Oakland County Genealogical Society

Oakland County, Michigan

For a number of years, the Oakland County Genealogical Society solicited pedigree charts from our members. Names from the charts were extracted and published in a series of Surname Books. Researchers referred to the information in the Surname Books to contact the party who submitted the chart. In recent years, copies of the charts or the information on them have been shared with researchers who submit queries for matching names. These names are not limited to Oakland County, they represent ancestors of all the people who submitted a chart.

It is important to note that this information was submitted beginning in the early 1980's and it is not possible to contact many of those who generously submitted data from their personal research. Because we believe that the information on the charts may provide clues for those conducting ongoing research on the names listed, the Society began a project to transcribe and post an index of each book on our website. For more information on the the surname charts and this index follow this link.

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To see information on those who contributed this information, look here.

OCGS cannot guarantee the accuracy of this data. We suggest contacting the submitter to share information and sources if that is possible. If contact information is not available by following the link below, we do not have any more information. Please use the information contained in these charts as clues in your research process.

Surname Book Four Index

LastFirstLocationOCGS#Chart#Download Chart
Acie/AcyMargaretEngland11915Download Chart
Acie/AcyWilliamYorkshire, England11915Download Chart
AdamsAbraham 5872Download Chart
AdamsAnn 5874Download Chart
AdamsBenjaminprob CT, USA5872Download Chart
AdamsCharles EugeneMI, USA5871Download Chart
AdamsChloe 5872Download Chart
AdamsDanielFairfield Co, CT, USA5872Download Chart
AdamsEdward 5873Download Chart
AdamsGrace E. 5871Download Chart
AdamsJames StephenTompkins Co, NY, USA5871Download Chart
AdamsLeta MayHillsdale Co, MI, USA5871Download Chart
AdamsLouisa Lapeen 5871Download Chart
AdamsLucy Ann 5871Download Chart
AdamsMary 5873Download Chart
AdamsMary 5873Download Chart
AdamsRebecca 5872Download Chart
AdamsSamuelFairfield Co, CT, USA5873Download Chart
AdamsSamuelFairfield, CT, USA6232Download Chart
AdamsSarah 5872Download Chart
AdamsSarah Meeker 6232Download Chart
AdamsSeymour Hatch 5871Download Chart
AdamsStephen BeersHillsdale Co, MI, USA5871Download Chart
AdamsTheodosia 5872Download Chart
Adams Elizabeth 5872Download Chart
AilingFrances MaeTuscola Co, MI, USA4131Download Chart
AilingGeorge EucalyptusTuscola Co, MI, USA4131Download Chart
AilingWilliamEngland4131Download Chart
AldrichAlice HazelIsabella Co, MI, USA6921Download Chart
AldrichCarolineMecosta Co, MI, USA6921Download Chart
AldrichCarolineMecosta Co, MI, USA6922Download Chart
AldrichFanny 6922Download Chart
AldrichIda 6921Download Chart
AldrichIva Bell 6921Download Chart
AldrichJulius 6921Download Chart
AldrichLorenzo D.MA, USA6922Download Chart
AldrichLouisaOntario, Canada6921Download Chart
AldrichMary 7221Download Chart
AldrichPeterNY, USA6921Download Chart
AldrichRay MiltonIsabella Co, MI, USA6921Download Chart
AllenAnn W. 6041Download Chart
AllenBertha 6041Download Chart
AllenCharles HenryPhiladelphia, PA, USA6041Download Chart
AllenDorothy 5121Download Chart
AllenEdnaPhiladelphia, PA, USA6041Download Chart
AllenEmily S. 6041Download Chart
AllenFrank M. 5121Download Chart
AllenJames PercivalDE, USA6041Download Chart
AllenRev. James PercivalWorcester Co, MD, USA6041Download Chart
AllenVerna VeraLakehurst, Ontario, Canada5581Download Chart
AllingDanielNew Haven Co, CT, USA1471Download Chart
AllingElizabeth 1471Download Chart
AllingElizabeth 1472Download Chart
AllingJamesKempston, Bedford, England1472Download Chart
AllingMary 1472Download Chart
AllingPhebeNew Haven Co, CT, USA1471Download Chart
AllingRebecca 1471Download Chart
AllingRogerEngland1472Download Chart
AllingSamuelNew Haven Co, CT, USA1471Download Chart
AllingSamuelNew Haven Co, CT, USA1472Download Chart
AllingSarah 1471Download Chart
AllingSarah 1472Download Chart
AmorLouisaDevon, England6443Download Chart
AmorMary 6443Download Chart
AmorWilliam 6443Download Chart
AmosSanezeEngland6441Download Chart
AndersenAnna 5533Download Chart
AndersenSorenTostrup, Denmark5533Download Chart
AndersonCatherine 5752Download Chart
AndersonCatherineNY, USA6231Download Chart
AndersonClarissaWyoming Co, NY, USA6231Download Chart
AndersonEzekiel 6231Download Chart
AndersonHannah 6231Download Chart
AndersonIsaacNY, USA6231Download Chart
AndersonJaneEssex Co, MA, USA1198Download Chart
AndreasLidsel 5533Download Chart
AndresElizebethaReiffelbach, Germany7377Download Chart
AndrewsJohnWiltshire, England4901Download Chart
AndrewsJohnWiltshire, England4903Download Chart
AndrewsMaria 4901Download Chart
AndrewsMaria 4903Download Chart
AndrewsMary Ann 4901Download Chart
AndrewsMary Ann 4903Download Chart
AndrewsWilliamWiltshire, England4901Download Chart
AndrewsWilliamWiltshire, England4903Download Chart
AngleAdelineWarren Co, NH, USA11937Download Chart
AngleAdelineWarren Co, NH, USA11945Download Chart
AngleCatharine 11945Download Chart
AngleDavidSussex/Warren Co, NJ, USA11945Download Chart
AngleElizabethSussex/Warren Co, NJ, USA11945Download Chart
AngleJacobprob Germany11945Download Chart
AnglePaulNJ, USA11945Download Chart
AngleRachel 11945Download Chart
ArcherAliceEngland11917Download Chart
ArmitageSarahCo. York, England975Download Chart
ArmstrongAnna 5434Download Chart
ArmstrongAnna 5436Download Chart
ArmstrongAnna MelissaKalamazoo Co, MI, USA5431Download Chart
ArmstrongAnna MelissaKalamazoo Co, MI, USA5433Download Chart
ArmstrongAnna MelissaKalamazoo Co, MI, USA5434Download Chart
ArmstrongAnna MelissaKalamazoo Co, MI, USA5436Download Chart
ArmstrongAnnie 3404Download Chart
ArmstrongArchibaldWashtenaw Co, MI, USA5436Download Chart
ArmstrongCatherine 5431Download Chart
ArmstrongCatherine 5434Download Chart
ArmstrongCatherine 5436Download Chart
ArmstrongGeorgeNY, USA5434Download Chart
ArmstrongGeorgeNY, USA5436Download Chart
ArmstrongJames 3022Download Chart
ArmstrongJohnClones, Ireland3404Download Chart
ArmstrongJohn JamesClarendon Twp., Canada3404Download Chart
ArmstrongMaryIreland3022Download Chart
ArmstrongPhebe ElizabethIreland6431Download Chart
ArmstrongRensselaerNY, USA5431Download Chart
ArmstrongRensselaerNY, USA5434Download Chart
ArmstrongRensselaerNY, USA5436Download Chart
ArnoldMary 7021Download Chart
ArnotinBarbaraLebanon, PA, USA7376Download Chart
ArpAnnaGermany6351Download Chart
ArpSusan 5561Download Chart
ArthurAdalinePA/MI, USA5561Download Chart
ArthurDavidMD, USA5561Download Chart
ArthurLydia 5561Download Chart
AshbaughEliza Catherine 7101Download Chart
AshbaughHarveyAdams Co, PA, USA 7101Download Chart
AshbaughVianna C.PA, USA7101Download Chart
AshbyMaryBeverly, MA, USA972Download Chart
AtkinsonJohnBoston, MA, USA11929Download Chart
AtkinsonSarahEssex Co, MA, USA11929Download Chart
AtkinsonSarah 11929Download Chart
AtkinsonSusanna 11929Download Chart
AtkinsonThomasLanceshire/Suffolk, England11929Download Chart
AtwoodChaunceyMillington, MI, USA4001Download Chart
AtwoodDaniel 4001Download Chart
AtwoodEmma Adele 4001Download Chart
AtwoodEsther 4001Download Chart
AtwoodEthel May 4001Download Chart
AustinBenjaminWashington Co, RI, USA4191Download Chart
AustinLouisaOakland Co, MI, USA6651Download Chart
AustinSusannaNew London Co, CT, USA4191Download Chart
AustinSusanna 4191Download Chart
AveryBarbaraNC, USA6221Download Chart
AveryElizabeth 7361Download Chart
BabenolherJohn (Johannes) 5541Download Chart
BabenolherSophia 5541Download Chart
BachsHannahPA, USA7376Download Chart
BachtellCelena ArbeliaWashington Co, MD, USA6031Download Chart
BachtellJacob B.Washington Co, MD, USA6031Download Chart
BachtellMary Magdalene 6031Download Chart
BachtellMichael HiramWashington Co, MD, USA6031Download Chart
BachtellSusan 6031Download Chart
BaggDavidMA, USA6351Download Chart
BaggJaneNY, USA6351Download Chart
BaggSabrina 6351Download Chart
BaileyLucyCT, USA5692Download Chart
BainJames MonroeFranklin Co, IL, USA2401Download Chart
BainMaude Pearl 2401Download Chart
BakerMargeryNew Haven Co, CT, USA1472Download Chart
BakerNicholas 1472Download Chart
Baker Mary 1472Download Chart
BallSarahNottingham, England6531Download Chart
BallentineNorine 6521Download Chart
BarberEffie A. 7101Download Chart
BarberHarriet 7101Download Chart
BarberIva Luella 7101Download Chart
BarberJohn WarnerWood Co, OH, USA7101Download Chart
BarberLewis LeeMontrose, MI, USA7101Download Chart
BarberLewis T.Montrose, MI, USA7101Download Chart
BarberMarguerite 7101Download Chart
BarbourHarriet 7101Download Chart
BarbourJamesDetroit, Wayne Co, MI, USA7101Download Chart
BarlowAlexanderManchester, England5875Download Chart
BarlowAnn 5874Download Chart
BarlowElizabethPrince Edward Island, Canada5211Download Chart
BarlowElizabeth 5873Download Chart
BarlowFrances 5211Download Chart
BarlowJohnEngland5211Download Chart
BarlowJohn, Sr.England5874Download Chart
BarlowMary 5875Download Chart
BarlowRuth 5873Download Chart
BarnardAugusta 6511Download Chart
BarnardCharlotte 6511Download Chart
BarnardCharlotte 6512Download Chart
BarnardEleanor Marie 6511Download Chart
BarnardFrederick HarryOakland Co, MI, USA6511Download Chart
BarnardFrederick WilliamOakland Co, MI, USA6511Download Chart
BarnardGeorgeCheetam Hill, England6512Download Chart
BarnardHarriet Francis 6511Download Chart
BarnardJohn 6511Download Chart
BarnardJohn WilliamDetroit, MI, USA6511Download Chart
BarnardJohn WilliamDetroit, MI, USA6512Download Chart
BarnardKathryn 6511Download Chart
BarnardMayEngland6512Download Chart
BarnardNorman RobertOakland Co, MI, USA6511Download Chart
BarnardSarah 6511Download Chart
BarnardSarah 6512Download Chart
BarnettBetty B.Pueblo Co, CO, USA6031Download Chart
BarnettCelena Arbelia 6031Download Chart
BarnettCharlesMarion Co, IA, USA6031Download Chart
BarnettElizabeth 6031Download Chart
BarnettEllen Aletha 6031Download Chart
BarnettJacob HintonBedford Co, PA, USA6031Download Chart
BarnettJamesPA, USA6031Download Chart
BarnettMary 6031Download Chart
BarnettWilliamPA, USA6031Download Chart
BarrowsBethia 5532Download Chart
BarrowsJabezPlymouth, MA, USA5532Download Chart
BarrowsLydia 5532Download Chart
BarrowsMarthaCT, USA5531Download Chart
BarrowsMarthaCT, USA5532Download Chart
BarrowsRobertEngland5532Download Chart
BarrowsRobertMA, USA5532Download Chart
BarrowsSibbel 5532Download Chart
BarryAugustHarrison Co, IN, USA6221Download Chart
BarryGrace Katherine GertrudeDetroit, Wayne Co, MI, USA6221Download Chart
BarryJustine 6221Download Chart
BarryMary Jane 6221Download Chart
BarryTheodore LeonardHarrison Co, IN, USA6221Download Chart
BarryTheodore PeterLouisville, KY, USA6221Download Chart
BarryViolet Gertrude 6221Download Chart
BartholomyMarthaWaterloo, Ontario, Canada3021Download Chart
BartholomyMarthaWaterloo, Ontario, Canada3024Download Chart
BartholomyMarthaWaterloo, Ontario, Canada3025Download Chart
BartholomyNicholasBelgium3025Download Chart
BartholomyRosina 3025Download Chart
BartonAnthonyMidland Co, MI, USA5692Download Chart
BartonCatherineGenesee Co, NY, USA5692Download Chart
BartonSarah D.NY, USA5692Download Chart
BartzAlida "Lyda Bell"Whitehouse, OH, USA6511Download Chart
BassettCecelia 5875Download Chart
BassettDanielOakland Co, MI, USA6131Download Chart
BassettDaniel 6131Download Chart
BassettElizabeth 5875Download Chart
BassettElizabeth 6131Download Chart
BassettFloraOakland Co, MI, USA6131Download Chart
BassettMary 6131Download Chart
BassettMary 6131Download Chart
BassettRuth 5875Download Chart
BassettSamuelFairfield Co, CT, USA6131Download Chart
BassettWilliamPlymouth Co, MA, USA5875Download Chart
BassettWm (possibly) 5875Download Chart
BastiaensAertjienHeykoop, Holland5514Download Chart
BattAndrewWilliamsville, NY, USA5431Download Chart
BattJulia AnnKent Co, MI, USA5431Download Chart
BattJulia AnnKent Co, MI, USA5433Download Chart
BattWilhelmina 5431Download Chart
BaumDoraMI, USA7231Download Chart
BaumJonathanGratiot Co, MI, USA7231Download Chart
BaumLucy 7231Download Chart
BayerAgnesLeeds, England7371Download Chart
BayerFrancisAustria7371Download Chart
BayerJohn 7371Download Chart
BayerMary Ann 7371Download Chart
BeadourMargaret 7351Download Chart
BeardMary MagdaleneWashington Co, MD, USA6031Download Chart
BeavinerMary (Babenholher)Mechlenburg, Prussia5541Download Chart
BechamAnneprob Suffolk Co, England5114Download Chart
BeckSarah 3871Download Chart
BeckwithGillian 5211Download Chart
BedardMartine 7351Download Chart
BedardSimon Joseph/Pierre Simon 7351Download Chart
BeersAnna 5872Download Chart
BeersAnthonyprob England5873Download Chart
BeersBarnabasRoxbury, MA, USA5872Download Chart
BeersEliz. 5872Download Chart
BeersEliz. 5872Download Chart
BeersElizabeth 5873Download Chart
BeersHester 5874Download Chart
BeersJamesEngland5874Download Chart
BeersJosiahFairfield Co, CT, USA5872Download Chart
BeersStephenFairfield Co, CT, USA5872Download Chart
BeersTheodosiaRoxbury, MA, USA5872Download Chart
BeierAnna Amelia 5451Download Chart
BeierCarl Johann GustavSchleisien, Germany5451Download Chart
BeierGertrude AmeliaBerlin, Germany5451Download Chart
BelcherMelissa ElmiraNY, USA5541Download Chart
BeldenAsenathFranklin Co, MA, USA5121Download Chart
BeldenDorothyHampshire Co, MA, USA5121Download Chart
BeldenElihuFranklin Co, MA, USA5121Download Chart
BeldenElizabeth 7021Download Chart
BeldenHannah 5121Download Chart
BeldenNellie 5121Download Chart
BeldenPrudenceHartford, Co, CT, USA7021Download Chart
BeldenReubenFranklin Co, MA, USA5121Download Chart
BeldenRosanna B. 5121Download Chart
BeldenSamuel 7021Download Chart
BeldenWilliam CliffordFranklin Co, MA, USA5121Download Chart
BelisleCharlotte 6511Download Chart
BelisleCharlotte 6512Download Chart
BellAdaline 5561Download Chart
BellCatherine 5561Download Chart
BellJeffersonJefferson Co, OH, USA5561Download Chart
BellMary JaneCrawford Co, OH, USA5561Download Chart
BellPharoahOH, USA5561Download Chart
BenjaminAbigail 5874Download Chart
BenjaminAnn 5873Download Chart
BenjaminAnnaFairfield Co, CT, USA5872Download Chart
BenjaminCalebWatertown, MA, USA5873Download Chart
BenjaminJohnHartford Co, CT, USA5872Download Chart
BenjaminJohnHartford Co, CT, USA5873Download Chart
BenjaminJohn 5873Download Chart
BenjaminJohnEngland5874Download Chart
BenjaminMary 5872Download Chart
BenjaminMary 5873Download Chart
BennerAaron EdwardVanBuren Co, MI, USA6921Download Chart
BennerAaron T.Philadelphia, PA, USA6921Download Chart
BennerAlice Hazel 6921Download Chart
BennerHenrietta 6921Download Chart
BennerLavina 6921Download Chart
BennerLynn C.Cedar Lake, MI, USA6921Download Chart
BennerLynn C.Cedar Lake, MI, USA6923Download Chart
BennerMerlene Lou 6921Download Chart
BennerMerlene Lou 6923Download Chart
BennerWilliamPA, USA6921Download Chart
BennettDesdamonia 7071Download Chart
BennettElizabeth 5874Download Chart
BennettEva EurettaLivingston Co, USA7071Download Chart
BennettVanranssallar 7071Download Chart
BensonJohnKerry Co, Ireland3402Download Chart
BensonMary 3402Download Chart
BentleySarah AnnNY, USA6532Download Chart
BerrienNicholas 1196Download Chart
BerryArlene PatriciaDetroit, MI, USA4361Download Chart
BerryCharlesNY, USA4361Download Chart
BerryClara Isabella 4361Download Chart
BerryElizabeth 4361Download Chart
BerryJaneNY, USA4361Download Chart
BerryLillian Belle 4361Download Chart
BerryLynn HenryMt. Morris, MI, USA4361Download Chart
BerryWarren CMt. Morris, MI, USA4361Download Chart
BerryWilliamEngland4361Download Chart
BestAnnieFermanagh, Ireland3401Download Chart
BettsJoanna 1961Download Chart
BettsMary 1961Download Chart
BettsRichardLong Island, NY, USA1961Download Chart
BilesCatharineWarren Co, NJ, USA11945Download Chart
BirdAmelia 7351Download Chart
BirdDerrek 4151Download Chart
BirdElisha 5752Download Chart
BirdFrancisOakland Co, MI, USA5751Download Chart
BirdFrancis 5752Download Chart
BirdJamesNJ, USA5752Download Chart
BirdJames 5752Download Chart
BirdJohnNJ, USA5752Download Chart
BirdJohn 6926Download Chart
BirdMargaretPA, USA4151Download Chart
BirdPrudence 6926Download Chart
BirdRachel 5752Download Chart
BirdSarah 5751Download Chart
BirdSarah 5752Download Chart
BirdSarah 5753Download Chart
BirdThomas S.NJ, USA5751Download Chart
BirdThomas S.NJ, USA5752Download Chart
BirdThomas S.NJ, USA5753Download Chart
Bird/BerrdElisabeth 6433Download Chart
BirdseyAlice 5875Download Chart
BirdseyJohnEngland5875Download Chart
BirkholmVolberg 4191Download Chart
BirtchMary 7352Download Chart
BishopChristiana S. 5411Download Chart
BishopDorothy 11929Download Chart
BishopDorothy 11934Download Chart
BishopDorothy 11935Download Chart
BishopElizabeth 11935Download Chart
BishopMargarette RefusPhiladelphia, PA, USA5411Download Chart
BishopMathew 11935Download Chart
BishopWilliam GeorgeEngland5411Download Chart
Blackford--NJ, USA3871Download Chart
BlackmanAnne Mary 5842Download Chart
BlackmanMary JuliaHigham, Kent, England5842Download Chart
BlackmanRobert 5842Download Chart
BlacksollMaryprob Suffolk Co, England5113Download Chart
BlairIsiacOH, USA6311Download Chart
BlairMargaret 6311Download Chart
BlairMargaret EllenSeneca Co, OH, USA6311Download Chart
BlalockAnne Christian 5537Download Chart
BlalockEliza 5537Download Chart
BlalockElizabeth 5537Download Chart
BlalockJohn WilliamAccomac, VA, USA5537Download Chart
BlalockJudith 5535Download Chart
BlalockJudith 5536Download Chart
BlalockMillingtonBrunswick Co, VA, USA5537Download Chart
BlalockMillingtonVA, USA5537Download Chart
BlalockNancyNC, USA5535Download Chart
BlalockRobertNC, USA5535Download Chart
BlalockRobertNC, USA5536Download Chart
BlalockRobertNC, USA5537Download Chart
BlalockThomas, Jr.VA, USA5537Download Chart
BlanchardSarahKent Co, RI, USA4191Download Chart
BlayAndrew E.Macomb Co, MI, USA5691Download Chart
BlayAndrew E.Macomb Co, MI, USA5692Download Chart
BlayAndrew E.Macomb Co, MI, USA5693Download Chart
BlayAnthonyMacomb Co, MI, USA5691Download Chart
BlayAnthonyMacomb Co, MI, USA5693Download Chart
BlayClarissa 5691Download Chart
BlayClarissa 5693Download Chart
BlayElizabeth AliceMacomb Co, MI, USA5691Download Chart
BlayEtienne (Stephen)Detroit, MI, USA5693Download Chart
BlayFlorence M. 5691Download Chart
BlayFlorence M. 5692Download Chart
BlayFlorence M. 5693Download Chart
BlayFrancoisDetroit, MI, USA5693Download Chart
BlayLeviMacomb Co, MI, USA5691Download Chart
BlayLeviMacomb Co, MI, USA5693Download Chart
BlayLucy 5691Download Chart
BlayLucy 5693Download Chart
BlayMagdelene 5693Download Chart
BlayMary Esther 5693Download Chart
BleyJohann Friedrich 6501Download Chart
BleyJohanna Carolina 6501Download Chart
BlissBetty LouiseWayne Co, MI, USA5541Download Chart
BlissHenry CharlesMacomb Co, MI, USA5541Download Chart
BlissHoward LouisMacomb Co, MI, USA5541Download Chart
BlissJohn, Jr.Oceana Co, MI, USA5541Download Chart
BlissLena 5541Download Chart
BlissMargaret 5874Download Chart
BlissMary 5541Download Chart
BlissMary 5873Download Chart
BlissMary 5873Download Chart
BlissMary 5873Download Chart
BlissSamuelEngland5873Download Chart
BlissThomasEngland5874Download Chart
BlissThomasEngland5875Download Chart
BlockCatherine 4901Download Chart
BlockCatherine 4902Download Chart
BlockFriedrichPutzig, Germany4901Download Chart
BlockFriedrichPutzig, Germany4902Download Chart
BlolockJudith 5537Download Chart
BloodAaron 2701Download Chart
BloodDaniel HartwellOntario Co, NY, USA6431Download Chart
BloodDaniel HartwellOntario Co, NY, USA6432Download Chart
BloodDaniel HartwellOntario Co, NY, USA6433Download Chart
BloodIsrael MeedsMiddlesex Co, MA, USA6432Download Chart
BloodIsrael MeedsMiddlesex Co, MA, USA6433Download Chart
BloodJeremiahMiddlesex Co, MA, USA6432Download Chart
BloodJeremiahMiddlesex Co, MA, USA6433Download Chart
BloodJohnMiddlesex Co, MA, USA6433Download Chart
BloodJosiah 6433Download Chart
BloodKatherine 2701Download Chart
BloodMary 6433Download Chart
BloodSarah 6432Download Chart
BloodSarah 6432Download Chart
BloodSarah 6433Download Chart
BloodSarah 6433Download Chart
BloodSarah 6433Download Chart
BloodSarah MargaretMonroe Co, NY, USA6431Download Chart
BloodSarah MargaretMonroe Co, NY, USA6432Download Chart
BloodSusan 6431Download Chart
BloodSusan 6432Download Chart
BloodSusan 6433Download Chart
BlossomFrances 5875Download Chart
BloydAnn GertrudeJefferson Co, KY, USA5061Download Chart
BloydEzekiel Jackson 5061Download Chart
BloydSusan M. 5061Download Chart
BlumAnna KatherineDetroit, MI, USA6221Download Chart
BlumCathrinaDetroit, MI, USA6221Download Chart
BlumJosephDetroit, MI, USA6221Download Chart
BoberMariannaPutzig, Germany4901Download Chart
BoberMariannaPutzig, Germany4902Download Chart
BodineCatherineGroveland, NY, USA7101Download Chart
BogaertAertjien 5514Download Chart
BogaertGijsbert TheunisenSouth Holland5514Download Chart
BogaertNeeltjeFlatbush, NY, USA5513Download Chart
BogaertSarah Joris 5513Download Chart
BogaertSarah Joris 5514Download Chart
BogaertSarah Joris 5515Download Chart
BogaertTunis GysbertHeykoop, Holland5513Download Chart
BogaertTunis GysbertHeykoop, Holland5514Download Chart
BogaertTunis GysbertHeykoop, Holland5515Download Chart
BoltonElizabeth BlackbirdSouthall, England5961Download Chart
BoltonElizabeth BlackbirdSouthall, England5961Download Chart
BondHendrick Lambertszen 11944Download Chart
BondJannetje HSchenectady Co, NY, USA11937Download Chart
BondJannetje HSchenectady Co, NY, USA11943Download Chart
BondJannetje HSchenectady Co, NY, USA11944Download Chart
BonnsoneJohanprob Devonshire, England11932Download Chart
BontLambert 11944Download Chart
BoogaertmanGijsbett 5514Download Chart
BoogaertmanNeeltjien 5514Download Chart
BoogaertmanTheunis G.South Holland5514Download Chart
BoothBethia 5873Download Chart
BoothEdward 5875Download Chart
BoothEdward 5875Download Chart
BoothElizabeth 5874Download Chart
BoothEllen 5875Download Chart
BoothRichardEngland5874Download Chart
BoothSir Wm. 5875Download Chart
BoothWilliamprob Cheshire, England5875Download Chart
BorchmannVictoriaGermany4901Download Chart
BorchmannVictoriaGermany4902Download Chart
BosmaJantjeNetherlands5432Download Chart
BousquetElizabethMontreal, Canada5061Download Chart
BousquetFred 5061Download Chart
BowdenJohn O.TN, USA5561Download Chart
BowdenMallie J. 5561Download Chart
BowdenMildred APutnam Co, OH, USA5561Download Chart
BowdenMiles 5561Download Chart
BowdenSusan 5561Download Chart
BowersSarahSultan, WA, USA4191Download Chart
BowersSarahSultan, WA, USA4192Download Chart
BowlesMary Elizabeth 4361Download Chart
BoylandMartha J.OH, USA5871Download Chart
BoylandNicholas/Samuel 5871Download Chart
BrachettMaryBelnap Co, NH, USA5121Download Chart
BradfordSarahEngland6431Download Chart
BradleyAnne 5873Download Chart
BradleyDaniel 11910Download Chart
BradleyElizabeth 11910Download Chart
BradleyElizabethEngland5874Download Chart
BradleyEsther 5873Download Chart
BradleyFrancis 5873Download Chart
BradleyMarthaHaverhill, MA, USA11926Download Chart
BradleyNathanEngland5873Download Chart
BradleyRuth 5873Download Chart
BradleyRuth 5873Download Chart
BradleyStephenBingley, England5874Download Chart
BradsherJames O.NC, USA5535Download Chart
BradsherJohnNC, USA5535Download Chart
BradsherMildred EllenNC, USA5535Download Chart
BradsherRebeckah, Mrs. 5535Download Chart
BradsherSarah, Mrs.NC, USA5535Download Chart
BrainardClarissaMiddlesex Co, CT, USA5692Download Chart
BrainardJonathan 5692Download Chart
BrainardLucy, Mrs. 5692Download Chart
BrainardMildred June LeathCalhoun Co, MI, USA5871Download Chart
BraunerElizabethSwitzerland2401Download Chart
BrertonMaryHanford, England5875Download Chart
BrethauerAndrewGermany7377Download Chart
BrethauerElizabethPittsburgh, PA, USA7377Download Chart
BrethauerElizabeth, Mrs. 7377Download Chart
BrethauerLudwigEscentruth, Germany7377Download Chart
BrethauerMartha, Mrs. 7377Download Chart
BrewsterCatherine Marie, Mrs. 6561Download Chart
BrewsterDonald RayDetroit, MI, USA6561Download Chart
BrewsterFrank 6561Download Chart
BrewsterIvan R.Clinton Co, MI, USA6561Download Chart
BrewsterMartha, Mrs. 6561Download Chart
BrewsterTheresa DianeWayne Co, MI, USA6561Download Chart
BriggsHannahNottingham, England6531Download Chart
BriggsJane, Mrs. 6531Download Chart
BriggsSophia 6661Download Chart
BriggsTimothyNottingham, England6531Download Chart
BrinckerhoffAbrahamFlushing, Zeeland, Netherlands1196Download Chart
BrinckerhoffDerickNetherlands1196Download Chart
BrinckerhoffSarahNY, USA1193Download Chart
BrinckerhoffSarahNY, USA1194Download Chart
BrinckerhoffSarahNY, USA1196Download Chart
BriscoeBenjaminDE, USA5121Download Chart
BriscoeDeborah, Mrs. 5121Download Chart
BriscoeFrances JanvierPhiladelphia, PA, USA5121Download Chart
BrookeElizabeth, Mrs. 5875Download Chart
BrookeJoan 5875Download Chart
BrookeJohn 5875Download Chart
BrooksElizabeth, Mrs. 5534Download Chart
BrooksJames JeremiahPerson Co, NC, USA5534Download Chart
BrooksJames LesterPerson Co, NC, USA5534Download Chart
BrooksJames LesterPerson Co, NC, USA5535Download Chart
BrooksJeremiahVA, USA5534Download Chart
BrooksLela Francis, Mrs. 5534Download Chart
BrooksLela Francis, Mrs. 5535Download Chart
BrooksLoganNC, USA5534Download Chart
BrooksMary Susan, Mrs. 5534Download Chart
BrooksSallie Anne, Mrs. 5534Download Chart
BrothertonHepzibah 5874Download Chart
BroughtonAbigail 6925Download Chart
BrowAndrew J.Fall River, MA, USA5121Download Chart
BrowCarrie J.Detroit, MI, USA5121Download Chart
BrowFrances, Mrs. 5121Download Chart
BrownCatherine, Mrs. 691Download Chart
BrownCatherine, Mrs. 696Download Chart
BrownCharles MeritConneaut Lake, PA, USA696Download Chart
BrownElizabeth 991Download Chart
BrownEsther 4001Download Chart
BrownFrederickGermany691Download Chart
BrownHenryPA, USA696Download Chart
BrownJohnPA, USA691Download Chart
BrownJohnPA, USA696Download Chart
BrownJohn P. 691Download Chart
BrownJulia Whitlock, Mrs. 696Download Chart
BrownPeterPA, USa696Download Chart
BrownRebecca, Mrs. 696Download Chart
BrownRosannah, Mrs. 696Download Chart
BruceIsabel 3026Download Chart
BruggemannBertha Sophia FriederlikeOakland Co, MI, USA7431Download Chart
BruggemannFriederlike, Mrs. 7431Download Chart
BruggemannJohann Friederich TheodorPommerania, Prussia7431Download Chart
BruggemannMaria, Mrs. 7431Download Chart
BrustAlbert GustavoWayne Co, MI, USA992Download Chart
BrustElizabeth Jane, Mrs. 992Download Chart
BrustGertrude ElizabethGrand Traverse Co, MI, USA991Download Chart
BrustGertrude ElizabethGrand Traverse Co, MI, USA992Download Chart
BrustJohn 992Download Chart
BrustKatherine Elizabeth, Mrs. 992Download Chart
BrustMary, Mrs. 992Download Chart
BrustPeter JohnCalumet Co, WI, USA992Download Chart
BryantSarah 5753Download Chart
BuchanEdith L.MI, USA5433Download Chart
BuchvaldAnna, Mrs. 5961Download Chart
BuchvaldKatherine Mary, Mrs. 5961Download Chart
BuchvaldVaclavMerklovice, Bohemia5961Download Chart
BuchvaldVaclav 5961Download Chart
BuchvaldVaclayMerklovice, Bohemia5961Download Chart
BuchvaldVaclay 5961Download Chart
BuckwaldAlice GraceHayes Center, Hayes, NB, USA5961Download Chart
BuckwaldAlice GraceHayes Co, NB, Canada5961Download Chart
BurdDerrek 4151Download Chart
BurdickSusannaWashington Co, RI, USA4191Download Chart
Burge(SS)MarthaBarnstable Co, MA, USA5532Download Chart
BurgessJohn 5532Download Chart
BurgessMary, Mrs. 5532Download Chart
BurgtoffElizabethPrussia4361Download Chart
BurkeCatherine, Mrs. 2721Download Chart
BurkeEdwardIreland2721Download Chart
BurkeRodger 2721Download Chart
BurkeSusanUnion Co, NJ, USA2721Download Chart
BurkeSusan, Mrs. 2721Download Chart
BurkholderElizabeth A., Mrs. 7552Download Chart
BurkholderLydia JaneCanada7551Download Chart
BurkholderLydia JaneCanada7552Download Chart
BurkholderWilliam Henry 7552Download Chart
BurkleyAlice, Mrs. 5451Download Chart
BurkleyDonna AvonIngham Co, MI, USA5451Download Chart
BurkleyEdna Vera, Mrs. 5451Download Chart
BurkleyJohn JamesIngham Co, MI, USA5451Download Chart
BurkleyWalter JohnIngham Co, MI, USA5451Download Chart
BurnsPollyBennington Co, VT, USA7232Download Chart
BurtSabrinaMI, USA6351Download Chart
BurtonSamuel Pyne 2702Download Chart
ButlerElizabethHartford, CT, USA5412Download Chart
ButlerIvan D.Cedar Springs, MI, USA5433Download Chart
ButlerJaneKY, USA5411Download Chart
ButlerJean Marie, Mrs. 5433Download Chart
ButlerSarah 11937Download Chart
ByrneJenette, Mrs. 5432Download Chart
ByrneJohn J.Cannon Twp.5432Download Chart
ByrneLawrenceWicklow, Ireland5432Download Chart
ByrneMargaret JeanneKent Co, MI, USA5431Download Chart
ByrneMargaret JeanneKent Co, MI, USA5432Download Chart
ByrneMargaret JeanneKent Co, MI, USA5433Download Chart
ByrneMargaret, Mrs. 5432Download Chart
ByrneMary, Mrs. 5432Download Chart
ByrneMichaelHamilton, Ontario5432Download Chart
CableRebecca 5872Download Chart
CadgerAnnie, Mrs. 991Download Chart
CadgerCathern, Mrs. 991Download Chart
CadgerDonaldDetroit, MI, USA991Download Chart
CadgerDonaldDetroit, MI, USA992Download Chart
CadgerGertrude, Mrs. 991Download Chart
CadgerGertrude, Mrs. 992Download Chart
CadgerJames 991Download Chart
CadgerJoseph 991Download Chart
CadgerMargaret, Mrs. 991Download Chart
CadgerRobert PickardLongside, Scotland991Download Chart
CadwellAbigail 5112Download Chart
CairnsAnnQuiswood, Scotland3402Download Chart
CairnsAnnQuiswood, Scotland3403Download Chart
CairnsElizabeth, Mrs. 3403Download Chart
CairnsJamesKelso, Scotland3403Download Chart
CairnsJohnScotland6431Download Chart
CairnsMargaret JaneFermanagh, Ireland6431Download Chart
CairnsPhebe Elizabeth, Mrs. 6431Download Chart
CallanCatherineprob Cork, Ireland6491Download Chart
CallanJohannaOakland Co, MI, USA6491Download Chart
CallinanCatherine, Mrs. 6491Download Chart
CallinanDennisprob Cork, Ireland6491Download Chart
CameronElizabethInnisfil Twp., Canada5842Download Chart
CampauLuce 7351Download Chart
CampbellAmasaCT, USA7552Download Chart
CampbellCapt. ThomasMercer Co, PA, USA7211Download Chart
CampbellCorinda M.Manlius, MI, USA7551Download Chart
CampbellCorinda M.Manlius, MI, USA7552Download Chart
CampbellEliza ClarissaBeaver Co, PA, USA7211Download Chart
CampbellJane Isabell, Mrs. 7211Download Chart
CampbellLucinda, Mrs. 7552Download Chart
CampbellMaryVolina, MI, USA2701Download Chart
CampbellNancy 5061Download Chart
CancleMagdalenaBerks Co, PA, USA692Download Chart
CancleMagdalenaBerks Co, PA, USA696Download Chart
CareyDavid 7232Download Chart
CareyElizabethBennington Co, VT, USA7232Download Chart
CarlisleElizabeth, Mrs. 6132Download Chart
CarlisleHannahMiddleton Pt., NJ, USA6132Download Chart
CarlisleLewisMiddlesex Co, NJ, USA6132Download Chart
CarlislePolly, Mrs. 6132Download Chart
CarlisleWilliamManmouth Co, NJ, USA6132Download Chart
CarlsonMaria Elizabeth 7352Download Chart
CarpenterDesdamonia 7071Download Chart
CarpenterEunice 5541Download Chart
CarrollCatherine, Mrs. 6501Download Chart
CarrollMargaretLimerick, Ireland6501Download Chart
CarrollMatthew 6501Download Chart
CaseElijahWashington Co, RI, USA7281Download Chart
CaseElijahWashington Co, RI, USA7281Download Chart
CaseElizabeth, Mrs. 7281Download Chart
CaseExperienceMonroe Co, NY, USA7281Download Chart
CaseSilence, Mrs. 7281Download Chart
CastleAbrahamLitchfield Co, CT, USA6231Download Chart
CastleAbrahamLitchfield Co, CT, USA6232Download Chart
CastleAigail, Mrs. 6232Download Chart
CastleFrank D.Hillsdale Co, MI, USA2701Download Chart
CastleGiles 2701Download Chart
CastleIsaacStratford, CT, USA6232Download Chart
CastleJoanna, Mrs. 6231Download Chart
CastleJoanna, Mrs. 6232Download Chart
CastleMartha, Mrs. 6232Download Chart
CastleOlive 6231Download Chart
CastleSamantha, Mrs. 2701Download Chart
CastleSamuelLitchfield Co, CT, USA6232Download Chart
CastleSarah Meeker, Mrs. 6232Download Chart
Castle HenryWarwick Co, England6232Download Chart
CatesEmilyNC, USA5535Download Chart
CatlinAbigailHanover, NH, USA6924Download Chart
CatlinAbigailHanover, NH, USA6925Download Chart
CaywoodJohn 6131Download Chart
CaywoodMaryOakland Co, MI, USA6131Download Chart
ChamberlainJoanna 1961Download Chart
ChampagneHarrietMontreal, Canada6923Download Chart
ChampagneHarrietMontreal, Canada6924Download Chart
ChapeauArmeline 6661Download Chart
ChaplinMary 5532Download Chart
CharlickBessie Luella, Mrs. 6441Download Chart
CharlickBessie Luella, Mrs. 6442Download Chart
CharlickBessie Luella, Mrs. 6443Download Chart
CharlickHelen MargueriteOakland Co, MI, USA6443Download Chart
CharlickJane, Mrs. 6443Download Chart
CharlickJohnDevon, England6442Download Chart
CharlickJohnDevon, England6443Download Chart
CharlickLewis JohnLivingston Co, MI, USA6441Download Chart
CharlickLewis JohnLivingston Co, MI, USA6442Download Chart
CharlickLewis JohnLivingston Co, MI, USA6443Download Chart
CharlickMary Ann, Mrs. 6442Download Chart
CharlickMary Ann, Mrs. 6443Download Chart
CharlickWilliam HenryEngland6442Download Chart
CharlickWilliam HenryEngland6443Download Chart
CharonMarie Jeanne, Mrs. 5693Download Chart
CharonMonicaThames River, Canada5693Download Chart
CharonPierre 5693Download Chart
Chatterton/ChitterdenMercyHartford, CT, USA5412Download Chart
ChaunerCynthia Jean 5451Download Chart
CherinanChristianprob Suffolk, England11910Download Chart
CherinanChristianprob Suffolk, England11912Download Chart
CherinanChristianprob Suffolk, England11913Download Chart
CherinanRogerSuffolk, England11913Download Chart
ChesterAliceSuffolk, England11911Download Chart
ChidseySarah 1471Download Chart
ChidseySarah 1472Download Chart
ChildsHarrietNarlowe, NH, USA6531Download Chart
ClarkJohnNew Brunswick, Canada7491Download Chart
ClarkJuliaNY, USA6131Download Chart
ClarkLucy 7231Download Chart
ClarkMaryCharlevoix Co, MI, USA7491Download Chart
ClarkMary Ann, Mrs. 7491Download Chart
ClarkMary, Mrs. 7491Download Chart
ClarkNancy 1951Download Chart
ClarkNicholasCanada7491Download Chart
ClarkeHannah, Mrs. 7221Download Chart
ClarkeJames GeorgeStoufville, Ontario, Canada7221Download Chart
ClarkeJohnIreland7221Download Chart
ClarkeLucile Clare, Mrs. 7221Download Chart
ClarkeMarionDetroit, MI, USA7221Download Chart
ClarkeNorman EllsworthIsabella Co, MI, USA7221Download Chart
ClarkeSarah, Mrs. 7221Download Chart
ClementsAgnes, Mrs. 11914Download Chart
ClementsAgnes, Mrs. 11916Download Chart
ClementsAlice, Mrs.Leicestershire, England11914Download Chart
ClementsElizabeth, Mrs. 11914Download Chart
ClementsLydia, Mrs. 11916Download Chart
ClementsRichardLeicestershire, England11914Download Chart
ClementsRichardLeicestershire, England11916Download Chart
ClementsRobertLeicestershire, England11914Download Chart
ClementsRobertLeicestershire, England11916Download Chart
ClementsRobert RichardEngland11914Download Chart
ClintonDavid 5411Download Chart
ClintonJane, Mrs. 5411Download Chart
CloseJonathonNorthampton Co, PA, USA692Download Chart
CloseJonathonNorthampton Co, PA, USA696Download Chart
CloseMagdalena, Mrs. 692Download Chart
CloseMagdalena, Mrs. 696Download Chart
CloseRosannahConneaut Lake, PA, USA692Download Chart
CloseRosannahConneaut Lake, PA, USA696Download Chart
CobbAlphons GrantVan Wert, OH, USA5561Download Chart
CobbAsaWallkill, NY, USA5562Download Chart
CobbAsa 5562Download Chart
CobbDon RogerVan Wert Co, OH, USA5561Download Chart
CobbEunice, Mrs. 5561Download Chart
CobbEunice, Mrs. 5562Download Chart
CobbForrest HowardVan Wert Co, OH, USA5561Download Chart
CobbJohn W.Orange Co, NY, USA5561Download Chart
CobbJohn W.Orange Co, NY, USA5562Download Chart
CobbMary Jane, Mrs. 5561Download Chart
CobbMerian, Mrs. 5562Download Chart
CobbMildred A., Mrs. 5561Download Chart
CobbNathanPA, USA5561Download Chart
CobbSarah, Mrs. 5561Download Chart
CobbZipronNY, USA5562Download Chart
CoburnElizabeth 6924Download Chart
CoburnEzra 6433Download Chart
CoburnHannah, Mrs. 6433Download Chart
CoburnSarah 6433Download Chart
CoffinDionis, Mrs. 11929Download Chart
CoffinJoanna, Mrs. 11929Download Chart
CoffinJoanna, Mrs. 11930Download Chart
CoffinJoanna, Mrs. 11931Download Chart
CoffinJohan, Mrs.England11930Download Chart
CoffinNickolasEngland11930Download Chart
CoffinPeterDevonshire, England11929Download Chart
CoffinPeterDevonshire, England11930Download Chart
CoffinPeterDevonshire, England11931Download Chart
CoffinSarah, Mrs. 11929Download Chart
CoffinStephenEssex Co, MA, USA11929Download Chart
CoffinTristramDevonshire, England11922Download Chart
CoffinTristramNewbury, MA, USA11922Download Chart
CoffinTristramDevonshire, England11929Download Chart
CoffinTristramEngland11930Download Chart
ColbyEdward JohnRochester, England5842Download Chart
ColbyElizabeth Jane, Mrs. 5842Download Chart
ColbyHarriet E., Mrs. 7431Download Chart
ColbyHarry C (Henry)Rochester, England5842Download Chart
ColbyIvis Leone, Mrs. 5841Download Chart
ColbyIvis Leone, Mrs. 5842Download Chart
ColbyLyle CharlesBoyne City, MI, USA5841Download Chart
ColbyLyle CharlesBoyne City, MI, USA5842Download Chart
ColbyMary Julie, Mrs. 5842Download Chart
ColbyMerrill 7431Download Chart
ColbyViola A.Wayne Co, MI, USA7431Download Chart
ColbyWilliam 5842Download Chart
ColleyJanison Lynne 7431Download Chart
CollinsAnn, Mrs. 3871Download Chart
CollinsBridget, Mrs. 5461Download Chart
CollinsDeborahSussex Co, NJ, USA3871Download Chart
CollinsElizabeth, Mrs. 5461Download Chart
CollinsHenreitta GeraldineOakland Co, MI, USA5461Download Chart
CollinsJonathan 3871Download Chart
CollinsKathryn 6511Download Chart
CollinsMauriceLimerick, Ireland5461Download Chart
CollinsPatrick 5461Download Chart
ComboElizabeth A. 7552Download Chart
ComptonElizabethNC, USA5534Download Chart
ComptonSallie AnnNC, USA5534Download Chart
ComptonWilliamCaswell Co, NC, USA5534Download Chart
ComtoisMartine 7351Download Chart
ConkleMargaret 5561Download Chart
Conners (Connaught)Bridgetprob Ireland978Download Chart
ConnorEllenKildare, Ireland6491Download Chart
ConradMaria 7071Download Chart
ConwayLaurent 7351Download Chart
ConwayMaryBelle River, Ontario, Canada7351Download Chart
ConwayTherese, Mrs. 7351Download Chart
CookAnna LouiseOxford Co, Ontario, Canada3021Download Chart
CookAnna LouiseOxford Co, Ontario, Canada3026Download Chart
CookAnna LouiseOxford Co, Ontario, Canada3027Download Chart
CookCharles BennettTN, USA7375Download Chart
CookCharles H.TN, USA7375Download Chart
CookCynthia H., Mrs. 7375Download Chart
CookEdward A.Detroit, MI, USA7374Download Chart
CookEdward A.Detroit, MI, USA7375Download Chart
CookElecy E., Mrs. 7375Download Chart
CookHannah, Mrs. 7374Download Chart
CookJamesNC, USA7375Download Chart
CookJennifer L,, Mrs. 7374Download Chart
CookKenneth A.Detroit, MI, USA7374Download Chart
CookNicholas A.Detroit, MI, USA7374Download Chart
CookPearl H, Mrs. 7375Download Chart
CookPearl H., Mrs. 7374Download Chart
CookRobertOxford Co, Ontario, Canada3027Download Chart
CookSarah, Mrs.NC, USA7375Download Chart
CookSharon, Mrs. 7374Download Chart
CookSharon, Mrs. 7375Download Chart
CookSmith HarrisonMacon, TN, USA7374Download Chart
CookSmith HarrisonMacon, TN, USA7375Download Chart
CoonGeorgePleasant Unity, PA, USA7376Download Chart
CoonSarah, Mrs. 7376Download Chart
CooperJohnNew Haven, CT, USA1471Download Chart
CooperMary, Mrs. 1471Download Chart
CooperRebeccaNew Haven, CT, USA1471Download Chart
CooperWilhelminaGermany4131Download Chart
CornelisseElsgenHarderwijk, Netherlands11939Download Chart
CornelisseGrietje 11943Download Chart
CornellMary 7232Download Chart
CossMary 6132Download Chart
CowanNancy AnnMiddlesex Co, Ontario, Canada1951Download Chart
CowellFrederick WesleyDenver, CO, USA3351Download Chart
CowellWilliamNJ, USA3352Download Chart
CrandallElizabethWashington Co, RI, USA7281Download Chart
CrandallElizabeth, Mrs. 7281Download Chart
CrandallJonathanWashington Co, RI, USA7281Download Chart
CrawfordAlmina, Mrs. 5821Download Chart
CrawfordEva Mae, Mrs. 5821Download Chart
CrawfordHarriet E., Mrs. 5821Download Chart
CrawfordHarry JamesLos Angeles, CA, USA5821Download Chart
CrawfordHarry WilliamLapeer Co, MI, USA5821Download Chart
CrawfordMary, Mrs. 5821Download Chart
CrawfordMilton ElmerLapeer Co, MI, USA5821Download Chart
CrawfordRoxina, Mrs. 6532Download Chart
CrawfordWilliamNJ, USA5821Download Chart
CrawfordWilliam 5821Download Chart
CrepsDavidCalhoun Co, MI, USA5871Download Chart
CrepsMary/Amanda 5871Download Chart
CrepsSarah, Mrs. 5871Download Chart
CrockerJoanna 6231Download Chart
CronbaughLydiaPA, USA5561Download Chart
CroninEuphemia 5461Download Chart
CrookshanksMargaret 3026Download Chart
CrookshanksMargaret 30210Download Chart
CrooseJohn 5871Download Chart
CrooseMary JaneHillsdale Co, MI, USA5871Download Chart
CrooseMary Jane, Mrs. 5871Download Chart
CroulJohnOrange Co, NY, USA6132Download Chart
CroulMary, Mrs. 6132Download Chart
CroulPollyMohawk Valley, NY, USA6132Download Chart
CrouseHenry JustinDonegal, PA, USA7376Download Chart
CrouseLorenzaStahlstown, PA, USA7376Download Chart
CrouseMargaretStahlstown, PA, USA7376Download Chart
CrouseMary, Mrs. 7376Download Chart
CrouseRachel, Mrs. 7376Download Chart
CrumMaryCanada7491Download Chart
CulverGeorgeNJ, USA5512Download Chart
CulverSarah, Mrs. 5512Download Chart
CummingsEllen AdeleMeadville, PA, USA5841Download Chart
CummingsLinis Syril 5841Download Chart
CummingsMargaret, Mrs. 5841Download Chart
CumminsMaryIreland3402Download Chart
CunninghamCarol GertrudeDetroit, MI, USA7352Download Chart
CunninghamJoseph N.Canada7352Download Chart
CunninghamMary, Mrs. 7352Download Chart
CunninghamPearl Jennette, Mrs. 7352Download Chart
CunninghamSilas EdwardGladwin Co, MI, USA7352Download Chart
CurtisAgnes, Mrs. 5875Download Chart
CurtisBethia, Mrs. 5873Download Chart
CurtisElizabeth 5872Download Chart
CurtisElizabeth, Mrs. 5874Download Chart
CurtisElizabeth, Mrs. 5875Download Chart
CurtisJohnEngland5875Download Chart
CurtisJosephFairfield Co, CT, USA5873Download Chart
CurtisSgt JohnNazing, England5874Download Chart
CurtisWilliam 5875Download Chart
DaggettHepzibah 5873Download Chart
DaggettHepzibah, Mrs. 5874Download Chart
DaggettJohnEngland5874Download Chart
DahaneyCornelius 6501Download Chart
DahaneyDenisIreland6501Download Chart
DahaneyHannah, Mrs. 6501Download Chart
DahaneyJosephineDetroit, MI, USA6501Download Chart
DahaneyMargaret, Mrs. 6501Download Chart
DailyBridgetIreland5692Download Chart
DalpePhilomene 5061Download Chart
DalyGeorgina Elizabeth, Mrs. 6431Download Chart
DalyGeorgina KateSurrey, England6431Download Chart
DalyRobertScotland6431Download Chart
DalyThomasScotland (?)6431Download Chart
DanielsBetsy, Mrs. 6131Download Chart
DanielsJohnWindham Co, CT, USA6131Download Chart
DanielsJohnWindham Co, CT, USA6131Download Chart
DanielsJulia, Mrs. 6131Download Chart
DanielsMaryOakland Co, MI, USA6131Download Chart
DavenportEllen 5875Download Chart
DavenportJohn 5875Download Chart
DavidsonElviraMacomb Co, MI, USA5541Download Chart
DavidsonJames 5541Download Chart
DavidsonLucinda, Mrs. 5541Download Chart
DavisCecily, Mrs. 11923Download Chart
DavisCecily, Mrs. 11926Download Chart
DavisEdwardEngland7431Download Chart
DavisHannah Crocker 6231Download Chart
DavisHope 6231Download Chart
DavisJamesMarlborough, England11923Download Chart
DavisJamesMarlborough, England11926Download Chart
DavisJanison, Mrs. 7431Download Chart
DavisJoanna, Mrs. 6231Download Chart
DavisJohnActon-Turville, England11923Download Chart
DavisJohnActon-Turville, England11926Download Chart
DavisJoseph 7431Download Chart
DavisJoseph WilliamOakland Co, MI, USA7431Download Chart
DavisLawrence EdwardOakland Co, MI, USA7431Download Chart
DavisMarion Lucille, Mrs. 7431Download Chart
DavisMary Belle, Mrs. 7431Download Chart
DavisMary, Mrs. 7431Download Chart
DavisMichael JosephWayne Co, MI, USA7431Download Chart
DavisMinnie, Mrs. 7431Download Chart
DavisPriscilla, Mrs. 6231Download Chart
DavisSamuel 6231Download Chart
DavisonElizabeth AndersonReading, NJ, USA6132Download Chart
DawsonAnn, Mrs. 976Download Chart
DawsonElizabethYork, England976Download Chart
DawsonJoshuaYork, England976Download Chart
DayIda Parker DunnManhattan, NY, USA7211Download Chart
DealMaryMD, USA6031Download Chart
DeanShirley A.St Clair, MI, USA5433Download Chart
DearbornAnneCheshire/Sullivan Co, NH, USA1199Download Chart
DearbornDavidRockingham Co, NH, USA5121Download Chart
DearbornDorothy, Mrs. 5121Download Chart
DearbornJeremiah B.NH, USA5121Download Chart
DearbornMary, Mrs. 5121Download Chart
DearbornNellie FolsomBelnap Co, NH, USA5121Download Chart
DeckerCaroline, Mrs. 6921Download Chart
DeckerCaroline, Mrs. 6922Download Chart
DeckerLorendaOakland Co, MI, USA7041Download Chart
DeckerPeter StanleyNY, USA6921Download Chart
DeckerPeter StanleyNY, USA6922Download Chart
DeckerRosetta AdellaMillbrook, MI, USA6921Download Chart
DeckerRosetta AdellaMillbrook, MI, USA6922Download Chart
DeCouAbramSussex Co, NJ, USA11937Download Chart
DeCouAnnaNorthampton Co, PA, USA11937Download Chart
DeCouElizabeth, Mrs. 11937Download Chart
DeCouJacobNJ, USA11937Download Chart
DeCouJacob 11937Download Chart
DeCouJane, Mrs. 11937Download Chart
DeCouMary, Mrs. 11937Download Chart
DeDeytscherCatrineUlster Co, NY, USA11937Download Chart
DeDeytscherDirckUlster Co, NY, USA11937Download Chart
DeDeytscherDirckUlster Co, NY, USA11943Download Chart
DeDeytscherDirckUlster Co, NY, USA11944Download Chart
DeDeytscherJannetje, Mrs. 11937Download Chart
DeDeytscherJannetje, Mrs. 11943Download Chart
DeDeytscherJannetje, Mrs. 11944Download Chart
DeDuitcherGrietje, Mrs. 11943Download Chart
DeDuitcherJan Willemszen 11943Download Chart
DeDuitcherLeentje Martens, Mrs. 11943Download Chart
DeDuitcherWillem JansenHeerden, Gelderland11943Download Chart
DeHavenDeborahDoylestown, PA, USA5121Download Chart
DeibertElizabeth, Mrs. 6031Download Chart
DeibertSusanWashington Co, MD, USA6031Download Chart
DeibertWilliamVA, USA6031Download Chart
DeLagrangeDeborahSchenectady, NY, USA5512Download Chart
DeLagrangeDeborahSchenectady, NY, USA5513Download Chart
DellBarneyNY, USA7491Download Chart
DellMary 7491Download Chart
DellMary, Mrs. 7491Download Chart
DemingElizabethEngland5874Download Chart
DemingJohnEngland5875Download Chart
DemingSarah 6925Download Chart
DemkesCarolina, Mrs. 5961Download Chart
DemkesLambertPortland, OR, USA5961Download Chart
DemkesLambertMultnomah Co, OR, USA5961Download Chart
DemkesPriscilla J.Boonville, Cooper, Missouri,USA5961Download Chart
DemkesPriscilla J.Cooper Co, MO, USA5961Download Chart
DenistonDoris, Mrs. 4001Download Chart
DenistonRoy J. 4001Download Chart
DenkerHeleneGermany5961Download Chart
DenkerHeleneGermany5961Download Chart
DentonGaldys IreneSaginaw Co, MI, USA7551Download Chart
DentonLouise M. Westendorf, Mrs. 7551Download Chart
DentonThomas W. 7551Download Chart
DeRapaljeCatalyntie, Mrs. 5515Download Chart
DeRapaljeGaspard ColetSux Loire, France5515Download Chart
DeRapaljeJores/JorisLeydon, Holland5515Download Chart
DeRapaljeMrs. 5515Download Chart
deRapelleaBrickje 1194Download Chart
deRapelleaBrickje 1195Download Chart
DeshetresAloysius GonzaguaDetroit, MI, USA5693Download Chart
DeshetresMarie, Mrs. 5693Download Chart
DeshetresMary EstherDetroit, MI, USA5693Download Chart
DetlaffChristina, Mrs. 4901Download Chart
DetlaffChristina, Mrs. 4902Download Chart
DetlaffJacobPutzig, Germany4901Download Chart
DetlaffJacobPutzig, Germany4902Download Chart
DetlaffJohannPutzig, Germany4901Download Chart
DetlaffJohannPutzig, Germany4902Download Chart
DetlaffMarianna, Mrs. 4901Download Chart
DetlaffMarianna, Mrs. 4902Download Chart
DeweyElizabeth Mae, Mrs. 6532Download Chart
DeweyGeorge H.Castile, NY, USA6532Download Chart
DeweyIda MayWayne Co, MI, USA6532Download Chart
DeweyJamesSaginaw, MI, USA6532Download Chart
DeweySarah Ann, Mrs. 6532Download Chart
DeWolfeEsther 7552Download Chart
DiceClarissa, Mrs. 5692Download Chart
DiceDavid W.PA or NY, USA5692Download Chart
DiceDavid WilliamMacomb Co, MI, USA5691Download Chart
DiceDavid WilliamMacomb Co, MI, USA5692Download Chart
DiceEmma Jean, Mrs. 5691Download Chart
DiceEmma Jean, Mrs. 5692Download Chart
DiceFlorence M.Midland Co, MI, USA5691Download Chart
DiceFlorence M.Midland Co, MI, USA5692Download Chart
DiceFlorence M.Midland Co, MI, USA5693Download Chart
DiceMaudMidland Co, MI, USA5691Download Chart
DiceMaudMidland Co, MI, USA5692Download Chart
DickersonAbigailLitchfield Co, CT, USA6232Download Chart
DickersonThomas 6232Download Chart
DieckmannAnna, Mrs. 5961Download Chart
DieckmannJohn Fredk Ger 5961Download Chart
DieckmannJohn Fredk.Germany5961Download Chart
DieckmannMeta AdelineGermany5961Download Chart
DieckmannMeta AdelineGermany5961Download Chart
DiefenderferAlexanderprob Germany5872Download Chart
DiefenderferAnna Margaret, Mrs. 5872Download Chart
DiefenderferElizabethNorthampton Co, PA, USA5872Download Chart
DiefenderferGertrude, Mrs. 5872Download Chart
DiefenderferGottfried 5872Download Chart
DiefenderferJohn 5872Download Chart
DienerAnna, Mrs. 7001Download Chart
DienerAugustPrussia7001Download Chart
DienerCharlesMacomb Co, MI, USA7001Download Chart
DienerCorinne AnnDetroit, MI, USA7001Download Chart
DienerErnestine, Mrs. 7001Download Chart
DienerLeslie H.Detroit, MI, USA7001Download Chart
DienerLillian Marie, Mrs. 7001Download Chart
DoaneSusan 7352Download Chart
DomovaElizabethKleinbosig, Bohemia6491Download Chart
DomsJohannKleinbosig, Bohemia6491Download Chart
DomsRosina, Mrs. 6491Download Chart
DonovanAbigail (Abina)Co. Cork, Ireland3021Download Chart
DonovanAbigail (Abina)Co. Cork, Ireland3022Download Chart
DonovanAbigail (Abina)Co. Cork, Ireland3023Download Chart
DonovanJohanna, Mrs. 3023Download Chart
DonovanMarandaNY, USA7491Download Chart
DonovanMichaelCo. Cork, Ireland3023Download Chart
DoranJamesKalisbridge, Ireland5432Download Chart
DoranMargaretEngland5432Download Chart
DoranMargaret, Mrs. 5432Download Chart
DouglassAnnMA, USA978Download Chart
DouglassHenryEngland978Download Chart
DouglassJudith, Mrs.England978Download Chart
DowlingBurlIN, USA7091Download Chart
DowlingGarnet L.Muncie, IN, USA7091Download Chart
DowlingIsaac 7091Download Chart
DowlingJames A.NY, USA7091Download Chart
DowlingMalvina, Mrs.IN, USA7091Download Chart
DowlingMary, Mrs. 7091Download Chart
DowlingSaloma, Mrs. 7091Download Chart
DoyleBeatriceLiverpool, England7371Download Chart
DoyleHubertRoscommon Co, Ireland7371Download Chart
DoyleMary, Mrs. 7371Download Chart
DrakeCharles 5753Download Chart
DrakeRuth 5753Download Chart
DrakeSarah, Mrs. 5753Download Chart
DrummondSarahIreland7221Download Chart
DucharmeJacobSt Joseph, Ontario, Canada7351Download Chart
DucharmeJoseph Heli 7351Download Chart
DucharmeMargaret, Mrs. 7351Download Chart
DucharmeMerance, Mrs. 7351Download Chart
DucharmePhilomeneHuron Co, Ontario, Canada7351Download Chart
DudleySarah 5111Download Chart
DuffyMaryCo. Down, Ireland5432Download Chart
DummerJohn 11920Download Chart
DummerLydiaEngland11916Download Chart
DummerMatildaHampshire, England11920Download Chart
DuncanEdmond 11937Download Chart
DuncanJaneBucks Co, PA, USA11937Download Chart
DuncanSarah, Mrs. 11937Download Chart
DunhamLydiaMA, USA5532Download Chart
EarlEphraimCanada6311Download Chart
EarlMelissa A., Mrs. 6311Download Chart
EarlSarah J.MI, USA6311Download Chart
EckelsElizabeth, Mrs. 5961Download Chart
EckelsEstella Harlan, Mrs. 5961Download Chart
EckelsGeorge HenryLawrence, Long Island, NY, USA5961Download Chart
EckelsGeorge HenryLong Island, NY, USA5961Download Chart
EckelsHenry RussellPortland, Multnomath, OR, USA5961Download Chart
EckelsHenry RussellMultnomah Co, OR, USA5961Download Chart
EckelsTeri KathleenMultnomah Co, OR, USA5961Download Chart
EddyAlice/Ellis 5873Download Chart
EddyAnna 1962Download Chart
EddyElizabeth, Mrs. 5874Download Chart
EddyHepzibah, Mrs. 5873Download Chart
EddyJohn 5873Download Chart
EddyMary, Mrs. 5875Download Chart
EddyRev. WmBristol, England5875Download Chart
EddySamuelCranbrook, Kent, England5874Download Chart
EddyeAbigailEngland5874Download Chart
EddyeMary, Mrs. 5875Download Chart
EddyeRev WilliamBristol, England5875Download Chart
EddysKatharine 11923Download Chart
EddysKatharine 11926Download Chart
EdwardsElizabeth, Mrs. 7361Download Chart
EdwardsElla M.Saginaw Co, MI, USA7361Download Chart
EdwardsEunice, Mrs.NY, USA7362Download Chart
EdwardsJamesSaginaw Co, MI, USA7362Download Chart
EdwardsJoan, Mrs.MA, USA1192Download Chart
EdwardsOrinFulton Co, NY, USA7361Download Chart
EdwardsOrinFultoin Co, NY, USA7362Download Chart
EdwardsRiceEngland1191Download Chart
EggersmanAugustHolland5538Download Chart
EggersmanAugustaNY, NY, USA5538Download Chart
EggersmanElizabeth, Mrs. 5538Download Chart
EgglestonAbigail, Mrs. 7232Download Chart
EgglestonAdelineOnondaga Co, NY, USA7231Download Chart
EgglestonAdelineOnondaga Co, NY, USA7232Download Chart
EgglestonBenjamin 7232Download Chart
EgglestonDeborahTarrington, CT, USA7232Download Chart
EgglestonDorcas, Mrs. 7232Download Chart
EgglestonElizabeth, Mrs. 7232Download Chart
EgglestonIsaac 7232Download Chart
EgglestonMary, Mrs. 7232Download Chart
EgglestonNathaniel 7232Download Chart
EgglestonSamuelOnondaga Co, NY, USA7232Download Chart
EhlfeldtBertha JohannaDetroit, MI, USA6511Download Chart
EhlfeldtCharlesGermany6511Download Chart
EhlfeldtMarie, Mrs. 6511Download Chart
EhroJohanna Magdalenaprob Germany5872Download Chart
EhroJurg Jurgen 5872Download Chart
Eikels/IkelsGeorge HenryGermany5961Download Chart
ElderCatherine 695Download Chart
ElliottEliza CatherineAdams Co, PA, USA7101Download Chart
ElliottJulia WhitlockMI/IL, USA696Download Chart
EndersbeSelinda, Mrs. 7491Download Chart
EndersbeSybil 7491Download Chart
EndersbeThomasNY, USA7491Download Chart
EnrightBridget 5461Download Chart
ErwinAnnieIreland5461Download Chart
ErwinFlora, Mrs. 6131Download Chart
ErwinJuanita, Mrs. 6131Download Chart
ErwinJuanita, Mrs. 6132Download Chart
ErwinLouisOakland Co, MI, USA6131Download Chart
ErwinLouisOakland Co, MI, USA6132Download Chart
ErwinMary, Mrs.Oakland Co, MI, USA6131Download Chart
ErwinMatthewCo. Derry, Ireland6131Download Chart
ErwinMatthewCo. Derry, Ireland6131Download Chart
ErwinMatthew, Mrs. 6131Download Chart
ErwinRichardOakland Co, MI, USA6131Download Chart
EsdaleJane 6431Download Chart
EssenmacherArlene, Mrs. 4361Download Chart
EssenmacherErnest RobertDearborn, MI, USA4361Download Chart
EvansMary E.Detroit, MI, USA4131Download Chart
EvansSarahWeymouth, MA, USA6531Download Chart
EverettDorothy AnnCatham, Ontario, Canada5211Download Chart
EyresSarah 6511Download Chart
EyresSarah 6512Download Chart
FaberEmma 6561Download Chart
FallixPhebesEngland5513Download Chart
FankhauserElizabeth, Mrs. 2401Download Chart
FankhauserJohnFulton Co, OH, USA2401Download Chart
FarmerAbigail, Mrs. 971Download Chart
FarmerAbigail, Mrs. 972Download Chart
FarmerGardnerExeter, MI, USA971Download Chart
FarmerGardnerExeter, MI, USA972Download Chart
FarrElizaCo. York, England976Download Chart
FarrarElizabeth, Mrs. 5536Download Chart
FarrarJean 5534Download Chart
FarrarJean 5536Download Chart
FarrarJohnChatham Co, NC, USA5536Download Chart
FeatherlyEva Eureta, Mrs. 7071Download Chart
FeatherlyGrace D.Ingham Co, MI, USA7071Download Chart
FeatherlyMark T.Northfield Twp., MI, USA7071Download Chart
FeatherlySusan, Mrs. 7071Download Chart
FeatherlyThomas 7071Download Chart
FeithArendie, Mrs. 11940Download Chart
FeithArnt JohenszNetherlands11940Download Chart
FeithArntgenNetherlands11938Download Chart
FeithArntgenNetherlands11939Download Chart
FeithArntgenNetherlands11940Download Chart
FeithBerend RijnvischeElburg, Netherlands11941Download Chart
FeithDibbolt BerendszNetherlands11940Download Chart
FeithDibbolt BerendszNetherlands11941Download Chart
FeithErwertjen, Mrs. 11940Download Chart
FeithJendrick ArntszNetherlands11940Download Chart
FeithJohan DibboltszNetherlands11940Download Chart
FeithStijna, Mrs. 11940Download Chart
FellowsAgnesHuntcote, England11914Download Chart
FellowsAgnesHuntcote, England11916Download Chart
FennAnne Mary 5842Download Chart
FerrierEliasNY, USA5842Download Chart
FerrierElizabeth, Mrs. 5842Download Chart
FerrierMargaretCanada5842Download Chart
FestianGeorgeBrebi, Romania7373Download Chart
FestianMaria, Mrs. 7373Download Chart
FestianMary E.Detroit, MI, USA7373Download Chart
FiddesRitaDearborn Heights, MI, USA7491Download Chart
FieldAnthony 1197Download Chart
FieldJeremiahUnion or Somerset Co, NJ, USA1193Download Chart
FieldJeremiahUnion or Somerset Co, NJ, USA1197Download Chart
FieldJohn 1197Download Chart
FieldMary, Mrs. 1193Download Chart
FieldMary, Mrs. 1197Download Chart
FieldMarytieNJ, USA1193Download Chart
FieldRobert 1197Download Chart
FilipFlorence, Mrs. 7373Download Chart
FilipLouis 7373Download Chart
FinleyMaryPA, USA6031Download Chart
Fischer  5538Download Chart
FischerAnna SophiaAlmond, WI, USA6234Download Chart
FischerAudrey AmaliaNewwark, NY, USA5538Download Chart
FischerCatherine Wilhemia, Mrs.Germany5538Download Chart
FischerCharles A.H.Essex Co, NY, USA5538Download Chart
FischerCharles A.H.Saxony, Germany5538Download Chart
FischerDorothea W., Mrs. 5538Download Chart
FischerJacob C.Germany5538Download Chart
FischerKarl A.H.Saxony, Germany5538Download Chart
FischerPauline WilhelmineEssex Co, NY, USA5538Download Chart
FishDeborah, Mrs. 5873Download Chart
FishMariah 5872Download Chart
FishNathan 5873Download Chart
Fisher/FischerFannyMA, USA6922Download Chart
FitchJohn W. 5111Download Chart
FitchMinerva, Mrs. 5111Download Chart
FitchSally A. 5111Download Chart
FitzgeraldEllen AlethaFranklin Co, KS, USA6031Download Chart
FitzgeraldNancy Jane, Mrs. 6031Download Chart
FitzgeraldPhillipNorfolk (?) Canada6031Download Chart
FlemingEmmeline, Mrs. 5211Download Chart
FlemingGeorgeElgin Co, Ontario, Canada5211Download Chart
FlemingJames HenryElgin Co, Ontario, Canada5211Download Chart
FlemingLeighDresden, Ontario, Canada5211Download Chart
FlemingMarianVernon, MI, USA5211Download Chart
FlemingMary, Mrs. 5211Download Chart
FoggAlice, Mrs. 11927Download Chart
FoggJohnEssex Co, England11927Download Chart
FoggJohn 11927Download Chart
FoggMary, Mrs. 11927Download Chart
FokkerYtjeNetherlands5432Download Chart
FolkertsenPhilip 5513Download Chart
FolkertsenRebecca 5513Download Chart
FolsomBetsy, Mrs. 5121Download Chart
FolsomDorothyGilmanton, NH, USA5121Download Chart
FolsomDudleyStrafford Co, NY, USA5121Download Chart
FooseCatherine, Mrs. 7101Download Chart
FooseMary HannahTuscola Co, MI USA7101Download Chart
FoosePeterSchuylkill Co, PA, USA7101Download Chart
FooteElizabeth, Mrs. 5874Download Chart
FooteJoan, Mrs. 5875Download Chart
FooteJoannaEngland6925Download Chart
FooteJoannaEngland6926Download Chart
FooteNathanielEngland5874Download Chart
FooteRebeccaMiddlesex Co, MA, USA5873Download Chart
FooteRobertEssex, England5875Download Chart
FordBethiaPlymouth, MA, USA5532Download Chart
FordBethia, Mrs. 5532Download Chart
FordMichaelCT, USA5532Download Chart
FormatckovaKatharineBoskova, Bohemia6491Download Chart
ForsterAugust A. 7372Download Chart
ForsterBarbara, Mrs.Steisslingen, Germany7372Download Chart
ForsterConradSteisslingen, Germany7372Download Chart
ForsterDorothy T.Detroit, MI, USA7371Download Chart
ForsterDorothy T.Detroit, MI, USA7372Download Chart
ForsterDorothy T.Detroit, MI, USA7374Download Chart
ForsterEuphrosina 7372Download Chart
ForsterIgnatz 7372Download Chart
ForsterJohn E.Steisslingen, Germany7372Download Chart
ForsterMagdalena, Mrs. 7372Download Chart
ForsterTheresa, Mrs. 7372Download Chart
ForsterWalda E., Mrs. 7372Download Chart
FosterCarl 7071Download Chart
FosterElinorGloucester, MA, USA972Download Chart
FosterElizabethWinamac, IN, USA7041Download Chart
FosterEllen, Mrs. 5875Download Chart
FosterGeorgeIreland694Download Chart
FosterJane 6443Download Chart
FosterJohnIreland694Download Chart
FosterJohnIreland695Download Chart
FosterJohnIreland696Download Chart
FosterJohn 5875Download Chart
FosterJosefa, Mrs. 7071Download Chart
FosterJuliaVienna, Austria7071Download Chart
FosterMarySpring Twp., PA, USA696Download Chart
FosterMary 5875Download Chart
FosterMary, Mrs. 694Download Chart
FosterMary, Mrs. 694Download Chart
FosterMary, Mrs. 695Download Chart
FosterMary, Mrs. 696Download Chart
FosterMiriam, Mrs. 972Download Chart
FosterNathanMA, USA972Download Chart
FowlerHazelAntrim Co, MI, USA7491Download Chart
FowlerJoshua, Jr.Prob Jackson Co, MI, USA7491Download Chart
FowlerLeRoy C.Shepherd, MI, USA7491Download Chart
FowlerMahala Manly, Mrs. 7491Download Chart
FowlerMary, Mrs. 7491Download Chart
FowlerPhebe Ann, Mrs. 7491Download Chart
FowlerWalter S.NY, USA7491Download Chart
FoxAlfred D.NY, USA7361Download Chart
FoxAlmeron LewisOakland Co, MI, USA7361Download Chart
FoxAlvira, Mrs. 7361Download Chart
FoxEmma, Mrs. 7361Download Chart
FoxErnest CharlesTuscola Co, MI, USA7361Download Chart
FoxMarion Elizabeth ThayerTuscola Co, MI, USA7361Download Chart
FoxSarah Eliazbeth, Mrs. 7361Download Chart
FrancisDelbert MortonOakland Co, MI, USA5411Download Chart
FrancisElizabeth, Mrs. 5412Download Chart
FrancisJohn 5412Download Chart
FrancisMargarette Refus, Mrs. 5411Download Chart
FrancisMercy, Mrs. 5412Download Chart
FrancisRobertHartford Co, CT, USA5412Download Chart
FranciscoCatherine, Mrs. 7101Download Chart
FranciscoHarriettGenesee Co, NY, USA7101Download Chart
FranciscoJohn H.Whitehall, NY, USA7101Download Chart
FrankCatherine, Mrs.Hessen, Germany3025Download Chart
FrankRosinaWaterloo Co, Ontario, Canada3025Download Chart
FrankSylvester 3025Download Chart
FranklinBertha S.F., Mrs.Baden, Germany7431Download Chart
FranklinHenry 7431Download Chart
FranklinJohn D.Wayne Co, MI, USA7431Download Chart
FranklinMarion LucilleWashtenaw Co, MI, USA7431Download Chart
FranklinMary, Mrs. 7431Download Chart
FranklinMerrill ColbyWayne Co, MI, USA7431Download Chart
FranklinViola A., Mrs. 7431Download Chart
FrederickMarenLund, Denmark5533Download Chart
FreemanDaniel 6432Download Chart
FreemanEsther, Mrs. 6432Download Chart
FreemanJohnMorris Co, NJ, USA6432Download Chart
FreemanMary MariaNY, USA6431Download Chart
FreemanMary MariaNY, USA6432Download Chart
FreemanPatience RosettaNJ, USA6351Download Chart
FreemanSarah, Mrs. 6432Download Chart
FreheCarolinaGermany5961Download Chart
FreheCarolineGermany5961Download Chart
FrostDaniel 5873Download Chart
FrostElizabeth Barlow, Mrs. 5873Download Chart
FrostSarah 5873Download Chart
FrostWilliamEngland5874Download Chart
FryCharlotte, Mrs.Luzerne Co, PA, USA7211Download Chart
FryEliza Clarissa, Mrs. 7211Download Chart
FryElizabeth, Mrs. 7211Download Chart
FryElizabeth, Mrs. 7211Download Chart
FryGeorge WashingtonFayette Co, KY, USA7211Download Chart
FryJohnIreland7211Download Chart
FryMargaret Root, Mrs. 7211Download Chart
FryMarion, Mrs. 7211Download Chart
FryMarion, Mrs. 7221Download Chart
FryThomas CousinsManhattan, NY, USA7211Download Chart
FryWalter LincolnShawnee co., KS, USA7211Download Chart
FryWalter Lincoln, JrDetroit, MI, USA7211Download Chart
FryWalter Lincoln, JrDetroit, MI, USA7221Download Chart
FryWilliamIreland7211Download Chart
FulkersonCalebHillsborough, NY5512Download Chart
FulkersonDeborah, Mrs. 5512Download Chart
FulkersonPhillipSomerset Co, NJ, USA5512Download Chart
FullerElizabeth 6233Download Chart
FullerEmilyNorfolk, England6661Download Chart
FullerEva 4361Download Chart
FullerExperience, Mrs. 7281Download Chart
FullerJoseph 6661Download Chart
FullerLisaniaNiagara Co, NY, USA7281Download Chart
FullerLucius Hubbard 7281Download Chart
FullerMary Elizabeth, Mrs. 4361Download Chart
FullerRobert Crouse 4361Download Chart
FullerSophia, Mrs. 6661Download Chart
GageAimee 11910Download Chart
GageBridget, Mrs.Suffolk, England11910Download Chart
GageBridget, Mrs.Suffolk, England11911Download Chart
GageDeborah, Mrs. 1198Download Chart
GageJane, Mrs. 1198Download Chart
GageJane, Mrs. 11910Download Chart
GageJohnSuffolk, England11910Download Chart
GageJohnSuffolk, England11910Download Chart
GageJoshuaMethune, MS, USA1198Download Chart
GagePeterSuffolk, England11910Download Chart
GagePeterSuffolk, England11911Download Chart
GageSarahCheshire Co, NH, USA1198Download Chart
GageWilliamBradford, MS, USA1198Download Chart
GalbreathAgnes 5461Download Chart
GalbreathJanet, Mrs. 5461Download Chart
GalbreathRobert 5461Download Chart
GaltryMargaret 7001Download Chart
GamageEleanorGloucester, MA, USA972Download Chart
GamageElinor, Mrs. 972Download Chart
GamageJoshuaCambridge, MA, USA972Download Chart
GamageMary, Mrs. 972Download Chart
GamageNathanielMA, USA972Download Chart
GanzerMaria Barbara AnnaAltentruedingen, Germany6501Download Chart
GardnerJosephSussex Co, NJ, USA11945Download Chart
GardnerRachelSussex/Warren Co, NJ, USA11945Download Chart
GardnerSarah, Mrs. 11945Download Chart
GardnierElizabeth 5562Download Chart
GaretyJames MichaelHuron Co, MI, USA3021Download Chart
GaretyJanet Margaret, Mrs. 3021Download Chart
GaretyMathilda Rosina, Mrs. 3021Download Chart
GaretyPatric JamesTuscola Co, MI, USA3021Download Chart
GatesSarah 7021Download Chart
GawgAlice, Mrs. 11911Download Chart
GawgPeterSuffolk, England11911Download Chart
GawgeAlice, Mrs. 11911Download Chart
GawgeJohnSuffolk, England11911Download Chart
GendronJoseph WilliamMontreal, Canada6923Download Chart
GendronSelena, Mrs. 6923Download Chart
GendronSusie MaryWaterbury, CT, USA6923Download Chart
GentryMary 5536Download Chart
GeretyAbigail 3021Download Chart
GeretyAbigail 3022Download Chart
GeretyAbigail 3023Download Chart
GeretyJohn, Jr.Brant Co, Ontario, Canada3021Download Chart
GeretyJohn, Jr.Brant Co, Ontario, Canada3022Download Chart
GeretyJohn, Jr.Brant Co, Ontario, Canada3023Download Chart
GeretyJohn, Sr.West Meath, Ireland3022Download Chart
GeretyMary, Mrs. 3022Download Chart
GermainSelena 6923Download Chart
GermanAddison (?)Yates Co, NY, USA5531Download Chart
GermanAnne, Mrs. 5531Download Chart
GermanLewisCT, USA5531Download Chart
GermanLoisYates Co, NY, USA5531Download Chart
GermanLois, Mrs.CT, USA5531Download Chart
GerrishMary Bartlett 1198Download Chart
GettingerAnna MariaBaltimore Co, MD6031Download Chart
GettingerJacobBaltimore Co, MD6031Download Chart
GettingerMary, Mrs. 6031Download Chart
GibbonsAgnes 11919Download Chart
GibbonsWilliam 11919Download Chart
GieffelsCatherineDetroit, MI, USA6221Download Chart
GieffelsHurbert 6221Download Chart
GieffelsMargarethe, Mrs. 6221Download Chart
GieffelsStephenRhineland, Germany6221Download Chart
GieffelsTheresa, Mrs. 6221Download Chart
GileEphraimEssex Co, MA, USA11929Download Chart
GileMartha, Mrs. 11929Download Chart
GillAnnCo. ork, England976Download Chart
GillDonald Roy 6443Download Chart
GillHelen Marguerite, Mrs. 6443Download Chart
GillonAgnes 5461Download Chart
GillonCharlesGlascow, Scotland5461Download Chart
GillonEuphemia, Mrs. 5461Download Chart
GillonJohnGlascow, Scotland5461Download Chart
GillonMargaret Quinn 5461Download Chart
GillonMargaret, Mrs. 5461Download Chart
GillonThomas 5461Download Chart
GilmourMargaret, Mrs. 7351Download Chart
GilmourRollena KnoxMontreal, Quebec, Canada7351Download Chart
GilmourWilliam 7351Download Chart
GipperichJosephinePrussia4361Download Chart
GirardMerance 7351Download Chart
GloverEli T.KY, USA7375Download Chart
GloverFrances E., Mrs. 7375Download Chart
GloverJohn G.TN, USA7375Download Chart
GloverMagnolaMacon, TN, USA7375Download Chart
GloverPermelia, Mrs. 7375Download Chart
GlynnMargaretWestmeath Parish, Ire.5431Download Chart
GnadingerBarbaraHaldensteten, Germany7372Download Chart
GnadingerCresentia, Mrs. 7372Download Chart
GnadingerJohann 7372Download Chart
Godet dit MarentetteDominic 7351Download Chart
Godet dit MarentetteLuce, Mrs. 7351Download Chart
GoffSarah E.Taylor Co, KY, USA5061Download Chart
GoffeLydia 7021Download Chart
GolleMargaretCo. Devon, England978Download Chart
GoodMary JaneAllen Co, OH, USA5871Download Chart
GoodellJoseph 6433Download Chart
GoodellMary, Mrs. 6433Download Chart
GoodellSarahEssex Co, MA, USA6433Download Chart
GoodwinAbigail 7232Download Chart
GoodwinMary, Mrs. 7232Download Chart
GoodwinSamuel 7232Download Chart
GoodwyngeMargaret 11928Download Chart
GottshallCatherine 7101Download Chart
GoupilDavid 7551Download Chart
GoupilMarieQuebec, Canada7551Download Chart
GoupilMary, Mrs. 7551Download Chart
GrahamElizabeth, Mrs.Ireland5538Download Chart
GrahamMary AnnEssex Co, NJ, USA5538Download Chart
GrangerMarthaEngland4001Download Chart
GratoppDavidOakland Co, MI, USA6521Download Chart
GratoppJoachimGermany6521Download Chart
GratoppJohannGermany6521Download Chart
GratoppJosephMacomb Co, MI, USA6521Download Chart
GratoppLeota, Mrs. 6521Download Chart
GratoppMaria, Mrs. 6521Download Chart
GratoppMartha, Mrs. 6521Download Chart
GratoppNorine, Mrs. 6521Download Chart
GravelClarissaCanada5531Download Chart
GravelFrancisCanada5531Download Chart
GraverAnthonyPrussia4361Download Chart
GraverJosephine, Mrs. 4361Download Chart
GraverMaryMacomb Co, MI, USA4361Download Chart
GrazebrookAveryWarwickshire, England11919Download Chart
GrazebrookIsabel, Mrs.Warwickshire, England11919Download Chart
GrazebrookJohnStokeshall, Middleton, England11919Download Chart
GrazebrookMargaretWarwickshire, Eng.11917Download Chart
GrazebrookMargaretWarwickshire, Eng.11918Download Chart
GrazebrookMargaretWarwickshire, Eng.11919Download Chart
GrazebrookMargaret, Mrs. 11919Download Chart
GreenCharlesCo. York, England976Download Chart
GreenGeorgeCo. York, England976Download Chart
GreenIsabeth, Mrs.Co. York, England976Download Chart
GreenJohnCo. York, England976Download Chart
GreenMartha, Mrs. 976Download Chart
GreenMary, Mrs. 976Download Chart
GreenSarahCo. York, England971Download Chart
GreenSarahCo. York, England975Download Chart
GreenSarahCo. York, England976Download Chart
GreeneCharlotte, Mrs. 6311Download Chart
GreeneJohnson 6311Download Chart
GreeneSophronia W.Oakland Co, MI, USA6311Download Chart
GreenleafEdmundSuffolk, England11922Download Chart
GreenleafEdmundSuffolk, England11929Download Chart
GreenleafJudithSuffolk Co, England11922Download Chart
GreenleafSarah, Mrs. 11922Download Chart
GreenleafSarah, Mrs. 11929Download Chart
GreffardMarieDetroit, MI, USA5693Download Chart
GreveFoyscheNetherlands11940Download Chart
GrieveDavidPeebleshire, Scotland30212Download Chart
GrieveMargaretPeebleshire, Scotland3026Download Chart
GrieveMargaretPeebleshire, Scotland30211Download Chart
GrieveMargaretPeebleshire, Scotland30212Download Chart
GrieveMargaret, Mrs. 30212Download Chart
GrieveThomas 30212Download Chart
GriffinBluford LayfetteLauderdale Co, AL, USA6671Download Chart
GriffinCharles 6671Download Chart
GriffinMary FayLawrence Co, TN, USA6671Download Chart
GriffinMary Irene, Mrs. 6671Download Chart
GriffinMettie Jane, Mrs. 6671Download Chart
GriffinWillie CarlLauderdale Co, AL, USA6671Download Chart
GriffithBanjamin FranklinHenry Clay Twp, PA, USA4151Download Chart
GriffithJames 11934Download Chart
GriffithJames HeuffCoalton,OH, USA4151Download Chart
GriffithLily FlorenceCoalton,OH, USA4151Download Chart
GriffithMaud, Mrs. 11934Download Chart
GriffithSage 11934Download Chart
GriswoldAnn, Mrs. 5874Download Chart
GriswoldEsther 5873Download Chart
GriswoldMichaelEngland5874Download Chart
GriswoldSarah Jane 7431Download Chart
GroveJacobDonegal, PA, USA7376Download Chart
GroveMargaret, Mrs. 7376Download Chart
GroveRachelDonegal, PA, USA7376Download Chart
GrovesAnn 6221Download Chart
GrovesHannahOntario, Canada7221Download Chart
GrovesJamesEngland7221Download Chart
GrovesPhoebe, Mrs. 7221Download Chart
GunkelBartholomew 7211Download Chart
GunkelMargaret M 7211Download Chart
HabdasKatie, Mrs. 6561Download Chart
HabdasLawrenceZywiec, Poland6561Download Chart
HabdasMary AgnesSaginaw Co, MI, USA6561Download Chart
HaganArthurIreland7221Download Chart
HaganCharles E.Ontario, Canada7221Download Chart
HaganCharles W.Ireland7221Download Chart
HaganHannah, Mrs. 7221Download Chart
HaganLucile ClareGenesee Co, MI, USA7221Download Chart
HaganMabel Clare, Mrs. 7221Download Chart
HaganMary, Mrs. 7221Download Chart
HagemanAbigail 11937Download Chart
HagemanAdeline 11937Download Chart
HagemanAdeline 11945Download Chart
HagemanAnna 11937Download Chart
HagemanFrancisDutchess Co, NY, USA11937Download Chart
HagemanFrancisNJ11937Download Chart
HagemanJohnNorthampton Co, PA, USA11937Download Chart
HagemanJohnNorthampton Co, PA, USA11945Download Chart
HaleMaryHartford Co, CT, USA5873Download Chart
HaleMary, Mrs. 5874Download Chart
HaleSamuel 5874Download Chart
HallAliceSuffolk, England11911Download Chart
HallBetseyExeter, NH, USA1199Download Chart
HallEsther (?), Mrs.CT, USA5531Download Chart
HallFlorenceEssex, England6926Download Chart
HallFlorenceEssex, England6927Download Chart
HallFlorence, Mrs.Essex, England6927Download Chart
HallIsaacBarnstable Co, MA, USA5532Download Chart
HallSarah, Mrs. 5532Download Chart
HallSibbelTolland Co, CT, USA5532Download Chart
HallWilliamMA, USA5531Download Chart
HallWilliamEssex, England6927Download Chart
HalletElizabethRoyalton, VT, USA1198Download Chart
HallockAbigail 1962Download Chart
HallockMargaret, Mrs. 1962Download Chart
HallockPeterLong Island, NY, USA1962Download Chart
HallockWm 1962Download Chart
HammondCorrie Gladys, Mrs. 7551Download Chart
HammondCorrie Gladys, Mrs. 7552Download Chart
HammondGeorge AmbroseRichmond Twp., MI, USA7551Download Chart
HammondGeorge AmbroseRichmond Twp., MI, USA7552Download Chart
HammondLydia Jane, Mrs. 7551Download Chart
HammondLydia Jane, Mrs. 7552Download Chart
HammondSamuelSt. Helens' Island, Canada7551Download Chart
HammondSamuelSt. Helens' Island, Canada7552Download Chart
HammondVernita MargaretLudington, MI, USA7551Download Chart
HammondVernita MargaretLudington, MI, USA7552Download Chart
HammondWilliam 7552Download Chart
HanifanCarlis RaymondOttawa Co, OH, USA6391Download Chart
HanifanCarrie Belle, Mrs. 6391Download Chart
HanifanCarrie Belle, Mrs. 6392Download Chart
HanifanCatherine, Mrs. 6391Download Chart
HanifanEliza Marie, Mrs. 6391Download Chart
HanifanFlorence, Mrs. 6391Download Chart
HanifanFrancis NicholasPetrolia, Canada6391Download Chart
HanifanFrancis NicholasPetrolia, Canada6392Download Chart
HanifanJanette T., Mrs. 6391Download Chart
HanifanLarry CarlisOakland Co, MI, USA6391Download Chart
HanifanWilliam 6391Download Chart
HanifanWilliam J.Oakland Co, MI, USA6391Download Chart
HanksMargaret 7041Download Chart
HanniganCarol Gertrude, Mrs. 7352Download Chart
HanniganCharles ConradAntrim Co, MI, USA7352Download Chart
HanniganCharles DanielMinneapolis, MN, USA7352Download Chart
HanniganClairePhiladelphia, PA, USA7351Download Chart
HanniganClairePhiladelphia, PA, USA7352Download Chart
HanniganConstance Vera, Mrs. 7352Download Chart
HanniganDaniel FrancisBerkshire Co, MA, USA7352Download Chart
HanniganFrances, Mrs. 7352Download Chart
HanniganHugh Foy 7352Download Chart
HardingAnnie, Mrs.Ulster, Ireland5581Download Chart
HardingJamesDevonshire, England5581Download Chart
HardyAmelia, Mrs. 7351Download Chart
HardyLavinia Adlingtonprob England7351Download Chart
HardySamson 7351Download Chart
HarrimanLeonardYorkshire, England1192Download Chart
HarrimanMargaret, Mrs.England1192Download Chart
HarringtonCatherine 5431Download Chart
HarringtonCatherine 5434Download Chart
HarringtonCatherine 5436Download Chart
HarringtonDeborah, Mrs. 5434Download Chart
HarringtonDeborah, Mrs. 5436Download Chart
HarringtonJosephprob Kalamazoo Co, MI, USA5434Download Chart
HarringtonJosephprob Kalamazoo Co, MI, USA5436Download Chart
HarsonAgnes 11919Download Chart
HartMary 7431Download Chart
HarterCatherineLicking Co, OH, USA5871Download Chart
HarterElizabeth, Mrs. 5872Download Chart
HarterFrances 5871Download Chart
HarterGeorgeLicking Co, OH, USA5872Download Chart
HarterGeorgeRockingham Co, VA, USA5872Download Chart
HartwellCatherineVT (?)6432Download Chart
HartwellCatherineVT (?)6433Download Chart
HartwellDanielMiddlesex Co, MA, USA6433Download Chart
HartwellDeborah, Mrs. 6433Download Chart
HartwellJosephMiddlesex Co, MA, USA6433Download Chart
HartwellRuth, Mrs. 6433Download Chart
HartwellSarah 6432Download Chart
HartwellSarah 6433Download Chart
HartwellSarah, Mrs. 6433Download Chart
HartwellSarah, Mrs. 6433Download Chart
HartwellWilliam 6433Download Chart
HartwellWilliam 6433Download Chart
HarwoodElecy E.TN7375Download Chart
HarwoodElizabeth C., Mrs. 7375Download Chart
HarwoodFrancis M.TN7375Download Chart
HarwoodLucy S., Mrs. 7375Download Chart
HarwoodWilliam A. 7375Download Chart
HatchAbigail 6233Download Chart
HatchAlice/Elce, Mrs. 5873Download Chart
HatchArthur 5875Download Chart
HatchBenjaminBarnstable Co, MA, USA5873Download Chart
HatchBethia 5532Download Chart
HatchChloeLitchfield Co, CT, USA5872Download Chart
HatchEbenezerAlbany, NY, USA5872Download Chart
HatchEdwardFalmouth, MA, USA6233Download Chart
HatchGrace, Mrs. 5874Download Chart
HatchGrace, Mrs. 6233Download Chart
HatchJohn 5872Download Chart
HatchJonathanEngland5873Download Chart
HatchJonathanEngland5873Download Chart
HatchJonathanEngland6233Download Chart
HatchJonathanPlymouth colony6233Download Chart
HatchLydia, Mrs. 6233Download Chart
HatchLydia/Esther, Mrs. 5872Download Chart
HatchMargaret, Mrs. 5875Download Chart
HatchMariah, Mrs. 5872Download Chart
HatchMary, Mrs. 6231Download Chart
HatchMary, Mrs. 6233Download Chart
HatchMehatiblePlymouth colony6233Download Chart
HatchPriscillaFalmouth, MA, USA6231Download Chart
HatchRebecca, Mrs. 6233Download Chart
HatchSamuelBarnstable, MA, USA6233Download Chart
HatchSarah, Mrs. 5873Download Chart
HatchSarah, Mrs. 6233Download Chart
HatchThomasEngland5874Download Chart
HatchWait 6231Download Chart
HatchWait 6233Download Chart
HawleyAlbert ChaunceyNorfolk, CT, USA7551Download Chart
HawleyAlbert ChaunceyNorfolk, CT, USA7552Download Chart
HawleyAlma, Mrs. 7552Download Chart
HawleyCorinda M., Mrs. 7551Download Chart
HawleyCorinda M., Mrs. 7552Download Chart
HawleyCorrie GladysFennville, MI, USA7551Download Chart
HawleyCorrie GladysFennville, MI, USA7552Download Chart
HawleyElijah (twin) 7552Download Chart
HawleyElizabethEngland5874Download Chart
HawleyJesse 7552Download Chart
HayAgnesGovan, Lanark, Scotland5461Download Chart
HayAgnes 5461Download Chart
HayElsie Uncie DoraLondon, England7351Download Chart
HayJohnEdinburgh, Scotland7351Download Chart
HayLavinia Adlington, Mrs. 7351Download Chart
HayMary, Mrs. 5461Download Chart
HayRobertGlasgow, Scotland5461Download Chart
HayWilliam 5461Download Chart
HayesElizabethSouthhampton, England5461Download Chart
HayesMary, Mrs. 5461Download Chart
HayesSamuel 5461Download Chart
Heath/HealdSarahSpringfield, CT, USA5874Download Chart
HeatonEsther EvalineDetroit, MI, USA6661Download Chart
HeatonJosephDetroit, MI, USA6661Download Chart
HeatonMary, Mrs. 6661Download Chart
HegemanAdriaenFlatbush, NY, USA11938Download Chart
HegemanAntje, Mrs. 11937Download Chart
HegemanAntje, Mrs. 11938Download Chart
HegemanArntgen, Mrs. 11938Download Chart
HegemanArntgen, Mrs. 11939Download Chart
HegemanArntgen, Mrs. 11940Download Chart
HegemanCatrina, Mrs. 11937Download Chart
HegemanCatryna, Mrs. 11938Download Chart
HegemanElsgen, Mrs. 11939Download Chart
HegemanFemmetje, Mrs. 11938Download Chart
HegemanFransDutchess Co, NY, USA 11937Download Chart
HegemanFransDutchess Co, NY, USA11938Download Chart
HegemanFransDutchess Co, NY, USA11942Download Chart
HegemanHendrickDutchess Co, NY, USA11937Download Chart
HegemanHenricusGelderland, Netherlands11938Download Chart
HegemanJacobElburg, Netherlands11938Download Chart
HegemanJacobElburg, Netherlands11939Download Chart
HegemanJacobNetherlands11939Download Chart
HegemanJacobElburg, Netherlands11940Download Chart
HegemanJosephLong Island, NY, USA11938Download Chart
HegemanLambertNetherlands11939Download Chart
HendersonEllenHuron Co, MI, USA992Download Chart
HendrickDaniel Millard 7231Download Chart
HendrickDora, Mrs. 7231Download Chart
HendrickFloydIonia Co, MI, USA7231Download Chart
HendrickHazelSt Louis, MI, USA7231Download Chart
HendrickLucy, Mrs. 7231Download Chart
HenningerMary Magdalene 7101Download Chart
HenrettyCatherineIreland6041Download Chart
HerrmannElizabethOtsego, MI, USA7071Download Chart
HerrmannHenry 7071Download Chart
HerronAshbel H.Van Buren Co, MI, USA5434Download Chart
HerronAshbel H.Van Buren Co, MI, USA5435Download Chart
HerronJane AnnVan Buren Co, MI, USA5451Download Chart
HerseyVorilla SionaKent Co, MI, USA7041Download Chart
HessElizabetSussex Co, NJ, USA11945Download Chart
HessJerrimasNJ, USA11945Download Chart
HessSarahWarren Co, NJ, USA11945Download Chart
HettAnn, Mrs. 978Download Chart
HettAnn, Mrs. 978Download Chart
HettEliphaletMA, USA978Download Chart
HettHannahBoston, MA, USA978Download Chart
HettThomasCharleston, MA, USA978Download Chart
HibbardHannahFranklin Co, MA, USA5121Download Chart
HiblerMary 11937Download Chart
HiceDonald Howard 7071Download Chart
HiceMary Elizabeth, Mrs. 7071Download Chart
HiebnerAlbertine "Bertha"Macomb Co, MI, USA6511Download Chart
HigginsC 4001Download Chart
HillHugh ThomasMecosta Co, MI, USA6921Download Chart
HillHugh ThomasMecosta Co, MI, USA6922Download Chart
HillIva BellIsabella Co, MI, USA6921Download Chart
HillJohn Sr.Ontario, Canada6921Download Chart
HillMary 7431Download Chart
HillRosetta Adella, Mrs. 6921Download Chart
HillRosetta Adella, Mrs. 6922Download Chart
HillSarah, Mrs. 6921Download Chart
HillaAugusta P. 7551Download Chart
HiltonAnnaKalamazoo Co, MI, USA5434Download Chart
HiltonAnnaKalamazoo Co, MI, USA5436Download Chart
HinesmanBarnhartWood Co, OH, USA6391Download Chart
HinesmanBarnhartWood Co, OH, USA6392Download Chart
HinesmanCarrie BelleOakland Co, MI, USA6391Download Chart
HinesmanCarrie BelleOakland Co, MI, USA6392Download Chart
HinesmanEliza Ann, Mrs. 6391Download Chart
HinesmanEliza Ann, Mrs. 6392Download Chart
HinesmanJohn 6391Download Chart
HintonElizabethFranklin Co, KS, USA6031Download Chart
HintonElizabeth, Mrs. 6031Download Chart
HintonJamesBedford Co, PA, USA6031Download Chart
HitchcockMaryGenesee Co, NY, USA5111Download Chart
HoatsCharlesTuscola Co, MI, USA7101Download Chart
HoatsJacobColumbia Co, PA, USA7101Download Chart
HoatsMary C.Tuscola Co, MI, USA7101Download Chart
HoatsMary Hannah, Mrs. 7101Download Chart
HoatsMary Magdalene, Mrs. 7101Download Chart
HobbsAllenAllen Co, OH, USA6311Download Chart
HobbsAlma 1951Download Chart
HobbsElizabeth, Mrs. 6311Download Chart
HobbsEthel MaryGrant Co, IN, USA6311Download Chart
HobbsHarvey AllenWexford Co, MI, USA6311Download Chart
HobbsSabina, Mrs. 6311Download Chart
HodgettMary 1472Download Chart
HollandFrances, Mrs. 7375Download Chart
HollandJamesTN, USA7375Download Chart
HollandMagnola, Mrs. 7375Download Chart
HollandMecager M.Macon, TN, USA7375Download Chart
HollandNancy, Mrs. 7375Download Chart
HollandPearl H.Detroit, MI, USA7374Download Chart
HollandPearl H.Detroit, MI, USA7375Download Chart
HollandWilliam Buck 7375Download Chart
HollowayLydiaMA, USA5562Download Chart
HoltCaleb D.Steuben Co, NY, USA5111Download Chart
HoltHenry C.Steuben Co, NY, USA5111Download Chart
HoltLena MinervaGenesee Co, NY, USA5111Download Chart
HoltMary F., Mrs.Steuben Co, NY, USA5111Download Chart
HoltSally A., Mrs. 5111Download Chart
HolthusenAnna 5961Download Chart
HolthusenAnna 5961Download Chart
HoltsberryCatherine 5871Download Chart
HoltsberryCatherine, Mrs. 5871Download Chart
HoltsberryCatherine, Mrs.Licking Co, OH, USA5872Download Chart
HoltsberryCharles EdwinHillsdale Co, MI, USA5871Download Chart
HoltsberryEliz. Adeline, Mrs. 5871Download Chart
HoltsberryFrances, Mrs. 5871Download Chart
HoltsberryJamesLicking Co, OH, USA5871Download Chart
HoltsberryJamesOH, USA5871Download Chart
HoltsberryJohn EdwinHillsdale Co, MI, USA5871Download Chart
HoltsberryKaye CharleneDetroit, MI, USA5871Download Chart
HoltsberryLeroy BryanHillsdale Co, MI, USA5871Download Chart
HoltsberryLeta May, Mrs. 5871Download Chart
HoltsberryMartha E., Mrs. 5871Download Chart
HoltsberryMartha J., Mrs. 5871Download Chart
HoltsberryMildred June Leath 5871Download Chart
HoltsberryNicholasOH, USA5872Download Chart
HoltsberryOswinAdams Co, OH, USA5871Download Chart
HoltsberryRichardLicking Co, OH, USA5871Download Chart
HolycrossLauraine, Mrs. 7041Download Chart
HolycrossMerlin Ray 7041Download Chart
HolzerFrancisMuncie, IN, USA7091Download Chart
HolzerMary, Mrs. 7091Download Chart
HolzerMatthiasMuncie, IN, USA7091Download Chart
HooverMary Ann 4001Download Chart
HornChristian 3029Download Chart
HornJohann Karl FriedrichSaginaw Co, MI, USA3029Download Chart
HornMaria, Mrs. 3029Download Chart
HornMaria, Mrs. 3029Download Chart
HornWilhelmina Carolina DorotheaSaginaw Co, MI, USA3021Download Chart
HornWilhelmina Carolina DorotheaSaginaw Co, MI, USA3028Download Chart
HornWilhelmina Carolina DorotheaSaginaw Co, MI, USA3029Download Chart
HorneJohn 11918Download Chart
HorneMargaret, Mrs. 11918Download Chart
HorneMargery, Mrs. 11918Download Chart
HorneMatildaWarwickshire, England11918Download Chart
HorneReginaldPickesley, England11918Download Chart
HortonAbigail, Mrs. 1962Download Chart
HortonAmy Marie 6651Download Chart
HortonBarnabasLong Island, NY, USA1962Download Chart
HortonBarnabas 1962Download Chart
HortonBetsyOakland Co, MI, USA6131Download Chart
HortonCalebLong Island, NY, USA1962Download Chart
HortonMary, Mrs. 1962Download Chart
HortonPenelopeRoxbury, NJ, USA1961Download Chart
HortonPenelopeRoxbury, NJ, USA1962Download Chart
HortonSarah, Mrs. 1962Download Chart
HoskinsMabel 7232Download Chart
Hosmer/WebberRuth 6433Download Chart
HostenyJoanna Louisa, Mrs. 6491Download Chart
HostenyJoseph NeviChicago, IL, USA6491Download Chart
HostenyMary J.Chicago, IL, USA6491Download Chart
HotchinsAnn 5871Download Chart
HoughtenCatherine A., Mrs. 7001Download Chart
HoughtenElmerMacomb Co, MI, USA7001Download Chart
HoughtenGrace, Mrs. 7001Download Chart
HoughtenJohn Gyles 7001Download Chart
HoughtenLillian MarieUtica, Macomb Co, USA7001Download Chart
HoughtenMargaret, Mrs. 7001Download Chart
HoughtenMatthew ThomasMacomb Co, MI, USA7001Download Chart
HowardCharles MichaelGreenup, KY, USA4151Download Chart
HowardMichael 4151Download Chart
HowardThomasGalina, OH, USA4151Download Chart
HoweAndrewSaginaw Co, MI, USA5751Download Chart
HoweCharles E.Clinton Co, MI, USA5751Download Chart
HoweDerick 5871Download Chart
HoweFrancis Jane, Mrs. 5751Download Chart
HoweJenny, Mrs. 5751Download Chart
HoweLabias 5871Download Chart
HoweMina BelleSaginaw Co, MI, USA5751Download Chart
HoweSarah 5871Download Chart
HoweSarah AnnCalhoun Co, MI, USA5871Download Chart
HuchisonChristena 30210Download Chart
HuckinsMaryMA, USA5532Download Chart
HudsonHarrietGenesee Co, NY, USA5111Download Chart
HudsonJoshua S.NY, USA5111Download Chart
HudsonSarah, Mrs. 5111Download Chart
HuighenMary 5821Download Chart
HullettElvira, Mrs. 5541Download Chart
HullettEunice, Mrs. 5541Download Chart
HullettLenaWayne Co, MI, USA5541Download Chart
HullettNewton PaulMacomb Co, MI, USA5541Download Chart
HullettOratus 5541Download Chart
HuntAugustineOrange Co, NY, USA5562Download Chart
HuntElizabeth, Mrs. 5562Download Chart
HuntLydia, Mrs. 5562Download Chart
HuntMerianLucerne Co, PA, USA5562Download Chart
HuntSabrina 5562Download Chart
HuntThomas III 5562Download Chart
HuntoonAnne, Mrs. 1198Download Chart
HuntoonBetsey, Mrs. 1199Download Chart
HuntoonJohnRockingham Co, NH, USA1198Download Chart
HuntoonJohnRockingham Co, NH, USA1199Download Chart
HuntoonMary, Mrs. 1198Download Chart
HuntoonMary, Mrs. 1199Download Chart
HuntoonNathanielCheshire or Sullivan Co, NH, USA1198Download Chart
HuntoonPhilipRockingham Co, NH, USA1199Download Chart
HuntoonSarahCheshire Co, NH, USA1198Download Chart
HurteauDelia 5821Download Chart
HutchingsAnne, Mrs. 6443Download Chart
HutchingsJames 6443Download Chart
HutchingsJohnDevon, England6441Download Chart
HutchingsJohnDevon, England6443Download Chart
HutchingsJulia R.Oakland Co, MI, USA6441Download Chart
HutchingsJulia R.Oakland Co, MI, USA6443Download Chart
HutchingsLouisa, Mrs. 6443Download Chart
HutchingsSaneze, Mrs. 6441Download Chart
HutchinsElizabeth 5875Download Chart
IkelsGeorge HenryGermany5961Download Chart
IkelsHelene, Mrs. 5961Download Chart
IkelsHenry GeorgeElsfleth, Germany5961Download Chart
IkelsHenry GeorgeElsfleth, Germany5961Download Chart
IkelsMeta Adeline, Mrs. 5961Download Chart
IrishAugustOntario, Canada5842Download Chart
IrishElizabeth JaneBoyne City, MI, USA5842Download Chart
IrishJohn 5842Download Chart
IrishMargaret, Mrs. 5842Download Chart
IrishMargaret, Mrs. 5842Download Chart
JacquayJonathanVolina, MI, USA2701Download Chart
JacquayKatherineLawton, MI, USA2701Download Chart
JacquayMary, Mrs. 2701Download Chart
JagerElizabeth 5533Download Chart
JandovaRosinaKleinbosig, Bohemia6491Download Chart
Jansen--Antwerp, Belgium1195Download Chart
JansenAbraham/AndrewNetherlands/Belgium1194Download Chart
JansenAndrewFrance11938Download Chart
JansenBrickje, Mrs. 1194Download Chart
JansenBrickje, Mrs. 1195Download Chart
JansenMrs. 11938Download Chart
JansenVictor AntoineAntwerp, Belgium1195Download Chart
JansenVictor Honorus 1194Download Chart
JansenVictor Honorus 1195Download Chart
Janssen-- 5515Download Chart
JanssenAbram 5515Download Chart
JasperMargaretheGermany6521Download Chart
JensAnnaViborg, Denmark5533Download Chart
JensBirtheViborg, Denmark5533Download Chart
JohnKatherineSuffolk Co, England5113Download Chart
JohnKatherineSuffolk Co, England5114Download Chart
JohnsonAnnCo. York, England973Download Chart
JohnsonElizabeth, Mrs.York, England973Download Chart
JohnsonEva, Mrs. 4361Download Chart
JohnsonGeorgeCo. York, England973Download Chart
JohnsonHenry 4361Download Chart
JohnsonLillian BelleBirch Run, MI, USA4361Download Chart
JonesBenjaminPA, USA6041Download Chart
JonesEmily S.Philadelphia, PA, USA6041Download Chart
JonesMary, Mrs.PA, USA6041Download Chart
JorgansenJensLund, Denmark5533Download Chart
JorgansenMaren, Mrs. 5533Download Chart
JosefickAnna Fridrich 5961Download Chart
JosefickAnna Fridrich 5961Download Chart
JuddHyrum 7281Download Chart
JuddLisania, Mrs. 7281Download Chart
KaceMaryMecosta Co, MI, USA6921Download Chart
KadlecMary, Mrs. 7091Download Chart
KadlecVaclavBraidwood, IL7091Download Chart
KalecEdward L.Genesee Co, MI, USA7091Download Chart
KalecEdward L.Genesee Co, MI, USA7101Download Chart
KalecGarnet L., Mrs. 7091Download Chart
KalecMarguerite, Mrs. 7101Download Chart
KaneCatherine 6391Download Chart
KarnoppAnna Sophia, Mrs. 6234Download Chart
KarnoppEsther May 6231Download Chart
KarnoppEsther May 6234Download Chart
KarnoppMary Ann, Mrs. 6234Download Chart
KarnoppWilhelm Gustav FrederickPommerania, Germany6234Download Chart
KarnoppWilliam JohnPommerania, Germany6234Download Chart
KasaCatherine MarieWayne Co, MI, USA6561Download Chart
KasaFrankEdgar, Hungary6561Download Chart
KasaMary Agnes, Mrs. 6561Download Chart
KasaRose, Mrs. 6561Download Chart
KearneyAnnaNJ, USA5538Download Chart
KeatingAnna 5538Download Chart
KeatingAudrey Amalia, Mrs. 5538Download Chart
KeatingAugusta M., Mrs. 5538Download Chart
KeatingJohnIreland5538Download Chart
KeatingJohn JosephEssex Co, NJ, USA5538Download Chart
KeatingJohn JosephEssex Co, NJ, USA5538Download Chart
KeatingJohn JosephEssex Co, NJ, USA5538Download Chart
KeatingMary Ann, Mrs. 5538Download Chart
KeatingMichael A.Essex Co, NJ, USA5538Download Chart
KeatingNorma Anne, Mrs. 5538Download Chart
KeeneMargaretWarwickshire, England11919Download Chart
KeeneThomasWarwickshire, England11919Download Chart
KelleyAsa LorenOakland Co, MI, USA6651Download Chart
KelleyJohn 6651Download Chart
KelleyLouisa, Mrs. 6651Download Chart
KelleyLydiaOakland Co, MI, USA6651Download Chart
Kellogg  6923Download Chart
KelloggAbigail 6924Download Chart
KelloggAbigail 6925Download Chart
KelloggAbigail 6925Download Chart
KelloggAlice Coburn, Mrs. 6923Download Chart
KelloggAlice Coburn, Mrs. 6924Download Chart
KelloggDea. PhineasBrookfield, VT, USA6924Download Chart
KelloggDea. PhineasBrookfield, VT, USA6925Download Chart
KelloggEbenezer SnowHanover, NH, USA6924Download Chart
KelloggFlorence, Mrs. 6926Download Chart
KelloggFlorence, Mrs. 6927Download Chart
KelloggHarriet, Mrs. 6924Download Chart
KelloggHelen Evelina, Mrs. 6923Download Chart
KelloggJabezHanover, NH, USA6924Download Chart
KelloggJabezHanover, NH, USA6925Download Chart
KelloggJemina, Mrs. 6924Download Chart
KelloggJemina, Mrs. 6925Download Chart
KelloggJoanna, Mrs. 6925Download Chart
KelloggJoanna, Mrs. 6926Download Chart
KelloggJohnFarmington, CT, USA6925Download Chart
KelloggJosephGreat Leighs, England6925Download Chart
KelloggJosephHadley, MA, USA6925Download Chart
KelloggJosephHadley, MA, USA6926Download Chart
KelloggJulius P.Oakland Co, MI, USA6923Download Chart
KelloggJulius P.Oakland Co, MI, USA6924Download Chart
KelloggLewis HerbertBerkley, Oakland Co, MI, USA6923Download Chart
KelloggLewis MorrisOakland Co, MI, USA6923Download Chart
KelloggMartinBraintree, MA, USA6926Download Chart
KelloggMerlene Lou 6921Download Chart
KelloggMerlene Lou 6923Download Chart
KelloggMuriel Grace, Mrs. 6923Download Chart
KelloggNicholasEssex, England6926Download Chart
KelloggNicholasEssex, England6927Download Chart
KelloggPhillippeEssex, England6926Download Chart
KelloggPrudence, Mrs. 6926Download Chart
KelloggRoxanna, Mrs. 6924Download Chart
KelloggSarah, Mrs. 6531Download Chart
KelloggSarah, Mrs. 6925Download Chart
KelloggThomasEssex Co6926Download Chart
KelloggTruman PerrinAlgiers, LA, USA6923Download Chart
KelloggTruman PerrinAlgiers, LA, USA6924Download Chart
KellyAmosHopkinton, NH, USA6531Download Chart
KellyHenry LawrenceWaverly, IA, USA6531Download Chart
KellyPhebe Maria, Mrs. 6531Download Chart
KemberJoannaSalisbury, MA, USA11929Download Chart
KemberJoannaSalisbury, MA, USA11930Download Chart
KemberJoannaSalisbury, MA, USA11931Download Chart
KemberRobertDevonshire, England11931Download Chart
KemborFlorenceE Pittsburg, PA, USA6391Download Chart
KemborPeter/PetrasDetroit, MI, USA6391Download Chart
KemborUrsula, Mrs. 6391Download Chart
KendallDavid A.Kent Co, MI, USA7041Download Chart
KendallDavid W.Humboldt Co, CA, USA7041Download Chart
KendallJennett, Mrs. 7041Download Chart
KendallJohn 7041Download Chart
KendallLauraine RuthLivingston Co, MI, USA7041Download Chart
KendallLorenda, Mrs. 7041Download Chart
KendallOpces VictorElkhart Co, IN, USA7041Download Chart
KendallRuby Elizabeth, Mrs. 7041Download Chart
KendallVorilla Siona, Mrs. 7041Download Chart
KennedyAnne, Mrs. 7351Download Chart
KennedyDoris ElaineGrand Traverse Co, MI, USA7351Download Chart
KennedyElsie Unice Dora, Mrs. 7351Download Chart
KennedyGeorge 7351Download Chart
KennedyGeorge EdwardGrand Traverse Co, MI, USA7351Download Chart
KennedyRollena Knox, Mrs. 7351Download Chart
KennedyWilliamLondon, Ontario7351Download Chart
KentElizabethBroome Co, NY, USA6311Download Chart
KernFrancis, Mrs. 7091Download Chart
KernJacobGermany7091Download Chart
KernJames PA, USA4151Download Chart
KernKatrina, Mrs. 7091Download Chart
KernMaryMuncie, IN, USA7091Download Chart
KernNancy EllenBeaver, OH, USA4151Download Chart
KernPeter 4151Download Chart
KernWilliamMuncie, IN, USA7091Download Chart
KeysRuth Ann 4151Download Chart
KeyserCatharine E., Mrs.Pendleton, NY, USA6512Download Chart
KeyserCoonradGermany6512Download Chart
KeyserCoonradOakland Co, USA6512Download Chart
KeyserMary, Mrs. 6512Download Chart
KimberauskasJonas 6391Download Chart
KimberauskasPranciska, Mrs. 6391Download Chart
KingCatharine 1961Download Chart
KingDorothy, Mrs. 1961Download Chart
KingJoelMacomb Co, MI, USA7491Download Chart
KingMary AnnMontmorency Co, MI, USA7491Download Chart
KingMary, Mrs.PA, USA7491Download Chart
KingWmSouthold, Long Island, NY, USA1961Download Chart
KingsburyAimeeEssex Co, MA, USA11910Download Chart
KingsburyHenryBoston, MA, USA11910Download Chart
KingsburyMargaret, Mrs.Boston, MA, USA11910Download Chart
KirbyLeotaIonia Co, MI, USA6521Download Chart
KloseArnst/Ernest 692Download Chart
KloseCatharina Barbara, Mrs. 692Download Chart
KnickerbockerEmelina 6132Download Chart
KnightBridgetGloucester, MA, USA977Download Chart
KnightElizabeth, Mrs.Boston, MA, USA977Download Chart
KnightWalterprob Boston, MA, USA977Download Chart
KnoxJane, Mrs. 6651Download Chart
KnoxMargaret 7351Download Chart
KnoxMary J.Oakland Co, MI, USA6651Download Chart
KnoxWalterOakland Co, MI, USA6651Download Chart
KoehlerMargaret Freidricke IdaSaginaw Co, MI, USA3021Download Chart
KollerCarl 3028Download Chart
KollerGeorge Christopher JacobSaginaw Co, MI, USA3021Download Chart
KollerGeorge Christopher JacobSaginaw Co, MI, USA3028Download Chart
KollerGeorge Christopher JacobSaginaw Co, MI, USA3029Download Chart
KollerWilhelmina, Mrs. 3021Download Chart
KollerWilhelmina, Mrs. 3028Download Chart
KollerWilhelmina, Mrs. 3029Download Chart
KondrotaitePranciska 6391Download Chart
KosiekMieczyslawStruthers, OH, USA7374Download Chart
KosiekNorma J., Mrs. 7374Download Chart
KosiekSharonDetroit, MI, USA7374Download Chart
KosiekSharonDetroit, MI, USA7375Download Chart
KourilMaryBraidwood, IL, USA7091Download Chart
KrchovAnastazia, Mrs. 5961Download Chart
KrchovJohn 5961Download Chart
KrchovJohn 5961Download Chart
KrchovKatherine MaryBohemia5961Download Chart
KrchovKatherine MarySeattle, King Co, WA, USA5961Download Chart
KrejciMary 5961Download Chart
KrejciMary 5961Download Chart
KremerChristiana S.Philadelphia, PA, USA5411Download Chart
KrenzChristopherGermany5533Download Chart
KrenzElizabeth, Mrs. 5533Download Chart
KrenzErnestineChicago, IL, USA5533Download Chart
KuhnCharles L.Mt Pleasant, PA, USA7376Download Chart
KuhnElizabeth, Mrs. 7376Download Chart
KuhnJacquelinePittsburgh, PA, USA7374Download Chart
KuhnJacquelinePittsburgh, PA, USA7376Download Chart
KuhnJames P.Mt Pleasant, PA, USA7376Download Chart
KuhnMary J., Mrs. 7376Download Chart
KuhnRobert C.Pittsburgh, PA, USA7374Download Chart
KuhnRobert C.Pittsburgh, PA, USA7376Download Chart
KuhnRobert C.Pittsburgh, PA, USA7377Download Chart
KuhnRoy WilkinsAlexandria, VA, USA7376Download Chart
KuhnRuth, Mrs. 7374Download Chart
KuhnRuth, Mrs. 7376Download Chart
KuhnRuth, Mrs. 7377Download Chart
KunckelAndreas 692Download Chart
KunckelAnna 692Download Chart
KuyterLeentje Martens 11943Download Chart
KyngAliceSuffolk, England11911Download Chart
KyngAlice, Mrs. 11911Download Chart
KyngRobertSuffolk, England11911Download Chart
KyserBertha Viola, Mrs. 6511Download Chart
KyserCaroline, Mrs. 6511Download Chart
KyserDecatur PhiletusOakland Co, MI, USA6511Download Chart
KyserDecatur PhiletusOakland Co, MI, USA6512Download Chart
KyserHarriet FrancisDetroit, MI, USA6511Download Chart
KyserHarry DecaturOakland Co, MI, USA6511Download Chart
KyserPhiletusOakland Co, MI, USA6511Download Chart
KyserPhiletusOakland Co, MI, USA6512Download Chart
KyserSarah, Mrs. 6511Download Chart
KyserSarah, Mrs. 6512Download Chart
La FaveAlfredMarquette, MI, USA6661Download Chart
La FaveDarlene MaeOgemaw Co, MI, USA6661Download Chart
La FaveEdna Marie, Mrs. 6661Download Chart
La FaveJenny, Mrs. 6661Download Chart
La FavePete 6661Download Chart
LacailleMagdeleneDetroit, MI, USA5693Download Chart
LadendorfdBlancheDetroit, Wayne, MI, USA4151Download Chart
LaForestCatherine, Mrs. 5691Download Chart
LaForestFabian 5691Download Chart
LaForestMargaretMacomb Co, MI, USA5691Download Chart
LahrAnna Mae, Mrs. 6391Download Chart
LahrAnna Mae, Mrs. 6392Download Chart
LahrEliza AnnHenry Co, OH, USA6391Download Chart
LahrEliza AnnHenry Co, OH, USA6392Download Chart
LahrMichaelHenry Co, OH, USA6391Download Chart
LahrMichaelHenry Co, OH, USA6392Download Chart
LaingEdith, Mrs. 3871Download Chart
LaingHannah, Mrs. 3871Download Chart
LaingHarrietFlathead Co, MT, USA3871Download Chart
LaingJane, Mrs. 3871Download Chart
LaingJohnNJ, USA3871Download Chart
LaingJohnSussex Co, NJ, USA3871Download Chart
LaingMrs. 3871Download Chart
LaingSamuelSussex Co, NJ, USA3871Download Chart
LaingWilliamNJ, USA3871Download Chart
LambertMelissa Elmira, Mrs. 5541Download Chart
LambertWilliam DelanceDanby, MI, USA5541Download Chart
Lamy/LamiCatherineMacomb Co, MI, USA5691Download Chart
LancasterAgnes 7371Download Chart
LancasterAlfred V.Harper Woods, MI, USA7371Download Chart
LancasterAlfred V.Harper Woods, MI, USA7372Download Chart
LancasterAlfred V.Harper Woods, MI, USA7374Download Chart
LancasterAnn, Mrs. 7371Download Chart
LancasterBeatrice, Mrs. 7371Download Chart
LancasterChristine 7373Download Chart
LancasterDavid J.Detroit, MI, USA7374Download Chart
LancasterDorothy, Mrs. 7371Download Chart
LancasterDorothy, Mrs. 7372Download Chart
LancasterDorothy, Mrs. 7374Download Chart
LancasterEdward W.Addingham, England7371Download Chart
LancasterElizabeth, Mrs. 7371Download Chart
LancasterJacqueline L., Mrs. 7374Download Chart
LancasterJenniferDetroit, MI, USA7374Download Chart
LancasterJohnDetroit, MI, USA7371Download Chart
LancasterMary AnnDetroit, MI, USA7371Download Chart
LancasterThomasDetroit, MI, USA7371Download Chart
LancasterThomasManningham, England7371Download Chart
LaneJonMA, USA972Download Chart
LaneMary, Mrs. 972Download Chart
LaneSarahGloucester, MA, USA972Download Chart
LangdonMary 1962Download Chart
LarabeeDanielNY, USA7361Download Chart
LarabeeElsie, Mrs. 7361Download Chart
LarabeeEmmaTuscola Co, MI, USA7361Download Chart
LargeElizabethWarren Co, NJ, USA3871Download Chart
LarrisonMary J.Mt Pleasant, PA, USA7376Download Chart
Larzalere/LazelierAlice/Elce, Mrs. 6432Download Chart
Larzalere/LazelierEstherNY (?), USA6432Download Chart
Larzalere/LazelierJacob 6432Download Chart
LatimerAnn 5873Download Chart
LatimerJohn 5873Download Chart
LatimerMary, Mrs. 5873Download Chart
LaurenNeeltjien 5514Download Chart
LaVeckHannahCanada7221Download Chart
LaVeckThomasEngland7221Download Chart
LaveryMargaretBelfast, Ireland5432Download Chart
LawrenceDavid 11936Download Chart
LawrenceJoane 11923Download Chart
LawrenceJoane 11926Download Chart
LawrenceMargaretEngland5874Download Chart
LawrenceMary, Mrs. 11936Download Chart
LawrencePhebeRockingham Co, NH, USA11936Download Chart
LawsonHannah 6231Download Chart
LechnerAnna Katherine, Mrs. 6221Download Chart
LechnerJohann PaulBavaria6221Download Chart
LechnerJohn HenryShiawassee Co, MI, USA6221Download Chart
LechnerMaria Margarethe, Mrs. 6221Download Chart
LechnerViolet Gertrude Marg.Detroit, MI, USA6221Download Chart
LeeBenjamin FPA, USA7101Download Chart
LeeEffie AFlushing, MI, USA7101Download Chart
LeeMary 5461Download Chart
LeeVianna C, Mrs. 7101Download Chart
Leeke/LeakeAlice 6432Download Chart
LegateJoan, Mrs. 11927Download Chart
LegateMaryEssex, England11927Download Chart
LegateRichard 11927Download Chart
LeiteltWilhelminaKrutzau, Austria5431Download Chart
LeonardAsenath, Mrs. 5121Download Chart
LeonardJohnEngland5874Download Chart
LeonardMaryHampden Co, MA5873Download Chart
LeonardMoses HFranklin Co, MA, USA5121Download Chart
LeonardRoxanna BFranklin Co, MA, USA5121Download Chart
LeonardSarah, Mrs. 5874Download Chart
LesterMahala Manly 7491Download Chart
LeversedgeApolynSomersetshire, England11921Download Chart
LeversedgeEdmundSomersetshire, England11921Download Chart
LewisGrace 5874Download Chart
LewisMary 6231Download Chart
LewisMary 6233Download Chart
LightCecelia 5875Download Chart
LingemannTheresia, Mrs. 7372Download Chart
LingemannWalda EDetroit, MI, USA7372Download Chart
LingermannElizabeth, Mrs. 7372Download Chart
LingermannFrances, Mrs. 7372Download Chart
LingermannFrank AGleidorf, Germany7372Download Chart
LingermannFredrickGleidorf, Germany7372Download Chart
LingermannJohannGleidorf, Germany7372Download Chart
LinnhoffElizabeth S K, Mrs. 7372Download Chart
LinnhoffJohannAltenilpe, Germany7372Download Chart
LinnhoffTheresiaAltenilpe, Germany7372Download Chart
LloydMaude 11934Download Chart
LloydMorgan 11934Download Chart
LockeAnn Jane 5461Download Chart
Loedwick Antwerp, Belgium11938Download Chart
LolleMrs. 11921Download Chart
LolleThomasWarwickshire, England11921Download Chart
LoomisAaronTarrington, CT, USA7232Download Chart
LoomisDeborah, Mrs. 7232Download Chart
LoomisDorcas 7232Download Chart
LoomisGrace, Mrs. 7232Download Chart
LoomisMabel, Mrs. 7232Download Chart
LoomisStephenHartford Co, CT, USA7232Download Chart
LoomisStephenWindsor, CT, USA7232Download Chart
Lorison PA, USA7376Download Chart
LorisonHannah, Mrs. 7376Download Chart
LoveRobert JrKent Co, RI, USA4191Download Chart
LoveRobert SgtKent Co, RI, USA4191Download Chart
LoveSamuel DelosCylon, WI, USA4191Download Chart
LoveSamuel DelosCylon, WI, USA4192Download Chart
LoveSarah, Mrs. 4191Download Chart
LoveSarah, Mrs. 4191Download Chart
LoveSarah, Mrs. 4192Download Chart
LoveSusanna, Mrs. 4191Download Chart
LowleApolyn, Mrs. 11921Download Chart
LowleElizabeth, Mrs. 11917Download Chart
LowleElizabeth, Mrs. 11921Download Chart
LowleJohnSomersetshire, England11921Download Chart
LowleJohnSomersetshire, England11921Download Chart
LowleRichardSomersetshire, England11917Download Chart
LowleRichardSomersetshire, England11921Download Chart
LowleRichard 11921Download Chart
LowrieAnn, Mrs. 6651Download Chart
LowrieCatherine, Mrs. 6651Download Chart
LowrieEttaOakland Co, MI, USA6651Download Chart
LowrieJamesOakland Co, MI, USA6651Download Chart
LowrieJohn Maj 6651Download Chart
LowrieMary J, Mrs. 6651Download Chart
LowrieWilliamGlasgow, Scotland6651Download Chart
LowryJaneNY, USA5562Download Chart
LowryJohnIreland5562Download Chart
LowrySabrina, Mrs. 5562Download Chart
LuffeyBartholmessReiffelbach, Kusel, Germany7377Download Chart
LuffeyCatharina, Mrs. 7377Download Chart
LuffeyElizabeth S K, Mrs. 7377Download Chart
LuffeyHarry JacobPittsburgh, PA, USA7377Download Chart
LuffeyJacobPittsburgh, PA, USA7377Download Chart
LuffeyMary, Mrs. 7377Download Chart
LuffeyRuth MPittsburgh, PA, USA7374Download Chart
LuffeyRuth MPittsburgh, PA, USA7376Download Chart
LuffeyRuth MPittsburgh, PA, USA7377Download Chart
LuffyAnna E, Mrs. 7377Download Chart
LuffyBartholomeusReiffelbach, Germany7377Download Chart
LuffyElizebetha, Mrs. 7377Download Chart
LuffyNicolaiHilscheid, Germany7377Download Chart
LuffyPeterRehborn, Germany7377Download Chart
LufkineAnne, Mrs. 11912Download Chart
LufkineChristina, Mrs. 11910Download Chart
LufkineChristina, Mrs. 11912Download Chart
LufkineChristina, Mrs. 11913Download Chart
LufkineJaneSuffolk, England11910Download Chart
LufkineRobertSuffolk, England11910Download Chart
LufkineRobertSuffolk, England11912Download Chart
LufkineRobertSuffolk, England11912Download Chart
LufkineRobertSuffolk, England11913Download Chart
Lunam Berwick Co, Scotland3403Download Chart
LunamAnn, Mrs. 3402Download Chart
LunamAnn, Mrs. 3403Download Chart
LunamDavidQuiswood, Scotland3402Download Chart
LunamDavid 3403Download Chart
LunamElizabeth, Mrs.Berwick, Scotland3403Download Chart
LundMaren MouritzenViborg, Denmark5533Download Chart
LundyEdithNJ, USA3871Download Chart
LundyElizabeth, Mrs. 3871Download Chart
LundyRichardBucks Co, PA, USA3871Download Chart
LundySamuel IBucks Co, PA, USA3871Download Chart
LundySarah, Mrs. 3871Download Chart
LupzFlorence 7373Download Chart
LynhamJane, Mrs. 6431Download Chart
LynhamSarah EsdaleIreland6431Download Chart
LynhamWilliam 6431Download Chart
LyonElizabeth 5536Download Chart
LyonJohnCaswell Co, NC, USA5536Download Chart
LytleMina Belle, Mrs. 5751Download Chart
LytleWardSaginaw Co, MI, USA5751Download Chart
MacCauslandElizabeth, Mrs. 5211Download Chart
MacCauslandFlora I, Mrs. 5211Download Chart
MacCauslandGillian, Mrs. 5211Download Chart
MacCauslandMarian, Mrs. 5211Download Chart
MacCauslandMary Jane, Mrs. 5211Download Chart
MacCauslandMurray DPrince Edward Island5211Download Chart
MacCauslandMurray LWoodstock, Ontario, Canada5211Download Chart
MacCauslandSamuel IIreland5211Download Chart
MacCauslandSamuel IIPrince Edward Island5211Download Chart
MacCauslandVernonAlbertson, Prince Edward Island5211Download Chart
MacKayPeggy 5211Download Chart
MacKenzie--Scotland6532Download Chart
MacKenzieElizabethPrince Edward Island6532Download Chart
MacKenzieMary, Mrs. 6532Download Chart
MadiganHannah 6501Download Chart
MaglockJosefa 7071Download Chart
MaierGenovevo, Mrs. 7372Download Chart
MaierJohannesSteisslingen, Germany7372Download Chart
MaierKatharine 7372Download Chart
MaierTheresaMI, USA7372Download Chart
MaisonAlice A, Mrs. 5691Download Chart
MaisonCecelia, Mrs. 5691Download Chart
MaisonElizabeth Alice, Mrs. 5691Download Chart
MaisonFrancis XavierMacomb Co, MI, USA5691Download Chart
MaisonJamesMacomb Co, MI, USA5691Download Chart
MaisonJoseph LaurenceGrand Traverse Co, MI, USA5691Download Chart
MaisonLorelei FlorenceMacomb Co, MI, USA5691Download Chart
MaisonNicholas 5691Download Chart
MaisonRose, Mrs. 5691Download Chart
MallerMargaret 5875Download Chart
MapesFrancis 1962Download Chart
MapesJohnLong Island, NY, USA1962Download Chart
MapesMartha, Mrs.Long Island, NY, USA1962Download Chart
MapesMaryLong Island, NY, USA1962Download Chart
MarentetteDominic DanielEssex Co, Ontario, Canada7351Download Chart
MarentetteDoris Elaine, Mrs. 7351Download Chart
MarentetteJack-EdwardOakland Co, MI, USA7351Download Chart
MarentetteJack-EdwardOakland Co, MI, USA7352Download Chart
MarentetteMary, Mrs. 7351Download Chart
MarentetteMilton Abel 7351Download Chart
MarentettePhilomene, Mrs. 7351Download Chart
MarentetteRemie Israelprob Detroit, MI, USA7351Download Chart
MargitisCathrynaFlarbush, NY, USA11938Download Chart
MargitsAnna, Mrs.Netherlands11938Download Chart
MargitsJosephLondon, England11938Download Chart
MarianMaria 7373Download Chart
MarionMariaWarren, Macomb Co, USA7373Download Chart
MarkarianCharlene Gail, Mrs. 7361Download Chart
MarkarianJackDearborn, MI, USA7361Download Chart
MarshCatherine, Mrs.Bradford, England7371Download Chart
MarshElizabethBradford, England7371Download Chart
MarshRobertIreland7371Download Chart
MartinBridgett, Mrs.Detroit, MI, USA7361Download Chart
MartinCeceliaDetroit, MI, USA7361Download Chart
MartinJamesDublin, Ireland7361Download Chart
MartinMargaretHocking Co, OH, USA6311Download Chart
MartinMaryIreland694Download Chart
MasonElizaVA, USA5537Download Chart
MasonMargaretEngland6923Download Chart
MasonMary 6232Download Chart
MassonDelia, Mrs. 5821Download Chart
MassonEva MaeLos Angeles Co, CA, USA5821Download Chart
MassonJohn 5821Download Chart
MatherlyAnn Gertrude, Mrs. 5061Download Chart
MatherlySarah E, Mrs. 5061Download Chart
MatherlyWm HenryWinona, MS, USA5061Download Chart
MatherlyWm Jefferson 5061Download Chart
MattClarissaMacomb Co, MI, USA5691Download Chart
MattClarissaMacomb Co, MI, USA5693Download Chart
MatternAnna Margaret 5872Download Chart
MatternMaria Catherine, Mrs. 5872Download Chart
MatternPeter 5872Download Chart
MattesonFrancisRutland Co, VT, USA7021Download Chart
MattesonJohn 7021Download Chart
MattesonMary, Mrs. 7021Download Chart
MattesonMary, Mrs. 7021Download Chart
MattesonRhodaRutland Co, VT, USA7021Download Chart
MatthewsMartha, Mrs. 6671Download Chart
MatthewsViola RaeMD, USA6671Download Chart
MatthewsWalter 6671Download Chart
MayerMagdalena 7372Download Chart
Mayhouse--Cornwall, England11921Download Chart
McCarthyCecelia AgnesUnion Co, NJ, USA2721Download Chart
McCarthyDonald MerridithKent Co, MI, USA5431Download Chart
McCarthyDonald MerridithKent Co, MI, USA5433Download Chart
McCarthyDorothy Anna, Mrs. 5431Download Chart
McCarthyDorothy Anna, Mrs. 5433Download Chart
McCarthyDorothy Anna, Mrs. 5434Download Chart
McCarthyEdith L, Mrs. 5433Download Chart
McCarthyGerald DonaldKent Co, MI, USA5433Download Chart
McCarthyHannah, Mrs. 2721Download Chart
McCarthyHarold LeRoyKent Co, MI, USA5431Download Chart
McCarthyHarold LeRoyKent Co, MI, USA5432Download Chart
McCarthyHerold LeRoyKent Co, MI, USA5433Download Chart
McCarthyJean MarieKent Co, MI, USA5433Download Chart
McCarthyJulia Anna, Mrs. 5431Download Chart
McCarthyJulia Anna, Mrs. 5433Download Chart
McCarthyKenneth NormanKent Co, MI, USA5433Download Chart
McCarthyMargaret Jeanne, Mrs. 5431Download Chart
McCarthyMargaret Jeanne, Mrs. 5432Download Chart
McCarthyMargaret Jeanne, Mrs. 5433Download Chart
McCarthyMargaret, Mrs. 5431Download Chart
McCarthyMichael CLimerick, Co. Cork, Ireland5431Download Chart
McCarthyMichael ClarenceDennison Co, MI, USA5431Download Chart
McCarthyMichael ClarenceDennison Co, MI, USA5433Download Chart
McCarthyPatrick JIreland2721Download Chart
McCarthyPatrick JUnion Co, NJ, USA2721Download Chart
McCarthyShirley A, Mrs. 5433Download Chart
McCarthySusan, Mrs. 2721Download Chart
McClellandAnnie, Mrs. 5461Download Chart
McClellandArthurOakland Co, MI, USA5461Download Chart
McClellandArthur 5461Download Chart
McClellandBarbara 5461Download Chart
McClellandElvin LysleOakland Co, MI, USA5461Download Chart
McClellandHenrietta Geraldine, Mrs. 5461Download Chart
McClellandJohnScotland5461Download Chart
McClellandMargaret Quinn, Mrs. 5461Download Chart
McClellandNancy, Mrs. 5461Download Chart
McClintockAbigail 4151Download Chart
McCormickMargaret, Mrs.PA, USA6512Download Chart
McCormickSarahPA, USA6511Download Chart
McCormickSarahPA, USA6512Download Chart
McCormickWilliamPA, USA6512Download Chart
McCoyGeorginaEngland6431Download Chart
McCuishAnnieOntario, Canada991Download Chart
McCuishDonald 991Download Chart
McCuishMary, Mrs. 991Download Chart
McCuishMary, Mrs. 991Download Chart
McCuishNeilNorth Uist., Scotland991Download Chart
McDermidJanet 5461Download Chart
McDermidMaryCo. Galloway, Ireland7371Download Chart
McDermottClemenceNY, USA5691Download Chart
McDermottClemenceNY, USA5692Download Chart
McDermottEllen, Mrs. 5691Download Chart
McDermottEllen, Mrs. 5692Download Chart
McDermottFrancisCanada5692Download Chart
McDermottNancy, Mrs.Ireland5692Download Chart
McDermottThomasMidland Co, MI, USA5691Download Chart
McDermottThomasMidland Co, MI, USA5692Download Chart
McDonaldFrancisIreland6132Download Chart
McDonaldIsabelleDetroit, MI, USA6132Download Chart
McDonaldJohanna, Mrs. 6132Download Chart
McDonaldSusan, Mrs. 6132Download Chart
McDonaldWm FrancisDetroit, MI, USA6132Download Chart
McDougaldCathrine 991Download Chart
McDougaldMary 991Download Chart
McGahenCharles HerbertNY, USA7431Download Chart
McGahenMary BelleWashtenaw Co, MI, USA7431Download Chart
McGahenVictoria Adelaide, Mrs. 7431Download Chart
McGinnJohn HenryHamilton, Ireland6501Download Chart
McGinnJosephine, Mrs. 6501Download Chart
McGinnMargaretArmagh, Ireland6501Download Chart
McGinnMarguerite LyleDetroit, MI, USA6501Download Chart
McGinnOwen 6501Download Chart
McGinnPatrick JArmagh, Ireland6501Download Chart
McIntoshDonald JrPrince Edward Island5211Download Chart
McIntoshDonald Sr 5211Download Chart
McIntoshElizabeth, Mrs. 5211Download Chart
McIntoshMary JanePrince Edward Island5211Download Chart
McIntoshPeggy, Mrs. 5211Download Chart
McIntyreCatherine, Mrs. 3404Download Chart
McIntyreDonaldOuter Hebrides, Scotland3404Download Chart
McKeeverEllen, Mrs. 6221Download Chart
McKeeverFrancis 6221Download Chart
McKeeverSarahBelfast, Ireland6221Download Chart
McKenzieCathrine, Mrs. 991Download Chart
McKenzieDonald 991Download Chart
McKenzieMaryNorth Uist., Scotland991Download Chart
McLachlanCharlotte Elizabeth 7001Download Chart
McLachlanGraceCanada7001Download Chart
McLachlanJohnNova Scotia7001Download Chart
McLarenCatherineScotland6351Download Chart
McLaughlinMaryLebanon, PA, USA7376Download Chart
McManusMargaretPasty, Scotland6041Download Chart
McNamaraCelelia Agnes, Mrs. 2721Download Chart
McNamaraEllen, Mrs. 2721Download Chart
McNamaraJohannaCo. Cork, Ireland3023Download Chart
McNamaraJoseph RobertBaltimore, MD, USA2721Download Chart
McNamaraMary J, Mrs. 2721Download Chart
McNamaraRobertIreland2721Download Chart
McNamaraRobert AbbottUnion Co, NJ, USA2721Download Chart
McPhilomyAnnaPA, USA6041Download Chart
McPhilomyCatherine, Mrs. 6041Download Chart
McPhilomyJohnIreland6041Download Chart
McVeanCatherine, Mrs. 6351Download Chart
McVeanDanielLivingston Co, NY, USA6351Download Chart
McVeanDanielNY, USA6351Download Chart
McVeanEtta JOakland Co, MI, USA6351Download Chart
McVeanJane, Mrs. 6351Download Chart
MeadAbigail 7071Download Chart
MeadDyer WLivingston Co, MI, USA7071Download Chart
MeadEarl VanrancelarBucks Co, PA, USA7071Download Chart
MeadGeorge HenryIngham Co, MI, USA7071Download Chart
MeadGrace D, Mrs. 7071Download Chart
MeadLewis 7071Download Chart
MeadMargaret Alexander, Mrs. 7071Download Chart
MeadMary ElizabethCharlotte, MI, USA7071Download Chart
MeadSarah 5841Download Chart
MeadSarah, Mrs. 7071Download Chart
MeekerMary 5873Download Chart
MeekerMary 6232Download Chart
MeekerRobert 5873Download Chart
MeekerRobert 6232Download Chart
MeekerSusan, Mrs. 6232Download Chart
MeekerSusanna, Mrs. 5873Download Chart
MellingerBarbara, Mrs. 7376Download Chart
MellingerElizabeth JMt Pleasant, PA, USA7376Download Chart
MellingerJohn JacobMt Pleasant, PA, USA7376Download Chart
MellingerMargaret, Mrs. 7376Download Chart
MellingerMary, Mrs. 7376Download Chart
MellingerSamuelMellingertown, PA, USA7376Download Chart
MellingerSamuel EMt Pleasant, PA, USA7376Download Chart
MerrickJanet, Mrs. 11934Download Chart
MerrickRev JohnLlandegai, Wales11934Download Chart
MerrickRev WilliamLlaleschid, Wales11934Download Chart
MerrickSage, Mrs. 11934Download Chart
MerrillAbigail 5112Download Chart
MerrillAbigail 5112Download Chart
MerrillAbner JGenesee Co, NY, USA5111Download Chart
MerrillAnne, Mrs. 5114Download Chart
MerrillDanielGenesee Co, NY, USA5111Download Chart
MerrillDanielGenesee Co, NY, USA5112Download Chart
MerrillDanielHartford Co, CT, USA5112Download Chart
MerrillDonald ErwinOrleans Co, NY, USA5111Download Chart
MerrillEzra SanfordGenesee Co, NY, USA5111Download Chart
MerrillGeorge LewisOrleans Co, NY, USA5111Download Chart
MerrillIsraelHartford Co, CT, USA5112Download Chart
MerrillJaredGenesee Co, NY, USA5112Download Chart
MerrillJohnHartford Co, CT, USA5112Download Chart
MerrillJohnHartford Co, CT, USA5113Download Chart
MerrillJohnSuffolk Co, England5113Download Chart
MerrillJohnSuffolk Co, England5113Download Chart
MerrillJohnEngland5114Download Chart
MerrillJohnSuffolk Co, England5114Download Chart
MerrillKatherine, Mrs. 5113Download Chart
MerrillKatherine, Mrs. 5114Download Chart
MerrillMabel Anna, Mrs. 5111Download Chart
MerrillMary Luella, Mrs. 5111Download Chart
MerrillMary, Mrs. 5111Download Chart
MerrillMary, Mrs. 5113Download Chart
MerrillNathanielNewbury, MA, USA5113Download Chart
MerrillNathanielSuffolk Co, England5113Download Chart
MerrillPatricia Jean, Mrs. 5111Download Chart
MerrillPrudence, Mrs.Suffolk Co, England5113Download Chart
MerrillSally, Mrs. 5111Download Chart
MerrillSally, Mrs. 5112Download Chart
MerrillSarah, Mrs. 5112Download Chart
MerrillSarah, Mrs. 5113Download Chart
MerrillSusanna, Mrs. 5113Download Chart
MerrillSusannah, Mrs. 5112Download Chart
MerrillSusannah, Mrs. 5113Download Chart
MerrillThomasEngland5114Download Chart
MerrittHarriet EGrand Traverse Co, MI, USA5821Download Chart
MerrittMargaret, Mrs. 5821Download Chart
MerrittMary 7431Download Chart
MerrittWilliam A 5821Download Chart
MertonHannah 6924Download Chart
MeyerAlexandria, Mrs. 6501Download Chart
MeyerElizabethHolland5538Download Chart
MeyerEmma Marie AgnesDetroit, MI, USA6501Download Chart
MeyerHeinrich AlexanderDetroit, MI, USA6501Download Chart
MeyerJacobBruce Co, Ontario, Canada3024Download Chart
MeyerJohann Gottfried 6501Download Chart
MeyerJosephHuron Co, MI, USA3021Download Chart
MeyerJosephHuron Co, MI, USA3024Download Chart
MeyerJosephHuron Co, MI, USA3025Download Chart
MeyerLouisa, Mrs.France3024Download Chart
MeyerMartha, Mrs.France3021Download Chart
MeyerMartha, Mrs.France3024Download Chart
MeyerMartha, Mrs.France3025Download Chart
MeyerMathilda RosinaHuron Co, MI, USA3021Download Chart
MeyersJohn 5871Download Chart
MeyersMary/Amanda, Mrs. 5871Download Chart
MeyersSarah AnnCalhoun Co, MI, USA5871Download Chart
MeyrickMargaret, Mrs. 11934Download Chart
MeyrickMeurice LlewellynAnglesey, Wales11934Download Chart
MichaelJim Henry 6671Download Chart
MichaelMettie JaneTN, USA6671Download Chart
MiddletonJaneNottingham, England6531Download Chart
MidorKatieWayne Co, MI, USA6561Download Chart
MikesellSarahVan Wert Co, OH, USA5561Download Chart
MillardPollyMI, USA6351Download Chart
MillerAlexanderOtsego. MI, USA7071Download Chart
MillerAlexander VChicago, IL, USA7071Download Chart
MillerElizabeth, Mrs. 7071Download Chart
MillerFrantz X 7071Download Chart
MillerJoseph Clark 5561Download Chart
MillerJulia, Mrs. 7071Download Chart
MillerMallie JVan Wert, OH, USA5561Download Chart
MillerMargaret AlexanderChicago, IL, USA7071Download Chart
MillerMargaret, Mrs. 5561Download Chart
MillerMaria, Mrs. 7071Download Chart
MillerMarthaGermany7377Download Chart
MillingtonElizabethVA, USA5537Download Chart
MillingtonJohn 5537Download Chart
MillsAmy Marie, Mrs. 6651Download Chart
MillsAsa LorenGenesee Co, MI, USA6651Download Chart
MillsDorothy Ann, Mrs. 5211Download Chart
MillsElizabeth, Mrs. 6651Download Chart
MillsElmer EDavisburg, Oakland Co, MI, USA6651Download Chart
MillsEmmelineToronto, Ontario, Canada5211Download Chart
MillsEtta, Mrs. 6651Download Chart
MillsIsaacCatham, Ontario, Canada5211Download Chart
MillsLydia, Mrs. 6651Download Chart
MillsPeterNY, USA6651Download Chart
MillsWilliam OrlandoShiawassee Co, MI, USA6651Download Chart
MischAlbert FredrickGermany6511Download Chart
MischAlbertine 6511Download Chart
MischBertha Johanna, Mrs. 6511Download Chart
MischEleanor MarieOakland Co, MI, USA6511Download Chart
MischReinhold FredrickDetroit, MI, USA6511Download Chart
MoeC, Mrs. 4001Download Chart
MoeJ Nun 4001Download Chart
MoeLydia BTuscola Co, MI, USA4001Download Chart
MohrCatharinaPittsburgh, PA, USA7377Download Chart
MonroeMary, Mrs. 6532Download Chart
MonroeRoxina 6532Download Chart
MonroeWilder 6532Download Chart
MontonasElizabeth 6391Download Chart
MoodySamuel 6925Download Chart
MoodySarahFarmington, CT, USA6925Download Chart
MoodySarah, Mrs. 6925Download Chart
MooreAbrahamPerson Co, NC, USA5534Download Chart
MooreAbrahamPerson Co, NC, USA5536Download Chart
MooreJean, Mrs. 5534Download Chart
MooreJean, Mrs. 5536Download Chart
MooreJuliaMacomb Co, MI, USA5691Download Chart
MooreJuliaMacomb Co, MI, USA5693Download Chart
MooreLaurenceDetroit, MI, USA5693Download Chart
MooreMary, Mrs. 5536Download Chart
MooreMonica, Mrs. 5693Download Chart
MooreRebeckahNC, USA5535Download Chart
MooreSalleyPerson Co, NC, USA5534Download Chart
MooreSalleyPerson Co, NC, USA5536Download Chart
MooreSusanne, Mrs. 5693Download Chart
MooreToussaintMacomb Co, MI, USA5693Download Chart
MooreWilliamAlbermarle Co, VA, USA5536Download Chart
MoranAlbert KennethLawrence, KS, USA6671Download Chart
MoranEdwin BruceAnne Arundel Co, MD, USA6671Download Chart
MoranMary Fay, Mrs. 6671Download Chart
MoranMelony ReneWayne Co, MI, USA6661Download Chart
MoranMelony ReneWayne Co, MI, USA6671Download Chart
MoranViola Rae, Mrs. 6671Download Chart
MoreCatharine, Mrs.Essex Co, England11922Download Chart
MoreCatharine, Mrs.Essex Co, England11929Download Chart
MoreCatharine, Mrs.Essex Co, England11933Download Chart
MoreEnochEssex Co, England11922Download Chart
MoreEnochEssex Co, England11929Download Chart
MoreEnochEssex Co, England11933Download Chart
MoreNicholasEssex Co, England11933Download Chart
MoreSarahBoston, MA, USA11922Download Chart
MoreSarahBoston, MA, USA11929Download Chart
MoreWillamin, Mrs.Essex Co, England11933Download Chart
MoriartyAnnaUnion Co, NJ, USA2721Download Chart
MoriartyDaniel P.Ireland2721Download Chart
MoriartyMary J.Westchester Co, (NY?), USA2721Download Chart
MorinMary 7551Download Chart
MorkunasElizabeth, Mrs. 6391Download Chart
MorkunasJonas 6391Download Chart
MorkunouteMarijona 6391Download Chart
MorrisAnna 6041Download Chart
MorrisBetty B., Mrs. 6031Download Chart
MorrisBetty B., Mrs. 6041Download Chart
MorrisEdna, Mrs. 6041Download Chart
MorrisEugene E.Philadelphia, PA, USA6031Download Chart
MorrisEugene E.Philadelphia, PA, USA6041Download Chart
MorrisJamesNewfoundland6041Download Chart
MorrisJohn W.Newfoundland6041Download Chart
MorrisJohn W.Philadelphia, PA, USA6041Download Chart
MorrisMargaret, Mrs. 6041Download Chart
MorrisonAgnesPeebleshire, Scotland3026Download Chart
MorrisonChristena, Mrs. 30210Download Chart
MorrisonDorcas, Mrs. 5461Download Chart
MorrisonGeorge Jr 3026Download Chart
MorrisonGeorge Jr 30210Download Chart
MorrisonGeorge Sr 30210Download Chart
MorrisonJamesScotland3026Download Chart
MorrisonJames 5461Download Chart
MorrisonJanie 1951Download Chart
MorrisonJoan, Mrs. 3026Download Chart
MorrisonMargaret, Mrs. 3026Download Chart
MorrisonMargaret, Mrs. 30210Download Chart
MorrisonNancyOakland Co, MI, USA5461Download Chart
MorrisonSusanIreland1951Download Chart
MorrisseyJames Henry 6311Download Chart
MorrisseyJohn 6041Download Chart
MorrisseyMargaret Ellen, Mrs. 6311Download Chart
MorrisseyMary, Mrs. 6041Download Chart
Morse (Moris)Byer 5512Download Chart
MortonMargery 11918Download Chart
MortonMary 7221Download Chart
MossopFrances AdaMiddlesex Co, Ontario1951Download Chart
MossopJohnprob Ireland1951Download Chart
MossopNancy Ann, Mrs. 1951Download Chart
MostElizabethGermany7377Download Chart
MostFredGermany7377Download Chart
MostMaria, Mrs.Germany7377Download Chart
MottMary 6532Download Chart
MoyerEdna VeraIngham Co, MI, USA5451Download Chart
MoyerJennie, Mrs. 5451Download Chart
MoyerPeterOxford Co, Canada5451Download Chart
MudgeLydia 5435Download Chart
MuhmeAlexandria Amalie MathildaPosen, Prussia6501Download Chart
MuhmeJohann HeinrichPrussia6501Download Chart
MuhmeLuisa Wilhelmina, Mrs. 6501Download Chart
MullerDorothea WilhelminaGermany5538Download Chart
MundtAgnesClinton, IA, USA6351Download Chart
MundtAnna 6351Download Chart
MundtClausSchleswig, Holstein6351Download Chart
MungerHarriet, Mrs. 5111Download Chart
MungerLucy, Mrs. 5111Download Chart
MungerMary LuellaOrleans Co, NY, USA5111Download Chart
MungerParliamer WilsonMonroe Co, NY, USA5111Download Chart
MungerRussellHartford Co, CT, USA5111Download Chart
MunnEllen 5875Download Chart
MurphyCatherine, Mrs. 5538Download Chart
MurphyJohn 5538Download Chart
MurphyMary AnnEssex Co, NJ, USA5538Download Chart
MurphyPatricia Jean 5111Download Chart
MurrayAdamFlight, Scotland3403Download Chart
MurrayAnne, Mrs. 5873Download Chart
MurrayDavidNewcastleton, Scotland3402Download Chart
MurrayDavidNewcastleton, Scotland3403Download Chart
MurrayHelen, Mrs. 3402Download Chart
MurrayHelen, Mrs. 3403Download Chart
MurrayHelen, Mrs. 3403Download Chart
MurrayJehielGuilford, CT, USA5872Download Chart
MurrayJonathanScotland5873Download Chart
MurrayLydia/Esther 5872Download Chart
MurrayMary, Mrs. 5872Download Chart
MyersJosiah 5435Download Chart
MyersJosiah JrColumbia Co, NY, USA5434Download Chart
MyersJosiah JrColumbia Co, NY, USA5435Download Chart
MyersMirandaOneida Co, NY, USA5434Download Chart
MyersMirandaOneida Co, NY, USA5435Download Chart
MyersSaloma 7091Download Chart
MyrickJamesPembroke, Wales11929Download Chart
MyrickMargarite, Mrs.Essex Co, MA11929Download Chart
MyrickSarahCharlestown, MA, USA11929Download Chart
Myrick/MerrickDorothy, Mrs. 11929Download Chart
Myrick/MerrickDorothy, Mrs. 11934Download Chart
Myrick/MerrickDorothy, Mrs. 11935Download Chart
Myrick/MerrickJohn RevPembrokeshire, Wales11929Download Chart
Myrick/MerrickJohn RevPembrokeshire, Wales11934Download Chart
Myrick/MerrickJohn RevPembrokeshire, Wales11935Download Chart
NaggeStijnaNetherlands11940Download Chart
NapthenDarlene Mae, Mrs. 6661Download Chart
NapthenEmily, Mrs. 6661Download Chart
NapthenEsther Evaline, Mrs. 6661Download Chart
NapthenHanah, Mrs. 6661Download Chart
NapthenMelony Rene, Mrs. 6661Download Chart
NapthenRobertNorfolk, England6661Download Chart
NapthenWilliam CharlesDetroit, MI, USA6661Download Chart
NapthenWilliam CharlesMI, USA6661Download Chart
NapthenWilliam CharlesNorfolk, England6661Download Chart
NapthenWilliam CharlesDetroit, MI, USA6671Download Chart
NashMargery, Mrs. 1472Download Chart
NashMaryNew Haven, CT, USA1472Download Chart
NashThomasNew Haven, CT, USA1472Download Chart
NeedhamAnnEngland978Download Chart
NellesMargarethe 6221Download Chart
NestSusannah 5874Download Chart
NettletonMartha 5873Download Chart
NettletonMary (Marie), Mrs.CT, USA5874Download Chart
NettletonSamuelEngland5874Download Chart
NeuAnna E.Germany7377Download Chart
NevihostenyElizabeth, Mrs. 6491Download Chart
NevihostenyFlorianBohemia6491Download Chart
NevihostenyKatharina, Mrs. 6491Download Chart
NevihostenyWenzelVapno, Bohemia6491Download Chart
NevilleCatherine 6501Download Chart
NewbakerIda MayWilkinsburg, PA, USA6531Download Chart
NewbakerMabel NarcissaHopkinton, NH, USA6531Download Chart
NewbourneIsabelEngland5874Download Chart
NicholsBenjamin 4001Download Chart
NicholsCelestia A., Mrs. 4001Download Chart
NicholsEmma AdeleOrleans Co, NY, USA4001Download Chart
NicholsonBarbara, Mrs. 6532Download Chart
NicholsonFrank HowardBurt, IA, USA6531Download Chart
NicholsonHannah, Mrs. 6531Download Chart
NicholsonIda May, Mrs. 6531Download Chart
NicholsonJamesLincolnshire, England6531Download Chart
NicholsonMabel, Mrs. 6531Download Chart
NicholsonSarah, Mrs. 6531Download Chart
NicholsonStephenDanville, NY, USA6531Download Chart
NicholsonThomas HowardWilkinsburg, PA, USA6531Download Chart
NicholsonThomas HowardWilkinsburg, PA, USA6532Download Chart
NicholsonWilliamNottingham, England6531Download Chart
NiendorfCharlesSt. Joseph Co, MI, USA5451Download Chart
NiendorfCharles LawrenceChicago, IL, USA5451Download Chart
NiendorfCynthia Jean, Mrs. 5451Download Chart
NiendorfDana CharlesIngham Co, MI, USA5451Download Chart
NiendorfDonna Avon, Mrs. 5451Download Chart
NiendorfGertrude Amelia, Mrs. 5451Download Chart
NiendorfJennie Eva, Mrs. 5451Download Chart
NiendorfLawrence HerrickSt. Joseph Co, MI, USA5451Download Chart
NipeMariaWilkshire, England4901Download Chart
NipeMariaWilkshire, England4903Download Chart
NippertJustine 6221Download Chart
NisElse MarieDenmark5533Download Chart
NissenElse Marie, Mrs. 5533Download Chart
NissenSimonDenmark5533Download Chart
NivenJohn DoaneLanark Co, Ontario7352Download Chart
NivenJulia Ann, Mrs. 7352Download Chart
NivenMars 7352Download Chart
NivenPearl JennetteBay Co, MI, USA7352Download Chart
NivenSusan, Mrs. 7352Download Chart
NodineMargaretMeadsville, PA, USA5841Download Chart
NorwoodMaryMA, USA972Download Chart
NorwoodMiriamGloucester, MA, USA972Download Chart
NottHarriet, Mrs. 6531Download Chart
NottPhebe MariaBarnard, VT, USA6531Download Chart
NottSimeonBarnard, VT, USA6531Download Chart
NoubellIssobell 30212Download Chart
NunnimakerHannahOntario, Canada3027Download Chart
NutallPhyllis W. 6351Download Chart
NutterBenjamin StarrWood Co, WV, USA6311Download Chart
NutterLeviWells Co, IN, USA6311Download Chart
NutterMargaret Ellen, Mrs. 6311Download Chart
NutterMargaret, Mrs. 6311Download Chart
NutterSabinaWells Co, IN, USA6311Download Chart
NyssenPhebes, Mrs. 5512Download Chart
NyssenTheunisNetherlands5513Download Chart
O'ConnellBridget, Mrs. 5692Download Chart
O'ConnellEdIreland5692Download Chart
O'ConnellEllenMA, USA5691Download Chart
O'ConnellEllenMA, USA5692Download Chart
O'ConnellJohn 5692Download Chart
OliverHelen (Nelly)Scotland3403Download Chart
O'NeilEllenBrewers Mills, Ontario, Canada6221Download Chart
OsgoodDebora 1198Download Chart
OsgoodLuana M.VT, USA7221Download Chart
OsmunRachelSunset, NJ, USA5752Download Chart
O'Sullivan-- 4131Download Chart
PaddockLouisa Lapeen 5871Download Chart
PageEllen Adele, Mrs. 5841Download Chart
PageEphraimNH, USA5841Download Chart
PageGeorge FranklinBranch Co, MI, USA5841Download Chart
PageJamesEngland11928Download Chart
PageMargaret, Mrs. 11928Download Chart
PageMartha, Mrs. 11928Download Chart
PageMayOceana Co, MI, USA5841Download Chart
PageRobert IAcle, England11928Download Chart
PageRobert IIIAcle, Norfolk, England11928Download Chart
PageRobert IVNorfolk, England11928Download Chart
PageSarah, Mrs. 5841Download Chart
PalmerFrances, Mrs. 5875Download Chart
PalmerSarah 5874Download Chart
PalmerWilliam Sr 5875Download Chart
ParkeAnne 7351Download Chart
ParkeMargaretNJ, USA7376Download Chart
ParkerSarah Elizabeth 7352Download Chart
ParkinsonAnnCo. York, England973Download Chart
ParkinsonAnn, Mrs.Co. York, England973Download Chart
ParkinsonEllin, Mrs. 973Download Chart
ParkinsonJana, Mrs. 973Download Chart
ParkinsonJohnCo. York, England973Download Chart
ParkinsonWilliamCo, York, .ngland973Download Chart
ParkinsonWilliamCo. York, England973Download Chart
ParkmanBridget, Mrs. 978Download Chart
ParkmanEliasCo. Devon, England978Download Chart
ParkmanHannah, Mrs. 978Download Chart
ParkmanMaryBoston, MA, USA972Download Chart
ParkmanMaryBoston, MA, USA977Download Chart
ParkmanMaryBoston, MA, USA978Download Chart
ParkmanNathanielBoston, MA, USA978Download Chart
ParksBetsey 6391Download Chart
ParsmanJohnCo. Devon, England978Download Chart
ParsmanMargaret, Mrs. 978Download Chart
ParsmanThomasEngland978Download Chart
ParsonsAbigailSebec, ME, USA971Download Chart
ParsonsAbigailSebec, ME, USA972Download Chart
ParsonsAndrewGloucester, MA, USA972Download Chart
ParsonsAndrew JrMontville, ME, USA972Download Chart
ParsonsBridget, Mrs. 977Download Chart
ParsonsEleanor, Mrs. 972Download Chart
ParsonsHannah, Mrs. 977Download Chart
ParsonsJamesGloucester, MA, USA972Download Chart
ParsonsJamesGloucester, MA,. USA972Download Chart
ParsonsJamesGloucester, MA. USA977Download Chart
ParsonsJamesGloucester, MA, USA978Download Chart
ParsonsJames DeaGloucester, MA, USA977Download Chart
ParsonsJeffreyCo. Devon, Eng.977Download Chart
ParsonsJeffreyCo. Devon, Eng.977Download Chart
ParsonsJemina, Mrs.ME, USA972Download Chart
ParsonsMary, Mrs. 972Download Chart
ParsonsMary, Mrs. 977Download Chart
ParsonsMary, Mrs. 978Download Chart
ParsonsSarah, Mrs. 972Download Chart
ParsonsSarah, Mrs. 977Download Chart
PartlowMaryCT, USA6512Download Chart
PartlowRevCT, USA6512Download Chart
PassoltDiane MarieLandstul, Germany7551Download Chart
PassoltGladys Irene, Mrs. 7551Download Chart
PassoltJunior ThomasSaginaw Co, MI, USA7551Download Chart
PassoltMae Beatrice, Mrs. 7551Download Chart
PassoltMargot Joan, Mrs. 7551Download Chart
PassoltMax Charles 7551Download Chart
PassoltThomas JuniorSaginaw, MI, USA7551Download Chart
PatchenElizabeth, Mrs. 5874Download Chart
PatchenJosephEngland5874Download Chart
PatchenMary 5873Download Chart
PatsMary 7373Download Chart
PattersonElizabethScotland3403Download Chart
PawsonAnn, Mrs. 973Download Chart
PawsonIsaacCo. York, Eng.971Download Chart
PawsonMary, Mrs. 971Download Chart
PawsonMary, Mrs. 973Download Chart
PawsonMary, Mrs. 974Download Chart
PawsonSarah, Mrs. 971Download Chart
PawsonWilliamCo. York, England971Download Chart
PawsonWilliamCo. York, Eng.973Download Chart
PawsonWilliamCo. York, Eng.973Download Chart
PawsonWilliamCo. York, England973Download Chart
PawsonWilliamCo. York, England974Download Chart
PearceJudithPerson Co, NC, USA5535Download Chart
PearceJudithPerson Co, NC, USA5536Download Chart
PearceJudithPerson Co, NC, USA5537Download Chart
PearceMary SusanNC, USA5534Download Chart
PearceObadiahKing & Queen Co, VA, USA5534Download Chart
PearceObadiahKing & Queen Co, VA, USA5536Download Chart
PearceSalley, Mrs. 5534Download Chart
PearceSalley, Mrs. 5536Download Chart
PearceWilliam 5534Download Chart
PearceWilliam 5536Download Chart
PeaseJosephCo, York, England974Download Chart
PeaseSarahCo, York, England974Download Chart
PeckAlviraNY, USA7361Download Chart
PelikanAnastazia 5961Download Chart
PelkanAnastazia 5961Download Chart
PeltierMarie Jeanne 5693Download Chart
PendellGretchenGratiot Co, MI, USA7231Download Chart
PeperAgnes 6351Download Chart
PeperAnna 6351Download Chart
PeperAnna CarolineCrawford Co, IA, USA6351Download Chart
PeperJohn W.Germany6351Download Chart
PeperJurgenGermany6351Download Chart
PercivalElizabeth 11917Download Chart
PercivalElizabeth 11921Download Chart
PerrasAlexis 5061Download Chart
PerrasElizabeth, Mrs. 5061Download Chart
PerrasPhilomene, Mrs. 5061Download Chart
PerrasVictorHull, Canada5061Download Chart
PerryClarendaGenesee Co, MI, USA5121Download Chart
PestyanMaria, Mrs. 7373Download Chart
PestyanTheodore 7373Download Chart
PetersNormaDunlap, IA, USA7374Download Chart
PetersenAnnaGermany6351Download Chart
PetersenClaus 6351Download Chart
PetersonAbnerOrange Co, NY, USA7376Download Chart
PetersonPrudence, Mrs.Orange Co, NY, USA7376Download Chart
PetersonSarahOrange Co, NY, USA7376Download Chart
PevittAnnaGermany4131Download Chart
PfeifleKatherine ElizabethHornberg, Germany992Download Chart
PhelpsAbigailHartford Co, CT, USA5112Download Chart
PhelpsAbigail 6433Download Chart
PhelpsAnnaAuburn, NY, USA5121Download Chart
PhelpsDavid 5112Download Chart
PhilipsMariaTarna Mare, Romania7373Download Chart
PhillipsLola SirvirginiaLauderdale Co, AL, USA6671Download Chart
PhillipsMargaret 5842Download Chart
PickardCathernLongside, Scotland991Download Chart
PickardElizabeth, Mrs. 991Download Chart
PickardWilliam 991Download Chart
PickelIvis LeoneHart, MI, USA5841Download Chart
PickelIvis LeoneHart, MI, USA5842Download Chart
PickelNaomi, Mrs. 5841Download Chart
PickelThomas GravesSkugog Island, Canada5841Download Chart
PickelWilliam MasonOceana Co, MI, USA5841Download Chart
PickelsMaryEngland6661Download Chart
PickleJacobSkugog Island, Canada5841Download Chart
PickleJudith, Mrs. 5841Download Chart
PickleMay, Mrs. 5841Download Chart
Pineau dit LaperleSusanneWindsor, Canada5693Download Chart
PlaceAlexander FreemanSteuben Co, NY, USA6431Download Chart
PlaceAlexander FreemanSteuben Co, NY, USA6432Download Chart
PlaceJohn 6432Download Chart
PlaceJosephNY, USA6431Download Chart
PlaceJosephNY, USA6432Download Chart
PlaceMary Maria, Mrs. 6431Download Chart
PlaceMary Maria, Mrs. 6432Download Chart
PlaceMary, Mrs. 6432Download Chart
PlaceSarah Margaret, Mrs. 6431Download Chart
PlaceSarah Margaret, Mrs. 6432Download Chart
PlaceSusan MariaJackson Co, MI, USA6431Download Chart
PlaceSusan MariaJackson Co, MI, USA6432Download Chart
PlumsteadAlonzoDutchess Co, NY, USA6132Download Chart
PlumsteadEllsworthClinton Co, MI, USA6132Download Chart
PlumsteadEmelina, Mrs. 6132Download Chart
PlumsteadHannah, Mrs. 6132Download Chart
PlumsteadIsabelle, Mrs. 6132Download Chart
PlumsteadJuanitaDetroit, MI, USA6132Download Chart
PlumsteadRansomMonroe Co, NY, USA6132Download Chart
PlydrumAlice, Mrs.Durley, England11920Download Chart
PlydrumJohnHampshire, England11920Download Chart
PlydrumJohn 11920Download Chart
PlydrumMatilda 11920Download Chart
PlydrumRichardHampshire, Eng.11920Download Chart
Plydrum/DummerAlice, Mrs. 11917Download Chart
Plydrum/DummerJoane, Mrs.England11917Download Chart
Plydrum/DummerJoane, Mrs.England11920Download Chart
Plydrum/DummerStephenHampshire, England11917Download Chart
Plydrum/DummerThomasHampshire, Eng.11917Download Chart
Plydrum/DummerThomasHampshire, Eng.11920Download Chart
PolcemanSusanna 11936Download Chart
PolleyGeorgina E., Mrs. 6431Download Chart
PolleyGeorgina ElizabethSussex, England6431Download Chart
PolleyWilliamEngland6431Download Chart
PontiusBarbara 6311Download Chart
PooreJohnTrowbridge, Wilkshire, Eng.11922Download Chart
PorterBenjamin 7352Download Chart
PorterJulia AnnOntario, Canada7352Download Chart
PorterJulienne, Mrs. 7352Download Chart
PosthCatherine, Mrs.Germany7377Download Chart
PosthElizabeth S. K.Pittsburgh, PA, USA7377Download Chart
PosthElizabeth, Mrs. 7377Download Chart
PosthFrederickGermany7377Download Chart
PosthGeorge K.Saarbruken, Germany7377Download Chart
PotterSilenceWashington Co, RI, USA7281Download Chart
PoulsAnne MarieHaderslev, Denmark5533Download Chart
PowellCharlesNY, USA7491Download Chart
PowellElizabeth 11937Download Chart
PowellMayBirch Run, MI, USA7491Download Chart
PowellPeterNY, USA7491Download Chart
PowellRhoda, Mrs. 7491Download Chart
PowellSybil, Mrs. 7491Download Chart
PrattHepzibah, Mrs. 5112Download Chart
PrattJohnHartford Co, CT, USA5112Download Chart
PrattSusannahHartford Co, CT, USA5112Download Chart
PredmoreAmos 3871Download Chart
PredmoreHarriet, Mrs. 3871Download Chart
PrestellIssobell, Mrs. 30212Download Chart
PrestellWilliamPeebleshire, Scotland30212Download Chart
PretshellMargratPeebleshire, Scotland30212Download Chart
PrevittAugustGermany4131Download Chart
PriceAnn, Mrs. 5871Download Chart
PriceCatherine, Mrs. 5871Download Chart
PriceJared 5871Download Chart
PriceMartha E.Paulding Co, OH, USA5871Download Chart
PriceMary Jane, Mrs. 5871Download Chart
PriceRichardLicking Co, OH, USA5871Download Chart
PriceThomas 5871Download Chart
PriestMary/MollyRutland Co, VT, USA7021Download Chart
ProudCharles W.Bennington Co, VT, USA7221Download Chart
ProudJoseph F.Bennington Co, VT, USA7221Download Chart
ProudLuana M., Mrs. 7221Download Chart
ProudMabel ClareOakland Co, MI, USA7221Download Chart
ProudMarion, Mrs. 7221Download Chart
PyperJosiasEngland1191Download Chart
QuinnAnn Jane, Mrs. 5461Download Chart
QuinnCharles 5461Download Chart
QuinnMargaretGlasgow, Scotland5461Download Chart
RackhamHarriot 7001Download Chart
RadfordSarahDevonshire, England6921Download Chart
RadjiejewskiAntonPutzig, Germ.4902Download Chart
RadziejewskiAntonPutzig, Germ.4901Download Chart
RadziejewskiChristinaPutzig, Germ.4901Download Chart
RadziejewskiChristinaPutzig, Germ.4902Download Chart
RadziejewskiVictoria, Mrs. 4901Download Chart
RadziejewskiVictoria, Mrs. 4902Download Chart
RamsayElizabeth 5211Download Chart
RamsayFlora I. 5211Download Chart
RapaljeCatalyntie, Mrs. 11938Download Chart
RapaljeJacobNY, USA1193Download Chart
RapaljeJannetjeNew Amsterdam, NY, USA11938Download Chart
RapaljeJoris JansenValencienne, France11938Download Chart
RapaljeSarah JorisAlbany, NY, USA5513Download Chart
RapaljeSarah JorisAlbany, NY, USA5514Download Chart
RapaljeSarah JorisAlbany, NY, USA5515Download Chart
RapaljeSarah, Mrs. 1193Download Chart
RapaljeSarah, Mrs. 1194Download Chart
RapaljeSarah, Mrs. 1196Download Chart
Raplee/RoblyerByer, Mrs. 5512Download Chart
Raplee/RoblyerJamesNJ, USA5512Download Chart
Raplee/RoblyerSarahNY, USA5512Download Chart
RappeleJacobLong Island, NY, USA1194Download Chart
RappeleJorisRaritan, NJ, USA1193Download Chart
RappeleMarytie, Mrs. 1194Download Chart
RappleyeJeremiahSomerset Co, NJ, USA1193Download Chart
RasmussenLidsel, Mrs. 5533Download Chart
RasmussenPouelHugam, Denmark5533Download Chart
RaspFredHesse, Germany7377Download Chart
RaspMaryWV, USA7377Download Chart
RaspMary, Mrs.Saxony, Germany7377Download Chart
RauJohann Georg JoseaRoeckingen, Germany6501Download Chart
RauMaria Barbara Anna, Mrs. 6501Download Chart
RauSophia CatherinaRoeckingen, Germany6501Download Chart
RauhutAugust 7551Download Chart
RauhutAugusta P., Mrs. 7551Download Chart
RauhutFrederick WilliamCheboygan, MI, USA7551Download Chart
RauhutFrederick WilliamCheboygan, MI, USA7552Download Chart
RauhutMargot JoanJackson, MI, USA7551Download Chart
RauhutMarie, Mrs. 7551Download Chart
RauhutVernita Margaret, Mrs. 7551Download Chart
RauhutVernita Margaret, Mrs. 7552Download Chart
RauhutVernonFlint, Genesee Co, MI, USA7551Download Chart
RauschCathrina 6221Download Chart
RawlingsPhebe, Mrs. 11936Download Chart
RawlingsThomasRockingham Co, NH, USA11936Download Chart
ReedJobFarenton, MA, USA6924Download Chart
ReedRebeccaFarenton, MA, USA693Download Chart
ReedRebeccaFarenton, MA, USA696Download Chart
ReedRoxannaWilliamstown, MA, USA6924Download Chart
ReedSarah, Mrs. 6924Download Chart
Reed/ReadSarah 5532Download Chart
ReichMary 992Download Chart
ReitzMaria Anna 7372Download Chart
RemerChristian 6521Download Chart
RemerMargarethe, Mrs. 6521Download Chart
RemerMariaGermany6521Download Chart
RemingtonEmory A.Montmorency Co, MI, USA7491Download Chart
RemingtonHannah, Mrs. 7491Download Chart
RemingtonHazel, Mrs. 7491Download Chart
RemingtonHiramVT, USA7491Download Chart
RemingtonJosephNY, USA7491Download Chart
RemingtonMary Ann, Mrs. 7491Download Chart
RemingtonMay, Mrs. 7491Download Chart
RemingtonWilliam 7491Download Chart
RenaudTherese 7351Download Chart
RenwickMinnieNorthville, MI, USA7431Download Chart
RenwickSarah Jane, Mrs. 7431Download Chart
RenwickWilliam D. 7431Download Chart
ReshelJanette T. 6391Download Chart
RexinCaroline, Mrs. 6923Download Chart
RexinFrederickGermany6923Download Chart
RexinHelen EvalinaAlsace Loraine, Germany6923Download Chart
ReynoldsClarence D.Steuben Co, NY, USA5111Download Chart
ReynoldsGeorge 5111Download Chart
ReynoldsJulia, Mrs. 5111Download Chart
ReynoldsLena Minerva, Mrs. 5111Download Chart
ReynoldsLent Record 5111Download Chart
ReynoldsMabel AnnaSteuben Co, NY, USA5111Download Chart
ReynoldsSusan, Mrs. 5111Download Chart
RhinessAda 4001Download Chart
RhinessAlmer JamesCanada4001Download Chart
RhinessAndrew Nelson 4001Download Chart
RhinessEuraBoyne City, MI, USA4001Download Chart
RhinessSarah, Mrs. 4001Download Chart
RichAlice CoburnWorcester, VT, USA6923Download Chart
RichAlice CoburnWorcester, VT, USA6924Download Chart
RichElias 6924Download Chart
RichElizabeth, Mrs. 6924Download Chart
RidenourElizabethWashington Co, MD, USA6031Download Chart
RieserMaryGermany7091Download Chart
RikerdJennieOakland Co, MI, USA5451Download Chart
RingJohn 2721Download Chart
RingSusanIreland2721Download Chart
RisdaleEliza, Mrs. 976Download Chart
RisdaleJohnCo. York, England976Download Chart
RisdaleMarthaCo. York, England976Download Chart
Rixe/HendricksMadeline 11942Download Chart
RobbinsMelissa A.NJ, USA6311Download Chart
RobertjeanVictoriaDetroit, MI, USA5691Download Chart
RobinsonMercy 6233Download Chart
RockwellDavid CarlSD, USA5691Download Chart
RockwellLorelei Florence, Mrs. 5691Download Chart
RogersBessie LuellaOakland Co, MI (?), USA6441Download Chart
RogersBessie LuellaOakland Co, MI (?), USA6442Download Chart
RogersBessie LuellaOakland Co, MI (?), USA6443Download Chart
RogersElizabeth, Mrs. 6443Download Chart
RogersJames 6443Download Chart
RogersJohn WilliamSomerset, England6441Download Chart
RogersJohn WilliamSomerset, England6443Download Chart
RogersJulia R., Mrs. 6441Download Chart
RogersJulia R., Mrs. 6443Download Chart
RogersRobert 6443Download Chart
RoggendorfJohn 6521Download Chart
RoggendorfMarthaErie Co, NY, USA6521Download Chart
RoggendorfMathilda, Mrs. 6521Download Chart
RolandMargaret 11934Download Chart
RolfeAgnes 11924Download Chart
RolfeAgnes 11925Download Chart
RolfeAlis, Mrs.Wiltshire, England11925Download Chart
RolfeHenry 11924Download Chart
RolfeRichardEngland11924Download Chart
RolfeRichard 11924Download Chart
RolfeRichard 11925Download Chart
RootJulia 5111Download Chart
RoseAugustaGermany6511Download Chart
RoseLudwigGermany6511Download Chart
RoseMalford Robert 7071Download Chart
RoseMary Elizabeth, Mrs. 7071Download Chart
RoseWilhelmine O., Mrs. 6511Download Chart
RowleyElizabeth, Mrs. 6233Download Chart
RowleyHenry 5874Download Chart
RowleyHenry 6233Download Chart
RowleyMary 5461Download Chart
RowleyMary 6233Download Chart
RowleyMoses 6233Download Chart
RowleySarahEngland6233Download Chart
RowleySarah, Mrs. 5874Download Chart
RowleySarah, Mrs. 6233Download Chart
RuardAntjeDutchess Co, NY, USA11937Download Chart
RuardAntjeDutchess Co, NY, USA11938Download Chart
RuardAntjeDutchess Co, NY, USA11942Download Chart
RundlettMary 1198Download Chart
RundlettMary 1199Download Chart
RussellAlexander 30211Download Chart
RussellJoanPeebleshire, Scotland3026Download Chart
RussellLucinda 5541Download Chart
RussellMargaret, Mrs. 3026Download Chart
RussellMargaret, Mrs. 30211Download Chart
RussellMargaret, Mrs. 30212Download Chart
RussellThomasPeebleshire, Scotland3026Download Chart
RussellThomasPeebleshire, Scotland30211Download Chart
RussellThomasPeebleshire, Scotland30212Download Chart
RuwaertCatharine, Mrs. 11942Download Chart
RuwaertHenryEngland11942Download Chart
RyanIva LuellaBay Co, MI, USA7101Download Chart
RyanJohn BernardPA, USA7101Download Chart
RyanMary C., Mrs. 7101Download Chart
Ryan/GaulMary 6041Download Chart
SackettHarriett E. 7431Download Chart
SampsonMary 6433Download Chart
SanfordEzekialDorchester, MA, USA6232Download Chart
SanfordRebecca 6232Download Chart
SanfordRebecca, Mrs. 6232Download Chart
SanfordSallyprob VT, USA5111Download Chart
SanfordSallyprob VT, USA5112Download Chart
SanfordSarah, Mrs. 6232Download Chart
SanfordThomas 6232Download Chart
SatterleeGeorge WashingtonHillsdale Co, MI, USA5871Download Chart
SatterleeLucy AnnNY, USA5871Download Chart
SatterleeNancy, Mrs. 5871Download Chart
SavoryElizabeth 5874Download Chart
SavoryMary, Mrs. 5875Download Chart
SavoryRobert 5875Download Chart
SavoryThomas 5875Download Chart
SayersAlexanderIreland6041Download Chart
SayersBerthaPhiladelphia, PA, USA6041Download Chart
SayersElizabeth, Mrs.Philadelphia, PA, USA6041Download Chart
SchafferGretchen, Mrs. 7231Download Chart
SchafferHazel, Mrs. 7231Download Chart
SchafferJohnGratiot Co, MI, USA7231Download Chart
SchafferKarl LeopoldGratiot Co, MI, USA7231Download Chart
SchellhousJennie EvaSt. Joseph Co, MI, USA5451Download Chart
SchethammerAnna 692Download Chart
SchleicterSarahPark Hill, Ontario, Canada1951Download Chart
SchloherbackBarbara, Mrs. 6221Download Chart
SchloherbackGeorgePA, USA6221Download Chart
SchmidtJulia 1951Download Chart
SchmidtLawrenceGratiot Co, MI, USA7231Download Chart
SchmidtLouisaLivingston Co, MI7231Download Chart
SchmidtMarieGermany6511Download Chart
SchmidtWilemmia Mary, Mrs. 7231Download Chart
SchofieldFrances Ada, Mrs. 1951Download Chart
SchofieldFrances LudleOrtonville, MI, USA1951Download Chart
SchofieldHenry 1951Download Chart
SchofieldJonasWaterloo Co, Ontario, Canada1951Download Chart
SchofieldJulia, Mrs. 1951Download Chart
SchofieldSarah, Mrs. 1951Download Chart
SchofieldSimonPark Hill, Ontario, Canada1951Download Chart
SchollAnna Barbara, Mrs. 5872Download Chart
SchollCarl JacobGermany5872Download Chart
SchollElizabeth, Mrs. 5872Download Chart
SchollJohanna Magdalena, Mrs. 5872Download Chart
SchollJohn David EnsNorthampton Co, PA, USA5872Download Chart
SchollJohn NichlasNorthampton Co, PA, USA5872Download Chart
SchollNancyHillsdale Co, MI, USA5871Download Chart
SchomburgAndreas 4902Download Chart
SchomburgAnna 4901Download Chart
SchomburgAnna 4902Download Chart
SchomburgJoseph AdamPutzig, Danzig, Germany4901Download Chart
SchomburgJoseph AdamPutzig, Danzig, Germany4902Download Chart
SchomburgMathias MichaelPutzig, Germany4902Download Chart
SchraderCarolineGermany6923Download Chart
SchreitzMargueriteGermany/Switzerland5538Download Chart
SchrotzbergerAlvin AlexanderDetroit, MI, USA6501Download Chart
SchrotzbergerEmma Marie Agnes, Mrs. 6501Download Chart
SchrotzbergerJoAnnDetroit, MI, USA6501Download Chart
SchrotzbergerJohann LeonardRoeckingen, Germany6501Download Chart
SchrotzbergerJohann Michael 6501Download Chart
SchrotzbergerJulius Frederick GeorgeHamburg, Germany6501Download Chart
SchrotzbergerMarguerite Lyle, Mrs. 6501Download Chart
SchrotzbergerSophia Catherina, Mrs. 6501Download Chart
SchrotzbergerSophia Elisabeth 6501Download Chart
SchulteDorothea 7372Download Chart
SchultzCatherinePutzig, Germany4901Download Chart
SchultzCatherinePutzig, Germany4902Download Chart
SchultzJohann 4902Download Chart
SchwarzCresentia 7372Download Chart
SchwasCarolineGermany6511Download Chart
ScottAnne ChristinaVA, USA5537Download Chart
ScottFrancesTN, USA7375Download Chart
ScottFrances, Mrs. 7375Download Chart
ScottJohn W. 7375Download Chart
ScouilJudithVT, USA5841Download Chart
ScovilleLaura ElizabethNewago Co, MI, USA7041Download Chart
SeehagenWilhelmineGermany6511Download Chart
SeeleyJohnFairfield, CT, USA6232Download Chart
SeeleyMartha 6232Download Chart
SeeleyMary, Mrs. 6232Download Chart
SeeleyMary, Mrs. 6232Download Chart
SeeleyNathaniel CaptLondon, England6232Download Chart
SeeleyRebecca, Mrs. 6232Download Chart
SeeleyRobert Capt 6232Download Chart
SeelyMinerva 5111Download Chart
SegelAllan Marshall 7551Download Chart
SegelDiane, Mrs. 7551Download Chart
SelineConstance VeraChisago Co, MN, USA7352Download Chart
SelineElisabeth, Mrs. 7352Download Chart
SelineOlof 7352Download Chart
SelineOlof W.Sweden7352Download Chart
SelineSelma, Mrs. 7352Download Chart
SewallHenryWarwickshire, Eng.11917Download Chart
SewallHenryWarwickshire, England11918Download Chart
SewallHenryWarwickshire, England11919Download Chart
SewallMatilda, Mrs. 11918Download Chart
SewallWilliamWarwickshire, England11918Download Chart
SewellAnn, Mrs. 6221Download Chart
SewellCatherine, Mrs. 6221Download Chart
SewellDavidIreland6221Download Chart
SewellFrederickDetroit, MI, USA6221Download Chart
SewellGrace Katherine, Mrs. 6221Download Chart
SewellNorman HenryDetroit, MI, USA6221Download Chart
SewellPeterKingston, Ontario, Canada6221Download Chart
SewellPeter 6221Download Chart
SewellSarah, Mrs. 6221Download Chart
ShackeyJane IsabellWestmoreland Co, PA, USA7211Download Chart
ShafferAbraham L.Gratiot Co, MI, USA7231Download Chart
ShafferJohn HenryNY, USA7231Download Chart
ShafferMary, Mrs. 7231Download Chart
ShafferSarah Eliza, Mrs. 7231Download Chart
Shaffer/ShaverJacob 7231Download Chart
Shaffer/ShaverMary, Mrs. 7231Download Chart
SharefBetty Louise, Mrs. 5541Download Chart
SharefGerald JamesDetroit, MI, USA5541Download Chart
ShawMaryIreland5211Download Chart
ShepasheRose 6561Download Chart
SherrodCatherine, Mrs. 5752Download Chart
SherrodFrancis 5752Download Chart
SherrodJacob 5752Download Chart
ShielsGeorgina Kate, Mrs. 6431Download Chart
ShielsSara Esdale TheresaSanta Clara Co, CA, USA6431Download Chart
ShielsSarah Esdale, Mrs. 6431Download Chart
ShielsWilliamEdinburgh, Scotland6431Download Chart
St OngeArmeline, Mrs. 6661Download Chart
St OngeEdna MarieDetroit, MI, USA6661Download Chart
St OngeJoseph 6661Download Chart
StandleyElizabethPortland, Multnomath, OR, USA5961Download Chart
StandleyWilliam J.London, England5961Download Chart
StandleyWilliam J.London, England5961Download Chart
SullivanAnn MarieDetroit, MI, USA4131Download Chart
SullivanDennis 4131Download Chart
SullivanFrancis RaymondDetroit, MI, USA4131Download Chart
SullivanMichaelIreland4131Download Chart
SuterCatharine Barbara 692Download Chart
SutherlandAlexanderManhattan, NY, USA7211Download Chart
SutherlandCharles FishMiddlesex Co, NJ, USA7211Download Chart
SutherlandIda Parker Dunn 7211Download Chart
SutherlandMargaret M. 7211Download Chart
SutherlandMargaret RootAllegany Co, MD, USA7211Download Chart
SuttonAlta MayCalhoun Co, MI, USA5871Download Chart
SuttonCharles H.MI, USA5871Download Chart
SuttonDavidMI, USA5871Download Chart
SuttonFrancis 5751Download Chart
SuttonFrancis JeanOrleans Co, NY, USA5751Download Chart
SuttonJoanna 5751Download Chart
SuttonJohnMohawk Valley, NY, USA5751Download Chart
SuttonPeter W.Warren Co, NJ, USA5751Download Chart
SuttonSarah Ann 5871Download Chart
SuttonSaray Ann 5871Download Chart
SwanAnnEngland11915Download Chart
SwanAsie 1198Download Chart
SwanDebora 1198Download Chart
SwanDeborahMethune, MS, USA1198Download Chart
SwanElizabeth 11915Download Chart
SwanRichardEngland11915Download Chart
SwanRobert 11915Download Chart
SwayzeBarnabasSouthold, NY, USA1961Download Chart
SwayzeCatharine 1961Download Chart
SwayzeJohnprob Wales1961Download Chart
SwayzeJosephMorris Co, NJ, USA1961Download Chart
SwayzeJoseph 1961Download Chart
SwayzeJudge SamuelLong Island, NY, USA1961Download Chart
SwayzeJudge SamuelLong Island, NY, USA1962Download Chart
SwayzeMargaretSussex Co, NJ, USA1961Download Chart
SwayzeMary 1961Download Chart
SwayzePenelope 1961Download Chart
SwayzePenelope 1962Download Chart
Swaze/SwayzeSarahNJ, USA5751Download Chart
Swaze/SwayzeSarahNJ, USA5752Download Chart
Swaze/SwayzeSarahNJ, USA5753Download Chart
SwazeyIsreal 5753Download Chart
SwazeyRuth 5753Download Chart
SweetBenjamin 6532Download Chart
SweetErnest E.Wayne Co, MI, USA6532Download Chart
SweetIda May 6532Download Chart
SweetMarthia 6532Download Chart
SweetMuriel DeweyDetroit, MI, USA6532Download Chart
SweetRosina Monroe 6532Download Chart
SweetSolomonChestershire, NY, USA6532Download Chart
SwensonJohannes 7352Download Chart
SwensonMaria Elizabeth 7352Download Chart
SwensonSelmaSweden7352Download Chart
TaggettAbram CastleLitchfield Co, CT, USA6231Download Chart
TaggettEsther May 6231Download Chart
TaggettEsther May 6234Download Chart
TaggettHannah Crocker 6231Download Chart
TaggettIsaac NewtonOakland Co, MI, USA6231Download Chart
TaggettLovedy Vorah 6231Download Chart
TaggettOlive 6231Download Chart
TaggettRobertIreland6231Download Chart
TaggettVernon NewtonTuscola Co, MI, USA6231Download Chart
TaggettVernon NewtonTuscola Co, MI, USA6234Download Chart
TanneyVerna Vera 5581Download Chart
TatumAnn W.VA, USA6041Download Chart
TayerJoane 11923Download Chart
TayerJoane 11926Download Chart
TayerJohn/Edward 11923Download Chart
TayerJohn/Edward 11926Download Chart
TayerKatherine 11923Download Chart
TayerKatherine 11926Download Chart
TaylorAnn 11936Download Chart
TaylorAnn Melissa 7021Download Chart
TaylorHiramRutland Co, VT, USA7021Download Chart
TaylorJohn 7021Download Chart
TaylorLeviHartford Co, CT, USA7021Download Chart
TaylorLydia 7021Download Chart
TaylorMary 11936Download Chart
TaylorMelissa AnnRutland Co, VT, USA7021Download Chart
TaylorPrudence 7021Download Chart
TaylorRhoda 7021Download Chart
TaylorTimothyHartford Co, CT, USA7021Download Chart
TaylorWilliam 11936Download Chart
TeachoutHenrietta AlcebeVan Buron Co, MI, USA6921Download Chart
TeatsCatherine A.Macomb Co, MI, USA7001Download Chart
TeatsEdward 7001Download Chart
TeatsHarriot 7001Download Chart
TeunisenCornelisKings Co, NY, USA5513Download Chart
TeunisenNeeltje 5513Download Chart
ThayerCecilyGloucester, England11923Download Chart
ThayerCecilyGloucester, England11926Download Chart
ThayerCharlesNY, USA7361Download Chart
ThayerCharles E.NY, USA7361Download Chart
ThayerElla M. 7361Download Chart
ThayerSarahVT, USA7361Download Chart
ThayerSarah ElizabethTuscola Co, MI, USA7361Download Chart
ThomasElizabethPA, USA5534Download Chart
ThomasLucyMonroe Co, NY, USA5111Download Chart
ThompsonAaronWinterton, England5841Download Chart
ThompsonCaleb StrongNorthborough, MA, USA5121Download Chart
ThompsonClarenda 5121Download Chart
ThompsonDorcas 5461Download Chart
ThompsonElsie 5821Download Chart
ThompsonGrace CeliaSt. Clair Co, MI, USA6923Download Chart
ThompsonJennie Louisa 6923Download Chart
ThompsonLucyGratiot Co, MI, USA7231Download Chart
ThompsonMaryNew Haven Co, CT, USA1471Download Chart
ThompsonMary AnnSkugog Island, Canada5841Download Chart
ThompsonNaomiSkugog Island, Canada5841Download Chart
ThompsonNelsonSombra, Canada6923Download Chart
ThompsonSusanGrand Blanc, MI, USA5121Download Chart
ThornAbigailDutchess Co, NY, USA11937Download Chart
ThurberBenjaminBristol Co, RI, USA1198Download Chart
ThurberElizabeth 1198Download Chart
ThurberJefferson GageCheshire Co, NH, USA1198Download Chart
ThurberMary Bartlett 1198Download Chart
ThurberSamuel HalletCheshire Co, NH, USA1198Download Chart
ThurberSamuel WilsonNewport Co, RI, USA1198Download Chart
ThurberSarah 1198Download Chart
ThurberSarah 1198Download Chart
TindallJosephNJ, USA6351Download Chart
TindallPatience 6351Download Chart
TindallPhoebe AnnBurlington Co, NJ, USA6351Download Chart
TiteraMary 5961Download Chart
TiteraRoselieBejken, Bohemia5961Download Chart
TiteraWencil 5961Download Chart
TiteraWencil/Vaclay 5961Download Chart
ToddJaneScotland6651Download Chart
TolerCynthia H.TN, USA7375Download Chart
TorrJennie LouisaChatam, Ontario, Canada6923Download Chart
TorrMargaret 6923Download Chart
TorrWilliam 6923Download Chart
TorreyMary 6433Download Chart
TowleBetsyChichester, NH, USA5121Download Chart
TownsendChristopherNY, USA7491Download Chart
TownsendMaranda 7491Download Chart
TownsendPhebe AnnNY, USA7491Download Chart
TozierSusan 5111Download Chart
TreatMary 7431Download Chart
TreatOrin B. 7431Download Chart
TreatVictoria AdelaideWashtenaw Co, MI, USA7431Download Chart
TremblayCecilia 5691Download Chart
TremblayLouis/Guillaume 5691Download Chart
TremblayVictoria 5691Download Chart
Tricho/TricaudCatalyntieParis, France11938Download Chart
Tricho/TricaudJeromeFrance11938Download Chart
TrimCharles 5535Download Chart
TrimEmily 5535Download Chart
TrimEmily ThomasPerson Co, NC, USA5535Download Chart
TrimMargaret 5535Download Chart
TrimRobertNC, USA5535Download Chart
TrimThomasPerson Co, NC, USA5535Download Chart
TriscoCatalyntieNetherlands5515Download Chart
TriscoJeronomus 5515Download Chart
TrombleyAlice A.Macomb Co, MI, USA5691Download Chart
TrombleyMargaret 5691Download Chart
TrombleyPaulMacomb Co, MI, USA5691Download Chart
Troupe/ThroupeBillingsEngland6924Download Chart
Troupe/ThroupeHannah 6924Download Chart
Troupe/ThroupeSarahMA, USA6924Download Chart
TrumbarLavina 6921Download Chart
TubafieldSusan 6232Download Chart
TuckerCina Caroline 7375Download Chart
TuckerElizabethTN, USA7375Download Chart
TuckerWesley W., Sr.VA, USA7375Download Chart
TunisonC.Somerset Co, NJ, USA5513Download Chart
TunisonDeborahSomerset Co, NJ, USA5512Download Chart
TunisonDeborah 5512Download Chart
TunisonDeborah 5513Download Chart
TunisonPhilipSomerset Co, NJ, USA5512Download Chart
TunisonPhilipSomerset Co, NJ, USA5513Download Chart
TunisonRebecca 5513Download Chart
TurberfieldSusanna 5873Download Chart
TurnerBenjaminCo, York, Eng.975Download Chart
TurnerGeorgeCo, York, England971Download Chart
TurnerGeorgeCo, York, England975Download Chart
TurnerGeorgeCo, York, England976Download Chart
TurnerJohn I.NY, USA6432Download Chart
TurnerMargaret 6432Download Chart
TurnerSarahCo, York, England971Download Chart
TurnerSarah 971Download Chart
TurnerSarah 975Download Chart
TurnerSarah 975Download Chart
TurnerSarah 976Download Chart
TurnerSusanNY, USA6431Download Chart
TurnerSusanNY, USA6432Download Chart
TurnerSusanNY, USA6433Download Chart
TurneyBenjamin 6232Download Chart
TurneyMary 6232Download Chart
TurneyMary 6232Download Chart
TurneySarah 5872Download Chart
TuttleClarissa 6231Download Chart
TuttleLovedy VorahOakland Co, MI, USA6231Download Chart
TuttlePardy Allen 6231Download Chart
Twork(in)AnnaPutzig, Germany4901Download Chart
Twork(in)AnnaPutzig, Germany4902Download Chart
UdellJaneAlbany Co, NY, USA1951Download Chart
UdellLionel 1951Download Chart
UdellNancy 1951Download Chart
UffordEliz. 5872Download Chart
UffordElizabeth 5872Download Chart
UffordIsabel 5874Download Chart
UffordJohnEssex, England5873Download Chart
UffordMartha 5873Download Chart
UffordSamuel, Lt.New Haven Co, CT, USA5872Download Chart
UffordThomasEngland5874Download Chart
UllmanMaria MargaretheBavaria6221Download Chart
UptonAbigail 6433Download Chart
UptonCatherine 6432Download Chart
UptonEbenezerMiddlesex Co, MA, USA6432Download Chart
UptonJoseph 6433Download Chart
UptonJosiahBedford, MA, USA6432Download Chart
UptonJosiahBedford, MA, USA6433Download Chart
UptonSarahFranklin Co, MA, USA6432Download Chart
UptonSarahFranklin Co, MA, USA6433Download Chart
UptonSarah 6433Download Chart
Urban--Germany6671Download Chart
UrbanDaniel JacksonLauderdale Co, AL, USA6671Download Chart
UrbanLola Sirvirginia 6671Download Chart
UrbanMary IreneLawrence Co, TN, USA6671Download Chart
Vale/VahlTheresaPrussia6221Download Chart
Van AttenBenjamin 4361Download Chart
Van AttenElizabethMt. Morris, MI, USA4361Download Chart
Van AttenElizabeth 4361Download Chart
VanAtterCeliaMacomb Co, MI, USA5693Download Chart
VanAtterHenryRomeo, MI, USA5693Download Chart
VanAtterJulia 5691Download Chart
VanAtterJulia 5693Download Chart
VanAtterLucyMI, USA5691Download Chart
VanAtterLucyMI, USA5693Download Chart
VanAtterMargaretNY, USA6432Download Chart
VanAtterRichardMI, USA5691Download Chart
VanAtterRichardMI, USA5693Download Chart
VanCampenEmaline 5751Download Chart
VanCampenHermanNJ, USA5751Download Chart
VanCampenJennyOakland Co, MI, USA5751Download Chart
VanceAnn Marie 4151Download Chart
VanderbeeckFemmetjeNew Amsterdam, NY, USA11938Download Chart
VanderbeeckJanNetherlands/Germany11938Download Chart
VanderbeeckJannetje 11938Download Chart
VanderbeeckRem JansenNetherlands/Germany11938Download Chart
VanHoeclumErwertjenNetherlands11940Download Chart
VanHoeclumGerritNetherlands11940Download Chart
VanHoeclumMargaret 11940Download Chart
VanHoltheArendieNetherlands11940Download Chart
VanHoltheFoysche, Mrs. 11940Download Chart
VanHoltheHenrickNetherlands11940Download Chart
VanStoneBarbara L.Detroit, MI, USA6532Download Chart
VanStoneMuriel, Mrs. 6532Download Chart
VanStoneR. DonaldDetroit, MI, USA6532Download Chart
VanVechtenMary 1193Download Chart
VanVechtenMary 1197Download Chart
VanWagonerAnna Caroline, Mrs. 6351Download Chart
VanWagonerEtta J., Mrs. 6351Download Chart
VanWagonerJacobNY, USA6351Download Chart
VanWagonerPhiloSaratoga Co, NY, USA6351Download Chart
VanWagonerPhilo DanielIda Co, IA, USA6351Download Chart
VanWagonerPhilo OrlandoOakland Co, MI, USA6351Download Chart
VanWagonerPhilo WoodrowIda Grove, IA, USA6351Download Chart
VanWagonerPhoebe Ann, Mrs. 6351Download Chart
VanWagonerPhyllis W., Mrs. 6351Download Chart
VanWagonerPolly, Mrs. 6351Download Chart
VanWormerCornelius 4001Download Chart
VanWormerDorisGenesee Co, MI, USA4001Download Chart
VanWormerEthel May, Mrs. 4001Download Chart
VanWormerEura, Mrs. 4001Download Chart
VanWormerFrank J. 4001Download Chart
VanWormerL. MonroeTuscola Co, MI, USA4001Download Chart
VanWormerLydia A., Mrs. 4001Download Chart
VanWormerMary Ann, Mrs. 4001Download Chart
VanWormerMax C.Tuscola Co, MI, USA4001Download Chart
VargoGeorge 7373Download Chart
VargoMary, Mrs. 7373Download Chart
VarnumHannah 6433Download Chart
VenHeerdenJanNetherlands11943Download Chart
VinsonSarahSalem, MA, USA977Download Chart
VinsonSarah, Mrs.England977Download Chart
VinsonWilliamEngland977Download Chart
VonckCatharineLong Island, NY, USA11942Download Chart
VonckCorneliusSouthampton, NY, USA11942Download Chart
VonckMadeline, Mrs. 11942Download Chart
VonckMargaretNetherlands11940Download Chart
VossElizabeth 7372Download Chart
VossJohann 7431Download Chart
VossWilhelimine Caroline FriederlikePommerania, Prussia7431Download Chart
VrazoCharles TimWayne, MI, USA7373Download Chart
VrazoChristine, Mrs. 7373Download Chart
VrazoJohn, Jr.East Chicago, IN,7373Download Chart
VrazoJohn, Sr.Tarna Mare, Romania7373Download Chart
VrazoMaria, Mrs. 7373Download Chart
VrazoMary E., Mrs. 7373Download Chart
WadkinsElizabethVA, USA5535Download Chart
WagenaarJanNetherlands5432Download Chart
WagenaarJohannaUtrech, Netherlands5432Download Chart
WagenaarUtje, Mrs. 5432Download Chart
WaitCelesita A. 4001Download Chart
WaiteAbigail 7071Download Chart
WalkerAnn MelissaRutland Co, VT, USA7021Download Chart
WalkerJohnGermany4901Download Chart
WalkerJohnPA or MI, USA4903Download Chart
WalkerLewis 7021Download Chart
WalkerMargaretNew Burnswick, Canada4131Download Chart
WalkerMary 5435Download Chart
WalkerMary AnnPA, USA4901Download Chart
WalkerMary AnnDetroit, MI, USA4903Download Chart
WalkerSarah, Mrs. 7021Download Chart
WalkerSusanIreland6132Download Chart
WallaceAgnes 3026Download Chart
WallaceAlexanderOxford Twp.,Ontario, Canada3021Download Chart
WallaceAlexanderMidlothian, Scotland3026Download Chart
WallaceAlexanderOxford Twp.,Ontario, Canada3026Download Chart
WallaceAlexanderOxford Twp.,Ontario, Canada3027Download Chart
WallaceAnna Louise, Mrs. 3021Download Chart
WallaceAnna Louise, Mrs. 3026Download Chart
WallaceAnna Louise, Mrs. 3027Download Chart
WallaceBruceOxford Twp.,Ontario, Canada3021Download Chart
WallaceFrances 5211Download Chart
WallaceIsabel, Mrs. 3026Download Chart
WallaceJanet MargaretSaginaw Co, MI, USA3021Download Chart
WallaceMargaret, Mrs. 3021Download Chart
WallaceWilliamPeebleshire, England3026Download Chart
WalshHannahIreland2721Download Chart
WaltonPermeliaTN, USA7375Download Chart
WardAlexander 5875Download Chart
WardAnn 5874Download Chart
WarnerHarrietBrookfield, CT USA7101Download Chart
WarrenSamantha 2701Download Chart
WarrenSarah PaulinaWoodstock, VT, USA5434Download Chart
Warren Sarah PaulinaVanBuren Co, MI, USA5435Download Chart
WashburnMargaret 5535Download Chart
WashburnRichard 5535Download Chart
WaterhouseHenry 7352Download Chart
WaterhouseMaryMI, USA7352Download Chart
WaterhouseMary, Mrs. 7352Download Chart
WatersJaneCo. York, England973Download Chart
WatersMargaretCo. York, England973Download Chart
WatsonElizabeth, Mrs. 976Download Chart
WatsonMaryCo. York, England976Download Chart
WatsonRobertCo. York, England976Download Chart
WatsonSarahHartford Co, CT, USA5112Download Chart
WatsonSarahHartford Co, CT, USA5113Download Chart
WayElizabeth, Mrs. 5874Download Chart
WayGeorge I. 5874Download Chart
WayGeorge II 5874Download Chart
WayGeorge III 5873Download Chart
WayLydia, Mrs. 5873Download Chart
WayMary 5872Download Chart
WaySusannah, Mrs. 5874Download Chart
WayneAnna MaeSnyder Co, PA, USA6391Download Chart
WayneJohnPA, USA6392Download Chart
WayneSusan, Mrs. 6392Download Chart
Wayne Anna MaeSnyder Co, PA, USA6392Download Chart
WeaverAlminaCanada5821Download Chart
WeaverElsie, Mrs. 5821Download Chart
WeaverWilliamCanada5821Download Chart
WebsterBetsey, Mrs. 6391Download Chart
WebsterCalvin Price 6391Download Chart
WebsterEliza MarieOakland Co, MI, USA6391Download Chart
WebsterHannahNJ, USA3871Download Chart
WebsterMary AnnCA, USA7491Download Chart
WeeksAbigail 6233Download Chart
WeeksJane, Mrs. 6443Download Chart
WeeksJohnBarnstable Co, MA, USA6233Download Chart
WeeksMargaretNJ, USA6311Download Chart
WeeksMary AnnEngland6442Download Chart
WeeksMary AnnEngland6443Download Chart
WeeksMary, Mrs. 6233Download Chart
WeeksMehatible, Mrs. 6233Download Chart
WeeksMercy, Mrs. 6233Download Chart
WeeksRobertDevon, England6442Download Chart
WeeksRobertDevon, England6443Download Chart
WeeksWilliamFalmouth, MA, USA6233Download Chart
WeeksWilliam 6233Download Chart
WehnerAnna AmeliaBerlin, Germany5451Download Chart
WeingartnerAmalia MargueriteEssex Co, NJ, USA5538Download Chart
WeingartnerAntonGermany5538Download Chart
WeingartnerAugusta, Mrs. 5538Download Chart
WeingartnerFrankGermany5538Download Chart
WeingartnerMarguerite, Mrs. 5538Download Chart
WeirMargaret 991Download Chart
WellingClara IsabellaSumpter, MI, USA4361Download Chart
WellingElizabeth, Mrs. 4361Download Chart
WellingHubertPrussia4361Download Chart
WellingMary, Mrs. 4361Download Chart
WellingMathias HenricusPrussia4361Download Chart
WellsAlice, Mrs.England5875Download Chart
WellsEliz. (Bourne)England5873Download Chart
WellsElizabethFairfield Co, CT, USA5874Download Chart
WellsRobert 5875Download Chart
Wells ElizabethWashington Co, RI, USA7281Download Chart
WelshEllen, Mrs. 6491Download Chart
WelshJoanna LouisaChicago, IL, USA6491Download Chart
WelshJohanna, Mrs. 6491Download Chart
WelshMartinKildare, Ireland6491Download Chart
WelshNicholasWestchester Co, NY, USA6491Download Chart
WelshSarah 4001Download Chart
WernerJulienne 7352Download Chart
WerthRegina 7001Download Chart
WestAlida, Mrs. 6511Download Chart
WestBertha ViolaIndependence, KS, USA6511Download Chart
WestHarold FrancisDecatur, IL, USA6511Download Chart
WestJaneDevon, England6443Download Chart
WestendorfLouise M. 7551Download Chart
WhartonAnn, Mrs. 973Download Chart
WhartonEllinCo. York, England973Download Chart
WhartonMargaret, Mrs. 973Download Chart
WhartonThomasCo. York, England973Download Chart
WhartonWilliamCo. York, England973Download Chart
Wheat/WheelerDeborah 6433Download Chart
WheeleyElizabeth, Mrs. 5535Download Chart
WheeleyEmily Thomas, Mrs. 5535Download Chart
WheeleyJulius C. FranklinNC, USA5535Download Chart
WheeleyLela FrancisPerson Co, NC, USA5534Download Chart
WheeleyLela Francis 5535Download Chart
WheeleyMildred Ellen, Mrs. 5535Download Chart
WheeleyNancy, Mrs. 5535Download Chart
WheeleyObadiah BlalockNC, USA5535Download Chart
WheeleyPhillipNC, USA5535Download Chart
WheeleyWilliamNC, USA5535Download Chart
WhelanEllenIreland2721Download Chart
WhelpleyJohn 6232Download Chart
WhelpleyRebecca 6232Download Chart
WhelpleyRebecca, Mrs. 6232Download Chart
WhetmanElizabeth 5875Download Chart
WhiteAlma, Mrs. 1951Download Chart
WhiteAsahelNJ, USA1951Download Chart
WhiteFrances E.TN, USA7375Download Chart
WhiteFrances OpheliaEckford, MI, USA1951Download Chart
WhiteGeorge FranklinOntario, Canada1951Download Chart
WhiteJane, Mrs. 1951Download Chart
WhiteLucinda 7552Download Chart
WhiteMargaretPeebleshire, Scotland30212Download Chart
WhitechurchLee 11918Download Chart
WhitechurchMargaret Lee 11918Download Chart
WhiteheadSusan 7071Download Chart
WhyteJohnPeebleshire, Scotland30212Download Chart
WhyteMargrat, Mrs. 30212Download Chart
WieseDorathaDetroit, MI, USA7372Download Chart
WieseDorothea 7372Download Chart
WieseFranz 7372Download Chart
WilcoxsonEliz.Fairfield Co, CT, USA5872Download Chart
WilcoxsonEliz., Mrs. 5873Download Chart
WilcoxsonJohn 5873Download Chart
WilcoxsonJohnprob. St. Albans5875Download Chart
WilcoxsonMargaret, Mrs. 5874Download Chart
WilcoxsonWilliamEngland5874Download Chart
WildmanAnnIngleton, England7371Download Chart
WildmanJoanna 6231Download Chart
WildmanJoanna 6232Download Chart
WildprettErnestinePrussia7001Download Chart
WildprettMartin 7001Download Chart
WildprettRegina, Mrs. 7001Download Chart
WilkeLuisa WilhelminaPrussia6501Download Chart
WilkersonAnna Maria, Mrs. 6031Download Chart
WilkersonJohnMD, USA6031Download Chart
WilkersonNancy JaneRandolph Co, IN, USA6031Download Chart
WillertAdolphus Carl FrederickRatzburg, Germany7231Download Chart
WillertJoanna, Mrs. 7231Download Chart
WillertJohann Christina Ernst 7231Download Chart
WillertLouise, Mrs. 7231Download Chart
WillertMaryGratiot Co, MI, USA7231Download Chart
WilletsDeborah 3871Download Chart
WilletsJoseph 3871Download Chart
WilletsSarahSussex Co, NJ, USA3871Download Chart
WilletsSarah, Mrs. 3871Download Chart
WilliamsCina CarolineVA, USA7375Download Chart
WilliamsElizabethFairfield Co, CT, USA5872Download Chart
WilliamsElizabeth 6443Download Chart
WilliamsHester/Esther, Mrs. 5872Download Chart
WilliamsJohn 6443Download Chart
WilliamsRuth, Mrs. 5873Download Chart
WilliamsThomas 5873Download Chart
WilliamsThomas, Jr. 5872Download Chart
WilliamsonJoannaWarren Co, NJ, USA5751Download Chart
WilliamsonWilliamSomerset Co, NJ, USA1193Download Chart
WillsonDeborah, Mrs. 3871Download Chart
WillsonDeborah, Mrs. 3871Download Chart
WillsonJaneWarren Co, NJ, USA3871Download Chart
WillsonMahlonWarren Co, NJ, USA3871Download Chart
WillsonSamuelNJ, USA3871Download Chart
WillsonSamuel 3871Download Chart
WilsonC.Thomas 1951Download Chart
WilsonElizabeth, Mrs.Ireland6131Download Chart
WilsonFrances 6433Download Chart
WilsonFrances Ann, Mrs. 1951Download Chart
WilsonFrances, Mrs. 6311Download Chart
WilsonHamiltonIreland6311Download Chart
WilsonIsabelleOakland Co, MI, USA6131Download Chart
WilsonJames 6311Download Chart
WilsonPatience, Mrs. 6433Download Chart
WilsonSarahMiddlesex Co, MA, USA6433Download Chart
WilsonSarah J., Mrs. 6311Download Chart
WilsonUnaGenesee Co, MI, USA6311Download Chart
WilsonWalterIreland6131Download Chart
WiltsieElizabeth 7232Download Chart
WiltsieElizabeth, Mrs. 7232Download Chart
WiltsieJeremiah 7232Download Chart
WiltsieJohnMarcellus, NY, USA7232Download Chart
WiltsieMary, Mrs. 7232Download Chart
WiltsiePolly, Mrs. 7232Download Chart
WiltsieThomasDutchess Co. , NY, USA7232Download Chart
WinesAnna 1962Download Chart
WinesBarnabasLong Island, NY, USA1962Download Chart
WinesMary, Mrs. 1962Download Chart
WinesSarah 1962Download Chart
WinmannSophia 5541Download Chart
WinnieIdaMecosta Co, MI, USA6921Download Chart
WinnieJamesNY, USA6921Download Chart
WinnieMary, Mrs. 6921Download Chart
WinstonElizabeth 1471Download Chart
WinstonElizabeth 1472Download Chart
WischnowskiAnnaDetroit, MI, USA7001Download Chart
WischnowskiCharlesWest Prussia7001Download Chart
WischnowskiFriedrika, Mrs. 7001Download Chart
WithunMathildaNiagara Co, NY, USA6521Download Chart
WolcottPhebe, Mrs. 1471Download Chart
WolcottWilliam 1471Download Chart
WolgerKatrinaGermany7091Download Chart
WoltertonStephen 5113Download Chart
WoltertonSusannaSuffolk Co. , England5113Download Chart
WoltertonSusanna, Mrs. 5113Download Chart
WoodAdeline 7231Download Chart
WoodAdeline 7232Download Chart
WoodGrace Celia, Mrs. 6923Download Chart
WoodHarry CorneliusDetroit, MI, USA6923Download Chart
WoodJamesGratiot Co, MI, USA7231Download Chart
WoodJamesGratiot Co, MI, USA7232Download Chart
WoodMuriel GraceDetroit, MI, USA6923Download Chart
WoodRachel, Mrs. 6923Download Chart
WoodSarah ElizaNY, USA7231Download Chart
WoodSusie Mary, Mrs. 6923Download Chart
WoodWilliamLivingston Co, MI, USA6923Download Chart
WoodWilliam 6923Download Chart
WoodrorkeMary 5875Download Chart
WoodruffAlma 7552Download Chart
WoodruffElizabeth, Mrs. 6311Download Chart
WoodruffEsther, Mrs. 7552Download Chart
WoodruffEthel Mary, Mrs. 6311Download Chart
WoodruffGeorge RileyOakland Co, MI, USA6311Download Chart
WoodruffIsaiah 7552Download Chart
WoodruffJerome HamiltonClinton Co, MI, USA6311Download Chart
WoodruffMargaret EllenWexford Co, MI, USA6311Download Chart
WoodruffRiley JeromeBroome Co, NY USA6311Download Chart
WoodruffSophronia W., Mrs. 6311Download Chart
WoodruffUna, Mrs. 6311Download Chart
WoodruffWooster B.England6311Download Chart
WoodsFrances 7375Download Chart
WordenMary 5532Download Chart
WoudJanNetherlands5432Download Chart
WoudJantje, Mrs. 5432Download Chart
WoudJenetteKent Co, MI, USA5432Download Chart
WoudJohanna, Mrs. 5432Download Chart
WoudRein (Ray)Friesland, Netherlands5432Download Chart
WrigglesworthJosephCo. York, England974Download Chart
WrigglesworthMaryCo. York, England971Download Chart
WrigglesworthMaryCo. York, England973Download Chart
WrigglesworthMaryCo. York, England974Download Chart
WrigglesworthRachel, Mrs.Co. York, England974Download Chart
WrigglesworthSarah, Mrs. 974Download Chart
WrigglesworthWilliamCo. York, England974Download Chart
WulfElsieNY, USA7361Download Chart
WyattHepzibahFarmington, MA, USA5112Download Chart
WyethAnn 11936Download Chart
WyethHumphrey 11936Download Chart
WyethSusanna, Mrs. 11936Download Chart
WymanMelissa Ann, Mrs. 7021Download Chart
WymanMoses 7021Download Chart
WyondPhoebeEngland7221Download Chart
YarnellElizabeth, Mrs. 7041Download Chart
YarnellJasper 7041Download Chart
YarnellJoseph BartonGrundy Co, IL, USA7041Download Chart
YarnellLaura Elizabeth, Mrs. 7041Download Chart
YarnellMargaret, Mrs. 7041Download Chart
YarnellRuby ElizabethCadillac, MI, USA7041Download Chart
YarnellSamuelFayette Co, PA, USA7041Download Chart
YarnsEuniceLucerne Co, PA, USA5561Download Chart
YarnsEuniceLucerne Co, PA, USA5562Download Chart
YarnsJane, Mrs. 5562Download Chart
YarnsNathan Sr.NY, USA5562Download Chart
YorkHannahEngland7491Download Chart
YoungElizabeth 11935Download Chart
YoungFrances AnnOakland Co, MI, USA1951Download Chart
YoungFrances Ludle, Mrs. 1951Download Chart
YoungFrances Ophelia, Mrs. 1951Download Chart
YoungJanie, Mrs. 1951Download Chart
YoungJohnAberdeen, Scotland1951Download Chart
YoungJohn MorrisonFrenaugh Co, Ireland1951Download Chart
YoungMilton L.Eckford, MI, USA1951Download Chart
YoungRobertSt. Davids11935Download Chart
YoungRobertIreland1951Download Chart
YoungSusan, Mrs. 1951Download Chart
YoungloveHannahIpswich, MA, USA977Download Chart
YoungloveMargaret, Mrs.England977Download Chart
YoungloveSamuelEngland977Download Chart
ZahnBarbara, Mrs. 6234Download Chart
ZahnGodfreySchwargen on the Salle, Germany6234Download Chart
ZahnMary AnnIL, USA6234Download Chart
ZangCharles Conrad 7352Download Chart
ZangFrancesLancaster Co, PA, USA7352Download Chart
ZangSarah Elizabeth, Mrs. 7352Download Chart
ZeitlerBarbaraGrossneau, Bavaria6234Download Chart
ZienertClarence 7001Download Chart
ZienertCorinne Ann, Mrs. 7001Download Chart
ZivnaRosalia 5961Download Chart
ZivnaRosalia 5961Download Chart
ZivneyAlice Grace, Mrs. 5961Download Chart
ZivneyEstella HarlenOregon City, Clkackamas, OR, USA5961Download Chart
ZivneyEstella HarlenClackamas Co, OR, USA5961Download Chart
ZivneyJosephBejken, Bohemia5961Download Chart
ZivneyJosephBejken, Bohemia5961Download Chart
ZivneyRichard JamesManitowoc Co., WI, USA5961Download Chart
ZivneyRichard JamesManitowoc Co, WI, USA5961Download Chart
ZivneyRosalie, Mrs. 5961Download Chart
ZivneyWenzl/Vaclav 5961Download Chart
ZivnyRosalia 5961Download Chart
ZivnyWenzl 5961Download Chart
ZornMaria Friedricke 3029Download Chart