezerNew Haven Co., CT, USA51110Download Chart
MungerElizabeth, Mrs. 51110Download Chart
MungerHannahHartford Co., CT, USA51110Download Chart
MungerJohnNew Haven Co., CT, USA51110Download Chart
MungerJohnNew Haven Co., CT, USA51117Download Chart
MungerJohnNew Haven Co., CT, USA51118Download Chart
MungerJosiahNew Haven Co., CT, USA51110Download Chart
MungerJosiahNew Haven Co., CT, USA51110Download Chart
MungerMabel, Mrs. 51110Download Chart
MungerMary, Mrs. 51110Download Chart
MungerMary, Mrs. 51117Download Chart
MungerMary, Mrs. 51118Download Chart
MungerNicholasSorrey(?), England51117Download Chart
MungerSarah, Mrs. 51110Download Chart
MungerSarah, Mrs. 51117Download Chart
MungerTimothyHartford Co., CT, USA51110Download Chart
MunshowerHannah J.PA, USA7991Download Chart
MunshowerHannah J.PA, USA7997Download Chart
MurphreeAaronBlount Co., AL, USA7052Download Chart
MurphreeElizabeth, Mrs. 7052Download Chart
MurphreeVirginia L.Russelville, AL, USA7052Download Chart
MurphyCatherine, Mrs. 55312Download Chart
MurphyJohnIreland55312Download Chart
MurphyMary Teresa, Mrs. 91114Download Chart
MurphyMichaelChicago, Cook Co., IL, USA91114Download Chart
MurphyNancy, Mrs. 91114Download Chart
MurphyRoger 91114Download Chart
MurphySarah A.Chicago, Cook Co., IL, USA9111Download Chart
MurphySarah A.Chicago, Cook Co., IL, USA91113Download Chart
MurphySarah A.Chicago, Cook Co., IL, USA91114Download Chart
MurrayAsahelGuilford, CT, USA6193Download Chart
MurrayAsahelNew Haven Co., CT, USA6193Download Chart
MurrayBridgett Elizabeth, Mrs. 4911Download Chart
MurrayCaroleGenesee Co., MI, USA7611Download Chart
MurrayCharlotteLockport, NY, USA6191Download Chart
MurrayCharlotteLockport, NY, USA6193Download Chart
MurrayDaniel 6193Download Chart
MurrayDorcus, Mrs. 6193Download Chart
MurrayEdward RalphEaton, CO, USA4911Download Chart
MurrayEllen, Mrs. 7611Download Chart
MurrayGeorge JeromeDouglas Co., WI, USA 7611Download Chart
MurrayHenry D.Brandon Twp., Oakland Co., MI, USA4911Download Chart
MurrayJonathonCT, USA6193Download Chart
MurrayLuVerne D., Mrs. 4911Download Chart
MurrayMadeline Marie, Mrs. 7611Download Chart
MurrayMarySwitzerland18722Download Chart
MurrayMary E., Mrs. 4911Download Chart
MurrayMary Ellen, Mrs. 7611Download Chart
MurrayMary, Mrs. 6193Download Chart
MurrayMinerva, Mrs. 6193Download Chart
MurrayMorrisIreland4911Download Chart
MurrayPatrickIreland7611Download Chart
MurrayPatrick JamesLindsay, Ontario, Canada7611Download Chart
MurrayRichard JohnRoyal Oak, Oakland Co., MI, USA4911Download Chart
MurraySarah Ann, Mrs. 4911Download Chart
MurrayThankful, Mrs. 6193Download Chart
MurryAgnes 7111Download Chart
MyerAnn Geertroy, Mrs. 1875Download Chart
MyerAnn Geertroy, Mrs. 1876Download Chart
MyerAnna Margaretha, Mrs. 1876Download Chart
MyerAnna, Mrs. 1876Download Chart
MyerChristianWoferinger on Rhine, Germany1875Download Chart
MyerChristianWoferinger on Rhine, Germany1876Download Chart
MyerChristinaVolgerlingen, Germany1876Download Chart
MyerWalbergaGermany6156Download Chart
MyersElizabethWashington Co., MD, USA9321Download Chart
MyrickRebecca, Mrs. 2888Download Chart
MyrickWilliamEastham, MA, USA2888Download Chart
NegleyAlexanderGermany8382Download Chart
NegleyElizabeth, Mrs.Germany8382Download Chart
NegleyFelixBucks Co., PA, USA8382Download Chart
NegleyJacob 8382Download Chart
NegleyMary Ann, Mrs. 8382Download Chart
NegleyMinnie Etta 8382Download Chart
NegleyRuth, Mrs. 8382Download Chart
NeidertAnna MaryLawrence Co., TN, USA7631Download Chart
NeidertAnna MaryLawrence Co., TN, USA8561Download Chart
NeidertCatherine, Mrs. 7631Download Chart
NeidertCatherine, Mrs. 8561Download Chart
NeidertGottliebDammersbach, Prussia7631Download Chart
NeidertGottliebDammersbach, Prussia8561Download Chart
NelsonJosephineCalhoun Co., MI, USA9371Download Chart
NelsonJosephineCalhoun Co., MI, USA9372Download Chart
NelsonMaria, Mrs. 9372Download Chart
NelsonSmith W.Dutchess Co., NY, USA9372Download Chart
NelsonSybilWestchester Co., NY, USA40513Download Chart
NeuhardDanielNorthumberland Co., PA, USA5035Download Chart
NeuhardElizabeth, Mrs. 5035Download Chart
NeuhardLawrenceAllentown, PA, USA5035Download Chart
NeuhardMaria Magdalena 5035Download Chart
NeuhartClarissa E.Lehigh Co., PA, USA5031Download Chart
NeuhartClarissa E.Lehigh Co., PA, USA5034Download Chart
NeuhartClarissa E.Lehigh Co., PA, USA5035Download Chart
NeurothinCatharina M. 4911Download Chart
NevermanAugust William IIIGreen Co., WI, USA7996Download Chart
NevermanAugust William, Jr. 7996Download Chart
NevermanAugust William, Sr. 7996Download Chart
NevermanBrockOshkosh, WI, USA7996Download Chart
NevermanFrederick Carl 7996Download Chart
NevermanIda, Mrs. 7996Download Chart
NevermanLaura Bertha, Mrs. 7996Download Chart
NevermanLouise, Mrs. 7996Download Chart
NevermanMildred, Mrs. 7996Download Chart
NewbraughEleanorVA, USA8902Download Chart
NewbraughElizabeth, Mrs. 8902Download Chart
NewbraughJohnChester Co., PA, USA8902Download Chart
NewmanAbigail, Mrs. 6145Download Chart
NewmanAbner 6145Download Chart
NewmanAbraham, Jr. 8431Download Chart
NewmanDaniel 6145Download Chart
NewmanEleanor, Mrs. 8431Download Chart
NewmanFlorence C.Detroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA7931Download Chart
NewmanHannah, Mrs. 6145Download Chart
NewmanHermanDetroit, MI, USA7931Download Chart
NewmanJoelLivingston Co., NY, USA6145Download Chart
NewmanJohnStamford, CT, USA6145Download Chart
NewmanMary D., Mrs. 7931Download Chart
NewmanPhoebe HoaglandNJ, USA8431Download Chart
NewmanSarah AnnNY, USA6141Download Chart
NewmanSarah AnnNY, USA6145Download Chart
NewmanSarah, Mrs. 6145Download Chart
NewtonAnn  6143Download Chart
NewtonHannah Hartford, CT, USA51115Download Chart
NewtonHonor 27418Download Chart
NewtonMary 6143Download Chart
NewtonRogerEngland51115Download Chart
NicholsAnnie E., Mrs. 7051Download Chart
NicholsEleanor JaneOakland Co., MI, USA9411Download Chart
NicholsEmma Minnie, Mrs. 9411Download Chart
NicholsEtta, Mrs. 7051Download Chart
NicholsEvelyn B., Mrs. 9411Download Chart
NicholsFrederick A.Kent Co., MI, USA9411Download Chart
NicholsHarley ChristianMontcalm Co., MI, USA9411Download Chart
NicholsHelen EileenWaverly, MO, USA7051Download Chart
NicholsHelen EileenWaverly, MO, USA7052Download Chart
NicholsJesseBoone Co., MO, USA7051Download Chart
NicholsMargaret, Mrs. 7051Download Chart
NicholsMary 85110Download Chart
NicholsMary E., Mrs. 9411Download Chart
NicholsNathanBoone Co., MO, USA7051Download Chart
NicholsOscar ChesterBoone Co., MO, USA7051Download Chart
NicholsRoland CervossoNY, USA9411Download Chart
NicholsonMildred, Mrs. 8871Download Chart
NicholsonThomas 8871Download Chart
NickellAnnie, Mrs. 9431Download Chart
NickellEliza Jane, Mrs. 9431Download Chart
NickellJames AlexanderLimehouse, Ontario, Canada9431Download Chart
NickellJames AlexanderOntario, Canada9431Download Chart
NickellJohn WilmoreOntario, Canada9431Download Chart
NickellSara Jane, Mrs. 9431Download Chart
NickellVivian DorisBrampton, Ontario, Canada9431Download Chart
NiedertJohannes J. 7631Download Chart
NiedertSophia, Mrs. 7631Download Chart
NielsdatterAnna Viborg, Denmark5536Download Chart
NielsenAnna, Mrs. 5536Download Chart
NielsenChristian 5537Download Chart
NielsenMette, Mrs. 5537Download Chart
NielsenSorenViborg, Denmark5536Download Chart
NihoffCatherine Oswego, Tioga Co., NY, USA7791Download Chart
NihoffLevi 7791Download Chart
NihoffMary Jane 7791Download Chart
NischwitzEva Katherina 9361Download Chart
NisjatterElsie MarieDenmark5534Download Chart
NissenElsie Marie, Mrs. 5534Download Chart
NissenSimonDenmark5534Download Chart
NobleAndrew 8161Download Chart
NobleArchibaldCo. Cork, Ireland8161Download Chart
NobleBert ArchibaldSanilac Co., MI, USA8161Download Chart
NobleEdna Ernestine, Mrs. 8161Download Chart
NobleJane, Mrs. 8161Download Chart
NobleNita FayeTuscola Co., MI, USA8161Download Chart
NobleSarah, Mrs. 8161Download Chart
NorrisElizabeth 5538Download Chart
NorrisHoward 8382Download Chart
NorrisJorgen JensenViborg, Denmark5537Download Chart
NorrisKaren, Mrs. 5537Download Chart
NorrisMina AnnabelleTarentum, PA, USA8382Download Chart
NorrisMina, Mrs. 8382Download Chart
NorrisMinnie Etta 8382Download Chart
NorrisWilliam Harrison 8382Download Chart
NorthrupAmanda Livingstone Co.(?), NY, USA8359Download Chart
NorthrupAmanda, Mrs.NY, USA8359Download Chart
NorthrupIchabodNY or CT, USA8359Download Chart
NortonCharles HenryMacomb Co., MI, USA9131Download Chart
NortonClyde EdwinMacomb Co., MI, USA9131Download Chart
NortonDrusilla M.Macomb Co., MI, USA9131Download Chart
NortonGrace Charity, Mrs. 9131Download Chart
NortonIda Roselena, Mrs. 9131Download Chart
NortonJames Henry 9131Download Chart
NortonLucy J., Mrs. 9131Download Chart
NortonMary 27418Download Chart
NunnDorothy, Mrs. 7831Download Chart
NunnEmma, Mrs. 7831Download Chart
NunnMarjorie JeanDetroit, MI, USA7831Download Chart
NunnMary Ann/Polly, Mrs. 7831Download Chart
NunnWalter EdwinMarion Co., TN, USA7831Download Chart
NunnWalter HenrySuffolk, England7831Download Chart
NunnWilliam, Jr. 7831Download Chart
O;LearyEllenOnondaga Co., NY, USA7631Download Chart
O'BrienCatherine, Mrs. 9421Download Chart
O'BrienElizabeth C., Mrs. 9421Download Chart
O'BrienLawrenceIreland9421Download Chart
O'BrienMadelyn MariaWayne Co., MI, USA9421Download Chart
O'BrienMargaret JaneIreland9461Download Chart
O'BrienWilliam PatrickGreenville, SC, USA9421Download Chart
O'ConnorEllenCo. Wexford, Ireland7611Download Chart
O'ConnorFrancisIreland7611Download Chart
OddingGeorgeEngland85128Download Chart
OddingMargaret, Mrs. 85128Download Chart
OddingSarahEngland85128Download Chart
O'DowdMargaret 91113Download Chart
O'DwyerDorothy Detroit, MI, USA7831Download Chart
O'DwyerJoseph PatrickStrathroy, Ontario, Canada7831Download Chart
O'DwyerMary Agnes, Mrs. 7831Download Chart
O'DwyerMary Ann, Mrs. 7831Download Chart
O'DwyerPatric 7831Download Chart
O'HearnAlice ElizabethFond-du-Lac, WI, USA4931Download Chart
O'HearnChristinaIreland6155Download Chart
O'LearyCatherine, Mrs. 6971Download Chart
O'LearyCornelius 6971Download Chart
O'LearyEllenOnondaga Co., NY, USA8561Download Chart
O'LearyFlorence Lapeer Co., MI, USA6971Download Chart
O'LearyKitty, Mrs. 6971Download Chart
O'LearyMargaret, Mrs. 7631Download Chart
O'LearyUmphrey 7631Download Chart
OliverAnne Marie, Mrs. 9111Download Chart
OliverBetsey Coffin 9112Download Chart
OliverDavid TobeyMorris Co., NJ, USA9111Download Chart
OliverEleanor Mary, Mrs. 9111Download Chart
OliverGeorge WilliamSagadahoc Co., ME, USA9111Download Chart
OliverGeorge WilliamSagadahoc Co., ME, USA9112Download Chart
OliverGeorge WilliamSagadahoc Co., ME, USA9113Download Chart
OliverGladys Macomber, Mrs. 9111Download Chart
OliverHenryGeorgetown, ME, USA9112Download Chart
OliverHenry IISagadahoc Co., ME, USA9112Download Chart
OliverJennie Belle, Mrs. 9111Download Chart
OliverJennie Belle, Mrs. 9112Download Chart
OliverJennie Belle, Mrs. 9113Download Chart
OliverJohn 9112Download Chart
OliverJohn HodgkinsSagadahoc Co., ME, USA9112Download Chart
OliverJohn WhitmanSagadahoc Co., ME, USA9111Download Chart
OliverJohn Whitman, Jr.Suffolk Co., MA, USA9111Download Chart
OliverKatherine MaryMaury Co., TN, USA9111Download Chart
OliverMary, Mrs. 9112Download Chart
OliverRebecca, Mrs. 9112Download Chart
OliverRedenseyNY, USA8751Download Chart
OliverSarah B, Mrs. 9111Download Chart
OlschefskyCarl AugustDetroit, MI, USA4271Download Chart
OlschefskyCaroline, Mrs. 4271Download Chart
OlschefskyDolores CarolineDetroit, MI, USA4271Download Chart
OlschefskyHenrietta Wilhelmina, Mrs. 4271Download Chart
OlschefskyKarl AugustaWerden, Prussia4271Download Chart
OlschefskyMartha Charlotte, Mrs. 4271Download Chart
OlstonHennietta 9271Download Chart
O'MalleyMary AnnIreland9421Download Chart
OsbornElisaLawrence Co., NY, USA2881Download Chart
OstranderLovica C.NY, USA9361Download Chart
OstromMariaDutchess Co., NY, USA9372Download Chart
O'SullivanJohn 7831Download Chart
O'SullivanMary Agnes Detroit, MI, USA7831Download Chart
O'SullivanMary Agnes, Mrs. 7831Download Chart
OttCatharine, Mrs. 7931Download Chart
OttCatherineGetzville, NY, USA7931Download Chart
OttMartin 7931Download Chart
OverheulArien C. 7958Download Chart
OverheulHendrinaHellouw, Netherlands7958Download Chart
OverheulHendrina G., Mrs. 7958Download Chart
OverheulJurriaanHellouw, Netherlands7958Download Chart
OverheulWillemke, Mrs. 7958Download Chart
OverlockJohn Moseph 9113Download Chart
OverlockLucy PaulineWaldo Co., ME, USA9113Download Chart
OverlockMartinKnox Co., ME, USA9113Download Chart
OverlockMehitable, Mrs. 9113Download Chart
PackardMary 85113Download Chart
PaddlefordMartha  51123Download Chart
PageMaryWayne Co., NY, USA4046Download Chart
PageMaryWayne Co., NY, USA40413Download Chart
PaineCharlotteEngland2291Download Chart
PaineCharlotte, Mrs. 2291Download Chart
PaineThomas, Sr. 2291Download Chart
PalmerBethany 9115Download Chart
PalmerElizabethNY, USA9534Download Chart
PalmerLovina J (Janie)Ontario, Canada9461Download Chart
PalmerSyrenousCanada9461Download Chart
PalmerTerissa A., Mrs. 9461Download Chart
ParentRose 9411Download Chart
ParkeMargaret 2744Download Chart
ParkeMargaret 27418Download Chart
Parker-----------TN, USA7052Download Chart
ParkerCharlotte "Lottie"Pontiac Twp, Oakland Co., MI, USA8871Download Chart
ParkerElizabeth, Mrs. 7052Download Chart
ParkerEmily, Mrs. 8871Download Chart
ParkerHelen Eileen, Mrs. 7051Download Chart
ParkerHelen Eileen, Mrs. 7052Download Chart
ParkerHiram H.Wayne Co., NY, USA8871Download Chart
ParkerJay NelsonHartshorne, OK, USA7051Download Chart
ParkerJay NelsonHartshorne, OK, USA7052Download Chart
ParkerJeremiah S.Marian Co., AR, USA7052Download Chart
ParkerLenora Maud, Mrs. 7052Download Chart
ParkerMehitable 40413Download Chart
ParkerSarah, Mrs.AR, USA7052Download Chart
ParkerSusannah 9113Download Chart
ParkerThankfulLincoln Co., NE, USA9113Download Chart
ParkerThomas NewtonBaxter Co., AR, USA7052Download Chart
ParkhurstPhebe 85123Download Chart
ParkhurstPhebe 85132Download Chart
ParksElizabeth McBrideOakland Co., MI, USA6582Download Chart
ParksElizabeth, Mrs. 6582Download Chart
ParksElizabeth, Mrs. 8382Download Chart
ParksIsabella, Mrs. 8382Download Chart
ParksJane, Mrs. 6582Download Chart
ParksJane, Mrs. 8382Download Chart
ParksJohn 8382Download Chart
ParksJohnArmstrong Co., PA, USA8382Download Chart
ParksJohn Co. Down, Ireland6582Download Chart
ParksRhodaArmstrong Co., PA, USA8382Download Chart
ParksRobert 8382Download Chart
ParksWilliamCo. Down, Ireland6582Download Chart
ParmaleeClarissa  8411Download Chart
ParmenterBathshebaSudbury, MA, USA6143Download Chart
ParmenterBathshebaSudbury, MA, USA6146Download Chart
ParmenterJoseph 6146Download Chart
ParmenterMary, Mrs. 6146Download Chart
ParretAlbert PartHenry Co., OH, USA7551Download Chart
ParretNancy Burr, Mrs. 7551Download Chart
ParritCaroline, Mrs. 7551Download Chart
ParritWilliam Wallace 7551Download Chart
ParrittBertie Faye 7551Download Chart
ParrittJames Franklin 7551Download Chart
ParrittMary, Mrs. 7551Download Chart
ParsonsAndrew GustavSweden7891Download Chart
ParsonsAnnie, Mrs. 7891Download Chart
ParsonsErick G.Sweden7891Download Chart
ParsonsErnesta Ann, Mrs. 7891Download Chart
ParsonsGoldie Lulo, Mrs. 7891Download Chart
ParsonsJane Elizabeth, Mrs. 7891Download Chart
ParsonsJohn RussellStevens Co., MN, USA7891Download Chart
ParsonsLydia 7801Download Chart
ParsonsQuentin E.Pontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA7891Download Chart
ParsonsQuentin E.Pontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA7892Download Chart
PatchanianArmen 7011Download Chart
PatchanianDorothy S, Mrs. 7011Download Chart
PatchinFanny, Mrs. 8621Download Chart
PatchinLoisOneida Co., NY, USA8621Download Chart
PatchinNathanOneida Co., NY, USA8621Download Chart
PatenaudeAlexanderNY, USA7691Download Chart
PatenaudeAlexisChambly, Quebec, Canada7691Download Chart
PatenaudeAlmina, Mrs. 7691Download Chart
PatenaudeJudith, Mrs. 7691Download Chart
PatnodeAlmina St Jean, Quebec, Canada7691Download Chart
PatonJennie MayMI, USA7171Download Chart
PattenMary 2744Download Chart
PattersonIsabel 9441Download Chart
PattonChristina, Mrs.Scotland7171Download Chart
PattonJamesNovi Twp., Oakland Co., MI, USA6581Download Chart
PattonJames, Jr.MI, USA7171Download Chart
PattonJames, Sr.Scotland7171Download Chart
PattonJulia, Mrs.MI, USA7171Download Chart
PattonMartha (?), Mrs. 6581Download Chart
PattonMary AgnesRice Co., KS, USA6581Download Chart
PattonMary Agnes, Mrs. 6581Download Chart
PattonNathanielIreland6581Download Chart
PattonSarah Ann, Mrs. 6581Download Chart
PattonThomasDonegal, Ireland6581Download Chart
PaulMary 85114Download Chart
PaulMary, Mrs. 85114Download Chart
PaulWilliam 85114Download Chart
PausterMarie Elizabeth 6952Download Chart
PayneSarah 8281Download Chart
PearceJudithPerson Co., NC, USA55310Download Chart
PearceMarie Elizabeth, Mrs. 7691Download Chart
PearcePaul Christian 7691Download Chart
PearlElizabethHampton, CT, USA6197Download Chart
PearsonChristopherEngland8345Download Chart
PearsonElizabeth Dora, Mrs. 8341Download Chart
PearsonElizabeth Dora, Mrs. 8345Download Chart
PearsonHannahTirril, England8681Download Chart
PearsonHenrietta ElizabethRock Island Co., IL, USA8341Download Chart
PearsonJohn ArcherMontgomery Co., MO, USA8341Download Chart
PearsonJohn ArcherMontgomery Co., MO, USA8345Download Chart
PearsonKate, Mrs.NY, USA8345Download Chart
PearsonMargaret, Mrs. 8681Download Chart
PearsonMartha, Mrs. 8345Download Chart
PearsonMary Ann 2291Download Chart
PearsonSarah AnnKirkby Stephen, England8681Download Chart
PearsonThomasEngland8345Download Chart
PearsonThomasEngland8681Download Chart
PearsonWilliam 8681Download Chart
PeckElizabeth, Mrs. 28810Download Chart
PeckEsther 28810Download Chart
PeckJohn Hingham, England28810Download Chart
PeckJoseph 28810Download Chart
PeckParthenia 7261Download Chart
PeckRebecca, Mrs. 28810Download Chart
PedersdatterAnneViborg, Denmark5536Download Chart
PeekCharles F.Manistee Co., MI, USA5781Download Chart
PeekCharles IrwinCincinnati, OH, USA5781Download Chart
PeekDeEtta Mae, Mrs. 5781Download Chart
PeekHarry WalterErie Co., NY, USA5781Download Chart
PeekJennie, Mrs. 5781Download Chart
PeekJohn Whistler 5781Download Chart
PeekMabel E., Mrs. 5781Download Chart
PeekMark EverettBenzie Co., MI, USA5781Download Chart
PeekSavilla, Mrs. 5781Download Chart
PeirceSarah Ann 8161Download Chart
PeiselBerthaGermany2621Download Chart
PendellElizabethSaratoga Co., NY, USA4046Download Chart
PendellElizabeth, Mrs. 40413Download Chart
PendellHannah, Mrs. 40413Download Chart
PendellJohn, Jr.New London, CT, USA40413Download Chart
PendellJohn, Sr.New London, CT, USA40413Download Chart
PendellJonathanHartford Co., CT, USA4046Download Chart
PendellJonathanHartford Co., CT, USA40413Download Chart
PendellMary, Mrs. 4046Download Chart
PendellMary, Mrs. 40413Download Chart
PendellMehitable, Mrs. 40413Download Chart
PendellWilliamNew London, CT, USA40413Download Chart
PendletonJames 27413Download Chart
PendletonMary 27413Download Chart
PendletonMary, Mrs. 27413Download Chart
PennChristian 83514Download Chart
PennellHobertPetoskey, MI, USA6154Download Chart
PennellMargaret Louise, Mrs. 6154Download Chart
PennellMargarquite, Mrs. 6154Download Chart
PennellSimon NelsonPetoskey, MI, USA6154Download Chart
PennimanJamesYorkshire, England83515Download Chart
PennimanLydia Boston, MA, USA83515Download Chart
PennimanLydia, Mrs. 83515Download Chart
PennyCiselyDevon, England83512Download Chart
PennyHenry 83512Download Chart
PennyJane, Mrs. 83512Download Chart
PentrichEliza 6582Download Chart
PepinMarie  7992Download Chart
PepinMarie  7993Download Chart
PepinMarie  7994Download Chart
PequignotMary JaneNY, USA8911Download Chart
Perantoni-- 9011Download Chart
PerantoniJackie, Mrs. 9011Download Chart
PerkinsAbigail (Ann) 85128Download Chart
PerkinsMary 2631Download Chart
PerryAbraham/AbramWarren Co., NJ, USA8871Download Chart
PerryAndrewOakland Co., MI, USA8871Download Chart
PerryCarolina, Mrs. 8871Download Chart
PerryElecta Wilber, Mrs. 8871Download Chart
PerryIda LouiseShiawassee Co., MI, USA8871Download Chart
PerryJacobOxford Furnace, NJ, USA8871Download Chart
PerryJohnOxford Furnace, NJ, USA8871Download Chart
PerryOliverShiawassee Co., MI, USA8871Download Chart
PerrySarah, Mrs. 8871Download Chart
PerrySophia, Mrs. 8871Download Chart
PerseLewisNY, USA4045Download Chart
PerseOlive E.OH, USA4041Download Chart
PerseOlive E.OH, USA4044Download Chart
PerseOlive E.OH, USA4045Download Chart
PerseSarah, Mrs. 4045Download Chart
PersonAndrea 79511Download Chart
PersonAnnam Mariam, Mrs. 79511Download Chart
PersonAntoniusHatzenbuhl, Germany79511Download Chart
PersonAntoniusHatzenbuhl, Germany79511Download Chart
PersonEva Margaretha, Mrs. 79511Download Chart
PersonJohannes PhilippusHatzenbuhl, Germany79511Download Chart
PersonMargarethaHatzenbuhl, Germany7951Download Chart
PersonMargarethaHatzenbuhl, Germany79510Download Chart
PersonMargarethaHatzenbuhl, Germany79511Download Chart
PersonMaria M., Mrs. 79511Download Chart
PersonSusanna, Mrs. 79511Download Chart
Petery/PetreeElizabeth 9321Download Chart
PetitdemangeAnnie JuliaChester, PA, USA8161Download Chart
PetitdemangeCatherine, Mrs. 8161Download Chart
PetitdemangeJoseph 8161Download Chart
PettMargaretEngland40516Download Chart
PettiboneAbigail Hartford Co., CT, USA5112Download Chart
PhelpsAbigail, Mrs. 5112Download Chart
PhelpsAbigail, Mrs. 5112Download Chart
PhelpsAnna, Mrs. 85110Download Chart
PhelpsBarrett 85110Download Chart
PhelpsDavidHartford Co., CT, USA5112Download Chart
PhelpsDavidHartford Co., CT, USA5112Download Chart
PhelpsDorothy, Mrs.England51115Download Chart
PhelpsElizabeth, Mrs. 5112Download Chart
PhelpsHannah, Mrs. 51115Download Chart
PhelpsHannah, Mrs. 85110Download Chart
PhelpsJamesTewkesbury, England51115Download Chart
PhelpsJoan, Mrs.England51115Download Chart
PhelpsJosephHartford Co., CT, USA5112Download Chart
PhelpsJosephHartford Co., CT, USA51115Download Chart
PhelpsJosephEngland51115Download Chart
PhelpsMartha, Mrs. 85110Download Chart
PhelpsMartha, Mrs. 85138Download Chart
PhelpsMartha, Mrs. 85139Download Chart
PhelpsMaryWinfield, CT, USA7581Download Chart
PhelpsMary, Mrs. 51115Download Chart
PhelpsMary, Mrs. 85138Download Chart
PhelpsMary, Mrs. 85138Download Chart
PhelpsNoah 85110Download Chart
PhelpsOliveWashington Co., NY, USA85110Download Chart
PhelpsRichard 85138Download Chart
PhelpsTimothy 85110Download Chart
PhelpsTimothy 85138Download Chart
PhelpsTimothyHartford Co., CT, USA85138Download Chart
PhelpsTimothy 85139Download Chart
PhelpsWilliamTewkesbury, England51115Download Chart
PhelpsWilliamGloucester, England51115Download Chart
PhelpsWilliamTewkesbury, England85138Download Chart
PhillipsAmy, Mrs. 85113Download Chart
PhillipsElizabeth, Mrs. 85113Download Chart
PhillipsEmma MinnieButler Co., OH, USA9411Download Chart
PhillipsHannah, Mrs. 8512Download Chart
PhillipsHannah, Mrs. 85113Download Chart
PhillipsJoshua 8512Download Chart
PhillipsJoshua 85113Download Chart
PhillipsJoshua 85113Download Chart
PhillipsJoshua 85114Download Chart
PhillipsLouisa Jane, Mrs. 9411Download Chart
PhillipsLydia 8512Download Chart
PhillipsMary, Mrs. 85113Download Chart
PhillipsNicholasEngland85113Download Chart
PhillipsPollyWindham Co., CT, USA8374Download Chart
PhillipsRebecca BonhamGA, USA6421Download Chart
PhillipsRebecca BonhamGA, USA6428Download Chart
PhillipsRichard 85113Download Chart
PhillipsWilliam ChristianGermany9411Download Chart
PhippsJane England4931Download Chart
PickelAlice L., Mrs. 2632Download Chart
PickelEliza, Mrs. 2632Download Chart
PickelFanna, Mrs. 2632Download Chart
PickelHarriet, Mrs. 2631Download Chart
PickelHarriet, Mrs. 2632Download Chart
PickelLyle R.Cadillac, MI, USA2631Download Chart
PickelLyle R.Cadillac, MI, USA2632Download Chart
PickelStephen GrovenorBrome Co., Quebec, Canada2632Download Chart
PickelThomasGermany2632Download Chart
PickelThomasCadillac, MI, USA2632Download Chart
PickelWm. ThomasPort Perry, Ontario, Canada2632Download Chart
PierceLydia CarolineGenesee Co., MI, USA9535Download Chart
PierceMary, Mrs. 9535Download Chart
PiercePhineas PeterNY, USA9535Download Chart
PiersonDeborah, Mrs. 85144Download Chart
PiersonEliza JaneChenango Co., NY, USA85144Download Chart
PiersonElizabeth, Mrs. 85144Download Chart
PiersonJames A.Chenango Co., NY, USA85144Download Chart
PietersenHillebrandAmsterdam, Holland18716Download Chart
PietersenJannetie 18716Download Chart
PilkingtonMargaret 8681Download Chart
PineJohn 6158Download Chart
PinePhoebe AnnBlankham Twp, Ontario, Canada6158Download Chart
PiperNaoma Malinda 6191Download Chart
PiperNaoma Malinda 6192Download Chart
PittMaryBurnham, England18723Download Chart
PittsElizabeth 85125Download Chart
PittsElizabeth 85133Download Chart
PittsElizabeth, Mrs. 85125Download Chart
PittsElizabeth, Mrs. 85133Download Chart
PittsWilliam 85125Download Chart
PittsWilliam 85133Download Chart
PixleyAdelbertSteuben Co., NY, USA6261Download Chart
PixleyElizabeth, Mrs.NY, USA6261Download Chart
PixleyJoel LoomisNY, USA6261Download Chart
PixleyJohn H. 6261Download Chart
PixleyNellie CarolineHersey, MI, USA6261Download Chart
PixleyPhebe, Mrs. 6261Download Chart
PixleyRhoda CarolineNY, USA6261Download Chart
PixleySarah Pathena, Mrs. 6261Download Chart
PixleySpuier 6261Download Chart
PlanteAdelaide, Mrs. 9071Download Chart
PlanteDominiqueCanada9071Download Chart
PlanteZoye (Mary)Canada9071Download Chart
PlattsLucindaIN, USA8357Download Chart
PlumThankful 6193Download Chart
PlumbAdelmer D.Otsego Co., NY, USA2631Download Chart
PlumbAlta Mary, Mrs. 2631Download Chart
PlumbBailey 2631Download Chart
PlumbClarinda, Mrs. 2631Download Chart
PlumbEdwin B.Kent Co., MI, USA2631Download Chart
PlumbEliNY, USA2631Download Chart
PlumbHarrietJoliet, IL, USA2632Download Chart
PlumbHarriet Joliet, IL, USA2631Download Chart
PlumbHarriet, Mrs. 2631Download Chart
PlumbMary, Mrs. 2631Download Chart
PlummensElizabethAL, USA7052Download Chart
PlunkettMarion Campbell 7241Download Chart
PocklingtonCatharineRomford, Essex, England85148Download Chart
PocklingtonCatharine, Mrs. 85148Download Chart
PocklingtonOliver, Rev.England85148Download Chart
PoestJan BarentsonHarlingen, Friesland18716Download Chart
PoestJansenHolland18716Download Chart
PoestNeiltje, Mrs. 18716Download Chart
PolhemiusAnnaItamarca Island, Brazil9531Download Chart
PolhemiusCatharina, Mrs. 9531Download Chart
PolhemiusJohannes TheodoreBoikirchen, Bavaria9531Download Chart
PolhemiusTheodor 9531Download Chart
PomeroyLouise JaneOH, USA9411Download Chart
PomfretHannah, Mrs.England4052Download Chart
PomfretIsabellaLancashire, England4052Download Chart
PomfretJosephEngland4052Download Chart
PoolBetsySimcoe, Ontario, Canada6158Download Chart
PorcherBetsey 2631Download Chart
PorterEsther 83810Download Chart
PorterEva 8098Download Chart
PorterHannah, Mrs. 27419Download Chart
PorterJohn  27419Download Chart
PorterMehetableHampshire Co., MA, USA2747Download Chart
PorterMehetableHampshire Co., MA, USA2748Download Chart
PorterMehetableHampshire Co., MA, USA27419Download Chart
PorterRose, Mrs. 27419Download Chart
PorterSamuelHampshire Co., MA, USA27419Download Chart
PostAbramKingston, NY, USA1875Download Chart
PostAnneke, Mrs. 1875Download Chart
PostCornelia Martinsen, Mrs. 1875Download Chart
PostCornelia Martinsen, Mrs. 18716Download Chart
PostCornelia Martinsen, Mrs. 18717Download Chart
PostFannie, Mrs. 7261Download Chart
PostFrances Lee, Mrs. 7261Download Chart
PostJanHarlaam, NY, USA1875Download Chart
PostJanHarlaam, NY, USA18716Download Chart
PostJanHarlaam, NY, USA18717Download Chart
PostLevi WilliamNew York City, NY, USA7261Download Chart
PostMarieKatsban, NY, USA1875Download Chart
PostMarjorie LeeChicago, IL, USA7261Download Chart
PostParthenia, Mrs. 7261Download Chart
PostSimeon S. 7261Download Chart
PostSimeon SessionsJersey City, NY, USA7261Download Chart
PostmaelJan JansenHarlingen, Friesland18716Download Chart
PostmaelJannette, Mrs. 18716Download Chart
PotterEdith 9115Download Chart
PotterMary 2291Download Chart
PotterSarah (Wright) 27417Download Chart
PouelsenRasmusHaderslev, Denmark5535Download Chart
PoulesAffkeFriesland, Netherlands7954Download Chart
PoulesDoetje, Mrs. 7954Download Chart
PoulesJanFriesland, Netherlands7954Download Chart
PowellElizabethOtsego Co., NY, USA6196Download Chart
PowellIsophene AlmaSt. Mary's, VA, USA7261Download Chart
PowellLevi JeffersonClarksburg, WV, USA7261Download Chart
PowellMary 1872Download Chart
PowellRosina, Mrs. 7261Download Chart
PowerAmy, Mrs. 8511Download Chart
PowerAmy, Mrs. 8514Download Chart
PowerAmy, Mrs. 8515Download Chart
PowerArthurProvidence Co., RI, USA8514Download Chart
PowerDeborah, Mrs. 8514Download Chart
PowerElizabeth, Mrs. 8514Download Chart
PowerHulda LouizaFarmington, Oakland Co., MI, USA8511Download Chart
PowerIraWayne Co., NY, USA8511Download Chart
PowerIraWayne Co., NY, USA8514Download Chart
PowerIraWayne Co., NY, USA8515Download Chart
PowerJane, Mrs. 85115Download Chart
PowerJohnProvidence Co., RI, USA8514Download Chart
PowerJohn 8514Download Chart
PowerLydia, Mrs. 8514Download Chart
PowerMercy, Mrs. 8514Download Chart
PowerMercy, Mrs. 85115Download Chart
PowerMercy, Mrs. 85116Download Chart
PowerNicholas 8514Download Chart
PowerNicholas 85115Download Chart
PowerNicholas 85115Download Chart
PowerNicholas 85115Download Chart
PowerNicholas 85116Download Chart
PowerRebecca, Mrs. 85115Download Chart
PowysJane  85113Download Chart
PrattAgnes, Mrs.England5116Download Chart
PrattAndrewEngland5116Download Chart
PrattAnnaPlymouth, MA, USA2744Download Chart
PrattDanielValley Forge 2744Download Chart
PrattElizabeth, Mrs. 5116Download Chart
PrattElizabeth, Mrs.England5116Download Chart
PrattHepsibah 7241Download Chart
PrattHepzibah, Mrs. 5116Download Chart
PrattHepzibah, Mrs. 5118Download Chart
PrattJohnEngland5112Download Chart
PrattJohnEngland5116Download Chart
PrattJohnEngland5116Download Chart
PrattJohnEngland5118Download Chart
PrattMargaret, Mrs.England5116Download Chart
PrattMary, Mrs. 2744Download Chart
PrattSarah, Mrs. 2744Download Chart
PrattSarah, Mrs. 2744Download Chart
PrattSolomonNorfolk Co., MA, USA2744Download Chart
PrattThomasEngland5116Download Chart
PrattThomasEngland5117Download Chart
PrattWalterEngland5116Download Chart
PrattWilliamEngland5116Download Chart
PrattWilliamEngland5117Download Chart
PrattWilliam 5117Download Chart
PreasteJoan 40517Download Chart
PredmoreAmos 3871Download Chart
PredmoreHarriet ElizabethGenesee Co., MI, USA3871Download Chart
PredmoreHarriet, Mrs. 3871Download Chart
PrenticeAmy  8981Download Chart
PrestonMaryBucks, England83513Download Chart
PrestonWilliam 83513Download Chart
PrettieSarah 6141Download Chart
PreuitHenryElizabeth City Co., VA, USA6426Download Chart
PreuitJacobVA, USA6425Download Chart
PreuitMary, Mrs. 6425Download Chart
PreuitMary, Mrs. 6426Download Chart
PreuitMary, Mrs. 6426Download Chart
PreuitMary, Mrs. 6426Download Chart
PreuitNancy Agnes, Mrs. 6425Download Chart
PreuitRoger 6426Download Chart
PreuitWilliamHenrico Co., VA, USA6425Download Chart
PreuitWilliamHenrico Co., VA, USA6426Download Chart
Pries (Preiss)BatherfariGermany7691Download Chart
Pries (Preiss)Christina, Mrs. 7691Download Chart
Pries (Preiss)ElizabethAlsenz, Pfalz, Germany7691Download Chart
PrindevilleAnna Josephine, Mrs. 8711Download Chart
PrindevilleEdward, Sr. 8711Download Chart
PrindevilleElizabeth AnnLogan, Perth, Ontario, Canada8711Download Chart
PrindevilleJamesClaghone, Ireland8711Download Chart
PrindevilleMary, Mrs. 8711Download Chart
ProperMary E.NY, USA9411Download Chart
PruittElizabethGreen Co., TN, USA6425Download Chart
PrushinskiJean Ann 6191Download Chart
PugsleyElizabeth 7133Download Chart
PullenAmanda, Mrs. 2881Download Chart
PullenElisa, Mrs. 2881Download Chart
PullenGeorgeWayne Co., NY, USA2881Download Chart
PullenGeorge FreemanAllegan Co., MI, USA2881Download Chart
PullenNancy Taylor, Mrs. 2881Download Chart
PullenNancy Taylor, Mrs. 2886Download Chart
PullenNancy Taylor, Mrs. 2887Download Chart
PullenNicholasWindham Co., VT, USA2886Download Chart
PullenNorma ElizaAllegan Co., MI, USA2881Download Chart
PullenSarah, Mrs. 2886Download Chart
PullenWilliamOntario Co., NY, USA2881Download Chart
PullenWilliamOntario Co., NY, USA2886Download Chart
PullenWilliamOntario Co., NY, USA2887Download Chart
PurdyCaroline Semantha, Mrs. 7151Download Chart
PurdyCharles ClevelandDearborn Twp, MI, USA7151Download Chart
PurdyCharles HenryDearborn Twp, MI, USA7151Download Chart
PurdyClara, Mrs. 7151Download Chart
PurdyEdna Cecilia, Mrs. 7151Download Chart
PurdyGeorge NY, USA7151Download Chart
PurdyHattie, Mrs. 7151Download Chart
PurdyIrene FrancesDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA7151Download Chart
PurdyMilton FrancisDearborn Twp, Wayne Co., MI, USA7151Download Chart
PurtleCatherine 6971Download Chart
QualmannWilhelmina 9561Download Chart
R(au)berChristineGermany1752Download Chart
RadziejewskiChristinaPutzig, Germany4901Download Chart
RameAnna Catherina, Mrs. 79511Download Chart
RameAnna Eva, Mrs. 79511Download Chart
RameEva MargarethaHatzenbuhl, Germany79511Download Chart
RameJacob 79511Download Chart
RameJohannesHatzenbuhl, Germany79511Download Chart
RandolphJane 6157Download Chart
RansfordHenriettaNY, USA8847Download Chart
RansomElizabeth, Mrs. 7062Download Chart
RansomMary AnnMI, USA7062Download Chart
RansomMary AnnMI, USA7064Download Chart
RansomWilliamNorfolk, England7062Download Chart
RaperMary Ann 5781Download Chart
RaphaelElizabeth LouiseRastenburg, Prussia5031Download Chart
RasmussenGidsel, Mrs. 5534Download Chart
RasmussenGidsel, Mrs. 5535Download Chart
RasmussenPouelHygum, Haderslev, Denmark5534Download Chart
RasmussenPouelHygum, Haderslev, Denmark5535Download Chart
RathboneAlice, Mrs. 2888Download Chart
RathboneAlice, Mrs. 2889Download Chart
RathboneEllen, Mrs. 28810Download Chart
RathboneGrace, Mrs. 2888Download Chart
RathboneGrace, Mrs. 2889Download Chart
RathboneGrace, Mrs. 28810Download Chart
RathboneThomasDitton, England2888Download Chart
RathboneThomasDitton, England2888Download Chart
RathboneThomasDitton, England2889Download Chart
RathboneThomasDitton, England2889Download Chart
RathboneThomasDitton, England28810Download Chart
RathboneWilliam 28810Download Chart
RathbunAnn, Mrs. 2888Download Chart
RathbunAshleyNew London, CT, USA2884Download Chart
RathbunAurelia, Mrs. 2881Download Chart
RathbunAurelia, Mrs. 2884Download Chart
RathbunElizabeth, Mrs. 2884Download Chart
RathbunElizabeth, Mrs. 2888Download Chart
RathbunElizabeth, Mrs. 2889Download Chart
RathbunEllen, Mrs. 28810Download Chart
RathbunGeorge Madison Co., NY, USA2881Download Chart
RathbunGeorge Madison Co., NY, USA2884Download Chart
RathbunHuldah, Mrs. 2884Download Chart
RathbunIsaiahNew London, CT, USA2884Download Chart
RathbunJohn 2888Download Chart
RathbunJohn 2889Download Chart
RathbunJohn, Jr.Dorchester, MA, USA2888Download Chart
RathbunJonathanBlock Island, RI, USA2884Download Chart
RathbunJonathanBlock Island, RI, USA2888Download Chart
RathbunJonathanBlock Island, RI, USA2889Download Chart
RathbunJosephBlock Island, RI, USA2889Download Chart
RathbunLaura EvelynOakland Co., MI, USA2881Download Chart
RathbunMargaret, Mrs. 2888Download Chart
RathbunMargaret, Mrs. 2889Download Chart
RathbunMary, Mrs. 2889Download Chart
RathbunMolly, Mrs. 2884Download Chart
RathbunTrumanColchester, CT, USA2884Download Chart
RathbunZerviah, Mrs. 2884Download Chart
RattiganEllen Mary 7631Download Chart
RaubSusanna(h)Warren Co., NJ, USA9373Download Chart
RauchBernice MayGratiot Co., MI, USA7161Download Chart
RauchBertha Henrietta, Mrs. 7161Download Chart
RauchLewisLafayette, NY, USA7161Download Chart
RawlingAnna, Mrs. 3871Download Chart
RawlingJohn 3871Download Chart
RawlingMatilda RebeccaMarkham, Ontario, Canada3871Download Chart
RawlinsonMaryNY, USA7111Download Chart
RaymondAnnette 8721Download Chart
RaymondCynthia 9131Download Chart
ReadHannah, Mrs. 7241Download Chart
ReadeAnna Maria, Mrs. 85149Download Chart
ReadeAnne, Mrs. 85149Download Chart
ReadeGeorgeEngland85149Download Chart
ReadeJohnEngland85149Download Chart
ReadeJohnOxon, England85149Download Chart
ReadeMartha, Mrs. 85149Download Chart
ReadeSophia BrookeIpsden, Oxen, England85144Download Chart
ReadeSophia BrookeIpsden, Oxen, England85149Download Chart
ReaderFannaKent, England2632Download Chart
ReaderJosephScugog Is, Ontario, Canada2632Download Chart
ReaderRebakah, Mrs. 2632Download Chart
RearickBertie Faye, Mrs. 7551Download Chart
RearickElwood Stacy 7551Download Chart
RebJames WalterSaginaw, MI, USA8371Download Chart
RebSuzanne Carol, Mrs. 8371Download Chart
RedmondElizabethIreland55312Download Chart
RedmondFlorence Amanda, Mrs. 9561Download Chart
RedmondHelen LouiseBattle Creek, Calhoun Co., MI, USA9561Download Chart
RedmondSarah Elizabeth, Mrs. 9561Download Chart
RedmondThomas R.Canada9561Download Chart
RedmondWilliam JohnCalhoun Co., MI, USA9561Download Chart
ReedElizabethPA, USA4044Download Chart
RegerCarl Christian JosephGermany9421Download Chart
RegerFriedrike Rosine, Mrs. 9421Download Chart
RegerJacob JosephGermany9421Download Chart
RegerMaria Rosina, Mrs. 9421Download Chart
RegerMaryClare Co., MI, USA9421Download Chart
ReichelAnnaHesse Darmstadt, Germany8341Download Chart
ReichenbachChristine 1752Download Chart
ReichenbachChristine, Mrs. 1752Download Chart
ReichenbachEnglebert FriedrigGermany1752Download Chart
ReichenbachHenryMI, USA1752Download Chart
ReichenbachLouise, Mrs. 1752Download Chart
ReichertElizabeth 18722Download Chart
ReidAlmira Louise, Mrs. 8872Download Chart
ReidAmbrose GraftonOH, USA8872Download Chart
ReidJennie MayVinton, IA, USA8872Download Chart
ReidJoseph WesleyWiliams Co., OH, USA8872Download Chart
ReidLinda 8871Download Chart
ReidMary, Mrs. 8872Download Chart
ReidMatilda, Mrs. 8872Download Chart
ReidThomasIreland/PA8872Download Chart
ReinkeDoretheaMacomb Co., MI, USA8871Download Chart
ReuterWilhelminaGermany9561Download Chart
ReynoldsAlfred LeonOakland Co., MI, USA7061Download Chart
ReynoldsAlfred LeonOakland Co., MI, USA7131Download Chart
ReynoldsAlice, Mrs. 51124Download Chart
ReynoldsAnna (Waltenburg)Canada7161Download Chart
ReynoldsCharlotte, Mrs. 9537Download Chart
ReynoldsChristopherCo. Kent, England51124Download Chart
ReynoldsDanielEngland7061Download Chart
ReynoldsDanielEngland7131Download Chart
ReynoldsDorothy Elizabeth, Mrs. 7061Download Chart
ReynoldsDorothy Elizabeth, Mrs. 7131Download Chart
ReynoldsElizaSt. Atwell, Cornwall, England9531Download Chart
ReynoldsElizaSt. Atwell, Cornwall, England9536Download Chart
ReynoldsElizaSt. Atwell, Cornwall, England9537Download Chart
ReynoldsEsther, Mrs. 51124Download Chart
ReynoldsGeorgeSteuben Co., NY, USA5111Download Chart
ReynoldsHattie Alzina, Mrs. 7061Download Chart
ReynoldsHattie Alzina, Mrs. 7131Download Chart
ReynoldsJacobNew Bedford, MA, USA51123Download Chart
ReynoldsJacob 51123Download Chart
ReynoldsJane Elizabeth, Mrs. 7061Download Chart
ReynoldsJane Elizabeth, Mrs. 7131Download Chart
ReynoldsJohn 51123Download Chart
ReynoldsJohn 51124Download Chart
ReynoldsJoyce AnnePontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA7061Download Chart
ReynoldsJoyce AnnePontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA7062Download Chart
ReynoldsMartha, Mrs. 51123Download Chart
ReynoldsPatty P., Mrs. 51123Download Chart
ReynoldsSarah Wiley, Mrs. 51123Download Chart
ReynoldsSarah Wiley, Mrs. 51124Download Chart
ReynoldsSquireMiddlebury, MA, USA51123Download Chart
ReynoldsSusan, Mrs. 5111Download Chart
ReynoldsSylvia IrenePontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA7131Download Chart
ReynoldsSylvia IrenePontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA7132Download Chart
ReynoldsThomas 9537Download Chart
ReynoldsVern DariusOakland Co., MI, USA7061Download Chart
ReynoldsVern DariusOakland Co., MI, USA7131Download Chart
ReynoldsWilliamBermuda(?)51124Download Chart
ReynoldsWilliamKent Co., England51124Download Chart
RhoadsAmy, Mrs. 5032Download Chart
RhoadsCaroline E. 5031Download Chart
RhoadsCaroline E. 5032Download Chart
RhoadsCaroline E. 5033Download Chart
RhoadsCora E. 5031Download Chart
RhoadsJames B.Conyngham, PA, USA5031Download Chart
RhoadsJames WilsonMontgomery Co., PA, USA5031Download Chart
RhoadsJames WilsonMontgomery Co., PA, USA5032Download Chart
RhoadsJames WilsonMontgomery Co., PA, USA5033Download Chart
RhoadsKathleenWilkes-Barre, PA, USA5031Download Chart
RhoadsWilliam T.Conyngham, PA, USA5032Download Chart
RhodesEleanor, Mrs. 9011Download Chart
RhodesHannah J., Mrs. 7991Download Chart
RhodesHannah J., Mrs. 7997Download Chart
RhodesJoanna, Mrs. 85115Download Chart
RhodesLucetta JanePeoria Co., IL, USA7991Download Chart
RhodesLucetta JanePeoria Co., IL, USA7995Download Chart
RhodesLucetta JanePeoria Co., IL, USA7997Download Chart
RhodesMarionWhitewater, MO, USA9011Download Chart
RhodesRebecca 85115Download Chart
RhodesRozellaCape Co., MI, USA9011Download Chart
RhodesSolomon P. 7991Download Chart
RhodesSolomon P. 7997Download Chart
RhodesZachariah 85115Download Chart
RiceAlmira, Mrs. 7261Download Chart
RiceAnn Riar, Mrs. 6141Download Chart
RiceBathsheba, Mrs. 6143Download Chart
RiceBathsheba, Mrs. 6146Download Chart
RiceEllen Naomi, Mrs. 6141Download Chart
RiceFannieMA, USA7261Download Chart
RiceJael, Mrs. 6143Download Chart
RiceJane, Mrs. 6143Download Chart
RiceJane, Mrs. 6146Download Chart
RiceJennie AnnClinton Co., MI, USA6141Download Chart
RiceJoelWorcester, MA, USA6143Download Chart
RiceJoelWorcester, MA, USA6146Download Chart
RiceJonasWorcester, MA, USA6143Download Chart
RiceJonas 6143Download Chart
RiceJonasWorcester, MA, USA6146Download Chart
RiceJonas 6146Download Chart
RiceJonas 6146Download Chart
RiceLydia, Mrs. 6143Download Chart
RiceLydia, Mrs. 6146Download Chart
RiceMary JeminahNY, USA6141Download Chart
RiceMary JeminahNY, USA6143Download Chart
RiceMary, Mrs. 6146Download Chart
RicePatty P.Williamsford, CT, USA51123Download Chart
RiceWilliam E.MA, USA7261Download Chart
RiceWinchester R.Monroe Co., NY, USA6141Download Chart
RiceZebinaConway, MA, USA6141Download Chart
RiceZebinaConway, MA, USA6143Download Chart
RiceZebinaConway, MA, USA6146Download Chart
RichAdah 3871Download Chart
RichAnn, Mrs. 6142Download Chart
RichAnna 5781Download Chart
RichElizabeth, Mrs. 6141Download Chart
RichElizabeth, Mrs. 6142Download Chart
RichFrancis East Hoathly, Sussex, England6142Download Chart
RichFrancis Wilmington6142Download Chart
RichFrancis the Downsman 6142Download Chart
RichLucyPA, USA6141Download Chart
RichLucy, Mrs. 6142Download Chart
RichMary, Mrs. 6142Download Chart
RichMary, Mrs. 6142Download Chart
RichThomasSussex, England6141Download Chart
RichThomasSussex, England6142Download Chart
RichThomasEast Hoathly, England6142Download Chart
RichardsMarySchuylkill Co., PA, USA3292Download Chart
RichardsonAnn, Mrs.England85151Download Chart
RichardsonAnn, Mrs. 8681Download Chart
RichardsonAnzlee, Mrs. 85144Download Chart
RichardsonAnzlee, Mrs. 85150Download Chart
RichardsonAnzlee, Mrs. 85151Download Chart
RichardsonEliza HarrietEngland18722Download Chart
RichardsonElizabeth  8357Download Chart
RichardsonElizabeth, Mrs. 8681Download Chart
RichardsonEmmaKent, England85144Download Chart
RichardsonGeorge, Sr. 2291Download Chart
RichardsonJane, Mrs. 8681Download Chart
RichardsonJohnKillington, England8681Download Chart
RichardsonJohnWestmoreland, England8681Download Chart
RichardsonMary Ann, Mrs. 2291Download Chart
RichardsonPearl, Mrs. 8681Download Chart
RichardsonPhiladelphia, Mrs. 85151Download Chart
RichardsonRobertKent, England85144Download Chart
RichardsonRobertKent, England85150Download Chart
RichardsonRobertKent, England85151Download Chart
RichardsonRobertSt. Laurent, Kent, England85151Download Chart
RichardsonRobertKent, England85151Download Chart
RichardsonSarah Ann England2291Download Chart
RichardsonSarah Ann, Mrs. 8681Download Chart
RichardsonWilliamEngland8681Download Chart
RichardsonWilliamWestmoreland, England8681Download Chart
RichardsonWilliam JackDetroit, MI, USA8681Download Chart
RicheyNancy AgnesIreland6425Download Chart
RicheyWilliam 6425Download Chart
RichmondDeborahChenango Co., NY, USA85144Download Chart
RichmondEunice, Mrs. 85144Download Chart
RichmondEunice, Mrs. 85145Download Chart
RichmondJohn 85114Download Chart
RichmondJohnSwitzerland85144Download Chart
RichmondJohnSwitzerland85145Download Chart
RichmondMary 85114Download Chart
RickettEliza, Mrs. 9531Download Chart
RickettEliza, Mrs. 9536Download Chart
RickettEliza, Mrs. 9537Download Chart
RickettFlorence LetaLivingston Co., MI, USA9531Download Chart
RickettJohn 9536Download Chart
RickettJohn ThomasLivingston Co., MI, USA9531Download Chart
RickettMary Anne, Mrs. 9536Download Chart
RickettMary Ellen, Mrs. 9531Download Chart
RickettStephen R.Corby, Lincolnshire, England9531Download Chart
RickettStephen R.Corby, Lincolnshire, England9536Download Chart
RickettStephen R.Corby, Lincolnshire, England9537Download Chart
RiedElizabeth 83511Download Chart
RiederCatharina 79510Download Chart
RiederJodocus L. L. 79510Download Chart
RiederJohannes MichaelHerxheim, Germany79510Download Chart
RiederMaria EvaHerxheim, Germany79510Download Chart
RiederMaria Margaretha 79510Download Chart
RielJean Baptiste 7991Download Chart
RielLouise, Mrs. 7991Download Chart
RielMarguerite 7991Download Chart
RiemenschneiderAlice JoyceOakland Co., MI, USA8721Download Chart
RiemenschneiderBelva Marion, Mrs. 8721Download Chart
RiemenschneiderErnest Lewis 8721Download Chart
RiemenschneiderHenry A. 8721Download Chart
RiemenschneiderHenry C. 8721Download Chart
RiemenschneiderJulia, Mrs. 8721Download Chart
RiggsEmily E.Chautauqua, NY, USA4041Download Chart
RiggsEmily E.Chautauqua, NY, USA4042Download Chart
RiggsEmily E.Chautauqua, NY, USA4043Download Chart
RiggsJedediahCT, USA4043Download Chart
RiggsPhilinda, Mrs. 4043Download Chart
RintjesDoetjeHuizum, Netherlands7954Download Chart
RisseEmerenz, Mrs. 6121Download Chart
RisseFranz Anton 6121Download Chart
RisseMina 6121Download Chart
RisserAnnaGermany6581Download Chart
RitchieMargaret, Mrs. 8411Download Chart
RitchieRubyFarwell, MI, USA8411Download Chart
RitchieWilliamSeaforth, Ontario, Canada8411Download Chart
RitterAnna MargaretBavaria8621Download Chart
RitterspacherJohannettaRhein-Pfalz, Germany6581Download Chart
RitzmannJean  85144Download Chart
RiuttaBritta JosephineVaasa, Finland9071Download Chart
RiuttaGreta Sofia, Mrs.Vaasa, Finland9071Download Chart
RiuttaIsraelVaasa, Finland9071Download Chart
RiversEuphrasiaMorgan Co., GA, USA4961Download Chart
RobartBarbara Ellen, Mrs. 8411Download Chart
RobartBessie 8411Download Chart
RobartNaaman (Nathan)Shelbyville, MI, USA8411Download Chart
RobartOra Emmeline, Mrs. 8411Download Chart
RobartWilliam 8411Download Chart
RobbinsLucy Beebe 7241Download Chart
RobertsCharlotte, Mrs. 8871Download Chart
RobertsJane, Mrs. 8871Download Chart
RobertsLawrence/WilliamTilbury, Ontario, Canada8871Download Chart
RobertsMildred "Lottie"Rochester, Oakland Co., MI, USA8871Download Chart
RobertsRichard WashingtonBealton(?), Ontario, Canada8871Download Chart
RobinsonAmy, Mrs. 6195Download Chart
RobinsonAnneDenston, England85148Download Chart
RobinsonAnneDenston, England85153Download Chart
RobinsonBarton C.NY, USA8847Download Chart
RobinsonBeldinYates Co., NY, USA6191Download Chart
RobinsonBeldinYates Co., NY, USA6195Download Chart
RobinsonCarleDutchess Co., NY, USA6195Download Chart
RobinsonCharles WesleyBranch Co., MI8847Download Chart
RobinsonElizabeth Emma 7161Download Chart
RobinsonElizabeth, Mrs. 6195Download Chart
RobinsonElizabeth, Mrs. 8847Download Chart
RobinsonEstellaGenesee Co., MI, USA6191Download Chart
RobinsonHelen F., Mrs. 6191Download Chart
RobinsonHeneretta, Mrs. 8847Download Chart
RobinsonIsaiahBristol Co., MA6195Download Chart
RobinsonJohn Y.Genesee Co., MI, USA6191Download Chart
RobinsonMae JessieBlanchard, MI, USA8847Download Chart
RobinsonMary Ann, Mrs. 6191Download Chart
RobinsonMary Ann, Mrs. 6195Download Chart
RobinsonPeter Kent Town, Dutchess Co., NY, USA6195Download Chart
RobinsonPeter I. 6195Download Chart
RobinsonPhebe, Mrs. 6195Download Chart
RobinsonRachel, Mrs. 6195Download Chart
RobinsonWilliamDenston, England85153Download Chart
RocheAnn, Mrs. 6155Download Chart
RocheElizabeth 6155Download Chart
RocheJohnIreland6155Download Chart
RochonDeniseQuebec, Canada7611Download Chart
RockEvelyn B.MI, USA9411Download Chart
RockMary Elizabeth, Mrs. 9411Download Chart
RockSamuel JayOswego Co., NY, USA9411Download Chart
RockwellAbigailWindsor, CT, USA7241Download Chart
RockwellAbigailWindsor, CT, USA7241Download Chart
RockwellAbigail, Mrs. 7241Download Chart
RockwellAlice, Mrs. 7241Download Chart
RockwellAlphaColebrook, CT, USA7241Download Chart
RockwellAnna, Mrs. 7241Download Chart
RockwellAnne, Mrs. 7241Download Chart
RockwellAurelia, Mrs. 7241Download Chart
RockwellBenjaminWindsor, Hartford Co., CT, USA2744Download Chart
RockwellBenjaminWindsor, Hartford Co., CT, USA27418Download Chart
RockwellBenjaminWindsor, Hartford Co., CT, USA7241Download Chart
RockwellBezaleel BeebeColebrook, CT, USA7241Download Chart
RockwellCaroline, Mrs. 7241Download Chart
RockwellDeliverance, Mrs. 7241Download Chart
RockwellElizabeth 7241Download Chart
RockwellElizabeth, Mrs. 27418Download Chart
RockwellElizabeth, Mrs. 7241Download Chart
RockwellElizabeth, Mrs. 7241Download Chart
RockwellEthel Dean, Mrs. 7241Download Chart
RockwellEunice, Mrs. 7241Download Chart
RockwellFlorence, Mrs. 7241Download Chart
RockwellFrancis WilliamsColebrook, CT, USA7241Download Chart
RockwellGrace Madeline, Mrs. 7241Download Chart
RockwellHannah 7241Download Chart
RockwellHannah, Mrs. 7241Download Chart
RockwellHannah, Mrs. 7241Download Chart
RockwellHenry DavisPittsfield, MA, USA7241Download Chart
RockwellHepsibah, Mrs. 7241Download Chart
RockwellHonor, Mrs. 27418Download Chart
RockwellJames 7241Download Chart
RockwellJerusha 7241Download Chart
RockwellJoanEngland7241Download Chart
RockwellJob 7241Download Chart
RockwellJohn 7241Download Chart
RockwellJohnWindsor, CT, USA7241Download Chart
RockwellJonathan 7241Download Chart
RockwellJosephWindsor, CT, USA27418Download Chart
RockwellJosephWindsor, CT, USA7241Download Chart
RockwellJosephWindsor, CT, USA7241Download Chart
RockwellJosephWindsor, CT, USA7241Download Chart
RockwellJosiah 7241Download Chart
RockwellJuliusColebrook, CT, USA7241Download Chart
RockwellJuliusPittsfield, MA, USA7241Download Chart
RockwellLawrence Dowse 7241Download Chart
RockwellLouisaColebrook, CT, USA7241Download Chart
RockwellLucy Forbes, Mrs. 7241Download Chart
RockwellLucy, Mrs. 7241Download Chart
RockwellMargaretWocester Co., MA, USA2744Download Chart
RockwellMargaret, Mrs. 2744Download Chart
RockwellMargaret, Mrs. 27418Download Chart
RockwellMargaret, Mrs. 7241Download Chart
RockwellMarion Campbell, Mrs. 7241Download Chart
RockwellMartin 7241Download Chart
RockwellMaryWindsor, CT, USA7241Download Chart
RockwellMary Gilbert, Mrs. 7241Download Chart
RockwellMary, Mrs. 27418Download Chart
RockwellMary, Mrs. 7241Download Chart
RockwellMary, Mrs. 7241Download Chart
RockwellMary, Mrs. 7241Download Chart
RockwellMiriam, Mrs. 7241Download Chart
RockwellRebecca, Mrs. 7241Download Chart
RockwellRebecca, Mrs. 7241Download Chart
RockwellReuben 7241Download Chart
RockwellRhoda, Mrs. 7241Download Chart
RockwellRuth 7241Download Chart
RockwellSamuelDorchester, Norfolk Co., MA, USA27418Download Chart
RockwellSamuelWindsor, CT, USA7241Download Chart
RockwellSamuel 7241Download Chart
RockwellSamuelWindsor, CT, USA7241Download Chart
RockwellSamuelDorchester, Norfolk Co., MA, USA7241Download Chart
RockwellSamuel ForbesPittsfield, MA, USA7241Download Chart
RockwellSarahWindsor, CT, USA7241Download Chart
RockwellSarah, Mrs. 7241Download Chart
RockwellSarah, Mrs. 7241Download Chart
RockwellSolomon 7241Download Chart
RockwellSusan, Mrs. 7241Download Chart
RockwellSusanna, Mrs. 27418Download Chart
RockwellTimothy 7241Download Chart
RockwellWilliamEngland27418Download Chart
RockwellWilliamEngland7241Download Chart
RockwellWilliam WalkerPittsfield, MA, USA7241Download Chart
RogersLaurella Belle 8097Download Chart
RollmanMary MagdalineOH, USA6156Download Chart
RollmanMichaelGermany6156Download Chart
RollmanWalberga, Mrs. 6156Download Chart
RoosaAlbert HeymansHolland1878Download Chart
RoosaJan Geurt 7956Download Chart
RoosaJanettjiHarwynen, Gelderland, Holland1878Download Chart
RoosaNeeltje, Mrs. 7956Download Chart
RoosaWyntje 1878Download Chart
RoperElizabeth, Mrs. 8681Download Chart
RoperJaneBurneside, England8681Download Chart
RoperMargaret, Mrs. 8681Download Chart
RoperMary Ann, Mrs. 8681Download Chart
RoperThomas 8681Download Chart
RoperWilliamStandish, Lancs., England8681Download Chart
RoperWilliamStandish, Lancs., England8681Download Chart
RosaEngelke MarieHerwijnen, Netherlands7956Download Chart
RosboroughChristine 80914Download Chart
RoseBetsey, Mrs. 2621Download Chart
RoseCora AugustaFredonia, MI, USA2621Download Chart
RoseGeorge H.Chenango Co., NY, USA2621Download Chart
RoseMartha, Mrs. 2621Download Chart
RoseWilliam R., Jr. 2621Download Chart
RosenbergerAdamBavaria, Germany5921Download Chart
RosenbergerMargaret, Mrs.Bavaria, Germany5921Download Chart
RosenbergerMaryGermany5921Download Chart
RosengrenHenrietta Wilhemina, Mrs. 4271Download Chart
RosengrenJohn WilliamSweden4271Download Chart
RosengrenMartha CharlotteDetroit, MI, USA4271Download Chart
RossMary 6426Download Chart
RoszelAlice, Mrs. 9431Download Chart
RoszelEliza JaneGeorgetown, Ontario, Canada9431Download Chart
RoszelGeorgeOntario, Canada9431Download Chart
RoszelIraWellington Co., Ontario, Canada9431Download Chart
RoszelMargaret Jane, Mrs. 9431Download Chart
RothCatherineHesse-Darmstadt91110Download Chart
RothEsther 51124Download Chart
RothenhoefferCatherineFrederick, MD, USA7831Download Chart
RothenhoefferChristina, Mrs. 7831Download Chart
RothenhoefferLawrence 7831Download Chart
RountreeMary A. 6121Download Chart
RoweNancy W. 4461Download Chart
RoweSusanna S., Mrs. 4461Download Chart
RoweWilliam 4461Download Chart
RowlandMaryCanada8516Download Chart
RowlandSusan 1874Download Chart
RowleyMaryNY, USA8281Download Chart
RoyAmable JosephQuebec, Canada7991Download Chart
RoyAndreLaprarie, Quebec, Canada7991Download Chart
RoyAndre, Sr. 7991Download Chart
RoyMarie Renee, Mrs. 7991Download Chart
RoyMarie, Mrs. 7991Download Chart
RoyPelagie 7991Download Chart
RoyPelagie 7993Download Chart
RoyPelagie 7994Download Chart
RoySuzanne, Mrs. 7991Download Chart
RoyceJonathanNY, USA4931Download Chart
RoyceLucinda, Mrs. 4931Download Chart
RoyceMary ElizHolly, Oakland Co., MI, USA4931Download Chart
RudolpfChristine Elisabeth 541Download Chart
RuhkampMaria KatharinaOchtrup, Prussia8901Download Chart
RunyanLucindaNY, USA4931Download Chart
Ruppel/RuppleClara J.Detroit, MI, USA7151Download Chart
RushMinnie BellGrandville, MI, USA8847Download Chart
RussellDorothy, Mrs. 85127Download Chart
RussellElizabeth, Mrs. 85127Download Chart
RussellJohn 85127Download Chart
RussellJoseph 85127Download Chart
RussellMary 8515Download Chart
RussellMary 85126Download Chart
RussellMary 85127Download Chart
RyalMariah 6071Download Chart
RyanAnnIreland6155Download Chart
RyanAnnorah Sullivan 6971Download Chart
SabinElizabeth 6195Download Chart
SabinMary, Mrs. 83514Download Chart
SabinMary, Mrs. 83514Download Chart
SabinSamuelBristol Co., MA, USA83514Download Chart
SabinSarahBristol Co., MA, USA83514Download Chart
SabinWilliamLaRochelle, France (?)83514Download Chart
SackmanCharles 9561Download Chart
SackmanElsie, Mrs. 9561Download Chart
SackmanJudith Mary, Mrs. 9561Download Chart
SackmanMelvin WilfredMacomb Co., MI, USA9561Download Chart
SackmanShari LynnDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA9561Download Chart
SaetzinBarbara 83510Download Chart
SagePhiluraMI, USA8411Download Chart
SalisburyCharlotte LauraEngland1752Download Chart
SalisburyHenry Arthur 1752Download Chart
SalisburyHenry Robert 1752Download Chart
SalisburyLouisa, Mrs. 1752Download Chart
SamuelCatharine H., Mrs. 6421Download Chart
SamuelCatharine H., Mrs. 6425Download Chart
SamuelHenrietta Caroline "Callie"Tuscaloosa, AL, USA6421Download Chart
SamuelJohn Jacob, Sr.Caroline Co., VA, USA6421Download Chart
SamuelJohn Jacob, Sr.Caroline Co., VA, USA6425Download Chart
SandersonLydia 85114Download Chart
SandersonLydia, Mrs. 85114Download Chart
SandersonRobert 85114Download Chart
SanfordEzra 51116Download Chart
SanfordMercy, Mrs. 51116Download Chart
SanfordSallyPownell, VT, USA51116Download Chart
SappMargaretBoone Co., MO, USA7051Download Chart
SarsfieldAnne, Mrs. 8421Download Chart
SarsfieldBridget LouiseDetroit, MI, USA8421Download Chart
SarsfieldDavid (Patrick?) 8421Download Chart
SatleSarah 6194Download Chart
SaucyAppoline, Mrs. 7993Download Chart
SaucyClement 7993Download Chart
SaucyHortenseL'Isle Verte, Canada7993Download Chart
SavieDorothea 2886Download Chart
SavieDorothea 2887Download Chart
SavieDorothea 2889Download Chart
SawyerBathsheba, Mrs. 2742Download Chart
SawyerEdward 2742Download Chart
SawyerElizabethTolland Co., CT, USA2742Download Chart
SawyerElizabeth Middlesex Co., MA, USA2744Download Chart
SawyerElizabeth Middlesex Co., MA, USA27416Download Chart
SawyerElizabeth Middlesex Co., MA, USA27417Download Chart
SawyerElizabeth, Mrs. 2742Download Chart
SawyerJohn  2742Download Chart
SawyerJoshua 27417Download Chart
SawyerMary 8354Download Chart
SawyerSarah, Mrs. 27417Download Chart
ScanlanMargaret 7631Download Chart
ScarolaDominicItaly8341Download Chart
ScarolaJosephine, Mrs. 8341Download Chart
ScarolaLucia, Mrs. 8341Download Chart
ScarolaRosa Lucia "Rose"Bari, Italy8341Download Chart
ScarolaVita 8341Download Chart
SchaarschmidtEdna CeciliaDetroit, MI, USA7151Download Chart
SchaarschmidtFlorence Mariam, Mrs. 7151Download Chart
SchaarschmidtHugo Johann WTaylor Twp, MI, USA7151Download Chart
SchaarschmidtHugo WilhelmWolkenstein, Germany7151Download Chart
SchaarschmidtIda, Mrs. 7151Download Chart
SchaarschmidtIda, Mrs. 7151Download Chart
SchaarschmidtKarl 7151Download Chart
SchaeferBarbaraKent Co., MI, USA2301Download Chart
SchaefersAnna Maria, Mrs. 4471Download Chart
SchaefersConrad AdamHegensdorf, Germany4471Download Chart
SchaefersFridrich ConradWestphal, Germany4471Download Chart
SchaefersLee FelixHand City, SD, USA4471Download Chart
SchaefersMargaret Isabelle, Mrs. 4471Download Chart
SchaefersRosalie MargaretDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA4471Download Chart
SchaefersTheresia, Mrs. 4471Download Chart
SchaferAnna Brigitta Carolina, Mrs. 4471Download Chart
SchaferHeinrich Jacob 4471Download Chart
SchalenburgLouisa OH, USA8901Download Chart
SchalenburgLouisa OH, USA8903Download Chart
ScherchMaria  83510Download Chart
ScheuermannAlice Patricia, Mrs. 9271Download Chart
ScheuermannEllen, Mrs. 9271Download Chart
ScheuermannJno ValentineGermany9271Download Chart
ScheuermannJohn ValentineMobile Co., AL, USA9271Download Chart
SchiffhauerSophia 7631Download Chart
SchiffkeJudith AnnFerndale, Oakland Co., MI, USA5031Download Chart
SchiffkiAntoine A.Roessel, E. Prussia5031Download Chart
SchiffkiBernardDetroit, Wayne Co., MI, USA5031Download Chart
SchiffkiElizabeth Louisa, Mrs. 5031Download Chart
SchiffkiFreda Anna, Mrs. 5031Download Chart
SchiffkiJuliusGermany5031Download Chart
SchiffkiMary Emma, Mrs. 5031Download Chart
SchirmerMargaretha 79510Download Chart
SchmidtAnna MararethaShelters1876Download Chart
SchmidtPeter 1876Download Chart
SchnabelAnnaStetten, Germany5031Download Chart
SchneiderAnna Catherine, Mrs. 18714Download Chart
SchneiderChristinaAllegheny Co., PA, USA7951Download Chart
SchneiderChristine 1875Download Chart
SchneiderElizabeth, Mrs. 7951Download Chart
SchneiderJohann Wilhelm 18714Download Chart
SchneiderJohn Adam 7951Download Chart
SchneiderKatherineAllegheny Co., PA, USA7951Download Chart
SchneiderLouise, Mrs. 2741Download Chart
SchneiderMary, Mrs. 7951Download Chart
SchneiderWilliam AlexanderDetroit, MI, USA2741Download Chart
SchneiderinMaria Magdalene 5035Download Chart
SchoenemannAdam 7931Download Chart
SchoenemannAlbert F.Bay Co., MI, USA7931Download Chart
SchoenemannAlice Elizabeth, Mrs. 7931Download Chart
SchoenemannCatherine, Mrs. 7931Download Chart
SchoenemannDonald J.Pontiac, Oakland Co., MI, USA7931Download Chart
SchoenemannFlorence C., Mrs. 7931Download Chart
SchoenemannGeorge ErnestGotha, Germany7931Download Chart
SchoenemannHelen L., Mrs. 7931Download Chart
SchoenemannWilliam AdamTonawanda, NY, USA7931Download Chart
Schoo---Anna Marie ChristineGermany8871Download Chart
SchoonmakerAnnekeKingston, NY, USA1875Download Chart
SchoonmakerAnneke, Mrs. 18718Download Chart
SchoonmakerEgbert HendrikesAlbany, NY, USA18718Download Chart
SchoonmakerEleanor, Mrs. 1875Download Chart
SchoonmakerEleanor, Mrs. 18718Download Chart
SchoonmakerElsie, Mrs. 18718Download Chart
SchoonmakerHendrick JockensenHamberg, Germany18718Download Chart
SchoonmakerSamuelKingston, NY, USA1875Download Chart
SchoonmakerSamuelKingston, NY, USA18718Download Chart
SchramCatharine  1875Download Chart
SchramCatharine  18712Download Chart
SchramCatharine  18713Download Chart
SchrammAnna Elsa, Mrs. 18713Download Chart
SchrammAnna, Mrs. 18713Download Chart
SchrammDolmanWillgerstorff, Germany18713Download Chart
SchrammHenrichWilgeasdorf, Germany18713Download Chart
SchrutskaJosephine PA, USA9241Download Chart
SchuchChristine 83511Download Chart
SchudziaraCatherine, Mrs. 9011Download Chart
SchudziaraLudwigGermany9011Download Chart
SchudziaraWilhelminaKorstein (?), Prussia9011Download Chart
SchultzElisabetha 79510Download Chart
SchultzLouise, Mrs. 7996Download Chart
SchwartzCharles WilliamMI, USA8911Download Chart
SchwartzGenevieve JosephineDetroit, MI, USA8911Download Chart
SchwartzMary Jane, Mrs. 8911Download Chart
SchwarzEdmundMeggen, Germany4471Download Chart
SchwarzElisabeth, Mrs. 4471Download Chart
SchwarzPhilip Anton 4471Download Chart
SchwarzSusanna, Mrs. 4471Download Chart
SchwarzTheresia Westfalen, Germany4471Download Chart
SchwindhamerAnna ClaraBayern, Germany79510Download Chart
SchwindhamerElisabetha, Mrs. 79510Download Chart
SchwindhamerJ. J. 79510Download Chart
ScottAnna Maria Dinapore, India85149Download Chart
ScottElizabethPA, USA7261Download Chart
ScottElizabeth WalkerScotland7011Download Chart
ScottHannah 8411Download Chart
ScottJohn 85149Download Chart
ScottJohn 91113Download Chart
ScottJohn ThomasChicago, Cook Co., IL, USA9111Download Chart
ScottJohn ThomasChicago, Cook Co., IL, USA91113Download Chart
ScottJohn ThomasChicago, Cook Co., IL, USA91114Download Chart
ScottJulia 2631Download Chart
ScottMarcy 8431Download Chart
ScottMargaret RoseChicago, Cook Co., IL, USA9111Download Chart
ScottMargaret, Mrs. 91113Download Chart
ScottSarah A., Mrs. 9111Download Chart
ScottSarah A., Mrs. 91113Download Chart
ScottSarah A., Mrs. 91114Download Chart
ScottWilliamScotland7011Download Chart
ScrantonAnnNew Haven Co., CT, USA51110Download Chart
ScrantonJohn 51110Download Chart
ScrantonMary, Mrs. 51110Download Chart
ScrimgerLillian 8872Download Chart
ScudderMargaret  83514Download Chart
SeabornEsther 28810Download Chart
SealdKatherineEngland85118Download Chart
SealdKatherineEngland85130Download Chart
SeamanDeborah 6196Download Chart
SebringJaneSeneca Co., NY, USA95311Download Chart
SecordAnna Beatrice, Mrs. 7063Download Chart
SecordBeatrice IreneYale, MI, USA7063Download Chart
SecordJoda LusherSt Clair Co., MI, USA7063Download Chart
SecordMary G., Mrs. 7063Download Chart
SecordWilliam 7063Download Chart
SedilotMarie Archange 7991Download Chart
SeeDavidBrewers Mills, Ontario, Canada6141Download Chart
SeeGeorgeOntario, Canada6141Download Chart
SeeSarah, Mrs. 6141Download Chart
SeeSophia CatherineOntario, Canada6141Download Chart
SeeboldtJane/JeanTN, USA8872Download Chart
SeeleyBetsy 95311Download Chart
SeelyBarnabas 51127Download Chart
SeelyBenjaminLitchfield Co., CT, USA51127Download Chart
SeelyJustus 51127Download Chart
SeelySarah, Mrs. 51127Download Chart
SegaserHenryRush Co., IN, USA5924Download Chart
SegaserSarah A. KY, USA5922Download Chart
SegaserSarah A. KY, USA5923Download Chart
SegaserSarah A. KY, USA592