Oakland County Genealogical Society

Oakland County, Michigan

For a number of years, the Oakland County Genealogical Society solicited pedigree charts from our members. Names from the charts were extracted and published in a series of Surname Books. Researchers referred to the information in the Surname Books to contact the party who submitted the chart. In recent years, copies of the charts or the information on them have been shared with researchers who submit queries for matching names. These names are not limited to Oakland County, they represent ancestors of all the people who submitted a chart.

It is important to note that this information was submitted beginning in the early 1980's and it is not possible to contact many of those who generously submitted data from their personal research. Because we believe that the information on the charts may provide clues for those conducting ongoing research on the names listed, the Society began a project to transcribe and post an index of each book on our website. For more information on the the surname charts and this index follow this link.

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To see information on those who contributed this information, look here.

OCGS cannot guarantee the accuracy of this data. We suggest contacting the submitter to share information and sources if that is possible. If contact information is not available by following the link below, we do not have any more information. Please use the information contained in these charts as clues in your research process.

Surname Book Two Index

LastFirstLocationOCGS#Chart#Access Chjart
?Sarah 3338Download Chart
?MatildaEngland19635Download Chart
?MatildaScotland19635Download Chart
?MatildaScotland19637Download Chart
AbbeHepsibahEssex, MA, USA34316Download Chart
AbbeJohnEngland34316Download Chart
AbbeMary, Mrs. 34316Download Chart
AbbeMary, Mrs. 34316Download Chart
AbbeSamuelEssex ,MA, USA34316Download Chart
AcerCharlotte Clark, Mrs. 3661Download Chart
AcerDavid Adams 3661Download Chart
AcerDorothy Mae, Mrs. 3661Download Chart
AcerKate, Mrs. 3661Download Chart
AcerSarah, Mrs. 3661Download Chart
AcerV. A.NY, USA3661Download Chart
AcerVictor AdnaNY, USA3661Download Chart
AcerVirginiaCA, USA3661Download Chart
AcerVolneyAlonzoNY, USA3661Download Chart
AcieElizabethEssex, MA, USA1193Download Chart
AcieJohn 1193Download Chart
Acie/AceyWilliam 1193Download Chart
AckermanAbraham 3941Download Chart
AckermanAntie, Mrs. 9225Download Chart
AckermanMartha JaneNJ, USA3941Download Chart
AdamsAbigail, Mrs. 5410Download Chart
AdamsDanielNJ, USA2664Download Chart
AdamsEdwardFairfield, CT, USA9218Download Chart
AdamsElizabeth BarbaraDent, MO, USA291Download Chart
AdamsElizabeth, Mrs. 322Download Chart
AdamsElizabeth, Mrs. 2945Download Chart
AdamsFannyAllegheny, NY, USA321Download Chart
AdamsFannyAllegheny, NY, USA322Download Chart
AdamsGandaFairfield, CT, USA924Download Chart
AdamsGandaFairfield, CT, USA9217Download Chart
AdamsGandaFairfield, CT, USA9218Download Chart
AdamsHannahHartford, CT, USA5410Download Chart
AdamsHannah, Mrs. 2664Download Chart
AdamsJohnWindham, CT, USA322Download Chart
AdamsJohn 5410Download Chart
AdamsJohnNJ, USA2664Download Chart
AdamsJohnNJ, USA2664Download Chart
AdamsJohnPatrick, VA, USA2945Download Chart
AdamsJoseph 322Download Chart
AdamsJoseph, Jr.Norfolk, MA, USA322Download Chart
AdamsJoshuaVA, USA2945Download Chart
AdamsJulia AnnNJ, USA2661Download Chart
AdamsJulia AnnNJ, USA2663Download Chart
AdamsJulia AnnNJ, USA2664Download Chart
AdamsLt. John 3306Download Chart
AdamsLucy Ann, Mrs. 2945Download Chart
AdamsMargaret, Mrs. 2664Download Chart
AdamsMarkNJ, USA2664Download Chart
AdamsMary 9218Download Chart
AdamsMary Cowen, Mrs. 2664Download Chart
AdamsMary, Mrs. 322Download Chart
AdamsMary, Mrs. 9218Download Chart
AdamsNathan 9218Download Chart
AdamsOlive 3306Download Chart
AdamsRachel, Mrs. 322Download Chart
AdamsSamuelWindham, CT, USA322Download Chart
AdamsSamuel GreenePatrick, VA, USA2945Download Chart
AdamsSarah , Mrs. 2664Download Chart
AdamsSarah ElizabethPatrick, VA, USA2945Download Chart
AdamsWearalty, Mrs. 322Download Chart
AdamsenBarbar 14915Download Chart
AddisonLaurie 3931Download Chart
AdriaensenAnnetjeAmsterdam, Holland1494Download Chart
AdriaensenAnnetjeAmsterdam, Holland14915Download Chart
AertssHevltien 13211Download Chart
Aethelerd II  19637Download Chart
Agatha Hungry19637Download Chart
Ahull/EcholAdamPhiladelphia, PA, USA3835Download Chart
Ahull/EcholMrs.Polly, Mrs. 3835Download Chart
Ahull/EcholSallie W.Jessimine, KY, USA3832Download Chart
Ahull/EcholSallie W.Jessimine, KY, USA3835Download Chart
Aide-CrequeCatherineQuebec, Canada1061Download Chart
AkkermanAaltjenBergen, NJ, USA926Download Chart
AkkermanAaltjenBergen, NJ, USA9225Download Chart
AkkermanAaltjenBergen, NJ, USA9226Download Chart
AkkermanAbraham 9226Download Chart
AkkermanAeltje, Mrs. 9226Download Chart
AkkermanGerret AbramseBergen, NJ, USA9226Download Chart
AkkermanJannetje, Mrs. 9226Download Chart
AlbertseFemmetje 1494Download Chart
AlbertseFmmetje 14915Download Chart
AlbrightMary Polly 2381Download Chart
AlexanderAmandaWayne, MI, USA927Download Chart
AlexanderAndrewKirkoswold, Scotland927Download Chart
AlexanderJane, Mrs. 927Download Chart
AlexanderJanet, Mrs. 927Download Chart
AlexanderJohnAyr, Scotland927Download Chart
AlexanderLydia AnnOntario, NY, USA921Download Chart
AlexanderLydia AnnOntario, NY, USA926Download Chart
AlexanderLydia AnnOntario, NY, USA927Download Chart
AlexanderWilliam 927Download Chart
AlfordMargaret 9216Download Chart
Alice of Burgundy  19635Download Chart
AllenAbigail, Mrs. 3337Download Chart
AllenAlfredOswego, NY, USA3431Download Chart
AllenAlfredOswego, NY, USA34318Download Chart
AllenAmosFranklin, MA, USA34318Download Chart
AllenBetsey, Mrs. 34318Download Chart
AllenEbenezer 3337Download Chart
AllenEdwardScotland33319Download Chart
AllenEdwardHartford, CT, USA34318Download Chart
AllenEdwardEssex, MA, USA34319Download Chart
AllenEdwardHartford, CT, USA34319Download Chart
AllenHarrietOakland, MI, USA3431Download Chart
AllenLydia P. , Mrs. 3431Download Chart
AllenLydia P. , Mrs. 34318Download Chart
AllenMartha, Mrs. 34318Download Chart
AllenMary 3032Download Chart
AllenMary 3337Download Chart
AllenMary G.SC, USA3211Download Chart
AllenMercy, Mrs. 34319Download Chart
AllenNancy Almanzy 2401Download Chart
AllenRebecca, Mrs. 34318Download Chart
AllenSarah, Mrs. 34319Download Chart
AllenSilvanusFranklin, MA, USA34318Download Chart
AllenSilvanusFranklin, MA, USA34318Download Chart
AmburnCatherineDavidson, NC, USA1907Download Chart
AmesCyprian, Mrs. 1232Download Chart
AmesHannahNorfolk, MA, USA1232Download Chart
AmesJohn 1232Download Chart
AmesJohnNorfolk, MA, USA1232Download Chart
AmesSarahPlymouth, MA, USA1231Download Chart
AmesSarahPlymouth, MA, USA1232Download Chart
AmesSarah, Mrs. 1232Download Chart
AmesWilliamSomerset, England1232Download Chart
AmmanAlbert CarlWayne, MI, USA3831Download Chart
AmmanBeverly GayleWayne, MI, USA3831Download Chart
AmmanEleanor Emma, Mrs. 3831Download Chart
AmmanIda, Mrs. 3831Download Chart
AmmanJohnGermany3831Download Chart
AmmermanLevinaPA, USA3611Download Chart
AndersdotterCajsaVarmland, Sweden4021Download Chart
AndersonElizabethBruce, Ontario, Canada3571Download Chart
AndersonJohnDown, Ireland3571Download Chart
AndersonMargaretDown, Ireland3571Download Chart
AnderssonAnders 4021Download Chart
AnderssonKari, Mrs. 4021Download Chart
AndrewsAnna, Mrs. 14916Download Chart
AndrewsFrancisFairfield, CT, USA14916Download Chart
AndrewsHepsaba/Hepzibaw 1964Download Chart
AndrewsJosephNorfolk, MA, USA1964Download Chart
AndrewsMaryEssex, England1391Download Chart
AndrewsMary, Mrs. 1391Download Chart
AndrewsMordecai 1391Download Chart
AndrewsRebecca 14916Download Chart
AndrewsThomas, Sir 1964Download Chart
AngelElizabeth, Mrs. 571Download Chart
AngelIsaac 571Download Chart
AngermanJohana C. I.Dallas, AR2451Download Chart
AngleAdelineWarren, NJ, USA11918Download Chart
AngleDavid 11918Download Chart
AngleRachel, Mrs. 11918Download Chart
AngleSarah RibbleCortland, NY, USA571Download Chart
AnjouGeoffrey V, Count 19635Download Chart
AnjouGeoffrey V. 19635Download Chart
AnjouKing of JerusalemJerusalem19635Download Chart
AnstrewMartha 549Download Chart
AntageChristiana 9240Download Chart
AntageJohn 9240Download Chart
AnthonyAlice 2821Download Chart
AppersonHarriet 1902Download Chart
AppersonPolly, Mrs. 1902Download Chart
AppersonWm Samuel 1902Download Chart
ArcandMarie Ann 1061Download Chart
ArcherAlice 1194Download Chart
ArdouinAnneQuebec, Canda1062Download Chart
ArdouinAnneQuebec, Canda1065Download Chart
ArmitageRebekahEssex, MA, USA241Download Chart
ArmstrongBetsey L., Mrs. 321Download Chart
ArmstrongMarintha AnnaMacomb, MI, USA321Download Chart
ArmstrongWilliamCanada321Download Chart
ArnoldJames Riley 3981Download Chart
ArnoldMary JaneEaton, MI, USA3981Download Chart
ArnoldPhoebe, Mrs. 3981Download Chart
ArnoldPrudence, Mrs. 3981Download Chart
ArnoldWillet CasieMonroe, NY, USA3981Download Chart
ArnoldtAnna B. 19646Download Chart
AshcraftAsenah 3271Download Chart
AshfieldMargaret 19617Download Chart
AshfieldMargaret 19618Download Chart
AshfieldRobert 19617Download Chart
AshleyCatherine B., Mrs. 2521Download Chart
AshleyCatherine B., Mrs. 2529Download Chart
AshleyNelson G.NY, USA2521Download Chart
AshleyNelson G.NY, USA2528Download Chart
AshleySara ElizabethWayne, MI, USA2521Download Chart
AshtonSusannaEaland, England11915Download Chart
AtchinsonAlmira 2741Download Chart
AthertonEdith, Mrs. 3821Download Chart
AthertonIvah OliveGenesee, MI, USA3821Download Chart
AthertonJames WardGenesee, MI, USA3821Download Chart
AthertonMary Ann, Mrs. 3821Download Chart
AthertonStephen H. 3821Download Chart
AtkinsAlice 14914Download Chart
AtkinsonJohnMiddlesex, MA, USA11912Download Chart
AtkinsonMiranda 254Download Chart
AtkinsonSarahEssex, MA, USA11912Download Chart
AtkinsonSarah, Mrs. 11912Download Chart
AtkinsonThomasMiddlesex, MA, USA11912Download Chart
AudleyElizabeth 3336Download Chart
AudleyHannah 3336Download Chart
AustinDavid H.MI, USA2381Download Chart
AustinElizaabeth 3337Download Chart
AustinEmily, Mrs. 1341Download Chart
AustinJaneLaSalle, IL, USA1341Download Chart
AustinNancy MariaOakland, MI, USA2381Download Chart
AustinNancy, Mrs. 2381Download Chart
AustinP J 1341Download Chart
AyerJaneOtsego, NY, USA2822Download Chart
AyerNathaniel 2821Download Chart
AyerNathaniel 2822Download Chart
AyerPeter 2821Download Chart
AyerPeter 2822Download Chart
Ayer/AyarPriscillaMontgomery, NY, USA2821Download Chart
BabcockHannahNJ, USA2661Download Chart
BachmanHarriet F.Oakland, MI, USA3201Download Chart
BadeauAnne, Mrs. 1062Download Chart
BadeauAnne, Mrs. 1065Download Chart
BadeauJacquesQuebec, Canada1062Download Chart
BadeauJacquesQuebec, Canada1065Download Chart
BadeauJeanne Beauport, Canada1062Download Chart
BadeauJeanne Beauport, Canada1065Download Chart
BagnallElizabeth 19622Download Chart
BagnallSymon 19622Download Chart
BaileyBenOakland, MI, USA3431Download Chart
BaileyCaroline, Mrs. 3431Download Chart
BaileyDoris LouiseOakland, MI, USA3431Download Chart
BaileyElmerOakland, MI, USA3431Download Chart
BaileyJessie May, Mrs. 3431Download Chart
BaileyLydia Ann 3771Download Chart
BaileyMelinda, Mrs. 3434Download Chart
BaileyRobertOakland, MI, USA3434Download Chart
BaileyWilliamOakland, MI, USA3431Download Chart
BaileyWilliamOakland, MI, USA3434Download Chart
BainDanielNC, USA2401Download Chart
BainElaine EdithGenesee, MI, USA2401Download Chart
BainEmily C., Mrs. 2401Download Chart
BainJamesFranklin, IL, USA2401Download Chart
BainJames Monroe 2401Download Chart
BainMaude Pearl, Mrs. 2401Download Chart
BainNancy Ann, Mrs. 2401Download Chart
BainRobert C.Genesee, MI, USA2401Download Chart
BakerAraminta, Mrs. 3661Download Chart
BakerCharles EugeneNE, USA3661Download Chart
BakerCharles RichardLenawee, MI, USA3301Download Chart
BakerEliza, Mrs. 3661Download Chart
BakerElla JaneHillsdale, MI, USA3301Download Chart
BakerHerman M.VT, USA, USA3661Download Chart
BakerLeonaCA, USA, USA3661Download Chart
BakerPhilenda, Mrs. 3301Download Chart
BakerPhoebe 361Download Chart
BalckCatherineNY, USA, USA3334Download Chart
BalckJacob 3334Download Chart
BalckSara, Mrs. 3334Download Chart
BallamCharlotteAllegheny, PA, USA2381Download Chart
BallamRichardEngland2381Download Chart
BallamSarah, Mrs. 2381Download Chart
BallardDonnell Ardell 2751Download Chart
BallardMary Frances, Mrs. 2751Download Chart
BallentineMartha M.Wayne, MI, USA1391Download Chart
BallingerMary 2664Download Chart
BaloteElnora 1491Download Chart
BangerterJohnErie, NY, USA3571Download Chart
BangerterJuliaWayne, MI, USA3571Download Chart
BangerterVerena, Mrs. 3571Download Chart
BanksMaryGenesee, MI, USA3305Download Chart
BanksMaryGenesee, MI, USA3306Download Chart
BanksMaryGenesee, MI, USA3307Download Chart
BanksMary Ann, Mrs. 3307Download Chart
BanksWright O.Oakland, MI, USA3307Download Chart
BantaMarijtje 926Download Chart
BarberJonathan 3306Download Chart
BarberPolly 3306Download Chart
BardwellErnald 19619Download Chart
BardwellRichill 19619Download Chart
BarlowAda SpencerCA, USA4061Download Chart
BarlowCharles B.CA, USA4061Download Chart
BarlowSerena, Mrs. 4061Download Chart
BarnardCharles 2944Download Chart
BarnardCharles 2945Download Chart
BarnardElizabeth, Mrs. 2944Download Chart
BarnardIsham, Sr.Patrick, VA, USA2944Download Chart
BarnardIsham, Sr.Patrick, VA, USA2945Download Chart
BarnardJamesPatrick, VA, USA2944Download Chart
BarnardLucy AnnSurry, NC, USA2945Download Chart
BarnardMaryEssex, England1392Download Chart
BarnardSarah AnnPatrick, VA, USA2943Download Chart
BarnardSarah AnnPatrick, VA, USA2944Download Chart
BarnardSarah, Mrs. 2944Download Chart
BarnardSarah, Mrs. 2945Download Chart
BarnesCatherineGates, NC, USA1905Download Chart
BarnesEliza 3661Download Chart
BarnesMiranda 3305Download Chart
BarorAnna Marie, Mrs. 3611Download Chart
BarorJosephAlcona, MI, USA3611Download Chart
BarorMaud LulaGenesee, MI, USA3611Download Chart
BarshamHannahNewton, MA, USA34315Download Chart
BarshamWilliam 34315Download Chart
BartholomewCatherine E., Mrs. 3801Download Chart
BartholomewEdna B.Butte, CA, USA3801Download Chart
BartholomewElizabeth, Mrs. 3801Download Chart
BartholomewFred S.Seward, NE, USA3801Download Chart
BartholomewLaura, Mrs. 3801Download Chart
BartholomewNoyes DanaIL, USA3801Download Chart
BartholomewSamuel DanaSeward,NE, USA3801Download Chart
BartlettAbigailEssex, MA, USA11910Download Chart
BartlettHannah, Mrs. 11910Download Chart
BartlettJudith, Mrs. 1191Download Chart
BartlettJudith, Mrs. 11910Download Chart
BartlettJudith, Mrs. 11911Download Chart
BartlettMaryMerrimac, NH, USA1191Download Chart
BartlettRachel, Mrs. 1191Download Chart
BartlettRachel, Mrs. 11911Download Chart
BartlettRichardEssex, MA, USA11910Download Chart
BartlettRichardEssex, MA, USA11910Download Chart
BartlettRichardEssex, MA, USA11910Download Chart
BartlettSamuel 1191Download Chart
BartlettSamuelEssex, MA, USA1191Download Chart
BartlettSamuelEssex, MA, USA11910Download Chart
BartlettSamuelEssex, MA, USA11911Download Chart
BartleyAlex H.St. Clair, MI, USA3611Download Chart
BartleyAnna MarieAlcona, MI, USA3611Download Chart
BartleyMargaret 3611Download Chart
BartlotteEdmundEngland11910Download Chart
BartonJoan, Mrs. 19632Download Chart
BartonJohn 19632Download Chart
BartonMaude, Mrs. 19632Download Chart
BartonThomas, Knight of 19632Download Chart
BartramSarah, Mrs. 9214Download Chart
BassAnnThaxted Essex, England1391Download Chart
BassAnnThaxted Essex, England1392Download Chart
BassetLady Oliva/Aliva 9232Download Chart
BassetLady Oliva/Aliva 9236Download Chart
BassetLady Oliva/Aliva 9242Download Chart
BassetPhilipWycombe Bucks, England9232Download Chart
BatsonNancy 3271Download Chart
BattersonPatience 3307Download Chart
BattersonRachael 3307Download Chart
Baugie/BaugyMadeleine, Mrs. 1065Download Chart
Baugie/BaugyMichelBeauport Quebec , Canada1065Download Chart
BaugisCatherineBeauport Quebec, Canada1061Download Chart
BaugisCatherineBeauport Quebec, Canada1064Download Chart
BaugisCatherineBeauport Quebec, Canada1065Download Chart
BaugisJeanQuebec, Canada1065Download Chart
BaugisLouisBeauport Quebec, Canada1065Download Chart
BaugisMarie Ann, Mrs. 1065Download Chart
BaugisTherese, Mrs. 1065Download Chart
BaugyDenyse, Mrs. 1065Download Chart
BaugyFrancois 1065Download Chart
BauschmannPhilippine Wilhemina 3931Download Chart
BayleyAlice 9227Download Chart
BayleyAlice 9229Download Chart
BayleyDamaris 1192Download Chart
BeaberMary JaneNorthampton, PA, USA1909Download Chart
Beaber/Beaver/BieberHenry 1909Download Chart
BeadlestonAnna, Mrs. 241Download Chart
BeadlestonHowey 241Download Chart
BeamerWilliamNJ, USA1492Download Chart
BeardsleeCapt. William 3041Download Chart
BeardsleeFrancesOakland, MI, USA3041Download Chart
BeardsleeLavinia, Mrs. 3041Download Chart
BeardsleeMartha AnnOakland, MI, USA3041Download Chart
BeardsleeMelinda 3041Download Chart
BeardsleeRachel, Mrs. 3041Download Chart
BeardsleeThomas 3041Download Chart
BeasleyBenjaminPatrick, VA, USA2943Download Chart
BeasleyRachel, Mrs. 2943Download Chart
BeasleyRichardStokes, NC, USA2942Download Chart
BeasleyRichardStokes, NC, USA2943Download Chart
BeasleySally 2942Download Chart
BeasleySusannahPatrick, VA, USA2943Download Chart
BeauchampAngelineTuscola, MI, USA3437Download Chart
BeauchampAnthonySt. Clair, MI, USA3437Download Chart
BeauchampMary 9244Download Chart
BeauchampThomasSomerset, England9244Download Chart
BeauchampTracy, Mrs. 3437Download Chart
BeaumontMaude 9243Download Chart
BeaumontSir John 9243Download Chart
BeaupreAnne 19617Download Chart
BeaupreEdmundWell Norfolk, England19617Download Chart
BeaupreJoane, Mrs. 19618Download Chart
BeaupreKatherine, Mrs. 19618Download Chart
BeaupreKatherine, Mrs. 19618Download Chart
BeaupreKatherine, Mrs. 19619Download Chart
BeaupreKatherine, Mrs. 19620Download Chart
BeaupreKatherine, Mrs. 19631Download Chart
BeaupreMargaret, Mrs. 19617Download Chart
BeaupreMargaret, Mrs. 19617Download Chart
BeaupreMargaret, Mrs. 19618Download Chart
BeaupreMargaret, Mrs. 19618Download Chart
BeaupreMargery, Mrs. 19617Download Chart
BeaupreNicholas 19617Download Chart
BeaupreNicholas 19618Download Chart
BeaupreRichard 19618Download Chart
BeaupreRichard 19619Download Chart
BeaupreSir Thomas 19618Download Chart
BeaupreThomas 19617Download Chart
BeaupreThomas 19618Download Chart
BechdoldtCatherineSt. Joseph, MI, USA3572Download Chart
BechdoldtJohnAuglaize, OH, USA3572Download Chart
BechdoldtMargaretMiami, OH, USA3572Download Chart
BechtelAbraham 549Download Chart
BechtelCatherine, Mrs. 549Download Chart
BechtelChristian/Martin 549Download Chart
BechtelMarthaWayne, OH, USA549Download Chart
BechtelMartha, Mrs. 549Download Chart
BedellJeremiahNassau, NY, USA19643Download Chart
BedellMary 19615Download Chart
BedellMary 19642Download Chart
BedellMary 19643Download Chart
BedellMary 19643Download Chart
BedellRobert 19643Download Chart
BeekmanAntoinette, Mrs. 3081Download Chart
BeekmanFrancis P.Oakland, MI, USA3081Download Chart
BeekmanGraceOakland, MI, USA3081Download Chart
BeekmanSamuel D.Oakland, MI, USA3081Download Chart
BeekmanSarah, Mrs. 3081Download Chart
BeemerElizabeth, Mrs. 1492Download Chart
BeemerElmira, Mrs. 1491Download Chart
BeemerElmira, Mrs. 14911Download Chart
BeemerJemina, Mrs. 1492Download Chart
BeemerJohannis 1492Download Chart
BeemerJohn AlbrightOakland, MI, USA1491Download Chart
BeemerJohn Albright 1497Download Chart
BeemerLillian EvaCharlevoix, MI, USA1491Download Chart
BeemerLuna Louise, Mrs. 1491Download Chart
BeemerSamuel Coykendall, JrMacomb, MI, USA1491Download Chart
BeemerSamuel Coykendall, JrMacomb, MI, USA1492Download Chart
BeemerSamuel Coykendall, JrMacomb, MI, USA14911Download Chart
BeemerSamuel Coykendall, SrSussex, NJ, USA1492Download Chart
BeerElizabeth J.Prince Edward Island, Canada3431Download Chart
BegrowMargaretBrockville, Ontario, Canada4141Download Chart
BeighCatherine, Mrs. 3771Download Chart
BeighJohn R. 3771Download Chart
BeighMary AnnAltonna, PA, USA3771Download Chart
BeilRebecca Jane 2741Download Chart
BekeElizabeth 19633Download Chart
BekeSir Nicholas 19633Download Chart
BelangerFrancoisNormandie, France1062Download Chart
BelangerFrancoisLisieux, France1062Download Chart
BelangerFrancoisNormandie, France1064Download Chart
BelangerFrancois, Mrs. 1062Download Chart
BelangerMarie SuzanneBeauport, Canada1064Download Chart
BelangerMarie, Mrs. 1062Download Chart
BelangerMarie, Mrs. 1064Download Chart
BelcherAnn 3336Download Chart
BellClaude Robert 1961Download Chart
BellLuena Yvonne, Mrs. 1961Download Chart
BellangerMarieBeauport, Canada1062Download Chart
BellangerMarie, Mrs. 1062Download Chart
BellangerMarie, Mrs.Beauport, Canada1064Download Chart
BellangerNicholasBeauport, Canada1062Download Chart
BellangerNicholasBeauport, Canada1064Download Chart
BelmerEdward 3271Download Chart
BelmerHarriet Ann, Mrs. 3271Download Chart
BelmerMary JaneTuscola, MI, USA3271Download Chart
BeloTheresa A. 2071Download Chart
BenedictHannahFairfield, CT, USA1498Download Chart
BenedictHannah, Mrs. 14916Download Chart
BenedictHuldah, Mrs. 1498Download Chart
BenedictHuldah, Mrs. 14916Download Chart
BenedictJonathan 1498Download Chart
BenedictJonathan 14916Download Chart
BenedictMary, Mrs. 14916Download Chart
BenedictMary, Mrs. 14918Download Chart
BenedictNathaniel 14916Download Chart
BenedictNathaniel 14916Download Chart
BenedictRebecca, Mrs. 14916Download Chart
BenedictSamuel 14916Download Chart
BenedictThomas 14916Download Chart
BenedictThomas 14918Download Chart
BenedictWilliamEngland14918Download Chart
BenedictWilliamNottinghamshire, England14918Download Chart
BenefielEli (George)Jefferson, IN, USA3033Download Chart
BenefielMary (Polly)Jefferson, IN, USA3033Download Chart
BenefielMary, Mrs. 3033Download Chart
BennettCarrie MaudeEaton, MI, USA2911Download Chart
BennettElizabeth 2821Download Chart
BennettHarvey ClintonEaton, MI, USA2911Download Chart
BennettLucretiaTaylor, MI, USA3271Download Chart
BennettMary Ann, Mrs. 2911Download Chart
BennettMary Dehlah, Mrs. 2911Download Chart
BennettSusan, Mrs. 3271Download Chart
BennettWilliam 3271Download Chart
BennettWilliam HenryNY, USA2911Download Chart
BennieElizabeth 1271Download Chart
BensonElizabethAlleghany, NY, USA322Download Chart
BentleyCrissie C., Mrs. 2091Download Chart
BentleyHenry NelsonHoward, MO, USA2091Download Chart
BentleyJames EdwinHoward, MO, USA2091Download Chart
BentleyJames HollinHoward, MO, USA2091Download Chart
BentleyJames J.MO, USA2091Download Chart
BentleyLois VaughnHoward, MI, USA2091Download Chart
BentleySusan A., Mrs. 2091Download Chart
BentleySusan Catherine, Mrs. 2091Download Chart
BentleyWinifred LouBoone, MO, USA2091Download Chart
BerdanAeltje, Mrs. 926Download Chart
BerdanAnnOntario, NY, USA926Download Chart
BerdanChristiana, Mrs. 926Download Chart
BerdanChristiana, Mrs. 9224Download Chart
BerdanEva, Mrs. 9224Download Chart
BerdanJanBergen, NJ, USA926Download Chart
BerdanJanBergen, NJ, USA9224Download Chart
BerdanJan Bergen, NY, USA926Download Chart
BerdanMarijtje, Mrs. 926Download Chart
BerdanTeunis JanOntario, NY, USA926Download Chart
BerengerEleanor 9236Download Chart
BergenBreckie Hansen 1329Download Chart
BergenHans HansenBergen, Norway1326Download Chart
BergenHans HansenBergen, Norway1329Download Chart
BergenJan HansenNew Amsterdam, NY, USA1326Download Chart
BergenJannetje, Mrs. 1326Download Chart
BergenMariaNY, USA1322Download Chart
BergenMary, Mrs. 1322Download Chart
BergenMary, Mrs. 1326Download Chart
BergenMary, Mrs. 1327Download Chart
BergenSarah, Mrs. 1326Download Chart
BergenTunisQueens, NY, USA1322Download Chart
BergenTunisQueens, NY, USA1326Download Chart
BernerErnestine 2911Download Chart
BernhardtAnna Margaret 19645Download Chart
BerrySarah 19613Download Chart
BeswickCharles 1231Download Chart
BeswickCharlesPlymouth, MA, USA1231Download Chart
BeswickCharles 1232Download Chart
BeswickSuzanneHampden, MA, USA1231Download Chart
BeswickTacy, Mrs. 1231Download Chart
Bethoc (Beatrix)  19637Download Chart
BettertonAlexander 9227Download Chart
BettertonAlexander 9227Download Chart
BettertonAlexander 9229Download Chart
BettertonAlexander 9229Download Chart
BettertonAlice 926Download Chart
BettertonAlice 9229Download Chart
BettertonAlice, Mrs. 9227Download Chart
BettertonAlice, Mrs. 9229Download Chart
BettertonElizabeth, Mrs. 9227Download Chart
BettertonMary, Mrs. 9229Download Chart
BettsMary 3701Download Chart
BettsRichard 13215Download Chart
BeverlyRebecca 3521Download Chart
BicaAnnaCrocevi, Sicily3612Download Chart
BicaAnna, Mrs. 3612Download Chart
BicaAntonia, Mrs. 3612Download Chart
BicaGuiseppeCrocevi, Sicily3612Download Chart
BicaSalvatoreCrocevi, Sicily3612Download Chart
BiceLydiaSwitzerland, IN, USA3032Download Chart
BigelowAbigail 3339Download Chart
BigelowMary, Mrs. 3339Download Chart
BigelowSamuel 3339Download Chart
BiggersMariahMarion, IL, USA1341Download Chart
BiggsNancy 923Download Chart
BigodLady Olivia, Mrs. 9232Download Chart
BilgerAnne Marguerite, Mrs. 2452Download Chart
BilgerBarbara, Mrs. 2452Download Chart
BilgerCatherine, Mrs. 2452Download Chart
BilgerCharles Godfrey 2451Download Chart
BilgerJacob 2452Download Chart
BilgerJean Georges 2452Download Chart
BilgerMary Frances, Mrs. 2441Download Chart
BilgerOlga Maria, Mrs. 2451Download Chart
BilgerThiebautGermany2452Download Chart
BillettChristiana 9240Download Chart
BillettJohn, Esq.Ashe, Devon, England9240Download Chart
BirdAbigail, Mrs. 4151Download Chart
BirdDerrick 4151Download Chart
BirdDighton 1231Download Chart
BirdMargaretDeWitt, IL, USA4151Download Chart
BishopJoan 5411Download Chart
BlackLauraTuscola, MI, USA3941Download Chart
BlackMehitable, Mrs. 3941Download Chart
BlackSylvesterTuscola, MI, USA3941Download Chart
BlancettJames MatersonPatrick, VA, USA2943Download Chart
BlancettJames MatersonPatrick, VA, USA2944Download Chart
BlancettSarah Ann, Mrs. 2943Download Chart
BlancettSarah Ann, Mrs. 2944Download Chart
BlancettSusannah, Mrs. 2943Download Chart
BlancettWilliam M.Patrick, VA, USA2943Download Chart
BlanchetJoelPatrick, VA, USA2943Download Chart
BlanchetJohn, Sr.Amelia, VA, USA2943Download Chart
BlanchetPeter, Sr.Henry, VA, USA2943Download Chart
BlatchleyMiriamNew Haven, CT, USA1342Download Chart
BlockMatilda 1811Download Chart
Bloom- - - 1962Download Chart
BlueCatherine, Mrs. 3004Download Chart
BlueEmma JeanetteOakland, MI, USA3001Download Chart
BlueJacob 3001Download Chart
BlueJacob 3004Download Chart
BlueJohnLapeer, MI, USA3004Download Chart
BlueMargaret, Mrs. 3001Download Chart
BlumbergSarahOakland, MI, USA3081Download Chart
BoardmanJoshua 3522Download Chart
BoardmanSarahOakland, MI, USA3522Download Chart
BoeggermanMary GertrudeSaline, MO, USA2081Download Chart
BoehlerMaria Margaretha 3931Download Chart
BoeningBarbara JaneWayne, MI, USA2411Download Chart
BogdanAdam 366Download Chart
BogdanAlexandriaArenac, MI, USA366Download Chart
BogdanMrs Frances, Mrs. 366Download Chart
BokerMagdalena 3932Download Chart
BolgerCatherine, Mrs. 4141Download Chart
BolgerJamesWayne, MI, USA4141Download Chart
BolgerMargaret M.Oakland, MI, USA4141Download Chart
BolgerMargaret, Mrs. 4141Download Chart
BolgerPatrickWayne, MI, USA4141Download Chart
BolinJohannaWayne, MI, USA3611Download Chart
BoltMelvinaLeelanau, MI, USA3521Download Chart
BoltOliver 3521Download Chart
BoltSemanitha, Mrs. 3521Download Chart
BombasseiBarbara, Mrs. 1271Download Chart
BombasseiThomas 1271Download Chart
BondMary 926Download Chart
BondMary 9227Download Chart
BondMary 9228Download Chart
BondSarah, Mrs. 9228Download Chart
BondThomas 9228Download Chart
BoneliLucia 3121Download Chart
BonfiglioAlberta, Mrs. 3612Download Chart
BonfiglioAnna, Mrs. 3612Download Chart
BonfiglioFrancescoPaparella, Sicily3612Download Chart
BonfiglioGrace Ann, Mrs. 3611Download Chart
BonfiglioGrace Ann, Mrs. 3612Download Chart
BonfiglioJosephWayne, MI, USA3612Download Chart
BonfiglioVincenzoLivingston, MI, USA3612Download Chart
BongardsAnnaOttertail, MN, USA4061Download Chart
BonvillePhilippa 9243Download Chart
BoothCatherineNJ, USA3004Download Chart
BoothDuleis, Mrs. 19632Download Chart
BoothElizabeth, Mrs. 19630Download Chart
BoothElizabeth, Mrs. 19631Download Chart
BoothGeorge, Earl of Warrington 19630Download Chart
BoothHannah 19629Download Chart
BoothJohnSuffolk, NY, USA19620Download Chart
BoothJohnSuffolk, NY, USA19630Download Chart
BoothJohnSuffolk, NY, USA19640Download Chart
BoothKatherine, Mrs. 19618Download Chart
BoothKatherine, Mrs. 19619Download Chart
BoothKatherine, Mrs. 19620Download Chart
BoothKatherine, Mrs. 19631Download Chart
BoothMaude, Mrs. 19631Download Chart
BoothMaude, Mrs. 19632Download Chart
BoothMaude, Mrs. 19633Download Chart
BoothRichardEngland19630Download Chart
BoothRobert 19632Download Chart
BoothSir George 19620Download Chart
BoothSir George 19630Download Chart
BoothSir George 19631Download Chart
BoothSir George 19631Download Chart
BoothSir GeorgeDunham-Massie, England19631Download Chart
BoothSir William 19630Download Chart
BoothSir WilliamBowden, England19631Download Chart
BoothSir William 19631Download Chart
BoothSir William 19632Download Chart
BoothSir William 19633Download Chart
BoothSusannahNY, USA19640Download Chart
BordeauMary, Mrs. 3821Download Chart
BordeauMatildaGenesee, MI, USA3821Download Chart
BordeauNelso 3821Download Chart
BoschEychgan 14915Download Chart
BoschEychgan 14917Download Chart
BosworthBethia 3522Download Chart
Bouasdon-BoisdonMarie 1064Download Chart
BouldinSallyHenry, VA, USA2941Download Chart
BourassaFrancois ElizabethBeauport Canada1061Download Chart
BourchierJoanna 19623Download Chart
BourchierJohn, Lord Beners 19623Download Chart
BourgeoisElizabeth 3333Download Chart
BowdishCora AmberIngham, MI, USA3305Download Chart
BowdishMyron 3305Download Chart
BowenAdnaNY, USA3661Download Chart
BowenDr. AbielNY, USA3661Download Chart
BowenGertrude ArolineEaton, MI, USA3301Download Chart
BowenJohn JEaton, MI, USA3301Download Chart
BowenKateNY, USA3661Download Chart
BowenMelintus 3301Download Chart
BowenMrs Anna Sterling, Mrs. 3661Download Chart
BowenMrs Eunice, Mrs. 3661Download Chart
BowenMrs Hannah, Mrs. 3301Download Chart
BowenNancy, Mrs. 3301Download Chart
BowmanAlice Leone 3821Download Chart
BoyceEliza 3661Download Chart
BoydenFrancisIsabella, MI, USA255Download Chart
BoydenFrancis E. 255Download Chart
BoydenJerusha, Mrs. 255Download Chart
BoydenLucy Ann, Mrs. 255Download Chart
BoyerHarriet, Mrs. 2071Download Chart
BoyerLavinia Elizabeth 2071Download Chart
BoyerWilliam 2071Download Chart
BradburyAbigailIN, USA3031Download Chart
BradleyAnn Sharpe 3843Download Chart
BradleyCharlott 3843Download Chart
BradleyDanielElgin, Ontario, Canada3081Download Chart
BradleyEusebia, Mrs. 3081Download Chart
BradleyFanny 3301Download Chart
BradleyMartha 1199Download Chart
BradleyMaude, Mrs. 3081Download Chart
BradleyNelson W.Sanilac, MI, USA3081Download Chart
BradleyOpal M.Sanilac, MI, USA3081Download Chart
BradleySarah, Mrs. 9214Download Chart
BradleySimeonWayne, MI, USA3081Download Chart
BradshawDeborahMI, USA1961Download Chart
BradyMary Ann 3821Download Chart
BrakeAngelineMO or TX, USA3211Download Chart
BrakeJamesTN, USA3211Download Chart
BrakeMartha, Mrs. 3211Download Chart
BramanCynthiaChenango, NY, USA3331Download Chart
BranchMaria I.Denver CO3351Download Chart
BranchThomas, Jr. 3351Download Chart
BranchZibbie, Mrs. 3351Download Chart
BrandonRebbeccaSC, USA2441Download Chart
BrandtAugustaGermany3001Download Chart
BrattonPolly 3835Download Chart
BrauherElizabethSwitzerland2401Download Chart
BraytonDorothy MaeIL, USA3661Download Chart
BraytonEliza, Mrs. 3661Download Chart
BraytonIra SweetCA, USA3661Download Chart
BraytonLeona, Mrs. 3661Download Chart
BraytonLucy, Mrs. 3661Download Chart
BraytonSweet 3661Download Chart
BraytonWilliam BenjaminIL, USA3661Download Chart
BrechetJeanne 1062Download Chart
BrechtCatherine, Mrs. 3351Download Chart
BrechtJohann 3351Download Chart
BrechtKatherine B.Denver, CO, USA3351Download Chart
BrecknockLady Berta 9233Download Chart
BrecknockLady Berta 9241Download Chart
BredeBertha A., Mrs. 2751Download Chart
BredeJohann JacobWayne, MI, USA2751Download Chart
BredeJohanna, Mrs. 2751Download Chart
BredeJohn ConradWayne, MI, USA2751Download Chart
BredeMarie CoraWayne, MI, USA2751Download Chart
BredeMarie, Mrs. 2751Download Chart
BredeUlrich FriedrichGermany2751Download Chart
BrendelChristian H.Oakland, MI, USA3201Download Chart
BrendelFrederickOakland, MI, USA3201Download Chart
BrendelMaria R., Mrs. 3201Download Chart
BrendelMary J., Mrs. 3201Download Chart
BrendelNellie B.Oakland, MI, USA3201Download Chart
BrewerHannah (Anna)Worcester, MA, USA14912Download Chart
BrewerJohnEngland14912Download Chart
BridgesMary E.MS, USA2441Download Chart
BridgumMary 14916Download Chart
BridgumMary 14918Download Chart
BriggsDanielLondon, England19641Download Chart
BriggsIsaac N. 291Download Chart
BriggsMary 3337Download Chart
BriggsMary, Mrs. 3337Download Chart
BriggsMary, Mrs. 3337Download Chart
BriggsRebecca 19640Download Chart
BriggsRebecca, Mrs. 19641Download Chart
BriggsSarah JoannaOH, USA291Download Chart
BriggsSarah, Mrs. 19640Download Chart
BriggsThomas 3337Download Chart
BriggsWilliam 19640Download Chart
BriggsWilliam 19641Download Chart
BroaddusSarahMO, USA2091Download Chart
BroasSally, Mrs. 4062Download Chart
BroasWilliam 4062Download Chart
BroasWilliamineOakland, MI, USA4061Download Chart
BroasWilliamineOakland, MI, USA4062Download Chart
BrockCarolineGermany3831Download Chart
BrockDanielGermany3831Download Chart
BrockGerald R. 1491Download Chart
BrooksAurilla 3301Download Chart
BrooksEphraim 3301Download Chart
BrooksPhilendaLenawee, MI, USA3301Download Chart
BrothertonDaniel 3307Download Chart
BrothertonDavidGenesee, MI, USA3307Download Chart
BrothertonHannahOakland, MI, USA3307Download Chart
BrothertonMary AnnOakland, MI, USA3307Download Chart
BrothertonPatience, Mrs. 3307Download Chart
BrothertonRachael, Mrs. 3307Download Chart
BrothertonSamuel 3307Download Chart
BrownAnna 1492Download Chart
BrownAnneltie, Mrs. 2751Download Chart
BrownArtimitia 571Download Chart
BrownCatherine Ann, Mrs. 3031Download Chart
BrownCherelier 3436Download Chart
BrownElmer LeviWashtenaw, MI, USA2751Download Chart
BrownEsther Hall, Mrs. 2751Download Chart
BrownFanny P., Mrs. 2751Download Chart
BrownFrances, Mrs. 2751Download Chart
BrownHiramWashtenaw, MI, USA2751Download Chart
BrownJohnGenesee, MI, USA2751Download Chart
BrownJoseph 1196Download Chart
BrownLawrence EdmondsWayne, MI, USA2751Download Chart
BrownMarie Cora, Mrs. 2751Download Chart
BrownMartha RachelEllis, KS, USA3031Download Chart
BrownMary FrancesWayne, MI, USA2751Download Chart
BrownSarahEssex, MA, USA1196Download Chart
BrownSarah 3436Download Chart
BrownSarah 4021Download Chart
BrownSarah Louisa, Mrs. 2751Download Chart
BrownThomasRandolph, IL, USA3031Download Chart
Brown (French)Mary 363Download Chart
BrowneCyprian 1232Download Chart
BrownellMartha 3336Download Chart
BuchananHannahCarroll, VA, USA2944Download Chart
BuchananMaryJefferson, IN, USA3033Download Chart
BuckmasterDemaris 14912Download Chart
BucknerFrederickSussex, NJ, USA1962Download Chart
BucknerHannah E.Oakland, MI, USA1961Download Chart
BucknerHannah E.Oakland, MI, USA1962Download Chart
BucknerJohn ,Sr.Sussex, NJ, USA1962Download Chart
BucknerJohn, Jr.Sussex, NJ, USA1962Download Chart
BucknerMercy, Mrs. 1962Download Chart
BullPatty 1498Download Chart
BullPatty 1499Download Chart
BunnellBarnabas C.NJ, USA19017Download Chart
BunnellSarah E.Tuscola, MI, USA19017Download Chart
BurchSarahPatrick, VA, USA2944Download Chart
BurchSarahPatrick, VA, USA2945Download Chart
BurchWilliam, Sr.Surry, NC, USA2944Download Chart
BurchWilliam, Sr.Surry, NC, USA2945Download Chart
BurchamMarthaMO, USA3211Download Chart
BurchardAnna Margaretha 546Download Chart
BurdickDanielNew London, CT, USA33310Download Chart
BurdickDorcas, Mrs. 33310Download Chart
BurdickHannahCT, USA33310Download Chart
BurdickMartha, Mrs. 33310Download Chart
BurdickRobert 33310Download Chart
BurdickThomas 33310Download Chart
BurgenerSuzanne CatharineOttertail, MN, USA4061Download Chart
BuriAnna Magdalina 3002Download Chart
BurnapElizabeth 572Download Chart
BurnsBelinda, Mrs. 252Download Chart
BurnsBelinda, Mrs. 253Download Chart
BurnsCatherine M., Mrs. 252Download Chart
BurnsJamesCayuga, NY, USA252Download Chart
BurnsJames 252Download Chart
BurnsJamesCayuga, NY, USA253Download Chart
BurnsJames 253Download Chart
BurnsRobert B.Clinton, MI, USA252Download Chart
BurnsSarah AnnCayuga, NY, USA253Download Chart
BurrellRachelRutland, VT, USA322Download Chart
BurrisSarah (Sallie) 3962Download Chart
BurroughsGeorge Holland 2741Download Chart
BurroughsLavina W.Wayne, MI, USA2741Download Chart
BurroughsRebecca, Mrs. 2741Download Chart
Bursha(w)AlexanderBrockville, Ontario, Canada4141Download Chart
Bursha(w)MargaretWayne, MI, USA4141Download Chart
Bursha(w)Margaret, Mrs. 4141Download Chart
BurtRichard 1966Download Chart
BurtRuth 1966Download Chart
BushEddie GrizzardCarroll, TN, USA2441Download Chart
BushEli J. 3611Download Chart
BushJohn William TurnerCarroll, TN, USA2441Download Chart
BushJoseph RichardHenry, TN, USA2441Download Chart
BushLucy, Mrs. 2441Download Chart
BushMary Frances, Mrs. 2441Download Chart
BushRachel Elizabeth, Mrs. 2441Download Chart
BushSarah JaneAlpena, MI, USA3611Download Chart
BushaAdelaide 2991Download Chart
BushellAnn MarieBranch, MI, USA2911Download Chart
BushellDiana, Mrs. 2911Download Chart
BushellJamesEngland2911Download Chart
ButlerBersheba, Mrs. 4021Download Chart
ButlerDanielTuscola, MI, USA4021Download Chart
ButlerElizabeth 19631Download Chart
ButlerIra 4021Download Chart
ButlerMary ElizabethTuscola, MI, USA4021Download Chart
ButlerSarah 11917Download Chart
ButlerSarah, Mrs. 4021Download Chart
ButtonDorothyDevonshire, England9223Download Chart
ButtonWilliamAshton, England9223Download Chart
CadmusCornelia, Mrs. 3801Download Chart
CadmusElizabeth, Mrs. 3801Download Chart
CadmusGeorge A.Seward, NE, USA3801Download Chart
CadmusLauraSeward, NE, USA3801Download Chart
Cadmus Joris (George)NJ, USA3801Download Chart
CadyCarolineMacomb, MI, USA3711Download Chart
CahillEleanorSchenectady, NY, USA571Download Chart
CalkinsAaronWashington, NY, USA3306Download Chart
CalkinsAnn, Mrs. 3308Download Chart
CalkinsBetsey, Mrs. 571Download Chart
CalkinsCalebGenesee, MI, USA3306Download Chart
CalkinsCalebWashington?, MI, USA3306Download Chart
CalkinsCaroline, Mrs. 3306Download Chart
CalkinsDemaris, Mrs. 3306Download Chart
CalkinsDemaris, Mrs. 3308Download Chart
CalkinsDemaris, Mrs. 3309Download Chart
CalkinsEmma May 3305Download Chart
CalkinsHannah, Mrs. 3306Download Chart
CalkinsHannah, Mrs. 3308Download Chart
CalkinsHughCT, USA3308Download Chart
CalkinsJohnCT, USA3308Download Chart
CalkinsMary, Mrs. 3305Download Chart
CalkinsMary, Mrs. 3306Download Chart
CalkinsMary, Mrs. 3307Download Chart
CalkinsPolly, Mrs. 3306Download Chart
CalkinsSamuelCT, USA3308Download Chart
CalkinsSamuel EdmundGenesee, MI, USA3305Download Chart
CalkinsSamuel EdmundGenesee, MI, USA3306Download Chart
CalkinsSamuel EdmundGenesee, MI, USA3307Download Chart
CalkinsSamuel, Jr.CT, USA3306Download Chart
CalkinsSamuel, Jr.CT, USA3308Download Chart
CalkinsSamuel, Jr.CT, USA3309Download Chart
CalkinsSarahShiawassee, MI, USA571Download Chart
CalkinsSarah, Mrs. 3308Download Chart
CalkinsWilliam A.MI, USA571Download Chart
CallahanBridget 1811Download Chart
CampbellJaneWayne, MI, USA3161Download Chart
CanmoreMalcolm III 19637Download Chart
CarewJohn H. 3841Download Chart
CarewJohn H. 3843Download Chart
CarewMamie V. 3841Download Chart
CarewMary, Mrs. 3841Download Chart
CarewMary, Mrs. 3843Download Chart
CareyJudith 19621Download Chart
CareyJudith 19622Download Chart
CareyLucy 3434Download Chart
CareySarah 3821Download Chart
CareySarah 3822Download Chart
CareyWilliamBristol, England19621Download Chart
CarlandElizabethMaricopa, AZ, USA571Download Chart
CarlandMabel, Mrs. 571Download Chart
CarlandMaj. MichaelCA or WA, USA571Download Chart
CarlandMichaelIreland571Download Chart
CarlandMichael E.Shiawassee, MI, USA571Download Chart
CarlandSarah, Mrs. 571Download Chart
CarletonCatherine, Mrs. 3571Download Chart
CarletonChristopherWayne, MI, USA3571Download Chart
CarletonElizabethWayne, MI, USA3571Download Chart
CarletonJamesBruce, Ontario, Canada3571Download Chart
CarletonMargaret, Mrs. 3571Download Chart
CarltonAgabus P.Bollinger , MO, USA3211Download Chart
CarltonAlfred T.Bollinger , MO, USA3211Download Chart
CarltonBetty M.Stoddard, MO, USA3201Download Chart
CarltonEllenor, Mrs. 3211Download Chart
CarltonFloya, Mrs. 3211Download Chart
CarltonMartha E. L., Mrs. 3211Download Chart
CarltonMary, Mrs. 3211Download Chart
CarltonWilliamBollinger , MO, USA3211Download Chart
CarltonWilliam E.Bollinger , MO, USA3211Download Chart
CarnineAllenSwitzerland, IN, USA3031Download Chart
CarnineAllenSwitzerland, IN, USA3032Download Chart
CarnineAllenSwitzerland, IN, USA3033Download Chart
CarnineAndrewHenry, KY, USA3032Download Chart
CarnineLydia Ann, Mrs. 3031Download Chart
CarnineLydia Ann, Mrs. 3032Download Chart
CarnineLydia Ann, Mrs. 3033Download Chart
CarnineLydia, Mrs. 3032Download Chart
CarnineMary JaneClay, KS, USA3031Download Chart
CarnineMary, Mrs. 3032Download Chart
CarnineRichardSwitzerland, IN, USA3032Download Chart
CarrAnna, Mrs. 3931Download Chart
CarrElizabeth 3336Download Chart
CarrEmma VirginiaFontain, IN, USA3931Download Chart
CarrEsekNewport, RI, USA3336Download Chart
CarrJames 3931Download Chart
CartmellSarah 3033Download Chart
CaryElizabeth, Mrs. 34312Download Chart
CaryJohnPlymouth, MA, USA34312Download Chart
CaryJosephWindham, CT, USA34312Download Chart
CaryLucy, Mrs. 3434Download Chart
CaryMary, Mrs. 3434Download Chart
CaryMary, Mrs. 34312Download Chart
CaryMercy, Mrs. 34312Download Chart
CaryMosesWindham, CT, USA3434Download Chart
CarySethWindham, CT, USA3434Download Chart
CarySethWindham, CT, USA34312Download Chart
CaseAda 3821Download Chart
CasselmanAnna Maria 928Download Chart
CasselmanChristian 928Download Chart
CasselmanSophia Magdalena 928Download Chart
Caswell Betsy, Mrs. 544Download Chart
Caswell Polly, Mrs. 544Download Chart
CaswellAnna 3061Download Chart
CaswellGilbert 544Download Chart
CaswellGilbert S.Montcalm, MI, USA544Download Chart
CathamAbigail 3962Download Chart
CavileerHarriet 2665Download Chart
CeesMarie 2741Download Chart
ChamberlainDavid W 2991Download Chart
ChamberlainElizabethNJ, USA2663Download Chart
ChamberlainEmma H.Oakland, MI, USA1961Download Chart
ChamberlainIsabella, Mrs. 1961Download Chart
ChamberlainIsabella, Mrs. 19648Download Chart
ChamberlainIsabella, Mrs. 19649Download Chart
ChamberlainNancy J, Mrs. 2991Download Chart
ChamberlainSarahNJ2664Download Chart
ChamberlainSir HenryEngland19648Download Chart
ChamberlainWilliamOakland, MI, USA1961Download Chart
ChamberlainWilliamOakland, MI, USA19648Download Chart
ChamberlainWilliamOakland, MI, USA19649Download Chart
ChamberlainWilliam 2663Download Chart
ChambersAdelia JaneOakland, MI, USA3962Download Chart
ChambersJoseph SamponLapeer, MI, USA3962Download Chart
ChambersMorilla 3962Download Chart
ChambersNancy, Mrs. 3962Download Chart
ChambersRobert 3962Download Chart
ChampenoisAlice WilliamsLenawee, MI, USA3301Download Chart
ChampenoisAlice, Mrs. 3301Download Chart
ChampenoisDaniel 3303Download Chart
ChampenoisElizabeth, Mrs. 3303Download Chart
ChampenoisJacques 3303Download Chart
ChampenoisMargaret, Mrs. 3303Download Chart
ChampenoisMary, Mrs. 3303Download Chart
ChampenoisThomasNY, USA3303Download Chart
ChampenoisWilliam AlexanderNY, USA3301Download Chart
ChampenoisWilliam AlexanderNY, USA3303Download Chart
ChampenoisWilliam H.Lenawee, MI, USA3303Download Chart
ChampernonEgelina, Mrs. 9246Download Chart
ChampernonElizabeth 9246Download Chart
ChampernonOliver 9246Download Chart
ChaplainDavidLeavenworth, KS, USA2401Download Chart
ChaplainJonathon 2401Download Chart
ChaplainNancy A., Mrs. 2401Download Chart
ChaplainNancy AliceGenesee, MI, USA2401Download Chart
ChapmanAbigail, Mrs. 1391Download Chart
ChapmanAlice AbigailWayne, MI, USA1391Download Chart
ChapmanDanielNorfolk, MA, USA1393Download Chart
ChapmanEmma, Mrs. 1393Download Chart
ChapmanGeorge WashingtonSaginaw, MI, USA1391Download Chart
ChapmanGeorge WashingtonSaginaw, MI, USA1393Download Chart
ChapmanHelen Amelia, Mrs. 1391Download Chart
ChapmanMary D.Oakland, MI, USA3081Download Chart
ChapmanNancy, Mrs. 1393Download Chart
ChapmanSophiaMO, USA3211Download Chart
ChapmanThroopWindham, CT, USA1393Download Chart
ChapmanWilliamHampshire, MA, USA1393Download Chart
ChapmanWm Henry HarrisonOakland, MI, USA1391Download Chart
CharlesCatherine 3771Download Chart
ChaseIsabell, Mrs. 5411Download Chart
ChaseJoan, Mrs. 5411Download Chart
ChaseSir RichardChesham, England5411Download Chart
ChaseSir WilliamChesham, England5411Download Chart
ChaseThomasChesham, England5411Download Chart
ChaseThomas 5411Download Chart
ChattertonMary, Mrs. 34311Download Chart
ChattertonSusanna 34311Download Chart
ChattertonWilliam 34311Download Chart
Chauvin/ChovinMichelle 1064Download Chart
ChesterMary 3033Download Chart
ChesterSarah, Mrs. 3033Download Chart
ChesterThomas 3033Download Chart
ChevalierMary 3821Download Chart
ChildsBetsey 34318Download Chart
ChildsDr. Ebenezer 34318Download Chart
ChildsMercy 34318Download Chart
ChildsMercy 34319Download Chart
ChildsRichardBarnstable, MA, USA34319Download Chart
ChittyLydia 2071Download Chart
ChridgleyThomasen 2522Download Chart
ChristyMargaret 14911Download Chart
ClarkCharles FosterMarin, CA, USA571Download Chart
ClarkCharles TuttleBay, MI, USA571Download Chart
ClarkDeborahPA, USA13213Download Chart
ClarkDruryKY, USA3335Download Chart
ClarkEleanor, Mrs. 571Download Chart
ClarkEleanor, Mrs. 571Download Chart
ClarkElizabeth, Mrs. 571Download Chart
ClarkFlora, Mrs. 3335Download Chart
ClarkHarriette 3661Download Chart
ClarkJamesColes, IL, USA3331Download Chart
ClarkJamesColes, IL, USA3334Download Chart
ClarkJamesColes, IL, USA3335Download Chart
ClarkJames HarveyMinneapolis MN, USA571Download Chart
ClarkJohn WilliamWayne, MI, USA571Download Chart
ClarkJulia ElizabethBaltimore, MD, USA3601Download Chart
ClarkMarjorie, Mrs. 571Download Chart
ClarkMary 34311Download Chart
ClarkMary Louise, Mrs. 571Download Chart
ClarkMary, Mrs. 13213Download Chart
ClarkRebecca W.Coles, IL, USA3331Download Chart
ClarkRuth, Mrs. 3331Download Chart
ClarkRuth, Mrs. 3334Download Chart
ClarkRuth, Mrs. 3335Download Chart
ClarkSarah Leslie, Mrs. 572Download Chart
ClarkSarah, Mrs. 572Download Chart
ClarkWilliamCheshire, NH, USA572Download Chart
ClarkWilliam 13213Download Chart
ClarkWilliam, Jr.NH, USA571Download Chart
ClarkWilliam, Jr.NH, USA572Download Chart
ClarkWilliam, Jr.Middlesex, MA, USA572Download Chart
ClarkeArthurBoston, MA, USA573Download Chart
ClarkeElizabeth, Mrs. 573Download Chart
ClarkeEunice, Mrs. 572Download Chart
ClarkeFaith 1963Download Chart
ClarkeSamuelMiddlesex, MA, USA572Download Chart
ClarkeSamuelMiddlesex, MA, USA573Download Chart
ClarkeThurston 1963Download Chart
ClarkeWilliamBoston, MA, USA572Download Chart
ClarkeWilliam 573Download Chart
ClementMarieNY, USA2911Download Chart
CleverlyElizabeth 34311Download Chart
CliffordMartha 362Download Chart
ClintonIdonea, Mrs. 19620Download Chart
ClintonSir John 19620Download Chart
CloseAbramNY, USA1961Download Chart
CloseAlmira, Mrs. 1961Download Chart
CloseAndrew J.NY1961Download Chart
CloseCharlotte Isabell, Mrs. 1961Download Chart
CloseHoward CharlesHuron, MI, USA1961Download Chart
CloseLuena YvonneOakland, MI, USA1961Download Chart
CloseMaria Rebecca, Mrs. 1961Download Chart
CloseSamuel AndrewOakland, MI, USA1961Download Chart
Clough., Mrs. 1191Download Chart
CloughHannah, Mrs. 1198Download Chart
CloughJaneEssex, MA, USA1198Download Chart
CloughJeremiahMerrimac, NH, USA1191Download Chart
CloughJohnEssex, MA, USA1198Download Chart
CloughMarthaMerrimac, NH, USA1191Download Chart
CloughMary, Mrs. 1191Download Chart
CloughMary, Mrs. 1198Download Chart
CloughMary, Mrs. 1199Download Chart
CloughThomasRockingham, NH, USA1191Download Chart
CloughThomasRockingham, NH, USA1198Download Chart
CloughThomasEssex, MA, USA1198Download Chart
CloughThomasRockingham, NH, USA1199Download Chart
CloutierAnneQuebec, Canada1064Download Chart
CloutierAnneQuebec, Canada1067Download Chart
CloutierXaintes, Mrs. 1067Download Chart
CloutierZacharieChateau-Richer, Quebec, Canada1067Download Chart
ClucasMargaretIsle of Man, England541Download Chart
CluffMabel LottaOakland, MI, USA3271Download Chart
CluffMary Ann, Mrs. 3271Download Chart
CluffWilliam 3271Download Chart
CluffWilliam HenryOakland, MI, USA3271Download Chart
CoblerChristopherRockingham, NC, USA2941Download Chart
CoblerJohnNC, USA2941Download Chart
CoblerNancyStokes, NC, USA2941Download Chart
CoblerNicholasRockingham, NC, USA2941Download Chart
CoblerSally, Mrs. 2941Download Chart
CodyMarthaIL, USA3801Download Chart
CoffinAbnerEssex, MA, USA1191Download Chart
CoffinAbnerEssex, MA, USA11912Download Chart
CoffinApphia, Mrs. 1194Download Chart
CoffinDionis, Mrs. 1195Download Chart
CoffinDionis, Mrs. 11912Download Chart
CoffinJoanna, Mrs. 1195Download Chart
CoffinJoanna, Mrs. 11912Download Chart
CoffinJudith 1191Download Chart
CoffinJudith 11910Download Chart
CoffinJudith 11911Download Chart
CoffinJudith, Mrs. 1195Download Chart
CoffinJudith, Mrs. 11911Download Chart
CoffinJudith, Mrs. 11912Download Chart
CoffinLydiaEssex, MA, USA1195Download Chart
CoffinMary, Mrs. 1191Download Chart
CoffinMr.s Joanna, Mrs. 11911Download Chart
CoffinMrs Dionis, Mrs. 11911Download Chart
CoffinPeterEngland1195Download Chart
CoffinPeterEngland11911Download Chart
CoffinPeterEssex, MA, USA11911Download Chart
CoffinPeterEngland11912Download Chart
CoffinRachelEssex, MA, USA1191Download Chart
CoffinSarah, Mrs. 11912Download Chart
CoffinStephenEssex, MA, USA11912Download Chart
CoffinTristiamEssex, MA, USA1195Download Chart
CoffinTristiamEssex, MA, USA11911Download Chart
CoffinTristiamEssex, MA, USA11912Download Chart
CoffinTristramNantucket, MA, USA1195Download Chart
CoffinTristramNantucket, MA11911Download Chart
CoffinTristramNantucket, MA11912Download Chart
CoffynNickolas 11912Download Chart
ColeCharlotteSanilac, MI, USA3081Download Chart
ColeElezer 3306Download Chart
ColeElezer 33010Download Chart
ColeHannah 3306Download Chart
ColeJoanna, Mrs. 3306Download Chart
ColeJoanna, Mrs. 33010Download Chart
ColeJohnWithecombe Ralegh, Devon, England9239Download Chart
ColeMargaret 9239Download Chart
CollinsEdward 2942Download Chart
CollinsEleanor 2942Download Chart
CollinsHannah, Mrs. 2942Download Chart
ColvinLucinda Catherine Howard, MO, USA2091Download Chart
ColvinMadison 2091Download Chart
ColvinPolly, Mrs. 2091Download Chart
ComptonJoan 9246Download Chart
ComptonWilliam 9246Download Chart
ConeAnna Sterling 3661Download Chart
ConklonEleanorDane, WI, USA1491Download Chart
ConnElizabeth, Mrs. 3981Download Chart
ConnGeorgeArmagh, Ireland3981Download Chart
ConnHazel MarianLas Animas, CO, USA3981Download Chart
ConnJoseph JohnLos Angeles, CA, USA3981Download Chart
ConnMary Jane, Mrs. 3981Download Chart
ConnetAby 1391Download Chart
ConynDirckAlbany, NY, USA3032Download Chart
ConynDirck PhillipseAlbany, NY, USA3032Download Chart
ConynRachael Andriesse, Mrs. 3032Download Chart
CookAbigailDutchess, NY, USA3339Download Chart
CookAby, Mrs. 1391Download Chart
CookAlice Abigail, Mrs. 1391Download Chart
CookCharles ChesterWayne, MI, USA1391Download Chart
CookElizabeth 3439Download Chart
CookFrancisHolland3439Download Chart
CookHelen ChapmanSaginaw, MI, USA1391Download Chart
CookHester, Mrs. 3439Download Chart
CookJohn 3439Download Chart
CookJoseph 3339Download Chart
CookLydia, Mrs. 3339Download Chart
CookMartha M., Mrs. 1391Download Chart
CookMary, Mrs. 3339Download Chart
CookPhilip 1391Download Chart
CookSamuel 3339Download Chart
CookSarah, Mrs. 3439Download Chart
CookWilliam James 1391Download Chart
CoolBarent JacobsonAmsterdam, Holland1495Download Chart
CoolBarent JacobsonAmsterdam, Holland1496Download Chart
CoolJacob Barentson 1495Download Chart
CoolJacob Barentson 1496Download Chart
CoolMarritje 1495Download Chart
CooleyElizabeth Barbara, Mrs. 291Download Chart
CooleyEmma LettaSt Clair, MI, USA291Download Chart
CooleyRichard C. H.St Louis, MO, USA291Download Chart
CoonElizabeth 3041Download Chart
CoonsJames A.Saline, MO, USA2081Download Chart
CoonsMahulda, Mrs. 2081Download Chart
CoonsMartha JaneSaline, MO, USA2081Download Chart
CooperMary Jane, Mrs. 3391Download Chart
CooperObedience 3434Download Chart
CooperObedience 34311Download Chart
CooperVirgil J., Jr. 3391Download Chart
CopeMaryEngland2911Download Chart
CoralieMargarite 2662Download Chart
CorderyAbsalomNJ, USA2663Download Chart
CorderyChristian 2663Download Chart
CorderyClement 2663Download Chart
CorderyEdmund 2663Download Chart
CorderyElizabeth, Mrs. 2663Download Chart
CorderyJulia Ann, Mrs. 2661Download Chart
CorderyJulia Ann, Mrs. 2663Download Chart
CorderyMary I.Atlantic, NJ, USA2661Download Chart
CorderyMrs Julia Ann, Mrs. 2664Download Chart
CorderyWilliam 2663Download Chart
CorderyWilliam C.Atlantic, NJ, USA2661Download Chart
CorderyWilliam C.Atlantic, NJ, USA2663Download Chart
CorderyWilliam C.Atlantic, NJ, USA2664Download Chart
CornElizabethPatrick, VA, USA2945Download Chart
CornSamuel, Sr. 2945Download Chart
CornellAbigail 11913Download Chart
CornellAlice 3301Download Chart
CornellHannah, Mrs. 19640Download Chart
CornellJohnNassau, NY, USA19640Download Chart
CornellMary 19615Download Chart
CornellMary 19638Download Chart
CornellMary 19640Download Chart
CornellMary, Mrs. 19640Download Chart
CornellRebecca, Mrs. 19640Download Chart
CornellRichardWestchester, NY, USA19640Download Chart
CornellThomasNewport, RI, USA19640Download Chart
CosteanMargaret 541Download Chart
CoudrayMarie 1062Download Chart
CoudrayMarie 1065Download Chart
CoulombeMarieSt Laurent 1061Download Chart
CourtenayEmmeline, Mrs. 9243Download Chart
CourtenayMargaret 9243Download Chart
CourtenayMaud, Mrs. 9243Download Chart
CourtenaySir EdwardBoroughbridge, England9236Download Chart
CourtenaySir EdwardBoroughbridge, England9243Download Chart
CourtenaySir Hugh 9243Download Chart
CouttenierCatherinaBoesinge 3392Download Chart
CouttenierJoannis 3392Download Chart
CouttenierMaria Dorthea, Mrs. 3392Download Chart
CoverBarbara Ann, Mrs. 3771Download Chart
CristMaryClay Co., IN, USA922Download Chart
CumminsJohn ASullivan Co., IN, USA922Download Chart
CumminsRobert GCurry Twp, Sullivan, KY, USA922Download Chart
de la ChaumetteDanielRochouard, France3333Download Chart
de la RussierMadeleine 1063Download Chart
de St JohnAgnes (Lady) 9236Download Chart
de St JohnAgnes, Mrs. 9236Download Chart
de St JohnAgnes, Mrs. 9238Download Chart
de St JohnAlice, Mrs. 9236Download Chart
de St JohnJohn 9236Download Chart
de St JohnRobert 9236Download Chart
de St JohnRobert 9238Download Chart
de St LizMaud 9248Download Chart
de St WalerieMaudeWindsor ,England9241Download Chart
deBraoseGroecia, Mrs. 9241Download Chart
deBraoseLady Eva, Mrs. 9241Download Chart
deBraoseLord WilliamBerks, Wilts, Sussex, England9233Download Chart
deBraoseLord WilliamBerks, Wilts, Sussex, England9241Download Chart
deBraoseLord WilliamEbuloc, France9241Download Chart
deBraoseMaud, Mrs. 9241Download Chart
deBraosePhilip 9233Download Chart
deBraoseReginald, Lord of Brecknock 9241Download Chart
deBraoseWilliamNormandy, France9230Download Chart
deBraoseWilliam, 6th Baron deBraose 9241Download Chart
deBreeMarinus Netherlands545Download Chart
deBreeMrs Jane, Mrs. 545Download Chart
deBretagneAgnorie 19635Download Chart
deBruereGroecia 9241Download Chart
deBruereWilliam 9241Download Chart
deCantilupeAgnes 9236Download Chart
deCantilupeAgnes 9238Download Chart
deCantilupeWilliam 9238Download Chart
deChaworthSybil 19635Download Chart
DeckerAntje, Mrs. 1494Download Chart
DeckerFemmetjeUlster, NY, USA1494Download Chart
DeckerGrietjen, Mrs. 1494Download Chart
DeckerHenrickUlster, NY, USA1494Download Chart
DeckerHeyletjen, Mrs. 1493Download Chart
DeckerJan BroersonCopenhagen, Denmark1493Download Chart
DeckerJan Gerretsen 1494Download Chart
DeckerMagdalena Janse 1493Download Chart
deClareEva, Mrs. 9241Download Chart
deClareIsabel 9241Download Chart
deClareRichardDublin, Ireland9241Download Chart
DeClintonMargaret 19620Download Chart
DeCouElizabeth, Mrs. 11915Download Chart
DeCouElizabeth, Mrs. 11916Download Chart
DeCouIsaacNew Castle, PA, USA11915Download Chart
DeCouJacobButlington, NJ, USA11915Download Chart
DeCouJacobButlington, NJ, USA11916Download Chart
DeCouSusanna, Mrs. 11915Download Chart
deCourtenayHawise, Mrs. 9237Download Chart
deCourtenayIsabel, Mrs. 9236Download Chart
deCourtenayIsabel, Mrs. 9248Download Chart
deCourtenayLady Agnes, Mrs. 9236Download Chart
deCourtenayLady Margaret, Mrs. 9236Download Chart
deCourtenayMary, Mrs. 9237Download Chart
deCourtenayRobert 9237Download Chart
deCourtenaySir Hugh 9236Download Chart
deCourtenaySir Hugh 9236Download Chart
deCourtenaySir Hugh, 1st Earl of Devon 9236Download Chart
deCourtenaySir John 9236Download Chart
deCourtenaySir John 9237Download Chart
deCourtenaySir John 9248Download Chart
deCourtenaySir Reginald 9237Download Chart
deCourtneyAliamore, Mrs. 9236Download Chart
deDammartinJean 9236Download Chart
deDinanAgnorie, Mrs. 19635Download Chart
deDinanAlan 19635Download Chart
deDinanEmma 19635Download Chart
DeDuttonMaude 19631Download Chart
DeDuttonMaude 19632Download Chart
DeDuttonMaude 19633Download Chart
DeedsMargaret B 3931Download Chart
DeFeverAnna Catherine, Mrs. 3392Download Chart
DeFeverCatherinaWulper, Belgium3392Download Chart
DeFeverJean Contance 3392Download Chart
deFiennesMaud 9236Download Chart
deFiennesSir Ingelram 9236Download Chart
DeganMary 321Download Chart
DeganMary, Mrs. 321Download Chart
DeganWilliam 321Download Chart
deGloucesterMargery 9230Download Chart
deGloucesterMargery 9231Download Chart
deGorgesEleanor 9244Download Chart
deGorgesEleanor 9245Download Chart
deGorgesElena, Mrs. 9245Download Chart
deGorgesIvoLangford, Stafford England9245Download Chart
deGorgesPatrick 9245Download Chart
deGorgesRalphDevon 9245Download Chart
deGorgesRalph 9245Download Chart
DeGrawLendert 1496Download Chart
DeGrawMarretje Leenderts 1496Download Chart
DeHavenBessie B, Mrs. 3931Download Chart
DeHavenCarmonVan Buren, MI, USA3931Download Chart
DeHavenCatherine, Mrs. 3932Download Chart
DeHavenCecil CSt. Joseph, MI,, USA3931Download Chart
DeHavenChristiana, Mrs. 3931Download Chart
DeHavenChristiana, Mrs. 3932Download Chart
DeHavenDavid 3932Download Chart
DeHavenElizabeth, Mrs. 3932Download Chart
DeHavenEvart (Edward) 3932Download Chart
DeHavenFlora, Mrs. 3931Download Chart
DeHavenHannah, Mrs. 3932Download Chart
DeHavenJames WLaGrange, IN, USA3931Download Chart
DeHavenJoelPhiladelphia PA, USA3931Download Chart
DeHavenJoelPhiladelphia PA, USA3932Download Chart
DeHavenLaurie, Mrs. 3931Download Chart
DeHavenLeviVan Buren, MI, USA3931Download Chart
DeHavenPeter 3932Download Chart
DeHavenSamuel 3932Download Chart
DeHavenSarah, Mrs. 3932Download Chart
DeHavenSidonia, Mrs. 3932Download Chart
DeHavenVirginia, Mrs. 3931Download Chart
DeHavenWilliam 3932Download Chart
deHolandElizabeth, Mrs. 19634Download Chart
deHolandMaude, Mrs. 19634Download Chart
deHolandSir Robert 19634Download Chart
deHolandSir RobertLancaster, England19634Download Chart
deHuntingdonAda, Mrs. 9230Download Chart
deHuntingdonHenry 9230Download Chart
deHuntingdonMargaret 9230Download Chart
DeincourtHawise 9237Download Chart
DeincourtMaude, Mrs. 9237Download Chart
DeJonghArthurAllegan, MI, USA3304Download Chart
DeJonghCarrieAllegan, MI, USA3304Download Chart
DeJonghMildred GladysAllegan, MI, USA3304Download Chart
deLacyEmmaline, Mrs. 19634Download Chart
deLacyEmmaline, Mrs. 19635Download Chart
deLacyEmmaline, Mrs. 19636Download Chart
deLacyHugh 19634Download Chart
deLacyHugh 19636Download Chart
DellingerBarbara 3002Download Chart
DellingerBarbara 3003Download Chart
deLusignanLady Maud 9230Download Chart
deLusignanRaoul I 9230Download Chart
deMagnavilBetrix 9230Download Chart
DemareeDavidShelby, KY, USA3032Download Chart
DemareeJane, Mrs. 3032Download Chart
DemareeLeah, Mrs. 3032Download Chart
DemareeMary (Polly)Shelby, KY, USA3032Download Chart
DemareeMary, Mrs. 3032Download Chart
DemareePetrusNY, USA3032Download Chart
DemareeSamuel 3032Download Chart
DemarestLeah 3032Download Chart
DeMatioAntonio 3121Download Chart
DeMatioElizabeth, Mrs. 3121Download Chart
DeMatioEmmaOakland, MI, USA3121Download Chart
DeMatioJohn BHuron, MI, USA3121Download Chart
DeMatioLucia, Mrs. 3121Download Chart
deMontfortAmiceMontfort, Brittany9248Download Chart
deMontfortMargaret, Mrs. 19620Download Chart
deMontfortSir BaldwindeWarwick19620Download Chart
deMontfortSir WilliamWarwick19620Download Chart
deMorevilleElena 9245Download Chart
deMorevilleEndo 9245Download Chart
deMorevilleJohn 9245Download Chart
deMornacMarie, Mrs. 2662Download Chart
deMornacMichelLincoln, ID, USA2662Download Chart
DempsterAlice, Mrs. 3821Download Chart
DempsterEthel LeoneGenesee, MI, USA3821Download Chart
DempsterWarren Gordon 3821Download Chart
deNevillAnn, Mrs. 19623Download Chart
deNevillElizabeth, Mrs. 19623Download Chart
deNevillGeorge, Lord Latimer 19623Download Chart
deNevillJoanna, Mrs. 19623Download Chart
deNevillSir Henry 19623Download Chart
deNevillSir Richard, 2nd Lord Latimer 19623Download Chart
deNevillaJoan, Mrs. 19623Download Chart
deNevillaRalph 19623Download Chart
deNevilleElizabeth 19622Download Chart
deNevilleElizabeth 19623Download Chart
DentonHannahSuffolk, NY, USA19627Download Chart
DentonHelen, Mrs. 19627Download Chart
DentonMary, Mrs. 19627Download Chart
DentonRev RichardEssex, England19627Download Chart
DentonSamuelNassau, NY, USA19627Download Chart
DenyesMartinFredericksburg, Ontario, Canada1498Download Chart
DenyesMary Ann, Mrs. 1498Download Chart
DenyesPeterFredericksburg, Ontario, Canada1498Download Chart
DenyesRuth, Mrs. 1498Download Chart
DenyesSophroniaCheboygan, MI, USA1491Download Chart
DenyesSophroniaCheboygan, MI, USA1498Download Chart
DenyseJannetjeNew Amsterdam, NY, USA1326Download Chart
DenysePhoebe, Mrs. 1326Download Chart
DenyseTheunisKings, NY, USA1326Download Chart
DePre'JanCommines 1493Download Chart
DePreMargaret, Mrs. 1493Download Chart
DePrePieternella 1493Download Chart
DeQuincyElena 19634Download Chart
DeQuincyHawise 9248Download Chart
DeQuincyMargaret, Mrs. 9248Download Chart
DeQuincyMaud, Mrs. 9248Download Chart
DeQuincySaierBushby, Northampton 9248Download Chart
DeQuincySaier, 1st Earl of WinchesterDamietta, Egypt9248Download Chart
DeRainvilleMarieBeauport, Canada1062Download Chart
DeRainvilleMarieBeauport, Canada1064Download Chart
DeRainvillePaulBeauport, Canada1062Download Chart
DeRainvillePaulBeauport, Canada1064Download Chart
DeRainvillePauline, Mrs. 1062Download Chart
DeRainvillePauline, Mrs. 1064Download Chart
deRedversAdeliza, Mrs. 9237Download Chart
deRedversBaldwyne, 2nd Earl of DevonDevon 9237Download Chart
deRedversLucia, Mrs. 9237Download Chart
deRedversMary 9237Download Chart
deRedversMaud, Mrs. 9237Download Chart
deRedversRichard, 1st Earl of DevonDevon 9237Download Chart
deRedversWilliam 9237Download Chart
DeRiddlesfordEmmaline 19634Download Chart
DeRiddlesfordEmmaline 19635Download Chart
DeRiddlesfordEmmaline 19636Download Chart
DeRidelisfordWalter 19636Download Chart
DeRidelisfordWalter 19636Download Chart
DernbergerElizabeth 3041Download Chart
DerrFlora, Mrs. 3771Download Chart
DerrFlorence EvelynCumberland, PA, USA3771Download Chart
DerrSamuel 3771Download Chart
DerrSamuel BlaineDauphin, PA, USA3771Download Chart
DertoCornelia, Mrs. 545Download Chart
DertoJacobusWeskerke, Zeeland, Netherlands545Download Chart
DertoJacomyna, Mrs. 545Download Chart
DertoJaneMontcalm, MI, USA545Download Chart
DertoSunderts Herr, Arendskerke, Netherlands545Download Chart
deSamlesburyElizabeth 19634Download Chart
deSaresburyMaud 9231Download Chart
DeSayBeatrix 9230Download Chart
DeSayBetrix, Mrs. 9230Download Chart
DeSayIdonea 19620Download Chart
DeSayWilliam 9230Download Chart
DeschallenDame FrancoiseSt Rogatien, France1064Download Chart
desCouJackin, Mrs. 11915Download Chart
desCouLaurensLincolnshire, England11915Download Chart
deSegraveEleanor 19634Download Chart
DespencerAlianore 9236Download Chart
DespencerHugh 9242Download Chart
DespencerHugh (Baron)Eversham 9236Download Chart
DespencerHugh (Baron)Eversham 9242Download Chart
DespencerOlivia (Lady), Mrs. 9232Download Chart
DespencerOlivia (Lady), Mrs. 9236Download Chart
DespencerOlivia (Lady), Mrs. 9242Download Chart
DeSwynnertonElizabeth, Mrs. 19633Download Chart
DeSwynnertonMaud 19633Download Chart
DeSwynnertonMaude, Mrs. 19633Download Chart
DeSwynnertonMaude, Mrs. 19634Download Chart
DeSwynnertonRobert Sir 19633Download Chart
DeSwynnertonThomas Sir 19633Download Chart
DeSwynnertonThomas Sir 19634Download Chart
deTonebrugeGilbertPembroke 9241Download Chart
deTonebrugeIsabel, Mrs. 9241Download Chart
deValletortEgelina 9246Download Chart
deValletortHugh 9246Download Chart
deValletortLucia, Mrs. 9246Download Chart
deVereHawise, Mrs. 9248Download Chart
deVereHugh 9248Download Chart
deVereIsabel 9236Download Chart
deVereIsabel 9237Download Chart
deVereIsabel 9248Download Chart
deVitrieAlianore 19635Download Chart
deVitrieEmma, Mrs. 19635Download Chart
deVitrieRobert 19635Download Chart
deVivoniaJoan 9236Download Chart
DeVoeEmma A.Yakima, WA, USA4061Download Chart
deWarenneAda 9230Download Chart
DeWittElizabeth, Mrs. 3352Download Chart
deWorkesleyThomas 19632Download Chart
DickensenElizabeth, Mrs. 2821Download Chart
DickensenGeorge 2821Download Chart
DickensenMaryOtsego, NY, USA2821Download Chart
DickersonElizabeth 9213Download Chart
DickersonElizabeth 9217Download Chart
DickersonMary 9218Download Chart
DickersonSybil 9217Download Chart
DickersonThomasFairfield, CT, USA9217Download Chart
DickersonThomasFairfield, CT, USA9218Download Chart
DickinsonElizabeth, Mrs. 19621Download Chart
DickinsonElizabeth, Mrs. 19622Download Chart
DickinsonElizabeth, Mrs. 19622Download Chart
DickinsonFreelove 19615Download Chart
DickinsonFreelove 19616Download Chart
DickinsonFreelove 19621Download Chart
DickinsonIsabella, Mrs. 19622Download Chart
DickinsonJohnNassau, NY, USA19621Download Chart
DickinsonJohn 19622Download Chart
DickinsonJudith, Mrs. 19621Download Chart
DickinsonJudith, Mrs. 19622Download Chart
DickinsonRachel, Mrs. 19622Download Chart
DickinsonRichardStaffordshire, England19622Download Chart
DickinsonSamuel 19621Download Chart
DickinsonSarah, Mrs. 19621Download Chart
DickinsonThomasStaffordshire, England19621Download Chart
DickinsonThomasStaffordshire, England19622Download Chart
DickinsonWilliamPortsmout,h England19621Download Chart
DickinsonWilliam 19622Download Chart
DickinsonWilliamLeeds, England19622Download Chart
DiegersCatherinaBay, MI, USA3391Download Chart
DillonHanorahBrewers Mills, Ontario, Canada1811Download Chart
DircksAeltie 1496Download Chart
DircksOrrseltie 1493Download Chart
DisberryArthur EdsonGenesee, MI, USA3821Download Chart
DisberryEmma, Mrs. 3821Download Chart
DisberryEthel, Mrs. 3821Download Chart
DisberryGeorge Frank 3821Download Chart
DisberryMamie BellGenesee, MI, USA3821Download Chart
DiselrodEleanorWayne, MI, USA3711Download Chart
DistoldrodtLambertWayne, MI, USA3711Download Chart
DodsonAbrahamFauquier, VA, USA3333Download Chart
DodsonBarbara, Mrs. 3333Download Chart
DodsonMary, Mrs. 3333Download Chart
DodsonTabithaFauquier, VA, USA3333Download Chart
DodsonThomasHenrico, VA, USA3333Download Chart
DohertyBridget, Mrs. 1811Download Chart
DohertyEarl ThomasHuron, MI, USA1811Download Chart
DohertyEdward JohnWayne, MI, USA1811Download Chart
DohertyFlora Julia, Mrs. 1811Download Chart
DohertyRichard AugustineWayne, MI, USA1811Download Chart
DohertyTherese Marie, Mrs. 1811Download Chart
DohertyThomasBrewers Mills, Ontario, Canada1811Download Chart
DolbereMary 3309Download Chart
DolbereMary, Mrs. 3309Download Chart
DolbereRockey 3309Download Chart
DoleApphiaEssex, MA, USA11911Download Chart
DoleHannah, Mrs. 11911Download Chart
DoleRichardEssex, MA, USA11911Download Chart
DoleRichard 11911Download Chart
DoleSarahBoston, MA, USA1195Download Chart
DoleSarahBoston, MA, USA11911Download Chart
DoleSarahBoston, MA, USA11912Download Chart
DoleWilliam 11911Download Chart
DoolittleJohnOceana, MI, USA3601Download Chart
DoolittleMartha ElizabethOceana, MI, USA3601Download Chart
DoolittleMartha Elizabeth, Mrs. 3601Download Chart
DopfAnna Margaret, Mrs. 19645Download Chart
DopfHans Peter 19645Download Chart
DoppAnna Margaret 19615Download Chart
DoppAnna Margaret 19644Download Chart
DoppAnna Margaret 19645Download Chart
DoppPeterNY19645Download Chart
DorlandAnnaDutchess, NY, USA19615Download Chart
DorlandAnna, Mrs. 19615Download Chart
DorlandCatherine, Mrs. 19615Download Chart
DorlandEliasLong Island, NY, USA19642Download Chart
DorlandEnochDutchess, NY, USA19615Download Chart
DorlandJan Gerretse 19642Download Chart
DorlandJohnLong Island, NY, USA19615Download Chart
DorlandJohnLong Island, NY, USA19642Download Chart
DorlandJohnLong Island, NY, USA19643Download Chart
DorlandMary, Mrs. 19615Download Chart
DorlandMary, Mrs. 19642Download Chart
DorlandMary, Mrs. 19643Download Chart
DorlandMiriam, Mrs. 19642Download Chart
DorlandSamuelLong Island, NY, USA19615Download Chart
DostoldrodtMargaret, Mrs. 3711Download Chart
DotyDesire 364Download Chart
DotyEdward 364Download Chart
DotyEdward 1963Download Chart
DotyElizabeth, Mrs. 1962Download Chart
DotyElizabeth, Mrs. 1964Download Chart
DotyFaith, Mrs. 1963Download Chart
DotyHannah, Mrs. 1962Download Chart
DotyJane, Mrs. 1963Download Chart
DotyMercySussex, NJ, USA1962Download Chart
DotyMosesSomerset, NJ, USA1962Download Chart
DotyMrs .Elizabeth, Mrs. 1963Download Chart
DotySamuel, Jr.Somerset, NJ, USA1963Download Chart
DotySamuel, Jr.Somerset, NJ, USA1964Download Chart
DotySamuel, Sr.Plymouth Colony, MA, USA1963Download Chart
DotySolomonWarren, NJ, USA1962Download Chart
Doty Samuel, Jr.Somerset, NJ, USA1962Download Chart
DouwesDavid 1494Download Chart
DouwesStyntjeHolland1494Download Chart
DowningMargaret 2523Download Chart
DownsHannah 9220Download Chart
DownsJohnKent, England9220Download Chart
DrakeAgneta, Mrs. 9239Download Chart
DrakeAmy, Mrs. 9239Download Chart
DrakeChristiana, Mrs. 9240Download Chart
DrakeChristiana, Mrs. 9240Download Chart
DrakeDarius NelsonTuscola, MI, USA19018Download Chart
DrakeDorothy, Mrs. 9223Download Chart
DrakeElizabethPlymouth, MA, USA926Download Chart
DrakeElizabethPlymouth, MA, USA9222Download Chart
DrakeElizabethPlymouth, MA, USA9223Download Chart
DrakeGertrude, Mrs. 9223Download Chart
DrakeGertrude, Mrs. 9239Download Chart
DrakeJane, Mrs. 9223Download Chart
DrakeJeanette, Mrs. 19018Download Chart
DrakeJohnOtterton 9234Download Chart
DrakeJohnOtterton 9239Download Chart
DrakeJohnDevon, England9239Download Chart
DrakeJohnExmouth & Ash England9239Download Chart
DrakeJohn, Esq.Devon, England9223Download Chart
DrakeJohn, Esq.Otterton, Devon, England9239Download Chart
DrakeJohn, Esq.Otterton, Devon, England9240Download Chart
DrakeJohn, Esq. 9240Download Chart
DrakeJohn, Esq.East Budleigh, Devon, England9240Download Chart
DrakeJulia AnnaCanada1901Download Chart
DrakeJulia AnnaCanada19017Download Chart
DrakeJulia AnnaCanada19018Download Chart
DrakeLemira, Mrs. 19018Download Chart
DrakeMargaret, Mrs. 9223Download Chart
DrakeMargaret, Mrs. 9239Download Chart
DrakeReubenVT, USA19018Download Chart
DrakeSir BernardDevonshire, England9223Download Chart
DrakeSir BernardDevonshire, England9239Download Chart
DrakeThomasPlymouth, MA, USA9223Download Chart
DrakeWilliamLondon, England9223Download Chart
Drake Enoch HenryTuscola, MI, USA19018Download Chart
DrennanJerry Catherine 3801Download Chart
DrewsChristianGermany2991Download Chart
DrewsFredericka, Mrs. 2991Download Chart
DrewsMaryWayne, MI, USA2991Download Chart
DroomersRegina 3391Download Chart
DrouinAnne, Mrs. 1064Download Chart
DrouinAnne, Mrs. 1067Download Chart
DrouinEsther 1061Download Chart
DrouinJeanne 1064Download Chart
DrouinJeanne 1067Download Chart
DrouinMrs Marie, Mrs. 1067Download Chart
DrouinRobertChateau-Richer, Canada1064Download Chart
DrouinRobertChateau-Richer, Canada1067Download Chart
DrouinRobertPin, Perche, France1067Download Chart
DuBerryHanoraFrance2412Download Chart
DuBoisAnne, Mrs. 1065Download Chart
DuBoisIsaac 1065Download Chart
DuBoisMadeleineLaRochelle, France1065Download Chart
DuBoisMarie 1067Download Chart
DuckertAugusta, Mrs. 1321Download Chart
DuckertCharles F.Macomb, MI, USA1321Download Chart
DuckertMable, Mrs. 1321Download Chart
DuckertMarion D.Macomb, MI, USA1321Download Chart
DuckertWilliamOakland, MI, USA1321Download Chart
DuffMargaret 19014Download Chart
DummerJaneEssex, MA, USA1194Download Chart
DummerStephenBishopstoke, England1194Download Chart
DuncanBetsey 3332Download Chart
DuncanCaty, Mrs. 3332Download Chart
DuncanEdmondBucks, PA, USA11917Download Chart
DuncanJoseph, Jr.Harrison, KY, USA3332Download Chart
DuncanJoseph, Sr.Fauquier, VA, USA3332Download Chart
DuncanLydia 3332Download Chart
DuncanSarah, Mrs. 11917Download Chart
DuncanWilliam 11917Download Chart
Duncan IKing of Scotland 19637Download Chart
DunlapAnnie, Mrs. 1271Download Chart
DunlapBarbaraTX, USA1271Download Chart
DunlapCecilTX, USA1271Download Chart
DunlapElizabeth, Mrs. 1271Download Chart
DunlapHelen, Mrs. 1271Download Chart
DunlapJamesDresden, Ontario, Canada1271Download Chart
DunlapJamesMI, USA1271Download Chart
DunlapJanet, Mrs. 1271Download Chart
DunlapWilliam 1271Download Chart
DupesBarbara AnnDauphin, PA, USA3771Download Chart
DupesJesse 3771Download Chart
DupesMargaret, Mrs. 3771Download Chart
DupontXaintesChateau-Richer, Quebec, Canada1067Download Chart
DurhamMary 3333Download Chart
DutcherCharlotte, Mrs. 2662Download Chart
DutcherDanielHuron, MI, USA2662Download Chart
DutcherDaniel 2662Download Chart
DutcherJessicaTuscola, MI, USA2662Download Chart
DutcherRose, Mrs. 2662Download Chart
DuttonMargaret, Mrs. 19633Download Chart
DuttonSir JohnDutton 19633Download Chart
DuttonSir PiersDutton 19633Download Chart
EastmanMiriamEngland2991Download Chart
EbelingLouiseSaline, MO, USA2081Download Chart
EbelingLudolf 2081Download Chart
EbelingWilhelmie Johanna, Mrs. 2081Download Chart
EcklerChristiana 3931Download Chart
EcklerChristiana 3932Download Chart
EdmansEdman 5410Download Chart
EdmansHannah, Mrs. 5410Download Chart
EdmondsAmanda, Mrs. 2751Download Chart
EdmondsBetsey, Mrs. 2751Download Chart
EdmondsFrances (Frankie)Washtenaw, MI, USA2751Download Chart
EdmondsJohnNY, USA2751Download Chart
EdmondsJohn GeorgeSaratoga, NY, USA2751Download Chart
EdmondsMartha, Mrs. 549Download Chart
EdmondsPeter Lemel 549Download Chart
Edward the Atheling  19637Download Chart
EdwardsElizabeth, Mrs. 1904Download Chart
EdwardsKate Margaret 1391Download Chart
EdwardsLena Rivers, Mrs. 1901Download Chart
EdwardsLena Rivers, Mrs. 1904Download Chart
EdwardsLena Rivers, Mrs. 1905Download Chart
EdwardsMartha BelleAtlanta, GA, USA1901Download Chart
EdwardsWilliam A.Green, KY, USA1904Download Chart
EdwardsWilliam ArchibaldCarlisle, KY, USA1901Download Chart
EdwardsWilliam ArchibaldCarlisle, KY, USA1904Download Chart
EdwardsWilliam ArchibaldCarlisle, KY, USA1905Download Chart
EgglestonHarryMI, USA251Download Chart
EgglestonLewis A.Clinton, MI, USA251Download Chart
EgglestonLucy, Mrs. 251Download Chart
EgglestonSarah Ann, Mrs. 253Download Chart
EgglestonZebulon 253Download Chart
EglistonPollyNY, USA544Download Chart
EisingerElizabethLucas, OH, USA3162Download Chart
Eleanor of Castile Lincolnshire,England9236Download Chart
EliotAndrewMontgomery, NY, USA2821Download Chart
EliotAndrewMontgomery, NY, USA2822Download Chart
EliotAndrewOtsego, NY, USA2822Download Chart
EliotAngeline 2821Download Chart
EliotAngeline 2822Download Chart
EliotChesterOtsego, NY, USA2821Download Chart
EliotHannah, Mrs. 2821Download Chart
EliotHannah, Mrs. 2822Download Chart
EliotJacobMontgomery, NY, USA2821Download Chart
EliotJacob 2821Download Chart
EliotJacob 2822Download Chart
EliotJane, Mrs. 2822Download Chart
EliotLovina, Mrs. 2821Download Chart
EliotPriscilla, Mrs. 2821Download Chart
ElkinsSarah 1191Download Chart
ElliotAngeline, Mrs. 2821Download Chart
ElliotAngeline, Mrs. 2822Download Chart
ElliotGeorge CarverCass, MI, USA2821Download Chart
ElliotGeorge CarverCass, MI, USA2822Download Chart
ElliotJerusha, Mrs. 2822Download Chart
ElliotPeterOakland, MI, USA2822Download Chart
ElliottAda, Mrs. 4061Download Chart
ElliottAlexes 4062Download Chart
ElliottBlanche, Mrs. 4061Download Chart
ElliottDoctor CarterSanta Clara, CA, USA4061Download Chart
ElliottDoctor CarterSanta Clara, CA, USA4062Download Chart
ElliottErma FrancesYakima WA, USA4061Download Chart
ElliottHarold HerschelYakima WA, USA4061Download Chart
ElliottMr.s Elizabeth, Mrs. 4062Download Chart
ElliottMrs Williamine, Mrs. 4062Download Chart
ElliottNathan T.Van Buren, MI, USA4061Download Chart
ElliottNathan T.Van Buren, MI, USA4062Download Chart
ElliottWilliamine, Mrs. 4061Download Chart
EllisCalista 2741Download Chart
EllisCarrie Lida, Mrs. 2741Download Chart
EllisDaniel 2741Download Chart
EllisDon GoodwinOakland, MI, USA2741Download Chart
EllisElizabethWayne, IL, USA1341Download Chart
EllisGrace Aileen, Mrs. 2741Download Chart
EllisLavina W., Mrs. 2741Download Chart
EllisLois AnnWayne, MI, USA2741Download Chart
EllisMyron HawleyWayne, MI, USA2741Download Chart
EllisWilliam AustinWayne, MI, USA2741Download Chart
EmeryAnna Catherine 3392Download Chart
EmeryHannahEssex, MA, USA11910Download Chart
EmeryJohnEssex, MA, USA11910Download Chart
EmeryJohnEssex, MA, USA11910Download Chart
EmeryJohn 11910Download Chart
EmeryMaryEssex, MA, USA11910Download Chart
EmeryMary, Mrs. 11910Download Chart
EnbodyAdeline, Mrs. 1491Download Chart
EnbodyFreeman AlbrightLucas, OH, USA1491Download Chart
EnbodyIris Meriam, Mrs. 1491Download Chart
EnbodyJacob TilisonBerckeley, VA, USA1491Download Chart
EnbodyLillian Eva, Mrs. 1491Download Chart
EnbodyMarda LillianLucas, OH, USA1491Download Chart
EnbodyWillison J.Lucas, OH, USA1491Download Chart
Ensley/InsleyMargaretSomerset, NJ, USA14911Download Chart
Ensley/InsleyMargaretSomerset, NJ, USA14913Download Chart
EoffErie/EzraLapeer, MI, USA3001Download Chart
EoffErie/EzraLapeer, MI, USA3004Download Chart
EoffHuldaLapeer, MI, USA?3001Download Chart
EoffJacobLapeer, MI, USA3004Download Chart
EoffNancy, Mrs. 3001Download Chart
EoffPolly A, Mrs. 3004Download Chart
Erembourgdau of Helias, Count of Maine 19635Download Chart
ErsdotterBrita 4021Download Chart
ErssonLars 4021Download Chart
ErssonMarit, Mrs. 4021Download Chart
EsmondAnnaDutchess, NY, USA19615Download Chart
Estance/EstenBridgetBristol, MA, USA34314Download Chart
EstillChristopherHoward, MO, USA2091Download Chart
EstillCrissie ColvinHoward, MO, USA2091Download Chart
EstillDanielMO, USA2091Download Chart
EstillLucinda Catherine, Mrs. 2091Download Chart
EstillSarah, Mrs. 2091Download Chart
Eston/EastonAnnCT, USA3308Download Chart
EvansFlowerOakland, MI, USA3671Download Chart
EverittElizabethKent, Ontario, Canada1271Download Chart
EverittHannah, Mrs. 1271Download Chart
EverittWilliam, Jr.Ontario, Canada1271Download Chart
EverlyEmma J. 921Download Chart
EvertonElizabeth 1232Download Chart
EvertonHon. Anthony 1232Download Chart
FaberGeorge 2662Download Chart
FaberJessica, Mrs. 2662Download Chart
FaberKarlHuron, MI, USA2662Download Chart
FaberMarie Louise, Mrs. 2662Download Chart
FaberRoseHuron, MI, USA2662Download Chart
FaberTheodore E.Bay, MI, USA2662Download Chart
FairchildAzur 1499Download Chart
FalesHannah 1393Download Chart
FankhauserElizabeth, Mrs. 2401Download Chart
FankhauserJohnOH, USA2401Download Chart
FankhauserMaudOscoda, MI, USA2401Download Chart
FaustAmelia Rebecca, Mrs. 3771Download Chart
FaustBarbara JoanDauphin, PA, USA3771Download Chart
FaustBesse May, Mrs. 3771Download Chart
FaustCharlesHuron, OH, USA3931Download Chart
FaustCharles IrvinDauphin, PA, USA3771Download Chart
FaustFlorence Evelyn, Mrs. 3771Download Chart
FaustHenry 3771Download Chart
FaustIdaSt Joseph, MI, USA3931Download Chart
FaustJacob K.Schuylkill, PA, USA3771Download Chart
FaustJohn RolandMartin, FL, USA3771Download Chart
FaustLouise, Mrs. 3931Download Chart
FaustPhilip 3931Download Chart
FaustPhilippine, Mrs. 3931Download Chart
FaustSoloma, Mrs. 3771Download Chart
FentonAgnes MargaretWayne, MI, USA1901Download Chart
FentonAgnes MargaretWayne, MI, USA19013Download Chart
FentonAgnes MargaretWayne, MI, USA19014Download Chart
FentonAgnes, Mrs. 19014Download Chart
FentonAnna Margaret, Mrs. 19014Download Chart
FentonCharles 19014Download Chart
FentonHelen, Mrs. 19014Download Chart
FentonJames, Jr.Dundee, Forfar, Scotland19014Download Chart
FentonJames, Sr.Dundee, Forfar, Scotland19014Download Chart
FergusonMargaretIreland2911Download Chart
Fernando IIIJeanne, Mrs. 9236Download Chart
Fernando III Spain9236Download Chart
FieldHon. JohnProvidence, RI, USA1232Download Chart
FieldJane, Mrs. 1232Download Chart
FieldWilliamArdsley,England1232Download Chart
FieldsDanielPlymouth, MA, USA1231Download Chart
FieldsDanielPlymouth, MA, USA1232Download Chart
FieldsEleanorOH, USA3031Download Chart
FieldsElizabeth, Mrs. 1232Download Chart
FieldsHannahPlymouth, MA, USA1231Download Chart
FieldsHannahPlymouth, MA, USA1232Download Chart
FieldsJohn, Jr.Plymouth, MA, USA1232Download Chart
FieldsSarah, Mrs. 1231Download Chart
FieldsSarah, Mrs. 1232Download Chart
FinchAbigail 3337Download Chart
FinchElizabeth, Mrs. 3337Download Chart
FinchJosephCT, USA?3337Download Chart
FinisonAnn CatherineMontgomery, OH, USA2911Download Chart
FinisonCarrie, Mrs. 2911Download Chart
FinisonFranzika, Mrs. 2911Download Chart
FinisonHarvey JosephEaton, MI, USA2911Download Chart
FinisonJosephEaton, MI, USA2911Download Chart
FinisonLorenzGermany2911Download Chart
FinisonLorenz JohnEaton, MI, USA2911Download Chart
FinisonMary Ann, Mrs. 2911Download Chart
FintonElizabethOH, USA2911Download Chart
FirmynJohn 1968Download Chart
FisherMary 3337Download Chart
Fitz RobWarren 19619Download Chart
Fitz SenulfRobertLyn, Norfolk, England19619Download Chart
Fitz WarrenGilbert 19619Download Chart
Fitz WarrenRichill, Mrs. 19619Download Chart
FitzGeoffreyMaud 9230Download Chart
FitzHenryHenry 19636Download Chart
FitzOsborneAdeliza 9237Download Chart
Fitz-PiersAlice 9236Download Chart
Fitz-PiersBeatrix, Mrs. 9230Download Chart
Fitz-PiersGeoffreyBurwell, England9230Download Chart
Fitz-PiersJoan, Mrs. 9236Download Chart
Fitz-PiersReginald 9236Download Chart
Fitz-RoyMaud 9237Download Chart
Fitz-RoyReginald 9237Download Chart
FlaggMary 3339Download Chart
FlaglerCatherineDutchess, NY, USA19615Download Chart
FlaglerCatherine, Mrs.Dutchess, NY, USA19615Download Chart
FlaglerCatherine, Mrs. 19646Download Chart
FlaglerZachariahDutchess, NY, USA19615Download Chart
FlaglerZachariahDutchess, NY, USA19646Download Chart
FleglerAnna Elizabeth 19644Download Chart
FleglerHansGermany19644Download Chart
FleglerMargarte, Mrs. 19644Download Chart
FleglerVeitGermany19644Download Chart
FleglerZachariahNY, USA19644Download Chart
FlegllarAnna Margaret, Mrs. 19615Download Chart
FlegllarAnna Margaret, Mrs. 19644Download Chart
FlegllarAnna Margaret, Mrs. 19645Download Chart
FlegllarPhilip SolomonDutchess, NY, USA19615Download Chart
FlegllarPhilip SolomonDutchess, NY, USA19644Download Chart
FlegllarPhilip SolomonDutchess, NY, USA19645Download Chart
FlemingHannah 1271Download Chart
FoderinghayMargaret 19617Download Chart
FoderinghayThomas 19617Download Chart
FondaRebecca 251Download Chart
FondaRebecca 255Download Chart
FortescueGertrude 9223Download Chart
FortescueGertrude 9239Download Chart
FosterDavid LymanWarren, NJ, USA571Download Chart
FosterJerusha, Mrs. 571Download Chart
FosterMalvina SutherlandKennebec, ME, USA361Download Chart
FosterMalvina SutherlandKennebec, ME, USA362Download Chart
FosterMalvina SutherlandKennebec, ME, USA363Download Chart
FosterMary LouiseOakland, MI, USA571Download Chart
FosterMary, Mrs. 363Download Chart
FosterSarah Ribble, Mrs. 571Download Chart
FosterThomas 571Download Chart
FosterThomas J. 363Download Chart
FoutchJames 25212Download Chart
FoutchJonathanVA, USA2521Download Chart
FoutchJonathanVA, USA25212Download Chart
FoutchMary JaneOntonagon, MI, USA2521Download Chart
FoutchRebecca, Mrs. 2521Download Chart
FoutchRebecca, Mrs. 25213Download Chart
FoxCharlesHanover, Germany4151Download Chart
FoxGwendolyn Irene 3711Download Chart
FoxMary AnnGreene, IN, USA4151Download Chart
FoxPencilia, Mrs. 4151Download Chart
FredayMargueriteFrance1063Download Chart
FreelandCatherineWayne, MI, USA4141Download Chart
Freeland/VreelandHannahWarren, NJ, USA1962Download Chart
FreemanAndrewWarren, NJ, USA19613Download Chart
FreemanEdwardMiddlesex, NJ, USA19613Download Chart
FreemanHannah, Mrs. 19613Download Chart
FreemanHannah, Mrs. 19614Download Chart
FreemanMary, Mrs. 19613Download Chart
FreemanMary, Mrs. 19613Download Chart
FreemanPatience RosettaOakland, MI, USA1961Download Chart
FreemanPatience RosettaOakland, MI, USA1966Download Chart
FreemanPatience RosettaOakland, MI, USA19613Download Chart
FreemanSarah, Mrs. 19613Download Chart
FreemanWilliamSussex, NJ, USA19613Download Chart
FreemanWilliamMiddlesex, NJ, USA19613Download Chart
FrenchDonald 1321Download Chart
FrenchDonald G.Oakland, MI, USA3431Download Chart
FrenchDoris Louise, Mrs. 3431Download Chart
FrenchElizabeth J., Mrs. 3431Download Chart
FrenchHarlan R.Oakland, MI, USA3431Download Chart
FrenchHarriet 1905Download Chart
FrenchJames R.England3431Download Chart
FrenchJames RichardOakland, MI, USA3431Download Chart
FrenchJamima, Mrs. 3431Download Chart
FrenchMaxine, Mrs. 3431Download Chart
FrenchNina Lois, Mrs. 3431Download Chart
FrenchWilliam LloydPrince Edward Island, Canada3431Download Chart
FreudensteinAnna KatharineGrifte, Germany547Download Chart
FreudensteinAnna KatherineGrifte, Germany548Download Chart
FreudensteinDorothea, Mrs. 548Download Chart
FreudensteinJohn HermannHolzhausen, Germany548Download Chart
FreyAlta Adele, Mrs. 3601Download Chart
FreyEdward ShriverTuscola, MI, USA3601Download Chart
FreyEdward Shriver, Jr.Volusia, FL, USA3601Download Chart
FreyJulia Elizabeth, Mrs. 3601Download Chart
FreyMartha JeanWayne, MI, USA3601Download Chart
FreyMary Elizabeth, Mrs. 3601Download Chart
FreySamuel W.Baltimore, MD, USA3601Download Chart
FritzAbbae (Apollonia) 2741Download Chart
Fritz GilbertiChristian, Mrs. 19619Download Chart
Fritz GilbertiJohn 19619Download Chart
FrostLydiaWyndom, CT, USA9214Download Chart
FrostWilliamFairfield, CT, USA9214Download Chart
FultonMargaretVA, USA3031Download Chart
FurmanJosiah 1968Download Chart
FurmanSarah, Mrs. 1966Download Chart
FurmanSarah, Mrs. 1967Download Chart
FurmanSarah, Mrs. 1968Download Chart
FurnessAmelia, Mrs. 3163Download Chart
FurnessMary LouisaDaviess, KY, USA3163Download Chart
FurnessThomasJefferson, KY, USA3163Download Chart
FurrowElizabeth, Mrs. 2911Download Chart
FurrowJoseph B.VA, USA2911Download Chart
FurrowMary DelilahYanklon, SD, USA2911Download Chart
FurtainAdelaide, Mrs. 2991Download Chart
FurtainAnna A.Wayne, MI, USA2991Download Chart
FurtainCapt. Wm H. 2991Download Chart
GabelMarjorie 571Download Chart
GageAimee, Mrs. 1192Download Chart
GageBenjaminEssex, MA, USA1192Download Chart
GageCornelia, Mrs. 3572Download Chart
GageHenry C.Wood, OH, USA3572Download Chart
GageJohnEssex, MA, USA1192Download Chart
GageJohnEssex, MA, USA1192Download Chart
GageJohnEngland1192Download Chart
GageMargaretErie, PA, USA3571Download Chart
GageMargaretErie, PA, USA3572Download Chart
GageMary, Mrs. 3572Download Chart
GageMary, Mrs. 3572Download Chart
GageMary, Mrs. 3572Download Chart
GagePenelope Darcy, Mrs. 1192Download Chart
GagePrudence, Mrs. 1192Download Chart
GageRobertWhitley, IN, USA3572Download Chart
GageRoscoeRichland, OH, USA3572Download Chart
GageSarah, Mrs. 1192Download Chart
GageThomasNorthern Ireland3572Download Chart
GagnierAnna A., Mrs. 2991Download Chart
GagnierCharles H.Wayne, MI, USA2991Download Chart
GagnierMarie C.Wayne, MI, USA2991Download Chart
GagnierSophie 2991Download Chart
GagnierXavier 2991Download Chart
GainesHenryMarion, IL, USA1341Download Chart
GainesMariah, Mrs. 1341Download Chart
GainesMartha ElizabethLaSalle, IL, USA1341Download Chart
GainesMary, Mrs. 1341Download Chart
GainesZachary TaylorLaSalle, IL, USA1341Download Chart
GaleRuth Marie 3331Download Chart
GallupSarahEngland2381Download Chart
GambonIsabel 9246Download Chart
GambonWalterMoreston 9246Download Chart
GangawareMaryNorthampton, PA, USA1909Download Chart
GangawareSolomon 1909Download Chart
GardinerDavid 13215Download Chart
GardinerElizabeth 13215Download Chart
GardinerElizabeth 3707Download Chart
GardinerLion 13215Download Chart
GardinerMary, Mrs. 13215Download Chart
GardinerMary, Mrs. 13215Download Chart
GardnerRachel 11918Download Chart
GariepyCatherineChateau-Richer, Canada1063Download Chart
GariepyFrancoisChateau-Richer, Canada1063Download Chart
GariepyJeanMontfort, France1063Download Chart
GariepyJeanne, Mrs. 1063Download Chart
GariepyJeanne, Mrs. 1063Download Chart
GarrisonElizabeth, Mrs. 1341Download Chart
GarrisonIsaacKY, USA1341Download Chart
GarrisonMaryWayne, IL, USA1341Download Chart
GarwoodMargaretNJ, USA2664Download Chart
GarwoodMary, Mrs. 2664Download Chart
GarwoodThomas 2664Download Chart
GatesLaura (Caroline)Oakland, MI, USA1341Download Chart
GauntJohn of 19623Download Chart
GaylordElizabeth 9221Download Chart
GedneyAnnaWestchester, NY, USA19615Download Chart
GedneyEleazer, Jr.Westchester, NY, USA19626Download Chart
GedneyEleazer, Sr.Essex, MA, USA19626Download Chart
GedneyElizabeth, Mrs. 19626Download Chart
GedneyJohnWestchester, NY, USA19615Download Chart
GedneyJohnWestchester, NY, USA19626Download Chart
GedneyJohnEssex, MA, USA19626Download Chart
GedneyMary 19615Download Chart
GeeCatherineBruce, Ontario, Canada3571Download Chart
GemmelJanet 927Download Chart
GerholdtCharles 3001Download Chart
GerholdtCharles 3004Download Chart
GerholdtDorothea, Mrs. 3001Download Chart
GerholdtJohnGermany3004Download Chart
GerholdtMary E. 3004Download Chart
GerholdtWilhelminaBlack Hawk, IA, USA3001Download Chart
GerlachDorothea ElizabethGermany548Download Chart
GerrishBetseyMerrimac, NH, USA1191Download Chart
GerrishHenryMerrimac, NH, USA1191Download Chart
GerrishJane, Mrs. 1194Download Chart
GerrishJoanna, Mrs. 1191Download Chart
GerrishJoanna, Mrs. 1194Download Chart
GerrishJosephMerrimac, NH, USA1191Download Chart
GerrishJosephEssex, MA, USA1191Download Chart
GerrishJosephEssex, MA, USA1194Download Chart
GerrishJosephEssex, MA, USA1195Download Chart
GerrishMartha, Mrs. 1191Download Chart
GerrishMary BartlettWest Lebonen, NH, USA1191Download Chart
GerrishMary, Mrs. 1191Download Chart
GerrishMary, Mrs. 1191Download Chart
GerrishMary, Mrs. 1194Download Chart
GerrishMary, Mrs. 1195Download Chart
GerrishMosesEssex, MA, USA1194Download Chart
GerrishStephenMerrimac, NH, USA1191Download Chart
GerrishThomasMerrimac, NH, USA1191Download Chart
GerrishWilliamEssex, MA, USA1194Download Chart
GerritsGrietje 1322Download Chart
GerritsGrietje 1325Download Chart
GetschmanAnna Marie, Mrs. 3162Download Chart
GetschmanAnnie Catherine, Mrs. 3162Download Chart
GetschmanCatherine 3161Download Chart
GetschmanFrank (Franz)Racine, WI, USA3162Download Chart
GetschmanGeorge CharlesWayne, MI, USA3162Download Chart
GetschmanGeorge FrankOakland, MI, USA3162Download Chart
GetschmanGeorge OttoRacine, WI, USA3162Download Chart
GetschmanGotthefGermany3162Download Chart
GetschmanKatherine, Mrs. 3162Download Chart
GetschmanLouise Regina, Mrs. 3162Download Chart
GibsonHarriet, Mrs. 1905Download Chart
GibsonHenry 1905Download Chart
GibsonMartha L.Stewart, TN, USA1905Download Chart
GiffJohnIreland3711Download Chart
GiffMargaretWayne, MI, USA3711Download Chart
GiffordHannahCT, USA3308Download Chart
GiffordHannah, Mrs. 3308Download Chart
GiffordStephen 3308Download Chart
GilbertElizabeth, Mrs. 9239Download Chart
GilbertElizabeth, Mrs. 9246Download Chart
GilbertElizabeth, Mrs. 9246Download Chart
GilbertElizabeth, Mrs. 9247Download Chart
GilbertGeoffrey 9246Download Chart
GilbertIsabel, Mrs. 9246Download Chart
GilbertIsabella 9239Download Chart
GilbertJoan, Mrs. 9246Download Chart
GilbertMargaret 3771Download Chart
GilbertSir Otes 9239Download Chart
GilbertSir Otes 9246Download Chart
GilbertSir Otes 9247Download Chart
GilbertThomas 9246Download Chart
GilbertWilliamCompton 9246Download Chart
GilbertWilliamCompton Castle 9246Download Chart
GileEphraimEssex, MA, USA1199Download Chart
GileHannahEssex, MA, USA1198Download Chart
GileJudith, Mrs. 1198Download Chart
GileJudith, Mrs. 1199Download Chart
GileMartha, Mrs. 1199Download Chart
GileMaryEssex, MA, USA1191Download Chart
GileMaryEssex, MA, USA1198Download Chart
GileMaryEssex, MA, USA1199Download Chart
GileSamuelEssex, MA, USA1198Download Chart
GileSamuelEssex, MA, USA1199Download Chart
GilesMartha 3961Download Chart
Gilett(e)Joanna 3309Download Chart
Gilett(e)Joanna, Mrs. 3309Download Chart
Gilett(e)Jonathon 3309Download Chart
Gilett(e)Josiah 3309Download Chart
Gilett(e)Mary, Mrs. 3309Download Chart
GillamAlta L.Lenawee, MI, USA3832Download Chart
GillamHarriet, Mrs. 3832Download Chart
GirouxFrancoisBeauport, Canada1061Download Chart
GirouxFrancoise, Mrs. 1061Download Chart
GirouxJeanQuebec, Canada1064Download Chart
GirouxJeanReveillon, Perche, France1064Download Chart
GirouxLouis ToussaintBeauport, Canada1061Download Chart
GirouxMarguerite, Mrs. 1064Download Chart
GirouxMarieQuebec, Canada1061Download Chart
GirouxMarie, Mrs. 1061Download Chart
GirouxMarie, Mrs. 1064Download Chart
GirouxMarie, Mrs. 1064Download Chart
GirouxSuzanneBeauport, Canada1064Download Chart
GirouxToussaintBeauport, Canada1064Download Chart
GobelMarie 1811Download Chart
GobleDanielMiddlesex, MA, USA14912Download Chart
GobleDanielMorris, NJ, USA14912Download Chart
GobleHannah, Mrs. 14912Download Chart
GobleJudge RobertMorris, NJ, USA14911Download Chart
GobleJudge RobertMorris, NJ, USA14912Download Chart
GobleMargaret 14911Download Chart
GobleMathiasSussex, NJ, USA14911Download Chart
GobleMathiasSussex, NJ, USA14912Download Chart
GobleMathiasSussex, NJ, USA14913Download Chart
GobleMrs .Rachel, Mrs. 14911Download Chart
GobleMrs .Rachel, Mrs. 14912Download Chart
GobleRachel, Mrs. 14913Download Chart
GobleSarah, Mrs. 14912Download Chart
GobleThomas 14912Download Chart
GodardMarie 1064Download Chart
GoddingAlice, Mrs. 926Download Chart
GoddingAlice, Mrs. 9229Download Chart
GoddingEdward 926Download Chart
GoddingEdward 9229Download Chart
GoddingSarah 926Download Chart
GodfreyElizabeth 34312Download Chart
GodwinEllen, Mrs. 9214Download Chart
GodwinGeorge 9214Download Chart
GodwinMary 9214Download Chart
GoeteMargarte 19644Download Chart
GoodeAnne (2 entries) 9221Download Chart
GoodwinAlmira, Mrs. 2741Download Chart
GoodwinCarrie LidaIngham, MI, USA2741Download Chart
GoodwinFairfield IsrealCass, MI, USA2741Download Chart
GoodwinMary, Mrs. 2741Download Chart
GoodwinSamuel Mix 2741Download Chart
GoodyearHannah 9221Download Chart
GoodyearSteven 9221Download Chart
GordonAnna 3831Download Chart
GordonMaryOakland, MI, USA2741Download Chart
GordonMuriel, Mrs. 321Download Chart
GordonRobert 3932Download Chart
GordonSamuel 2741Download Chart
GordonSarah 3932Download Chart
GoreHannah 3308Download Chart
GoreSamuel 3308Download Chart
GoreSarah 19640Download Chart
GoreSarah 19641Download Chart
GorgesElizabeth 9239Download Chart
GorgesElizabeth 9243Download Chart
GorgesElizabeth 9244Download Chart
GorgesJoan, Mrs. 9244Download Chart
GorgesSir Theobald 9244Download Chart
GorgesThomas 9244Download Chart
GouldArmaintaNE, USA3661Download Chart
GouldFayetteNY, USA3661Download Chart
GouldMaryDutchess, NY, USA3338Download Chart
GouldMrs Betsy, Mrs. 3661Download Chart
GowenCarey Jane, Mrs. 3061Download Chart
GowenEdith LillianHuron, MI, USA3061Download Chart
GowenElizabeth, Mrs. 3061Download Chart
GowenLen (?)Canada3061Download Chart
GowenSamuel DavidCharlevoix, MI, USA3061Download Chart
GowmanAnn, Mrs. 3521Download Chart
GowmanEliza Sarah, Mrs. 3521Download Chart
GowmanGeorge 3521Download Chart
GowmanIva GraceWayne, MI, USA3521Download Chart
GowmanMinnie, Mrs. 3521Download Chart
GowmanSamuel AbiahMI , USA3521Download Chart
GowmanWilliam PetherickWayne, MI, USA3521Download Chart
GratoppFrederick CarlOakland, MI, USA3961Download Chart
GratoppGrace GwendolaOakland, MI, USA3961Download Chart
GratoppJoachimMacomb, MI, USA3961Download Chart
GratoppJohn 3961Download Chart
GratoppMargaretha, Mrs. 3961Download Chart
GratoppMaria, Mrs. 3961Download Chart
GratoppSerena, Mrs. 3961Download Chart
GrayEsther A. 3601Download Chart
GrayHenryFairfield, CT, USA9214Download Chart
GrayJacob, Sr. 9214Download Chart
GrayJoanna 924Download Chart
GrayJoanna 9213Download Chart
GrayJoanna 9214Download Chart
GrayJoanna, Mrs. 9214Download Chart
GrayMrs Lydia, Mrs. 9214Download Chart
GrayRobert 9214Download Chart
GraySarah, Mrs. 9214Download Chart
GrayWilliamEngland9214Download Chart
GreenElizabeth 9227Download Chart
GreenElizabeth Jane 3962Download Chart
GreenMary, Mrs. 926Download Chart
GreenMary, Mrs. 9227Download Chart
GreenMary, Mrs. 9228Download Chart
GreenPhillip 9227Download Chart
GreenSarahOntario, NY, USA926Download Chart
GreenSarah, Mrs. 926Download Chart
GreenWilliam 926Download Chart
Green (Betterton)Charles 926Download Chart
Green (Betterton)Charles 9227Download Chart
Green (Betterton)Charles 9228Download Chart
GreenleafAlfred Fairbanks 3271Download Chart
GreenleafAlta Mae, Mrs. 3271Download Chart
GreenleafAnn Eliza, Mrs. 3271Download Chart
GreenleafClarence OzellIonia, MI, USA3271Download Chart
GreenleafEdmundBoston, MA, USA1195Download Chart
GreenleafEdmundBoston, MA, USA11911Download Chart
GreenleafEdmundBoston, MA, USA11912Download Chart
GreenleafJames AlfredTuscola, MI, USA3271Download Chart
GreenleafJohn 1195Download Chart
GreenleafJohn 11911Download Chart
GreenleafJohn 11912Download Chart
GreenleafJohn WhittierOakland, MI, USA3271Download Chart
GreenleafJudithEssex, MA, USA1195Download Chart
GreenleafJudithEssex, MA, USA11911Download Chart
GreenleafJudithEssex, MA, USA11912Download Chart
GreenleafMabel Latta, Mrs. 3271Download Chart
GreenleafMarilyn JeanOakland, MI, USA3271Download Chart
GreenleafMrs .Mary Jane, Mrs. 3271Download Chart
GreenleafSarah, Mrs. 1195Download Chart
GreenleafSarah, Mrs. 11911Download Chart
GreenleafSarah, Mrs. 11912Download Chart
GreenwoodClarissa, Mrs. 3661Download Chart
GreenwoodIra 3661Download Chart
GreenwoodLucyIL3661Download Chart
GrenellFlavia 3961Download Chart
GrenierCharlesBeauport, Canada1064Download Chart
GrenierDame Francoise, Mrs. 1064Download Chart
GrenierGuillaumeTournebu, Normandie, France1064Download Chart
GrenierLouise, Mrs. 1064Download Chart
GrenierMarie Louise 1064Download Chart
GrenvilleElizabeth, Mrs. 9239Download Chart
GrenvilleElizabeth, Mrs. 9243Download Chart
GrenvilleElizabeth, Mrs. 9244Download Chart
GrenvilleMargaret, Mrs. 9239Download Chart
GrenvilleMargaret, Mrs. 9243Download Chart
GrenvillePhilippa, Mrs. 9243Download Chart
GrenvilleSir Theobald 9243Download Chart
GrenvilleSir Thomas 9239Download Chart
GrenvilleSir William 9243Download Chart
GrenvilleThomasGloucester, England9239Download Chart
GrenvilleThomasGloucester, England9243Download Chart
GrenvilleThomasGloucester, England9244Download Chart
GriffinSusan 3271Download Chart
GriffithBenjamin FranklinGreene, IN, USA4151Download Chart
GriffithJames HeuffJackson, OH, USA4151Download Chart
GriffithLily FlorenceJackson, OH, USA4151Download Chart
GriffithMargaret, Mrs. 4151Download Chart
GriffithNancy, Mrs. 4151Download Chart
GrillsAnnHartland, Devon, England2522Download Chart
GrillsGrace, Mrs. 2522Download Chart
GrillsPeter 2522Download Chart
GrillsPeterHartland, Devon, England2522Download Chart
GrillsThomasin, Mrs. 2522Download Chart
GroesbeckCatherine M. 252Download Chart
GroesbeckHenry V. 251Download Chart
GroesbeckHenry V. 252Download Chart
GroesbeckHenry V. 255Download Chart
GroesbeckLucy AnnSaratoga, NY, USA251Download Chart
GroesbeckLucy AnnSaratoga, NY, USA255Download Chart
GroesbeckMrs Rebecca, Mrs. 255Download Chart
GroesbeckRebecca, Mrs. 251Download Chart
GrolDorothyBrodnica, Germany3611Download Chart
GroomsAlfredOakland, MI, USA3081Download Chart
GroomsArnold W.Oakland, MI, USA3081Download Chart
GroomsGrace, Mrs. 3081Download Chart
GroomsKarenWayne, MI, USA3081Download Chart
GroomsMary Jane, Mrs. 3081Download Chart
GroomsOpal M., Mrs. 3081Download Chart
GroomsWilliamEngland3081Download Chart
GroomsWilliam A.Oakland, MI, USA3081Download Chart
GrosvenorEbenezerCalhoun, MI, USA3572Download Chart
GrosvenorElliot O.Orange, IN, USA3572Download Chart
GrosvenorIra R.Monroe, MI, USA3572Download Chart
GrosvenorMaryRichland, OH, USA3572Download Chart
GrosvenorMary Ann, Mrs. 3572Download Chart
GrosvenorMary, Mrs. 3572Download Chart
GrosvenorSarah Alice, Mrs. 3572Download Chart
GroveMary Barbary 3163Download Chart
GrowBetseyNY, USA2751Download Chart
GrubeMary 3521Download Chart
GrummanJohnFairfield, CT, USA9212Download Chart
GrummanSarah 9212Download Chart
GrummanSarah, Mrs. 9212Download Chart
GrunwellJohnEngland321Download Chart
GrunwellJohn EdwardSaginaw, MI, USA321Download Chart
GrunwellMarintha Anna, Mrs. 321Download Chart
GrunwellMartha, Mrs. 321Download Chart
GrunwellMuriel ElizabethWayne, MI, USA321Download Chart
GrunwellMyrtle, Mrs. 321Download Chart
GrunwellRoy EdwardOakland, MI, USA321Download Chart
GuinneKathryn 19623Download Chart
GunkelChristian? 4141Download Chart
GunkelJohanna E.Wayne, MI, USA4141Download Chart
GuntherFredericka WilheminaBaltimore, MD, USA2071Download Chart
GunthrieHelen 19014Download Chart
GuyonMarieMortagne, France1062Download Chart
GuyonMarieMortagne, France1064Download Chart
Guyon-DionJacuesMortagne, France1066Download Chart
Guyon-DionJeanQuebec, Canada1062Download Chart
Guyon-DionJeanQuebec, Canada1066Download Chart
Guyon-DionMathurine, Mrs. 1062Download Chart
Guyon-DionMathurine, Mrs. 1066Download Chart
GylbertEllen 19616Download Chart
GylbertEllen 19617Download Chart
GylbertWilliam 19616Download Chart
HagermanAdeline, Mrs. 11918Download Chart
HagermanJohn 11918Download Chart
HaleAgnes Margaret, Mrs. 1901Download Chart
HaleAgnes Margaret, Mrs. 19013Download Chart
HaleAgnes Margaret, Mrs. 19014Download Chart
HaleApphia, Mrs. 1901Download Chart
HaleApphia, Mrs. 1906Download Chart
HaleApphia, Mrs. 1907Download Chart
HaleCenia Serena, Mrs. 1901Download Chart
HaleHelen Minnie, Mrs. 1901Download Chart
HaleJoannaEssex, MA, USA1196Download Chart
HaleJoanna (2 entries)Merrimac, NH, USA1191Download Chart
HaleJohnBeverly, MA, USA1196Download Chart
HaleJudith MarieWayne, MI, USA1901Download Chart
HaleRobertCharlestown, MA, USA1196Download Chart
HaleRobert LyleWayne, MI, USA1901Download Chart
HaleRoy ThomasSt Louis, MO, USA1901Download Chart
HaleSamuelEssex, MA, USA1191Download Chart
HaleSamuelEssex, MA, USA1196Download Chart
HaleSamuelEssex, MA, USA1197Download Chart
HaleSarah, Mrs. 1196Download Chart
HaleStephan LyleCape Girardeau, MO, USA1901Download Chart
HaleStephan LyleCape Girardeau, MO, USA19013Download Chart
HaleStephan LyleCape Girardeau, MO, USA19014Download Chart
HallElizabeth 3801Download Chart
HallMary "Polly" Jackson, AL, USA3211Download Chart
HallockAbigail 13214Download Chart
HallockMargaret, Mrs. 13214Download Chart
HallockWilliam 13214Download Chart
HalseyAnn 9215Download Chart
HamiltonCatherine, Mrs. 3572Download Chart
HamiltonDavid P.St Joseph, MI, USA3572Download Chart
HamiltonMaryWayne, MI, USA3572Download Chart
HamiltonMary, Mrs. 3572Download Chart
HamiltonSamuelAuglaize, OH, USA3572Download Chart
HanfordAnnEngland2991Download Chart
HannRuth H. 361Download Chart
Hanse (Hanson)Maria 1495Download Chart
HansonMariaUlster, NY, USA1494Download Chart
HaraJosephIreland2911Download Chart
HaraMargaret, Mrs. 2911Download Chart
HaraMartha A.Calhoun, MI, USA2911Download Chart
HarcourtHelen 13216Download Chart
HardenburgAbrahamOrange, NY, USA1322Download Chart
HardenburgAbraham G.Oakland, MI, USA1321Download Chart
HardenburgEdward K.Lapeer, MI, USA1321Download Chart
HardenburgEllen, Mrs. 1321Download Chart
HardenburgEllen, Mrs. 1322Download Chart
HardenburgEllen, Mrs. 1323Download Chart
HardenburgEllen, Mrs. 13213Download Chart
HardenburgGarretOakland, MI, USA1321Download Chart
HardenburgGarretOrange, NY, USA1322Download Chart
HardenburgGarretOakland, MI, USA1322Download Chart
HardenburgGarretOakland, MI, USA1323Download Chart
HardenburgGarretOakland, MI, USA13213Download Chart
HardenburgGrietje, Mrs. 1322Download Chart
HardenburgGrietje, Mrs. 1325Download Chart
HardenburgHannah, Mrs. 1322Download Chart
HardenburgJane, Mrs. 1322Download Chart
HardenburgJohannesQueens, NY, USA1322Download Chart
HardenburgJohannesQueens, NY, USA1322Download Chart
HardenburgJohannesQueens, NY, USA1325Download Chart
HardenburgLewis M.Genesee, MI, USA1321Download Chart
HardenburgMaria, Mrs. 1322Download Chart
HardenburgMarie, Mrs. 1321Download Chart
HardenburgMarion D., Mrs. 1321Download Chart
HardenburgMaxine F.Macomb, MI, USA1321Download Chart
HardenburgMaxine F.Macomb, MI, USA3431Download Chart
HardenburgSarah, Mrs. 1321Download Chart
HardingAbrahamProvidence, RI, USA3435Download Chart
HardingAbrahamProvidence, RI, USA34314Download Chart
HardingBridget, Mrs. 34314Download Chart
HardingLydiaProvidence, RI, USA3435Download Chart
HardingStephenProvidence, RI, USA34314Download Chart
HarlanElizabeth 2991Download Chart
HarmonJane 1963Download Chart
HarndelJohnNewport, RI, USA3438Download Chart
HarndelMary 3432Download Chart
HarndelMary 3438Download Chart
HarperHarriet 2071Download Chart
HarrisElizabeth 3434Download Chart
HarrisJames 3981Download Chart
HarrisMyrna Jean 2381Download Chart
HarrisPhoebe AnnEaton, MI, USA3981Download Chart
HarrisonPatienceOH, USA3941Download Chart
HarshaEstherTompkins, NY, USA3433Download Chart
HarshaJames 3433Download Chart
HartIsaacIreland3161Download Chart
HartJohnLong Island NY and NJ, USA1967Download Chart
HartJohn 1967Download Chart
HartMaj .Ralph 1968Download Chart
HartMaj. Ralph 1966Download Chart
HartMaj. Ralph 1967Download Chart
HartMamieOH, USA3161Download Chart
HartMary 1966Download Chart
HartSarah, Mrs. 1966Download Chart
HartSarah, Mrs. 1967Download Chart
HartSarah, Mrs. 1968Download Chart
HartleyMaryOakland, MI, USA19649Download Chart
HartwellEbenezer 3435Download Chart
HartwellSarahWorchester, MA, USA3435Download Chart
HavenBessie E., Mrs. 3671Download Chart
HavenElizabeth, Mrs. 3671Download Chart
HavenFaye, Mrs. 3671Download Chart
HavenGeorge D.Chesaning, MI, USA3671Download Chart
HavenGilbertSaginaw, MI, USA3671Download Chart
HavenJohnston HiltonGenesee, MI, USA3671Download Chart
HavenMary, Mrs. 3671Download Chart
HavenRichardBrant, Ontario, Canada3671Download Chart
Hawley-KellerHannah 14916Download Chart
HaydenJerusha 571Download Chart
HazardElizabethQueens, NY, USA1966Download Chart
HazardElizabethQueens, NY, USA19611Download Chart
HazardElizabethQueens, NY, USA19612Download Chart
HazardHannah, Mrs. 19612Download Chart
HazardJonathan 19612Download Chart
HazeltonSarah 1192Download Chart
HeatonAlta, Mrs. 3031Download Chart
HeatonElizabeth LeoneLyons, KS, USA3031Download Chart
HeatonMargaret, Mrs. 3031Download Chart
HeatonMartha Jane, Mrs. 3031Download Chart
HeatonMary, Mrs. 3031Download Chart
HeatonMorganNorton, KS, USA3031Download Chart
HeatonSamuelPA, USA3031Download Chart
HeatonWilliamDouglas, IL, USA3031Download Chart
HeatonWilliam H.Shawnee, KS, USA3031Download Chart
HebardMary 3434Download Chart
HebardMary 34312Download Chart
HeckertJulia A. 361Download Chart
HedgeAbigail, Mrs. 3031Download Chart
HedgeEleanor, Mrs. 3031Download Chart
HedgeJacobIN, USA3031Download Chart
HedgeJesterGreene, PA, USA3031Download Chart
HedgeMaryDouglas, IL, USA3031Download Chart
HedgeRebeccaGreene, PA, USA3031Download Chart
HegeChristian 2071Download Chart
HegeEllen JaneSalem, NC, USA2071Download Chart
HegeMaria, Mrs. 2071Download Chart
HegemanAdriaenNY, USA11914Download Chart
HegemanAdriaenNew Amsterdam, NY, USA11914Download Chart
HegemanCatryna, Mrs. 11914Download Chart
HegemanMaria, Mrs. 11914Download Chart
HeglinBetseyCT, USA2521Download Chart
HeglinBetseyCT, USA25211Download Chart
HeisterMargaret 3001Download Chart
HeistumanBertha, Mrs. 3981Download Chart
HeistumanJames Joseph 3981Download Chart
HeltAnna Marie 3162Download Chart
HeltFrederickGermany3162Download Chart
HeltSophia, Mrs. 3162Download Chart
HemphillAlta GertrudeTopeka, KS, USA3031Download Chart
HemphillDillon OrlandoAlamada, CA, USA3031Download Chart
HemphillJames 3031Download Chart
HemphillJames B.Clay, KS, USA3031Download Chart
HemphillMargaret, Mrs. 3031Download Chart
HemphillMartha Rachel, Mrs. 3031Download Chart
HemphillMary Jane, Mrs. 3031Download Chart
HendersonGeorge 2662Download Chart
HendersonGrace, Mrs. 2662Download Chart
HendersonJames 3437Download Chart
HendersonJoan Kaye 3001Download Chart
HendersonRachelOntario, Canada3437Download Chart
HendersonRachel, Mrs. 3437Download Chart
HendersonRoseHuron, MI, USA2662Download Chart
HendricksGrietjen 1494Download Chart
HendricksonJohn 1966Download Chart
HendricksonJohnNetherlands1966Download Chart
HendricksonPhebe 1966Download Chart
HendricksonRuth, Mrs. 1966Download Chart
HendricksonSarah, Mrs. 1966Download Chart
HendricksonThomasMercer, NJ, USA1966Download Chart
HenlinMagdalenaGermany3823Download Chart
HennigerAnna Maria 3002Download Chart
HenryAlice ElizaCortland, NY, USA3331Download Chart
HenryLydia, Mrs. 3331Download Chart
HenryMelissa Ann, Mrs. 3331Download Chart
HenryOtis SaylesMadison, NY, USA3331Download Chart
HenryStephenChenango, NY, USA3331Download Chart
Henry IKing of EnglandEngland19635Download Chart
Henry IKing of EnglandEngland19636Download Chart
Henry IKing of EnglandEngland19637Download Chart
Henry IIKing of EnglandEngland19635Download Chart
HerfordMary J.Oakland, MI, USA3201Download Chart
HerlockerAgrietge 14911Download Chart
HerlockerAgrietge 14915Download Chart
HeustedRebecca 3337Download Chart
HewittAnna Mary, Mrs. 2661Download Chart
HewittFrancesMI, USA4021Download Chart
HewittFrancis 4021Download Chart
HewittLenaAtlantic Co, NJ, USA2661Download Chart
HewittLeviNJ, USA2661Download Chart
HewittLeviNJ, USA2665Download Chart
HewittMrs Mary Ann, Mrs. 4021Download Chart
HewittPhoebe, Mrs. 2661Download Chart
HewittPhoebe, Mrs. 2665Download Chart
HewittWilliam S.Atlantic Co, NJ, USA2661Download Chart
HileKenneth Lloyd 4061Download Chart
HilePhyllis, Mrs. 4061Download Chart
HillAbigail 3337Download Chart
HillElizabeth 9239Download Chart
HillElizabeth 9246Download Chart
HillElizabeth  9247Download Chart
HillMary 3841Download Chart
HillMary J.Cape Girardeau Co, MO, USA3211Download Chart
HillPrudence 364Download Chart
HillikerElizabethTuscola Co, MI, USA3061Download Chart
Hinckman/HenchmanJoanna 34313Download Chart
HirschelBarbara 2452Download Chart
HirstAlice VirginiaSan Diego Co, CA, USA1901Download Chart
HirstAmanda, Mrs. 1901Download Chart
HirstAmanda, Mrs. 1909Download Chart
HirstAmanda, Mrs. 19012Download Chart
HirstCharles AlonzoNorthampton Co, PA, USA1901Download Chart
HirstCharles AlonzoNorthampton Co, PA, USA1909Download Chart
HirstCharles AlonzoNorthampton Co, PA, USA19012Download Chart
HirstJohnNorthampton Co, PA, USA1909Download Chart
HirstJohnYorkshire, England, USA1909Download Chart
HirstJohnYorkshire, England, USA19010Download Chart
HirstJosephNorthampton Co, PA, USA1909Download Chart
HirstJoshua 19010Download Chart
HirstMary Jane, Mrs. 1909Download Chart
HirstMary, Mrs. 1909Download Chart
HirstPhilippina, Mrs. 1909Download Chart
HirstPhilippina, Mrs. 19010Download Chart
HirstPhilippina, Mrs. 19011Download Chart
HirstThomas McDonoughNorthampton Co, PA, USA1909Download Chart
HoarCharles 34313Download Chart
HoarHezekiah 34313Download Chart
HoarJoanna, Mrs. 34313Download Chart
HoarLydiaProvidence Co, RI, USA3435Download Chart
HoarLydiaProvidence Co, RI, USA34313Download Chart
HockingschmidtAnne, Mrs. 2081Download Chart
HockingschmidtMahuldaSaline Co, MO, USA2081Download Chart
HockleyAnn, Mrs. 1391Download Chart
HockleyAnn, Mrs. 1392Download Chart
HockleyBarbara RuthWayne Co, MI, USA1391Download Chart
HockleyBlanche Eliza, Mrs. 1391Download Chart
HockleyDaniel 1391Download Chart
HockleyDaniel 1392Download Chart
HockleyDaniel HenryEssex, England1391Download Chart
HockleyGeorge LeonardPinellas Co, FL, USA1391Download Chart
HockleyHelen, Mrs. 1391Download Chart
HockleyJohnSampford, Essex, England1392Download Chart
HockleyLeonard CharlesWells Co, ND, USA1391Download Chart
HockleyMary, Mrs. 1391Download Chart
HockleyMary, Mrs. 1392Download Chart
HockleyWilliamSampford, Essex, England1392Download Chart
HodginsAmy, Mrs. 1232Download Chart
HodginsElizabeth Palmer 1232Download Chart
HodginsWilliam 1232Download Chart
HoelscherCaroline, Mrs. 3161Download Chart
HoelscherCasper HenrichKnox Co, IN, USA3161Download Chart
HoelscherPauline MarieWayne Co, MI, USA2161Download Chart
HoethFriedrich 19011Download Chart
HoethPhilippinaThal Lichterberg, Zweibruecken1909Download Chart
HoethPhilippinaThal Lichterberg, Zweibruecken19010Download Chart
HoethPhilippinaThal Lichtenberg, Zweibruecken19011Download Chart
HogaAugust AndrewWayne Co, MI, USA3611Download Chart
HogaJoanna, Mrs. 3611Download Chart
HogaJosephWayne Co, MI, USA3611Download Chart
HogaJosephine JohannaWayne Co, MI, USA3611Download Chart
HogaSophia, Mrs. 3611Download Chart
HolandMaude 19633Download Chart
HolandMaude 19634Download Chart
HolbeichMargaret 19618Download Chart
HolbiechJoane 19618Download Chart
HolbiechRichardLincolnshire19618Download Chart
HolbombEunice ElizabethSt Clair Co, MI, USA1961Download Chart
HolbrookJane 9223Download Chart
HolbrookJane, Mrs. 9223Download Chart
HolbrookThomasMiddlesex Co, MA, USA9223Download Chart
HolbrookeSir Thomas 9223Download Chart
HolcombElizabeth, Mrs. 1965Download Chart
HolcombEunice ElizabethSt Clair Co, MI, USA1965Download Chart
HolcombMosesSt Clair Co, MI, USA1965Download Chart
HollandChristianHanover, Germany3571Download Chart
HollandFerdinandWayne Co, MI, USA3571Download Chart
HollandFlorenceWayne Co, MI, USA3571Download Chart
HollandJulia, Mrs. 3571Download Chart
HollandMarie, Mrs. 3571Download Chart
HollemanHester JaneWayne Co, IL, USA1341Download Chart
HollemanMrs Frances, Mrs. 1341Download Chart
HollemanWilliam B.Posey Co, IL, USA1341Download Chart
HoltAcaMI, USA1491Download Chart
HoltCharles JeromeSaginaw Co, MI, USA1491Download Chart
HoltEleanor, Mrs. 1491Download Chart
HoltHannahCaroline Co, VA, USA2942Download Chart
HoltIris MeriamLucas Co, MI, USA?1491Download Chart
HomanAnna MaryAtlantic Co, NJ, USA2661Download Chart
HomanClarissa, Mrs. 2661Download Chart
HomanElijah 2661Download Chart
HoodEvelineJackson Co, OH, USA4151Download Chart
HooverElizabethDauphin Co, PA, USA2521Download Chart
HooverElizabethDauphin Co, PA, USA2527Download Chart
HopkinsConstance 33010Download Chart
HopkinsElizabethNew Haven Co, CT, USA9221Download Chart
HopkinsHelen, Mrs. 9221Download Chart
HopkinsStephen 33010Download Chart
HopkinsWilliam 9221Download Chart
HopperGeorgia AnneMO, USA1901Download Chart
HopperGeorgia AnneMO, USA19015Download Chart
HopperGeorgia AnneMO, USA19016Download Chart
HopperMarzilla, Mrs. 19016Download Chart
HopperR. PercyCape Girardeau Co, MO, USA19016Download Chart
HorlayFrancoise 1062Download Chart
HornLouise MargaretCuyahoga Co, OH, USA3931Download Chart
HornMaria, Mrs. 3931Download Chart
HornPhillip Wilhelm 3931Download Chart
HortonAbigail, Mrs. 13214Download Chart
HortonBarnakas 13214Download Chart
HortonCaleb 13214Download Chart
HortonMary 13214Download Chart
HortonMary 3701Download Chart
HortonMary, Mrs. 13214Download Chart
HotchkissAbramNY, USA1341Download Chart
HotchkissBertLaSalle Co, IL, USA1341Download Chart
HotchkissCharles 3434Download Chart
HotchkissEberOakland Co, MI, USA1341Download Chart
HotchkissEberOakland Co, MI, USA1342Download Chart
HotchkissEberNew Haven Co, CT, USA1342Download Chart
HotchkissElizabeth 34311Download Chart
HotchkissElizabeth, Mrs. 1342Download Chart
HotchkissElizabeth, Mrs. 3434Download Chart
HotchkissElizabeth, Mrs. 34311Download Chart
HotchkissGeorge MatthewLaSalle Co, IL, USA1341Download Chart
HotchkissHannah, Mrs. 1342Download Chart
HotchkissHarrisTioga Co, PA, USA3434Download Chart
HotchkissHopeLaSalle Co, IL, USA1341Download Chart
HotchkissJane, Mrs. 1341Download Chart
HotchkissJohnNew Haven Co, CT, USA1342Download Chart
HotchkissJohnNew Haven Co, CT, USA34311Download Chart
HotchkissJohn 34311Download Chart
HotchkissJosephNew Haven Co, CT, USA1342Download Chart
HotchkissJoshua 3434Download Chart
HotchkissJoshua 34311Download Chart
HotchkissJoshuaNew Haven Co, CT, USA34311Download Chart
HotchkissLaura, Mrs. 1341Download Chart
HotchkissLeah, Mrs. 1342Download Chart
HotchkissLucy, Mrs. 3434Download Chart
HotchkissMargaret, Mrs. 34311Download Chart
HotchkissMarkNew Haven Co, CT, USA1342Download Chart
HotchkissMelindaOakland Co, MI, USA3434Download Chart
HotchkissMiriam, Mrs. 1342Download Chart
HotchkissMyrte, Mrs. 1341Download Chart
HotchkissObedience, Mrs. 3434Download Chart
HotchkissObedience, Mrs. 34311Download Chart
HotchkissRhoda, Mrs. 1341Download Chart
HotchkissSamuelprob England34311Download Chart
HotchkissSusanna, Mrs. 34311Download Chart
HoughtonDemaris, Mrs. 14912Download Chart
HoughtonJohn 14912Download Chart
HoughtonJohnLancaster, England14912Download Chart
HoughtonSarahMorris Co, NJ, USA14912Download Chart
HousNancy 546Download Chart
Hous/HausChristian 546Download Chart
HovenMary Cowen 2664Download Chart
HowardAnn Marie, Mrs. 4151Download Chart
HowardBetsy 2091Download Chart
HowardBlanche 4141Download Chart
HowardBlanche, Mrs. 4151Download Chart
HowardCharles MichaelGreene Co, IN, USA4151Download Chart
HowardEdwardEssex Co, MA, USA241Download Chart
HowardElener, Mrs. 241Download Chart
HowardEveline, Mrs. 4151Download Chart
HowardFrederick ForrestOH, USA4141Download Chart
HowardJemimaEssex Co, MA, USA241Download Chart
HowardLily, Mrs. 4151Download Chart
HowardMary Ann, Mrs. 4151Download Chart
HowardMichaelErie Co, OH, USA4151Download Chart
HowardRobertMA241Download Chart
HowardSally 4062Download Chart
HowardSarahEngland2381Download Chart
HowardThomas E.Genesee Co, MI, USA4151Download Chart
HowellMargaret 13214Download Chart
HowlandAlfred C.Oakland Co, MI, USA3201Download Chart
HowlandAnna, Mrs. 3337Download Chart
HowlandElizabethNassau Co, NY, USA19621Download Chart
HowlandElizabeth, Mrs. 19621Download Chart
HowlandElizabeth, Mrs. 3201Download Chart
HowlandElizabeth, Mrs. 3337Download Chart
HowlandEphraimOakland Co, MI, USA3201Download Chart
HowlandHarriet F.Oakland Co, MI, USA3201Download Chart
HowlandHarriet F., Mrs. 3201Download Chart
HowlandHenryEngland19621Download Chart
HowlandHenry 3337Download Chart
HowlandJohnPlymouth Colony19621Download Chart
HowlandJohn R. 3201Download Chart
HowlandMaryCayuga Co, NY, USA3331Download Chart
HowlandMaryCayuga Co, NY, USA3336Download Chart
HowlandMaryCayuga Co, NY, USA3337Download Chart
HowlandMary, Mrs. 3337Download Chart
HowlandNellie B., Mrs. 3201Download Chart
HowlandStephenDutchess Co, NY, USA3337Download Chart
HowlandStephenprob Dutchess Co, NY, USA3337Download Chart
HowlandZoeth 3337Download Chart
HoytBenjaminHartford Co, CT, USA34317Download Chart
HoytDeborah, Mrs. 14919Download Chart
HoytHannah 1499Download Chart
HoytHannah, Mrs. 34317Download Chart
HoytJohn 34317Download Chart
HoytMaryFairfield Co, CT, USA34317Download Chart
HoytMrs Hannah, Mrs. 1499Download Chart
HoytSimeonFairfield Co, CT, USA14919Download Chart
HoytSimeonDorset, England34317Download Chart
HoytSussanah, Mrs. 34317Download Chart
HoytWalterFairfield Co, CT, USA1499Download Chart
HoytWalterFairfield Co, CT, USA14919Download Chart
HoytZerubabel 1499Download Chart
HubbardTacy 1231Download Chart
HubbellAbigail, Mrs. 9221Download Chart
HubbellElizabeth, Mrs. 9221Download Chart
HubbellElizabeth, Mrs. 9221Download Chart
HubbellMartha 9221Download Chart
HubbellRichardBewdleg, Worcester, England9221Download Chart
HubbellRichardNew Haven Co, CT, USA9221Download Chart
HubbellSarah, Mrs. 9221Download Chart
HudsonAmelia, Mrs. 2381Download Chart
HudsonAnna 3931Download Chart
HudsonEarl AustinOcean Co, NJ, USA2381Download Chart
HudsonFlorence Opal, Mrs. 2381Download Chart
HudsonGeorge ElbertKings Co, NJ, USA2381Download Chart
HudsonIsiah JenningsOakland Co, MI, USA2381Download Chart
HudsonMary Polly, Mrs. 2381Download Chart
HudsonMyrna Jean, Mrs. 2381Download Chart
HudsonNancy Maria, Mrs. 2381Download Chart
HudsonRobert McKimMorris Co, NJ, USA2381Download Chart
HudsonSidneySalt Lake City, UT, USA2381Download Chart
HueterMarie ElizabethDavidson Co, NC, USA1907Download Chart
HughesChristopher 3981Download Chart
HughesElizabethCharlevoix Co, MI, USA3981Download Chart
HughesElizabeth, Mrs. 3981Download Chart
HuiskenEleanor J 3061Download Chart
HuiskensJoanna 3391Download Chart
HullElizabethSomerset Co, NJ, USA1962Download Chart
HullElizabethSomerset Co, NJ, USA1963Download Chart
HullElizabethSomerset Co, NJ, USA1964Download Chart
HullGeorge 5410Download Chart
HullMary 5410Download Chart
HullMary, Mrs. 1964Download Chart
HullRev. JosephYork Co, ME, USA1964Download Chart
HullSamuel 1964Download Chart
HullThomason, Mrs. 5410Download Chart
HumphreyMartha PatsyCarroll Co, TN, USA2441Download Chart
HunchfordJoan 9244Download Chart
HunsangerAugustine AnthonyHuron Co, MI, USA1811Download Chart
HunsangerJohnHadhomor, Hessen, Germany1811Download Chart
HunsangerKarlHuron Co, MI, USA1811Download Chart
HunsangerMatilda, Mrs. 1811Download Chart
HunsangerMeta, Mrs. 1811Download Chart
HunsangerTherese MarieHuron Co, MI, USA1811Download Chart
HuntAnne 1194Download Chart
HuntDaniel 3961Download Chart
HuntEdwardNewton, NY, USA1966Download Chart
HuntEdwardNewton, NY, USA19611Download Chart
HuntEdwardNewton, NY, USA19612Download Chart
HuntEleanor, Mrs. 3961Download Chart
HuntElizabeth, Mrs. 1966Download Chart
HuntElizabeth, Mrs. 19611Download Chart
HuntElizabeth, Mrs. 19612Download Chart
HuntFlavia, Mrs. 3961Download Chart
HuntFloyd AllenOakland Co, MI, USA3961Download Chart
HuntGeorge WOakland Co, MI, USA3961Download Chart
HuntGrace, Mrs. 3961Download Chart
HuntHannah 1966Download Chart
HuntHarold AllenOakland Co, MI, USA3961Download Chart
HuntHarold AllenOakland Co, MI, USA3962Download Chart
HuntJane 1966Download Chart
HuntJane 1969Download Chart
HuntJane 19610Download Chart
HuntJermiah AllenOakland Co, MI, USA3961Download Chart
HuntJohn 19610Download Chart
HuntJulia, Mrs. 3961Download Chart
HuntMartha, Mrs. 3961Download Chart
HuntRalphNewton, NY, USA19611Download Chart
HurstJoanHenlow, Bedfordshire, England19621Download Chart
HurstJoanHenlow, Bedfordshire, England19624Download Chart
HurstJoanHenlow, Bedfordshire, England19625Download Chart
HurstRoseHenley, England19625Download Chart
HurstSarah 321Download Chart
HurstWilliamHenlow, England19625Download Chart
HustedElcy, Mrs. 3941Download Chart
HustedEliza, Mrs. 3941Download Chart
HustedEphriamMI, USA3941Download Chart
HustedHarriet, Mrs. 3941Download Chart
HustedHectorWashtenaw Co, MI, USA3941Download Chart
HustedLouisa, Mrs. 3941Download Chart
HustedLulaGenesee Co, MI, USA3941Download Chart
HustedLuman GeorgeCA, USA?3941Download Chart
HustedOscarTuscola Co, MI, USA3941Download Chart
HusteddeChristianGermany2081Download Chart
HusteddeGertrud Anne, Mrs. 2081Download Chart
HusteddeMary ClaraSaline Co, MO, USA2081Download Chart
HydeDorothy, Mrs. 322Download Chart
HydeJonathan 322Download Chart
HydeWearatty Dorothy 322Download Chart
HynesAmy 1232Download Chart
IngramJohnBanff, Scotland2521Download Chart
IngramJohnBanff, Scotland2524Download Chart
IngramJohn 2524Download Chart
IngramLilliasWingham, Ontario2521Download Chart
IngramMary, Mrs. 2521Download Chart
IngramMary, Mrs. 2524Download Chart
IngramMary, Mrs. 2525Download Chart
InsleeJonathanMiddlesex Co, NJ, USA14913Download Chart
InsleyJohnMiddlesex Co, NJ, USA14913Download Chart
InsleyWilliam 14913Download Chart
InsleyWilliam 14914Download Chart
IrelandMary 2665Download Chart
IrishBessie EOakland Co, MI, USA3671Download Chart
IrishCharlotte A, Mrs. 3671Download Chart
IrishElizabeth, Mrs. 3671Download Chart
IrishFlower, Mrs. 3671Download Chart
IrishJohnOakland Co, MI, USA3671Download Chart
IrishWashington EOakland Co, MI, USA3671Download Chart
IrishWilliam 3671Download Chart
IrlandMary, Mrs. 1271Download Chart
IrlandRobertShiawassee Co, MI, USA1271Download Chart
IrlandSarahShiawassee Co, MI, USA1271Download Chart
IronsBertha MaeLas Animas Co, CO, USA3981Download Chart
IronsElizabeth, Mrs. 3981Download Chart
IronsHazel, Mrs. 3981Download Chart
IronsWilliamLas Animas Co, CO, USA3981Download Chart
IronsWilliamLas Animas Co, CO, USA3981Download Chart
IronsideEdmund 19637Download Chart
IrvinCarmen EvaSt Joseph Co, IN, USA3601Download Chart
IrvinEva, Mrs. 3601Download Chart
IrvinJohn W 3601Download Chart
IrvinLydia, Mrs. 3601Download Chart
IrvinThomas WillardBenton Co, IN, USA3601Download Chart
IrwinMargaretIA, USA?3031Download Chart
IshamElla, Mrs. 3305Download Chart
IshamEugeneIngham Co, MI, USA3305Download Chart
IshamJosephineIngham Co, MI, USA3305Download Chart
IshamMiranda, Mrs. 3305Download Chart
IshamWilliam 3305Download Chart
JacksonChristopherEngland34315Download Chart
JacksonEdwardSuffolk Co, MA, USA34315Download Chart
JacksonElizabeth, Mrs. 9219Download Chart
JacksonHannahSuffolk Co, MA, USA34315Download Chart
JacksonHenry 9214Download Chart
JacksonJames NelsonWayne Co, MI, USA2521Download Chart
JacksonJohn 9219Download Chart
JacksonJohnMiddlesex, Ontario2521Download Chart
JacksonJoseph IngramMiddlesex Co, Ontario2521Download Chart
JacksonJoseph Sr 9214Download Chart
JacksonJosephine, Mrs. 2521Download Chart
JacksonLee Ellen, Mrs. 2521Download Chart
JacksonMary, Mrs. 9214Download Chart
JacksonSarah 9214Download Chart
JacksonSarah Marguerite, Mrs. 2521Download Chart
JacksonSusan Jane, Mrs. 2521Download Chart
JacksonSusanna 9219Download Chart
JacksonThomasMiddlesex Co, Ontario2521Download Chart
JacksonWilliam 2521Download Chart
JacobsHeyletjenGoteborg, Sweden1493Download Chart
JacobusBelijtgen 1494Download Chart
JacquemineJackinYorkshire, England11915Download Chart
JamesJoseph 9218Download Chart
JamesMary 9218Download Chart
JamesMary, Mrs. 9218Download Chart
JansAerian 1494Download Chart
JansArejan 14915Download Chart
JansGreertjen 1494Download Chart
JansHarmtje 1327Download Chart
JansdochterJannienje 14917Download Chart
JanseFemmetje, Mrs. 1494Download Chart
JanseFemmetje, Mrs. 14915Download Chart
JanseHendrick 1494Download Chart
JansenGreitjen 14915Download Chart
JansenJacomina 3391Download Chart
JasperThovis 3961Download Chart
JellisAnntje 14915Download Chart
JenckesElizabeth 33310Download Chart
JenningsJoshuaFairfield Co, CT, USA9212Download Chart
JenningsMary, Mrs. 9212Download Chart
JenningsSamuelFairfield Co, CT, USA9212Download Chart
JenningsSarah 924Download Chart
JenningsSarah 9211Download Chart
JenningsSarah 9212Download Chart
JenningsSarah, Mrs. 9212Download Chart
JenychHarriet 3832Download Chart
JessopCora Amber, Mrs. 3305Download Chart
JessopEarl HenryFL, USA3305Download Chart
JessopEleanor Jean, Mrs. 3305Download Chart
JessopEmma May, Mrs. 3305Download Chart
JessopHarry LeighIngham Co, MI, USA3301Download Chart
JessopHarry LeighIngham Co, MI, USA3305Download Chart
JessopHenry BaileyMI, USA3305Download Chart
JessopHenry MyronMontcalm Co, MI, USA3305Download Chart
JessopMarjorie Lenore, Mrs. 3301Download Chart
JewsonElizabeth 9222Download Chart
JoachimBertha M 3841Download Chart
JohannotJohanna Luise LydiaOffenburg, Germany2751Download Chart
JohnsAnn, Mrs. 2522Download Chart
JohnsJohnWingham, Ontario2521Download Chart
JohnsJohnHartland, Devon, England2522Download Chart
JohnsJosephine VanstoneMiddlesex Co, Ontario2521Download Chart
JohnsLillias, Mrs. 2521Download Chart
JohnsThomasColborne, Ontario, Canada2521Download Chart
JohnsThomasColborne, Ontario, Canada2522Download Chart
JohnsonCarolineMI, USA3521Download Chart
JohnsonCecelia, Mrs. 1271Download Chart
JohnsonCharles LawOakland Co, MI, USA921Download Chart
JohnsonClay CumminsGreen Co, IN, USA921Download Chart
JohnsonElcy 3941Download Chart
JohnsonElizabeth, Mrs. 921Download Chart
JohnsonHarriet, Mrs. 921Download Chart
JohnsonHelenShiawassee Co, MI, USA1271Download Chart
JohnsonHenryWayne Co, MI, USA1271Download Chart
JohnsonJuanitaWayne Co, MI, USA921Download Chart
JohnsonJuanita, Mrs. 921Download Chart
JohnsonJulia AnnOakland Co, MI, USA3961Download Chart
JohnsonLilianNY. USA2661Download Chart
JohnsonMartha, Mrs. 921Download Chart
JohnsonPearl, Mrs. 921Download Chart
JohnsonReuben IsaamLawrence Co, IN, USA921Download Chart
JohnsonRobert 921Download Chart
JohnstonElaine E, Mrs. 2401Download Chart
JohnstonWilliam C 2401Download Chart
JollowMargaret 2523Download Chart
JonesAilsie 3833Download Chart
JonssonCatharina Pettersdotter 4021Download Chart
JonssonNils 4021Download Chart
Jourdain et SigouinThereseQuebec1061Download Chart
Jourdain-BelleroseCatherine, Mrs. 1061Download Chart
Jourdain-BellerosePierre 1061Download Chart
JuddAbigail, Mrs. 1391Download Chart
JuddAbigail, Mrs. 1394Download Chart
JuddHarvey C 1391Download Chart
JuddHelen AmeliaWashtenaw Co, MI, USA1391Download Chart
JungerFrances 361Download Chart
JunoJohnFrance1271Download Chart
JunoMahalaNJ, USA1271Download Chart
Jurks/YerkesElizabeth 3303Download Chart
Jurks/YerkesHarmona 3303Download Chart
Jurks/YerkesMary, Mrs. 3303Download Chart
JussonElizabeth, Mrs. 9222Download Chart
JussonRichardBuckinghamshire, England9222Download Chart
KablerFrederickCulpepper Co, VA, USA2941Download Chart
KagelogeansCorsandinaGreece366Download Chart
KambsMarie 1321Download Chart
KapplerElizabethLenawee Co, MI, USA3832Download Chart
KarleskinMadeline 1811Download Chart
KauiswegJannetjeContegeene, Zeeland, Netherlands545Download Chart
KeatingDella A, Mrs. 1321Download Chart
KeatingMarie EOakland Co, MI, USA1321Download Chart
KeatingPatrickLivingston Co, MI, USA1321Download Chart
KecklarGeorge W 3301Download Chart
KecklarMary Ann, Mrs. 3301Download Chart
KecklarRebecca EllenOH, USA3301Download Chart
KeebleManlyBlount Co, TN, USA3081Download Chart
KeebleMartha Ellen, Mrs. 3081Download Chart
KeebleMaudeWayne Co, MI, USA3081Download Chart
KeebleRebecca, Mrs. 3081Download Chart
KeebleRichardBlount Co, TN, USA3081Download Chart
KeeneJonathon EmeryNY or NJ, USA3301Download Chart
KeeneNancyEaton Co, MI, USA3301Download Chart
KeepingBlanche ElizaLaramie Co, WY, USA1391Download Chart
KeepingGeorge John RoseWykes Regis, Dorset, England1391Download Chart
KeepingKate Margaret, Mrs. 1391Download Chart
KelchEmma, Mrs. 3001Download Chart
KelchMargaret DellaOakland Co, MI, USA3001Download Chart
KelchMargaret, Mrs. 3001Download Chart
KelchWilliamNY, USA3001Download Chart
KelchWilliam HLapeer Co, MI, USA3001Download Chart
KelleyLydia 362Download Chart
KelowayAgneta 9239Download Chart
KelowayJohn, Esq 9239Download Chart
KemmettSusan Jane 2521Download Chart
KennedyNancy Ann 2401Download Chart
KennisonIrena CWashtenaw Co, MI, USA2751Download Chart
KentnerClarinda, Mrs. 3436Download Chart
KentnerGeorgeOntario, Canada3436Download Chart
KentnerJohn GeorgeMacomb Co, MI, USA3436Download Chart
KentnerLucindiaTuscola Co, MI, USA3431Download Chart
KentnerLucindiaTuscola Co, MI, USA3435Download Chart
KentnerLucindiaTuscola Co, MI, USA3436Download Chart
KentnerSarah, Mrs. 3436Download Chart
KeplerMary, Mrs. 3931Download Chart
KeplerSamuel, Sr 3931Download Chart
KeplerSarah JaneLucas Co, OH, USA3931Download Chart
KernJamesPike Co, OH, USA4151Download Chart
KernJaneSwitzerland Co, IN, USA3032Download Chart
KernNancy EllenGreene Co, IN, USA4151Download Chart
KernPeter 3032Download Chart
KernPeterGermany4151Download Chart
KernRuth Ann, Mrs. 4151Download Chart
KerrEllenorBollinger Co, MO, USA3211Download Chart
KerrJohn WMO, USA3211Download Chart
KerrWinnie G, Mrs. 3211Download Chart
KeyesRuth AnnPike Co, OH4151Download Chart
KidderDorothy 322Download Chart
KimballRichard 34319Download Chart
KimballSarahEssex Co, MA, USA34319Download Chart
KimberlyAliceNew Haven Co, CT, USA9220Download Chart
KimberlyHannah 924Download Chart
KimberlyHannah 9219Download Chart
KimberlyHannah 9220Download Chart
KimberlyHannah, Mrs. 9220Download Chart
KimberlyNathanielNew Haven Co, CT, USA9220Download Chart
KimberlyNathanielNew Haven Co, CT, USA9220Download Chart
KimberlyThomas 9220Download Chart
KingAnnRandolph Co, IL, USA3031Download Chart
KingBathsheba, Mrs. 33010Download Chart
KingJoanna 3306Download Chart
KingJoanna 33010Download Chart
KingJohnMA, USA33010Download Chart
KingeRachel 19622Download Chart
KingeRichard 19622Download Chart
KingmanElizabeth 9222Download Chart
KingmanJane 9223Download Chart
KingsleyElizabethMA, USA34316Download Chart
KinneyOliver T 1321Download Chart
KinneySarahOakland Co, MI, USA1321Download Chart
KinneySarah, Mrs. 1321Download Chart
KinsleyEldadMA, USA34316Download Chart
KinsleyJohnDorchester, MA, USA34316Download Chart
KippingElizabeth 9222Download Chart
KleinHenry 2741Download Chart
KleinLouiseWayne Co, MI, USA2741Download Chart
KleinMarie, Mrs. 2741Download Chart
KleistAlbertinaMacomb Co, MI, USA3831Download Chart
KlineCatherine 3041Download Chart
KlingemanSoloma 3771Download Chart
Knapp*"Goody" 9217Download Chart
KnappElizabeth 9213Download Chart
KnappElizabeth, Mrs. 9213Download Chart
KnappGanda, Mrs. 924Download Chart
KnappGanda, Mrs. 9217Download Chart
KnappGanda, Mrs. 9218Download Chart
KnappHannah 1499Download Chart
KnappJosiah 9217Download Chart
KnappMosesFairfield Co, CT, USA924Download Chart
KnappMosesFairfield Co, CT, USA9217Download Chart
KnappMosesFairfield Co, CT, USA9218Download Chart
KnappMrs. Sybil, Mrs. 9217Download Chart
KnappRoger 9213Download Chart
KnappRoger 9217Download Chart
KnappRuth 924Download Chart
KnowlesIsabellaOakland Co, Mi, USA1961Download Chart
KnowlesIsabellaOakland Co, Mi, USA19648Download Chart
KnowlesIsabellaOakland Co, Mi, USA19649Download Chart
KnowlesMary, Mrs. 19649Download Chart
KnowlesWilliam 19649Download Chart
KnowltonCapt William 34316Download Chart
KnowltonElizabeth, Mrs. 34316Download Chart
KnowltonMaryEssex Co, MA, USA34316Download Chart
KnowltonWilliamKent Co, England34316Download Chart
KochMargaretOakland Co, MI, USA3711Download Chart
KochSophie 2751Download Chart
KoenAlexanderKingston Twp, Ontario321Download Chart
KoenMary, Mrs. 321Download Chart
KoenSarah JaneWayne Co, MI, USA321Download Chart
KoenSarah, Mrs. 321Download Chart
KoenWilliam 321Download Chart
KokottCarolyn A, Mrs. 3351Download Chart
KokottHelen LouiseDenver, CO, USA3351Download Chart
KokottJ Phillip 3351Download Chart
KokottPhillip WilliamDenver, CO, USA3351Download Chart
KomplesAndreasGreece366Download Chart
KomplesCorsandina, Mrs. 366Download Chart
KomplesDemetriosGreece366Download Chart
KomplesDemetrios AndreasMI, USA366Download Chart
KoolJacob Arendsen 1496Download Chart
KreinerAdeline 1811Download Chart
KreinerAnthony 1811Download Chart
KreinerJoseph 1811Download Chart
KreinerMadeline, Mrs. 1811Download Chart
KriegsmanSophiaGermany3162Download Chart
KuhleAnna Maria 3002Download Chart
KusaMarieMI, USA1321Download Chart
KuykendallDanielMonroe Co, NY, USA1492Download Chart
KuykendallDanielMonroe Co, NY, USA1493Download Chart
KuykendallDanielMonroe Co, NY, USA1494Download Chart
KuykendallElizabeth, Mrs. 1492Download Chart
KuykendallElizabeth, Mrs. 1493Download Chart
KuykendallFemmetje, Mrs. 1494Download Chart
KuykendallGrietje, Mrs. 1494Download Chart
KuykendallJacob LuurszenFt Orange, NY, USA1494Download Chart
KuykendallLeur Jacobens (Van)New Amsterdam, NY, USA1494Download Chart
KuykendallLydia, Mrs. 1492Download Chart
KuykendallPieterUlster Co, NY, USA1494Download Chart
KuykendallSamuelSussex Co, NJ, USA1492Download Chart
KuykendallStyntje, Mrs. 1494Download Chart
LaBonteMaryMason Co, MI, USA3601Download Chart
LadendorfBernard CharlesWayne Co, MI, USA4141Download Chart
LadendorfBlanche MarieWayne Co, MI, USA4141Download Chart
LadendorfBlanche, Mrs. 4141Download Chart
LadendorfCharles BernardPolk Co, FL, USA4141Download Chart
LadendorfEmma, Mrs. 4141Download Chart
LadendorfJoachimWayne Co, MI, USA4141Download Chart
LadendorfJohn 4141Download Chart
LadendorfMaximillion 4141Download Chart
LaGosseMargarite, Mrs. 2662Download Chart
LaGosseMarieDuck Lake, Sask, Canada2662Download Chart
LaguierMaria 11914Download Chart
LamatRosaliePrince Albert, Sask, Canada2662Download Chart
LambAnna EleanorOakland Co, MI, USA3961Download Chart
LambJohn C 3961Download Chart
LambMary, Mrs. 3961Download Chart
LambertCharlotteMI, USA2662Download Chart
LamdinArnoldVermilion Co, IL, USA3801Download Chart
LamdinEdna B, Mrs. 3801Download Chart
LamdinFrank ADouglas Co, NE, USA3801Download Chart
LamdinFrank A, SrDouglas Co, NE, USA3801Download Chart
LamdinFrank AnwaySeward Co, NE, USA3801Download Chart
LamdinJerry Catherine, Mrs. 3801Download Chart
LamdinMargaret, Mrs. 3801Download Chart
LamdinMaria G, Mrs. 3801Download Chart
LamdinMary A, Mrs. 3801Download Chart
LamdinThomasOakland Co, MI, USA3801Download Chart
LamontAnn, Mrs. 3571Download Chart
LamontDonaldWayne Co, MI, USA3571Download Chart
LamontElizabeth, Mrs. 3571Download Chart
LamontFlorence, Mrs. 3571Download Chart
LamontGene DWayne Co, MI, USA3571Download Chart
LamontGene DWayne Co, MI, USA3572Download Chart
LamontHoward CWayne Co, MI, USA3571Download Chart
LamontMargaret, Mrs. 3571Download Chart
LamontMargaret, Mrs. 3572Download Chart
LamontPeterBruce Co, Ontario3571Download Chart
LamontPeterWayne Co, MI, USA3571Download Chart
LamontSarah, Mrs. 3571Download Chart
LamperdAmeliaHartford Co, CT, USA2381Download Chart
LamperdCharlotte, Mrs. 2381Download Chart
LamperdReubenDorsetshire, England2381Download Chart
LamperdRichardEngland2381Download Chart
LamperdSarah, Mrs. 2381Download Chart
LamphereArchibaldOakland Co, MI, USA3822Download Chart
LamphereGeorgeOakland Co, MI, USA3821Download Chart
LamphereGeorgeOakland Co, MI, USA3822Download Chart
LamphereNathanNY, USA?3821Download Chart
LamphereRosa AnnaShiawassee Co, MI, USA3821Download Chart
LamphereSusannaRichmond, RI, USA3432Download Chart
LaneCharlesFairfield Co, CT, USA924Download Chart
LaneCharlesFairfield Co, CT, USA9213Download Chart
LaneCharles 9213Download Chart
LaneCharlesFairfield Co, CT, USA9214Download Chart
LaneElizabeth, Mrs. 9213Download Chart
LaneJoanna, Mrs. 924Download Chart
LaneJoanna, Mrs. 9213Download Chart
LaneJoanna, Mrs. 9214Download Chart
LaneMary 924Download Chart
LangtonIsabella 19622Download Chart
LangtonJohn 19622Download Chart
LangtonMary 13214Download Chart
LanphereGeorgeWashington Co, RI, USA3438Download Chart
LanphereRachel, Mrs. 3432Download Chart
LanphereRachel, Mrs. 3438Download Chart
LanphereTheodosiusWashington Co, RI, USA3432Download Chart
LanphereTheodosiusWashington Co, RI, USA3438Download Chart
LapeCordeliaCape Girardeau Co, MO, USA3211Download Chart
LapeMary J, Mrs. 3211Download Chart
LapeSimonCape Girardeau Co, MO, USA3211Download Chart
LapeSimonMO, USA3211Download Chart
LaphamElizabethPlymouth Co, MA, USA362Download Chart
LaphamElizabethPlymouth Co, MA, USA364Download Chart
LaphamElizabethPlymouth Co, MA, USA365Download Chart
LaphamHannah 366Download Chart
LaphamSamuel 365Download Chart
LarnerMary 9229Download Chart
LarsonAndrewCook Co, IL, USA4021Download Chart
LarsonAnna, Mrs. 4021Download Chart
LarsonClarence EWayne Co, MI, USA4021Download Chart
LarsonEugene DWayne Co, MI, USA4021Download Chart
LarsonHazel, Mrs. 4021Download Chart
LarssonCajsa, Mrs. 4021Download Chart
LarssonLaraVarmland, Sweden4021Download Chart
LaSallaAlberta 3612Download Chart
LattaMary Ann 3271Download Chart
LaubachAmandaIndiana Co, PA, USA1901Download Chart
LaubachAmandaIndiana Co, PA, USA1909Download Chart
LaubachAmandaIndiana Co, PA, USA19012Download Chart
LaubachIsaac HNorthampton Co, PA, USA19012Download Chart
LaubachSusanna, Mrs. 19012Download Chart
LaurenceMaryBennington Co, VT, USA3432Download Chart
LawJane, Mrs. 921Download Chart
LawMartha ColunbusLawrence Co, IN, USA921Download Chart
LawRobertGurnsey Co, OH, USA921Download Chart
LawlerJohnCulpepper Co, VA, USA3833Download Chart
LawlerKatie 3833Download Chart
LawlerKatie, Mrs. 3833Download Chart
LawrenceAnn 3841Download Chart
LawrenceHenry 2941Download Chart
LawrenceJoane 1198Download Chart
LawrenceJoane 1199Download Chart
LawrenceLee Ellen 2521Download Chart
LawrenceNancy, Mrs. 2941Download Chart
LawrensonHannah 19612Download Chart
LawtonElizabethNewport Co, RI, USA3439Download Chart
LawtonThomas 3439Download Chart
LaZoucheAlanRockingham Castle19634Download Chart
LaZoucheEla, Mrs. 19634Download Chart
LaZoucheEleanor, Mrs. 19634Download Chart
LaZoucheElena, Mrs. 19634Download Chart
LaZoucheMaude 19634Download Chart
LaZoucheSir Alan 19634Download Chart
LaZoucheSir Roger 19634Download Chart
LeachHannah 3301Download Chart
LeaverDamaris, Mrs. 1192Download Chart
LeaverPrudence 1192Download Chart
LeaverThomas 1192Download Chart
LeBretAdam 9246Download Chart
LeBretLucia 9246Download Chart
LeDucGenevieve 1065Download Chart
LeeElizabeth, Mrs. 1342Download Chart
LeeHannah, Mrs. 2661Download Chart
LeeHelen FrancesLos Angeles Co, CA, USA2661Download Chart
LeeIrvingNJ, USA2661Download Chart
LeeJohnCT, USA1342Download Chart
LeeJoseph 1342Download Chart
LeeLena, Mrs. 2661Download Chart
LeeLois, Mrs. 1342Download Chart
LeeMary I, Mrs. 2661Download Chart
LeeMiriam 1342Download Chart
LeeWilliam EstelNJ, USA2661Download Chart
LeeWilliam HerbertAtlantic Co, NJ, USA2661Download Chart
LeendertsMarretje 1495Download Chart
LegrisMarie Angeleque 1061Download Chart
LeighLucyCarroll Co, TN, USA2441Download Chart
LeighMartha Patsy, Mrs. 2441Download Chart
LeighRichardCarroll Co, TN, USA2441Download Chart
LemunyonRachel 3962Download Chart
LemunyonWilliam 3962Download Chart
LerringmanMary 13215Download Chart
LeslieEsther 572Download Chart
Leslie/LessleyJohn 572Download Chart
LesterFrances, Mrs. 4021Download Chart
LesterFrankTuscola Co, MI, USA4021Download Chart
LesterGeorge 4021Download Chart
LesterHazelWayne Co, MI, USA4021Download Chart
LesterHiram NSt Clair Co, MI, USA4021Download Chart
LesterMary, Mrs. 4021Download Chart
LesterRispah, Mrs. 4021Download Chart
LeVeeCynthia, Mrs. 3331Download Chart
LeVeeLeonardChenango Co, NY, USA3331Download Chart
LeVeeMelissa AnnChenango Co, NY, USA3331Download Chart
LeveringJohn 3932Download Chart
LeveringMagdalena, Mrs. 3932Download Chart
LeveringSidonia 3932Download Chart
LewandBarbara, Mrs. 2411Download Chart
LewandBoleslaw CharlesWayne Co, MI, USA2411Download Chart
LewandFranklin TheofilBerks Co, PA, USA2411Download Chart
LewandKazimiera, Mrs. 2411Download Chart
LewandowskiBarbara, Mrs. 2411Download Chart
LewandowskiKarolBerks Co, PA, USA2411Download Chart
LewisDaniel 33310Download Chart
LewisDorcas 33310Download Chart
LewisEleanorOakland Co, MI, USA13213Download Chart
LewisEllaIngham Co, MI, USA3305Download Chart
LewisFlorenceEngland3841Download Chart
LewisHannahMA, USA3435Download Chart
LewisMary, Mrs. 33310Download Chart
LinesAbigail 13214Download Chart
LinesRalph 13214Download Chart
LinningtonHenry 19629Download Chart
LinningtonWinnifredFlushing, Long Island, NY, USA19629Download Chart
LippelsHanne C, Mrs. 1811Download Chart
LippelsHernick F 1811Download Chart
LippelsJohannaBremen, Germany1811Download Chart
LiscomeKatherineFranklin Co, MA, USA926Download Chart
LittleAlice, Mrs. 1195Download Chart
LittleGeorgeEssex Co, MA, USA1195Download Chart
LittleLydia, Mrs. 1195Download Chart
LittleMaryEssex Co, MA, USA1191Download Chart
LittleMaryEssex Co, MA, USA1194Download Chart
LittleMaryEssex Co, MA, USA1195Download Chart
LittleMosesEssex Co, MA, USA1195Download Chart
LivermoreMary AnnCalhoun Co, MI, USA3572Download Chart
LleydeckerLeontie 1496Download Chart
LloydBridget 3334Download Chart
LloydJaminaMI, USA3431Download Chart
LloydThomasCape May, NJ, USA3334Download Chart
LobdellEunice, Mrs. 3338Download Chart
LobdellJoshua 3338Download Chart
LobdellSarahFairfield Co, CT, USA3338Download Chart
LockeElizabeth, Mrs. 572Download Chart
LockeJames 572Download Chart
LockeSarahWindsor Co, VT, USA572Download Chart
LockwoodDeborahMiddlesex Co, MA, USA9216Download Chart
LockwoodEdmundCombs, Suffolk, England9216Download Chart
LockwoodElizabeth 543Download Chart
LockwoodRobertSuffolk, England9216Download Chart
LockwoodSusanna, Mrs. 9216Download Chart
LomersonHannah E, Mrs. 1961Download Chart
LomersonHannah E, Mrs. 1962Download Chart
LomersonJohn HMI, USA1961Download Chart
LomersonJohn HMI, USA1962Download Chart
LomersonMaria RebeccaOakland Co, MI, USA1961Download Chart
LongAgnes Lowrie, Mrs. 3832Download Chart
LongAilsie, Mrs. 3833Download Chart
LongAllan DouglasWayne Co, MI, USA3832Download Chart
LongElizabeth Ann, Mrs. 3832Download Chart
LongElizabeth Ann, Mrs. 3833Download Chart
LongElizabeth Ann, Mrs. 3834Download Chart
LongElizabeth SmithAllegheny Co, PA, USA3832Download Chart
LongFinis EwingJefferson Co, KY, USA3832Download Chart
LongJohn 3833Download Chart
LongKatie, Mrs. 3833Download Chart
LongMary, Mrs. 3832Download Chart
LongThomasQueen Ann Co, MD, USA3833Download Chart
LongWilliam CrawfordSC, USA3832Download Chart
LongWilliam CrawfordSC, USA3833Download Chart
LongWilliam CrawfordSC, USA3834Download Chart
LongespeeCountess Ela, Mrs. 19635Download Chart
LongespeeEla 19634Download Chart
LongespeeEmmaline, Mrs. 19634Download Chart
LongespeeEmmaline, Mrs. 19635Download Chart
LongespeeEmmaline, Mrs. 19636Download Chart
LongespeeStephenSutton Co, Northampton, England19634Download Chart
LongespeeStephenSutton Co, Northampton, England19635Download Chart
LongespeeStephenSutton Co, Northampton, England19636Download Chart
LongespeeWilliam 19635Download Chart
LordAnnaStoningham, MA, USA1196Download Chart
LordDorothyMA, USA1196Download Chart
LordThomasMA, USA1196Download Chart
LoringMary 34316Download Chart
LotteGertrud AnneGermany2081Download Chart
LoweCharles JHuron Co, MI, USA3121Download Chart
LoweEmma, Mrs. 3121Download Chart
LoweJohnSanilac Co, MI, USA3121Download Chart
LoweMargaret, Mrs. 3121Download Chart
LowePatrickOakland Co, MI, USA3121Download Chart
LoweTerrenceIreland3121Download Chart
LowellJoannaEssex Co, MA, USA1194Download Chart
LowlePercivalEssex Co, MA, USA1194Download Chart
LowleRebeccaEssex Co, MA, USA1194Download Chart
LowleRichard 1194Download Chart
LowreyEdward 3041Download Chart
LowreyElizabeth, Mrs. 3041Download Chart
LowreyLydia ElizabethOakland Co, MI, USA3041Download Chart
Lubbertsen*JanNoord, Holland9225Download Chart
LubbertsenGeetuy, Mrs. 1325Download Chart
LubbertsenGerrit 1325Download Chart
LubbertsenMagdeleentje, Mrs. 9225Download Chart
LucasBetsey 3306Download Chart
Ludwig*AugustSchneeberg2751Download Chart
LudwigHuldaWayne Co, MI, USA2751Download Chart
LumunionOliveShiawassee Co, MI, USA3962Download Chart
LusherJohn 2381Download Chart
LusherMargaret AnnVenango Co, PA, USA2381Download Chart
LyonDanielFairfield Co, CT, USA924Download Chart
LyonDanielFairfield Co, CT, USA924Download Chart
LyonDanielFairfield Co, CT, USA9211Download Chart
LyonDanielFairfield Co, CT, USA9212Download Chart
LyonEdward JacobWayne Co, MI, USA921Download Chart
LyonElizabeth, Mrs. 924Download Chart
LyonHannah, Mrs. 924Download Chart
LyonHannah, Mrs. 924Download Chart
LyonHannah, Mrs. 924Download Chart
LyonHannah, Mrs. 9219Download Chart
LyonJacobWayne Co, MI, USA921Download Chart
LyonJacobFairfield Co, CT, USA924Download Chart
LyonJacobWayne Co, MI, USA924Download Chart
LyonJacobWayne Co, MI, USA925Download Chart
LyonJohnBerkshire Co, MA, USA924Download Chart
LyonJohnFairfield Co, CT, USA924Download Chart
LyonJohnFairfield Co, CT, USA9219Download Chart
LyonJohnFairfield Co, CT, USA9220Download Chart
LyonJuanitaOakland Co, MI, USA921Download Chart
LyonLuther SWayne Co, MI, USA921Download Chart
LyonLydia PMI, USA3431Download Chart
LyonLydia PMI, USA34318Download Chart
LyonMargaret 9219Download Chart
LyonMary, Mrs. 921Download Chart
LyonMary, Mrs. 924Download Chart
LyonMary, Mrs. 9211Download Chart
LyonNancy, Mrs. 921Download Chart
LyonNancy, Mrs. 924Download Chart
LyonNancy, Mrs. 925Download Chart
LyonRichardFairfield Co, CT, USA9211Download Chart
LyonRichard 9211Download Chart
LyonRichard 9219Download Chart
LyonSamuelFairfield Co, CT, USA9219Download Chart
LyonSarahLivingston Co, NY, USA924Download Chart
LyonSarah, Mrs. 924Download Chart
LyonSarah, Mrs. 9211Download Chart
LyonSarah, Mrs. 9212Download Chart
LyonSethLivingston Co, NY, USA924Download Chart
LyonSusanna, Mrs. 9219Download Chart
LyonThankful, Mrs. 924Download Chart
LyonThomasLivingston Co, NY, USA924Download Chart
MacDonaldArchibaldTiree, Scotland3571Download Chart
MacDonaldArchibladTiree, Scotland3571Download Chart
MacDonaldIsabella, Mrs. 3571Download Chart
MacDonaldIsabella, Mrs. 3571Download Chart
MacDonaldSarahWayne Co, MI, USA3571Download Chart
MacDonaldSarahWayne Co, MI, USA3571Download Chart
MacFadyenIsabellaTiree, Scotland3571Download Chart
MacFadyenIsabellaTiree, Scotland3571Download Chart
MackCatherinaDavidson Co, NC, USA1907Download Chart
MackCatherinaDaviidson Co, NC, USA1907Download Chart
MackLodemiaNY, USA2401Download Chart
MackLodemia 2401Download Chart
MacKenticElizabethBrant Co, Ontario, Canada3671Download Chart
MacKenticElizabethBrand Co, Ontario, Canada3671Download Chart
MacLeanAnnBruce Co, Ontario, Canada3571Download Chart
MacLeanAnnTiree, Scotland3571Download Chart
MacMillanAgnesSt Louis Co, MO, USA19014Download Chart
MacMillanArchibaldScotland19014Download Chart
MacMillianAgnesGlasgow, Scotland19014Download Chart
MacMillianAgnes, Mrs. 19014Download Chart
MacMillianArchibaldScotland19014Download Chart
MacMmillanAgnes, Mrs. 19014Download Chart
MaComberAngelineNY, USA1321Download Chart
MaComberAngeline 1321Download Chart
MaComberAngelineNY, USA1324Download Chart
MaComberAngeline 1324Download Chart
MaComberDella ALivingston Co, MI, USA1321Download Chart
MaComberDella AShiawassee Co, MI, USA1321Download Chart
MaComberEllas APA, USA1321Download Chart
MaComberEllas A.PA, USA1321Download Chart
MaComberOlive, Mrs. 1321Download Chart
MaComberOlive, Mrs. 1324Download Chart
MacQueenGrace, Mrs. 571Download Chart
MacQueenMabelWashtenaw Co, MI, USA571Download Chart
MacQueenMaryShiawasee Co, MI, USA271Download Chart
MacQueenMary, Mrs. 571Download Chart
MacQueenWilliam NairnBaltimore Co, MD, USA571Download Chart
MaddelienBarbaraMosselede, Belgium3391Download Chart
MaddelienBarbaraMosselede, Belguim3391Download Chart
MaddelienBarbaraMosselede, Belgium3392Download Chart
MaddelienBarbaraMosselede, Belguim3392Download Chart
Mael-Coluim MalcolmScotland19637Download Chart
Mael-ColuimMalcolm 19637Download Chart
MahanJohn 921Download Chart
MahanJohn 921Download Chart
MahanMary Ellen 921Download Chart
MahanMary Ellen 921Download Chart
MaheauCatherine 1061Download Chart
MaheauCatherine 1064Download Chart
MaheauCatherine 1065Download Chart
MaheauLouis 1061Download Chart
MaheauLouis 1064Download Chart
MaheauLouis 1065Download Chart
MaheauMarie 1061Download Chart
MaheauMarie Louise 1064Download Chart
MaheauPierreBeauport, Canada1064Download Chart
MaheauPierreChateau-Richer, Quebic, Canada1064Download Chart
MaheauSuzanne 1064Download Chart
MaheuJeanFrance1064Download Chart
MaheuJean 1064Download Chart
MaheuMichelle 1064Download Chart
MaheuMichelle, Mrs. 1064Download Chart
MaheuxCatherine, Mrs. 1061Download Chart
MaheuxCatherine, Mrs. 1064Download Chart
MaheuxCatherine, Mrs. 1065Download Chart
MaheuxLouisBeauport, Canada1061Download Chart
MaheuxLouisBeauport, Canada1064Download Chart
MaheuxLouisBeauport, Canada1065Download Chart
MaheuxMarie 1061Download Chart
MaheuxMarie Louise, Mrs. 1064Download Chart
MaheuxPierreBeauport, Canada1064Download Chart
MaheuxPierreChateau-Richer, Quebec1064Download Chart
MaheuxSuzanne, Mrs. 1064Download Chart
MahieuHesterFrance3439Download Chart
MaierleFriederich WeberGermany3162Download Chart
MaierleFriederich WeberGermany3162Download Chart
MaierleRosiana 3162Download Chart
MaierleRosina, Mrs. 3162Download Chart
MaierleWilhelmina LouiseLucas Co, OH, USA3162Download Chart
MaierleWilhemina LouiseMuchelau, Germany3162Download Chart
MainorJohn Thomas 921Download Chart
MainorJohn Thomas 921Download Chart
MakinJoan 9216Download Chart
MakinJoan 9216Download Chart
Malcolm IIICanmore 19637Download Chart
MalloryJoanna, Mrs. 9213Download Chart
MalloryJoanna, Mrs. 9213Download Chart
MalloryJoanna, Mrs. 9214Download Chart
MalloryJoanna, Mrs. 9214Download Chart
ManevalJohnMN, USA4061Download Chart
ManevalJohnPA, USA4061Download Chart
ManevalMary AliceOttertail Co, MN, USA4061Download Chart
ManevalMary AliceCarver Co, NM, USA4061Download Chart
ManevalSusanne, Mrs. 4061Download Chart
ManevalSuzanne, Mrs. 4061Download Chart
MannElizabeth 1935Download Chart
MannElizabethGeauga Co, OH, USA1965Download Chart
ManningHepsaba 1964Download Chart
ManningHepsaba, Mrs. 1964Download Chart
ManningJefferySomerset Co, NJ, USA1964Download Chart
ManningJeffreySomerset Co, NJ, USA1964Download Chart
ManningJohnNY, USA1964Download Chart
ManningJohnNY1964Download Chart
ManningMary 1964Download Chart
MareschalIsabel, Mrs. 9241Download Chart
MareschalJohn Fitz-Gilbert 9241Download Chart
MareschalLady Eva 9241Download Chart
MareschalWilliam 9241Download Chart
Mareschal(l)  9241Download Chart
Margaret  19637Download Chart
MargitisCatrynaNetherlands11914Download Chart
MarkBarbara, Mrs. 1391Download Chart
MarshallAlexandria, Mrs. 362Download Chart
MarshallAndrewPoland363Download Chart
MarshallCharlesAllen Co, IN, USA3572Download Chart
MarshallCorneliaLorain Co, OH, USA3572Download Chart
MarshallEmily 2991Download Chart
MarshallHarriet, Mrs. 3572Download Chart
MarshallVincentWashtenaw Co, MI, USA366Download Chart
MarshallVirginia ReginaOakland Co, MI, USA366Download Chart
MartinFrederickaGermany2991Download Chart
MartusAdeline, Mrs. 1811Download Chart
MartusFlora JuliaSt Clair Co, MI, USA1811Download Chart
MartusJames FerdinandNY, USA1811Download Chart
MartusJohn 1811Download Chart
MasonNancy Elizabeth 3271Download Chart
MathewsElizabeth, Mrs. 3962Download Chart
MathewsMorilla 3962Download Chart
MathewsNancy JaneOakland Twp, Ontario, Canada3962Download Chart
MathewsNelson 3962Download Chart
MathieuHesterFrance3439Download Chart
MattesonHannah 2821Download Chart
MatthewsLaVoca MaeMarion Co, IN, USA3161Download Chart
MatthewsMarionIN, USA3161Download Chart
MatthewsPauline, Mrs. 3161Download Chart
MatthewsSarah Ann, Mrs. 3161Download Chart
MatthewsWilliam HenryWayne Co, MI, USA3161Download Chart
MattmullerAnna Magdalina, Mrs. 3002Download Chart
MattmullerAnna Maria, Mrs. 3002Download Chart
MattmullerAnna Maria, Mrs. 3002Download Chart
MattmullerBarbara, Mrs. 3002Download Chart
MattmullerBarbara, Mrs. 3003Download Chart
MattmullerBarbara, Mrs. 3003Download Chart
MattmullerJakob 3003Download Chart
MattmullerJohann Jakob 3002Download Chart
MattmullerJohann Jakob 3002Download Chart
MattmullerMattern 3002Download Chart
MattmullerMattern 3003Download Chart
MattmullerMattias 3002Download Chart
MattmullerSolome, Mrs. 3001Download Chart
MattmullerSolome, Mrs. 3002Download Chart
MattmullerWilhelmNY, USA3001Download Chart
MattmullerWilhelmNY, USA3002Download Chart
MaxsonMary 33310Download Chart
MaybeeCharlotte AnnOakland Co, MI, USA3041Download Chart
MaybeeJames RussellOakland Co, MI, USA3041Download Chart
MaybeeJesse DennisOakland Co, MI, USA3041Download Chart
MaybeeJohnOakland Co, MI, USA3041Download Chart
MaybeeJohn 3041Download Chart
MaybeeMartha Ann, Mrs. 3041Download Chart
MaybeeMary Elizabeth, Mrs. 3041Download Chart
MaybeeMelinda, Mrs. 3041Download Chart
MaybeeVera, Mrs. 3041Download Chart
MazzaraAntonia 3612Download Chart
McAuliffeKathleen Elizabeth 1811Download Chart
McBurneyElizabethOnondaga Co, NY, USA11913Download Chart
McCarthyCatherineOakland Co, MI, USA2412Download Chart
McCarthyEugeneIreland2412Download Chart
McCarthyHanora, Mrs. 2412Download Chart
McCarthyJerushaOakland Co, MI, USA2822Download Chart
McCarthyJohnIreland2412Download Chart
McCarthyMary Ann, Mrs. 2412Download Chart
McCarthyMichaelOtsego Co, NY, USA2822Download Chart
McCartyDarbyPhiladelphia, PA, USA3033Download Chart
McCartyEdith, Mrs. 3033Download Chart
McCartyHannah, Mrs. 3033Download Chart
McCartyJamesJefferson Co, IN, USA3033Download Chart
McCartyJonathanDecatur Co, IN, USA3033Download Chart
McCartyLydia AnnJefferson Co, IN, USA3031Download Chart
McCartyLydia AnnJefferson Co, IN, USA3032Download Chart
McCartyLydia AnnJefferson Co, IN, USA3033Download Chart
McCartyMary, Mrs. 3033Download Chart
McClintockAbigail 4151Download Chart
McCoughyMargaretMilwaukee Co, WI, USA3801Download Chart
McDonaldBetty, Mrs. 3211Download Chart
McDonaldFloraKY, USA3335Download Chart
McDonaldFrancis DJackson Co, MO, USA3201Download Chart
McDonaldGrace, Mrs. 3201Download Chart
McDonaldHarriet F, Mrs. 3201Download Chart
McDonaldJosephine, Mrs. 3201Download Chart
McDonaldMargaretWayne Co, MI, USA925Download Chart
McDonaldMargaretWayne Co, MI, USA929Download Chart
McDonaldMary 3431Download Chart
McDonaldNathanielRoscommon Co, MI, USA3201Download Chart
McDonaldSidneyOakland Co, MI, USA3201Download Chart
McDougallHarrietArenac Co, MI, USA3941Download Chart
McDougallJosephVirgin Islands3941Download Chart
McDougallMartha, Mrs. 3941Download Chart
McFarlaneAlexander 3437Download Chart
McFarlaneRachel 3437Download Chart
McGillAnnSt Clair Co, MI, USA1961Download Chart
McGillAnnSt Clair Co, MI, USA19615Download Chart
McGillAnnSt Clair Co, MI, USA19647Download Chart
McGuireZebbie 3351Download Chart
McKayEdithIN, USA3033Download Chart
McKayJames 3033Download Chart
McKayJaneSeward Co, NE, USA3801Download Chart
McKayMargaret, Mrs. 3801Download Chart
McKayMary, Mrs. 3033Download Chart
McKayRobertsAugusta Co, VA, USA3033Download Chart
McKayThomasMilwaukee Co, WI, USA3801Download Chart
McKellopsArtimitia, Mrs. 571Download Chart
McKellopsGraceSt Louis, MO, USA571Download Chart
McKellopsWilliam 571Download Chart
McKimEliza Jane, Mrs. 2381Download Chart
McKimFlorence OpalMonmouth Co, NJ, USA2381Download Chart
McKimJ WashingtonVenango Co, PA, USA2381Download Chart
McKimJohnVenango Co, PA, USA2381Download Chart
McKimMargaret Ann, Mrs. 2381Download Chart
McKimWilliam 2381Download Chart
McLeanAnnieFL, USA1271Download Chart
McLeanElizabeth, Mrs. 1271Download Chart
McLeanHectorOntario1271Download Chart
McLeanJohn AKent Co, Ontario, Canada1271Download Chart
McLeanSophie, Mrs. 1271Download Chart
McLouthChloe 1231Download Chart
McMurroughDermot 9241Download Chart
McMurroughEva 9241Download Chart
McRaeAlexanderWayne Co, MI, USA321Download Chart
McRaeMyrtle CatherineWayne Co, MI, USA321Download Chart
McRaeSarah Jane, Mrs. 321Download Chart
MeadJemima 3302Download Chart
MeeresMargaret 19618Download Chart
MeeresRobertStowlangtofte, Suffolk19618Download Chart
MeheuJeanne, Mrs. 1064Download Chart
MeheuJeanne, Mrs. 1067Download Chart
MeheuPierreBeauport, Quebec, Canada1064Download Chart
MeheuPierreBeauport, Quebec, Canada1067Download Chart
MeiersChristian JOakland Co, MI, USA1321Download Chart
MeiersDorothea, Mrs. 1321Download Chart
MeiersFredMI, USA1321Download Chart
MeiersMableMacomb Co, MI, USA1321Download Chart
MeiersMarie, Mrs. 1321Download Chart
MeigsElizabeth 9221Download Chart
MeinkeAnna LouiseWayne Co, MI, USA3831Download Chart
MeinkeCaroline, Mrs. 3831Download Chart
MeinkeWilliam CWayne Co, MI, USA3831Download Chart
MelvinHannah, Mrs. 3435Download Chart
MelvinHepzibethFranklin Co, NY, USA3435Download Chart
MelvinJohnMA, USA3435Download Chart
MelvinJonathanCharleston, MA, USA3435Download Chart
MelvinNathanMiddlesex Co, ME, USA3435Download Chart
MelvinSarah, Mrs. 3435Download Chart
MercierDenyseQuebec, Canada1065Download Chart
MeroAlta AdeleOceana Co, MI, USA3601Download Chart
MeroFrank XavierCanada3601Download Chart
MeroMartha Elizabeth, Mrs. 3601Download Chart
MeroMary, Mrs. 3601Download Chart
MeroTheodoreTeller Co, CO, USA3601Download Chart
MessersmithAmelia RebeccaSchuylkill Co, PA, USA3771Download Chart
MessersmithJeremiah 3771Download Chart
MetayerGenevieve, Mrs. 1065Download Chart
MetayerJeanBeauport, Quebec, Canada1065Download Chart
MetayerMarie AnneQuebec, Canada1065Download Chart
MetayerPierre 1065Download Chart
MeyerCatharina 361Download Chart
MeyiersAntie 9225Download Chart
MiddaghAert AnthoniseNew Amsterdam1329Download Chart
MiddaghBreckie, Mrs. 1329Download Chart
MiddaghTeunisHelcop, Holland1329Download Chart
MiddaughAnna Acrts 1322Download Chart
MiddaughAnna Acrts 1328Download Chart
MiddaughAnna Acrts 1329Download Chart
MierzejewskiJosephPoland2411Download Chart
MierzejewskiKazimieraWayne Co, MI, USA2411Download Chart
MierzejewskiVictoriaPoland2411Download Chart
Mill/MillsSusannaBurks Co, PA, USA19012Download Chart
MillerAgatha 2991Download Chart
MillerAlfred Henry, Jr.Oakland Co, MI, USA3001Download Chart
MillerAlfred Henry, Sr.Oakland Co, MI, USA3001Download Chart
MillerAmanda MalvinaNiagara Co, NY, USA2751Download Chart
MillerCharles FrederickChippewa Co, MN, USA3001Download Chart
MillerClarissa, Mrs. 2751Download Chart
MillerDavidOakland Co, MI, USA3041Download Chart
MillerEdward WWayne Co, MI, USA2991Download Chart
MillerEmma HenriettaWayne Co, MI, USA4141Download Chart
MillerFrances, Mrs. 3041Download Chart
MillerFrederick MPortland, OR, USA3001Download Chart
MillerGeorgeGermany2991Download Chart
MillerGeorgeOakland Co, MI, USA3041Download Chart
MillerGeorge 3041Download Chart
MillerHoraceMI, USA2751Download Chart
MillerJane AlbertineDavidson Co, NC, USA1901Download Chart
MillerJane AlbertineDavidson Co, NC, USA1907Download Chart
MillerJane AlbertineDavidson Co, NC, USA1908Download Chart
MillerJanet Aileen, Mrs. 3001Download Chart
MillerJasonNY, USA3801Download Chart
MillerJoan, Mrs. 3001Download Chart
MillerJohanna, Mrs. 4141Download Chart
MillerJoseph HSouthwestern Germany1908Download Chart
MillerMariaCalhoun Co, MI, USA3801Download Chart
MillerMarie C, Mrs. 2991Download Chart
MillerMarion MWayne Co, MI, USA2991Download Chart
MillerMartha B.C., Mrs. 3001Download Chart
MillerMartha M, Mrs. 3041Download Chart
MillerMaryEssex Co, MA, USA1197Download Chart
MillerMary, Mrs. 2991Download Chart
MillerMary, Mrs. 3041Download Chart
MillerMichaelWayne Co, MI, USA2991Download Chart
MillerPatricia Ann 3821Download Chart
MillerRachel Ann 3931Download Chart
MillerSally, Mrs. 3801Download Chart
MillerSarah, Mrs. 1908Download Chart
MillerVeraOakland Co, MI, USA3041Download Chart
MillerWilhelmina, Mrs. 3001Download Chart
Miller/Muller/Mueller Carl HenryWayne Co, MI, USA4141Download Chart
MinkleiAugustaW Prussia3571Download Chart
MinnogueMary 321Download Chart
MinockCatherine, Mrs. 2412Download Chart
MinockDanielOakland Co, MI, USA2412Download Chart
MintonElizabethGreen Co, KY, USA1904Download Chart
MirickDighton 1231Download Chart
MirickDighton, Mrs. 1231Download Chart
MirickIsaac 1231Download Chart
MisterskiMarcinBromberg, W Prussia3571Download Chart
MisterskiMarianna, Mrs. 3571Download Chart
MisterskyEugene LWayne Co, MI, USA3571Download Chart
MisterskyFlorenceWayne Co, MI, USA3571Download Chart
MisterskyFlorence, Mrs. 3571Download Chart
MisterskyHenrietta, Mrs. 3571Download Chart
MisterskyIgnatiusWayne Co, MI, USA3571Download Chart
MitchellMary 3309Download Chart
MitchellThomason 5410Download Chart
MixAugustaGermany1901Download Chart
MixAugustaGermany19019Download Chart
MixAugustaGermany19020Download Chart
MixLudwigGermany19020Download Chart
MoessnerSolome 3001Download Chart
MoessnerSolome 3002Download Chart
MonroeMaryPA, USA3521Download Chart
MonroeMary, Mrs. 3521Download Chart
MonroePeter 3521Download Chart
MontfordKatherine 19618Download Chart
MontfordKatherine 19619Download Chart
MontfordKatherine 19620Download Chart
MontfordKatherine 19631Download Chart
MontfordRobert, EsqBescore, Stafford & Warrwick19620Download Chart
MontfordRobert, EsqBescore, Stafford & Warrwick19631Download Chart
MontgomeryElizabeth 19616Download Chart
MoodyApphiaEssex Co, MA, USA1191Download Chart
MoodyApphiaEssex Co, MA, USA1196Download Chart
MoodyApphiaEssex Co, MA, USA1197Download Chart
MoodyJohn 1197Download Chart
MoodyMary, Mrs. 1197Download Chart
MoodySamuelEssex Co, MA, USA1197Download Chart
MoodyWilliamMA, USA1197Download Chart
MooreCatherine ElizabethKane Co, IL, USA3801Download Chart
MooreCenia SerenaSt Louis Co, MO, USA1901Download Chart
MooreElizabethMontgomery Co, NY, USA928Download Chart
MooreGeorge ThomasStoddard Co, MO, USA1901Download Chart
MooreGeorge ThomasStoddard Co, MO, USA19015Download Chart
MooreGeorge ThomasStoddard Co, MO, USA19016Download Chart
MooreGeorgia Anne, Mrs. 1901Download Chart
MooreGeorgia Anne, Mrs. 19015Download Chart
MooreGeorgia Anne, Mrs. 19016Download Chart
MooreHorace AmentIL, USA3801Download Chart
MooreJonathanGreene Co, PA, USA3031Download Chart
MooreMargaret, Mrs. 3031Download Chart
MooreMartha JaneCameron Co, TX, USA3031Download Chart
MooreMartha, Mrs. 3801Download Chart
MooreMary, Mrs. 2665Download Chart
MoorePhoebeAtlantic Co, NJ, USA2661Download Chart
MoorePhoebeAtlantic Co, NJ, USA2665Download Chart
MooreRebecca, Mrs. 3031Download Chart
MooreSamuelAtlantic Co, NJ, USA2665Download Chart
MooreSamuel 2665Download Chart
MooreThomasGreene Co, PA, USA3031Download Chart
MorinJoseph 1061Download Chart
MorinMarie, Mrs. 1061Download Chart
Morin-ChenevertM Charlotte 1061Download Chart
MornacArmand HLos Angeles Co, CA, USA2662Download Chart
MornacMarthe Marie, Mrs. 2662Download Chart
MornacMichael CVentura Co, CA, USA2662Download Chart
MornacRose, Mrs. 2662Download Chart
MornacYvonne MLos Angeles Co, CA, USA2661Download Chart
MornacYvonne MLos Angeles Co, CA, USA2662Download Chart
MorrillRhodaCaledonia Co, VT, USA1341Download Chart
MorrisElizabethMI, USA2401Download Chart
MorrisWilliam 2401Download Chart
MorrisonGeorge RossLapeer Co, MI, USA3001Download Chart
MorrisonGeorgina, Mrs. 3001Download Chart
MorrisonHugh 3001Download Chart
MorrisonHulda, Mrs. 3001Download Chart
MorrisonJanet AileenLapeer Co, MI, USA3001Download Chart
MorrisonJesse RossOakland Co, MI, USA3001Download Chart
MorrisonMargaret, Mrs. 3001Download Chart
MorrowMary Ann 3301Download Chart
MortonSarah 9228Download Chart
MoseleyClarissa M 3661Download Chart
MoserArthur RudolphDenver, CO, USA3351Download Chart
MoserEmilDenver, CO, USA3351Download Chart
MoserGotlieb Rudolph 3351Download Chart
MoserHelen Louise, Mrs. 3351Download Chart
MoserJacqueline MarieTeller Co, CO, USA3351Download Chart
MoserKatherine B, Mrs. 3351Download Chart
MoserMagdelina, Mrs. 3351Download Chart
MosherAbigail, Mrs. 3336Download Chart
MosherCalebCayuga Co, NY, USA3331Download Chart
MosherCalebCayuga Co, NY, USA3336Download Chart
MosherCalebDutchess Co, NY, USA3336Download Chart
MosherCalebCayuga Co, NY, USA3337Download Chart
MosherClarissa 2401Download Chart
MosherDavidParis Hill, NY, USA3331Download Chart
MosherDelia AnnaOtsego Co, NY, USA3331Download Chart
MosherElizabeth, Mrs. 3336Download Chart
MosherElizabeth, Mrs. 3336Download Chart
MosherElizabeth, Mrs. 3336Download Chart
MosherEphraimDutchess Co, NY, USA3336Download Chart
MosherEsekCayuga Co, NY, USA3336Download Chart
MosherHughDutchess Co, NY, USA3336Download Chart
MosherJosephBristol Co, MA, USA3336Download Chart
MosherLydia, Mrs. 3336Download Chart
MosherMary, Mrs. 3331Download Chart
MosherMary, Mrs. 3331Download Chart
MosherMary, Mrs. 3336Download Chart
MosherMary, Mrs. 3337Download Chart
MosherNicholasNewport Co, RI, USA3336Download Chart
MosherPhilipBristol Co, MA, USA3336Download Chart
MosherSarahCayuga Co, NY, USA3336Download Chart
MosherSarah, Mrs. 3336Download Chart
MossEaster, Mrs. 2942Download Chart
MossJesse P 2942Download Chart
MottAdamNassau Co, NY, USA19629Download Chart
MottElizabeth, Mrs. 19629Download Chart
MottElizabeth, Mrs. 19629Download Chart
MottMaryNassau Co, NY, USA19615Download Chart
MottMaryNassau Co, NY, USA19627Download Chart
MottMaryNassau Co, NY, USA19629Download Chart
MottRichbellNassau Co, NY, USA19629Download Chart
Moyer/MaierHannah 3301Download Chart
Moyer/MaierHannah 3302Download Chart
MugfordGraceHartland, Devon, England2522Download Chart
MugfordMargaret, Mrs. 2522Download Chart
MugfordThomas 2522Download Chart
MulliganLula, Mrs. 3941Download Chart
MulliganWilliam 3941Download Chart
MunsonLavina 3041Download Chart
MurdochAnna, Mrs. 3832Download Chart
MurdochIsabella DoddsGlasgow, Scotland3832Download Chart
MurdochJames 3832Download Chart
MurryHannah 19627Download Chart
MuthKatherineGermany3162Download Chart
MyrickSarahEssex Co, MA, USA11912Download Chart
NairnMary 571Download Chart
NatigaalElizabeth 1492Download Chart
NealAndrew JacksonGiles Co, TN, USA1901Download Chart
NealAndrew JacksonGiles Co, TN, USA1902Download Chart
NealAndrew JacksonGiles Co, TN, USA1903Download Chart
NealDavid 1902Download Chart
NealDorothy, Mrs. 1901Download Chart
NealEdwards FlournoyWayne Co, MI, USA1901Download Chart
NealElizabeth, Mrs. 1902Download Chart
NealHarriet, Mrs. 1902Download Chart
NealJudith Marie, Mrs. 1901Download Chart
NealLarry PaulWayne Co, MI, USA1901Download Chart
NealLydia 3601Download Chart
NealMartha Bell, Mrs. 1901Download Chart
NealMary E, Mrs. 1901Download Chart
NealMary E, Mrs. 1902Download Chart
NealMary E, Mrs. 1903Download Chart
NealReavesVA, USA1902Download Chart
NealSteaven 1902Download Chart
NealSusannah, Mrs. 1902Download Chart
NealWilliamGiles Co, TN, USA1902Download Chart
NealWilliamVA, USA1902Download Chart
NealWilliam PaulClair Co, MO, USA1901Download Chart
NealWilliam SamuelWI, USA1901Download Chart
NealeAnn (Nichols) 241Download Chart
NeallCatherine, Mrs. 3161Download Chart
NeallHarry WoodmanWayne Co, MI, USA3161Download Chart
NeallJane, Mrs. 3161Download Chart
NeallJoseph RobertMarion Co, IN, USA3161Download Chart
NeallLaVoca Mae, Mrs. 3161Download Chart
NeallSean MatthewWayne Co, MI, USA3161Download Chart
NeitzellGertrudeOakland Co, MI, USA2661Download Chart
NeitzellJosephGermany2661Download Chart
NelsonMargareta 19616Download Chart
NeumanAlbertina, Mrs. 3831Download Chart
NeumanCarlMacomb Co, MI, USA3831Download Chart
NeumanIdaWayne Co, MI, USA3831Download Chart
NeumanLudwigGermany3831Download Chart
NewellBridgetSt Clair Co, MI, USA1811Download Chart
NewellBridget, Mrs. 1811Download Chart
NewellPatrick, Sr 1811Download Chart
NewettMargaret 34311Download Chart
NewmanAnn Marie, Mrs. 2911Download Chart
NewmanDavid 14911Download Chart
NewmanElmiraMacomb Co, MI, USA1491Download Chart
NewmanElmiraMacomb Co, MI, USA14911Download Chart
NewmanHannah, Mrs. 14911Download Chart
NewmanHelenOakland Co, MI, USA2911Download Chart
NewmanJamesSussex Co, NJ, USA14911Download Chart
NewmanJohn 14911Download Chart
NewmanMargaret, Mrs. 14911Download Chart
NewmanMary, Mrs. 2911Download Chart
NewmanStephenBranch Co, MI, USA2911Download Chart
NewmanWilliamSussex Co, NJ, USA14911Download Chart
NewmanWilliamEngland2911Download Chart
NewtonAdah Melissa EstellaCortland Co, NY, USA3331Download Chart
NewtonAlice, Mrs. 3331Download Chart
NewtonDanielChenango Co, NY, USA3331Download Chart
NewtonDanielChenango Co, NY, USA33310Download Chart
NewtonDanielNew London Co, CT, USA33310Download Chart
NewtonEstella, Mrs. 3331Download Chart
NewtonHannah, Mrs. 33310Download Chart
NewtonJohn TracyChenango Co, NY, USA3331Download Chart
NewtonLossa Ann, Mrs. 3331Download Chart
NewtonLossa Ann, Mrs. 33310Download Chart
NewtonMary, Mrs. 33310Download Chart
NewtonMatthewNew London Co, CT, USA33310Download Chart
NewtonMatthewNew London Co, CT, USA33310Download Chart
NewtonSeymour FranklinCortland Co, NY, USA3331Download Chart
NicholMaryWhitley Co, IN, USA3572Download Chart
NicholsAnn, Mrs. 9216Download Chart
NicholsDeborahCT, USA924Download Chart
NicholsDeborahCT, USA9215Download Chart
NicholsDeborahCT, USA9216Download Chart
NicholsEphraimFairfield Co, CT, USA9216Download Chart
NicholsEster, Mrs. 9216Download Chart
NicholsFrancis 9216Download Chart
NicholsIsaacFairfield Co, CT, USA9216Download Chart
NicholsMargery, Mrs. 9216Download Chart
NiedlingHope, Mrs. 1341Download Chart
Niedling Ivan Martin 1341Download Chart
NilsdotterBritaVarmland, Sweden4021Download Chart
NilsdotterKari 4021Download Chart
NilsdotterMarit 4021Download Chart
NilssonAnna StinaManistee Co, MI, USA4021Download Chart
NilssonBrita, Mrs. 4021Download Chart
NilssonJonasVarmland, Sweden4021Download Chart
NimsJohn 34318Download Chart
NimsRebeccaFranklin Co, MA, USA34318Download Chart
NobleAnne 2081Download Chart
NochelJohanna, Mrs. 1811Download Chart
NochelJohn Jacob KarlBremen, Germany1811Download Chart
NochelMarie, Mrs. 1811Download Chart
NochelMetaHuron Co, MI, USA1811Download Chart
NochelWilhelm 1811Download Chart
NoldAlexander 361Download Chart
NoldEdith, Mrs. 361Download Chart
NoldFrancis, Mrs. 361Download Chart
NoldGeorge WPrince George Co, VA, USA361Download Chart
NoldHomer KlondikeWayne Co, MI, USA361Download Chart
NoldIda L, Mrs. 361Download Chart
NoldJanet MargaretWayne Co, MI, USA361Download Chart
NoldJanet MargaretWayne Co, MI, USA366Download Chart
NoldJohn FAntrim Co, MI, USA361Download Chart
NoldMary, Mrs. 361Download Chart
NoragonMary 3931Download Chart
NormanMargaret, Mrs. 9216Download Chart
NormanRichardSalem, MA, USA9216Download Chart
NormanSusannahFairfield Co, CT, USA9216Download Chart
NorthrupDaniel 3338Download Chart
NorthrupElizabeth 3337Download Chart
NorthrupEnosDutchess Co, NY, USA3338Download Chart
NorthrupEuniceDutchess Co, NY, USA3338Download Chart
NorthrupJabezNew Haven Co, CT, USA3338Download Chart
NorthrupJohnFairfield Co, CT, USA3338Download Chart
NorthrupJohn 3338Download Chart
NorthrupMargaret, Mrs. 3331Download Chart
NorthrupMargaret, Mrs. 3338Download Chart
NorthrupMargaret, Mrs. 3339Download Chart
NorthrupMary GouldParis Hill, NY, USA3331Download Chart
NorthrupMary, Mrs. 3338Download Chart
NorthrupMary, Mrs. 3338Download Chart
NorthrupRebecca, Mrs. 3338Download Chart
NorthrupSarah, Mrs. 3338Download Chart
NorthrupSarah, Mrs. 3338Download Chart
NorthrupWilliamFairfield Co, CT, USA3338Download Chart
NorthrupWilliam GouldDutchess Co, NY, USA3331Download Chart
NorthrupWilliam GouldDutchess Co, NY, USA3338Download Chart
NorthrupWilliam GouldDutchess Co, NY, USA3339Download Chart
NoyerMargueriteFrance1063Download Chart
NoyesAnne, Mrs. 1196Download Chart
NoyesDorothy, Mrs. 1196Download Chart
NoyesJamesEssex Co, MA, USA1196Download Chart
NoyesJamesEssex Co, MA, USA1196Download Chart
NoyesSarahEssex Co, MA, USA1196Download Chart
NoyesSarah, Mrs. 1196Download Chart
NoyesWilliamEngland1196Download Chart
NunnEasterStokes Co, NC, USA2942Download Chart
NunnEleanor, Mrs. 2942Download Chart
NunnElizabethNC, USA2942Download Chart
NunnMajorVA, USA2942Download Chart
NunnSally, Mrs. 2942Download Chart
NunnWilliamNC, USA2942Download Chart
NunnWilliam, SrStokes Co, NC, USA2942Download Chart
NyeSerenaMA, USA4061Download Chart
NyssenFermmitie Jan Sales 1327Download Chart
NyssenTeunisKings Co, NY, USA1327Download Chart
O'BannonBryanFauquier Co, VA, USA3332Download Chart
O'BannonCaty 3332Download Chart
O'BannonWilliam 3332Download Chart
O'BrienMary AnnIreland2412Download Chart
O'BrienSarah Elizabeth 3771Download Chart
O'ConnorCatherine, Mrs. 3061Download Chart
O'ConnorJohnSt Clair Co, MI, USA3061Download Chart
O'ConnorLouise HPresque Isle Co, MI, USA3061Download Chart
OddingGeorge 3439Download Chart
OddingGeorge 34310Download Chart
OddingSarah 3439Download Chart
OddingSarah 34310Download Chart
OdellAustinOH, USA3941Download Chart
OdellPatience, Mrs. 3941Download Chart
OdellSylviaTuscola Co, MI, USA3941Download Chart
OdinAntoineSt Michel, Paris, France1063Download Chart
OdinJeanneParis, France1063Download Chart
OdinMadeleine, Mrs. 1063Download Chart
O'DohertyEdmondCo Clare, Ireland1811Download Chart
O'DohertyHonorah, Mrs. 1811Download Chart
OffinSarah 3962Download Chart
OliverJoanna, Mrs. 1194Download Chart
OlmsteadBetsy 3661Download Chart
OlmsteadEunice 3338Download Chart
OlmsteadGrace 2662Download Chart
OlneyMaryProvidence Co, RI, USA34313Download Chart
OlneyThomasProvidence Co, RI, USA34313Download Chart
OlssonBrita, Mrs. 4021Download Chart
OlssonNils 4021Download Chart
OsgoodDebora 1193Download Chart
OssenschmidtCarolineGermany3161Download Chart
OsterhoudtCatherine 14915Download Chart
OstranderCharlotte, Mrs. 3081Download Chart
OstranderEusebiaSanilac Co, MI, USA3081Download Chart
OstranderSimeonSanilac Co, M, USAI3081Download Chart
OtisHannah 1231Download Chart
OvenEmma 3821Download Chart
OwenSarahNJ2665Download Chart
OwensGraceOakland Co, MI, USA3201Download Chart
OwensRuth 1498Download Chart
OxenhamMaryDevon, England2523Download Chart
OxenhamRichard 2523Download Chart
OysterbanksDavid 3307Download Chart
OysterbanksLivia Drusilla, Mrs. 3307Download Chart
OysterbanksNathanPA, USA3307Download Chart
PackardAbigail D, Mrs. 921Download Chart
PackardAbigail D, Mrs. 9210Download Chart
PackardMaryPlymouth Co, MA, USA9222Download Chart
PackardMary FrancesWayne Co, MI, USA921Download Chart
PackardSamuelPlymouth Co, MA, USA9222Download Chart
PackardWillard 921Download Chart
PackardWillard 9210Download Chart
PageLeahNew Haven Co, CT, USA1342Download Chart
PagelMarion 3841Download Chart
PagelMarion 3842Download Chart
PainterMercy 34319Download Chart
PalmerAbigail 3432Download Chart
PalmerAbigail 34310Download Chart
PalmerDaniel FPresque Isle Co, MI, USA3061Download Chart
PalmerEbenezerprob Litchfield Co, CT, USA3434Download Chart
PalmerEbenezerprob Litchfield Co, CT, USA34316Download Chart
PalmerEbernezerprob Litchfield Co, CT, USA34317Download Chart
PalmerEdith Lillian, Mrs. 3061Download Chart
PalmerEdward 34310Download Chart
PalmerEleanor, Mrs. 3061Download Chart
PalmerElizabeth, Mrs. 34316Download Chart
PalmerHannah 2821Download Chart
PalmerHannah 2822Download Chart
PalmerHepsibah, Mrs. 34316Download Chart
PalmerJohnSt Clair Co?, MI, USA3061Download Chart
PalmerJohn LavernPresque Isle Co, MI, USA3061Download Chart
PalmerJudith, Mrs. 3337Download Chart
PalmerKenneth LylePresque Isle Co, MI, USA3061Download Chart
PalmerLouise H, Mrs. 3061Download Chart
PalmerLucyWashington Co, NY, USA3434Download Chart
PalmerMary 3337Download Chart
PalmerMary, Mrs. 3061Download Chart
PalmerMary, Mrs. 3337Download Chart
PalmerMary, Mrs. 3434Download Chart
PalmerMary, Mrs. 34316Download Chart
PalmerMary, Mrs. 34317Download Chart
PalmerPeter 3337Download Chart
PalmerSamuelLitchfield Co, CT, USA34316Download Chart
PalmerSamuelBristol Co, MA, USA34316Download Chart
PalmerWilliam 3337Download Chart
ParantAndrePerche, France1062Download Chart
ParantAndrePerche, France1065Download Chart
ParantCatherine, Mrs. 1061Download Chart
ParantJacquesBeauport, Canada1061Download Chart
ParantJacquesBeauport, Canada1062Download Chart
ParantJacquesBeauport, Canada1062Download Chart
ParantJacquesBeauport, Canada1063Download Chart
ParantJeanne, Mrs. 1062Download Chart
ParantJeanne, Mrs. 1065Download Chart
ParantJosephQuebec, Canada1061Download Chart
ParantJosephQuebec, Canada1061Download Chart
ParantJosephBeauport, Canada1061Download Chart
ParantMarie, Mrs. 1061Download Chart
ParantMarie, Mrs. 1061Download Chart
ParantMarie, Mrs. 1062Download Chart
ParantMarie, Mrs. 1065Download Chart
ParantPierreBeauport, Canada1062Download Chart
ParantPierreBeauport, Canada1065Download Chart
ParantTheresaBeauport, Canada1065Download Chart
ParentEsther, Mrs. 1061Download Chart
ParentEugeneWayne Co, MI, USA1061Download Chart
ParentMarie, Mrs. 1062Download Chart
ParkerAda Philena, Mrs. 3305Download Chart
ParkerAdah, Mrs. 3331Download Chart
ParkerAnneEngland1196Download Chart
ParkerArchibald DuncanEdgar Co, IL, USA3331Download Chart
ParkerArchibald DuncanEdgar Co, IL, USA3332Download Chart
ParkerArchibald DuncanEdgar Co, IL, USA3333Download Chart
ParkerBetsey, Mrs. 3332Download Chart
ParkerDelia Anna, Mrs. 3331Download Chart
ParkerEleanor JeanWayne Co, MI, USA3305Download Chart
ParkerEsther HallMI, USA2751Download Chart
ParkerHarvey BlackledgeChenango Co, NY, USA3331Download Chart
ParkerHolland GranvilleBroome Co, NY, USA3331Download Chart
ParkerJosephAnderson Co, KY, USA3332Download Chart
ParkerJosephine, Mrs. 3305Download Chart
ParkerKenneth HarveyCortland Co, NY, USA3331Download Chart
ParkerLevi StephenNY, USA3305Download Chart
ParkerLucindaEdgar Co, IL, USA3331Download Chart
ParkerLucindaEdgar Co, IL, USA3332Download Chart
ParkerLucindaEdgar Co, IL, USA3333Download Chart
ParkerMartinAnderson Co, KY, USA3333Download Chart
ParkerMary ElizabethWayne Co, MI, USA3601Download Chart
ParkerMary, Mrs. 3333Download Chart
ParkerRebecca, Mrs. 3331Download Chart
ParkerRichard Cooper 3601Download Chart
ParkerRuth, Mrs. 3331Download Chart
ParkerSarah 1321Download Chart
ParkerSarah Elizabeth, Mrs. 3601Download Chart
ParkerStanley LeviIngham Co, MI, USA3305Download Chart
ParkerThomas, Sr 3332Download Chart
ParkerThomas, Sr 3333Download Chart
ParkerWilliam REdgar Co, IL, USA3331Download Chart
ParkesArchibald C 3931Download Chart
ParkesBessie BVanBuren Co, MI, USA3931Download Chart
ParkesEmma, Mrs. 3931Download Chart
ParkesMargaret B, Mrs. 3931Download Chart
ParkesSamuel FrankCO, USA3931Download Chart
ParrottElizabeth 1394Download Chart
ParryHannah 4021Download Chart
ParshallEdmund 13215Download Chart
ParshallEdmund 13216Download Chart
ParshallElizabeth, Mrs. 13215Download Chart
ParshallHelen, Mrs. 13216Download Chart
ParshallIsabella, Mrs. 13216Download Chart
ParshallIsreal 3701Download Chart
ParshallJames 3701Download Chart
ParshallJemimaSuffolk Co, NY, USA3701Download Chart
ParshallJoanna, Mrs. 3701Download Chart
ParshallJohnEngland13216Download Chart
ParshallRichard 13216Download Chart
ParshallRobert 13215Download Chart
ParsonJohn 2522Download Chart
ParsonThomasen, Mrs. 2522Download Chart
ParsonThomasin 2522Download Chart
ParsonsAnn 19629Download Chart
PassageBenjaminWayne Co, MI, USA921Download Chart
PassageChristianMontgomery Co, NY, USA928Download Chart
PassageElizabeth, Mrs. 928Download Chart
PassageGeorge J 928Download Chart
PassageHenryWarren Co, NY, USA928Download Chart
PassageJohnWayne Co, MI, USA921Download Chart
PassageJohnAlbany Co, NY, USA928Download Chart
PassageJohnWayne Co, MI, USA928Download Chart
PassageJohnWayne Co, MI, USA929Download Chart
PassageMargaret, Mrs. 921Download Chart
PassageMargaret, Mrs. 928Download Chart
PassageMargaret, Mrs. 928Download Chart
PassageMargaret, Mrs. 929Download Chart
PassageMary Frances, Mrs. 921Download Chart
PassagePearlWayne Co, MI, USA921Download Chart
PassageSophia M, Mrs. 928Download Chart
PatchAnna, Mrs. 3061Download Chart
PatchCarey JanePresque Isle Co, MI, USA3061Download Chart
PatchEmily J 3061Download Chart
PatchTruman 3061Download Chart
PatchWilford FortisTuscola Co, MI, USA3061Download Chart
PattenElizabethMacomb Co, MI, USA4141Download Chart
PattenRachel 4141Download Chart
PattenThomasEngland4141Download Chart
PattersonElias 362Download Chart
PattersonJane CTN, USA2941Download Chart
PattersonMariaLincoln Co, ME, USA362Download Chart
PattersonMartha, Mrs. 362Download Chart
PeacockEsther, Mrs. 572Download Chart
PeacockJohn, Adj 572Download Chart
PeacockSarah LeslieCheshire Co, NH, USA572Download Chart
PearceSarah 1966Download Chart
PearsallClarkCT, USA1411Download Chart
PearsallSamuelNY, USA1411Download Chart
PeckAnthonyCT, USA3661Download Chart
PeckCharlotte ClarkNY, USA3661Download Chart
PeckElizabethNew Haven Co, CT, USA34311Download Chart
PeckHarriette, Mrs. 3661Download Chart
PeckHenry 34311Download Chart
PeckMary 3338Download Chart
PeekEve 1394Download Chart
PeltierJean-Baptiste 2661Download Chart
PeltierMargaretMacomb Co, MI, USA2661Download Chart
PeltierMargaret, Mrs. 2661Download Chart
PerkeyDavid ErnestSt Joseph Co, MI, USA3931Download Chart
PerkeyIda, Mrs. 3931Download Chart
PerkeyLafayetteColumbiana Co, OH, USA3931Download Chart
PerkeySarah, Mrs. 3931Download Chart
PerkeyVirginia LouiseWilliams Co, OH, USA3931Download Chart
PerkinsJames 2523Download Chart
PerkinsJulian 2523Download Chart
PerkyDavid 3931Download Chart
PerkyMary M, Mrs. 3931Download Chart
PernertMaria RReuth, Saxony3201Download Chart
PersallJohnNY, USA3671Download Chart
PersallMaryGenesee Co, MI, USA3671Download Chart
PersellMary 19640Download Chart
PersellNicholas 19640Download Chart
PersonsBetsy 544Download Chart
PetersAnna Frances, Mrs. 291Download Chart
PetersCharles WilliamSt Clair Co, MI, USA291Download Chart
PetersGeorge Robert 291Download Chart
PetersLetta AnnaSt Clair Co, MI, USA291Download Chart
PetersSarah Joanna, Mrs. 291Download Chart
PetherickAnn 3521Download Chart
PetreeIsabelleBenton Co, IN, USA3601Download Chart
PetreeMary, Mrs. 3601Download Chart
PetreeNathaniel 3601Download Chart
PettersdotterCatharina 4021Download Chart
PhillipsAnn, Mrs. 926Download Chart
PhillipsBridget, Mrs. 9222Download Chart
PhillipsCalebOntario Co, NY, USA926Download Chart
PhillipsCalebOntario Co, NY, USA926Download Chart
PhillipsDeacon NicholasPlymouth Co, MA, USA9222Download Chart
PhillipsElizabeth, Mrs. 926Download Chart
PhillipsElizabeth, Mrs. 9222Download Chart
PhillipsElizabeth, Mrs. 9222Download Chart
PhillipsElizabeth, Mrs. 9222Download Chart
PhillipsElizabeth, Mrs. 9223Download Chart
PhillipsEnsign RichardPlymouth Co, MA, USA9222Download Chart
PhillipsEphraim 19614Download Chart
PhillipsHannah 19613Download Chart
PhillipsHannah 19614Download Chart
PhillipsJohn, CaptBristol Co, MA, USA926Download Chart
PhillipsJohn, CaptBristol Co, MA, USA9222Download Chart
PhillipsJohn, CaptBristol Co, MA, USA9223Download Chart
PhillipsLeonardWayne Co, MI, USA921Download Chart
PhillipsLeonardWayne Co, MI, USA926Download Chart
PhillipsLeonardWayne Co, MI, USA927Download Chart
PhillipsLydia Ann, Mrs. 921Download Chart
PhillipsLydia Ann, Mrs. 926Download Chart
PhillipsLydia Ann, Mrs. 927Download Chart
PhillipsMaryWayne Co, MI, USA921Download Chart
PhillipsMary, Mrs. 9222Download Chart
PhillipsSarah, Mrs. 926Download Chart
PhillipsThomas, SrHampshire Co, MA, USA926Download Chart
PhilllipsKatherine, Mrs. 926Download Chart
PhoenixMargaret 2661Download Chart
PhylipseJacomynaHerr Arendskerke, Netherlands545Download Chart
PhylipseJannetje, Mrs. 545Download Chart
PhylipsePieterWolphaaselph, Netherlands545Download Chart
PicardGabrielleFrance1061Download Chart
PikeHannah, Mrs. 924Download Chart
PikeHannah, Mrs. 9220Download Chart
PinneyAbigailHartford Co, CT, USA5410Download Chart
PinneyHumphreyHartford Co, CT, USA5410Download Chart
PinneyJohn 5410Download Chart
PinneyMary, Mrs. 5410Download Chart
PiperAbigail, Mrs. 11913Download Chart
PiperAsaLenawee Co, MI, USA11913Download Chart
PiperBetsey, Mrs. 3306Download Chart
PiperCarolineGenesee Co, MI, USA3306Download Chart
PiperJohnWorcester Co, MA, USA11913Download Chart
PiperJosiah 3306Download Chart
PiperJudahOntario Co, NY, USA11913Download Chart
PiperMaryHillsdale Co, MI, USA11913Download Chart
PiperOlive, Mrs. 3306Download Chart
PiperSamuel 3306Download Chart
PiperSamuel 3306Download Chart
PittsLoisOakland Co, MI, USA3431Download Chart
PittsLoisOakland Co, MI, USA3432Download Chart
PittsLoisOakland Co, MI, USA3433Download Chart
PittsNancy, Mrs. 3433Download Chart
PittsPhilly 3433Download Chart
PlantagenetEdward IWestminster, England9236Download Chart
PlantagenetEleanor, Mrs. 9236Download Chart
PlantagenetEleanor, Mrs. 9236Download Chart
PlantagenetElizabeth 9236Download Chart
PlantagenetHenry III 9236Download Chart
PlasseRejoiceEssex Co, MA, USA241Download Chart
PlatterVirginia, Mrs. 3661Download Chart
PoetePaulineQuebec City, Canada1062Download Chart
PoetePaulineQuebec City, Canada1064Download Chart
PolnickAndrewDallas Co, AR2451Download Chart
PolnickJohana, Mrs. 2451Download Chart
PolnickOlga MariaGrayson Co, TX, USA2451Download Chart
Pommerining*AugustGermany3001Download Chart
PommeriningAugusta, Mrs. 3001Download Chart
PommeriningMartha B COakland Co, MI, USA3001Download Chart
PondLoisNew Haven Co, CT, USA1342Download Chart
PondMiriam, Mrs. 1342Download Chart
PondSamuelNew Haven Co, CT, USA1342Download Chart
PooreAliceEssex Co, MA, USA1195Download Chart
PooreAnn 3834Download Chart
PopeBertramEngland3841Download Chart
PopeEllen, Mrs. 3841Download Chart
PopeFlorence, Mrs. 3841Download Chart
PopeWilliam AEngland3841Download Chart
PopovnaFrances 366Download Chart
PorschDorotheaOakland Co, MI, USA1321Download Chart
PorschJohann 1321Download Chart
PorschMarie, Mrs. 1321Download Chart
PorterAgnesOH or IN, USA19014Download Chart
PostEuniceNY, USA3661Download Chart
PostMary, Mrs. 3661Download Chart
PostMorton AbelNY, USA3661Download Chart
PostSarahNY, USA3661Download Chart
PotterMary 3336Download Chart
PottsGeorge 3271Download Chart
PottsMary AnnAntrim Co, MI, USA3271Download Chart
PottsMary Ann, Mrs. 3271Download Chart
PowellElizabeth (Newbold)Burlington Co, NJ, USA11915Download Chart
PowellElizabeth (Newbold)Burlington Co, NJ, USA11916Download Chart
PowellRobertMarint-le-Grand, London, England 11916Download Chart
PragzigerRosina KatherineGermany3162Download Chart
PratherRachelPatrick Co, VA, USA2943Download Chart
PriceJemina 5413Download Chart
PrinceElizabethLas Animas Co, CO, USA3981Download Chart
PrindleBethuel 3961Download Chart
PrindleDelanaGrand Traverse Co, MI, USA3961Download Chart
PrindleFlavia ArvadaOakland Co, MI, USA3961Download Chart
PrindleFlavia, Mrs. 3961Download Chart
PrindleIsraelGrand Traverse Co, MI, USA3961Download Chart
ProbascoChristaffelLong Island, NY, USA13211Download Chart
ProbascoEytje, Mrs. 13211Download Chart
ProbascoHeyltie 1322Download Chart
ProbascoHeyltie 13210Download Chart
ProbascoHeyltie 13211Download Chart
ProbatskiHevltien, Mrs. 13211Download Chart
ProbatskiJurriaenNY, USA13211Download Chart
PurdueAnn, Mrs. 3841Download Chart
PurdueCharlesNewburg, England3841Download Chart
PurdueJamesWayne Co, MI, USA3841Download Chart
PurdueMamie V, Mrs. 3841Download Chart
PurdueRubey LWayne Co, MI, USA3841Download Chart
PutnamB W 361Download Chart
PutnamIda LAntrim Co, MI, USA361Download Chart
PyldrenThomas 1194Download Chart
QuickAntjeUlster Co, NY, USA1494Download Chart
QuickBelijtgen, Mrs. 1494Download Chart
QuickRymerick, Mrs. 1494Download Chart
QuickTheunis ThomaszenHolland1494Download Chart
QuickThomas TheunissenNew Amsterdam, NY, USA1494Download Chart
QuilleranMarguerite 1064Download Chart
QuineEsther, Mrs. 541Download Chart
QuineEsther, Mrs. 542Download Chart
QuineHenryArbory, Isle of Man541Download Chart
QuineMargaret, Mrs. 541Download Chart
QuineWilliamMalew, Isle of Man541Download Chart
QuineWilliamMalew, Isle of Man542Download Chart
RainvilleJeanTouques, Pont-l'eveque, France1062Download Chart
RainvilleJeanne, Mrs. 1062Download Chart
RandolMarzilla ElizabethMO, USA19016Download Chart
RandolWilliamMO, USA19016Download Chart
RansbachMarieHannover3571Download Chart
RapaljeCatalyna, Mrs. 1326Download Chart
RapaljeCatalyna, Mrs. 1328Download Chart
RapaljeCatalyna, Mrs. 1329Download Chart
RapaljeCatalyna, Mrs. 13210Download Chart
RapaljeJannetje JorisNY, USA1328Download Chart
RapaljeJannetje JorisNY, USA13210Download Chart
RapaljeJoris JansenKings Co, NY, USA1326Download Chart
RapaljeJoris JansenKings Co, NY, USA1328Download Chart
RapaljeJoris JansenKings Co, NY, USA1329Download Chart
RapaljeJoris JansenKings Co, NY, USA13210Download Chart
RapaljeSarah JorisAlbany Co, NY, USA1326Download Chart
RapaljeSarah JorisAlbany Co, NY, USA1329Download Chart
RathnauerMargaret, Mrs. 925Download Chart
RathnauerMargaret, Mrs. 929Download Chart
RathnauerMichaelWayne Co, MI, USA925Download Chart
RathnauerMichaelWayne Co, MI, USA929Download Chart
RawlingsMary 1191Download Chart
RawlingsMary 11912Download Chart
RawsonClarissaMI, USA2751Download Chart
RawsonJoyce 9216Download Chart
RayJohn 19639Download Chart
RayMary, Mrs. 19638Download Chart
RayMary, Mrs. 19638Download Chart
RayRobert 19639Download Chart
RaySimonBraintree, MA, USA19638Download Chart
RaySimonEngland19638Download Chart
RaySimonEngland19639Download Chart
RaySybilCowneck, NY, USA19638Download Chart
RazeauTracySt Clair Co, MI, USA3437Download Chart
ReadAlice, Mrs. 3301Download Chart
ReadCharles HenryHillsdale Co, MI, USA3301Download Chart
ReadDon ALenawee Co, MI, USA3301Download Chart
ReadDon ALenawee Co, MI, USA3302Download Chart
ReadElla Jane, Mrs. 3301Download Chart
ReadHannah, Mrs. 3301Download Chart
ReadHenryLenawee Co, MI, USA3301Download Chart
ReadHoratioLenawee Co, MI, USA3302Download Chart
ReadJemima, Mrs. 3302Download Chart
ReadMina LinnieWayne Co, MI, USA3301Download Chart
ReavesMary 13213Download Chart
ReavesSusannah 1902Download Chart
RedmanJerusha 255Download Chart
RedmondSamantha 1497Download Chart
ReedClarindaMacomb Co, MI, USA3436Download Chart
ReedHarrietWood Co, OH, USA3572Download Chart
ReedLydiaprob MI1961Download Chart
ReedMary AOakland Co, MI, USA3801Download Chart
ReedRussellDeKalb Co, IN, USA3572Download Chart
ReganDonna, Mrs. 3351Download Chart
RehahnAnna Louise, Mrs. 3831Download Chart
RehahnEleanor EmmaWayne Co, MI, USA3831Download Chart
RehahnGodfrey Emil OswaldWayne Co, MI, USA3831Download Chart
RehahnTheresa C, Mrs. 3831Download Chart
RehahnWilliam AWayne Co, MI, USA3831Download Chart
RehmerChristian 3961Download Chart
RehmerMargaretha Maria 3961Download Chart
RehmerMaria DortheaMI, USA3961Download Chart
RehmerThovis, Mrs. 3961Download Chart
ReichDorthee, Mrs. 2662Download Chart
ReichMarie LouiseHuron Co, MI, USA2662Download Chart
ReichMichael 2662Download Chart
ReidJohn Casper 3436Download Chart
RemsenAbrahamOrange Co, NY, USA1322Download Chart
RemsenAbrahamOrange Co, NY, USA1328Download Chart
RemsenAbrahamOrange Co, NY, USA1329Download Chart
RemsenAnna, Mrs. 1322Download Chart
RemsenAnna, Mrs. 1328Download Chart
RemsenAnna, Mrs. 1329Download Chart
RemsenHeyltie, Mrs. 1322Download Chart
RemsenHeyltie, Mrs. 13210Download Chart
RemsenHeyltie, Mrs. 13211Download Chart
RemsenJaneLong Island, NY, USA1322Download Chart
RemsenJaneNY, USA1322Download Chart
RemsenJeremiasKings Co, NY, USA1322Download Chart
RemsenJeremiasKings Co, NY, USA13210Download Chart
RemsenJeremiasKings Co, NY, USA13211Download Chart
RemsenJeromusLong Island, NY, USA1322Download Chart
RetonCeciliaWayne Co, MI, USA1271Download Chart
RetonJohnOakland Co, MI, USA1271Download Chart
RetonJohnShiawassee Co, MI, USA1271Download Chart
RetonMargaret, Mrs. 1271Download Chart
RetonSarah, Mrs. 1271Download Chart
ReutherBertha AliceWayne Co, MI, USA2751Download Chart
ReutherHermannWayne Co, MI, USA2751Download Chart
ReutherHulda, Mrs. 2751Download Chart
RevenaughEdith Ann, Mrs. 2991Download Chart
RevenaughEmily, Mrs. 2991Download Chart
RevenaughGeorgeMuskingum Co, OH, USA2991Download Chart
RevenaughGeorge WIngham Co, MI, USA2991Download Chart
RevenaughHarriet, Mrs. 2991Download Chart
RevenaughJohn 2991Download Chart
RevenaughMarion M, Mrs. 2991Download Chart
RevenaughNancy JMontgomery Co, OH, USA2991Download Chart
RevenaughWilson BOakland Co, MI, USA2991Download Chart
ReyerzoonTheunis 14917Download Chart
ReynoldsAbigail, Mrs. 3337Download Chart
ReynoldsAnnaDutchess Co, NY, USA3337Download Chart
ReynoldsIrena, Mrs. 2751Download Chart
ReynoldsJohn 2521Download Chart
ReynoldsJonathonFairfield Co, CT, USA3337Download Chart
ReynoldsJosephFairfield Co, CT, USA3337Download Chart
ReynoldsJudith 3337Download Chart
ReynoldsLevi HMonroe Co, MI, USA2751Download Chart
ReynoldsMary, Mrs. 3337Download Chart
ReynoldsNehemiahDutchess Co, NY, USA?3337Download Chart
ReynoldsRebecca, Mrs. 3337Download Chart
ReynoldsSarah LouisaWashtenaw Co, MI, USA2751Download Chart
ReynoldsSusan Jane, Mrs.Middlesex Co, Ontario2521Download Chart
ReynoldsSusan Jane, Mrs. 2521Download Chart
RheaRebeccaBlount Co, TN, USA3081Download Chart
RhentesBarbara 3821Download Chart
RhodesElizabeth 3201Download Chart
RichJaneEngland921Download Chart
Richardson(Vera) LillianCheboygan Co, MI, USA1491Download Chart
RichardsonElnora, Mrs. 1491Download Chart
RichardsonHannah 3033Download Chart
RichardsonJosephCheboygan Co, MI, USA1491Download Chart
RichardsonJosephCheboygan Co, MI, USA1498Download Chart
RichardsonMary Elizabeth, Mrs. 1491Download Chart
RichardsonThomas 1491Download Chart
RichbellAnn, Mrs. 19629Download Chart
RichbellElizabeth 19629Download Chart
RichbellJohnEngland19629Download Chart
RichbellJohnWestchester Co, NY, USA19629Download Chart
RicherAnne 1065Download Chart
RichmondChloe, Mrs. 1231Download Chart
RichmondDighton, Mrs. 1231Download Chart
RichmondHannah, Mrs. 1231Download Chart
RichmondJohnBristol Co, MA, USA1231Download Chart
RichmondJohnOakland Co, MI, USA1231Download Chart
RichmondJohn 1231Download Chart
RichmondMary 1231Download Chart
RichmondNathanielOnondago Co, NY, USA1231Download Chart
RichmondSuzanne, Mrs. 1231Download Chart
RichmondZebulonBerkshire Co, MA, USA1231Download Chart
RidleyEleanor JaneOakland Co, MI, USA3961Download Chart
RidleyEleanor JaneOakland Co, MI, USA3962Download Chart
RidleyEthel, Mrs. 3962Download Chart
RidleyFannie, Mrs. 3962Download Chart
RidleyFrank LawrenceTuscola Co, MI, USA3962Download Chart
RidleyMark HKent Co, MI, USA3962Download Chart
RidleyOlive, Mrs. 3962Download Chart
RidleySarah, Mrs. 3962Download Chart
RidleyVanvacton EldorisOakland Co, MI, USA3962Download Chart
RidleyWilliam 3962Download Chart
RiggsAlbert BidwellCheboygan Co, MI, USA1491Download Chart
RiggsAlbert BidwellCheboygan Co, MI, USA1498Download Chart
RiggsCyrusMI, USA1498Download Chart
RiggsEdwardEngland1499Download Chart
RiggsEdwardLitchfield Co, CT, USA1499Download Chart
RiggsEdwardEngland14910Download Chart
RiggsEdwardEngland14910Download Chart
RiggsEliza Wood, Mrs. 1498Download Chart
RiggsElizabeth, Mrs. 1499Download Chart
RiggsElizabeth, Mrs. 14910Download Chart
RiggsHannah, Mrs. 1498Download Chart
RiggsJosephEssex Co, NJ, USA1499Download Chart
RiggsMary ElizabethCheboygan Co, MI, USA1491Download Chart
RiggsMary ElizabethCheboygan Co, MI, USA1498Download Chart
RiggsMilesKS, USA1498Download Chart
RiggsMiles 1498Download Chart
RiggsMilesNJ or NY, USA1499Download Chart
RiggsMiles 1499Download Chart
RiggsPatty, Mrs. 1498Download Chart
RiggsPatty, Mrs. 1499Download Chart
RiggsSophronia, Mrs. 1491Download Chart
RiggsSophronia, Mrs. 1498Download Chart
RingElizabeth 33010Download Chart
RobersonEmily CFranklin Co, IL, USA2401Download Chart
RobertsElizabeth, Mrs. 2991Download Chart
RobertsHarrietWayne Co, MI, USA2991Download Chart
RobertsMarie 1326Download Chart
RobertsMarie 1327Download Chart
RobertsRebecca 3338Download Chart
RobertsWilliam 2991Download Chart
RobinMathurineQuebec, Canada1062Download Chart
RobinMathurineQuebec, Canada1066Download Chart
RobinsCordelia, Mrs. 3211Download Chart
RobinsFloyaBollinger Co, MO, USA3211Download Chart
RobinsJohn TStoddard Co, MO, USA3211Download Chart
RobinsMary G, Mrs. 3211Download Chart
RobinsSophia, Mrs. 3211Download Chart
RobinsWilliam AMO, USA3211Download Chart
RobinsWilliam BCape Girardeau Co, MO, USA3211Download Chart
RobinsonBetsey, Mrs. 2521Download Chart
RobinsonBetsey, Mrs. 25211Download Chart
RobinsonDanielNY, USA2521Download Chart
RobinsonDanielNY, USA25210Download Chart
RobinsonDaniel WhilfredOntonagon Co, MI2521Download Chart
RobinsonEliza SarahCanada3521Download Chart
RobinsonEmeline MayeAntrim Co, MI, USA2521Download Chart
RobinsonMary Jane, Mrs. 2521Download Chart
RobinsonStephen 25210Download Chart
RobsonMary 3961Download Chart
RockwellDavid 1499Download Chart
RogersHannah 365Download Chart
RogersHarold Wilmot 3304Download Chart
RogersMaxine Lorraine, Mrs. 3304Download Chart
RojahnWilhelmie Johanna 2081Download Chart
RolfeHannahEssex Co, MA, USA11911Download Chart
RolfeHenryEssex Co, MA, USA11911Download Chart
RolfeHonourSuffolk Co, MA, USA11911Download Chart
RollestonIsabella 13216Download Chart
RomasJames, Mrs. 366Download Chart
RomasJanet, Mrs. 361Download Chart
RomasJanet, Mrs. 366Download Chart
RomasRichardWayne Co, MI, USA361Download Chart
RomasRichardWayne Co, MI, USA366Download Chart
RomasVirginia, Mrs. 366Download Chart
RomigCatherine 3932Download Chart
RomigDaniel 3932Download Chart
RookeElizabeth 14910Download Chart
RooneyMaryJefferson Co, KY, USA3832Download Chart
RooneyPeterJefferson Co, KY, USA3832Download Chart
RooneyPeterJefferson Co, KY, USA3835Download Chart
RooneySallie W, Mrs. 3832Download Chart
RooneySallie W, Mrs. 3835Download Chart
RoosaElizabeth 1499Download Chart
RoosaElizabeth 14910Download Chart
RoseMargaretGreene Co, PA, USA3031Download Chart
RossGeorgina 3001Download Chart
RotenourNancyWayne Co, MI, USA921Download Chart
RotenourNancyWayne Co, MI, USA924Download Chart
RotenourNancyWayne Co, MI, USA925Download Chart
RothfussAlta L, Mrs. 3832Download Chart
RothfussBeverly Gayle, Mrs. 3831Download Chart
RothfussBeverly Gayle, Mrs. 3832Download Chart
RothfussCharles HenryWayne Co, MI, USA3832Download Chart
RothfussElizabeth Smith, Mrs. 3832Download Chart
RothfussElizabeth, Mrs. 3832Download Chart
RothfussGeorge MartinMI, USA3832Download Chart
RothfussGeorge Martin 3832Download Chart
RothfussJohnLenawee Co, MI, USA3832Download Chart
RothfussJohn CharlesWayne Co, MI, USA3831Download Chart
RothfussJohn CharlesWayne Co, MI, USA3832Download Chart
RotnourMargaret 921Download Chart
RotnourMargaret 928Download Chart
RotnourMargaret 929Download Chart
RowladerMary AnnGermany2911Download Chart
RowlandElizabethFairfield Co, CT, USA9215Download Chart
RowlandHenry 9215Download Chart
RowlandRebeccaFairfield Co, CT, USA9215Download Chart
RowningJohnHunden19638Download Chart
RowningMary 19638Download Chart
RoyJosephMiddlesex Co, NJ, USA14913Download Chart
RoyJudge JohnSt Aubin, Isle of Jersey14911Download Chart
RoyJudge JohnSt Aubin, Isle of Jersey14913Download Chart
RoyMargaret, Mrs. 14911Download Chart
RoyMargaret, Mrs. 14913Download Chart
RoyRachelMiddlesex Co, NJ, USA14911Download Chart
RoyRachelMiddlesex Co, NJ, USA14912Download Chart
RoyRachelMiddlesex Co, NJ, USA14913Download Chart
RoyceMary, Mrs. 3308Download Chart
RoyceRobertWales3308Download Chart
RoyceSarahCT, USA3308Download Chart
RubbMercy 34312Download Chart
RudolphiFredericka, Mrs. 2071Download Chart
RudolphiGeorge CBaltimore Co, MD, USA2071Download Chart
RudolphiJohann KarlBaltimore Co, MD, USA2071Download Chart
RudolphiMary, Mrs. 2071Download Chart
RudolphiNaomi LouisaOakland Co, MI, USA2071Download Chart
RusselEleanor, Mrs. 9244Download Chart
RusselEleanor, Mrs. 9245Download Chart
RusselSir Theobald 9244Download Chart
RusselTheobaldDorset, England9244Download Chart
RussellBarbara 3333Download Chart
RussellGeorge 3333Download Chart
RussellMaryHempstead, Long Island, NY, USA19640Download Chart
RussicaThankfulLivingston Co, NY, USA924Download Chart
SalesFemmetje Jan (Phoebe Felix) 1327Download Chart
SalesJohnDevonshire, England1326Download Chart
SalesJohnDevonshire, England1327Download Chart
SalesMaria, Mrs. 1326Download Chart
SalesMaria, Mrs. 1327Download Chart
SalesPhoebe 1326Download Chart
SalisburyAl iano re, Mrs. 19635Download Chart
SalisburyEla, Countess ofAmesbury, Wiltshire19635Download Chart
SalisburyEla, Mrs. 19635Download Chart
SalisburyPatrick, Earl of 19635Download Chart
SalisburySybil, Mrs. 19635Download Chart
SalisburyWalter 19635Download Chart
SalisburyWm Fitzpatrick 19635Download Chart
SamIsabell 5411Download Chart
SampsonHannahNJ, USA2664Download Chart
SampsonHezediah 2664Download Chart
SanderDorothea Albertina 3001Download Chart
SandsCapt JamesBerks, England19638Download Chart
SandsEdwardLong Island, NY, USA19615Download Chart
SandsEdwardLong Island, NY, USA19638Download Chart
SandsEdwardLong Island, NY, USA19640Download Chart
SandsHannahWestchester Co, NY, USA19615Download Chart
SandsHenryBoston, MA, USA19638Download Chart
SandsJohnPortsmouth, Long Island, NY, USA19638Download Chart
SandsMary, Mrs. 19615Download Chart
SandsMary, Mrs. 19638Download Chart
SandsMary, Mrs. 19640Download Chart
SandsNancy 3351Download Chart
SandsSarah, Mrs. 19638Download Chart
SandsSybil, Mrs. 19638Download Chart
SanfordFanny P 2751Download Chart
SauerSarah 1908Download Chart
SavageMargaret 19633Download Chart
SavageMaud, Mrs. 19633Download Chart
SavageMaude 19632Download Chart
SavageSir John 19633Download Chart
SaylesLydiaChenango Co, NY, USA3331Download Chart
Scant (Searle?)Joanna 3309Download Chart
SchererJohannesAlsace2751Download Chart
SchererMarieWayne Co, MI, USA2751Download Chart
SchererSophie, Mrs. 2751Download Chart
SchermerhornAngelicaLapeer Co, MI, USA3041Download Chart
SchermerhornElizabeth, Mrs. 3041Download Chart
SchermerhornLawrence C 3041Download Chart
SchippbouhrElizabeth 3932Download Chart
SchleeErnestine, Mrs. 2911Download Chart
SchleeGeorge 2911Download Chart
SchleeMary AnnShiawassee Co, MI, USA2911Download Chart
SchneiderAbbae, Mrs. 2741Download Chart
SchneiderGrace AileenWayne Co, MI, USA2741Download Chart
SchneiderJoanis (John) 2741Download Chart
SchneiderLouise, Mrs. 2741Download Chart
SchneiderWilliam AlexanderWayne Co, MI, USA2741Download Chart
SchochAnna, Mrs. 2381Download Chart
SchochBarbara 2381Download Chart
SchochEliza JaneVenango Co, PA, USA2381Download Chart
SchochJacobVenango Co, PA, USA2381Download Chart
SchochPeterUnion Co, PA, USA2381Download Chart
SchoenrockMariannaBromberg, W Prussia3571Download Chart
ScholeartMaria Francisca 3392Download Chart
SchultzAnne Marguerite 2452Download Chart
SchumacherCarolyn AugustaDenver, CO, USA3351Download Chart
SchweikartKatherine, Mrs. 2071Download Chart
SchwenckBertha, Mrs. 3841Download Chart
SchwenckCharles C 3841Download Chart
SchwenckEllen LWayne Co, MI, USA3841Download Chart
SchwenckFrank A 3841Download Chart
SchwenckFranz 3842Download Chart
SchwenckJohn Geo 3842Download Chart
SchwenckMarion, Mrs. 3841Download Chart
SchwenckMarion, Mrs. 3842Download Chart
SchwenckMatthew 3842Download Chart
SchwenckMatthew 3842Download Chart
SchwenckNickolas 3841Download Chart
SchwenckNickolas 3842Download Chart
SchwenckRuby, Mrs. 3841Download Chart
ScofieldHannah 34317Download Chart
ScofieldMargaretMonroe Co, NY, USA254Download Chart
ScofieldMosesMonroe Co, NY, USA254Download Chart
ScofieldOrrinMonroe Co, NY, USA254Download Chart
ScofieldRichard 34317Download Chart
ScottBarbara, Mrs. 3771Download Chart
ScottCrittentonCarroll Co, TN, USA2441Download Chart
ScottGreenberryMO, USA2441Download Chart
ScottJohn LCarroll Co, TN, USA2441Download Chart
ScottMargaret Elizabeth, Mrs. 2441Download Chart
ScottMary E, Mrs. 2441Download Chart
ScottRachel ElizabethWayne Co, MI, USA2441Download Chart
ScottRebbecca, Mrs. 2441Download Chart
ScowitchElizabeth 3671Download Chart
ScranageAlexanderTaylor Co, VA, USA3271Download Chart
ScranageEmma DaleOakland Co, MI, USA3271Download Chart
ScranageNancy Elizabeth, Mrs. 3271Download Chart
ScranageSamantha, Mrs. 3271Download Chart
ScranageWilliam 3271Download Chart
ScullyAlbinaSt Clair Co, MI, USA1961Download Chart
ScullyEunice E, Mrs. 1961Download Chart
ScullyEunice E, Mrs. 1965Download Chart
ScullyJohn BLapeer Co, MI, USA1961Download Chart
ScullyJohn BLapeer Co, MI, USA1965Download Chart
SeeAbigail, Mrs. 3962Download Chart
SeeAngelineOakland Co, MI, USA3962Download Chart
SeeFannie ArvillaOakland Co, MI, USA3962Download Chart
SeeFrancis 3962Download Chart
SeeJohn 3962Download Chart
SeeJohn HenryOakland Co, MI, USA3962Download Chart
See MaryLenawee Co, MI, USA3303Download Chart
See Sarah, Mrs. 3962Download Chart
SeeleyMary, Mrs. 9214Download Chart
SeelyeHuldah 1498Download Chart
SeelyeHuldah 14916Download Chart
SeelyeNancy 3001Download Chart
SegraveNicholas 19634Download Chart
SeguinAntoineFrance1061Download Chart
SeguinCatherine 1061Download Chart
SeguinElizabeth, Mrs. 1061Download Chart
SeguinGabrielle, Mrs. 1061Download Chart
SeguinJosephLangres, France1061Download Chart
SeguinLouis AntoineQuebec, Canada1061Download Chart
SeguinTherese, Mrs. 1061Download Chart
SellmeyerDaniel JohnSaline Co, MO, USA2081Download Chart
SellmeyerGeorgeSaline Co, MO, USA2081Download Chart
SellmeyerHelena, Mrs. 2081Download Chart
SellmeyerJohn HenrySaline Co, MO, USA2081Download Chart
SellmeyerJurgenOsede, Germany2081Download Chart
SellmeyerLois Vaughn, Mrs. 2081Download Chart
SellmeyerMaria Gertrud, Mrs. 2081Download Chart
SellmeyerMary Clara, Mrs. 2081Download Chart
SellmeyerMary Gertrude, Mrs. 2081Download Chart
SellmeyerWilliam JosephHoward Co, MO, USA2081Download Chart
SenceMary M 3931Download Chart
SequardCatharina, Mrs. 361Download Chart
SequardClement 361Download Chart
SequardMaryAntrim Co, MI, USA361Download Chart
SevberingLammertje 13211Download Chart
SewallAnne, Mrs. 1194Download Chart
SewallHenryEssex Co, MA, USA1194Download Chart
SewallHenryEssex Co, MA1194Download Chart
SewallJaneEssex Co, MA1194Download Chart
SewallJane, Mrs. 1194Download Chart
ShatswellMaryEssex Co, MA11910Download Chart
ShawDianaEngland2911Download Chart
ShawJosephineRoscommon Co, MI, USA3201Download Chart
ShawNancy, Mrs. 3201Download Chart
ShawWilliamCanada3201Download Chart
SheehanAnnIreland3061Download Chart
SheehanCatherineSt Clair Co, MI, USA3061Download Chart
ShellJohn 3771Download Chart
ShellLydia Ann, Mrs. 3771Download Chart
ShellPriscilla 3771Download Chart
ShepardAlvin EdwardOscoda Co, MI, USA2401Download Chart
ShepardBessieGenesee Co, MI, USA2401Download Chart
ShepardClarissa, Mrs. 2401Download Chart
ShepardJames 2401Download Chart
ShepardMaud, Mrs. 2401Download Chart
ShermanAaronLincoln Co, ME, USA362Download Chart
ShermanAaron JrLincoln Co, ME, USA362Download Chart
ShermanAbigail, Mrs. 3432Download Chart
ShermanAbigail, Mrs. 34310Download Chart
ShermanBenjaminWashington Co, RI, USA3432Download Chart
ShermanDesire, Mrs. 364Download Chart
ShermanEbenezer 364Download Chart
ShermanEberWashington Co, RI, USA34310Download Chart
ShermanEdith DannelsPhiladelphia Co, PA, USA361Download Chart
ShermanEdmund 9216Download Chart
ShermanEleazerLincoln Co, ME, USA362Download Chart
ShermanElizabeth, Mrs. 362Download Chart
ShermanElizabeth, Mrs. 364Download Chart
ShermanElizabeth, Mrs. 365Download Chart
ShermanElizabeth, Mrs. 3439Download Chart
ShermanHesterDedham, England9216Download Chart
ShermanJoan, Mrs. 9216Download Chart
ShermanJosiah PAtlantic Co, NJ, USA361Download Chart
ShermanJosiah PAtlantic Co, NJ, USA362Download Chart
ShermanJosiah PAtlantic Co, NJ, USA363Download Chart
ShermanJosiah P IISchuykill Co, PA, USA361Download Chart
ShermanJosiah Patterson IIIOakland Co, MI, USA361Download Chart
ShermanLenna, Mrs. 361Download Chart
ShermanLydia, Mrs. 362Download Chart
ShermanLydia, Mrs. 3432Download Chart
ShermanLydia, Mrs. 3439Download Chart
ShermanMalvina, Mrs. 361Download Chart
ShermanMaria, Mrs. 362Download Chart
ShermanMaryOnondaga Co, NY, USA3432Download Chart
ShermanMaryWashington Co, RI, USA3432Download Chart
ShermanMary, Mrs. 362Download Chart
ShermanMary, Mrs. 34310Download Chart
ShermanPelegWashington Co, RI, USA3439Download Chart
ShermanPhilipNewport Co, RI, USA3439Download Chart
ShermanPhilipNewport Co, RI, USA34310Download Chart
ShermanPhillvia, Mrs. 34310Download Chart
ShermanPrudence, Mrs. 364Download Chart
ShermanRuth, Mrs. 361Download Chart
ShermanSamuelEngland3439Download Chart
ShermanSamuelEngland34310Download Chart
ShermanSarah, Mrs. 3439Download Chart
ShermanSarah, Mrs. 34310Download Chart
ShermanThomasWashington Co, RI, USA3432Download Chart
ShermanThomasWashington Co, RI, USA3439Download Chart
ShermanWilliamPlymouth Co, MA, USA362Download Chart
ShermanWilliamPlymouth Co, MA, USA364Download Chart
ShermanWilliam 364Download Chart
ShermanWilliam 364Download Chart
ShermanWilliamPlymouth Co, MA, USA365Download Chart
ShermanWilliamWashington Co, RI, USA3432Download Chart
ShermanWilliamWashington Co, RI, USA34310Download Chart
ShieldsBarbara, Mrs. 3821Download Chart
ShieldsFrancis NCheboygan Co, MI, USA3821Download Chart
ShieldsGay ThelmaGenesee Co, MI, USA3821Download Chart
ShieldsMamie, Mrs. 3821Download Chart
ShieldsMatilda, Mrs. 3821Download Chart
ShieldsMichael 3821Download Chart
ShieldsRaymond MichaelGenesee Co, MI, USA3821Download Chart
ShippeeAmey (Almy)E Greenwich, RI, USA2821Download Chart
ShippeeHannah, Mrs. 2821Download Chart
ShippeeThomas 2821Download Chart
ShookMary, Mrs. 3521Download Chart
ShookMinnie KatherineWayne Co, MI, USA3521Download Chart
ShookPeterGermany3521Download Chart
ShoreAdelaide LaviniaSumter Co, SC, USA2071Download Chart
ShoreHenry WashingtonSalem, NC, USA2071Download Chart
ShoreLavinia, Mrs. 2071Download Chart
ShoreLydia, Mrs. 2071Download Chart
ShoreThomas 2071Download Chart
ShotwellMary 19613Download Chart
ShumateDanielFauquier Co, VA, USA3333Download Chart
ShumateElizabeth, Mrs. 3333Download Chart
ShumateMary "Molly"Anderson Co, KY, USA3333Download Chart
ShumateTabitha, Mrs. 3333Download Chart
Shumate (de la Chaumette)JohnStafford Co, VA, USA3333Download Chart
SiddallAdelaide, Mrs. 2071Download Chart
SiddallEllen Jane, Mrs. 2071Download Chart
SiddallHenry AlbertSalem, NC, USA2071Download Chart
SiddallKatherine ElizabethWayne Co, MI2071Download Chart
SiddallNaomi, Mrs. 2071Download Chart
SiddallRoger ShoreSumter Co, SC, USA2071Download Chart
SiddallTheresa A, Mrs. 2071Download Chart
SiddallThomas Andrew 2071Download Chart
SiddallThomas HenrySumter Co, SC, USA2071Download Chart
SikorskiDorotha, Mrs. 3611Download Chart
SikorskiJosephineWayne Co, MI3611Download Chart
SikorskiMichaelWayne Co, MI3611Download Chart
SikorskiMichalBrodnica, Germany3611Download Chart
SikorskiSophiaWayne Co, MI3611Download Chart
SillsMary AnnHastings, Ontario, Canada1498Download Chart
SimmonsDavid Jackson 2945Download Chart
SimmonsSarah, Mrs. 2945Download Chart
SimmonsTemperance 2941Download Chart
SimsMaryCT, USA3308Download Chart
Simson*- - - Scotland19018Download Chart
SittsMaryMontgomery Co, NY, USA546Download Chart
SittsNancy, Mrs. 546Download Chart
Sitts/Soetz/SetzBaldwin 546Download Chart
SlaghtAbigail 546Download Chart
SlaghtHenry 546Download Chart
SlaterPencelia CampbellJackson Co, OH, USA4151Download Chart
SlawsonMary, Mrs. 9212Download Chart
SloanEsther, Mrs. 3433Download Chart
SloanHughDelaware Co, NY, USA3433Download Chart
SloanNancy 3433Download Chart
SlyBessie, Mrs. 2401Download Chart
SlyChristopher 2401Download Chart
SlyDanielGenesee Co, MI, USA2401Download Chart
SlyElizabeth, Mrs. 2401Download Chart
SlyLodemia, Mrs. 2401Download Chart
SlyMaude PearlGenesee Co, MI, USA2401Download Chart
SlyWilliam WIsabella Co, MI, USA2401Download Chart
SmallSarah (Sally)Milwaukee Co, WI, USA3801Download Chart
SmithAbigail 1966Download Chart
SmithAdam 1491Download Chart
SmithAdeline 1491Download Chart
SmithAgnes LowrieWayne Co, MI3832Download Chart
SmithAlfred ChesterWayne Co, MI1901Download Chart
SmithAnna 14916Download Chart
SmithAnna, Mrs. 1492Download Chart
SmithEdmund GMacomb Co, MI, USA2661Download Chart
SmithEdmund GeorgeLos Angeles Co, CA, USA2661Download Chart
SmithEdmund LeeMI, USA2661Download Chart
SmithEdmund LeeMI, USA2662Download Chart
SmithElizabeth 9219Download Chart
SmithElizabethFairfield Co, CT, USA1499Download Chart
SmithElizabeth 2665Download Chart
SmithElizabeth 34316Download Chart
SmithEllen 9214Download Chart
SmithEllenSanilac Co, MI, USA3081Download Chart
SmithEugene HenryMI, USA2661Download Chart
SmithGertrude, Mrs. 2661Download Chart
SmithGilesCT, USA9214Download Chart
SmithGilesCT, USA9219Download Chart
SmithGiles 14916Download Chart
SmithHannah, Mrs. 1393Download Chart
SmithHannah, Mrs. 1966Download Chart
SmithHannah, Mrs. 19627Download Chart
SmithHelen Frances, Mrs. 2661Download Chart
SmithHelen MinnieWayne Co, MI1901Download Chart
SmithIsabella Dodds, Mrs. 3832Download Chart
SmithIsabella, Mrs. 3832Download Chart
SmithJames EdwardOakland Co, MI, USA1901Download Chart
SmithJames EdwardOakland Co, MI, USA19017Download Chart
SmithJames EdwardOakland Co, MI, USA19018Download Chart
SmithJane, Mrs. 1966Download Chart
SmithJane, Mrs. 1969Download Chart
SmithJane, Mrs. 19610Download Chart
SmithJasper 1966Download Chart
SmithJasper 1969Download Chart
SmithJasper 19610Download Chart
SmithJerminah, Mrs. 2665Download Chart
SmithJoanna 9214Download Chart
SmithJohanna HendricksChester Co, PA, USA3334Download Chart
SmithJohn 1969Download Chart
SmithJohnNY, USA2661Download Chart
SmithJohn 2665Download Chart
SmithJohnBullitt Co, KY, USA3832Download Chart
SmithJohnScotland3832Download Chart
SmithJohn "Rock" 19627Download Chart
SmithJohn JEngland19017Download Chart
SmithJohn JTuscola Co, MI, USA19017Download Chart
SmithJohn SrLong Island, NY, USA19627Download Chart
SmithJulia Anna, Mrs. 1901Download Chart
SmithJulia Anna, Mrs. 19017Download Chart
SmithJulia Anna, Mrs. 19018Download Chart
SmithLemira (Laura)NY, USA19018Download Chart
SmithLilian, Mrs. 2661Download Chart
SmithLouisaSussex Co, NJ, USA1492Download Chart
SmithMargaretShiawassee Co, MI, USA1271Download Chart
SmithMargaret, Mrs. 2661Download Chart
SmithMary 19627Download Chart
SmithMaryAtlantic Co, NJ, USA2665Download Chart
SmithMary 3041Download Chart
SmithMary Ann 546Download Chart
SmithMary, Mrs. 2665Download Chart
SmithMehitableTuscola Co, MI, USA3941Download Chart
SmithMicajaNJ, USA2665Download Chart
SmithMicajaNJ, USA2665Download Chart
SmithMinnie Margaret, Mrs. 1901Download Chart
SmithNancyNorfolk Co, MA, USA1393Download Chart
SmithNancy 1491Download Chart
SmithOliverHampshire Co, MA, USA1393Download Chart
SmithPatty 3941Download Chart
SmithRichardFairfield Co, CT, USA1499Download Chart
SmithSarah 3437Download Chart
SmithSarah E, Mrs. 19017Download Chart
SmithSarah, Mrs. 2665Download Chart
SmithSolomonSussex Co, NJ, USA1492Download Chart
SmithSussanah 34317Download Chart
SmithThomas 1966Download Chart
SmothersSusan 1341Download Chart
SnowBathesheba 33010Download Chart
SnowConstance, Mrs. 33010Download Chart
SnowMary Ann 4021Download Chart
SnowNicholas 33010Download Chart
SnowStephen 33010Download Chart
SnowSusannah, Mrs. 33010Download Chart
SnyderAnnaVenango Co, PA, USA2381Download Chart
SnyderCatherineDutchess Co, NY, USA19615Download Chart
SnyderCatherineDutchess Co, NY, USA19646Download Chart
SnyderCharles NelsonWayne Co, MI, USA2521Download Chart
SnyderElizabethVenango Co, PA, USA2381Download Chart
SnyderElizabethOakland Co, MI, USA3351Download Chart
SnyderElizabethOakland Co, MI, USA3352Download Chart
SnyderElizabeth, Mrs. 2521Download Chart
SnyderEmeline Maye, Mrs. 2521Download Chart
SnyderGeorgeVenango Co, PA, USA2381Download Chart
SnyderGeorgeKalamazoo Co, MI, USA2521Download Chart
SnyderGeorgeKalamazoo Co, MI, USA2526Download Chart
SnyderGeorge WIsabella Co, MI, USA2521Download Chart
SnyderSarah Elizabeth, Mrs. 2521Download Chart
SnyderSarah MargueriteOntonagon Co, MI, USA2521Download Chart
SodenArnold EarlWayne Co, MI, USA3711Download Chart
SodenCaroline, Mrs. 3711Download Chart
SodenEleanor, Mrs. 3711Download Chart
SodenErnest EWayne Co, MI, USA3711Download Chart
SodenEugeneOakland Co, MI, USA3711Download Chart
SodenGwendolyn, Mrs. 3711Download Chart
SodenJosephOakland Co, MI, USA3711Download Chart
SodenMargaret, Mrs. 3711Download Chart
SoldenskiFaye 3671Download Chart
SomersbyJudith, Mrs. 1195Download Chart
SooyElizabeth, Mrs. 2665Download Chart
SooyHarriet, Mrs. 2665Download Chart
SooyJemimahNJ, USA2665Download Chart
SooyJoseph 2665Download Chart
SooyNoah 2665Download Chart
SotwellJane BurdetParish of Solkston1232Download Chart
SoulesFrancesGermany?3823Download Chart
SouterIsabellaScotland3832Download Chart
SoutherDelvaNC, USA3211Download Chart
SouthworthBridget 9222Download Chart
SpachAdamDavidson Co, NC, USA1907Download Chart
SpachCatherina, Mrs. 1907Download Chart
SpachJacobDavidson Co, NC, USA1907Download Chart
SpachJohnnesDavidson Co, NC, USA1907Download Chart
SpachJuliana DulcianaDavidson Co, NC, USA1907Download Chart
SpachMarie E, Mrs. 1907Download Chart
SpachSarah, Mrs. 1907Download Chart
SpeerAmeliaKY, USA3163Download Chart
SpeerJohn 3163Download Chart
SpeerMary Barbary, Mrs. 3163Download Chart
SpellmeyerMaria GertrudOsede, Germany2081Download Chart
SpencerHarrietOakland Co, MI, USA3941Download Chart
SpringAbigailMiddlesex Co, MA, USA34315Download Chart
SpringHannah, Mrs. 34315Download Chart
SpringJohnEngland34315Download Chart
SpringJohnSuffolk Co, MA, USA34315Download Chart
SquireEliza WoodCanada1498Download Chart
St AubynIsabella 9234Download Chart
StaceyRobert 19621Download Chart
StaceySarah 19621Download Chart
StaffordAnn 19623Download Chart
StaffordHarriet Ann 3271Download Chart
StaffordSir Humphrey 19623Download Chart
StallworthyMaryEssex Co, MA, USA241Download Chart
StantonAnna, Mrs. 1196Download Chart
StantonDaniel BOakland Co, MI, USA3431Download Chart
StantonDorothyHartford, MA, USA1196Download Chart
StantonHarriet, Mrs. 3431Download Chart
StantonJohnWashington Co, RI, USA3432Download Chart
StantonJohnNewport Co, RI, USA3432Download Chart
StantonJohnRichmond, RI, USA3432Download Chart
StantonJohnNewport Co, RI, USA3438Download Chart
StantonJohn LOakland Co, MI, USA3431Download Chart
StantonJohn LOakland Co, MI, USA3432Download Chart
StantonJohn LOakland Co, MI, USA3433Download Chart
StantonLodowickOakland Co, MI, USA3432Download Chart
StantonLois, Mrs. 3431Download Chart
StantonLois, Mrs. 3433Download Chart
StantonMary, Mrs. 3432Download Chart
StantonMary, Mrs. 3432Download Chart
StantonMary, Mrs. 3432Download Chart
StantonMary, Mrs. 3438Download Chart
StantonNina LoisOakland Co, MI, USA3431Download Chart
StantonRobertNewport Co, RI, USA3438Download Chart
StantonSusanna, Mrs. 3432Download Chart
StantonThomasStoningham, MA, USA1196Download Chart
StarrDr ComfortCranbrook, Kent, England19627Download Chart
StarrDr ThomasCharlestown, MA, USA19627Download Chart
StarrElizabethBoston, MA, USA19627Download Chart
StarrElizabethNassau Co, NY, USA19627Download Chart
StarrThomasAshford, England19627Download Chart
StebbinsMartha 34318Download Chart
StebbinsSamuel 34318Download Chart
SteeleHumfrey 19641Download Chart
SteeleRebecca 19641Download Chart
SteenJoseph 361Download Chart
SteenJulia, Mrs. 361Download Chart
SteenMartha MaudOakland Co, MI, USA361Download Chart
StehleDamianWayne Co, MI, USA3823Download Chart
StehleDonaldLucas Co, OH, USA3821Download Chart
StehleDonald JeffreyKenai Pen, Co?3821Download Chart
StehleEdward A.Shiawassee Co, MI, USA3821Download Chart
StehleErwin AGenesee Co, MI, USA3821Download Chart
StehleFrances, Mrs. 3823Download Chart
StehleFrancis XavierGenesee Co, MI, USA3821Download Chart
StehleFrancis XavierGenesee Co, MI, USA3823Download Chart
StehleGay, Mrs. 3821Download Chart
StehleIvah, Mrs. 3821Download Chart
StehleMagdalena, Mrs. 3823Download Chart
StehleMartinGermany3823Download Chart
StehlePatricia 3821Download Chart
StehleRosa, Mrs. 3821Download Chart
StehleSarah, Mrs. 3821Download Chart
StenabaughIsaac 3351Download Chart
StenabaughJohn Jr 3351Download Chart
StenabaughMaude SDenver, CO, USA3351Download Chart
StenabaughNancy, Mrs. 3351Download Chart
StenglAnna, Mrs. 4061Download Chart
StenglErma, Mrs. 4061Download Chart
StenglHoward MerleMountrail Co, ND, USA4061Download Chart
StenglJosephBohemia4061Download Chart
StenglJoseph JrBecker Co, MN, USA4061Download Chart
StenglPhyllis AlyneKing Co, WA, USA4061Download Chart
StephensonAnnie Druzella 3163Download Chart
SterlingAnn, Mrs. 241Download Chart
SterlingAnneprob Tolland Co, CT, USA241Download Chart
SterlingWilliamLyme, CT, USA241Download Chart
SterrCharles JohnLucas Co, OH, USA3162Download Chart
SterrElizabeth, Mrs. 3162Download Chart
SterrJohn CarlLucas Co, OH, USA3162Download Chart
SterrLouise ReginaLucas Co, OH, USA3162Download Chart
SterrWilhelmina, Mrs. 3162Download Chart
StevensAlice, Mrs. 14914Download Chart
StevensBarbaraCaversham, Oxford, England14913Download Chart
StevensBarbaraCaversham, Oxford, England14914Download Chart
StevensDionisNantucket Co, MA, USA1195Download Chart
StevensDionisNantucket Co, MA, USA11911Download Chart
StevensDionisNantucket Co, MA, USA11912Download Chart
StevensJohnCaversham, England14914Download Chart
StevensRobert 1195Download Chart
StevensRobert 11911Download Chart
StevensRobert 11912Download Chart
StevensonKenneth William 291Download Chart
StevensonLetta, Mrs. 291Download Chart
StireElizabeth 571Download Chart
StisonCarolineWashtenaw Co, MI, USA3431Download Chart
StisonLewis 3431Download Chart
StisonMary, Mrs. 3431Download Chart
StoneJoelBlount Co, TN, USA3081Download Chart
StoneMartha EllenBlount Co, TN, USA3081Download Chart
StoneNancy WBlount Co, TN, USA3081Download Chart
StonerChristian 19619Download Chart
StonerSir ThomasNorfolk19619Download Chart
StorieElizabeth 1193Download Chart
StormMargaret 3303Download Chart
StormMary 3303Download Chart
StoryAnn, Mrs. 3336Download Chart
StoryElizabethSC, USA3336Download Chart
StoryMary, Mrs. 3336Download Chart
StoryRowland 3336Download Chart
StoryZachariah 3336Download Chart
StoutMargaretStrathroy, Canada?3061Download Chart
StowellAlbert ReedGenesee Co, MI, USA1961Download Chart
StowellElizabeth LuenaOakland Co, MI, USA1961Download Chart
StowellEmma H, Mrs. 1961Download Chart
StowellIsaacOakland Co, MI, USA1961Download Chart
StowellLydia, Mrs. 1961Download Chart
StremlachBarbaraBerks Co, PA, USA2411Download Chart
StricklandSarah 1968Download Chart
StrobelGeorge 921Download Chart
StrobelJuanita, Mrs. 921Download Chart
StrobridgeAngelica, Mrs. 3041Download Chart
StrobridgeCharles 3041Download Chart
StrobridgeMartha MOakland Co, MI, USA3041Download Chart
StrongCarolyn, Mrs. 1491Download Chart
StrongCarolyn, Mrs. 1497Download Chart
StrongDavidOakland Co, MI, USA1491Download Chart
StrongDavidOakland Co, MI, USA1497Download Chart
StrongDemarisCT, USA3306Download Chart
StrongDemarisCT, USA3308Download Chart
StrongDemarisCT, USA3309Download Chart
StrongElder John 3309Download Chart
StrongElizabeth, Mrs. 3309Download Chart
StrongJoanna, Mrs. 3309Download Chart
StrongJohn, JrEngland3309Download Chart
StrongJosiahCT, USA3309Download Chart
StrongLuna LouiseLapeer Co, MI, USA1491Download Chart
StrongLuna LouiseLapeer Co, MI, USA1497Download Chart
StrongMargery, Mrs. 3309Download Chart
StrongReuben 1497Download Chart
StrongSamantha, Mrs. 1497Download Chart
StrotherFrancis 3833Download Chart
StrotherJohn 3833Download Chart
StrotherKatie 3833Download Chart
StrotherMary, Mrs. 3833Download Chart
StrotherSusan, Mrs. 3833Download Chart
StrowersDeborah 14919Download Chart
Strycker*JanFlatbush, NY, USA13211Download Chart
StryckerEytje (Ida)Drenthe, Ruinen, Holland13211Download Chart
StryckerLammertje, Mrs. 13211Download Chart
StultzMary 3601Download Chart
StumoneDorothee 2662Download Chart
Stumpf*- - - Baltimore Co, MD, USA2071Download Chart
SturgisAda, Mrs. 3821Download Chart
SturgisEdith MGenesee Co, MI, USA3821Download Chart
SturgisThomas P 3821Download Chart
StuteWhilheminaSanilac Co, MI, USA3962Download Chart
SuligaEdward J. Sr 1491Download Chart
SumnerRispah 4021Download Chart
SutherlandPolly ALapeer Co, MI, USA3004Download Chart
SuttonClarissaNJ, USA2661Download Chart
SutzAnna Margaretha, Mrs. 546Download Chart
SutzJohann Peter 546Download Chart
SwanAnn, Mrs. 1193Download Chart
SwanAsieEssex Co, MA, USA1193Download Chart
SwanDebora, Mrs. 1193Download Chart
SwanElizabeth, Mrs. 1193Download Chart
SwanElizabeth, Mrs. 1193Download Chart
SwanRichard 1193Download Chart
SwanRobert JrEssex Co, MA, USA1193Download Chart
SwanRobert Sr 1193Download Chart
Swanson*- - - Scotland19018Download Chart
SwansonJeanetteTuscola Co, MI, USA19018Download Chart
SwayzeIsrael 19613Download Chart
SwayzeJoseph 19613Download Chart
SwayzeMary 19613Download Chart
SwayzeSamuel 19613Download Chart
SweezyJoanna 3701Download Chart
SweezyJohn 13215Download Chart
SweezyJoseph 13215Download Chart
SweezyMary, Mrs. 13215Download Chart
SwordsLivia Drusilla 3307Download Chart
SylcoxAndrewBollinger Co, MO, USA3211Download Chart
SylcoxAndrewMO, USA3211Download Chart
SylcoxAngeline, Mrs. 3211Download Chart
SylcoxDelva, Mrs. 3211Download Chart
SylcoxMartha E LBollinger Co, MO, USA3211Download Chart
Symens (Simons)Marretje 1495Download Chart
TaberLydia 3336Download Chart
TackAart PietersenUlster Co, NY, USA1494Download Chart
TackAart PietersenUlster Co, NY, USA14915Download Chart
TackAnnetje, Mrs. 1494Download Chart
TackAnnetje, Mrs. 14915Download Chart
TackBarbar, Mrs. 14915Download Chart
TackCornelius 1494Download Chart
TackCorneliusUlster Co, NY, USA14915Download Chart
TackCornelius 14915Download Chart
TackGrietje Artz 1494Download Chart
TackSaraUlster Co, NY, USA14911Download Chart
TackSaraUlster Co, NY, USA14915Download Chart
TainterJoanna 3309Download Chart
TalbotBetrix, Mrs. 9230Download Chart
TalvasAlice 19635Download Chart
TalvasEla 19635Download Chart
TalvasWilliam III 19635Download Chart
TarbellMaryLincoln Co, ME, USA362Download Chart
TarboxElenerEssex Co, MA, USA241Download Chart
TarboxJonathanTolland Co, CT, USA241Download Chart
TarboxRebekah, Mrs. 241Download Chart
TarboxSamuelBoston, MA, USA241Download Chart
TayerJoane, Mrs. 1198Download Chart
TayerJoane, Mrs. 1199Download Chart
TayerJohn 1198Download Chart
TayerJohn 1199Download Chart
TaylorAddie, Mrs. 4061Download Chart
TaylorAnn 3522Download Chart
TaylorAnna Margaret TurnerJefferson Co, IN, USA19014Download Chart
TaylorAnnie ElizaBallard Co, KY, USA3163Download Chart
TaylorBathsheba, Mrs. 3522Download Chart
TaylorBlanche ElizabethPolk Co, FL, USA4141Download Chart
TaylorBlanche FrancesYakima Co, WA, USA4061Download Chart
TaylorCharles AustinMacomb Co, MI, USA4141Download Chart
TaylorElishaMA, USA3522Download Chart
TaylorElishaWindham Co, CT, USA3522Download Chart
TaylorElizabeth, Mrs. 4141Download Chart
TaylorEunice 572Download Chart
TaylorEunice, Mrs. 572Download Chart
TaylorFrancis JamesSkagit Co, WA, USA4061Download Chart
TaylorGrace 1271Download Chart
TaylorHessie, Mrs. 4061Download Chart
TaylorJamesNova Scotia?4141Download Chart
TaylorJohn 572Download Chart
TaylorJohnDaviess Co, KY, USA3163Download Chart
TaylorLemuelOakland Co, MI, USA3522Download Chart
TaylorLemuelSaratoga Co, NY, USA3522Download Chart
TaylorMargaret, Mrs. 19014Download Chart
TaylorMargaret, Mrs. 4141Download Chart
TaylorMary Louisa, Mrs. 3163Download Chart
TaylorOliveOakland Co, MI, USA3521Download Chart
TaylorOliveOakland Co, MI, USA3522Download Chart
TaylorRebecca 3522Download Chart
TaylorRev Milton MFayette Co, IA, USA4061Download Chart
TaylorSarah, Mrs. 3522Download Chart
TaylorSarah, Mrs. 3522Download Chart
TaylorWilliam 19014Download Chart
TaylorWilliamCanada4141Download Chart
TefftElizabeth, Mrs. 33310Download Chart
TefftSamuel 33310Download Chart
TefttMary 33310Download Chart
Ten BrookGabriel 1497Download Chart
TerryAbigail, Mrs. 13214Download Chart
TerryDeborah, Mrs. 3701Download Chart
TerryEleanor, Mrs. 3701Download Chart
TerryEllenOakland Co, MI, USA1321Download Chart
TerryEllenOakland Co, MI, USA1322Download Chart
TerryEllenOakland Co, MI, USA1323Download Chart
TerryEllenOakland Co, MI, USA13213Download Chart
TerryJemima, Mrs. 3701Download Chart
TerryJohanway 1323Download Chart
TerryJonathanSuffolk Co, NY, USA13213Download Chart
TerryJonathanSuffolk Co, NY, USA13214Download Chart
TerryJonathanSuffolk Co, NY, USA13215Download Chart
TerryJoshuaprob Oakland Co, MI, USA3701Download Chart
TerryLucinda, Mrs. 3701Download Chart
TerryMary, Mrs. 3701Download Chart
TerryNathanOakland Co, MI, USA3701Download Chart
TerryNathanielSuffolk Co, NY, USA3701Download Chart
TerryNathaniel 3701Download Chart
TerryParshallNY, USA3701Download Chart
TerryRichardSuffolk Co, NY, USA13214Download Chart
TerrySamuelNY, USA3701Download Chart
TeshSarahDavidson Co, NC, USA1907Download Chart
TeunisMaritje (Nyssen) 1327Download Chart
ThayerCecilyEssex Co, MA, USA1198Download Chart
ThayerCecilyEssex Co, MA, USA1199Download Chart
ThayerCharlesGenesee Co, MI, USA3941Download Chart
ThayerCharles ATuscola Co, MI, USA3941Download Chart
ThayerHarriet, Mrs. 3941Download Chart
ThayerLouisa JaneGenesee Co, MI, USA3941Download Chart
ThayerNathanMA, USA3941Download Chart
ThayerSusannah, Mrs. 3941Download Chart
ThayerSylvia, Mrs. 3941Download Chart
ThemberJoannaNantucket Co, MA, USA1195Download Chart
ThemberJoannaNantucket Co, MA, USA11911Download Chart
ThemberJoannaNantucket Co, MA, USA11912Download Chart
TheunisMagdaleentje 9225Download Chart
TheuniszoonEychgan, Mrs. 14915Download Chart
TheuniszoonEychgan, Mrs. 14917Download Chart
TheuniszoonJanWestbrook, Holland14915Download Chart
TheuniszoonJanWestbrook, Holland14917Download Chart
ThomasAlbina, Mrs. 1961Download Chart
ThomasAlmiraGratiot Co, MI, USA1961Download Chart
ThomasAmosSeward Co, NE, USA3801Download Chart
ThomasDeborah, Mrs. 1961Download Chart
ThomasDr Norben CoHenry Co, KY, USA?1905Download Chart
ThomasFrancisIsle of Man1905Download Chart
ThomasGeorge GSt Clair Co, MI, USA1961Download Chart
ThomasIsabella M, Mrs. 1905Download Chart
ThomasJane, Mrs. 3801Download Chart
ThomasJeanFrance1063Download Chart
ThomasJohn HenryMI, USA1961Download Chart
ThomasJoseph RMilwaukee Co, WI, USA3801Download Chart
ThomasLena RiversCarlisle Co, KY, USA1901Download Chart
ThomasLena RiversCarlisle Co, KY, USA1904Download Chart
ThomasLena RiversCarlisle Co, KY, USA1905Download Chart
ThomasMargaretSeward Co, NE, USA3801Download Chart
ThomasMargueriteL'Ange Gardien1063Download Chart
ThomasMarguerite, Mrs. 1063Download Chart
ThomasMary 19638Download Chart
ThomasNathaniel 19638Download Chart
ThomasSarah, Mrs. 3801Download Chart
ThomasWilliamWales19638Download Chart
ThompsonElizabeth 921Download Chart
ThompsonElizabethPatrick Co, VA, USA2944Download Chart
ThompsonHannah, Mrs. 2944Download Chart
ThompsonJames 2944Download Chart
ThompsonLydia 1342Download Chart
ThompsonNathanielCarroll Co, VA, USA2944Download Chart
ThorneElizabethLong Island, NY, USA19629Download Chart
ThorneHannahWestchester Co, NY, USA19640Download Chart
ThorneHannah, Mrs. 19629Download Chart
ThorneJohnNY, USA19640Download Chart
ThorneMary, Mrs. 19640Download Chart
ThorneSusannah, Mrs. 19640Download Chart
ThorneWilliam JrLong Island, NY, USA19629Download Chart
ThorneWilliam SrLong Island, NY, USA19629Download Chart
ThorneWilliam SrLong Island, NY, USA19640Download Chart
ThorneWinnifred, Mrs. 19629Download Chart
ThorpeElizabeth, Mrs. 543Download Chart
ThorpeJohnDunsby, Lincolnshire, England543Download Chart
ThorpeWilliamOakland Co, MI, USA543Download Chart
ThurberJefferson Gage 1191Download Chart
ThurberMary Bartlett, Mrs. 1191Download Chart
TilleyElizabethBristol Co, MA, USA19621Download Chart
TilleyElizabethHenlow, England19624Download Chart
TilleyJoan, Mrs. 19621Download Chart
TilleyJoan, Mrs. 19624Download Chart
TilleyJoan, Mrs. 19625Download Chart
TilleyJohnPlymouth Colony, MA, USA19621Download Chart
TilleyJohnPlymouth Colony, MA, USA19624Download Chart
TilleyJohnPlymouth Colony, MA, USA19625Download Chart
TilleyRobertBedfordshire, England19624Download Chart
TillyHenryHenlow, England19624Download Chart
TillyThomas 19624Download Chart
TimbrookCarolynOakland Co, MI, USA1491Download Chart
TimbrookCarolynOakland Co, MI, USA1497Download Chart
TimmonsEvaBenton Co, IN, USA3601Download Chart
TindallAbigail, Mrs. 1966Download Chart
TindallCharlotte IsabellOakland Co, MI, USA1961Download Chart
TindallElizabeth Luena, Mrs. 1961Download Chart
TindallFrank GidleyOakland Co, MI, USA1961Download Chart
TindallGeorge WashingtonOakland Co, MI, USA1961Download Chart
TindallJosephOakland Co, MI, USA1961Download Chart
TindallJosephMercer Co, NJ, USA1966Download Chart
TindallJosephOakland Co, MI, USA1966Download Chart
TindallJosephWarren Co, NJ, USA1966Download Chart
TindallJoseph 1966Download Chart
TindallJosephOakland Co, MI, USA19613Download Chart
TindallMary, Mrs. 1966Download Chart
TindallPatience Rosetta, Mrs. 1961Download Chart
TindallPatience Rosetta, Mrs. 1966Download Chart
TindallPatience Rosetta, Mrs. 19613Download Chart
TindallPhebe, Mrs. 1966Download Chart
TindallSarah Ann, Mrs. 1961Download Chart
TindallThomas 1966Download Chart
ToddSusan CatherineHoward Co, MO, USA2091Download Chart
TownsendAnn, Mrs. 1961Download Chart
TownsendAnn, Mrs. 19615Download Chart
TownsendAnn, Mrs. 19647Download Chart
TownsendAnna, Mrs. 19615Download Chart
TownsendAnna, Mrs. 19615Download Chart
TownsendDanielNassau Co, NY, USA19615Download Chart
TownsendDanielNassau Co, NY, USA19616Download Chart
TownsendDanielNassau Co, NY, USA19621Download Chart
TownsendElijahDutchess Co, NY, USA19615Download Chart
TownsendElizabeth, Mrs. 19616Download Chart
TownsendElizabeth, Mrs. 19616Download Chart
TownsendFreelove, Mrs. 19615Download Chart
TownsendFreelove, Mrs. 19616Download Chart
TownsendFreelove, Mrs. 19621Download Chart
TownsendJamesNassau Co, NY, USA19616Download Chart
TownsendJohnWestchester Co, NY, USA19615Download Chart
TownsendJohnNassau Co, NY, USA19616Download Chart
TownsendJohn THuron Co, MI, USA1961Download Chart
TownsendJohn THuron Co, MI, USA19615Download Chart
TownsendJohn THuron Co, MI, USA19647Download Chart
TownsendMary, Mrs. 19615Download Chart
TownsendSarah AnnOakland Co, MI, USA1961Download Chart
TownsendSarah ElizabethKent Co, DE, USA3601Download Chart
TownsendTredwellDutchess Co, NY, USA19615Download Chart
TracyLossa AnnChenango Co, NY, USA3331Download Chart
TracyLossa AnnChenango Co, NY, USA33310Download Chart
TraffordFrances 1341Download Chart
TraffordJoanBarton19632Download Chart
TrayMichal 9212Download Chart
TreadwellAlexanderOxon, England19628Download Chart
TreadwellEdwardNassau Co, NY, USA19627Download Chart
TreadwellElizabeth, Mrs. 19627Download Chart
TreadwellHannah, Mrs. 19615Download Chart
TreadwellHannah, Mrs. 19627Download Chart
TreadwellJohnLong Island, NY, USA19615Download Chart
TreadwellJohnLong Island, NY, USA19627Download Chart
TreadwellJohnNassau Co, NY, USA19627Download Chart
TreadwellJohnLong Island, NY, USA19629Download Chart
TreadwellMaryDutchess Co, NY, USA19615Download Chart
TreadwellMary, Mrs. 19615Download Chart
TreadwellMary, Mrs. 19627Download Chart
TreadwellMary, Mrs. 19629Download Chart
TreadwellSamuelWestchester Co, NY, USA19615Download Chart
TreadwellThomasLong Island, NY, USA19627Download Chart
TreadwellThomasSwalcliffe, Oxon, England19627Download Chart
TreadwellThomasOxfordshire, England19628Download Chart
TreadwellThomasSwalcliffe, Oxon, England19628Download Chart
TreemerAnn, Mrs. 2523Download Chart
TreemerElizabeth 2523Download Chart
TreemerJohn 2523Download Chart
TrenchardPenelope DarcyEngland1192Download Chart
TribblePeter 1907Download Chart
TribleSusannah 1907Download Chart
TricoCatalynaParis, France1326Download Chart
TricoCatalynaParis, France1328Download Chart
TricoCatalynaParis, France1329Download Chart
TricoCatalynaParis, France13210Download Chart
TricoJoris 1326Download Chart
TricoJoris 1328Download Chart
TricoJoris 13210Download Chart
TrippAbigailNewport Co, RI, USA33316Download Chart
TrippAlice, Mrs. 2821Download Chart
TrippAmey, Mrs. 2821Download Chart
TrippDavidOtsego Co, NY, USA2821Download Chart
TrippElizabeth 4062Download Chart
TrippGideonProvidence Co, RI, USA2821Download Chart
TrippJonathon 3336Download Chart
TrippLovinaOtsego Co, NY, USA2821Download Chart
TrippMartha, Mrs. 3336Download Chart
TrippMary, Mrs. 2821Download Chart
TrippRobert 2821Download Chart
TrudelCatherine, Mrs. 1063Download Chart
TrudelJeanL'Ange Gardien1063Download Chart
TrudelLouiseBeauport, Canada1061Download Chart
TrudelLouiseBeauport, Canada1062Download Chart
TrudelLouiseBeauport, Canada1063Download Chart
TrudelMarguerite, Mrs. 1063Download Chart
TrudelPhilippeChateau-Richer, Canada1063Download Chart
TrudellJeanFrance1063Download Chart
TrudellMarguerite, Mrs. 1063Download Chart
TrumbullAnnEssex Co, MA, USA1193Download Chart
TrumbullJohn 1193Download Chart
Try (Frye)MaryFairfield Co, CT, USA9211Download Chart
Try (Frye)MichaelFairfield Co, CT, USA9211Download Chart
Try (Tray)Sarah 9212Download Chart
TuckerAlta MaeWayne Co, MI, USA3271Download Chart
TuckerAsenah, Mrs. 3271Download Chart
TuckerEmma, Mrs. 3271Download Chart
TuckerJohn STaylor Co, WV, USA3271Download Chart
TuckerLucretia, Mrs. 3271Download Chart
TuckerSamuel 3271Download Chart
TuckerWalter HenryOakland Co, MI, USA3271Download Chart
TuggleAngeline, Mrs. 2091Download Chart
TuggleBetsy, Mrs. 2091Download Chart
TuggleHenryHoward Co, MO, USA2091Download Chart
TuggleSusan AureliaHoward Co, MO, USA2091Download Chart
TuggleWilliam H JrMO, USA2091Download Chart
TurnerElizabeth 19626Download Chart
TurnerJohnSalem, Essex Co, MA, USA19626Download Chart
TurneyJudith 9215Download Chart
TuttleRachel 3041Download Chart
TylerMary 3337Download Chart
TylleAgnesHenlow, England19624Download Chart
TylleWilliamBedfordshire, England19624Download Chart
TyningLucinda 3701Download Chart
UhlAugusta, Mrs. 3571Download Chart
UhlHenriettaWayne Co, MI, USA3571Download Chart
UhlLudwigKulm, W Prussia3571Download Chart
UrchAnn 3671Download Chart
UrchCharlotte AOakland Co, MI, USA3671Download Chart
UrchCharlotte, Mrs. 3671Download Chart
UrchHannah, Mrs. 3671Download Chart
UrchJohnWestbury, England3671Download Chart
UrchWilliamOakland Co, MI, USA3671Download Chart
ValentineAnnprob VA, USA19642Download Chart
ValleeMarie 1061Download Chart
Van der PolArnoldaAppletun, Holland3391Download Chart
Van der TolAnthony 3391Download Chart
Van der TolAntonnette 3391Download Chart
Van der TolLouisBay Co, MI, USA3391Download Chart
Van der TolRegina, Mrs. 3391Download Chart
Van DeVereEleanor 571Download Chart
VanAkenArthur EdwardWashtenaw Co, MI, USA2911Download Chart
VanAkenCorneliusUlster Co, NY, USA1493Download Chart
VanAkenElizabethUlster Co, NY, USA1492Download Chart
VanAkenElizabethUlster Co, NY, USA1493Download Chart
VanAkenHelen, Mrs. 2911Download Chart
VanAkenJames HassanNY, USA2911Download Chart
VanAkenMarie, Mrs. 2911Download Chart
VanAkenMarinusUlster Co, NY, USA1493Download Chart
VanAkenMartha, Mrs. 2911Download Chart
VanAkenMeyersSt Joseph Co, MI, USA2911Download Chart
VanAkenMyrtle HelenCalhoun Co, MI, USA2911Download Chart
VanAkenPieternella, Mrs. 1493Download Chart
VanAkenSara, Mrs. 1493Download Chart
VanAllenAnn Eliza 3271Download Chart
VanBectenRachael Andriesse 3032Download Chart
VanBlarcumAeltjeWayne Co, MI, USA926Download Chart
VanBlercomJannetje, Mrs. 926Download Chart
VanBlercomPieter HarmanusBergen Co, NJ, USA926Download Chart
VanBlerkumAaltjen, Mrs. 926Download Chart
VanBlerkumAaltjen, Mrs. 9225Download Chart
VanBlerkumAntie, Mrs. 9225Download Chart
VanBlerkumHermanusBergen Co, NJ, USA926Download Chart
VanBlerkumHermanusBergen Co, NJ, USA9225Download Chart
VanBlerkumHermanusBergen Co, NJ, USA9226Download Chart
VanBlerkumPieter JansenNY, USA9225Download Chart
VanCampenLydia 1492Download Chart
VanceAnn Marie 4151Download Chart
VanderbeeckJannetje, Mrs. 1328Download Chart
VanderbeeckRem JansenKings Co, NY, USA1328Download Chart
VanderbeeckRem JansenKings Co, NY, USA13210Download Chart
VanderpoolMargaretPA, USA3001Download Chart
VanDienJannitjeWayne Co, NY, USA926Download Chart
VanEchePeterHolland1493Download Chart
VanGiesenChristiana 926Download Chart
VanGiesenChristiana 9224Download Chart
VanHoerdHans Hanson 1495Download Chart
VanHookAaronOrange Co, NC, USA3334Download Chart
VanHookAaronPulaski Co, KY, USA3334Download Chart
VanHookBridget, Mrs. 3334Download Chart
VanHookCatherine, Mrs. 3334Download Chart
VanHookJohanna, Mrs. 3334Download Chart
VanHookLawrenceCaswell Co, NC, USA3334Download Chart
VanHookLawrenceMonmouth Co, NJ, USA3334Download Chart
VanHookRuth(y)Coles Co, IL, USA3331Download Chart
VanHookRuth(y)Coles Co, IL, USA3334Download Chart
VanHookRuth(y)Coles Co, IL, USA3335Download Chart
VanLaerAeltje 9226Download Chart
VanLuyderdorpstJurian Westvall 1495Download Chart
VanNessSarah C 2529Download Chart
VanOcthenArnolda, Mrs. 3391Download Chart
VanOcthenBernardi 3391Download Chart
VanOcthenGerritAppletern, Holland3391Download Chart
VanOcthenJacomina, Mrs. 3391Download Chart
VanOcthenJohannaAppletern, Holland3391Download Chart
VanOsterhoudtAnntje, Mrs. 14915Download Chart
VanOsterhoudtJan Jansen 14915Download Chart
VanRiperSarah AnnLaSalle Co, IL, USA1341Download Chart
VanSicgelenEva 9224Download Chart
VanstoneElizabeth, Mrs. 2523Download Chart
VanstoneJohn 2523Download Chart
VanstoneJulian, Mrs. 2523Download Chart
VanstoneMargaret, Mrs. 2523Download Chart
VanstoneMargaret, Mrs. 2523Download Chart
VanstoneMaryDevon, England2521Download Chart
VanstoneMaryDevon, England2523Download Chart
VanstoneSamuelDevon, England2523Download Chart
VanstoneSamuel 2523Download Chart
VanSumerenJohanna, Mrs. 3391Download Chart
VanSumerenJohanna, Mrs. 3391Download Chart
VanSumerenJohnNY, USA3391Download Chart
VanSumerenMatthisAmsterdam, Holland3391Download Chart
VanSumerenNoraBay Co, MI, USA3391Download Chart
VanTienhovenSaraNJ, USA3334Download Chart
VanValkenburgCatherine BIsabella Co, MI, USA2521Download Chart
VanValkenburgCatherine BIsabella Co, MI, USA2529Download Chart
VanValkenburgJohnRensselaer Co, NY, USA2529Download Chart
VanValkenburgSarah C, Mrs. 2529Download Chart
VanVoorhuyseJannetje 9226Download Chart
VanWormerAdaGrand Traverse Co, MI, USA3521Download Chart
VanWormerJohnLeelanau Co, MI, USA3521Download Chart
VanWormerJohn S 3521Download Chart
VanWormerMelvina, Mrs. 3521Download Chart
VanWormerRebecca, Mrs. 3521Download Chart
VaughnBetsey LMI, USA321Download Chart
VaughnCollins 321Download Chart
VaughnCollins 322Download Chart
VaughnCyrus 1341Download Chart
VaughnFanny, Mrs. 321Download Chart
VaughnFanny, Mrs. 322Download Chart
VaughnHester Jane, Mrs. 1341Download Chart
VaughnJamesWayne Co, IL, USA1341Download Chart
VaughnMartha E, Mrs. 1341Download Chart
VaughnMyrle GlennWayne Co, IL, USA1341Download Chart
VaughnSusan, Mrs. 1341Download Chart
VaughnWilliamLaSalle Co, IL, USA1341Download Chart
VeeleCornelia 545Download Chart
Vellee/LavalleeMarie, Mrs. 1061Download Chart
Vellee/LavalleeMichelBeauport, Canada1061Download Chart
VeltenHelenaJackson Co, MO, USA2081Download Chart
VeltenJohnSaline Co, MO, USA2081Download Chart
VeltenLouise, Mrs. 2081Download Chart
VeltenMartha Jane, Mrs. 2081Download Chart
VeltenRobert JohnSaline Co, MO, USA2081Download Chart
VeltenSabastianMO, USA2081Download Chart
VenablesDuleis 19632Download Chart
VenablesSir William 19632Download Chart
VermurschBarbara, Mrs. 3391Download Chart
VermurschBarbara, Mrs. 3392Download Chart
VermurschCatherina, Mrs. 3392Download Chart
VermurschCatherina, Mrs. 3392Download Chart
VermurschFrancis IgnatiusBelgium3391Download Chart
VermurschFrancis IgnatiusBelgium3392Download Chart
VermurschIgnace Domascu 3392Download Chart
VermurschIgnati Joseph 3392Download Chart
VermurschJoannis HenricZmydschotte3392Download Chart
VermurschMaria F, Mrs. 3392Download Chart
VermuschAloysius 3391Download Chart
VermuschAntonnette, Mrs. 3391Download Chart
VermuschCatharina, Mrs. 3391Download Chart
VermuschFloumind 3391Download Chart
VermuschFrancis X 3391Download Chart
VermuschMary Jane 3391Download Chart
VermuschNora, Mrs. 3391Download Chart
Vesinat-VezinaM Louise 1064Download Chart
VezinaJacquesSt Rogatien, France1064Download Chart
VezinaMarie, Mrs. 1064Download Chart
VialaJean-BaptisteFrance2662Download Chart
VialaMarthe MarieVentura Co, CA, USA2662Download Chart
VialaRosalie, Mrs. 2662Download Chart
Vickaris?Helen 9221Download Chart
VinalRowenaOnondaga Co, NY, USA3331Download Chart
VincentLucy 1324Download Chart
VoglerMaria 2071Download Chart
VokesAnna, Mrs. 3961Download Chart
VokesJohn 3961Download Chart
VokesMary 3961Download Chart
VokesMary, Mrs. 3961Download Chart
VokesRichardOakland Co, MI, USA3961Download Chart
VokesSerena MaeOakland Co, MI, USA3961Download Chart
VoyerCharlotte, Mrs. 1061Download Chart
VoyerElizabethQuebec, Canada1061Download Chart
VoyerMarie, Mrs. 1061Download Chart
VoyerMichael FrancoisQuebec, Canada1061Download Chart
VoyerMichelQuebec, Canada1061Download Chart
VreelandAnnNJ, USA3801Download Chart
VreelandCorneliaSeward Co, NE, USA3801Download Chart
VreelandElizabethNJ, USA3801Download Chart
VreelandGeorgeNJ, USA3801Download Chart
VroomanCharles WhitneyKent Co, MI, USA3301Download Chart
VroomanCornelius 3301Download Chart
VroomanElliott LeeBay Co, MI, USA3301Download Chart
VroomanFanny, Mrs. 3301Download Chart
VroomanGertrude, Mrs. 3301Download Chart
VroomanMarjorie LenoreWayne Co, MI, USA3301Download Chart
VroomanMarjorie LenoreWayne Co, MI, USA3305Download Chart
VroomanMark LeeWayne Co, MI, USA3301Download Chart
VroomanMark LeeWayne Co, MI, USA3304Download Chart
VroomanMaxine LorraineWayne Co, MI, USA3304Download Chart
VroomanMildred Gladys, Mrs. 3304Download Chart
VroomanMina Linnie, Mrs. 3301Download Chart
VroomanRebecca Ellen, Mrs. 3301Download Chart
VultaggioAnnaTrapani, Sicily3612Download Chart
WadeMary (May) 3833Download Chart
WagnerAugusta, Mrs. 1901Download Chart
WagnerAugusta, Mrs. 19019Download Chart
WagnerAugusta, Mrs. 19020Download Chart
WagnerCatherine MGermany2452Download Chart
WagnerMinnie MargaretWayne Co, MI, USA1901Download Chart
Wagner/WegenerAugust FTuscola Co, MI, USA1901Download Chart
Wagner/WegenerAugust FTuscola Co, MI, USA19019Download Chart
Wagner/WegenerAugust FTuscola Co, MI, USA19020Download Chart
WahrendorfHanne Christine 1811Download Chart
WaitSusannah 3941Download Chart
WakelyMargaret 2522Download Chart
WakemanAnne, Mrs. 9221Download Chart
WakemanElizabethBerkshire Co, MA, USA924Download Chart
WakemanElizabeth 924Download Chart
WakemanElizabeth 9221Download Chart
WakemanElizabeth, Mrs. 9221Download Chart
WakemanFrancis 9221Download Chart
WakemanHannah, Mrs. 9221Download Chart
WakemanJohnHartford Co, CT, USA9221Download Chart
WakemanJohnNew Haven Co, CT, USA9221Download Chart
WakemanMartha, Mrs. 9221Download Chart
WakemanRev Samuel 9221Download Chart
WakemanSamuelFairfield Co, CT, USA924Download Chart
WakemanSamuelFairfield Co, CT, USA9221Download Chart
WakemanSarah 9221Download Chart
WalkerAbigail 9221Download Chart
WalkerSarah 19638Download Chart
WallCharlotteWestbury, England3671Download Chart
WallingJames 3339Download Chart
WallingMary 3339Download Chart
WaltAliceKent Co, MI, USA13212Download Chart
WaltElizabethOakland Co, MI, USA13212Download Chart
WaltWilliamOakland Co, MI, USA13212Download Chart
WalterAnn, Mrs. 3671Download Chart
WalterDavidOakland Co, MI, USA3671Download Chart
WalterElizabethBradworthy, Devon, England2523Download Chart
WalterElizabeth, Mrs. 2523Download Chart
WalterEmma, Mrs. 2523Download Chart
WalterHannahEngland3671Download Chart
WalterHenry 2523Download Chart
WalterJohnDevon, England2523Download Chart
WalterMary, Mrs. 2523Download Chart
WalterRichardBradworthy, Devon, England2523Download Chart
WaltersAnna FrancesSt Clair Co, MI, USA291Download Chart
WaltersEmma Letta, Mrs. 291Download Chart
WaltersW FrancisPierce Co, WA, USA291Download Chart
WarburtonElizabeth 19630Download Chart
WarburtonSir John 19630Download Chart
WardAbigail, Mrs. 34315Download Chart
WardAndrew 9216Download Chart
WardAngeline, Mrs. 3437Download Chart
WardBetsey 571Download Chart
WardDeborah, Mrs. 9216Download Chart
WardEster (Hester)Fairfield Co, CT, USA9216Download Chart
WardHannah, Mrs. 34315Download Chart
WardHenryTuscola Co, MI, USA3437Download Chart
WardHester, Mrs. 9216Download Chart
WardJohnSarnia, Ontario, Candad3437Download Chart
WardJohnSuffolk Co, MA, USA3437Download Chart
WardJohnSuffolk Co, MA, USA34315Download Chart
WardJohnSuffolk Co, MA, USA34315Download Chart
WardJoyce, Mrs. 9216Download Chart
WardLouisa, Mrs. 3431Download Chart
WardMaryN Ireland3572Download Chart
WardMary AmeliaOakland Co, MI, USA3431Download Chart
WardPhillina 34310Download Chart
WardRachel, Mrs. 3437Download Chart
WardRalph 9216Download Chart
WardReubenTuscola Co, MI, USA3431Download Chart
WardReubenTuscola Co, MI, USA3437Download Chart
WardSamuelWorcester Co, MA, USA3437Download Chart
WardSarah, Mrs. 3437Download Chart
WardWilliam 9216Download Chart
WardWilliamMiddlesex Co, MA, USA34315Download Chart
WardWilliamSuffolk Co, MA, USA34315Download Chart
WareSemanitha 3521Download Chart
Waren/NarenBarbara 3003Download Chart
WarrenElizabeth 3439Download Chart
WarrenElizabeth 3981Download Chart
WarrenKaren, Mrs. 3081Download Chart
WarrenRichardEngland3439Download Chart
WarrenSarahEngland3439Download Chart
WarrenWayne A 3081Download Chart
Warrin(g)erElizabeth 3309Download Chart
Warrin(g)erJoana, Mrs. 3309Download Chart
Warrin(g)erWilliam 3309Download Chart
WashborneMargery 9216Download Chart
WashborneWilliamHempstead, Long Island, NY, USA9216Download Chart
WatersAnnaWarren Co, NY, USA241Download Chart
WatersAnne, Mrs. 241Download Chart
WatersJamesEssex Co, MA, USA241Download Chart
WatersJemima, Mrs. 241Download Chart
WatersMary, Mrs. 241Download Chart
WatersRejoice, Mrs. 241Download Chart
WatersRichardLondon, England241Download Chart
WatersSamuel JrDutchess Co, NY, USA241Download Chart
WatersSamuel SrTolland Co, CT, USA241Download Chart
WatkinsAlice AnnShiawassee Co, MI, USA11913Download Chart
WatkinsDennisShiawassee Co, MI, USA11913Download Chart
WatkinsElizabeth, Mrs. 11913Download Chart
WatsonNancyCayuga Co, NY, USA2381Download Chart
WattlesAaronButler Co, OH, USA3601Download Chart
WattlesCarman Eva, Mrs. 3601Download Chart
WattlesCharles PierreSt Joseph Co, IN, USA3601Download Chart
WattlesEsther A, Mrs. 3601Download Chart
WattlesIsabella, Mrs. 3601Download Chart
WattlesJane ClaireWayne Co, MI, USA3601Download Chart
WattlesJohn CharlesBenton Co, IN, USA3601Download Chart
WattlesMartha Jean, Mrs. 3601Download Chart
WattlesThomas IrvingOakland Co, MI, USA3601Download Chart
WatwoodMartha ElizabethMontgomery Co, TN, USA3163Download Chart
WaughJamesMA, USA1324Download Chart
WaughLucy, Mrs. 1324Download Chart
WaughOlive 1324Download Chart
WeaverMaryAuglaize Co, OH, USA3572Download Chart
WebbAngelineSaline Co, MO, USA2091Download Chart
WebbGrace, Mrs. 34317Download Chart
WebbHannah, Mrs. 34317Download Chart
WebbJosephFairfield Co, CT, USA34317Download Chart
WebbJosephFairfield Co, CT, USA34317Download Chart
WebbMaryprob Litchfield Co, CT, USA3434Download Chart
WebbMaryprob Litchfield Co, CT, USA34316Download Chart
WebbMaryprob Litchfield Co, CT, USA34317Download Chart
WebbMary, Mrs. 34317Download Chart
WebbRichardCT, USA34317Download Chart
WebbRichard JrFairfield Co, CT, USA34317Download Chart
WebsterJohnEssex Co, MA, USA11910Download Chart
WebsterMaryEssex Co, MA, USA11910Download Chart
WebsterMary, Mrs. 11910Download Chart
WedgeAndrewSanilac Co, MI, USA3081Download Chart
WedgeEllen, Mrs. 3081Download Chart
WedgeMary JaneSanilac Co, MI, USA3081Download Chart
WeedHannahFairfield Co, CT, USA34317Download Chart
WeedJonasFairfield Co, CT, USA34317Download Chart
WeisbrodJacobGuntershausen, Germany547Download Chart
WeisnesCatherine 3351Download Chart
WellsAnnie Catherine 3162Download Chart
WellsAnnie Durzella, Mrs. 3163Download Chart
WellsAnnie Eliza, Mrs. 3163Download Chart
WellsCharles MatthewWayne Co, MI, USA3163Download Chart
WellsMartha, Mrs. 3163Download Chart
WellsRichard TaylorWayne Co, MI, USA3163Download Chart
WellsRichard ThomasVA, USA3163Download Chart
WeltyMagdelina 3351Download Chart
WendellAbigailOakland Co, MI, USA1391Download Chart
WendellAbigailOakland Co, MI, USA1394Download Chart
WendellAhasuerusCharlton, NY, USA1394Download Chart
WendellElizabeth, Mrs. 1394Download Chart
WendellEve, Mrs. 1394Download Chart
WendellJohn AOakland Co, MI, USA1394Download Chart
WestAbigailWayne Co, MI, USA9210Download Chart
WestAbigail DNY, USA9210Download Chart
WestCyrusNY, USA9210Download Chart
WestEstella AmeliaChenango Co, NY, USA3331Download Chart
WestFannieWayne Co, MI, USA9210Download Chart
WestJoseph PorterChenango Co, NY, USA3331Download Chart
WestRowena, Mrs. 3331Download Chart
West Abigail DNY, USA921Download Chart
WestbrookAbraham 14911Download Chart
WestbrookAbraham 14915Download Chart
WestbrookAgrietge, Mrs. 14911Download Chart
WestbrookAnthony Jansen 1493Download Chart
WestbrookAnthony Jansen 14915Download Chart
WestbrookCatherine, Mrs. 14915Download Chart
WestbrookDirck 14915Download Chart
WestbrookHannahMacomb Co, MI, USA14911Download Chart
WestbrookJohannesAlbany Co, NY, USA1493Download Chart
WestbrookJohannesUlster Co, NY, USA14911Download Chart
WestbrookJohannesUlster Co, NY, USA14915Download Chart
WestbrookJohannes (John) 14911Download Chart
WestbrookMagdalena, Mrs. 1493Download Chart
WestbrookMargaret, Mrs. 14911Download Chart
WestbrookNancyCanada3201Download Chart
WestbrookOrrseitie, Mrs. 1493Download Chart
WestbrookOrrseltie, Mrs. 14915Download Chart
WestbrookSara (Zara) 1493Download Chart
WestbrookSara, Mrs. 14911Download Chart
WestbrookSara, Mrs. 14915Download Chart
WestercampFemmetje, Mrs. 14915Download Chart
WestercampHendrick 14915Download Chart
WestercampOrrseltie DircksNY, USA14915Download Chart
WestfallEleanorMinneapolis, MN, USA571Download Chart
WestfallEleanor, Mrs. 571Download Chart
WestfallRev Simon VanEtten 571Download Chart
WestonCatherine, Mrs. 1905Download Chart
WestonEphraim JrBertie Co, NC, USA1905Download Chart
WestonEphraim SrBertie Co, NC, USA1905Download Chart
WestonEphraim SrBertie Co, NC, USA1906Download Chart
WestonIsabella MCarlisle Co, KY, USA1905Download Chart
WestonMartha L, Mrs. 1905Download Chart
WestonSquire William TBertie Co, NC, USA1905Download Chart
Weston/Wesson/WesonWilliamBertie Co, NC, USA1906Download Chart
WestoverMargaretLondon, England9223Download Chart
WestphaelJohannesUlster Co, NY, USA1495Download Chart
WestvaalJurianHolland1494Download Chart
WestvaalMaria, Mrs. 1494Download Chart
Westvall (Westfall)RymerickUlster Co, NY, USA1494Download Chart
Westvall (Westfall)RymerickUlster Co, NY, USA1495Download Chart
WhaleyElizaGenesee Co, MI, USA3941Download Chart
WhaleyJamesTuscola Co, MI, USA3941Download Chart
WhaleyJames 3941Download Chart
WhaleyLaura, Mrs. 3941Download Chart
WhaleyPatty, Mrs. 3941Download Chart
WheelerAnn, Mrs. 9215Download Chart
WheelerDeborah, Mrs. 924Download Chart
WheelerDeborah, Mrs. 9215Download Chart
WheelerDeborah, Mrs. 9216Download Chart
WheelerElizabeth, Mrs. 9215Download Chart
WheelerFrancesMonroe Co, MI, USA3572Download Chart
WheelerHannahSusquehanna Co, PA, USA924Download Chart
WheelerJohnFairfield Co, CT, USA9215Download Chart
WheelerJosephCT, USA924Download Chart
WheelerJosephCT, USA9215Download Chart
WheelerJosephCT, USA9216Download Chart
WheelerJudith, Mrs. 9215Download Chart
WheelerRuth, Mrs. 924Download Chart
WheelerSethFairfield Co, CT, USA924Download Chart
WheelerThomas, Sr.Fairfield Co, CT, USA9215Download Chart
WhippleAbigail 1391Download Chart
WhippleHepzabeth, Mrs. 3435Download Chart
WhippleJessie MayOakland Co, MI, USA3431Download Chart
WhippleJohnProvidence Co, RI, USA3435Download Chart
WhippleJohnProvidence Co, RI, USA3435Download Chart
WhippleJohnProvidence Co, RI, USA34313Download Chart
WhippleJohnProvidence Co, RI, USA34313Download Chart
WhippleJohnProvidence Co, RI, USA34313Download Chart
WhippleJohn (Job)Providence Co, RI, USA3435Download Chart
WhippleJonahFranklin Co, NY, USA3435Download Chart
WhippleJonathanTuscola Co, MI, USA3431Download Chart
WhippleJonathanTuscola Co, MI, USA3435Download Chart
WhippleJonathanTuscola Co, MI, USA3436Download Chart
WhippleLucindia, Mrs. 3431Download Chart
WhippleLucindia, Mrs. 3435Download Chart
WhippleLucindia, Mrs. 3436Download Chart
WhippleLydia, Mrs. 3435Download Chart
WhippleLydia, Mrs. 3435Download Chart
WhippleLydia, Mrs. 34313Download Chart
WhippleMary Amelia, Mrs. 3431Download Chart
WhippleMary, Mrs. 34313Download Chart
WhippleSarahProvidence Co, RI, USA34313Download Chart
WhippleWilliam LeanderOakland Co, MI, USA3431Download Chart
WhiteAntoinetteOakland Co, MI, USA3081Download Chart
WhiteLydia 3339Download Chart
WhiteMary D, Mrs. 3081Download Chart
WhiteWilliam AOakland Co, MI, USA3081Download Chart
WhitneyElizabethFairfield Co, CT, USA1499Download Chart
WhitneyElizabeth, Mrs. 1499Download Chart
WhitneyHannah, Mrs. 1499Download Chart
WhitneyHenryEngland1499Download Chart
WhitneyJohnFairfield Co, CT, USA1499Download Chart
WhitneyJosephCT, USA1499Download Chart
WickwireMary 3661Download Chart
WigginSara 5412Download Chart
WilburAddie AlmiraYakima Co, WA, USA4061Download Chart
WilburClark HarrisonYakima Co, WA, USA4061Download Chart
WilburElizabethNewport Co, RI, USA3336Download Chart
WilburElizabeth, Mrs. 3336Download Chart
WilburEmma, Mrs. 4061Download Chart
WilburMary, Mrs. 3336Download Chart
WilburSamuelDutchess Co, NY, USA?3336Download Chart
WilburSamuelNewport Co, RI, USA3336Download Chart
WilcoxDaniel 3439Download Chart
WilcoxEdward 3439Download Chart
WilcoxEdward 34310Download Chart
WilcoxElizabeth, Mrs. 3439Download Chart
WilcoxLydiaWashington Co, RI, USA3432Download Chart
WilcoxLydiaWashington Co, RI, USA3439Download Chart
WilcoxMarthaNew London Co, CT, USA33310Download Chart
WilcoxMartha ElizabethOceana Co, MI, USA3601Download Chart
WilcoxMary 34310Download Chart
WilcoxSallyNY, USA3801Download Chart
WilfordAimeeEssex Co, MA, USA1192Download Chart
WillemsGeertruy VanBoerum 1325Download Chart
WillerAdelia, Mrs. 3962Download Chart
WillerEthel IreneOakland Co, MI, USA3962Download Chart
WillerFrederickSanilac Co, MI, USA3962Download Chart
WillerWhilhemina, Mrs. 3962Download Chart
WillerWilliam JohnOakland Co, MI, USA3962Download Chart
WilliamsAnn, Mrs. 19642Download Chart
WilliamsGrace AnnWayne Co, MI, USA3611Download Chart
WilliamsGrace AnnWayne Co, MI, USA3612Download Chart
WilliamsJosephine Johanna, Mrs. 3611Download Chart
WilliamsLevina, Mrs. 3611Download Chart
WilliamsMary 9212Download Chart
WilliamsMaud Lula, Mrs. 3611Download Chart
WilliamsMichaelLong Island, NY, USA19642Download Chart
WilliamsMiriam 19642Download Chart
WilliamsSarah Jane, Mrs. 3611Download Chart
WilliamsSylvesterAlpena Co, MI, USA3611Download Chart
WilliamsWalter DouglasMacomb Co, MI, USA3611Download Chart
WilliamsWilliam WrightGenesee Co, MI, USA3611Download Chart
Williams(William)WrightNY, USA3611Download Chart
WillimsonMary 13215Download Chart
WillingMartha/Mary 3831Download Chart
WillisDeacon John 1232Download Chart
WillisElizabeth, Mrs. 1232Download Chart
WillisSarahPlymouth Co, MA, USA1232Download Chart
WilsonEdith AnneIngham Co, MI, USA2991Download Chart
WilsonElizabeth, Mrs. 2991Download Chart
WilsonEmma (Amy) 1393Download Chart
WilsonGrace 34317Download Chart
WilsonGrace, Mrs. 1271Download Chart
WilsonHugh 1271Download Chart
WilsonJanetDresden, Ontario, Canada1271Download Chart
WilsonMiriam, Mrs. 2991Download Chart
WilsonThomas EastmanOakland Co, MI, USA2991Download Chart
WilsonWilliam FrancisEngland2991Download Chart
WindbankHelen 19627Download Chart
WinegarAnna B, Mrs. 19646Download Chart
WinegarCatherineDutchess Co, NY, USA19615Download Chart
WinegarCatherineDutchess Co, NY, USA19646Download Chart
WinegarCatherine, Mrs. 19615Download Chart
WinegarCatherine, Mrs. 19646Download Chart
WinegarGarrettLitchfield Co, CT, USA19615Download Chart
WinegarGarrettLitchfield Co, CT, USA19646Download Chart
WinegarUlrich OliverDutchess Co, NY, USA19646Download Chart
WinesAnn 9216Download Chart
WinnMargaretHuron Co, MI, USA3121Download Chart
WinzlerFranzikaGermany2911Download Chart
WisbrodAnna Katherina, Mrs. 547Download Chart
WisbrodAnna Katherina, Mrs. 548Download Chart
WisbrodJohann GeorgeGrifte, Germany547Download Chart
WisbrodJohann GeorgeGrifte, Germany548Download Chart
WisemanMargery 19617Download Chart
WisemanSir John 19617Download Chart
WitheridgeAnn 2523Download Chart
Woertman*JanHolland1327Download Chart
WoertmanDirck JansenAmsterdam, Holland1327Download Chart
WoertmanMaritje, Mrs. 1327Download Chart
WoertmanMary/MaritjeKings Co, NY, USA1322Download Chart
WoertmanMary/MaritjeKings Co, NY, USA1326Download Chart
WoertmanMary/MaritjeKings Co, NY, USA1327Download Chart
WoodAnn, Mrs. 3031Download Chart
WoodCatherine Ann 3031Download Chart
WoodDavidRandolph Co, IL, USA3031Download Chart
WoodFrances, Mrs. 3572Download Chart
WoodJoseph SPierce Co, WI, USA3571Download Chart
WoodMary ETN, USA1901Download Chart
WoodMary ETN, USA1902Download Chart
WoodMary ETN, USA1903Download Chart
WoodSarah AliceCook Co, IL, USA3572Download Chart
WoodWilliam P 1903Download Chart
WoodruffSarah AnnIN, USA3161Download Chart
WooleyMary 1391Download Chart
WoolfAnnaGermany1321Download Chart
WoolleryEunice 572Download Chart
WoosleyAlice, Mrs. 1901Download Chart
WoosleyCatherine, Mrs. 1907Download Chart
WoosleyDavidDavidson Co, NC, USA1907Download Chart
WoosleyDavid JosephSan Diego Co, CA, USA1901Download Chart
WoosleyDorothy HirstSan Diego Co, CA, USA?1901Download Chart
WoosleyJane A, Mrs. 1901Download Chart
WoosleyJane A, Mrs. 1907Download Chart
WoosleyJane A, Mrs. 1908Download Chart
WoosleyJuliana, Mrs. 1907Download Chart
WoosleySamuel AugustusDavidson Co, NC1901Download Chart
WoosleySamuel AugustusDavidson Co, NC1907Download Chart
WoosleySamuel AugustusDavidson Co, NC1908Download Chart
WoosleySusannah, Mrs. 1907Download Chart
WoosleyThomas Sr 1907Download Chart
WoosleyWilliam JrDavidson Co, NC1907Download Chart
WoosleyWilliam SrDavidson Co, NC1907Download Chart
WorshamElizabeth 1902Download Chart
WorshamJohn 1902Download Chart
WorshamPolly 1902Download Chart
WrightAliceNassau Co, NY, USA19616Download Chart
WrightAnne, Mrs. 19617Download Chart
WrightElizabethNassau Co, NY, USA19616Download Chart
WrightEllen, Mrs. 19616Download Chart
WrightEllen, Mrs. 19617Download Chart
WrightJohn 19617Download Chart
WrightMargareta, Mrs. 19616Download Chart
WrightNicholasNorfolk, England19616Download Chart
WrightNicholasNorfolk, England19616Download Chart
WrightNicholasNorfolk, England19617Download Chart
WrightNicholas 19617Download Chart
WrightPeterNassau Co, NY, USA19616Download Chart
WrightThomasEngland19617Download Chart
Yager/JaegerEliasHohenkirchen, Saxony3831Download Chart
Yager/JaegerMartha/Mary, Mrs. 3831Download Chart
Yager/JaegerTheresa CWayne Co, MI, USA3831Download Chart
YarnstonHannahOrange Co, NY, USA1322Download Chart
YeagerBershebaSt Clair Co, MI, USA4021Download Chart
YeagerHannah, Mrs. 4021Download Chart
YeagerRichard 4021Download Chart
YellesCatherine 549Download Chart
YeoEm 2523Download Chart
YorkJames FrankTN, USA2441Download Chart
YorkMargaret ElizabethCarroll Co, TN, USA2441Download Chart
YostVerenaErie Co, NY, USA3571Download Chart
YoungloveJemima, Mrs. 5413Download Chart
YoungloveJohnWindham Co, CT, USA5413Download Chart
YoungloveJohnWorcester Co, MA, USA5413Download Chart
YoungloveRev JohnHartford Co, CT, USA5413Download Chart
YoungloveSamuelEngland5413Download Chart
YoungloveSarah 5413Download Chart
ZorzziElizabethWayne Co, MI, USA3121Download Chart
ZorzziSebastiano 3121Download Chart
ZumbrumFloraDauphin Co, PA, USA3771Download Chart
ZumbrumPriscilla, Mrs. 3771Download Chart
Zumbrum/ZumbrunJohn DavidBaltimore Co, MD, USA3771Download Chart